English I C Curriculum Map with Instructional Fo 2011-2012 oci August Vocabular context clues; ry: Reading: t features text

Write Tra aits: writing traits ove erview September S Vocabulary: prefixes suffixes, roots; V s, Reading: main idea & author’s purpose R Write Traits: ideas W Oct tober Voc cabulary: multiple m meanings in context Rea ading: cause & effec text structures & te ct; ext feat tures impact on mean ning; compare & contrast text elements t Wr Traits: organizat rite tion Ess sential Question: Wh do you think? Wh think? hat hy Con ntent/Strategies to T Teach: Fig gurative language Key words for text struc y ctures Loo oking at My Options (cause/effect) Tex to Text Compariso xt on chor Text/Book Cir rcles: Anc Phi ineas Gage. John Fle eischman Gui inea Pig Scientists, b Mel Boring, Leslie by e Den and C. B. Morda ndy an Voc cabulary: Against A Odds , Bad to the All Bon ne Art ticles (AoW): “Ho to Make Homewo Less Work” ow ork “Da arkness at Noon,” Ha arold Krents (p.455) “Th hriving on Half a Bra ain,” By Bill Ritterand Ala Goldberg an ,” “B Brain Injury Said to A Affect Moral Choices, Car (4) rey “ Teens Health: Epilepsy” (4) ort Sho Stories: Vid deo: Poe etry: f “Af the Seizure” from Zane’s Trace, Wolf (4) fter m “Ph hineas’ Fate” Elliott/ /Allen (5) Son “Phineas Gage,” H ng: Hank Green

Essential Q Question: ou? Who are yo Content/S Strategies to Teach: Chunking f Purpose of txt features Text featur turning headings into ?s to guide ress note-taking g exts/Book Circles: Anchor Te Firestorm (summer reading) eading choice book Summer re Independen reading book nt

Work in Progr s k ress
Anchor Texts/Book Circles: k The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins pions, Nancy Farmer The House of Scorp o Vocabulary: Live or Let Die Articles: he “Technology and th Law,” Stephanie Olsen st “Teens and Mobile Phones Over the Pas 5 Years” Short Stories: “The Lottery,” Shirley Jackson “The Most Dangero Game,” Richard ous Connell (p. 13) ahl “Poison,” Roald Da (p. 77) Video: Poetry: r “All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace,” Richard Brautigan Written Pieces: I survived… narrati ive FCAT Practice # 1 Grammar Focus: Common language Grammar “hit list” Book Circles: Anchor Text/B Anthem, Ayn Ra and Childhood’s En Arthur C. Clark nd, The Last Book i the Universe, Rodm Philbrick in man Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card 1984, George O Orwell Vocabulary: I W to Conquer the World; Want e Where You Lea I Will Follow ad, Articles (AoW) ): “Starting High S School” “Getting Along with Your Teachers” ” “Extracurricular Activities” r Short Stories: “There Will Com Soft Rains,” Ray Bradbury me y “Harrison Berge eron,” Kurt Vonnegu (p. 133) ut Excerpt from M Motel of the Mysteries s Video: Poetry: “Invictus,” Will liam Henley (video v version) Writing: essay This I Believe e Grammar: Pronoun cases greement Subject-verb ag

Essential Question n: What does it take to survive? o Content/Strategies to Teach: s Figurative language e personification Elements of a short story Summary vs. respon nse Types of context clu ues Using context clues s Skimming & scanni ing

Essential Question: Why invest in th future? he Content/Strate egies to Teach: Figurative langu uage: simile, metapho or Elements of a n novel structural analysis G.I.S.T. Most Important Word t Chunking Brainstorming – listing, circle map, drawing Elaboration stra ategies

Vocabular Live or Let Die ry: Articles: “Four Peop Vanish Without a Trace in Portable ple Toilet,” Ba Boy Lives at “Back to S School: Toughest Tes of All is 9th st Grade,” Da Webber ave “Should Cell Phones Be Banne in School?” ed

Short Stor ries/Memoir: “True Heig Chicken Soup fo the Teenage ght” or Soul (my a audio recording) Video: “A Fair(y) Use Tale" or on Tea acher Tube “Teacher P Peeves,” Bryan Baquiran Pet B Poetry: “Book Lic Paul Fleischman ce,” “Where I’m From,” Georgia Lyons L Written P Pieces: Classroom narrative m Persuasive essay e Brown Bag Assessment g Collage Pr roject Grammar Focus: r Common language “hit Grammar “ list”

riting: Wr I re emember… narrative (Blueprints) Exp pository Essay Gra ammar: Run n-ons & sentence frag gments Par ragraph structure

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