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The authority of the Departemental Quality Manual for Project Management, which will apply to all Fluor Daniel B.V. project management activities, is with the General Manager Project Operations. Original Signed by R.H. Kosa

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The purpose of the DQM (Departmental Quality Manual) for Project Management is to communicate the departmental structure to ensure effective departmental operation. The DQM provides details towards departmental unique organizational structure including procedures, guidelines, standards and reference documents. Each individual of the project management department shall adhere and refer to the DQM frequently for assistance during daily operational activities and be prepared to be audited for compliance with its contents. Deviations from this DQM should obtain prior approval from the custodian of the DQM. The custodianship for the DQM is with the General Manager Project Operations (GMPO). All individuals of the project management department are encouraged to contribute for any refinement as increasingly beneficial DQM emerges. The review and issue of the DQM and revisions to the DQM is the responsibility of the GMPO to whom all proposed modifications should be directed. Reviews of the DQM will normally be made annually, in parallel with the OSR annual reviews and revisions and re-issued in their entirety when required. They will be accompanied by a note which summarizes and describes the main changes. The latest revision of the DQM is the electronic version via Lotus Notes. Revisions will be highlighted except in the case of extensive revisions described as "Total Revision". Highlighting will be by a vertical line on the right hand side of the page showing the extent of change. It will be removed at the next revision. Hard copy manuals are available as uncontrolled documents at library.



Generically engineering documents such as procedures and master specifications will be called Fluor Daniel engineering practices as detailed in section 9.0 - Resources.

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MAIN CONTENTS REVISION STATUS LOG PURPOSE SCOPE APPLICATION CUSTODIANSHIP REFINEMENT CONTROL PRACTICES TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 4.0 4.1 4.2 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 PREFACE FDBV Organizational Quality (Operating) System Departmental Quality (Operating) System Introduction DQM (Departmental Quality Manual) DEPARTMENTAL STRUCTURE Organization Roles and Responsibilities - Project Managers Senior Project Director Function Project Manager Function Project Business Manager Function Project Support Leader Function MEETINGS Project Operations Staff Meeting Operational Meeting Project Management Department Project Task Force Project Review Safety Health Environment (SHE) Management System SAFETY THEMES Evacuation Responsibility Accident Reporting Procedure BUSINESS THEMES Business Ethics and Conduct Project Secrecy Agreements Legal Services

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1 7.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL .3 8.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 4 OF 26 6.2 8.4 7.3 6.3 9.0 9.0 ADMINISTRATIVE THEMES Job Training Operation Numbers Scheduled Overtime Document File System IMPROVEMENT THEMES General Specific Tools for Healthy Projects PROJECT EXECUTION KPDs (Key Project Documents) PEP (Project Execution Plan) AP (Activity Plan) PPM (Project Procedures Manual) RESOURCES Practices Numbering System FD Info Base FDBV (Haarlem) Info Base PROJECT QUALITY AUDITS ACRONYMS USED IN THE DQM ATTACHMENTS E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000.2 6.2 9.1 6.0 6.1 9.4 10.0 11.2 8.100.0 12.PROJECT MANAGEMENT .0 8.4 9.PRACTICE 245.1 8.0 7.

The OSIP and SHE MS serve as the FDBV Company Quality Manual as an hierarchy level 2 quality (operating) system document. see attachment 01. Reference FDBV practice 245. are described in OSIP (Operating System Implementation Plan) and SHE MS (Safety Health Environment Management System).0 PREFACE The FD Operating System is the generic name used to encompass the organizational structure.1000-OSIP 245.1000 . This manual serves as the Quality Manual for the department as an hierarchy level 3 functional quality (operating) system document. sizes.PROJECT MANAGEMENT . procedures. processes and resources for conducting work in Fluor Daniel.1000 .100. The OSR contains the Mission Statement Policies and Operating Principles which are the framework of the FD Operating System.000. responsibilities. The means and methods by which these requirements are met in FDBV. The FD Operating System is flexible and applies to projects of all types.OPG 1.2000-SHE MS 1.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . he is the keyman in the fulfillment of FDBV's obligations to the client all in accordance with the requirements of the OSIP and SHE MS. The basic system of documents that comprise the FD Operating System are detailed in the OSR (Operating System Requirements). The means and methods by which these requirements are met by the project management department are detailed in the DQM (Departmental Quality Manual). see attachment 01. Reference General Corporate practice 000.1 FDBV Organizational Quality (Operating) System All FDBV proposals and projects shall implement the OSR.DQM project management E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000. see attachment 01.000. Reference FDBV practices 245.2 Departmental Quality (Operating) System Each proposal requested and project awarded is placed under the direction of an individual selected from the project management department acting as project manager or project director if the size or complexity of the project warrants it. The OPG serves as the FD Corporate Quality Manuals as an hierarchy level 1 quality (operating) system document. Project Application of the FD Operating System will meet the project requirements of ISO9001. industry and geographic origin.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 5 OF 26 1.000. In either case. The FD Operating System translate the Corporate Mission and Operating Policies into daily work practice and is a foundation for Continuous Performance Improvement.100.PRACTICE 245.

891. for immediate and effective availability as project manager at launch of proposal preparation or at project award.Project Managers The intention of the project management department is to arrange for project managers.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL .120.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 6 OF 26 1. FD reference practice 000. being appropriately trained and experienced.0 DEPARTMENTAL STRUCTURE This section of the project management practice documents the current project management organization and details the roles and responsibilities of key individuals. The roles and responsibilities of the project manager are documented in the OSR.1 Organization The project operations department (831.Standard PPM (Project Procedures Manual) 2. 2. 2.Standard PEP (Project Execution Plan) 245. These references include key project documents (KPDs) as listed below which are considered as hierarchy level 4 operational quality documents.practice 000. 910) operates within the organizational structure as per attachment 02 and is headed by the General Manager Project Operations (GMPO).O. Depending on project size and complexity.PRACTICE 245.120. The term "project manager" is used generically throughout this project management practice to refer to the FDBV manager who is in charge of an EPC project.1205 .100. construction (910) departments are described in their relevant DQM's.3 Introduction DQM (Departmental Quality Manaul) This DQM is the FDBV practice for project management.1 as hierarchy level 5 operational quality documents. administrative matters and references.2 Roles and Responsibilities .0072 .1501. It contains all information needed for proper functioning of the project management department in terms of organization. 890. The role and responsibilities of the GMPO are detailed in OSIP. The roles and responsibilities of estimating (891)-. 832.100. the project manager may act as the EM (Engineering Manager or Design Manager) on projects. Discipline key project documents (DKPDs) are detailed in section 8.120.Project Management Guidelines FDBV reference practices (KPDs) 245.Standard AP (Activity Plan Project Management) 245. The organization and functions listed in this practice will be modified to meet business requirements and opportunities.100. regardless of specific project title used or personnel level to which the project manager is assigned. coordination.0050 . see attachment 01.PROJECT MANAGEMENT .and H.XXXX series . documentation. The responsibility and authority of the EM are documented in PMG . project controls (890). E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000.

