000_b iro iro na wild life / wild life trivia vol.

8 Processed good Fukahire (shark fin) FUKAHIRE MODOKI (imitation shark fin) In the picture above is imitation shark fin made from gelatin substance. You can buy this product in supermarkets and taste for yourselves the flavor of real shark fin. Since real shark fin is nothing short of something of a dream ingredient, most people can't simply eat real shark fin soup. However, while people are inventing delicious food products, there are cases where people are selling imitation shark fin, which is inferior to the real one, labeled as real shark fin. We, who know of the taste of real shark fin, must fight against these unforgivable frauds. ch 60 002 (1 referring to the original page number) Hahahaha! So, you're Tetsushou Iwashiro-kun. 003 right (2 referring to the original page number) panel 1 b1 Haa, haa... panel 2 b1 I was told by the director to work with the new guy, Iwashiro Tetsushou-kun, but... b2 I never thought I would be saved by that very person... panel 3 b1 Ah, no, really... I just carried you here; b1a it's not like I saved your life or anything... panel 4 b1 I'll have to say that you really did save my life back there. b1a Allow me to express my sincerest gratitude.

. He's a little strange. you say? b2 Yup! panel 2 b1 First.. panel 5 b1 That's an amazing gift! panel 6 b1 Wha? b2 Would you mind if I tested that gift of yours before we go off to work? 004 right (4) panel 1 b1 A.. aren¶t you? I heard from the director.panel 5 b1 Thank you very much.. can you take a look at this tree for me? ... it's nothing. b2 Yeah. A test... panel 2 b1 That reminds me. Iwashiro-kun... but he¶s an unexpectedly nice person.. b2 Ah really. that's about it... panel 3 b1 You¶re gifted with the perfect pitch. right? left (3) panel 1 b1 What the heck..

. b2 Hahaha.. I'm in trouble. but. so there must be something wrong with that tree! b2 Go and look for it!! b3 A-aaah..... b2 It's probably. panel 3 b1 Hmmm.. so that's what I'm supposed to do. that is true. ...... what do you think? panel 4 b1 You ask me that.. left (5) panel 1 b1 Doctor. Well..... now I see.panel 3 b1 This tree. please stop fooling around like an idiot!! b2 Even inu-chan would know that that¶s a tree!! b3 Bark!! panel 2 b1 He said that it¶s a test. right? b2 So. panel 5 b1 Eeeerm.. panel 6 b1 a "tree"..... panel 4 b1 I have to diagnose this tree but I have no tips or explanations to go by.

... Kikiki-sensei! b2 This tree...? 005 right (6) panel 1 b1 Pito sfx: Kon kon (Knock knock) panel 2 sfx: Dododododo (Running around sound) and more kon kon (knock knock) panel 3 b1 One more time.... b2 pito sfx: Kon kon panel 4 b1 I wonder if Tetsushou-sensei is alright. knocking on trees like that« b2 Whine~? panel 5 b1 . b2 Why did Kikiki-sensei ask me about my perfect pitch earlier? panel 7 b1 Could this be...b2 How is an amateur like me supposed to find out what's wrong with this tree«? panel 6 b1 Wait..I got it.

this tree has been here for quite a long time. Treating shrubs and trees is quite different from treating animals or humans..?! panel 3 b1 But if it¶s been treated.left (7) panel 1 b1 I'm not sure if it's from a disease or not. why is the hole still there? b2 Could it be that the disease reoccurred..E.. that hole was discovered. but there is a cavity in this tree! panel 2 b1 It would probably look something like this in cross-section. ... and when I joined R.. the empty space won't disappear.. arrow: empty space panel 4 b1 So? panel 5 b1 That's correct! Good job finding that out! 006 right (8) panel 1 b1 Actually. b1a Afterwards.D.? panel 4 b1 Hahaha. it was treated. panel 2 b1 Really. b1a so even after treatment.

we can enhance the tree¶s growth and slow down the corrosion of the hole. what should be done is to give it mature compost or something similar as fertilizer and turn the soil around the roots to let in some air. but. b1a There's nothing better or more important to a tree than the improvement of the soil they live off. b2 once a hole is formed. The health of the tree is still maintained despite the hole¶s presence. left (9) panel 1 b1 People used to fill it up with cement to fill the hole up. . b2 but it's been proven that it¶s detrimental to the tree.. Is that so!? panel 6 b1 That hole inside this tree is because of the corrosion caused by fungi that entered from outside. sometimes the body¶s natural defenses are enhanced to fight the disease...panel 5 b1 Is. 007 right (10) panel 1 b1 By doing that. rather than having surgery to remove it. b2 It's has a similar principle. b2 Wow« panel 2 b1 Think about it this way... the only people who do it today are money grubbing con-arborists [arborist=tree surgeon/doctor] panel 3 b1 To completely treat the tree. panel 2 b1 So. While treating cancer in humans.. we can't do much about it.

