A FOURTH FOR BRIDGE The four girls were playing bridge at Cindy's house Saturday afternoon.

They had been almost inseparable friends since the beginning of highschool and had made this a weekly get together for about two years now. They had moved in a relatively small circle of boys and girls in highschool, studying together, involved in some of the same student activities, dating; not too unusual for a small town where their parents knew one another. They had three other things in common that seemed to have a part in drawing them together. They were all very pretty with great bodies and big firm breasts high on their chests extending out under their armpits with nice wide cleavage and only a little sag underneath. They all seemed to think alike when it came to boys and sex. They had all married their steadies by the time they were twenty-one and lived in the same general area. Cindy had married Chuck, Sue married Sam, Betty married Bill and Jane had married John. These card games were as much weekly gossip as bridge. Each of them had dated the other's husband a number of times in highschool before they started going steady during their senior year, which made for some interesting discussions. Each had a solid sexual relationship with her husband, and only her husband, so there was no jealousy between them over those highschool days. It became fun to talk about their highschool dates, going into their most intimate details as time went on. All had had sex by the time they were sixteen, with the one they eventually married being the first one they had let fuck them. They laughed at those first experiences, at how little they had really known about sex at that time. They had talked to the older girls who had been the most sexually active about sex. One thing that had stuck in their minds was a general consensus of opinion among the older girls that they should not let anyone fuck them who did not have at least an eight inch long cock that was two inches in diameter They learned how to get prospective dates to tell them how big their cock was before they would go out with them. The guys with the big ones usually got a hard on talking about big cock’s and showed theirs to the girls in return for the girls showing them that their breasts were not false. One thing had led to another during their meetings as they started discussing sex in general, sort of a study group on how to get the most out of sex; Cindy had even started a small library of good books on sexuality. They discussed things they liked to do and how they did them, things their husbands liked to do and how they did them, what their fantasies were. They all liked oral sex, both giving and receiving, including throat fucking, and discovered that having a cock in their mouth made all of them want one in their pussy too. They were beginning to get ideas. They started comparing notes and found that each of them had been fucked at least twice by each of the other's husbands before they started going steady. Not surprising since they had been sexually active for two years, fucking somebody at least twice a month during that time. Also, not surprisingly, all their husbands have at least eight by two inch cock’s. They had tried to get their husbands to join them in their card games with limited success, hard to compete with golf and sports on TV, besides, having them there might dampen their discussions. It was Summer and Cindy had a pool at the side of her house inside a high walled courtyard, it would be an ideal place for their planned activities. They checked the sports schedule and found nothing really significant for next Saturday. They started planing a swimming party, they could usually get everyone there for that. They could all swim and then play bridge while their husbands watched TV and generally horsed around. They finished their plans and started working on their husbands during the week. Saturday was a beautiful day and everyone was there by ten. The water was fine and they all enjoyed a good swim before lunch on the patio. After lunch the

girls started their card game while the men sat around talking. Cindy dealt several rounds of cards face up until each had a different card on top. Cindy had a ten, Sue a four, Betty a six and Jane an eight. "Ok," said Cindy, "I'm first, Jane, you're second, Betty, you're third and Sue, you're fourth. Your husbands have the same number you do, let's get started." Cindy called to the men, "Hey guys, help us move this table and chairs into the shade." "Sam, I've got something to do for a few minutes, we need a fourth for bridge, sit in for me will you." Sam looked a little puzzled but sat down anyway. Cindy walked over to Chuck, releasing the already loosened strings of her bikini top and bottom in one motion, letting them fall to the ground as she pulled his trunks down to his knees, moving quickly to pull down John and Bill's before they could say anything. They stood there looking at the other girls who were removing their tops and bottoms as they sat at the table along with Sam. They had skinny dipped in the pool on a moonlit night before but not during the day, well, why not, gradually starting to smile as they stepped out of their trunks. Their cock’s getting hard as they watched the array of eight big breasts bouncing and swaying, and the four beautiful perfectly formed hairless pussies clearly displayed for their pleasure. Cindy started her rehearsed speech, "Have you guys ever wondered why your sex lives have continued to improve over the past few years? Have you by chance been listening to your wives in the bedroom?" "Guys, we girls sometimes discuss how we feel about sex at these weekly bridge games, what's good, what's bad, how to make it better; we've even started to study books on sexuality with what we've learned being passed on to you in the bedroom. I guess you’ve all noticed that in addition to fucking our cunts in the old missionary position, we’ve taught you how to fuck them in the doggie position, standing, bending over a chair, butts at the end of the bed and an occasional cock ride. Don’t forget the occasional anal fuck. Remember how you liked it when we sucked your cock’s for the first time, gradually learning to deep throat those big cock’s of yours. And don’t forget the first time we hung our heads back off the end of the bed and let you fuck our throats. I wonder if you were even aware that we were teaching you how to properly eat a pussy. I must say, you learned well and we are grateful for it.” "Well, we finally ran into a problem that we need some male help with. We found that each of us had the same feelings, I guess longings, while we were sucking those lovely cock’s of yours; our cunts and ass’s seem to ache to have a cock in them when we have one in our mouths." "We wanted to find out how it would really feel. You know we’re all on the pill, so there’s no problem there. The real problem was, where could we find a spare cock or two, we couldn't use strangers." "Then we hit on it, what better source for cock’s than the four of you, we figured out that each of you had already fucked each of us more than once when we were in highschool; a few more times wouldn't hurt would it?" "Think of this as a sixth year anniversary gift to you, it was six years ago, more or less, that each one of us was fucked by each one of you." "Chuck, you took my virginity in the back seat of your dad's car right after school let out at the end of our sophomore year, and Sam, you first had me in your dad's car at the end of that summer, Bill, remember our first night in your house when your parents were out of town and John, we started at the end of our junior year, you were the last one besides Chuck who ever touched me." "There also turned out to be something sweet for each of us girls to

