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Mid May Y2K+5.

“But tidings out

of the east and out of
the north shall trouble him,
therefore he shall go forth with
great fury to destroy, and utterly to
make away many.
And he shall
plant the
tabernacles of his
palace between Exhibit #1

the seas in the glorious holy

mountain, yet he shall come to his
end, and none shall help him.”
Dear SDA friends around the world,
The verses above {Daniel 11:44,45} are referring to the last days when the king of the North “shall come to his
end.” The very next verse talks about Michael standing up, the time of trouble starting, and God’s people being
Faith: In past letters, you’ve been expounding upon the meaning of the verse at the top of page one. Are you going
to do that again now?
Pastor Jan: Yes. We’re going to look at these tidings that “trouble him,” and we’re going to look at his church
planting program where he plants “the tabernacles of his palace.” We’re going to look at the “seas,” and the “glorious
holy mountain” where he plants them, and you’ll get a glimpse of how all this will affect you and your loved ones.
We’re going to see some amazing things.
But first, I want to say that I praise our mighty God for His wonderful love and mercy to us. Because of what dear
Jesus did for us all on the cross of Calvary, you and I have peace with God right now {Rom. 5:1}, and the assurance of
eternal life on a throne at the center of the universe - in a fantastic paradise, happy forever.
I can picture the beautiful bending, waving palm trees near the beach - the sparkling,
lapping waves, and the gorgeous orchids, roses, scrumptious hyacinths, and thousands of
other flowers in the meadows beside the babbling streams. Look at all the bright, colorful
flying butterflies! I can see the graceful pink flamingos and pure white water birds sailing
in to land near the lovely white sandy beach at the edge of the crystal sea of glass. I can
picture the pink and crimson glow around the bright,
billowy clouds, and the meek and mighty lions, giant
giraffes, gorgeous orange and white tigers, kitties,
jumping lambs, and elephants as they go - flapping
Exhibit #2 their giant ears for joy, to see the lovely Jesus. Over
there are animals you’ve never seen before in the lush
green fields - with all the bunnies, and little beasts at play.
Can you see the millions of shining, happy, people with crowns on their heads
that glitter like diamonds? Look at them in their neat, weedless gardens, growing
whopping fruits and vegetables - while singing praises to God and dear Jesus before
they come into their humongous mansions of gold and silver. I see thousands of
happy people flying just over the tree-tops, and up to the temple of God. Look at
that giant flock of toddlers and pure laughing infants flying up to the tops of the Exhibit #3
mountains to pick the bright, scrumptious, flowers. There they
go! Look at them! What a wonderful place to grow up! Now we see better why our kind Father
allowed them to go to sleep back in the dark ages of 2005.
Look at the millions of happy people flying up to pick the fruit from the tree of life - a tree that’s so
huge that it goes way up - it looks like miles - to feed millions - with a new kind of fruit every month.
Look at the billions of shining angels all over - singing praises to God with us, and enjoying
themselves. They help make the place the paradise that it is - making you not ever want to leave.
There’s the lovely Jesus, walking with us - holding hands with this and
that one - smiling at us, and telling us stories about what happened in the past
thousands of years - and how He saved us from horrors, and from the devil,
and from death. Here we go - very reverently into the holy temple of the Great King, walking
slowly up the stones of fire - where Lucifer used to walk, up to our Holy Father, and onto His
throne, to sit on our own thrones which are “in” His throne. Our Father is going to sing. Can
you see His smile? {All in harmony with GC 676,677.} Dear Jesus bought that high honor for
us on the cross of Calvary. There, before the throne of God, we will know, and we will say,
“He died for me.”

Look at these large

wings on our backs!
They’re something new to USA TODAY, April 6, 2005
us, but they’re so nice!
And they feel natural - just like we’ve had them on for years. I can
picture us using them, and slowly flying with our Saviour over
gorgeous, stately mansions, over the tree-tops, and up over the hills; down again
over the shining forests, then, over to the pure, golden walls of the city - to land on
the top. It’s delightful! Sister White saw these things and wrote - “The saints used
their wings and mounted to the top of the wall of the city. Jesus was also with
them; His crown looked brilliant and glorious. The crowns of the saints were of the
most pure gold, decked with stars. Their faces shone with glory, for they were in
the express image of Jesus; and as they arose and moved all together to the top of
the city, I was enraptured with the sight.” EW 53,54.
From there, I can see us taking off with our Lord - passing the outer reaches of
the “City of the Great King” - - into outer space, then speeding to much faster than
the speed of light - as we move together to visit some of the millions of planets of
the vast universe - to share with the humble, meek, beautiful, and wide-eyed
people there, what dear Jesus has done for us. I talked about many of these
wonderful things in my new book for young people entitled Cousin Henry Potter
(and the Terrible Time Machine).
Hope: As we saw on your CCA video series, NLP wizards have gotten people
to use their imaginations - to help make them captives of the devil. Is it alright to
use our imaginations to picture the home of the saved?
