Creak of the Door 5th October – 12th October 2011 Bodrum, Turkey

In our project which called “ Creak of the Door”, 32 young people from 6 different countries will gather and find working atmosphere together. In the extent of our Project that will take place in Bodrum, the concepts and topics like “European Union” , “European Citizenship” and “European Consciousness” will be probed; games, outdoor activities and arguments will be held. Having all the participants from European Union countries will help youngs to comprehend and assimilate “European Consciousness” which is the main purpose of our Project. Also, in our project, there will be pantomime – silent movie shows whose scripts will be decided by youngs during workplace. Those pantomime – silent movie shows will be converted to short films, will be copied and loaded on social Networks. This will enable our Project reach wider crowds and will help people to compehend “European Conciousness” phenomenon by a different method as well. During 7 days, the participants will have the opportunity to get in touch with other NGOs, learn about Youth in Action programme, work on the communities’ needs and find solutions for future possible projects, work on non-formal and intercultural learning, and learn how to write and manage a project. The proposed methods to be used during this project are the round tables, debates, group’s dynamics games, theoretical seminars, team work and cultural events.

Province Directorate of Youth and Sports Mugla that directs young people and children to sports is a public body that aims to bring up social and healthy individuals by doing works related to endearing and teaching of sports branches. Local, national and international activities, projects, sporty organizations contribute to the individual, physical and social evolution of young people that will take part in tournaments. It guides to the youth with its experienced management staffs and young personal and support their youth. It serves to youth and sport in 12 months of year with its dance courses and multiple sport branches such as athleticism, badminton, volleyball, basketball, football, handball, karate, taekwondo, gymnastics, tennis, table tennis, hockey, boxing, archery, paralympic sports. It fulfills youth works apart from sporty branches in the structure of Mugla Youth Center Mugla Youth Centre, provides youth with a lot of opportunities to spend their free time. Young people between the ages of 7 - 24 can take part in social, cultural and sporting activities as well as developing new ideas and putting them into practice. They can benefit from the centre’s facilities free of charge; including projects, trainings, campaigns and

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seminars. Our goal is to contribute to youth’s development and to create a suitable environment for them to become more active and prolific individuals. With this goal we offer courses on musical instruments, intonation, and folk-dance as well as photography, cinema, theatre, painting, bicycling and hand-crafts. The centre carries on with local, national and international projects with the aim of intercultural awareness for the youth; making it possible for them to interact with other cultures and to build creative dialogue.

- there is no participation fee - accommodation, local transportation and other activity costs are covered by the hosting - organization only during the project’s dates (5th October – 12th October) - if participants wish to come earlier or leave later they will have to take into consideration finding an accommodation on their own - there will be reimbursed 70% of the total travel costs, and 100% of the visa costs (where needed) - in order to receive the reimbursement, the original tickets, boarding passes, bills, invoices, etc. are needed - we do not pay in advance for returning ticket – try to plan your travel both ways - reimbursement will be done in EURO, regardless of the currency indicated on your invoices

There will be 4 participants +1 leader for each country Participants have to be between 18-24 Please consider male/female balance If partner organizations could not gather the group (5 People) until 25th September We will cancel their partnership.

- the health insurance is fully the participant’s responsibility - the costs of the health insurance covered by programme


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- airports: Bodrum, Dalaman, İzmir, Antalya, Kos (Gr) - try to keep your flights (where needed) as cheap as possible - KEEP ALL YOUR RECEIPTS AND BOARDING PASS!!!

Arrival: 5th October 2011 Departure: 12th October 2011 if possible, try to arrive to Bodrum until 18:00

Distances between cities Cities Dalaman Kos İzmir Antalya Bodrum Aiport Time Bus 3 hours (by bus) 50 min (Check ferry schedule) 3hours 6h – 7h 30 min

Participants’ travel costs – please orientate around these costs Country Estonia Italy Romania Lithuania Greece Number of persons 5 5 5 5 5 Total cost for 5 participant 100% 2500 2500 1800 2250 2000

For any other questions, you can contact us at or on our Facebook Page at

Thank you for your application!!!

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