New Privacy and Security Technologies

That Redefine The E-Commerce Trust Equation

A Nine Part Series
Tara Chand Esq. CEO & Founder Internet Promise Group LLC, OnlinePrivacyGuard Inc. and The Ultimate Card Inc.

Part I Setting The Stage

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The concept of privacy is present even in the US Constitution. including many credit card companies. The most potent indicator of demand for privacy is those 15 million people out of 34 million in California who have unlisted telephone numbers and pay for that privilege. Personal information and purchasing habits are part of your privacy. and private data you give to them is out of your hands and unprotected. firewalls and passwords are designed to erect barriers between information and those who are not entitled to have access to that information. Security technologies work to secure information from the predators of such information. In the broad sense Privacy means to keep one’s affairs private from your security and privacy in your home is protected from unreasonable search. In published studies. use them interchangeably as if they were equivalent. Under the 4th Amendment. That does not apply to businesses. However. 90% of the people polled expressed concern about their privacy. 2 Join the GOPAN Privacy Revolution Contact Tara Chand at chand@InternetPromise.Part I Setting The Stage New Privacy and Security Technologies That Redefine The E-commerce Trust Equation Privacy Does Not Equal Security Security and privacy are very different concepts. 1-866-goGOPAN . Security technologies such as encryption. a lot of people and a lot of businesses. Privacy means that the information does not have to be shared with or given to anyone else. who in turn has to protect and secure it Having security does not mean you have privacy.

checking account numbers. During surfing no personal sensitive data are provided to anyone. Until now. The Table on the next page provides a rating of current Privacy and Security Technologies. credit card numbers. and physical address do not become database entries. Real Privacy Issue Most people have been led to believe that privacy is a surfing issue. there has not been a privacy technology in the market place. We have extensively worked on Privacy technologies and use existing security technologies wherever needed to support and supplement our Privacy Technologies.Privacy means that during a transaction with a business your personal information such as: name. We have also developed new security technologies where they supplement our privacy technologies. How does one conduct a transaction without an exchange of such basic information whether on the Internet or off-line? The answer lies in GOPAN privacy technologies. only privacy policies and seals have been placed on websites to inform customers how their personal information is being abused. Privacy is a purchase transaction issue because so much personal information is required for completion. cookies can be deleted or easily managed. 1-866-goGOPAN . signature and other information such as e-mail. 3 Join the GOPAN Privacy Revolution Contact Tara Chand at chand@InternetPromise. However. Cookies are a means for creating a reference tag that allows subsequent surfing visits to be tied to previous visits. On the contrary privacy is a purchase transaction issue. Thus your purchasing habits and your personal information do not become a database entry for others to

new privacy laws. Privacy Rating No Privacy. Provides some privacy protection only when surfing. Privacy protection. businesses formed to address this issue. personal data to merchant. and the broad coverage in the media. Vulnerable to hackers and inadvertent release. Only protects URL while surfing. Customer assurance of Third Party integrity to not release or sell data to others.Privacy & Security Technologies Comparison Protection Technique Secure Sockets Layer Password protected Databases & Accounts E-Wallets 1. others. P3P (Platform for Privacy Preference) Cookie Managers Privacy Protection. Still provide personal info to merchants. Relies on integrity of that party.time use Credit Card Number Proxy Server Application Secure server/ PC connection. Centralized data at trusted third party. Depends on integrity of third party. not customer identity when purchasing. Merchants and others get personal information. Internet-centric ecommerce society. The issue of privacy has not only surfaced but has assumed gigantic proportions. Limited Privacy. Individual URL/IP address masking. Net browser can Limited Privacy. Limited Privacy. none when purchasing. Limited Statement subject to company will not abuse or release to abuse. Where we are: an Informed Public We now live and have lived for some years with the wired. and credit card Security. No Privacy. Limits number of accessible sites. This is clearly evident by congressional hearings. Data protection and security. nor misuse. 1-866-goGOPAN . Proposed privacy protection built into Browser. No Privacy. As a result privacy has become an issue of concern for everyone. Still provide on own browser. Merchant gets personal information No Privacy. 4 Join the GOPAN Privacy Revolution Contact Tara Chand at chand@InternetPromise. Trusted Third Parties Site Privacy Policy Posted assurance of website integrity that No Privacy. Credit card fraud/misuse avoidance. Customer convenience. Limited privacy control use of cookies by various websites protection when surfing.

An informed public feels otherwise. are we leaving electronic imprints wherever we go and interface within the wired world? The answer is an unequivocal. In pursuit of that efficiency businesses feel totally justified in demanding. As we move about and carry out our daily activities. yes. and is entitled to ask. there are privacy statements and privacy policies to inform the public how their information is used. privacy policies are a start on the issue of privacy but not enough. Federal Trade Commissioner. The Promise from the Internet Promise Group Internet Promise Group is a technology think tank whose sole purpose is to realize. Businesses have a continuous need to make themselves more efficient. getting and buying the personal data of every consumer. but merely inform the public that the business can decide what to do with that private information. the true promise of the Internet. 5 Join the GOPAN Privacy Revolution Contact Tara Chand at chand@InternetPromise. According to a security and privacy expert with one of the largest international corporations.There is not a business or web site that does not sport or display a privacy policy and/or a privacy seal. 1-866-goGOPAN . To address this concern. every one now asks. said that an increase in privacy policies does not correlate with an increase in privacy. These privacy statements do not offer privacy at Having become more conscious of the privacy issue. in one of her speeches in May 2000. why should I give my personal information to anyone? What is their business and how they are going to use my information? Are my cherished identity and shopping habits up for sale in a public bazaar? The privacy of personal. financial and medical data also has become of paramount concern. without abridging the privacy rights of Internet users. Sheila Anthony.