coaching and guidance to the project task force managers. for optimized use of available management resources and for coaching and guidance to the various project managers.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . Quality on projects is the responsibility of the project manager supported by department heads and their assigned PSLs (Project Support Leaders). coaching and mentoring of project leadership teams full range of engineering disciplines shared resources and facilities flexibility in organization direct benefit on new projects of lessons learned from other as well as previous projects better continuity on similar projects and/or for same clients continuous quality of work improvement application of innovation between projects minimize COP (Corporate Overhead and Profit) leakage good communication cost effective utilization of resources responsive to business cycle continuity of people continuity in training and development of employees for senior positions maintain familiarity with client requirements provision of technical support . Engineering and Procurement is an essential ingredient in resource management and development. Features and Benefits of the Senior Project Director Organization: more efficient use of available leadership team resources provision of adequate support. The senior project directors are assumed to: • validate project execution plans • focus on day-to-day execution • enforce project performance standards • validate strategies and KRA’s. see section 2.cost reduction capability through front-end resources. Ongoing dialogue between the senior project directors with the General Managers Process & Technology.6. The primary feature of senior project director group is a leadership team with members who are selected for their managerial skills. resources will be assigned to projects by department heads in conjunction with the appropriate senior project director and project manager.100. Authority The authority of the senior project directors is as delegated by General Manager Project Operations. while the obtained experience as well as the momentum of cultural change will be warranted.PROJECT MANAGEMENT .3 Senior Project Director Function The senior project director organization (831) has been created for more efficiency and focus on project execution.PRACTICE 245. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000. Responsibilities Senior project directors will provide support.proposal . The senior project director’s organizational approach ensures consistency in the execution of various projects by sharing resources-facilities among projects and assures quality in the work of the required level.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 7 OF 26 2. In general.

but a plan nonetheless.promotes efficiency by centralizing the working force .4 Project Manager Function Most projects are executed under the "Task Force" concept of operation. both for E&HO and TIC costs and appear in the project cost report.provides control which the project manager requires to exercise overall responsibility. who are selected for their skills in the various disciplines for proper execution of the project.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . Either way as long as management and the project team can understand how to apply the WBS to their work. Task Force Workspace Physical task force workspace requirements are detailed in attachment 04. Purpose The sole assignment of the various disciplines is to perform the work necessary for the efficient and successful execution of the project.100. Authority The project manager's authority is functional for costs. Definition Task force operation is a team of people. Work Breakdown Structure Each project will have a written WBS as a part of their execution plan. He or she. Features and Benefits of a Project Task Force Organization .PRACTICE 245.cost effective. schedules.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 8 OF 26 2. per attachment 03.PROJECT MANAGEMENT . E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000. see typical task force organization full size project. The WBS can be a marked-up print with written definitions or a descriptive narrative. maximize utilization . Small projects shall have small plans. Chart of Accounts Each project will have a written Chart of Accounts as a part of their execution plan. in turn. is responsible to the senior project director to whom his project has been assigned.retaining the ability to apply FDBV's specialized know-how to individual problems as required .permits rapid communications . Basics All projects will have: Project Execution Plan All projects will have a written execution plan approved by the MLT. Each cost code will have a one or two sentence description of what charges belong in that account and then use the accounts for cost control and reporting. The Chart of Accounts will list all cost codes to be used on the project. The execution plan should be no more than 30 pages long and illustrate the strategies that the project manager intend to use on the project. The entire task force is responsible to the project manager. Administrative and technical authority remains with the department heads involved. Criteria The criteria for project management are described in attachment 05. Responsibility The project manager is responsible for organizing the task force. staff assignments and overall results.

It will make the PFSR reviews much more informative and provide the project manager with the ability of doing “what if” options for his/her COP analyses.100. administration. (HOLD) 2.PRACTICE 245. accounting. prior to loading the schedule. yellow. A very good tool for the project managers to look into the future. It is OK if these charts get dirty and marked-up. see attachment 03. Advertise Project Status Each project is to have a wall space dedicated to exhibiting the project status charts of the project. If the project manager is using this package only for the monthly reviews. They are working tools and communications tools and problem solving tools. This is a good checklist of important and key events on a project. tax. Yellow. There is a short form for small projects and studies. The logic diagram is developed at the planning stage. provide leadership in the areas of project finance.PROJECT MANAGEMENT .1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 9 OF 26 Monthly Project Review Slides All projects are required to submit the standard project review package.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . long before the scheduling takes place. the project manager is missing their value. If the project manager does these charts ahead of the deadline. Purpose As a member of the project team. to the General Manager Project Operations by the monthly deadline. The logic diagram must be approved by the appropriate Project Director. whether presenting at the review representation or not. Red. The original schedules and milestones should always be displayed with progress marked in an overlay. contracts. This is the true value of these charts. This includes the schedule and its status update. green reports will be re-started. type and business complexities and the like of each individual project. This is a very valuable tool for thinking out project manager’s strategy and explaining project manager’s plan to management and the project team. Logic Diagrams Each project will develop logic diagrams for their projects before they load their schedules and issue to the project team. management and legal support. That is what they are for. Green The red. and perform whatever tasks in the business management area that may be needed in support of the project. The decision to utilize a business manager will be determined on a project by project basis depending on size. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000. COP Calculator Each project will have a COP calculator. The package is automated such that the project manager key in the appropriate data and the curves are generated for the project manager. What is a COP calculator? It is a simple spreadsheet that models the contract and illustrates how the contract makes money.5 Project Business Manager Function On some major EP & C contracts it will be necessary to have a business manager as part of the project team who will report to the project manager and who will provide leadership on business related issues. It also provides management with a good tool to look for trends in our management techniques. The financial reviews in the future will focus more on the COP performance of the project and how the project managers are performing against the as-sold profit goals. the project manager will have time to print them on the color printer and they will be easier to read and look much better. Recognize the confidential nature of some charts and treat them appropriately. Keep the team up-to-date and informed with how they are doing and where they are going. These are working charts that can supply the project manager with the early warning indicators to keep the project out of trouble in the later days.

subcontracts and procurement. Credit Execute and control project usage of Bank Guarantees. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000. Audits Manage audits on project execution. Letters of Credit and other such credit instruments. Commercial Commercial review of prime contract change orders. Take appropriate steps to insure that tax exposures are minimized and that tax fillings are made and tax obligations are met on a timely basis (when applicable). tax consultants. etc.PRACTICE 245. Banking Act as primary interface to banks and other financial institutions having dealings with the Joint Venture. Manage the ultimate disposition of assets and surplus materials. Tax Establish and manage the project tax strategy. to insure flow down compliance with the terms of the prime contract. complete with appropriate checks and balances for recording and reporting financial results of the project. Legal & Audit Responsible for providing legal advice and guidance to the project.PROJECT MANAGEMENT . Profitability Work with project controls manager to ensure that cash flow forecasting. procurement policy. Assets Maintain a proper system for tracking. Invest excess funds according to parent company guidelines so as to achieve the maximum in interest income. etc.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . Cash Manage the project cash.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 10 OF 26 Responsibilities Accounting and Reporting Establish and maintain proper project accounting systems. personnel policy. Quarterly Reviews Support the organization and preparation for quarterly management review meetings (when applicable). Computing & Communications Insure that cost effective measure are employed to provide adequate project computing and communications capability. controlling and protecting the assets. Insure that adequate funding is available to meet the project's operating needs. Coordinate the Joint Venture's usage of lawyers. profitability analysis and profit recognition are based on good data and sound business judgment (when applicable). ECA Support Establish Export Credit Agency documentation procedures and insure that steps are in place to support the client's need to draw down ECA funding as required to finance this project. significant subcontractor arrangements. Maintain adequate foreign currency positions and minimize exchange risk.100. external and internal auditors. and also for soundness of business judgment and decisions.