Pastor Jan: Listen - “As your senses delight in the attractive loveliness of the
earth, think of the world that is to come. . . Let your imagination picture the home of
the saved, and remember that it will be more glorious than your brightest
imagination can portray.” Steps to Christ, p. 86. Praise God!
The “King of the North” and the people on the earth don’t know it yet, but
everyone who will ever be in that “land of delight”- in that “Home of the Saved” -
from Adam and Eve, to Noah, Abraham, Moses, to Jesus and His disciples, to the
Waldensees, to John Huss who was murdered by Rome, to Martin Luther, John
Calvin, Charles Wesley, the godly William Miller - who was a Sunday-keeper to the
day of his death and never kept God’s 7th day Sabbath because he “didn’t know
any better” because his “friends”
tricked him out of it - to the godly
Baptists, Methodists, etc. - who will
accept God’s truth, and follow all the
light from the Bible that they’ll ever
get, to the last baby who will ever be
born in the deepest, darkest jungles of
New York City, or Africa, and saved
by the grace and sacrifice of Christ on
the cross of Calvary - they are all -
every one of them - including the
lovely Jesus Himself, Seventh-day
Adventists. The prophet said, “Christ
was a Seventh-day Adventist to all
intents and purposes.” Medical
Ministry, p. 49. Jesus also revealed
these principles in AA 11, & UL 315.
Faith: How could godly Baptists,
Disciples of Christ people, etc., as
well as those who have never even
heard of Christ, be Seventh-day
Adventists, and be in heaven?
Pastor Jan: Romans 1 reveals it.
Though they’ve never heard of Jesus,
they’ve never rejected Him or His
truth, but lived up to all the light they Pastor Jan: You just read from the article above that “Such secret searches are
had. They cherished heaven’s known as ‘sneak and peeks.’”
principles, and the blood of Christ Pastor Rollin Rock: There are no such things as “secret searches” in this country.
covered them. After they get to
heaven, they’ll learn that they’re there Only fanatics and offshoots believe in such things.
Pastor Jan: This article is quite large. It says, “Gonzales previously revealed secret
because Jesus died for them - as
seen in Zech. 13:6. Others who never details about how three of the law’s most controversial sections have been used. He
heard of God’s seventh-day Sabbath said that as of March 30, the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court - a panel of
here, will start to keep it after they get federal judges, had approved 35 requests from U.S. agents to seize business records
to heaven - as seen in Isaiah and other ‘tangible’ items.
66:22,23. They never knew any “He said he supports letting recipients of a secret court order, consult a lawyer, and
better. But those who learn of Jesus, permitting recipients of the orders to challenge them before the secret court.”
or of His law {including His Sabbath} Pastor Rollin Rock: There is no such thing as a “secret court.” There are no
here, and willfully reject it and disobey conspiracies going on in this country! In our nation, the citizens are ruled by noble
- trusting that they are good Christians magistrates who give liberty and justice for all.
and good church members, will Pastor Jan: This was all quoted in USA TODAY as you see above.
experience this - “He that saith, I Pastor Rollin Rock: I don’t believe it.
know him, and keepeth not his Pastor Jan: I hope we won’t let our heads go into a hole in the ground, with grass
commandments, is a liar, and the growing under our feet, like poor Jesuit trained Rollin Rock. Those who allow
truth is not in him.” I John 2:4. “All themselves to drift along to become like him, are in danger of waking up to find that
liars, shall have their part in the lake they have become like him - forever. If you want this amazing article, or any article in
which burneth with fire and brimstone: this letter, just send anything to help cover the cost. Anything above that will be used
which is the second death.” Rev. 21:8. to reach as many souls with God’s last message of love and warning as fast as we can.
The underlying principle is this -
“Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” James 4:17. God looks on the heart. Listen -
“Among the heathen are those who worship God ignorantly, those to whom the light is never brought by human
instrumentality, yet they will not perish. Though ignorant of the written law of God, they have heard His voice speaking to
them in nature, and have done the things that the law required. Their works are evidence that the Holy Spirit has touched
their hearts, and they are recognized as the children of God.
“How surprised and gladdened will be the lowly among the nations, and among the heathen, to hear from the lips of the
Saviour, ‘Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me!’ How glad will be
the heart of Infinite Love as His followers look up with surprise and joy at His words of approval!” DA 638. Wonderful Jesus!
Most people won’t be like this. So the reason it’s so urgent to get God’s last message of love and warning to the millions
quickly - is that many will choose a life of disobedience, and burn up in hell, who would have chosen to believe and obey, if
someone had gotten God’s message of love and law to them. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6.

