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Beautiful to Hear and See, A Tactile Quality that's Wonderful to Behold.

Complete attention to detail not only for sound but also for design, materials, parts, and crossover network; the uncompromising skill and passion of a craftsman. Denon's CX3 delivers authenticity in sound required by the most discerning audiophiles.


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1) Aluminium top panel with heat discharge holes to minimise the effects of vibration on sound quality 2) Gentle red display panel 3) Slim remote controller, easy to operate and tastefully designed 4) Sturdy cabinet beautifully finished with natural wood 5) Large, newly-developed speaker terminals made of gold-plated, machined brass 6) Newly-developed drive mechanism utilising very thin (only 5mm) aluminium tray 7) iPod® connectivity using separately sold ASD-1R


Stereo Receiver


The DRA-CX3 delivers sound of uncompromised quality, a pure audio hallmark of Denon.

Every aspect of Denon audio technology that has been devoted to the DRA-CX3 is designed to

maximise the beauty of sound. To achieve robust yet pristine, stable sound . . . Newly-developed amplifier circuitry, for improved power and clarity in music playback
Denon has newly developed its amplifier circuitry for Hi-Fi audio to achieve a high electric power conversion efficiency of around 90%. Despite the DRA-CX3's compact size, it delivers a powerful output of 150W + 150W (at 4ohms) for superior speaker drive. In addition, the circuits of the preamp section and the power amp section, including their power units, are completely separated from each other to minimise mutual interference on the signal and ensure that the music you hear is powerful and clear. A hybrid module construction where the shield and heat sink are mounted directly onto a metal plate has been adopted to efficiently discharge heat and provide optimum shielding for high-frequency signals. Analyses of reliable technologies and careful listening have resulted in the ability of the DRA-CX3 to reproduce the full range of musical experience, from delicate nuances to dynamic sound.

Power unit capable of responding to sudden bursts of sound
The DRA-CX3 is equipped with a power circuit capable of efficiently supplying highly stable electrical current. This compact circuit excels at supplying power in an instant, ensuring that there is always an efficient supply to support stable music playback. This power circuit uses a unique control system developed by Denon to ensure there is sufficient current even for instantaneous peaks in the sound. This system thus accurately reproduces such sounds as delicate guitar picks and powerful attacks by percussion instruments. In addition, an original Denon capacitor meticulously designed for high sound quality is used for the electrolytic capacitor in the output stage power circuit to achieve a stable, high-grade supply of power.

To bring out the best in artistic expression . . . Highly precise electronic volume
The DRA-CX3 has a highly-reliable, high-precision volume control that can be adjusted in 0.5dB increments. Volume can be controlled independently for left and right channels, and realises a simple signal path that does not require any complex circuitry. The volume knob is constructed of a combination of natural briar wood and highly-rigid machined aluminium to sufficiently suppress the adverse effects of vibration and influences on sound quality.

Separate power supplies and ground circuits for each stage
To eliminate signal degradation caused by current leakage, the output stage, digital signal processing stage, analog signal processing stage, the control circuit around the microprocessor, the display circuit, and the signal switching relay each have their own power supply and ground circuit. This design ensures that sound quality is not degraded by mutual interference from the power supplies among the circuits or by current flowing into the ground circuits that form the foundation for amplification.

Short Signal Path Circuitry, to suppress signal degradation
The DRA-CX3 features a simple and straight signal path, designed to preserve the purity of the original sound. Since a relay is used for switching input signals, adverse influences caused by resistance when the power is on have been eliminated and the signal path has been shortened as much as possible to prevent signal degradation. A Pure Direct mode is also provided, allowing the signal to bypass the tone circuit and further shorten the signal path for an even cleaner sound.

Thoroughly vibration-resistant construction Parts strictly selected for high sound quality Other features
• MM/MC phono equalizer • Large speaker terminals made of gold-plated, machined brass, newly developed to also accommodate ultra-thick speaker cables • Gold-plated, machined brass input terminals with 18cm pitch (for CD) • Slim system remote controller designed for ease of use and tasteful appearance • Built-in AM/FM tuner • Versatile connection environment for enjoying music from records, an iPod, and various other sources

CD/Super Audio CD Player


The DCD-CX3 CD player embodies the culmination of a host of digital audio technologies

that Denon has contributed to the evolution of CD players.

From mechanisms that thoroughly suppress vibration to the meticulous reading of music information and the ability to

faithfully reproduce the original sound, Denon has significantly raised the standard of maturity for CD players.