1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 11 OF 26 Insurance Manage project insurance requirements. monitoring implementation thereof. see attachments 03.q. with the nature and degree thereof dependent upon the phase of the project. Contracts based on LS c.100. For development of a business plan . Duties and Responsibilities The PSL function will be executed by the general managers of the engineering departments. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000. 2. The main duties and responsibilities of the PSL function are following: continuously maximize performance towards product quality at lowest cost and the shortest possible schedule by perfect harmonization between the project manager and the lead engineers with their group.PRACTICE 245. It is predictable that this method thru "detection" mode will result in considerable business risks towards revenues.6 Project Support Leader Function Introduction Projects based on re-imbursable contract conditions were previously executed by the project task force team on stand-alone basis. the complexity of the work as well as the capabilities of the lead engineer and his group. review of standard front-end loading deliverables as execution plans. the original method thru re-actively "detection" mode must be changed to the method thru pro-actively "prevention" mode.1201. profits and reputation. Managerial as well as departmental involvement was mostly limited to assistance just when serious problems or crucial discrepancies during project execution were reactively "detected". which ensures reduction of business risks towards cost. Purpose The purpose of the PSL function is to arrange for properly structured and organized support to project teams on managerial and departmental level for improved performance of team members to meet product quality requirements. implementation of lessons learned from other projects.refer to practice 000. Hence. LSTK contract conditions or including severe incentive schemes require as best as possible performance of work to reduce the above referenced business risks to a level as low as possible to the Company. Insure that adequate policies are in place and that claims procedures are established and working.100. Project Controls Depending on the project. Definition The Project Support Leader (PSL) Function is defined as the Company Backbone to accelerate the process imparted in the method thru "prevention" mode. cost and schedule as well as continuously applying pressure for improved performance.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . Consistency with this "prevention" mode implies the requirement of actual pro-active participation on managerial and departmental level during the entire project execution phase. schedules and manpower plans against the project objectives of quality. continuous involvement. schedule and reputation. Authority The authority of the project business manager is as delegated by the project manager. continuous alignment with project objectives and goals.PROJECT MANAGEMENT .

either relative to benchmark or based on trust.PRACTICE 245. 3. .the business risk is reduced with immediate effect on the Company's bottom line and reputation. The purpose of the meeting is mainly focussed on departmental staffing issues.2 Operational Meeting Starting on Friday. so creating the possibility of awarding good performance where it is due and correcting poor performance where necessary. The lead engineer retains full responsibility for the execution of the project work. Features and Benefits of the PSL Function: . . Summary In summary. implementing the concept of ownership and accountability. improving work efficiency and speed. hence the project will meet "tight" schedule requirements within the estimated and agreed budget. consequently its competitiveness.m. 18 September 1998. although proportionated authority in the PSL function needs to be examined and established.15 hours in room 550. 3. interfacing with project management.improved project performance is ensured.30 till 10. 890. introducing new departmental developments. project task force execution and SHE MS.and off the job. problems and challenges as experienced by the project managers during execution of their projects. However. If possible. a measurement system has to be instituted.100. 891 and 910. The purpose of this meeting is to inform Haarlem Senior Operational Management in a regular way about the most recent highlights. both on.PROJECT MANAGEMENT .doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . 832. Discussions are confirmed via e-mail. Participants of this meeting are the heads of departments 831.1 Project Operations Staff Meeting Project operations staff meetings are held bi-weekly on Monday at 13. This will prevent delays and confusions in cases of conflict or disagreement which otherwise would have to be revert back to the department head for resolution.00 a. 3. other departments and between PSLs. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000. there will be a bi-weekly operational meeting. lead team members and PSLs continuously proceeding along the lines with project goals and objectives. including front-end training of less-experienced employees for senior positions. . The meeting will be held in room 584 and will be from 08. Authority Associated authority must be at level of department head.the organization as a whole will work in a more focused and consistent manner with project managers. benefits must be sold and accepted up-front.0 MEETINGS Meetings are held on scheduled basis to communicate and interchange information crucial for proper operation of issues concerning the project management department.people's performance and capabilities are much more emphasized.material objectives are the continuous improvement of the quality level of the team members. so that performance against targets can be monitored.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 12 OF 26 - working on performance improvement through training. . the PSL function can be considered as "self-financing" and thus the cost for the extra support to the project is assumed to be saleable to project managers and clients.

1205. the final agenda item of above meetings will be to consider whether applicable SHE aspects have been sufficiently addressed. visitors and the like. including client representatives. This requirement deviates from practice 000.4 Project Task Force Project task force meetings are held in accordance with the requirements as per the PPM (Project Procedures Manual).PROJECT MANAGEMENT .0 Communication. 3.5 Project Review Project review meetings are held in accordance with the OSIP. 4.2 which limits the stress towards SHE as to begin meetings with a safety(S) topic only. actual project operations. section 4. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000. is familiar with the basic directions in case of calamities.6 Safety Health Environment (SHE) Management System To stress that SHE is a way of life at FDBV.4 – Basics). The agenda is distributed prior to the meeting and includes information on SHE issues. 4. reference practice 245.00 hours in the restaurant.000.PRACTICE 245.120.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL .1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 13 OF 26 There is a broad consensus with the people concerned that such a meeting is urgently required in order to bring Haarlem Senior Operational Management closer to the day-to-day operational project issues.2 Accident Reporting Procedure The following accidents should be reported immediately by telephone and/or fax to the Haarlem Home Office. department themes and specifics thru presentation by others.0 SAFETY THEMES In addition to SHE MS requisites as per above section 3. In those cases that participation is absolutely impossible. This meeting has to be a mandatory meeting or otherwise it will fail and result in wasted manhours. As a result of this meeting the support to the project task forces can be more direct and pro-active.100.2000 SHE MS. reference FDBV Safety Plan. The project manager is responsible for the final check of personnel leave of his task force when the evacuation alarm is sounded.3 Project Management Department Project management staff meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 16. The chairman is the GMPO who is also responsible for the preparation of the minutes of meeting. But this shall be exception to the rule.6 referenced practice.1000 PMG. following SHE issues as to evacuation responsibility and accident reporting must be addressed to the responsibility of project management. 3.100. 3.1 Evacuation Responsibility Project Manager must ensure as a minimum that each individual of the project team. 3. sales. reference practice 245. Participants are therefore requested to keep their agenda open for this meeting in spite of other priorities. section 5. if any (see also paragraph 2. Participants are in accordance with attachment 02 including all project management staff. the head department for project management 832 has to be informed and a suitable deputy can be sent. The project review packages should focus on specific areas of concern and corrective actions to be or being taken to solve the problem areas. 4.

1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 14 OF 26 1e FATAL ACCIDENTS (FAT) . Project management should establish the basis for the confidentiality of documents with input from the client.O.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . employee clause and subcontractor clause.) 5.0 BUSINESS THEMES Project Management is the backbone in the fulfillment of FDBV's obligations to its clients. project secrecy agreements and legal services. Construction Department Within 8 hours after the accident a completely filled-in accident report must be issued to Department Head H. Project Cluster Manager 2e LOST WORKDAY CASES (LWC) .O. the public and the company. Above requirements are detailed in PMG practice 000. Responsible for the necessary and/or required Haarlem H.PRACTICE 245. Construction. Construction within 7 days after the accident occurrence.0148 FDBV Business Ethics and Conduct (under Company Council review).100.O. 245.2 Project Secrecy Agreements The requirement to classify documents and information as "confidential" must be established at contract award. which includes strict adherence with the law or with any regulations governing company activities. 1) 2) 2) 2) 2) List for Home and Office telephone numbers is with the project management departmental secretary. 5. Reference practices 000.600.0 Commitment to Ethics and Good Business Practice. 7.PROJECT MANAGEMENT .1211 paragraph 2.11 including the format for project secrecy agreement. Department Head H.100.(required reporting period: during office hours) To report to: a. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000. Managing director b.1000 Introduction PMG para. Business themes towards these conditions are closely related to business ethics and conduct.1 Business Ethics and Conduct Project management should realize that all task force members are expected to adhere to the highest standards of business ethics and to conduct themselves and FDBV's business in a manner that will safeguard the Company's reputation and retain the respect of its shareholders and all who associate.(required reporting period: 24 hours a-day) 1) 2) To report to: a. A formal detailed accident investigation report should be forwarded to Department Head H.100.O. In addition. project manager should examine whether confidential client information may or may not be disclosed to third parties and FD affiliate companies. Business Management Team Manager b. Business Management Team Manager c. 5. actions (under which informing SHE Management.