Charity: Who is the “King of the North” which is so end up with the mark of the beast. I know that the price of
prominent in its attack just prior to the close of probation everything is going up and up, but I’m holding this down by
when “at that time shall Michael stand up?” Is it Turkey? main force - as long as I can - at least for now - and am still
Pastor Jan: Compared to the massive “abomination that giving free shipping - which costs a bunch - to help God’s
maketh desolate” of verse 32, - the world power who will dear people reach many souls - so they can be with us in the
“magnify himself above every god” of verse 36, the power joyful paradise of God!
that has her priests to be celibate {not regarding the desire After the Vatican II council ended in 1965, you see
of women}, who “shall magnify himself above all” - of verse Roman Catholic elements in the “Protestant” churches that
37, and the filthy rich world power described in Vatican you didn’t see before that year. At the end of that council,
Billions {by Avro Manhattan}, of verse 43, the little nation of the white pope announced to the world that Protestants are
Turkey shrinks into a hole. no longer “heretics,” but are now “separated brethren” - -
What does the prophet say? She says, “The books of {“and by peace shall destroy many.”}
Daniel and the Revelation are one.” 1MR 99. Daniel shows The ex-Jesuit priest revealed that while the white pope
that this power is the attacking power just prior to the close was telling us that Rome loves us, the black pope was in
of probation when “at that time shall Michael stand up.” another part of the Vatican with his head Jesuits - planning
Both Daniel and Revelation “are one,” and are talking the final inquisition - to destroy and wipe out true
about the same global power in the end of the world. Both Protestantism from the face of the earth - in fulfilment of the
Daniel 11, and Revelation 13,14, 17, & 18, and Great third great goal of the papacy to “undo all that Protestantism
Controversy, reveal that there is only one gigantic, has done.” GC 566.
blasphemous, metamorphosing, world power at which the I have a paper here showing that since 1965, the papal
whole world wonders - and is wondering right now - as attack has been happening “big time” against God’s SDA
described by 1) the little horn of Daniel 7 {Papal Rome}, 2) church. My CCA video series shows even more. There are
the little horn of Daniel 8 {Papal Rome} - who in the last days things in this paper that are so shocking that I won’t even
“shall destroy the mighty and the holy people. . . who by quote them in this letter. If you crave it with all of your heart,
[ecumenical] peace shall destroy many, {Papal Rome}, who ask when you write, and I’ll send it. It’s quite large, so just
“shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he send anything to help cover the cost of the printing, paper,
shall be broken without hand” {Papal Rome}, 3) the King of ink, labor, shipping, and handling. In this letter, I’ll quote
the North of Daniel 11 {Papal Rome}, 4) the persecuting only a small part. But first, I’m going to talk more about the
beast of Rev. 13 {Papal Rome}, 5) the GREAT WHORE of rest of the verse.
Rev. 17 - who is riding upon the beast {Papal Rome It says, 1) “And he shall plant” 2) “the tabernacles of his
controlling the Vatican}, 6) the great city Babylon of Rev. 18 palace” 3) “between the seas in the glorious holy mountain.”
{the devil’s masterpiece - the combination of Papal Rome Daniel 11:45.
with Apostate Protestantism} - when the devil’s “evil device” Speaking of point #1), when you plant something, it’s
{the Sunday law} will be perfected - - when it looks like God’s small at first, and then it grows in size and power.
6000 year old SDA church - the last glorious holy mountain Concerning point #2), it doesn’t say that he will plant his
of true “Protestantism” - is “done for.” palace. It says that he will plant the “tabernacles of his
But I praise God that this world-wide, persecuting power palace.” There are many of them. They will represent his
“shall come to his end, and none shall help him” and God’s palace. And the question, “Where is he going to “plant”
bride will be taken home with her all-powerful, all loving these tabernacles? - is answered by point #3, which says,
Husband - to enjoy the pleasures of eternity forever. “between the seas in the glorious holy mountain.”
Faith: What are the “tidings” that trouble the King of the Charity: Let’s look more closely at point #3. Where is
North? this place? Is it Jerusalem? We see the pope in exhibit #2
Pastor Jan: Most people don’t know it, but many in Jerusalem at the wailing wall. Since Rome has been
prophecies of Daniel and Revelation are explained by God’s trying to get Jerusalem as her capital for years, is the verse
prophet in books like Great Controversy. In GC, the prophet talking about Jerusalem?
gives us a glimpse of the very “tidings” that “trouble” the Pastor Jan: I just learned from Eric Jon Phelps that in
wicked “King of the North” - - that “trouble” the “man of sin,” 1993, Sharon Perez deeded the whole city of Jerusalem to
that “trouble” the “little horn,” that “trouble” the “beast,” that the Vatican! The masses don’t know that. In that sense,
“trouble” the “GREAT WHORE.” As you know, these names Rome has Jerusalem, but in another sense, it doesn’t. The
are all describing the same metamorphosing power. As you question is - is Jerusalem the “glorious holy mountain?” or is
read Great Controversy, you’ll see that it is the mighty “third it run by {Gentile} Muslims who have their mosque where
angel’s message” - with that of the fourth angel of Rev. 18 God’s temple used to be - and
added to it - that “trouble” him. Here it is - in this Muslim temple, do they
“The angel who unites in the proclamation of the third follow their teaching which
angel’s message is to lighten the whole earth with his glory. says that “God has no son?”