remember about our first fuck, we all ended up married to the man who took our virginity." "We dealt cards when we started playing just now and worked out this schedule. I’ll post it on the door.” OK guys, in case you don’t know, here’s what you’re going to be sticking your cocks into. Study it so you can get your cocks lined up properly for the best penetration. See how your cock needs to go almost straight up into her body for her cunt, while it needs to be tilted as far toward her back as you can get it for her ass. Also, see one reason why having a cock in her ass while she has one in her cunt adds more sensation to her vagina. See why your lying on your backs butt to butt feels so good to the girls when they simply drop their butts down onto your cocks. You’re going to have do a little contortioning to make this sideways fucking work. The same thing goes for her throat. The slope of your cockhead is 180 out to enter her throat when she’s on her back with her head hanging back off the bed. It’s much better when she’s on her stomach with it tilted back. However, if she’s on her back and tilts it back as far as she comfortably can, the slope of your cockhead is probably not as important as the more pleasant view, comfortable position and your ability to massage her breasts while you’re fucking her throat. Besides, she may like the feel of your balls on her eyes and your pubis pressing her lips against her teeth.

Here’s the schedule. Cindy 1 throat cunt John ass Bill Jane 1 throat cunt John ass Bill Betty 1 throat cunt John ass Bill Sue 1 throat cunt John ass Bill 2 3 4 Chuck John Bill Sam Bill Sam Chuck Sam Chuck John 2 3 4 Chuck John Bill Sam Bill Sam Chuck Sam Chuck John 2 3 4 Chuck John Bill Sam Bill Sam Chuck Sam Chuck John 2 3 4 Chuck John Bill Sam Bill Sam Chuck Sam Chuck John

If we follow this schedule, each girl will have been fucked in each of her three holes by all four men. This says that each of us girls will have been fucked twelve times, four in each hole, and each of the men will have fucked all of us in each of our three holes for a total of twelve fucks for each of them. Chuck built this, for lack of a better description, fucking table. As you can see, it’s a narrow, softly padded table. The level part is just long enough for the girls to lie on their sides with one leg lying down the steep ramp part, and the other hooked high up over the raised arm. The other end has a place for one arm to hang down and a headrest that let’s us tilt our heads back as far as we can. Here, I’ll demonstrate. If you’ll turn sideways and lean over, you’ll see a woman with