the Middle East. 101 103 105 106 110 Activity project management project secretary/clerical project administration project interpreters and translators home office start-up in the field Note: activity coding is excluded for project management. The project management skills matrix proficiency levels are a general recommendation and should be reviewed/modified by each operating company or region to be "fit for purpose" for their industry or area.PROJECT MANAGEMENT . However. In cases when project management feels that there are business reasons (including risk mitigation plans) to deviate. The generic version of the matrix will be included in the Project Management Guidelines (PMG). authorities and responsibilities of project management staff members in terms of function description and job classification code are detailed in departmental job descriptions centrally filed with HR department. The Legal Services Group based in the London office generally supports Europe.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . Their advice should be followed when there are no strong reasons to consider a deviation. 6.0 ADMINISTRATIVE THEMES This section provides the various administrative matters regarding guidelines for training including job descriptions and administrative procedures. This matrix indicates the: • • • • recommended skills required of project management personnel recommended knowledge level/proficiency in each skill area prior to advancement to a higher labor grade internal training courses available to project management personnel to develop the required skills key reference work practices that address these areas. Following numbers are relevant to project management activities: No.2 Operation Numbers ETS.1308. 6. file directories and the like have to be completed with operation numbers. Duties.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 15 OF 26 5. project management should consult FDBV management. the skills are vital to project management personnel to execute projects in a manner consistent with our culture.PRACTICE 245.1 Job Training The PLG (Project Leadership Group) has developed a list of the skills believed essential for all project management personnel and has developed a project management skills matrix.100. Project Management is suggested to consult Legal Services directly for guidance or advice.3 Legal Services The role of the FD Legal Services Group is detailed in practice 000. This Legal Services Department is an advisory body. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000.100. Northern Africa and the FSU (Former Soviet Union). both the electronic Infobase and the "hardcopy" versions. Ultimate decisions rest with OpCo and Regional Management. 6.

1205 . Any resulting recommendations must be actioned and implemented as appropriate. Proclamation of value awareness results can be visualized by the use of posters and the like in the task force work area.PPM (Project Procedures Manual). Client Review Process It is mandatory to have the client review process initiated on all projects.4 Document File System Departmental file system is handled by the secretary of GMPO. Specific file index is not required since the majority of the project management documents are properly filed with the respective actual project task forces.PROJECT MANAGEMENT .100. the assigned functional responsibility to carry out the value engineering rests with the process department. Managing Director's formal approval for scheduled overtime in the office must be obtained prior to implementation thereof. These alignment processes need to be continued throughout the life of the project with appropriate attendees at appropriate times such as: award of main purchase orders with vendors award of major subcontracts with contract start of construction with construction staff start of commissioning with commissioning team and the like. If yes. Alignment Process Initial alignment meetings on all our projects are carried out as a normal business practice. Project task force filing requirements are contained in the actual PPM. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000.209.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 16 OF 26 6. Feedback from these interviews needs to be provided to the project team (lead engineers). department heads and to the project management group. Reference practice: 000.120.0 7.Value Engineering Cost and Value Awareness Program All projects require to have a cost and value awareness program which promotes actual involvement of all project tak force members in an effort to increase value awareness. NL203. 6.0940 . Value Engineering As a company we wish to conduct value engineering on all appropriate projects. Reference practice 245.1 IMPROVEMENT THEMES General Project managers have the responsibility to champion the implementation of "improvement items" related to FDBV projects.PRACTICE 245. Reference personnel policy no. Consequently. Each project should have a plan for when the client interviews will take place and who will be the FD assigned interviewers. This means that either before award or immediately thereafter the project manager must decide if a value engineering exercise for the newly awarded project is appropriate. The agenda of the staff meeting should include cost awareness as topic for discussion.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . Cost savings suggestions will be encouraged and rewarded in a structured way as appropriate.3 Scheduled Overtime Scheduled overtime in the office falls under the Dutch law covering working hours. 7. These items are as summarized below.

see above cost and value awareness program. entitled as: PDRI (Project Definition Rating Index) PHCL (Project Health Checklist) Project Management Peer Review Methodology Discipline Quality Audit Project Operations Introduction PMG para. progress curves and progress photographs plus the results of the value awareness program. KRA's. Those actions include the use of specific tools designed to aid in the process.PM Relationships Project managers need to spend part of their efforts in either maintianing and/or enhancing our relationships with our client's project management team.PRACTICE 245. Feedback on Wins and Losses Proposal managers are emphasized to provide feedback to management and the proposal team on proposal losses as well as proposal wins. Reference practice 000. 5.0 Commitment to CPI.1000 Added Value 7. Pitfalls should be identified as lessons learned and subsequently categorized into the issue of: "never do again" ."always do".PROJECT MANAGEMENT . project objectives and the like as well as achievements of major milestones.2 Specific Tools for Healthy Projects Improvement of overall project execution performance require appropriate actions on projects which will insure greater opportunity for success: "healthy projects". PM's efforts in this request are essential to successful project execution and repeat business. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000. Notices ought to be posted which advertise to the task force project items such as project's mission statements. Distribution of the lessons learned include the relevant department heads for their further action when deemed necessary and for the input in the lessons learned database.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 17 OF 26 Lessons Learned Implementation The project manager is supposed to arrange for scheduled sessions subject to lessons learned on the actual project.100. Client Focused Task Force Appearance As project management we need to publicize more about our projects to our client and our people. The project managers are encouraged to champion proper implementation. The proposal manager shall ensure that the debriefing meeting to management and the proposal team is given within a reasonable time but not later than 2 weeks of either a successful award or notification of loss.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . Procedural impacts must be identified for immediate corrective action. Innovation and Project managers are urged to consider the application of these specific tools at appropriate phase during project execution and discuss the implementation thereof with the senior project director. Enhance Client . CPI The CPI function is assumed to meet with each project manager with current project responsibility to go over the various improvement items and to provide any assistance they require for implemntation of the relevant items."try again" .100.

1200 – attachment 05. Details of the project management per review methodology are contained in practice 245.100.0033. The "start-up" checklist is designed for the early stages of the project.PHCL. Detailed PHCL procedure and checklists are contained in practice 245. Consequently. benefits.PDRI. instructions for scoring a project and subsequent analysis are contained in practice 245. The project management peer review is intended to support the project manager in his efforts to create an environment for optimal project execution excellence and to enhance interactive communication within the project management department by exchange of experiences.PRACTICE 245.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . Details of the discipline quality audit project operations are contained in practice 245. the peer review ought to be performed via open dialogue discussions by the peer reviewer with the project manager (reviewee). The PHCL procedure includes two separate health checklists. The objective of a project quality audit is the prevention of quality deficiencies within project management during project execution. It is intended to evaluate the completeness of scope definition at any point prior to the time a project is considered for authorization to perform detailed design and construction.100.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 18 OF 26 PDRI (Project Definition Rating Index) The PDRI is a simple and easy-to-use tool for measuring the degree of scope development on industrial projects. Each health check will result in a report to project and FDBV management which measures the effectiveness of overall execution on the project and provides recommendations for improvement. Consequently. reduce "leakage" of profits and help projects manage financial risk. it is a method to assure proper project management execution. Details of the PDRI as to the structure.100.PROJECT MANAGEMENT .1200 attachment 01 .100. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000.100. Project Management Peer Review Methodology Project Management Peer Review is defined as the examination of actual project execution excellence performed by a representative of the project management department that is of equal standing with the project manager. Discipline Quality Audit Project Operations The purpose of a project quality audit is to evaluate the need for improvement or corrective action within project management during project execution. The objective of the project management peer review is to improve project execution excellence for both the actual as well as the project management standard (model) project execution plan. The dialogue element will promote that both parties recognize and agree on peer review findings and actions to be taken for improved project execution excellence. It identifies and precisely describes each critical element in a scope definition package and allows a project team to quickly predict factors impacting project risks. PHCL (Project Health CheckList) The concept of health checks is a way to enhance successful project execution performance.1200 attachment 03 . The "project execution" checklist is designed to address other phases of the project.