A work of world-wide extent and unwonted power is here That’s right! Their teaching
foretold. The advent movement of 1840-44 was a glorious says “God has no son!”
manifestation of the power of God . . . but these are to be Spiritually speaking, Muslim
exceeded by the mighty movement under the last warning of
the third angel.” GC 611. Praise God! This mighty third Jerusalem is not now the
angel’s message reveals God’s Sabbath, and warns against “glorious holy mountain” - since
the Sunday law, and against worshiping this power. No their teachings, and their
wonder these “tidings” “trouble him!” temple, and their mountain are
These “tidings” are “out of the east and out of the north.” 1) not spiritually “glorious,” 2)
God’s temple is “on the sides of the north.” Psalms 48:2. not “holy,” and Jesus Himself
These “tidings” from the north show divine origin. We add said in Luke 21:24 that
with that the fact that in Our High Calling, p. 296, God’s “Jerusalem shall be trodden
prophet reveals that the message coming from the “east,” or down of the Gentiles, until the
“sun rising” {getting brighter and brighter} - - represents that times of the Gentiles be
these divine “tidings” are given by God’s people. No other fulfilled.”
message could “trouble” the wicked power like this one Faith: Then let’s look at
does! Protestant America. Is it “between” any “seas?”
Though most church members have no clue as to even Pastor Jan: Look at the map. The great American song
what this great message is, these mighty “tidings” of God are entitled “America” says “God shed His grace on thee, and
coming soon to a town near you! In fact, we will be giving crowned thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining
this last message of God - or we will go along with the sea.” I love that song. It brings tears to my eyes.
Sunday law and receive the mark of the beast ourselves. Or Faith: What would make America a “glorious holy
we will be dead. There’s no other choice. mountain?” Would it be that this blessed nation is the great
The “man of sin” and his agents have been working like headquarters of God’s holy Protestant Christian work and
smiling mad men to secretly get into the churches and stop holy remnant church? Can you think of any other nation
God’s people from giving this very message since the that is spiritually more of a “glorious holy mountain” -
Vatican II council ended in 1965. Because their efforts have beaming out the glorious holy truths of the three angels’
been so successful {as you learned on my CCA video messages to the entire world - more than this “land of
series} is why most preachers don’t teach them, and why delight?”
most church members don’t even know {or care} what the Pastor Jan: In Isa. 14:13, Lucifer said, “I will sit also
three angels’ messages are! Do you believe that? upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the
But by the grace of God I won’t be stopped! In view of north.” We see that the “mount of the congregation” is
the shortness of time and the value of a soul, I will say that I where God and His “congregation” [people] are. The word
will give 100 extra NSL preachers free to all who get 1000 “Armageddon” is made of two Hebrew words - Har =
for a donation of 39¢ each with free shipping - to get God’s {mountain} & mageddon = congregation. The last great
last “tidings” of love and warning to the people before they battle of the world {in the last chapters of GC} is against

God’s people. So, you’re right. The “glorious holy

mountain” is where the world representatives of God’s
true, Christian people are.
In Daniel 11:45, in the margin, for the word
“glorious,” it says, “land of delight” or “goodly land.” God’s holy Sabbath, to Sunday. The Sunday “Protestants”
Thousands of years ago, it used to be Jerusalem. After aren’t protesting against Rome’s day of the sun that she
Jesus comes again, and the New Jerusalem comes “down brought in from pagan sun worship. Do you believe that?
from God out of heaven.” Rev. 21:2, Jerusalem will again God’s SDA church [little “c”] has been lovingly “protesting”
be “glorious” and “holy.” I wouldn’t be surprised if the devil against Rome’s pagan day of the sun - to bring honest
appears as Christ in old Jerusalem - doing miracles - with people out of Sunday Babylon - to join us in God’s truth and
the “man of sin” by his side. But now Palestine is like a in God’s kingdom. How? By giving the very “tidings” that
Muslim desert of death. “trouble” Satan’s crooked co-worker.
But for the past two hundred years there has been no You learned from the ex-Jesuit priest on my CCA video
“land of delight” to equal “Protestant America.” It has not series that when World War II was ending, the Jesuits of
only been especially blessed and protected so that true Europe were already planning to start the “World Council of
“Protestant Christianity” could flourish, but it has been the Churches”{WCC} - to get the churches to unite, and then,
world headquarters of God’s Seventh-day Adventist church through this vehicle, to slowly unite with them - to help take
- which, as “a city set on a hill,” could send God’s last them over. As a smokescreen, the “beast” power would
“glorious holy” message of love and warning to the world. stay out of the WCC for many years. But one day, he would
There’s a ton of evidence that the “man of sin” did join it, and unite with the churches to seek to “re-start
indeed “plant the tabernacles of his palace” and infiltrate persecution, and undo all that Protestantism has done” in
Protestant America - as you get a glimpse of in exhibit #1 - fulfillment of GC 566.
with Cardinal Egan {whom you learned in my May letter, is Keep in mind that our kind Father is in total control, and
the military papal leader, who is secretly controlling leaders that nothing will hurt His 6000 year old SDA church in any
of this nation from his headquarters in New York City.} In way! {Luke 21:18} The man of sin can only purify her, and
this exhibit, you see him in a ribbon cutting ceremony with drive “her majesty” to the lovely Jesus - her dear Husband.
the U.S. president. Under the picture {which was in an Keep praising God! “Everything’s alright in our Father’s
article in a Catholic magazine that I showed you in a former house.”
letter} it says, “Concessions: U.S. President cuts ribbon to Faith: Are you going to quote for us now from that paper
open Cultural Center in Washington, D.C. ‘We will come to that you mentioned?
view this as our little Vatican in the United States.’ - Pope Pastor Jan: Yes.