panel 6 b1 Ah. b2 Eh? left (11) panel 1 b1 In the world of arboriculture and forestry. I have to say you have both amazing hearing and pitch. I'm not that great~~~~ .panel 3 b1 Since trees are strong and robust things... panel 3 b1 But we normally use a wooden mallet such as this. just by improving the soil to boost their natural immunity and vitality.. b2 the corrosion by fungi can easily be stopped. panel 4 b1 I heard from the director that you were a man that didn't need a stethoscope to make a diagnosis of an animal but. otherwise it's impossible to hear. panel 4/5 b1 to be able to be able to examine a tree without any tools... but you yourself are also a marvel. panel 4 b1 Really-! b2 Trees are pretty amazing-! panel 5 b1 That may be true. diagnosis by sound is indispensable! panel 2 b1 The foundation of diagnosis is all based on something similar to what you did²lightly tapping the tree and listening for any abnormalities.

I have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of trees! I'll just be a burden to you!! panel 2 b1 Could you please teach me a little more of the basics!? panel 3 b1 Please!! panel 4 b1 What do you think? Everyone. panel 5 b1 ? small print: Everyone? left (13) sfx: Zazazaza (Rustle... rustle) 009 right (14) panel 1 b1 Hahahaha. it's nothing at all. Kikiki-sensei! Even though I am supposed to be working together with you. so you think so too? b2 I also think that he's a good guy! panel 3 b1 Eh? b2 No. .008 right (12) panel 1 b1 Rather than that.

. so even if we leave now.panel 4 b1 Since the location of the job is quite far.. b2 So.. We¶ll leave at night and when we reach the mountains. panel 5 b1 Thank you very much!! b2 Hahaha! It's good you're excited. let's stay here and study for a while. we should sleep immediately so that we can start working by tomorrow morning.. panel 6 b1 I'm going in to get some of the tools I left a long time ago. panel 4 b1 I don't really think of him as a weird person anymore. panel 5 b1 Really? panel 5 . so wait for me here! b2 Roger! left (15) panel 1 b1 Hey. it¶ll be dark by the time we reach there. maybe« panel 3 b1 But you know... b2 Aah. Tetsushou-sensei« b2 Hmm? panel 2 b1 Do you think that he really talks to trees? Since we both saw him speak on his own.

panel 3 b1 There was a study by Cleve Backster that suggested that plants may have feelings.. b2 Don't you agree? small side words: Though I don't know that Back.b1 And besides..? left (17) panel 1 ... panel 4 b1 I just assumed that he would be a really troublesome person before even meeting him. TL note: If you want to know more just Google his name.. could it not? panel 2 b1 That's true.... it applies to me too! I can't talk to them but there are times I know what this dog and my patients are thinkingpanel 6 b1 And even if he can really speak with trees. whoever he is« small print: Cleve Backster is an American scientist best known for his research in "primary perception".... b1a It might not be too far-fetched to a man aspiring to be an arborist... panel 5 b1 I think we may have done a very inexcusable thing... 010 right (16) panel 1 b1 It could just be him expressing his earnest feelings and care he has for trees as an arborist. where a plant attached to a polygraph may show patterns in response to stimuli..

.b1 Sensei! panel 2 b1 I'm still an amateur too but I'll study hard today so... Are you both okay? . panel 6 b1 What in the world is that!? 011 right (18) panel 1 b1 This is called a resistograph. panel 3 b1 And by analyzing the graph¶s waveform we can determine this information. we put the needle through the area where the cavity is. let's do our best to be useful to Kikiki-sensei!! panel 4 b1 Let¶s do it! b2 Bark! panel 5 b1 Sorry to keep you waiting.. sfx: Jiiiiiiiiiiii (Stare) b2 Heeeeeeeh~ panel 2 b1 To use it... b2 Hooooooo~~~ panel 4 b1 Err. it's used to accurately measure the width and depth of the cavity inside the tree....

panel 5 b1 Please don't mind us and continue! b2 Please take care of us!! panel 6 b1 Ooh. they're now giving a lecture in the garden so you can be rest assured! 012 right (20) . I guess« I really like Tetsushou-sensei so. I see? left (19) panel 1 sfx: Rururururu (ring) panel 2 b1 Takamiya here.. panel 5 b1 You left the troublesome work to others and left. How do you like your situation there? panel 6 b1 That's true.. b2 if he dies it would be a problem .. I'm done with my work on this side~ b2 How is it going over there? panel 4 b2 It's always like this with you. wouldn't it? <3 panel 8 b1 Well. panel 3 b1 This is Ryoutou..

panel 2 b1 Such a poor thing you are.. inu-chan is a cute way to refer to the doggy. So in this case.. *** . Tetsushou-kun. etc. not just teachers.panel 1 b1 I see. b2 Try not to die on me (even though it's all my fault)! *** TRANSLATION NOTES! The use of µ-sensei¶ refers to any professional of a field. Doctor Tetsushou. they¶re being referred to as doctors (Doctor Kikiki.. Also..).