This PMG is intended to serve as a guide to ensure effective project management.0072 .1205 .100.Standard CEP (Construction Execution Plan) 245.0072 .000. Decision is at the discretion of the GMPO.1101 .5103 .1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 19 OF 26 8.PMG (Project Management Guidelines) 000. Utilizing the OSR and OSIP.Standard AP (Activity Plan Project Management) 245. P3 Procedures = define "how to be done" thru the PPM (Project Procedures Manual). 8.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000. each project shall prepare a project specific operating system.0050 .505.Standard AP (Activity Plan Construction Management) 245. The basic structure of the KPDs is dictated by the following two absolute "musts" to promote efficient use of the manuals: "Must" 1 : recognizable analytical pattern thru the three "P" concept: P1 Policies = FD Operating Principles and Project Objectives. including models for the KPD's.100.Standard PEP (Project Execution Plan) 245. The proposal execution should follow the relevant practice in the PMG and DIP. KPD's are defined as detailed PEP (Project Execution Plan) and PPM (Project Procedures Manual). text should match the abstraction level of the user thru the following three human factors "F": F1 = easy to read F2 = good is good enough F3 = fit for purpose "Must" 2 : KPDs are labeled multi-discipline project management operations documents as hierarchy level 4 operational quality documents. Reference practices 000.505. including the development of the project specific operating system.Standard CPM (Construction Procedures Manual).XXXX .120. FDBV has developed more detailed standard KPD's which can be easily tailored to meet project needs.DIP Project Preparation of Sales Proposals 245.Proposal Development Guidelines 245.0050 . each project shall develop.Proposals -----------------.1205 .0 PROJECT EXECUTION All FDBV projects shall be executed in accordance with the OSR and the OSIP.PROJECT MANAGEMENT . While the PMG serves as a guide to assist the project in customizing a project operating system.Standard PPM (Project Procedures Manual) 245.100.1 KPDs (Key Project Documents) The generic intention of KPDs is to provide an assemblage of guidelines and a like documents pertaining to the project organization and functioning of the project task force for proper execution of project. Execution of extensive and complex proposal work may require the development of KPDs typical for proper proposal performance. P2 Plans = define "what has to be done" thru the PEP (Project Execution Plan). maintain.120.505.120. whilst DKPDs (Discipline Key Project Documents) label single-discipline operations document as hierarchy level 5 operational quality document. In accordance with this system. It sets forth the responsibility of individual key task force members and prescribes methods for their functioning. disseminate and use KPD's (Key Project Documents) to control the execution of work. Guidelines for adherence to these requirements are contained in the PMG (Project Management Guidelines). see attachment 01.PRACTICE 245.

.positive direction to the task force early in the project phase.obtain copies of sample AP for their respective discipline and make appropriate modifications . Following this meeting(s). Separate KPDs are required to be developed for the project construction execution phase. The project manager is responsible for the KDPs and the lead discipline engineer is responsible for the DKDPs. These discussions should contain approaches. strategies and brief descriptions for appropriate subject matter. as defined in the Departmental Quality Manual for Construction Management 910. This responsibility includes the following: . The PEP should discuss those topics that will communicate the "big picture" of the overall project.approve APs . Timing PEP revision 0 should be aimed to be available during the project kick-off meeting(s).0757: Discipline Job Data Book. . Responsibility The project manager is responsible for ensuring that all documents relative to the PEP are adequately reviewed with respect to project scope including client requirements and that the PEP content is appropriate for the project. the project manager shall schedule a project alignment meeting with the client.framework for the PPM (Project Procedures Manual). Sufficient time should be allowed between the project kick-off meeting and the project alignment meetings for the project task force to update the outputs of the project kick-off meeting.control original copy and maintain current revision list of APs for the respective area of responsibility.structure the PEP for project needs review and approve the PEP. These DKPDs provide detailed work instructions to ensure proper availability of "RFC" status deliverables. the project manager shall update PEP revision 0 for formal issue as PEP revision 01.coordinate APs with other functions .guideline for selection of systems and the preparation of the PEP and other Project Operating System Documents .PRACTICE 245.2 PEP (Project Execution Plan) Definition The PEP is defined as a brief strategic document to set forth "what" has to be done to accomplish the project scope of work and the project requirements.the basis to identify potential changes. .submit AP to the project manager for final approval .the basis for better assessment and monitoring manhours and costs. see attachment 06.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 20 OF 26 The level 5 operational quality documents may require the development and distribution of single discipline DKDPs as DPEP (Discipline Project Execution Plan) and DPPM (Discipline Project Procedures Manual).doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000. reference Engineering Practice 245. After the alignment meeting with client. . including APs (Activity Plans) and audit schedule keep the PEP current throughout the project's life Each lead representative participating in the execution of a project will be responsible for the following: . a written PEP shall be prepared with the objective to integrate the various phases and elements of the project. . 8.prepare new project specific APs for circumstances in which modified or unmodified sample APs are unsuitable . providing for: . Objective On each project.PROJECT MANAGEMENT .2xx.information to both the client and FDBV of the direction being taken.100.

the following key activities: .PROJECT MANAGEMENT . The standard AP for project management is contained in the FDBV standard PEP as reference practice 245. Sections of the manual are to be completed by the project task force member responsible for the associated activity.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . in addition to all the above. The project manager's responsibility includes. which includes as a minimum.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 21 OF 26 Exceptions In case of relative small projects or in case of multi-small projects. The draft PPM shall be aimed to be ready within 2 to 4 weeks after project initiation.1204 Project Execution Plan 000. References practices 000. the preparation of a full project specific PEP is impractical.provide revisions to the PPM as needs arise . including client's comments.PRACTICE 245.1502 Multi-Projects Execution. Standard PEP The PMG contains a reference practice 000.120.120. Objective On each project a written PPM shall be prepared with the objective to define the organization responsible for the execution of the project.ensure that each section conforms to the requirements stated in the contract .120.1204 for preparing a PEP. Reference practice 000. FDBV Standard Project Execution Plan has been developed for immediate and easy adjustments towards actual project requirements at contract award. Standard APs for all disciplines are available in the relevant DQM's.100. Timing The draft table of contents should be available for discussion in the project kick-off meeting. Responsibility The project manager has the overall responsibility for the PPM. These APs are contained in the PEP as a separate section and may be re-named as activity quality plans or project quality plan. In those cases the PEP will consist of only client specific requirement and will supplement the practices.120.100. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000. The relation between a deliverable and these features is confirmed in dedicated discipline APs (Activity Plans). Finalization of the PPM. is promoted to be realized after the project alignment meetings.0050. Based on both practices.0072.100.3 AP (Activity Plan) The quality imparted to a deliverable is ensured by the feature of good management and good workmanship.obtain input from client for interfaces and client specific needs . intent and the philosophy as applicable. A model project execution plan is available as reference practice 000.ensure proper distribution of the PPM. when preferred by the client.0050 FDBV Standard Project Execution Plan 8.100. all key FDBV and key client task force members.4 PPM (Project Procedures Manual) Definition The PPM is defined as a condensed document detailing "how" to be done to meet the PEP requirements. 8.0050 Model Project Execution Plan 245. This practice provides for suggestions to the table of contents and sample project management activity plan. their responsibilities and the procedures to be applied in order to meet the project objectives.

