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orice ‘Schuytkill Township Board of Supervisors will consider adopting an Ordinance Imposing Restrictions as to the Weight of Vehicles Operated upon th entire length of Sanderson Street (T~ 506) between the Intersection with State Route 1013 (Catawissa Steet) and ending atthe Interseetion with Water Street (1-528) at 13 Tons. The Ordinance will be considered atthe regular monthly meeting to he held Monday, March 6, 2023 at 7.00 pum. at the Schuylkill Township Municipal Building, 75 Walnut Street, Mary D, Pennsylvania 17952 The proposed Ordinance provides for definitions and interpretations for a beter understanding; sets forth the ttle; establishes the findings of the Board in considering adoption; establishes the \weight limit for Sunderson Steet (T-506): mandates permitting, bonding and execution of an Excessive Maintenance Agreement; provides for erection of signs, enforcement, penalty for violation, severability,repealer, and effective date copy of the full text of the proposed Ordinane may be examined by any citizen in the Offic of the Secretary forthe Township during normal business hours. A fll text ofthe Ordinance will also be on file and it may be reviewed at the Business Office for the Times News. A copy ‘of the proposed Ordinance will also be posted on the Township's website ‘Slusser Law Firm, Solicitors SCHUYLKILL TOWNSHIP SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA ORDINANCE NO. 2023. AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF SCHUYLKILL, COUNTY OF SCHUYLKILL, COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA IMPOSING. RESTRICTIONS AS TO THE WEIGHT OF VEHICLES OPERATED UPON THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF SANDERSON STREET (1-506) BETWEEN THE, INTERSECTION WITH STATE ROUTE 1013 CATAWISSA STREET) AND ENDING AT THE INTERSECTION WITH WATER STREET (1-528) AT 13 TONS; PROVIDING. FOR THE ISSUANCE OF PERMITS AND THE POSTING OF SECURITY FOR THE, MOVEMENT OF VEHICLES OF A WEIGHT IN EXCESS OF RESTRICTIONS; AND_ PRESCRIBING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATIONS. WHEREAS, the Boat of Supervisors have determined that certain Township Roads say be seriously damaged or destroyed unless vehicle of excessive we’ ght are prohibited including the Township Road known 4s Sanderson Street and numerically desighated as T-506 and WHEREAS, The Peansylvania Motor Vehicle Code, 75 Pa. C'S.A Section 4902(a) provides that loca authorities may prodibit te operation of vehicles and may impose reseetions 4 10 the weight or size of vehicles operating upon Township Roads; and WHEREAS, the Township engineers, Aired Benesch & Company, have conducted and completed a Roud Posting Engineering Study for Sanderson Street, which was evaluated over its entire length starting a the intersection with State Route 1013 known as Catawisst Stret and ending a the jntersetion with Water Siret (1-528); Said study being dated for July of 2029 and designated as project number 31308.02 (Task 3) and WHEREAS, the Road Posting Engincering Study was approved at the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Supervisors which convened on Fuly 11, 2022 and the conclusions ‘within said study provide forthe imposition of weight restriction onthe said Sanderson Steet al 15 tons; and WHEREAS. the Bount of Supervisors of Schuylkill Township have determined thet imposition of weight restriction on Sanderson Street is and will be in the best interest ofthe Township and its tax paying residents: and WHEREAS, the Township has complied with all applicable prerequisites andlor requirements including the applicable engineering und traffic study as recognized hy law with regard to the weight restrictions and tho instillation of tac devises; and WHEREAS. the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, 75 Pa, C.S.A. Section 4902(a) ‘rovides that school buses, emergency vehicles and vehicles making lacal deliveries or pick-ups :may be exempted from imposed weight restrictions; and Page 1 of 6 WHEREAS, the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, 75 Pa. CS.A, Section 49022) provides for penalties for any person operating a vehicle in violation of restriction impose. NOW THEREFORE, BE [T ORDAINED AND ENACTED by the Board of Supervisors ofthe Township of Schuylkill, County of Sehuylkill and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania a follows: PCTION 1. Whereas Clauses, ‘The foregoing Whereas clases are incorporated herein as ifthe same were fly set forth again st length, le, “The title ofthis Ordinance shall be the “Schuylkill Township Sanderson Stret (T-506) Weight Limit Ordinance” SECTION 3. Enactment. This Onfinance is enacted pursuant tothe authority conferred by the “Vehicle Code", Act of 1976, June 17, 1962, No. 81, Section I, effective July 1, 1977 (75, Pa, C.S.A. § 101 et se), as amended and is intended to include and be subject lo all provisions of Section 4902 of the “Vehicle Code". 