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Strategic Human Resource Management STUDENT NAME

Kashif Shahzad Sulehria



Human Resource Planning

The main object of human resource management (HRM) plan is to an accurate and how many employees required to meets the organisations objects. It also indicate of the lead time is to availability, selection and training of manpower. The human resource management always concerned that how to manage their people. Because people are different from other resources they have own thought and feelings, needs, demand and aspiration. The HRM takes them into account: y y Needs of Organisation Needs of their people

HRM always finding the needs and aspirations of their people through creating the opportunity and appraisal process with the HRM Plan. As a case study of CTL Software human resource management have no such a plan which meet the needs and demand of the company. HRM of CTL have no idea how many numbers of employees should be need. What is the job description. If they are new, then how to train them. If they are in trouble and feeling the problem working with the organisation and how to solve their problems. All these things need to make a plane and work on the way of plan.


Human Resource Requirements.

The HRM of CTL needs its own and can meet the requirements of the company development of its plan. Its need to develop is Recruiting Plan about their new e mployees. How many employees they need. Types of skills and ability should be. How long company keep employee with them. In new era human resource planning helps the company performance to get its objective and goals in future. If company have poor HRM pla nning then company could get loss through high labour cast and its financial crises.


Human Resource plan for CTL Software

First of all HRM needs the people to achieve the goals and objectives of organisation. HRM need to calculate the time to require completing the task. HRM needs to associate the personal cost including training and development.

After having job analysis, SHRM can include the job description and pecification for technical engineers by the coordination with line mangers of CTL.

A process for job

Job Title


Required Qualification Job Summary Experience Job Responsibilities Training Job Location Work Procedures Work Condition Working Hour
Human resource plan consist the following requirements. y y y y y y y y y Analyse the organisational plan and its objects Forecasting the manpower Short term and long-term demand New Inventory of manpower Training of New Staff Work assignment. Departments Collaboration Employment developing plan Human resource developing plan

Physical Standard Communication Abilities Decision Making Human Behaviour

The CTL Software the employees are most important resource. It is clear that the employees playing challenging roll. The CTL Software need to be able attracts and retains employees with high skills. The purpose of human resource is to provide sound framework. Based with the core principles to facilitate its requirement. There are no of stages for requiting and selecting for a post. In addition the employees training and department of organisation offers training courses to equip new employee following these steps

Core Principles
The CTL Software will seek to attract the best candidate for merit based job. HRM of CTL will ensure that the recruitment of and selection of employee to be conduct in a professional. HRM will provide training to any new employees. Recruitment and selection is a key market relation exercise should enhance the reputation of CTL Software.

Recruitment Process
The recruitment means to find a suitable person for available job which meets the organisation demand.

Price (2004) argues that the recruitment process concern finding suitable people for available jobs and it is important that the process should fit the organizations strategies and values, in order to be effective.

1. Internal and External Recruitment

Fulfilling the position either internally or externally is planning or r ecruiting of an employee. Many organisation use both internal and external recruitments, they often old staff if one of them is suitable for that job. For external they look for new experience and knowledge.

2. Different Recruitment Method

A verity of recruiting methods is available nowadays.

Advertising may be through local news papers, leave letting, magazine, or other print media can be used for the recruitment of new job

Employment Agency
Many HRM of organisation takes the help from employment agency for saving its time. People usually registered themselves with the employment agencies. The agencies have already record and they can sort out the person which can be meet the organisation demand.

Internet Recruitment

This method has become very common past few years. This method is very cheap. People search the jobs internet and submitted their resume direct the HRM website portal of the HRM.

Selection Process
After the recruiting the selection of right person is very difficult task for HRM. It always depends on the type of recruiting. Types of Selection Process.

Biographical Data
Biographical data means age, education, experience, feeling attitude, hobbies, opinion etc..

Employment Test
Employment test is designed for purpose and importance of the job. It can be after the selection like promoting and transfer.

HRM always planned to get intelligent highly skilled people. Sometime candidate need to motivate to perform a job.

Time Scale Time scale of job should be clear. The timing of job house must be clear there will be no confusion between the policy of HRM and the employees. If employees doesnt happy about its time scale he cannot work properly. I employees worked after its job hour he should be given overtime properly .

2.4 Critically evaluate how a human resource Plan can contribute to meet organisations objectives
This has been of HRP - CTL be successful if it is a witness to a process of continuous improvement and change from time to time in the market and global changes. This would help in identifying suitable candidates for CTL to reduce erosion and the proportion of staff leaving in the early stage. The organization benefit from a management point of view of view because of lower wear costs, increase efficiency through the staff is satisfied with the environment. HR Plan provides the right path to run the business improve the efficient. To getting the useful result and performance of CTL software inventive institution strategies for the improvement of the business. CTL software should concentrate on the customers of the company, Business development

programme in all department of the organisations should be clear and elastic about the products and services. The cooperative and effective organizational structure initiates the CTL software and the market supply and demand. The Human Resource plan presented how to develop human resources to achieve their Strategic human Resources needs in the CTL software.

3.1 Human Resource Policy to Adopt an Organisation

HR Management policies are a system which creates the organisational culture in the organisation. It creates the boundaries and work environment in which people worked to achieve the objectives the goals of organisation. CTL should have its own policy to attract and motivate its employee to keep y Performance of management/Improvement policy y Disciplining Policy y Work time and training Policy y Pay scale/reward policy

Performance of management policy Performance management policy can focussed the performance of an organisation. This policy ensures that employees know about their job, responsibilities and expectation from them. Performance management includes individual employees performance, like given task, meeti ngs, record of performance, feedback, etc..

Disciplining Policy Employee discipline policy means to maintain environment of organisation . This policy applies to all employees in an organisation. Organisation normally applies following disciplinary process: Verbal Caution Verbal Warning Writing warning Suspension

Decision Making Leave Termination

Training Policy Organisation recognises their employees as a most important resource. The training policy trained and development of its entire workforce to getting necessary skills to reach their full positional. Individual training can be identified: Annual performance appraisal Employees request Training needs to improve skills

Pay Scales/Reward Policy

Planning needs to clear and rational process for reviewing of employees pay scale, overtime, bonus, employees old age benefits, and reward policy.


Regulatory Requirements
Regulatory policy means code of conduct a frame work which imposed by company and some by government. Every organisation and every country have their or policies. HRM of CTL should have to adopt regulatory measure rules and control on employees. Legislation and regulation policy This policy contains all type of rule and regulation which include the protection of the record of the company, company secrets. By taking in to account of above policies there are some Acts which can be applied to the CTL and which are mentioned below. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Data protection Act 1998 Employment Act 2008 Employment relations Act 2004 Work and families Act 2006 Employment rights Act 1996 Sex Discrimination Act 1995/1997

7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Race Relations Act 1992 and 2005 European working Act 2000 Equal pay Act 1970 Disability discrimination Act 1995 and 2005 European working time Directive National Minimum Wage Act 1998

Dismissal Policy
Every HRM of organisation adopt different type of dismissal policy on the violence, smoking, alcohol, poor performance, bad attitude. This policy helps the build the ethic and good environment in an organisation

It stated the need for any organization to HRP results, growth and competition. Human resource policies to ensure that the benefits to workers and observes the proper care and business goals.

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