XXX.0 RESOURCES Functional information is electronically available thru Lotus Notes FD InfoBase Main Menu and Haarlem (FDBV) InfoBase Main Menu.2 Numbering System The pattern of the numbering systems for practices.170 Operation Numbers XXX.Project Management. Information in generic is published thru "practices".1205 245.XXX.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . business unit) responsible for originating and maintaining practices Function Division Identification First digit identifies major functional divisions such as 0 General Corporate. FDBV Standard Project Procedures Manual has been developed for immediate and easy adjustments towards actual project requirements at contract award. Standard PPM The PMG contains a reference practice 000.100.XXXX Refer to General Corporate practice 000.PROJECT MANAGEMENT .Engineering. 3 . This practice provides for a typical comprehensive table of contents.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 22 OF 26 Exceptions Reference is made to the exceptions as contained in section 8. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000.100.XXXX Refer to 000. will be called Fluor Daniel practices. instructions and the like.XXXX Refer to FD InfoBase Main Menu Master Index XXX. as defined in practice 000. all engineering documents. 9.000. 2 . defined as a formal narrative or graphic documentation of a method used by Fluor Daniel to execute a particular task or element of work.1 Practices As an "umbrella" designation.0020 XXX. 1 .XXXX Refer to practice 000. 9. business sector.100. produced during the operational consistency program.0011 is structured thru the application of ten digit numbers XXX. Project Procedures Manual FDBV Standard Project Procedures Manual Practice Subject Geographic and Corporate Entity Identification The three digit numbers identifies the geographic and corporate entity (operation center.000.0001 .100.Project Controls Discipline Responsibility Identification Two digit number identifies the discipline responsible for originating and maintaining the practice Practices Identification Block Number Assignment Four digit practices identification number Practice Number XXX. All FDBV employees with access to Lotus Notes can access the functional InfoBase information.2 of this DQM.XXX.1205 for preparing a PPM.PMG Table of Contents. Reference practices 000.PRACTICE 245.1205 9. Based on this practice. This is the generic term that applies to documents that might previously have been called procedures.XXXX as listed below.XXX.120.000.XXX.

3 FD InfoBase The FD InfoBase Main Menu thru Lotus Notes on FDHALN01 contains corporate functions and operating companies information. FDBV Departmental Quality Manuals for following departments: Construction Engineering Finance Human Resources Information Systems Management Procurement/Contracts Project Controls Project Management Quality Assurance Sales Facility Services Note: Materials printed from the Haarlem (FDBV) InfoBase are uncontrolled! The latest revision of a document is the electronic version found in the InfoBase. Each procedure will normally consist of a preface containing purpose.Health . 9.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL .FD Operating System Requirements (OSR) . scope and application. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000. Department heads are responsible for conformance to those procedures in the manual in which their personnel participate.FDBV Discipline Interface Procedures (DIPs) – see below paragraph 9. Provide a basis of understanding for the relationship between team members involved in the overall execution of a particular function. Procedures are grouped by functional responsibilities under appropriate function division indentification number.5.PRACTICE 245. see attachment 07.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 23 OF 26 9.100.PROJECT MANAGEMENT . Attachment 08 provides the matrix for the various engineering interfaces and disciplines involved. Establish responsibility for each person or group in the pursuance of a function.4 Haarlem (FDBV) InfoBase The Haarlem (FDBV) InfoBase version 1.FDBV Safety.0 thru Lotus Notes on FDHALN01 contains following sections: .5 Discipline Interface Procedures (DIPs) The Departmental Interface Procedures contain step-by-step instructions required for successful and economical execution of project management and engineering activities during project execution. The Departmental Interface Procedures are intended to serve the following principal purposes: Provide detailed guidelines insuring uniformity and avoiding duplication of effort. followed by step-by-step activities shown on detailed procedure sheets. Serve as ready reference material for all employees unfamiliar with the detailed activities used to conduct our business.FDBV Operating System Implementation Plan (OSIP) .Environment Management System (SHE MS) . 9.FDBV General Practices .

Auditors Project quality audits are carried out by staff not having direct responsibility in the areas being audited but. which does not allow for corrective action. Upon completion of the initial issue of the project APs.PROJECT MANAGEMENT . preferably. 6. conditions. Project management and individual contributors of all levels are responsible for quality in managing and performing their activities.100. PEP and PPM.PRACTICE 245. These audits are called "project quality system audit". Types The project quality audit typically applies to a project quality system or elements thereof. Purpose The purpose of a project quality audit is to evaluate the need for improvement or corrective action during project execution.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . processes. Schedule Inherent to the objective is the requirement of a project quality audit schedule. The project QAS is contained in the PEP as attachment to the AP section.para. Alert Themes Inspection Quality audit should not be confused with "inspection" activities performed for the sole purpose of process control or product acceptance.100. Inspection is similar to detection as related to rejection. Surveillance Quality audit should not be confused with "quality surveillance" defined as: "The continuing monitoring and verification of the status of procedures.PMG ." E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000. OSIP. "project product quality audit".1000 .1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 24 OF 26 10. to project processes or to project products. reference practice 000. project management will prepare a project quality audit schedule (QAS) that meets the requirements of the OPG. methods. products and analysis of records in relation to stated references to ensure that specified requirements for project quality are being met. Objective The objective of a project quality audit is the prevention of quality deficiencies during project execution.0 PROJECT QUALITY AUDITS The project operating system is the basis which is used for project quality audits and meets the requirements of ISO 9001. Definition Quality audit: a systematic and independent examination to determine whether quality activities and related results comply with planned arrangements and whether these arrangements are implemented effectively and are suitable to achieve objectives. working in cooperation with the relevant FDBV employees.0 Commitment to Quality. "project process quality audit". Project client representative may participate in the quality audit performance as observer either as a contractual condition or as promoting client involvement towards client project input and interfaces.

1200 245.0050 245.PRACTICE 245. References: ISO 8402 ISO 9001 ISO 10006 ISO 10011 Practices 000.Quality Management Quality Audits Corrective Action Requests (CARs) Discipline Quality Audit Project Operations Project Management Peer Review Methodology Standard Project Execution Plan Standard Activity Plan Project Management Standard Project Procedures Manual ACRONYMS USED IN THE DQM Following acronyms are used in this project management practice: AP COP CPI DIP DKPD DQM ECA E&HO EM EPC ETS FD FDBV FSU GMPO HO HR ISO KPD KRA MLT OpCo OSIP = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Activity Plan Corporate Overhead and Profit Continuous Performance Improvement Departmental Interface Procedures Discipline Key Project Document Departmental Quality Manual Export Credit Agency Engineering & Home Office Engineering Manager Engineering Procurement Construction Electronic Time Sharing Fluor Daniel (Corporate) Fluor Daniel B. HAZOP and the like.100.PROJECT MANAGEMENT . measurability.120. time scale and life cycle cost.000.100. documented. (Haarlem) Former Soviet Union General Manager Project Operations Home Office Human Resources International Organization for Standardization Key Project Document Key Result Area Management Leadership Team Operating Company Operating System Implementation Plan E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000.0030 245." The purpose of a design review is not "prevention" but ensurance in terms of fitness for purpose towards feasibility. manufacturability.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL .100. reliability.100.120. Types of design reviews are plotplan and model review. 6.0072 245. comprehensive and systematic examination of a design to evaluate the design requirements and capability of the design to meet these requirements and to identify problems and proposed solutions.0033 245.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 25 OF 26 Design Review Quality audit should not be confused with "design review" defined as: "A formal.0031 245. para. P&ID review. SHE aspects.1307 245.1000 000.1205 11.0 Commitment to Quality PMG Project Operations Support . maintainability.120. performance.000.V.0 Quality Vocabulary Quality Systems Quality in Project Management Guidelines for Auditing Quality Systems Introduction PMG.100.