For on-line privacy our privacy technology is now being made available to the public as the GOPAN Privacy Shopping Service at www. There is absolutely no risk if this card is lost or stolen. in the future. For off-line privacy. with GOPAN technologies personal information does not reside in any database anywhere . as then there is no one that an Internet User need trust with his or her personal data. not even a trusted third party database.The and even have your taxes computed on-line without the risk of having your financial data provided to others in a database. The Internet Promise Group intends to utilize the core technology in ways as yet unheard or unthought of without compromising the privacy of those whose use it. 6 Join the GOPAN Privacy Revolution Contact Tara Chand at chand@InternetPromise. We will. That redefines the trust equation. extend the GOPAN Privacy technology to service transactions such as filling out insurance and loan quote applications.not in a PC owner’s own hard drive. our privacy technologies will be made available as The Ultimate Card at www. merchant computer system.OnlinePrivacyGuard. 1-866-goGOPAN . For example. such as when making purchases in a store. at its core. yet it is identifiably yours.TheUltimateCard. a smart card. is a magnificent This Ultimate Card concept is built on an overlay technology that makes one card the ultimate card that provides: >>>Flexibility: The Ultimate card can be used any place with any merchant >>>Convenience: The Ultimate card can be used in place of any other existing card >>>Privacy: No one need know your purchasing habits >>>Security: The Ultimate card is without a name or number.

com Technology Art Form A new technology. At the same time it does not take away the privacy of the American consumer. A customer with money to spend. These technologies were specifically developed to balance the interests of both sides of the commerce coin. Sensitive Data Storage. 1-866-goGOPAN . to be broadly adopted. The subsequent parts of the series are summarized here: Part II. without abridging an iota of the interests of either.PrivateInformationBank. and medical data. Shredding And Aliasing: New Privacy Technologies A description of the algorithms that are the foundation of the GOPAN privacy assuring that your personal information is not stored anywhere in any database. Part III. a Swiss bank equivalent. and a business with products to sell and services to provide are essential components of a commerce transaction. the sides of the business and the public. Part A: Superiority of Shredding and Aliasing 7 Join the GOPAN Privacy Revolution Contact Tara Chand at chand@InternetPromise. has to be accepted by all those who are affected by it. will be brought to the public as www.For storage of private financial. Part Nine Part Series White Paper On New Privacy and Security Technologies These privacy and security technologies. and their implementation are described in this nine part series. GOPAN System An overview of the GOPAN system and its implementation as a GOPAN Privacy Shopping Service embedding many of the GOPAN privacy and security technologies. The GOPAN technologies do not compromise a business’s ability to be more efficient in providing its goods and services to the American consumer. We call this a technology art form.

Part VIII. How the Banking Industry can benefit by adopting this technology. The Privacy Technology Beyond Ultimate: What is a Wallet This technology addresses the challenge of identity theft by making all kinds of personal sensitive information inaccessible by The only card that you will carry in your wallet and why every bank will distribute TheUltimateCard. for the storage of credit card data. Have Your Cake and Eat it Too: Privacy Without Compromise What are the concepts behind this Technology Art Form. How the Banking Industry can benefit by adopting this technology. private. secure. for the storage of personal information. APIN System: The Technology For The Private Information Bank Privacy of Your Financial Data. is simple. The Ultimate Privacy and Security. using a new concept of a private Unforgettable Access Key Part VII. Swiss Bank Of Private Information. convenient and flexible. 1-866-goGOPAN . 8 Join the GOPAN Privacy Revolution Contact Tara Chand at chand@InternetPromise. the Ultimate Card A new kind of card using overlay technology that does not have your name or a card number. Part VI. The technology that can create a SWISS bank for your private and sensitive information. Yet. Sensitive Data Storage Part B: Superiority of Fragmentation and Dispersal Why this technology is superior to other technologies such as encryption. Part V. Privacy Without Compromise? Part IX.Why this technology is superior to other technologies such as encryption.

These technologies make privacy seeking American consumers private and secure as they move and play in this wired society. 9 Join the GOPAN Privacy Revolution Contact Tara Chand at chand@InternetPromise. These technologies do not complicate our lives by extracting a hefty price in convenience or dollars. A technology that will be the foundation of every transaction in this wired. GOPAN Privacy Shopping Service. These are technologies that are almost akin to having your cake and eating it too. the first implementation of the GOPAN technology that protects your identity and privacy while shopping online is the subject of the next part of this series. 1-866-goGOPAN .The technologies covered in this nine part series were specifically developed for purchase transactions and service transactions whether they occur online or offline. Internet-centric and e-commerce

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