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Derrick Brown

Tabula Rasa, Volume 1

May 2011

Johnny (June 28, 2002)

Why oh why can't Johnny READ? Probably because the brother's name is Khalid Yet the majority of so-called experts agreed On the cultural ideas they would force-feed Why oh why can't Johnny WRITE? 'Cause instead of him creating he just has to recite We offer him a perspective that he finds quite trite Then have the gall to try to label him as "not too bright" Why oh why can't Johnny do MATH? Might it be that he fails to see the relevance of its path He'll tell you that he's tried to get it, but that not yet he hath Its oddities sometimes confuse and ultimately draw his wrath Why oh why can't Johnny LEAD? 'Cause we've instilled in him a false way to succeed Servitude and loving take back seats to greed Destiny and purpose are supplanted by need Why oh why can't Johnny CREATE? Perhaps it's because the boy just can't relate To the stark & cold reality that continues to await Solutions to the problems of our existing state Why oh why can't Johnny THINK? Maybe we've not yet shown him the missing link Between ideas and paper and that pen of ink That leads the horse to water, and also helps him drink Copyright 2002 by Derrick Brown

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