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Anima Ferrea the Iron Soul

Art meets Spectator

Metallwerkstatt im Kunsthaus Tacheles 20082011

Metallwerkstatt in the Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin Mitte, has beenpresentingtheartproject AnimaFerreatheIronSoul sinceFebruary2008.AnimaFerreawasinitiatedbythesculptor

Hseyin Arda as a joint project and exhibition of a number of

international artists connected to the Metallwerkstatt. The art collective Anima Ferrea profiles itself as a center for creative endeavors, with the artists generating a broad repertoire of artisticproductionssuchasmetalandwoodsculptures,paintings, drawings,photographyandvideofilms. Due to the unusually diverse and mutual inspiration among the artists, the constant exchange with the visitors as art is developing, and the highly inspiring free space of the partly openair workshop, the art produced at Anima Ferrea is so uniquelypowerful. The project is further encouraging a deeper understanding andajoyfulapproachtoart.Asaresult,theexhibitionispresently drawing500,000visitorsperyear,fromGermanyandabroad.

Acontemporaryartistcollectivebringingtogethercreativeartists fromallovertheworld,AnimaFerreaaimsat Perpetuating the original objectives and the spirit of the KunsthausTacheles. Following, reproducingandcreatingthe Zeitgeist of the Kunsthaus Tacheles, the artists of Anima

theartistgrouparededicatedtobeingtheforemostsuccessor oftheidealsoftheKunsthausTacheles. Contributing to urban art. The project Anima Ferrea intendstotranscendboundariesinordertocreateadialogue betweentheartistandtheviewer,thecityanditsinhabitants in an environment that is responsive and accessible to the public,theurbanmasses.

By visiting the project Anima Ferrea, the public has an extendedopportunitytoseeseveralspecialexhibitionsandthedaily series of screenings. In addition, visitors are invited to enjoy the performancesandaudiovisualproductions.

Inthissectionoftheexhibition,metalsculptureswhicharepart of the retrospective are on display. Metal works and designs from the period of 1992 until today are shown. The retrospective presentspreviousprojectslikeWrterfrBerlin,Traces,Kubus of Life. Documentations about such earlier projects is available at the entrance desk. For detailed information, see;

Fourstageshavebeenestablishedtobringtogethertheart, the artist and the spectator. As such, the process of artistic creation is made transparent for the numerous visitors and tourists. The mission of this workinprogressexhibition goes beyond the tradition of art in public space. It does not only create a dialogue between the art and the contemplator, but works in a magical effect triangle between artist, art and viewer. Metal sculptors and painters give individual as well as teamperformancesonthestages.Inall,aspecialinteractiveart experience is awaiting visitors at the Open Studio Metallwerkstatt.


AtthevenueofMetallwerkstatt,visitorscanalsorelaxamong artistsandenjoythespecialatmosphereofthecafeteria,called Kantina Zaza, having a tea or a beer. Occasionally, short lectures, readings, musical or dance performances are presentedatthecafeteria.EspeciallyonFridaysandSaturdays, musicians or bands are playing everything enjoyable ranging fromjazztosoul,fromworldmusictocountry.

The project Anima Ferrea also provides exhibitions of audiovisual productions. Visitors of the Orange Container can watch short films, documentaries, and other screenings daily. The schedule and the program are updated and announced every week. Applications of young filmmakers for the screenings in the Orange Container are welcome.


Metal sculptor mdat Uar was born in anlurfa, Turkey, in 1980. He has been working in Metallwerkstatt in Kunsthaus Tacheles since 1998. His mythical creatures are significant componentsoftheprojectAnimaFerrea.

Halil Aydn ATAMAN


HalilAydnAtamanwasborninAnkara,Turkey,in1958.He isagraduatefromSociology,ReligiousandPoliticalScience. Since1994,Atamanhasbeenprofessionallypainting.From 2004 on, he has been working in Metallwerkstatt in Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin. Ataman has been involved to numerousartexhibitions.

Hseyin ARDA

SculptorHseyinArdawasborninEskiehir,Turkey,in1969. He was one of the founding artists involved in the Artists InitiativeTacheles.Since1992,Ardahasbeensculptingwith metal, developed several urban art projects, and curated a numberofinternationalartexhibitions.Ardaistheinitiator oftheprojectAnimaFerrea.

Emilie Gotmann is a French artist, graduated from Ecole Boulle, Paris furniture design and metal crafts. She participated in Luis Pasinasperformancesvanities9&10.AfterworkinginParisforthe furniture designer Herv van der Straeten and exhibiting her paintingsintheatredeverre,Paris,sheleftforBerlinandworkedon hersteelsculpturesinMetallwerkstattTachelesintheprojectAnima Ferreasince2009.Sheisusingsteeltoreinventorigamiandmasks.


The painter Graziano Distefano was born in Lentini, Italy. He studiedatAcademyofFineArtsinCatania,Sicily.Distefanohas workedasanassistantofpaintingandfrescointheuniversity for a year. Since 2010, he creates his art works at Metallwerkstatt in Kunsthaus Tacheles, in the project Anima Ferrea.

Tre Zeybek was born in zmir, Turkey, in 1986. She studiedPlasticArtsandPhilosophyinMaltepeUniversity, stanbul.ZeybekiscurrentlystudyingSpaceStrategiesin KunsthochschuleBerlin.Since2010,shehasbeenpainting andsculptinginMetallwerkstattinKunsthausTacheles.

Angelo Loconte was born in Canosa di Puglia, Italy, in 1962. Loconte mentions himself as a craftsman working withhismindandhands.Since2010,hehasbeenworking andcreatinginMetallwerkstattinKunsthausTacheles.

LucaCiavarellawasborninAvigliana,Italy,in1980.Heisa graduateofUniversityofBologna.Artisthasbeencreating inMetallwerkstattinKunsthausTachelessince2008.