John Paul II.” Do you comprehend that? Hope: The King of the North wouldn’t try to plant the
This is to say nothing of a number of Roman Catholic tabernacles of his palace in the glorious holy mountain in
and Jesuit Universities not far from the Capitol building, and our day would he?
all over this land. In exhibit #3, you see the pope pointing Pastor Rollin Rock: Absolutely not!
the masonic finger at the president as he was running for Pastor Jan: Here’s a small part of it. It’s entitled, “World
office the second time. This told the insiders of the Council of Churches.”
Masonic, Vatican NWO who was going to win the election. “The goal of the National Council of Churches {NCC} is
The other man running for president was Catholic, but the the same as the goal of the World Council of Churches
“man of sin” can use a non-Catholic more effectively {WCC} since it was the leadership of the Federal/National
because people won’t as easily suspect who is behind Council of Churches which formed the WCC in 1948 (see
things. World Council of Churches: Religion or Revolution, by Hugh
On page 327 of Protestant Magazine, sponsored by Moreton & N.W. Hutchings, p 3). Their goal goes beyond
the General Conference of SDA, in December of 1912, it just uniting all churches into one, and includes the same
quotes a Roman Catholic priest named “Father Benson.” goals as that of Roman Catholicism, Free masonry, and the
He said, “There is only one religion that is a real power, and United Nations.
that is the Catholic Church. There are other denominations “The National Council of Churches {NCC} states their
- the Presbyterians, Baptists, and others, but they count recommendation of points to be followed in order to bring
only as social assets. The Catholic Church, and she alone, about world peace:
grasps the American people. . . . We hold the future of this "A world government...Strong immediate limitation
country.” on national sovereignty. International control of all armies
and navies. A universal system of money. Worldwide
On page 329 of this great General Conference freedom of immigration. A democratically controlled
sponsored journal, it quotes the Roman Catholic Western international bank.
Watchman. It says, “Let the powers come together and tell “The WCC and its branch organizations are involved in
Turkey to get out of Europe. She has no business in any bringing about this ‘explosive political revolution.’
land where the cross has been planted. A thousand years “The following are just a few examples of this.
ago, Moslemism ruled the world. Four hundred years ago “The WCC gave $85,000 to an African Nationalist
Protestantism was a dominant factor. Today Protestantism terrorist group--PATRIOTIC FRONT--who were waging
is dead.” guerilla warfare in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe in 1978 (see Seattle
Not quite. We’re not dead, and Times, August 25, 1981). These terrorists killed over 1900
neither is dear Jesus! people. The WCC gave 6,355 British pounds to members of
In Protestant America, there is only the terrorist organization--ZANU--in Africa, which are
one force that is still really “Protestant” - responsible for killing Rhodesian civilians (see WCC:
protesting [in God’s loving way] against Religion or Revolution, p 13). The World Council of
the corrupt power of papal Rome with Churches gave 50,000 British pounds to another Marxist
her day of the sun. That glorious force guerilla force--FRELIMO. The WCC also gave funds to the
{which you got a glimpse of on pages 1 Communist North Vietnamese government, the PLO, Cuba,
& 2 of this letter, and in Song of Solomon and other pro-Soviet totalitarian movements (see Reader's
6:10} is God’s SDA church, which I’m Digest, January, 1983, p 120). They also gave $823,000 to
upholding. Notice that the word “church” the Communist backed organization--SWAPO (see
has a small “c.” American Opinion, January, 1982, p 2).
You’ve learned in my letters that in "The obvious question arises: From where does
“legal” language - used in the courts - the money come [for WCC financing?] The answer is: It
when the word “Church” is capitalized - as it is in the quote comes from you. It comes from you if you put money in the
below, it refers to a “state corporation” which does not have collection plate of a church that is part of a denomination
all the first amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution. which belongs to the National Council of Churches. The
The state (C)hurch corporations which do not comply, will money goes from your church, to your denomination, to the
be taken over by the state after the Sunday law, and finally National Council, to the World Council." American Opinion,
cease to exist, as the testimony of Jesus Himself revealed January, 1982, p 12.
in the last chapters of Great Controversy. The word with a In the letter from the National Council of Churches,
capital “C” does not refer to God’s mighty SDA “church.” January 29, 1960, Donald F. Landwer, Asst. Secretary for
Notice the capital “C” in the quote below. [NCC], said, “In 1959, the SDA Church sent a total of $6,700
In Adventist Review, March 5, 1981, on page 3, Neal for the support of the National Council of Churches.”
