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Management Information System

CompStat Case Study

Proff.Dr. Rosmah Mat Isa

Mohammad Ali Hedayatfar ZP00824

CompStat (COMPuter statistic or COMParative statistic) is kind of information system; It was first time used in New York Police Department (NYPD). This system is comprehensive, city-wide database that records all reported crimes, complaints, arrests and summonses issued in each of the citys 76 precincts, it was established in 1994 when William Bratton was police commissioner. The mayor of New York believe that police could be more effective in reduce crime if operational decisions took place at the prescient level and if decision makers had better information. In that time prescient commander were in better position that police headquarter to understand the specific needs of the communities and gave them more authority and responsibility, but also more accountability. NYPDs prescient had weekly meeting, each of NYPDs representative and put on the hot seat at police headquarter and required to provide summary of the weeks data as well as crime, significant project or failure project and other police activity. Commanders must explain about all of their activity as well as reduce crime in district under their command or increase of that. Commanders must be accountability to crime decrease in their area of command. CompStat analyzes all of the data and provide the compstat weekly report. The data are summarized by week, month and year for year-to-date to compare with other previous years activity and also issues weekly commanders performance. In this system (CompStat) they have profile for each commander, in this profile have all of information of commanders such as education, specialize training, year in rank, must resent performance and other personal information. GIS is map info Geographic Information System software. After using GIS with Compstat data can be displayed on maps showing crime and arrest location crime hot spots and other information. With the available information from GIS and Compstat, precinct commander and member of

NYPDs executive staff can identify quickly the patterns and trends and also with this information they were able to develop a targeted strategy for fighting crime such as determine the number of patrol to high-crime neighborhood.

During the 27 month tenure of Bratton, serious crime dropped 25%, homicides also 44%. Crime has dropped by 69% in last 12 year. Some of the critics believe that, reduce the number of young, poor men and improve economy are causes of crimes reduce. and they dont believe this reduce of crime is for Compstats data, responsibility and accountability. Result of use Compstat in Los Angles crime dropped for Six consecutive year also the ratio of police officer to residents is only half of the New York and Chicago. The result in Philadelphia, crime has dropped same as Austin, San Francisco, Baltimore and Vancouver British Colombia. Skeptics believe crime has fallen in United State since 1990 in all of the urban area. Rather than change police deportment into nimble crime fighters, the Foundation found that a database had been ate attached to traditional organization, which themselves reminded unchanged. CompStat has created pressure on precinct commanders to manipulate statistics to produce favorable results, they had to improve crime statistic although the budgets were shrinking and number of officers were dwindling. A study in 2009 from police captain and senior officer concluded they nearly a third of respondents were aware of unethical manipulation of crime data. Intense pressure to produce annual crime reduction led some.1 supervisor and precincts commanders to manipulate crime statistic Using this method, precincts could reduce the number of felony theft,.2 considered an index crime and tracked by CompStat. Surveys and

anecdotal evidence also indicated a lack of receptiveness on the art of police in some areas, possibly motivated by a desire to reduce the .number of crime incident reported In the Previous studies of CompStat encountered unwillingness by the nipped to disclose their data reporting methods. A professor performing a study that ultimately pride CompStat s influence in crime in New York City was given full access to NYPD crime data , but the NYPD not corporate whit the commission to combat police corruption CCPC . And independent board that monitor police corporation. The commission sought subpoena power to demand the NYPD turn over its data and data collection procedures to uncover potential wrong doing y the police. Unfortunately the commission was denied access to this data after strong police department opposition.

What management, organizational, and technology factors.1 ?make CompStat effective They have structured their organization to have officers report to a commander and a commander reports to the police headquarters. The commander is responsible for reducing the crime that goes on within the district they oversee. This is an effective way to make sure that they are doing their job because they are held accountable if the crime goes up and they want to reduce the crime. The commander is responsible for deploying their officers to the appropriate areas within their district based on the crime map provided by CompStat. CompStat assists the commander to properly manage their officers effectively and efficiently so that as a team they can reduce crime. These combined efforts make CompStat an effective tool that police departments can use to fulfill their goal.

Commissioner as manager can make best decision with the CompStats data for reduce the crime they should try to manage the system for make good result same as benefit for another system(e.g. manufacture).thy have to know about what happen in the area under their command and what should we do for their aim that was reduce the crime. For the technology, NYPD used network system data for collect the data and analyze them, and this network, worked with starter software, analyzer software and some software for another due for gave the report result and it was not easy in beginning also they require to use the some hardware for that. In this case they should use a lot of computer, operator for put the data in that system and so on.

Can police departments effectively combat crime without the.2 .CompStat system? Explain your answer I think they cannot do this easily. It will be too difficult for them to collect, analyze and present for weekly meeting and make decision for them. CompStat collects, analyze and tracks number of crime complaints, arrests, crime patterns and police activities also CompStat able to help them to make best decision, improved efficiency results and know about the crime neighborhood and also this kind of systematic information and technology help to improve higher levels of efficiency and productivity, and productivity is decrease the number of crime. This provides valuable information that would be difficult to capture from paper and do manually for the each police officer. Whit that data CompStat can determine what area within a district has an increased amount of activity after that the police department can view this on the map and send more officers to patrol this area. The system analyses the data and produces weekly CompStat reports on crime complaints and arrest activity at the precincts patrol borough and city wide level and increase their performance. Police officers are sent to the proper

areas rather than sending officers to an area that has very little crime activity.

Why would officers misreport certain data to CompStat? What.3 should be done about the misreporting of data? How can it be ?detected As mention in the case because of the emphasize placed on reducing crime and because of the newfound importance of crime of crime statistic to officers careers, CompStat has created pressure on some presents commanders to manipulate Crime statistic to produce favorable results. Officer must continue to improve their crime statistic, despite shrinking budgets and dwindling number of officers. They should put real data in that system but the problem was that, with the real data they couldnt show the .reduce graph for crime The reality of reduce the crime was different as what they show, the crime had reduced but not but not as much as it was shown in CompStat results, because the study conducted in 2009 via questioner given to 1200 retired police captain and more senior officer concluded they nearly a third of respondents were aware of unethical manipulation of crime data. For example officer were known to check catalogs, eBay and other sites for items similar similar to those reported stolen looking for lower price they could use to reduce their value of the stolen goods for record keeping purpose. Grand larceny, e felony is considered to be theft of goods value at $1,000 or more, whereas theft of good valued at less than $1,000 is only a a misdemeanor. Using this method, precincts could reduce the number of felony theft, considered an index crime and tracked by CompStat.

Surveys and anecdotal evidence also indicated a lack of receptiveness on the art of police in some areas, possibly motivated by a desire to reduce the number of crime incident reported. The other hand, versions of CompStat have been adopted by hundreds of other police departments across the United Stats , and the CompStat approach has been created whit improving police work in any cities. In New York City itself much of the public believes that crime is down and that the city becomes safer and more pleasant place.