YPE Bible Quest 2011

Set: 4 Chapters: Book of Numbers (22-28) & Gospel of John (10-16)
(1) Who is the father of Balaam? (a) Zippor (a) 1 (a) 1 (a) 1 (a) Arnon Border (a) Balak (a) Amalek (a) 13,000 (a) Eleazar (a) Amram (a) Joshua (a) Jochebed (a) Korah (b) Beor (b) 2 (b) 2 (b) 3 (b) Top of Peor (b) Balaam (b) Eleazar (b) 23,000 (b) Joshua (b) Eleazar (b) Moses (b) Sarah (b) Dathan (c) Sair (c) 3 (c) 3 (c) 7 (c) Bamoth Baal (c) Jacob (c) Makir (c) 24,000 (c) Khaleb (c) Manasseh (c) Khaleb (c) Mahlah (c) Abiram (d) Eleazar (d) None of these (d) 6 (d) None of these (d) Top of Pisgah (d) None of these (d) Phinehas (d) 33,000 (d) Phinehas (d) Eleyab (d) Jacob (d) Milcah (d) None of these (2) How many servants went with Balaam to Moab when the King of Moab ,Balak summoned him? (3) How many times did Balaam beat his donkey? (4) How many altars did Balaam build at Bamoth Baal? (5) Where did Balak take Balaam for the third time? (6) Who has the strength of a wild ox? (7) Who killed the Israelite and the Moabite woman at Shittim when they were caught for sexual immorality? (8) How many were killed at Shittim when Lord’s anger burned against Israel? (9) With whom did Lord make the covenant of Peace? (10) Who is the father of Moses? (11) “A man in whom is the spirit” says the Lord. Who is referred here as the ‘man’ ? (12) Which daughter was born to Levi when he was in Egypt? (13) Whose sons did not die when Earth opened its mouth and swallowed Korah,Dathan and Abiram? (14) Out of the ones counted in the Desert of Sinai , how many Israelites were left when they were counted again on the Plain of Moab? (a) 13,000 against the Lord? (a) Zelophehad (b) Nadab (c) Abihu (d) Shimron (b) 17,000 (c) 23,000 (d) None of these (15) Who is the one that belonged to the clans of Manasseh and was not among korah followers who banded

Language: English Time : 15 Minutes

Test 4

Church of God (Full Gospel) In India, Kuwait –YPE Bible Quest 2011

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(16) Which is the birth place of Philip? (a) Galilee (b) Jordan (a) Jesus ’s disciples (c) The Pharisees (a) 2 (a) John (b) 3 (b) Philip

(c) Betheseda

(d) Judah

(17)“ How long will you keep us in suspense ?If you are the Christ, tell us plainly”.Who said these words to Jesus? (b) John’s disciples (d) The Jews (c) 4 (c) Peter (d) 6 (d) Thomas

(18) How many days more did Jesus stay in the place where he was, when he heard that Lazarus was sick? (19)“ Let us also go, that we may die with him”.Who said these words? (20) Whom did Jesus see weeping and was deeply moved in spirit and troubled? (a) Mary and Martha (b) The Jews (c) Jesus’ disciples (d) Mary and some Jews (21) How many days was left for the Passover ,after the death of Lazarus? (a) 4 (b) 6 (c) 8 (d) 10 (22) How much pint of pure nard did Mary pour on Jesus’s feet? (a) 1 (a) The Jews (a) The Jews (a) Peter (a) Belief (a) The Jews (a) Judas Iscariot (a) Fruit (a) disciples (b) 3 (b) The Pharisees (b) The Pharisees (b) Thomas (b) Trust (b) The Pharisees (b) Philip (b) Good fruit (b) brothers (c) 5 (d) 1/2 (23) Who made plans to kill Lazarus? (c) The Chief Priests ( d) None of these. (c) The Chief Priest (c) Philip (c) Ways (c) The chief Priest (c) Peter (c) Much fruit (c) friends (d) The Scribes (d) John (d) None of these. (d) The leaders (d) None of these (d) More fruit (d) None of these (24) “ Look how the whole world has gone after him”.Who said these words? (25) To whom did the Greeks request that “we would like to see Jesus”. (26) Jesus said, Put your ___________ in the light while you have it , so that you may become sons of light. (27) Who loved praise from men more than praise from God?. (28) “Why do you intend to show yourself to us and not to the world? Who said these words to Jesus? (29) Gardener prunes the branch so that it will bear ___________ (30) Jesus said, “ You are my ___________ if you do what I command.”


Test 4

Church of God (Full Gospel) In India, Kuwait –YPE Bible Quest 2011

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