her legs spread wide and her head bent back as far as she comfortably can. Just think of the possibilities, I can have someone standing in front of me fucking my pussy while someone else is standing behind me fucking my ass and someone else is standing at my head so I can suck his cock and he can fuck my throat. This will satisfy our desire to find out how it feels to have all our holes filled at the same time. Any of you not willing to help us with this experiment?” “I didn’t think there would be. We’ll start with me, Chuck, John, and Bill. Here’s the procedure. Chuck, you start with my throat. After I’ve sucked on your cock enough to get you warmed up, fuck my throat as hard as you want to until you cum. John, you get my pussy. Stand in front of me and work your cock all the way into it. Bill, you get to bring up the rear. As soon as John gets his cock firmly embedded in my cunt, you work yours all the way up into my rectum. Here's some lubricant for your cock, I've already put some inside me. Hey, guys, don’t keep that puzzled look on your faces, we all really do want to be fucked good and hard and as long as you can in all three holes at the same time with you taking turns so that each of you has fucked all three holes in each of us. Yes, as the schedule says, that means in a way that we each get twelve fucks, four guys in each of three holes.” “Here’s the minimum time for a fuck session. The guy who has his cock in a cunt has to keep fucking, or if necessary, eating pussy, until the girl has an orgasm. With each session, each of you guys should keep fucking his hole until he cums or loses his hard. Try cycling your thrusts, all three in at the same time for a while, then cunt followed by ass followed by throat for a while, then all three again. I want to suck cocks for a while in the beginning, then have my throat fucked until everyone else is finished. As soon as all four of us have our orgasms, or you guys give up, and have a good hard on again, Jane will get on the table and take Sam’s cock in her mouth, Chuck’s in her cunt, and John’s in her ass. Sue will follow Jane and Betty follows Sue. After you finish satisfying Sue, change holes and start on me again. We’ll keep on fucking until each of the guys has fucked all the girls in all their holes. "You guys are going to be able to handle all four of us aren't you? I’ve got four bedrooms ready for any desired private variations anyone wants to enjoy later.” Cindy lay down on the table and looked up at Chuck, smiling as he shook his cock in front of her mouth. She looked down at John as he eased his cock into her cunt. “Feel familiar?” asked Cindy, smiling down at him as she opened her mouth for Chuck to slowly ease his cock into it. When it was in far enough, she started her usual blowjob. It was working, her cunt was heating up and she began to enjoy the feel of Chuck's cock in her mouth. She looked down at John, feeling the pleasure of his cock slowly filling her cunt. When it was fully in, she felt the head of Bill’s cock pressing against her anus as he moved in behind her. She gave a little thrust back against Bill’s cock, feeling it sort of pop into her. Cindy tried to relax as he pushed it in farther, going easily now, a different strangely erotic, but sexually exciting and pleasing feeling as his cock slid up into her rectum. She lay there for a moment, trying to understand the feeling of having three cock’s inside her. John and Bill started to stroke their cock’s in and out of her, sometimes together, sometimes alternating. She couldn’t make up her mind which felt best, still thinking about it as she worked on Chuck’s cock. She pulled him tight against her face, his cock making it’s first of many penetrations down into her throat. She released her grip on his hips and just lay there, immersed in the strange pleasures of three cock’s thrusting in and out of her body. Chuck and John each had a breast in their hand, gently but sexually massaging and caressing them. Chuck had one hand behind her head, pulling it toward him for each thrust of his hips as he gently pushed his cock down into her throat until her nose was against his groin and her lips pressed between her teeth and his pubis. She felt John’s

