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Murder is a brutal and all people reject it. The killer will be punished by the laws of the State. When a person dies he will move to either heaven or hell. But in near end of time all men go to hell. Until the Messiah was born to include all people into heaven. Period in which no prophet is days of heavenic people and time with no prophet is the time period all people go to Hell. After hundreds of years there are no Prophet after the prophet Muahmmad, until reached the age of the Mahdi. But the situation is different from before because people have achieved high material progress and has strayed from the path of God.

Mahdi came to include men into heaven. Imam mahdi come remove disbelief and brings heaven. At first killing of human beings do is to replace humans in this time that has beeb corrupted innerly and their mind with a new more pure human. The Mahdi will change the world before the birth of new human beings to extend the human offspring in the face of the earth. Various forms of thought and deception has infleuenced human mind and reach deep into their minds and their hearts, make people nowadays astrayed form god path and not calm spiritually. A variety of things and human culture keep them away from truth and clarity of mind. Many people do not believe the hereafter, and they do nothing for the judgement day and live in the world for the world alone. Murder must be do because that's the only way that most quickly and easily to replace corrupted people with new one. But he must bear the hatred and anger of peoples for the sake of work for God. The man who is dead sure to gone to heaven and live there happily and who live in the world must continue to fight for survival in the New Age. But the killings did not stop there.

The second mission of the Mahdi after replacing humans are jazz men in the highest heavens so that the kingdom of heaven is the largest not owned by the previous prophets. After a new breed of billions he would kill them schedulely so the human offspring not extinct. The killing must be done so the world would not too packed with people, and that the food shortage crisis does not happen. The man who died will be replaced by people with a stronger soul and body. This situation continued until 500 years before the Resurrection, and human reproduction will be stopped. Living people thereafter will continue to live up to the Day of Judgement.
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