To faithfully reproduce music and convey original artistic intentions . . . Newly-developed mechanism to accurately read information from the disc
To achieve the ability to reliably and accurately read information from the disc within a player of slim design, the DCD-CX3 incorporates drive mechanism technology originally developed for Denon's top-end players combined with newly-developed improvements. To improve reading accuracy and realise optimum signal reproduction and playability, the pickup section, vital for reading information from the disc, has been minutely adjusted in the manufacturing process to eliminate misalignments in the optical axis of the laser beam and to ensure a correct angle for the base of the pickup mechanism. The elaborate design that suppresses vibration caused by high-speed disc rotation or vacillations ensures that even eccentric discs can be played without causing vibration. Anti-vibration construction has been introduced in other areas as well. To thoroughly absorb vibrations from the mechanism itself or from external sources, the disc tray has been made of diecast aluminium for improved rigidity and diecast zinc has been used for the mechanism base, allowing the pickup to read information on the disc with even greater accuracy.

To realise clear, natural music playback . . . AL24 Processing, to dramatically enhance the music listening experience
AL24 Processing is a high-grade analog waveform reproduction technology developed by Denon to support lower quantization noise and higher sonic resolution and sampling. This technology dramatically improves the player's ability to reproduce the moments when music quietly fades away or instants when it starts following complete silence.

Highly reliable DAC master clock design
To secure reliable oscillation accuracy, the DCD-CX3 uses a DAC with a solid track record of performance in Denon's high-end CD players as the master clock to supply signals to the various devices. This meticulous design minimises the influences of jitter and realises a clear, high-quality sound with gentle curves in the sonic image.

Separate digital and analog transformers, for stable power supply and improved music playback performance
A dual-transformer configuration has been adopted for the DCD-CX3 to eliminate mutual interference between the digital and analog circuits and achieve greater playback clarity. The digital and analog circuits, including their transformers, are completely independent, and together with a capacitor renowned for superior sound quality performance, the power supply is constantly stable and clear.

Pure Direct mode, for the enjoyment of pure music
The DCD-CX3 includes a Pure Direct mode to lend greater purity to the playback sound. By turning off the pulse signals for the display and digital data, adverse effects on the audio signal are eliminated to produce a purer music playback environment.

High-accuracy D/A converter Vibration-resistant construction Other features
• Plays MP3 and WMA files recorded on CD-R/RW discs • Gold-plated, machined brass input terminals with 18cm pitch (for CD), enabling upgrades in sound quality using high-class audio RCA pin cables • Optical digital outputs to accommodate connection of a digital recording device • Slim system remote controller designed for ease of use and tasteful appearance

Speaker System

To refine sound and design to the ultimate extent . . . Unit frame made of non-magnetic diecast aluminium to keep sound clean
The unit frame has been made of non-magnet diecast aluminium to protect it from the movement of the diaphragm. A damping material has been used between the frame and the cabinet to float mount it, and the screws used to mount the tweeter unit frame (indicated in red in the diagram at the right) are also float mounted, to thoroughly suppress acoustic reflections.

Deep, rich texture and beautiful, natural sound. State-of-the-art audio technology incorporated in traditional speaker engineering and

uncompromising craftsmanship combine to produce a refined speaker system dedicated to an exceptional music listening experience.

To faithfully reproduce high-grade music signals with energy, delicacy and elegance . . . Cabinets made of 30mm MDF board with natural wood sliced veneer and inlaid work
The cabinets of the SC-CX303 have been fully constructed with 30cm thick medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and beautifully finished with a semi-glossy natural wood sliced veneer. The natural wood finish is not only pleasing to the eyes but also has the beautiful acoustic effect of controlling sound waves transmitted to the surface. Also, delicate natural wood inlay has been added to the upper and lower areas of the baffle and in the corners of the sides to enhance rigidity as well as the beauty of the finish and to control the acoustics of the overall cabinet.

Newly-developed 13cm D.D.L. cone woofer units utilising carbon fiber

D.D.L. (DENON Double Layer) cones utilising carbon fiber, renowned for superior rigidity and light

weight, have been used in the woofer diaphragm. The dual-layered diaphragms, configured through

detailed simulation, have been carefully structured to achieve accurate piston motion across a broad

spectrum and prevent edge vibrations from adversely affecting the woofer's sonic characteristics.

Combined with the highly-refined magnetic circuitry, these speakers deliver a sense of musical

presence on a scale of grandeur that seems unimaginable for their compact size.

Born from European sound design and Denon collaboration
The SC-CX303 was jointly developed by skilled European sound engineers and Denon. The high standard of craftsmanship emerged as a result of assiduous analysis, tests, and adjustments that were repeated over and over again with the latest technologies and materials to achieve optimum clarity and depth in sound.