1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 26 OF 26 OSR PC PIM PDRI PHCL P&ID PLG PM PMG PPM PSL QAC QAS RFC SHEC SPD TDC TIC WBS 12.100.0 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Operating System Requirements Project Cluster Project Information Manager Project Definition Rating Index Project Health Checklist Piping and Instrument Diagram Project Leadership Group Project Manager Project Management Guidelines Project Procedures Manual Project Support Leader Quality Assurance Coordinator Quality Audit Schedule Released for Construction Safety Health Environment Coordinator Senior Project Director Technical Document Control Total Installed Cost Work Breakdown Structure ATTACHMENTS 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 Quality (Operating) Document Hierarchy Level (01Nov98) Project Operations Organization (01Nov98) Typical Task Force Organization Full Size Project (01Nov98) Physical Task Force Requirements (01Nov98) Criteria for Project Management (01Nov98) Key Project Document Responsibility Chart (01Nov98) FD Info Base Main Menu (01Nov98) DIP Involved Parties Matrix (01Nov98) E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000.PROJECT MANAGEMENT .doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL .PRACTICE 245.

1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 1 OF 1 ATTACHMENT 01 QUALITY (OPERATING) DOCUMENT HIERARCHY LEVEL OSR OSIP SHEMS DQM KPD’s DKPD’s Legend: OSR OSIP SHEMS DQM KPD DKPD Operating System Requirements Operating System Implementation Plan Safety-Health-Environment Management System Departmental Quality Manual Key Project Documents Discipline Key Project Documents E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000a01.PRACTICE 245.PROJECT MANAGEMENT LEVEL 5 LEVEL 4 LEVEL 3 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 1 .100.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL .

Increase coaching .1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 1 OF 1 ATTACHMENT 02 PROJECT OPERATIONS ORGANIZATION General Manager Project Operations European Construction Director Project Operations Support Department Secretary .PRACTICE 245.Proposals .Validate execution plans .Cost Control .Proposal Estimate .Administration .Consultancy Q.100.Project Secretaries Senior Project Directors 831 Project Department Manager 832 Project Control Manager 890 Estimating Manager 891 Home Office Construction Manager 910 . & Developm. Admin.Service Estimate .Project Support .Scheduling . .Dept.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . .A.Enforce project performance standards .Project strategies & KRA’s .Practices .PROJECT MANAGEMENT .Focus on day-to-day execution .Staffing .Capital Cost Estimate Construction Staff E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000a02.Material Quality Tracking .

Health.Environment Coordinator Technical Document Control E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000a03.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL .1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 1 OF 1 ATTACHMENT 03 TYPICAL TASK FORCE ORGANIZATION FULL SIZE PROJECT Project Support Leaders Project Manager Client PIM QAC SHEC CPIC Secretary Business Manager Engineeing Manager Construction Manager Project Controls Manager TDC Procurement Manager Cost Scheduling Purchasing Contracting Process Mechanical Piping Civil/Structural/ Architectural Electrical & Control Systems Legend: CPIC PIM QAC SHEC TDC = = = = = CPI Coordinator Project Information Manager Quality Assurance Coordinator Safety-.PROJECT MANAGEMENT .PRACTICE 245.100.

engineers are relocated outside the H.100. following two events may occur: • • Event 1 Event 2 engineers are relocated to another task force area in the H. Responsibility for phase II .PROJECT MANAGEMENT .PRACTICE 245. Actually.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . Two engineers in a two desk cubicle area. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000a04. Task Force Work Spaces Efficient usage of task force cubicles will be promoted by applying following ground rules for task force cubicle layout in generic.O. lead engineers and engineers. Phase I Phase II front-end through peak loading peak loading through tail end In both cases. Four engineers in a four desk cubicle area. Responsibility for phase I: project manager and lead engineer. two project phases are to be considered as follows: • • Phase I: Cubicle layout for phase I is proposed to be as follows: One lead engineer in a two desk cubicle area. Event 2 may require that some of engineers’ files and belongings have to be stored for which separate arrangements with Facility Services need to be made.O. including proper handling of project documentation and project security. engineers must properly clear their “old” cubicle area and arrange with Facility Services for movement of their files and belongings to the “new” location. Files are to be limited to one file cabinet per engineer.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 1 OF 2 ATTACHMENT 04 PHYSICAL TASK FORCE REQUIREMENTS This attachment is devoted to physical task force space requirements. Phase II During phase II.department head.

PRACTICE 245. If the proposal/project manager should need to leave the building and no other designate is available then he must politely suggest that they leave the building with him.1203 – attachment 01.General Handling of Confidential Information from outside FDBV E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000a04. Handling of Confidential Information from outside FDBV This handling.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 2 OF 2 ATTACHMENT 04 Task Force Security Consideration In various cases FDBV will have members of both client and partner organizations resident in the Haarlem office. is detailed in the Departmental Interface Procedure referenced as the practice below.100. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the information within the building security conscious at all times is needed.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . as a rule they leave the office by normal close of business time. Whilst these people are in the building. should there be a need to stay after normal office hours then the proposal/project manager should either remain behind and escort them from the building himself/herself or delegate the responsibility to another senior FDBV representative. Confidential Data and Clean Desks The project manager should remind the lead engineers of the need not to leave confidential information on their desks when not being used. Reference practice 000. in as far as this is practical. however. Reference: Practice 245. Reference: FDBV House Rules.000. This requirement is the cornerstone of FDBV procedure for handling client confidential data. they are the guests of the appropriate project/proposal manager. FDBV policy is to keep this data under lock and key when not in use.190 .PROJECT MANAGEMENT . Detailed list of general task force security considerations is contained in the PMG.100. Project Manager must also continue to encourage the employee to leave their desk tops clean when they are out of the office. It is his/her responsibility to ensure that. as defined by a contract or secrecy agreement.

Generate a team working relationship that achieves the project KRA’s and team morale. D. Project Organization and Strategy A. Prepare a Project Execution Plan. To do this. Develop and grow opportunities for team members to grow in their careers.PRACTICE 245. E. Work with the Department Managers to develop value adding techniques to lower cost to Fluor Daniel. In essence. Communicate to the team and the department managers the appropriate project and commercial details of a project. H. the Project Manager should have an understanding of each work process used on his/her project and be able to make proper decisions and fill in for any function when required. III. Hold Team meetings regularly to ensure that the best ideas are implemented and surprises are eliminated. Develop a successful strategy. C. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000a05. Leadership A. H.PROJECT MANAGEMENT . Ensure that all detail work plans are agreeable and coordinated with the overall project plan.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . strategies. G. B. B. Attend and positively participate in company meetings such as monthly reviews. Develop win-win situations. department meetings. D. B. but does provide a guideline of the required skills and capabilities of current and future Project Managers. C. status updates timely and clearly. F. organization and team for a project. Develop and achieve project Key Result Areas (KRA’s) that agree with management and client objectives. This criteria is by no means complete. Supervise the development of a project automation plan and incorporate the plan into the overall project strategy and work processes. Successfully coordinate a project team to a common goal. Set the personal conduct standard and work ethic for a project team by example. F. E. Provide the required company and client reports in a timely and informative fashion. Develop and maintain a Chart of Accounts for a project. II. improve project performance. Be successful as a Project Leader. Present plans. Communications A. C. representing all functions of the project equally. Develop and maintain a good working relationship between the project team and the support departments. E. Small problems often grow into large catastrophes. and increase profits. Ensure the project team is current with project developments and working in a coordinated manner. Develop and maintain a Work Breakdown Structure for a project. I.100. G. D. Lead a project team by example. F. Understand the basic aspects of job of each team member such that his/her problems can be addressed in a appropriate and timely manner. a Project Manager should have demonstrated or be able to demonstrate the following skills: I. etc.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 1 OF 3 ATTACHMENT 05 EPC / PM CRITERIA Criteria for Project Management This criteria described the desired skills and capabilities for members of the Project Management organization.