Wilson, the president of the General Conference In the letter from the National Council of Churches, April
Corporation stated, “There is another universal and truly 7, 1970, Constant H. Jacquet, {Director Research Library},
catholic organization, the Seventh-day Adventist Church.” revealed that in 1969 they gave a total of $5,950 for NCC
Rome has openly admitted that the day of the sun is the support.
“mark” of her authority. The leaders of Rome have put In the letter from the General Conference of SDA,
themselves in the place of God, and they “magnify” January 25, 1967, from D.W. Hunter, Associate Secretary,
themselves “above every god.” {Daniel 11:36} by pretending he said, “We do not make contributions to their [National
to have power to change God’s 4th commandment from Council of Churches] program."

According to the Letter from

the National Council of Churches, January
13, 1965, Wilbur C. Parry, Assistant Council
Secretary, the SDA Church was listed as
one of the member-units of the National Membership Directory, {May 9, 2005}
Council of Churches in 1964. National Council of Churches Communication Commission is made up of
According to the Letter from the General professional communicators in a wide variety of Christian faith groups across
Conference of SDA, January 25, 1967, North America. Here's a list of those who participate in our work:
D.W. Hunter, Associate Secretary, stated, [Seven of the twenty five] Orthodox Church in America, Presbyterian Church
“"Seventh-day Adventists are not members USA, Presbyterian Church in Canada, Reformed Church in America, Seventh
of the National Council of Churches." Day Adventist Church, United Church of Christ, United Methodist
According to the Letter from the National Communications.
Council of the Churches, September 26,
1983, from Constant H. Jacquet, Jr., Staff Associate for Information Services, the SDA Church had General Conference
representatives as members on two Commissions of the National Council of Churches in 1983.
According to a Letter from the General Conference of for the reception, discussions are to be carried on now, on
Seventh-day Adventists, Department of Public Affairs, from the local and national levels. The dialogue on the top level
B.B. Beach, April 2, 1982, he stated, “The Seventh-day was led by Dr. Lucas Vischer, secretary for the Faith and
Adventist Church is not a member of the World Council of Order Commission, and Dr. B.B. Beach of the Seventh-Day
Churches” Adventists. The WCC leaders are especially anxious to
“During the week before Christmas of 1994, the SDA include the world activities of the Seventh-Day Adventists.’
church and the National Council of Churches joined together “In 1985, the World Council of Churches published the
to nationally televise the Christmas Eve Special "A New Directory of Christian Councils. It lists the SDA Church as a
Noel." (Adventist Review, December 15, 1994, p 7). The 1) Fraternal associate in Kenya, 2) Associate members in
broadcast was video-taped at a Sunday church service on Rwanda, & the Solomon Islands, 3) Observers in Finland &
December 4 in the Pioneer Memorial SDA church at Germany, 4) Consultant-observers in the United Kingdom, 5)
Andrews University. (Adventist Review, December 4, and members in the Bahamas, Belize, Cook Islands,
1994.). It was nationally televised on Christmas eve through Sweden.
the ABC-TV network, and the SDA Church placed a paid “On page 244 of the WCC Directory of Christian
advertisement in 14,000,000 copies of the TV Guide The Councils, it says that the World Council of Churches is ‘in
paid advertisement of this event, stated: "The National working relationship with the General Conference of
Council of Churches presents a production of the Seventh- Seventh Day Adventists.’”
day Adventist Church." Adventist Review, December 15, Faith: If these things happened in easy times, what will
1994. happen when there are “government demands” and
According to the letter from the General Conference of pressures? If there were government demands would
SDA, October 23, 1984, from W.L. Murrill, Undertreasurer, leaders make the SDA Church a communicant in the Church
he stated, "The General Conference is not a member of the of Christ?
National or World Council of Churches.” Pastor Jan: The Review and Herald, said, “Adventist
According to the letter from the National Council of world leaders...yielded to government demands to align with
Churches of Christ, January 29, 1960, from Donald F. the Protestant organization....[and] on March 24, 1972,
Landwer, Assistant General Secretary for Finance, "The Seventh-day Adventists became the forty-second
Seventh-day Adventist Church does hold voting membership communicant in the Church of Christ in Zaire." Review and
in several of our National Council of Churches program units Herald, February 27, 1975.
and in addition has non-voting or associate membership in
other units." “The Haagse Courant [Dutch newspaper], January 27,
On the radio program, "Issues and Interviews" on the 1962, said, ‘The Seventh-day Adventists were one of the first
SDA radio station - KCDS in Angwin, California, February denominations to become “reformed” and to join the
19, 1993, Elder Robert Folkenberg, president of the General Communist Church. Other denominations followed.’