Soft dome tweeters, to realise a lustrous vocal sound

The tweeters feature 2.5cm soft dome diaphragms to reproduce a natural acoustic effect, and highly magnetic, low-distortion neodium

magnets have been used in the magnetic circuitry. In addition, an aluminium diecast chamber has been placed at the rear of the tweeter

unit to improve the tweeter's low-range characteristics and produce more lustrous vocal sounds. Ventilation holes have been added to

Other features
• Rear duct to realise deep, transparent sound • Large speaker terminals made of gold-plated, machined brass, a Denon original • Parts strictly selected for high sound quality Parts used in the network have undergone repeated listening tests. The ones selected under this strict regimen include Denon custom-made capacitors, coils, and internal OFC wiring material. The included speaker cables (3 meters x 2) also use OFC, and higher-grade cables have been used for the biwire shorts, to add greater detail to the sound quality. • Includes anti-slip pad

prevent the dome from swelling when the air inside heats up and to maintain uniform centering of the diaphragm. The ventilation holes also

prevent the voice coil and other sources of heat from subtly affecting the sound.

Crossover network, for uniform sound pressure and phase response

The basic design of the network has been carefully considered not only in the energy and phase characteristics of the unit but in the acoustic reflections of the cabinet and place-

ment conditions as well. There are independent network circuits for the tweeter and the woofer, and direct wiring rather than boards has been used in the configurations. Floating

mounts on the cabinet have been used to minimise vibration and other adverse effects on sound quality.


Audio performance Analog output Channels Playback frequency response S/N Dynamic range Output level Signal type Sampling frequency Digital output Coaxial Optical Super Audio CD

CD 2 channels 2Hz - 20kHz 118dB 100dB 2.0V (10kΩ) 16-bit linear PCM 44.1kHz 2 channels 2Hz - 50kHz (-3dB) 112dB (Audible range) 109dB (Audible range) 2.0V (10kΩ) 1-bit DSD 2.822MHz

Receiver section Rated output

– –

0.5Vp-p/75Ω -15 - -21dBm

75W + 75W (8Ω, DIN, 1kHz, T.H.D. 0.7%) 150W + 150W (4Ω, DIN, 1kHz, T.H.D. 0.7%) High frequency distortion 0.05% (-3dB at rated output, 8Ω, 1kHz) Output terminals Speaker: 4 -16Ω Suited for headphones/ stereo headphones Equalizer amp output (REC OUT terminals) Rated output: 150mV Input sensitivity/ Input impedance PHONO (MM): 2.5mV/47kΩ PHONO (MC): 0.2mV/100Ω CD, LINE1, LINE2, LINE3: 130mV/47kΩ RIAA deviation PHONO(MM): 20Hz - 20kHz±0.5dB Reception frequency range FM: 87.5MHz - 108.0MHz AM: 522kHz - 1611kHz Reception sensitivity FM: 1.5µV/75Ω AM: 20µV FM channel separation 35dB (1kHz) FM S/N ratio Monaural: 74dB / Stereo: 70dB FM harmonic distortion Monaural: 0.3% / Stereo: 0.4% General Power supply Power consumption Maximum external dimensions Weight

Properties S/N ratio

AC 230V, 50Hz 24W Standby: 0.2W or less 300 (W) x 80 (H) x 310 (D) mm 7.0 kg

PHONO (MM): 84dB

(with input terminals short circuited, 5mV input signal)

PHONO (MC): 70dB

(with input terminals short circuited, 0.5mV input signal)

(A-weighted network)


Remote control unit (RC-1059) Batteries R03/AAA type x2 Maximum external dimensions 44 (W) x 233 (H) x 22 (D) mm Weight 165g (including batteries)

(input terminals short circuited)

Tone control

Frequency response

BASS: 100Hz ± 8dB TREBLE: 10kHz ± 8dB 5Hz - 40kHz (+0.5dB, -3dB)

(Input: CD, Pure direct: ON)

General Power outlet Power supply Power consumption

Switched outlet x1, Total capacity 100W (0.43A) AC 230V, 50Hz 105W Standby: 0.5W or less Maximum external dimensions 300 (W) x 80 (H) x 341(D) mm Weight 5.5kg

Remote control unit (RC-1060) Batteries R03/AAA type x2 Maximum external dimensions 44 (W) x 233 (H) x 22 (D) mm Weight 165g (including batteries)




Control Dock for iPod® (Optional)
• Playback with ‘Command and Control’ of your iPod • Recharge your iPod • Black version is available For more details, please visit:

Input impedance Max. input

Crossover frequency Frequency range Sensitivity Maximum external dimensions Weight

2-way 2-speakers Reflex box, Low-leakage-flux 13cm cone bass-mid x1 2.5cm soft dome high range x1 6Ω 100W (IEC) 200W (PEAK) 3kHz 35Hz - 60 kHz 86dB (1W, 1m) 182 (W) x 296 (H) x 293 (D) mm 8.7kg

Denon Brand Company D&M building, 2-1 Nisshin-cho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, 210-8569 Japan

*Design and specifications are the subject to change without notice. *Super Audio CD is a registered trademark of Sony and Philips. *iPod® is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. *"WMA"(Windows Media Audio) is a new audio codec developed by Microsoft® in the United States of America. *“Windows Media™”, “Windows®” are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, Inc.

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