Project Controls A. E. Promote and enforce safety standards and practices on projects. Perform high level summary estimates. A working knowledge of procurement. Organize and maintain a materials management program from the early engineering planning stage to mechanical completion. D. G. Review. B. Develop and maintain a physical progress monitoring system. D. A working knowledge of the engineering process and techniques. C. A working knowledge of the estimating process. Estimate maintenance during a project. E. A thorough understanding of the sequence and requirements of engineering and design activities. Coordinate estimating efforts into the project team activities.PROJECT MANAGEMENT .PRACTICE 245. K. Analyze schedules for correctness and trends. E. forecast and coordinate manpower. D. directly or indirectly. Plan and coordinate estimates. Engineering A.100. Procurement A. Prepare a CPM logic diagrams. B. A basic ability to read drawings from all disciplines. C. E. Plan and manage expediting and inspection services successfully to support project needs. D. including P&ID’s and single-line diagrams. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000a05. Ensure all company safety practices are in place and observed on projects. Lead a detailed estimating effort. L. Plan. B. A working knowledge of the planning and scheduling process. B.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 2 OF 3 ATTACHMENT 05 IV Estimating A. and present estimates. Coordinate the various information and needs of the engineering disciplines and the balance of the project team. floor space. VIII. F. purchasing and contracting. Review and supervise the project detailed planning and scheduling. A working knowledge of the Fluor Daniel safety standards and requirements. A working knowledge of the cost engineering process. H.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . M. Coordinate contractor activities. Develop a project cash flow and understand the cost impacts. construction input to the engineering designs. N. Communicate regularly the cost and schedule status to the project team. Safety A. C. Calculate and maintain project safety statistics. F. F. Understand and follow the company requirements for approvals and reviews. B. Provide. Develop a cost control and forecasting system for a project. E. J. and equipment needs for engineering. G. D. Prepare and maintain a Management Summary Schedule. validate. V VI. C. Perform a technical and commercial bid tab. Set up and supervise a document control program for a project. I. VII. F. Analyze cost reports for correctness and trends. G. Demonstrate good safety practice and performance. Develop and maintain a scope control/change order practice on projects. C. Prepare a project procurement strategy and plan. Correct early trends.

H. Accounting/Finance A. E. D. Develop and forecast Cost of Cash plans. G. G. K. E.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 3 OF 3 ATTACHMENT 05 IX Construction A. Develop and maintain PFSR’s. Understanding of Accounts Receivables and their collection.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . A working knowledge of construction practices and techniques. C. D. L. B.100. Develop a project profit model. Understanding of Transbills and their cost impacts. Develop a site mob and demob plan. Develop a COP forecasting spreadsheet for a project that is based on the COP producing elements of the contract and can be used for making option analyses and the COP impacts. X XI E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000a05. Report profit impacts of project events and develop a recovery plan. Develop a site indirects plan. Write a contract summary. Organize and implement construction contract strategies. F. E. Write a successful business plan. even when it may be unpopular. Be the business leader on a project. Develop and maintain site policies and work rules. B. Develop and maintain a good client relationship and promote FD. A thorough understanding of the sequence and requirements of construction activities. F. C. layout.PROJECT MANAGEMENT . Manage a project as a business. J. B. Business A. Develop and maintain a project business plan. Understanding of the project billing process. Prepare a successful sales proposal. D. C. F. Promote a business mindset throughout a project team. Transfer of data from accounting to cost engineering. Understand the client and his opportunity for future work.PRACTICE 245. and estimate. I. Organize and review a rigging plan.

100.PROJECT MANAGEMENT .1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 1 OF 1 ATTACHMENT 06 KEY PROJECT DOCUMENT RESPONSIBILITY CHART Project Manager Level 4 KPD’s PEP PPM Lead Discipline Engineer Level 5 DKPD’s DPEP DPPM “RFC” Status Deliverables E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000a06.PRACTICE 245.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL .

PROJECT MANAGEMENT .doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL .100.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 1 OF 1 ATTACHMENT 07 FD Infobase Main Menu ` FD InfoBase Main Menu Master Index Feedback What’s New HELP Functions: 0xx Corporate & Administration General Corporate Office Systems Records Management Quality Assurance Proposal Development CPI Guidebook OPG 1xx 2xx 3xx Project Management Engineering Project Controls 7xx 4xx 5xx 6xx Procurement Construction General Services Human Resources Safety Information Services Finance Operating Companies Biotech/Pharmaceuticals Chemicals.PRACTICE 245. Plastics & Fibers Environmental (ESOC) Mining & Metals Government Services Power Generation (PGOC) Petroleum & Petrochemicals Telecomm Note!!! Materials printed from the FD InfoBase are controlled!!! The latest revision of a document is the electronic version found in the InfoBase. E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000a07.

1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 1 OF 2 ATTACHMENT 08 DIP INVOLVED PARTIES MATRIX INVOLVED PARTIES Information Systems Computer Controls Quality Assurance Control Systems Project Controls Construction Procurement Accounting Mechanical Structural PRACTICE NO.PRACTICE 245.000.0202 245.0205 245.PROJECT MANAGEMENT Contracts Electrical Process Project Piping Sales TDC . 245.0103 245.0703 245.000.100. Lubricants and Preservatives Selection and Purchase Procedure Mechanical Summary of Heat Treatment and Related Requirements for Welded Piping Mechanical Selection of Materials and Preventive Measures for Corrosives and other Special Environments HVAC Installations Mechanical Noise Control Stoomwezen Coordination Procedure Control Systems Preparation of RFQ’s and PO’s for InLine Instruments Piping Preparation of Plotplan Piping Location Control Plan Piping Foundation Settlement and Piping and Equipment Design Handling of Material Certificates Administration by TDC Piping Combined Underground and Paving Plans (CUPP) Piping Equipment Nozzle Loadings Piping Equipment Nozzle Properties Handling of Material Certificates Administration by Construction Handling of Electric Motors as part of a Mechanical Package Prefabricated and Pre-assembled Substations and Process Control Building Analysis of Multiple Discipline Structural Systems Structural Fixing Devices for Equipment Leveling and Grouting of Equipment and Steel Structures • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000a08.000.0107 245.000. 245.0301 245.0001D 245.0505 245.0210 245.0503 245.0211 245.0702 245.000.0504 245.0511 245.0704 TITLE Package Unit Execution Preparation and Issue of Process Flow Diagrams Preparation and Issue of Mechanical Flow Diagrams and Line List Preparation Equipment Duty Specification Preparation and Issue of Process Heat Tracing and Jacketing Process Development and Preparation of Area Classification Drawings Spare Parts.000.0101 245.0209 245.doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . 245.000.0510 245.0102 245.

doc DEPARTMENTAL QUALITY MANUAL . Plant Manuals.100.1114 245.1205 245.1207 245.000.1206 245.1208 245.1210 245. Shortages Losses and Damages Preparation of Request for Quotation thru to Purchase Order Project Contract Plan.000.1000 PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1998 PAGE 2 OF 2 ATTACHMENT 08 DIP INVOLVED PARTIES MATRIX INVOLVED PARTIES Information Systems Computer Controls Quality Assurance Control Systems Project Controls Construction Procurement Accounting Mechanical Structural 245.PRACTICE 245. Contract Preparation Computer Data Retention Proposal Development and Client Presentations • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • E:\PDFs for installation\000\2451001000a08.000.PROJECT MANAGEMENT Contracts Electrical Process Project Piping Sales TDC .000.2104 245.000. Preparation and Distribution Project Revamp Planning Project Control Scheduling Front-End Schedule Project Controls Scheduling Project Management Schedules Project Controls Scheduling Project Levels Schedules Discipline Control Level Schedules (DCLS) Project Controls Scheduling Manhour Expenditure Control Discipline Control Report (DCR) Purchasing Overages.1209 245.4101 245.2501 245.000.1104 245.

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