75 Pa, C.S.A, $4902 and all Pennsylvania Department of Transportation regulations promulgated wader the "Vehiele Code”, by way of illusteaion an not limitation, under Sections 4902(1) and 6103 ofthe Motor Vehicle Code (75 Pa, CS.A, $4502 and 6103), SECTION 4. Definitions. Definitions set forth in Section 192 of the Pennsylvania ‘Motor Vehicle Cove 75 Ps, CS.A §102 and the PennDOT reputations found at 67 Pa, Code 1089 J ot seq. as amended fiom tint to time shall apply i interpreting the provisions of this Ordinance. Other definitions include the following: Emergency Vehicle» a fire department vehicle, poli vehicle, ambulanee, blood delivery vehicle, Armed Forces emergency vehicle, one private vehicle ofa fire ot police chief oF unbulance corps commander oF assistant commander, or other vehicle designated by the Pennsylvania State Police under § 6106 ofthe “Vehicle Code” (eating to designation of emergency vehieles by Pennsylvania State Police) Excess Maintenance ~ Maintenance or restoration or both of posted highway in excess ‘of notmial maintenance, caused by use of over-pasted-weight vehicles, Local Tratfc- emergency vehicles, schoo! buses, vehicles of govemmental agencies and lites where their contractors are engaged in maintenance or construction on a posted highway ‘rat a location which can only be reached by the posted highway; and vehicles going 10 oF coming from a residence, commercial establishment or farm located on a posted highway. This definition shall incomporate definitions set forth in PennDOT regulations as amended from ime tortime. Moror Vehicle any vehicle or combination as defined and/or governed by the “Vehicle Code." 75 Pa. CS.A, $101 seq, as amended. Page 2 0f6 Over-posted-weight vehile- A vehicle oF combination having 8 gross weight in excess of the posted weight limit, Person any individual, parinership, corporation, association, insitation, cooperative enteeprse, governmental entity or agency or any other legal entity which is recognized by law. In ‘any provision ofthis Onfinance preseribing a fine or penalty, the person shall include the riemibers, Officers andr Directors of any corporation or other legal entity having members, Offers andor Directors. PennDOT. Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and successors, Posted highway- & highvsay having a posted weight limit Poste weight limit. A restsieted weight limit posted on a highway under authority of 75 Pa, CS, Section 4902, Road Posting Engineering Soa being the Rod Posting Engineering Study prepared and authored by David Loyd Horst registered professional engineer ofthe Allred Benesch & Company Group and designated as Project No. 31308.03 (Task 3) and dated July 2022 Schoo! Bus- A rvotor veh exclusive ofthe designated for carrying more than ten (10) passengers, and used forthe transportation of school children Township. ‘The Township of Semiglkll, County of Schuyikill, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, SECTION 5. Findings of the Board of Supervisors, The Board of Supervisors have determined and hereby determine bused upon weight and size restrictions and based on highway ‘conditions and studies that Sanderson Sircet shall be damaged or destayed unless the permissible weight of motor vehicles is restricted to the weight limits imposed hercin, SECTION 6, Weight Limit for Sanderson Strect (1-506 AA. Based on the results ofthe Road Posting Engineering Study, the weight limit applied to Sanderson Steet (T-506) shall be 13 tons 1B, Pursuant tothe findings of the Road Posting Engincering Study set forth above and by authority of Section 4902 of the Motor Vehicle Code and regulations promulgated thereunder, no motor vehicle or combination shall be operated upon Sanderson Stret with poss weight in excess of 13 tons as established, CC. Exemptions. The following vebicles shall be exempted from the weight restietions imposed by this Ordinance: emergency vehicles, school buses, and local trafic as defined in the applicable PeanDOT regulations and in this Ordinance. If the Township determines that local tratfi being driven to or fom a particular destination is likely to damage Sanderson Street, then upon notice required hy law vehicles considered local trate with, Page 3 0F6 gross weight in excess athe

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