Conference of SDA, said this - "The Seventh-day Adventist “In the book, The Story of Mary Liu, p 222, by Edward
church is not, has not been, and will not be a member of the Hunter, it says, ‘The Adventists were declared to have gone
World Council of Churches. [Pastor Jan: Will not be? Good through `a new birth' as an organization. They were
for you Elder Folkenberg! May it be true is my prayer. We rewarded by being officially classified as a `Reformed
love you.] I don't care what evidence you have printed to the Church,' the first in Communist China.’”
contrary. It is simply a fabrication; it is not true; it is a lie; it is Charity: Has the King of the North planted the
a distortion. There is NO: there is no membership or tabernacles of his palace in the glorious holy mountain? If
intention of becoming a member....We are not and will not the dear church members were led to “change leaders” and
be. I hope you can take that to the bank as a statement of have a “new birth’ when the pressure was on - so that they
categorical, undeniable truth. And anything that you receive caved in like Peter to join the Communist Church, what will
printed to the contrary, tear it up, throw it in the waste paper happen to the dear people and their leaders when the devil’s
basket; it’s simply not the truth!" Sunday law soon comes - with the GREAT “temptation,
Pastor Jan: The paper continues - showing what which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell
happened in 1966, soon after Vatican II council ended in upon the earth” Rev. 3:10?
1965 - “Direct conversations between the World Council of Pastor Jan: The prophet of God cries out - “If the
Churches and SDA Church officials began especially in believers in the truth are not sustained by their faith in these
1966. These direct conversations led SDA church leadership comparatively peaceful days, what will uphold them when
to push the Church towards avoiding the message of the the grand test comes and the decree goes forth against all
three angels of Revelation 14 - [which “trouble” a certain those who will not worship the image of the beast and
power], and to teach only those doctrines held in common receive his mark in their foreheads or in their hands? This
with the churches of the National and World Council of solemn period is not far off. Instead of becoming weak and
Churches. irresolute, the people of God should be gathering strength
“Church leadership stated: ‘Today the old largely and courage for the time of trouble.” 4T 251.
negative approach--emphasizing chiefly the things wherein Hope: What’s going to happen?
we differ from all other religious groups – is past [especially Pastor Jan: Dear Jesus doesn’t fool us. The horrors that
the third angel’s message], definitely past. And that is as it are coming can’t be pictured, and our Lord doesn’t want us
should be." Ministry Magazine, March, 1966, p 10. to try - but to dwell on the bright pictures of His love and
"The Adventist church today is better prepared to make blessings, and the wonderful “home of the saved.” He has
common cause with these other evangelicals than at any told us that most people will die in the fire of hell - and would
previous time in its history." Ministry Magazine, June, 1966, choose it - rather than to have to be in heaven where their
p 19-20. lovely Saviour is, because they wouldn’t be happy around
“The December 18, 1969, issue of Review and Herald, p Him. Can you imagine how this made Him feel in
16-20, revealed that the Autumn Council voted thus - Gethsemane and on the cross of Calvary? No wonder blood
"Whereas...voted...departmental create a public came out of the pores of His skin! But He is soon going to place emphasis on the noncontroversial truths cleanse His bride {9T228} and take His SDA church to
shared in common with all Christianity." heaven after the big “shaking” is over. Not only will our Lord
“The Christian Beacon, vol 37, #47, Jesus save you from all sin, but He will use you to help save
December 28, 1972, said this - "The many others. Watch closely -
Seventh-Day Adventists and “I saw angels hurrying to and fro in heaven, descending
representatives of the World Council of to the earth, and again ascending to heaven, preparing for
Churches have met with joint chairmen the fulfillment of some important event. Then I saw another
discussing the membership of the Seventh- mighty angel commissioned to descend to the earth, to unite
Day Adventists in the WCC. In preparation his voice with the third angel, and give power and force to

his message.
Great power and Dear Sir, Dear Pastor Jan,
glory were It is with a profound revelation that I read your As a university student I read a copy of the
imparted to the book National Sunday Law. No other book has book “National Sunday Law,” which came into my
angel, and as he made such an impact in my life except for the house – I still don’t know how. I read it, and it
descended, the Bible. I have been troubled by all of the questions made me think. I took the book to the leader of
earth was that you have answered in your book! I have our Bible study group and she told me not to pay
been complacent in my life until I read your book! too much mind to it. Time went by and finally I
lightened with his Now I experience and feel a calling to translate received a newsletter from my Anglican church
glory. The light “National Sunday Law into our language, which is explaining the reason for the change of the
which attended spoken here in South Africa by over 25 million Sabbath. As you said in your book, they
this angel people. I am a qualified teacher in this language, mentioned the resurrection, but could give no
penetrated having several university degrees. I will take Bible verses to back it up. [All they could quote
everywhere, as he responsibility for all expenses. The distribution of was tradition that went to the Catholic church
cried mightily, National Sunday Law is essential for our country fathers.] So I asked the Bible study leader for my
with a strong and our people. Your brother in Christ, Robert “National Sunday Law” book back, and I read it
voice, ‘Babylon Jooste again. After that, things were clear, and I decided
the great is fallen, to become a Seventh-day Adventist. Praise the
is fallen, and is Lord. Since then, a good friend helped me to
become the start receiving your newsletters. In them, the
habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of Holy Spirit inspires insights, and now more than
every unclean and hateful bird.’ The people of God are thus ever, I share the NSL books with my friends and
prepared to stand in the hour of temptation [at the Sunday law] brethren, some of whom are in the dark about the
which they are soon to meet. I saw a great light resting upon them, enemy’s schemes. I keep sharing the NSL book
and they united to fearlessly proclaim the third angel's message. with others to spread the message. May God
“The third message was to do its work; all were to be tested continue to bless abundantly in your work for Him.
