Open source software is defined by its attached license which abandons essential rights granted to the original creator by copyright law. This procedure gives anyone the opportunity to redistribute and modify any received open source software. Most operating systems, drivers and utility programs are written by commercial organizations that distribute executable versions of their software versions that can’t be studied or altered. Open source requires the distribution of original source materials that can be studied, altered and built upon, with the results once again freely distributed.

The Open Source Definition is a bill of rights for the computer user. Its defines certain rights that a software license must grant you to be certified as Open Source. Those who don’t make their programs Open Source are finding it difficult to compete with those who do, as users gain a new appreciation of rights they always should have had. Programs like the Linux operating system and Netscape’s web browser have become extremely popular, displacing other software with more restrictive licenses. Companies that use Open Source software have the advantage of its very rapid development, often by several collaborating companies, and much of it contributed by individuals who simply need an improvement to serve their own needs.

2.2: Example of open source OS 2.2.1: LINUX
Linux commonly pronounced IPA in English. Linux is a Unix-like computer operating system. Linux is a one of the typically all underlying source code can be freely modified, used and redistributed by anyone. The name ‘Linux’ comes from Linux kernel, originally written in 1991 by Linus Torvalds. The system’s utilities and libraries usually come from the GNU operating system, announced in 1983 by Richard Stallman. The GNU contribution is the basis for the alternative name GNU/Linux.

2.2.2: DARWIN

3. 2 .Darwin is an open source UNIX Computer operating system released by Apple inc. FreeBSD and Solaris. Information worker software. Media development software and product engineering software. Writer can be used across a variety of platform. Writer is a word processor similar to Microsoft Word and Corel’s WordPerfect. 3. Linux. Application software can be mainly classified under few categories. after Internet Explorer. As with the entire Open Office suite. Enterprise infrastructure software. It is composed of code develop by Apple along with code derived from NEXTSTEP as well as from FreeBSD and other free software projects. Released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.1: Meaning of open source application software Application software is designed to handle specific type of information and achieve useful results. Microsoft Windows.2: OPENOFFICE WRITER Open Office Writer is a word processor component of the OpenOffice. making it the second-most popular browser in current use worldwide. in 2000.0: THE LATEST OPEN SOURCE APPLICATION SOFTWARE 3. Media and entertainment software.org software package.2. answer problems and suit a user’s particular needs.73% of the recorded usage share of web browsers as of August 2008. The categories is enterprise software. 3.2.2: Example of open source application software 3. managed by the Mozilla Corporation. Firefox had 19.1: MOZILLA FIREFOX Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite. Educational software. including Mac OS X. Writer is free software. with some of their features.

1.1: Hardware 4. and other future applications on single MPC platform. The objectives of the MPC Flagship Application are:  To provide the government and payment application. and  To enhance security and convenience of existing and new application delivered on the MPC platform MyKad was developed by the National Registration Department (JPN) and private ICT developers that create a common platform for smart card solutions. It has been a controversial application.1: Multipurpose Card The National Multipurpose Card seeks to develop a single and common platform for a Multipurpose Card (MPC) that will enable government and private application providers to implement smart card solutions without duplication of effort and investment.0: THE LATEST DEVELOPMENT IN ICT 4. the MPC is implemented through the GMPC and PMPC projects. As a result. The card is embedded with a security enhance 64K microprocessor chip that is multifunctional across varying systems. Initially. MyKad and Bankcard are the products developer for the GMPC and PMPC initiatives.  To provide enhance services to customers.4. given civil society concern about privacy and the lack of protection of private data under Malaysian law. MyKad applications are:  National ID  Driving license  Passport information  Health information  Touch ‘n Go  MEPS cash 3 .

a trend being brought about by a convergence and particularly.1: Meaning of pervasive computing Pervasive computing is trend towards increasingly ubiquitous (another name for the movement is ubiquitous computing).1: BLUETOOTH Bluetooth is a wireless protocol utilizing short-range communication technology facilitating data transmission avers distance from fixed and/or mobile devices.2: Example of pervasive computing 5. Functioning as part of your team. based on technology peer-to-peer. creating wireless personal area network (PANs). software offers you unique profits in scheduling appointment. With its automatic.0: PERVASIVE COMPUTING 5. connected computing devices in the environment. synchronization server less. ATM  Public key infrastructure 4. 4 .2. you want not give a second through to how you keep your appointments up-to-date. 5.2: Software Pimero Pro 2007 R6 is a convenient selection calendar and manager task list – the perfect program for little teams and individuals. Bluetooth uses a radio technology called frequency hopping spread spectrum. worker with many computers or bring together many people into a team. Each PC which runs automatically Pimero synchronisms with all other PCs in the network. the software Pimero is a suitable appointment calendar and manager for contact list – the ideal companion for tiny groups and individuals. 5. The intent behind the development of Bluetooth was the creation of a single digital wireless protocol capable of connecting multiple devices and overcoming problems arising from synchronization of these devices. If you are on the road regularly.

2: WIRELESS Wireless is a term used to describe telecommunications in which electromagnetic waves (rather than some from of wire) carry the signal over part or the entire communication path. Like the other developing country.2. programming and application software.0: CONCLUSION Software that is not part of an operating system is application software. Malaysia gets the opportunity to be one of the countries that received the latest development of ICT. Communication and Technologies (ICT) and technologies in every developing country has bring the world through the development in ICT. ICT not only can give the information to human’s beings but also gives many benefits for us today and also for future generations. 5 . Software is divided into three categories which are operating system. Most modern software is written in Visual BASIC. employ acoustic waves at frequencies above the range of human hearing. Some monitoring devices. 6. It can be portrayed as computer programs that are used to accomplish specific tasks not related to the computer itself where they can be installed on your machine using disks or CDs. Delphi or database languages. these are also sometimes classified as wireless. The development in Information.5. Software can be acquired in two ways which the custom software and public software. such as intrusion alarms.

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