pubis rubbing over her clit at the end of each full entrance of his cock into her cunt, synchronized with his finger massaging her clit between thrusts which was making her lose touch with reality; her sexuality taking over her body, driving her orgasm toward it’s climax faster than she had ever experienced. Cindy came first, her climax sending euphoric waves of ecstasy out from deep within her, each contraction of her cunt shaking her body, her breasts now tingling from the feeling of the hands that held them. She felt Chuck's cock starting to pulse in her mouth. She quickly pushed back on his hips until the head of his cock was in her mouth, his cum shooting out with each pulse, tasting his orgasm as it flowed over her tongue; sucking it out of his cock, swallowing it all while her body still trembled. Cindy felt John's cock starting to pulse in her cunt, the fall of her climax slowing as the slight bursts of sexual pleasure from the caressing of her tender clit added to the thrill of the moment; each burst matching the strokes of his cock as his cum shot deep into her cunt. Not over yet, starting to masturbate herself on John's pelvis, holding Chuck tight in her mouth as Bill began pumping his cock hard into her ass, feeling it pulsing as it shot his cum into her rectum; reaching back to hold him in her as their ministrations continued to drive her to a second climax, almost incoherent now as the first sensations of her second orgasm slowly spread throughout her body, building until they engulfed her body and mind, the sensations of sexual pleasures building until her orgasm erupted to shake her and force muffled cries of joy from her cock filled mouth. She watched the intense expressions on first John then Bill’s faces build as they both began their final hard thrusts into her body to eject the last of their semen into her, then an easing of never before felt sexual pleasures as her orgasm faded, their cock’s withdrew, and she slowly came back to reality. "Ok, Jane, you're up next.” Cindy said with a sigh. “I'll get your guys cleaned up and you see if you can work up a hard for them, Chuck, take Sam's place at the card game and Sam, you get the back door, Bill, the front, and John, you get the blowjob, I'll go back to the game." "Jane, just relax and let your passions respond to what's happening to you." Jane had been watching intently, wondering if she could take what she sensed Cindy had experienced, but dying to try it. Sam would join the party next while Chuck would rest. She, of course, had had a lot of big cock’s inside her cunt, and like all the girls, had learned the pleasures of having her throat fucked. Also, anal sex was no stranger to her. John already had a hard on, waiting to feel it entering Jane’s mouth and throat, and Sam and Bill were beginning to sexually caress and play with Jane, trying to renew their hard’s for their next session. Once they were ready, Jane lay on the table, watching with a nervous expression on her face as three guys began to ease their cock’s into her, something she had never before experienced. She started out like Cindy had, sucking an eight inch cock. Once she started to take it into her throat, Sam and Bill began to fill her ass and cunt with two more eight inch cock’s. Once there were three cock’s inside her body, the nervousness changed to the pure pleasures of feeling them inside her, and thoughts of how exciting it was going to be and how good it was going to feel to be fucked by three men at the same time. Finally Jane was through with her first session, lost in the erotic grasp of sexual gratification like she had never felt before. Cindy was still trying to collect her thoughts, still feeling those three cock’s thrusting in and out of her while they were shooting their cum into her body. The girls had taken precautions to keep themselves and the guys clean. They hadn't eaten supper and had taken a strong laxative the evening before, and then taken two enemas that morning. There was a shower just off the pool that everyone

could use, that was fun, three men crowded in there trying to wash Cindy off while she washed their cock’s. Cindy was trying to make sure every hole got the proper number of fucks by the proper man, so she made sure Betty went after Jane with Sue last. This would have all the girls fucked by three men at the same time."Three more times guys, and all of us girls will have had each of our holes fucked by each of you. That gives each girl twelve fucks and each guy twelve fucks. Ladies, whether or not these guys can make all four cycles, I can definitely say I have now been fucked, have I ever been fucked, and it felt great." Reluctantly, the fucking had stopped, at least for the moment. They had all washed each other throughly in the shower and were sitting around the table naked, discussing their experiences. Cindy had set out some drinks and cookies and was asking some questions. All the girls said they had the most intense orgasms they had ever experienced, but it had been almost overwhelming, almost too much of a good thing. They had watched Jane's orgasm make her almost pass out. She was still not completely clear about what had happened to her but she had the most satisfied smile on her face of anyone there, her fresh fucked look said John, as she sat on his lap with her head on his shoulder, still feeling those three cock’s inside her. They talked about the anal part. It had felt great, not as uncomfortable as they had thought it might have been, and sexy as hell, but they wondered if it might have somehow interfered with the more pleasurable feeling of having a cock in their cunt. The general consensus was that it had not, and probably had enhanced it. "Ok, all the gals have been fucked to completion by three cock’s at the same time and by each guy in each hole for a total of twelve fucks, and all the guys have cum at least once in all three holes in all four girls for a total of twelve fucks. Unless someone has a particular place in a particular person they either want to stick something in or have something stuck in, I want to declare the fuck fest over.” "I think that having three guys fuck me at the same time was the experience of a lifetime. It was fun, it felt great at the time, I'm glad I did it, but I don't need to do it again, at least not until I've thought about it some more, maybe tomorrow? No, seriously, I think we’ve all had enough for a long time. If anyone wants to undergo some more multiple fucking today, I suggest we change to two at a time in more comfortable positions and let the gals get their cunts and throats fucked at the same time. “I have a recommendation, a strong recommendation.” Jane said. “Don’t let that table get away from us. It’s going to be used, and used a lot.” “I agree.” Sue said. “I know I’ll use it if I can find three willing men.” “Same here.” Betty said. “I think what I did, or better yet, what was done to me and for me, is just starting to sink in, and I love it.” Cindy said. “The table stays here and is available 24-7. Now I have a recommendation. Any time any of our husbands are here, the dress code is 0. That means no clothing of any type will be worn.” “What are you trying to do, stir up some sexual activity?” Jane asked. “Yes.” Cindy said. “Well, I guess that’s that.” Betty said. “I like it. I want someone to fuck me some more. Any volunteers”