upon it, and the precious ones were to be called out from the Sincerely, Colette, Guyana, South America
religious bodies. A compelling power moved the honest, while the
manifestation of the power of God brought a fear and restraint Dear Pastor Jan,
upon their unbelieving relatives and friends so that they dared not, Thank you so much for your newsletters. I
neither had they the power joined the seventh Day Adventist church in 1972
to hinder those who felt the but fell away in 1986. Thank God for your
I’m scheduled to speak at the work of the Spirit of God newsletters. It is through your letters that God
SDA church in South Hill, VA. upon them. The last call brought me back into his Seventh-day Adventist
Sabbath, June 11. The church will was carried even to the Church. I was drafted into the army in 1943 and
meet that day in the South Hill poor slaves, and the pious found the Lord during the Battle of the Bulge in
Elementary school cafeteria. among them poured forth Germany. We have a great God who never
Directions - Go SW on I-85 from their songs of rapturous joy forsakes you. I thank Him that he used your
Petersburg for 55.6 miles, & get off at the prospect of their letters to bring me back into his church. God
on exit 12. Turn R onto US 58 happy deliverance. Their bless you. Calvin Morris
{Atlantic St.} & go .9 mile. Turn R masters could not check
onto High School Ave. & go 400 them; fear and aston-
feet to the school at 300 Franklin Dear Pastor Marcussen,
ishment kept them silent. Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus
St.. Sack lunches are provided, but Mighty miracles were
bring food if you wish. At 11 a.m. Christ. I am an American Indian from northern
the topic is “When Beauty Meets wrought, the sick were Ontario, James Bay area. I thank the Lord God
the Beast.” At 3 p.m., on the two healed, and signs and Almighty for your obedience to write this book
giant screens - the topic is “The wonders followed the “National Sunday Law.” I read the book three
New World Order, the Sunday Law, believers. God was in the times and dug deep. The Holy Spirit expounded
and the 144,000.” With the urgency work, and every saint, the scriptures to me. It has opened my eyes and
of the shortness of time, and the fearless of consequences, my understanding of God’s word. As I read your
love of the lovely Jesus, it will move followed the convictions of book, I felt the presence of God, and He said to
you. Don’t miss it! his own conscience and me, “Let the Bible interpret the Bible.” Wow.
united with those who were Praise the Lord. I went to Bible college but was
keeping all the never told about God’s Sabbath day. They just
We now have about 90% of what told me that we keep Sunday because of the
we need to reach another million commandments of God;
and with power they resurrection. [Where did they get that? Not in the
souls in Philadelphia in the great 40 Bible!] Please send me your follow-up book. Your
Million Man March. If our kind sounded abroad the third brother in Christ, Brian
Father impresses you to help us message. I saw that this
reach this goal, just mark it below. message will close with
power and strength far
exceeding the midnight cry.” EW 286,287. Praise God!
“I have seen the tender love that God has for His people, and it is very great. [Praise God!] I saw angels over the
saints with their wings spread about them. Each saint had an attending angel. If the saints wept through
discouragement, or were in danger, the angels that ever attended them would fly quickly upward to carry the tidings,
and the angels in the city would cease to sing. Then Jesus would commission another angel to descend to encourage,
watch over, and try to keep them from going out of the narrow path. . .
“The Lord has given me a view of other worlds. Wings were given me, and an angel attended me from the city to a
place that was bright and glorious. The grass of the place was living green, and the birds there warbled a sweet song.
The inhabitants of the place were of all sizes; they were noble, majestic, and lovely. They bore the express image of
Jesus, and their countenances beamed with holy joy, expressive of the freedom and happiness of the place. . . Then I
was taken to a world which had seven moons. There I saw good old Enoch, who had been translated. On his right arm
he bore a glorious palm, and on each leaf was written ‘Victory.’ Around his head was a dazzling white wreath, and
leaves on the wreath, and in the middle of each leaf was written ‘Purity,’ and around the wreath were stones of various
colors. . . I asked him if this was the place he was taken to from the earth. He said, ‘It is not; the city is my home, and I
have come to visit this place.’ He moved about the place as if perfectly at home. I begged of my attending angel to let me
remain in that place. I could not bear the thought of coming back to this dark world again. Then the angel said, ‘You
must go back, and if you are faithful, you, with the 144,000, shall have the privilege of
visiting all the worlds and viewing the handiwork of God.’” EW 39,40.
Praise God friend. Praise God!
Your friend in Christ, Pastor Jan
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