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Appaloosa Library features color changing metal skin

Metallic Mirage
+ 3-D Modeling in Sin City + Daylighting in D.C. + Market Feature: Education


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Introducing Kawneer’s new AA®3350 ISOPORT® Window. No matter how you do the math, Kawneer’s AA®3350 ISOPORT® Window delivers greater energy efficiency to schools, hospitals, public buildings or any commercial application. All of these features, like the innovative thermal break design and factory glazing add up to outstanding thermal performance and great value in a highly versatile window.

Architectural Aluminum Systems Entrances + Framing Curtain Walls Windows

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Volume 26 Number 2

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Enormous Metal Designs Around the World

Architectural and engineering excellence is on display all over the world, but there may be no better—or bigger—examples than the Burj-Khalifa Tower and the Las Vegas City Center. The Burj-Khalifa Tower, formerly the Burj Dubai Tower, is the world’s tallest building, standing 2,717 feet (828 meters). It is a gleaming example of “extreme” metal architecture as it boasts 24,348 exterior aluminum panels forming a curtainwall covering 1,422,927 square feet (132,190 m2 ). Simply put, this project was immense, and you’ll find out all the details of what went into this record-breaking achievement in our April issue. Not to be outdone, Las Vegas is now home to its own record-breaking example of modern metal architecture with the CityCenter, a multi-use retail and residential compound located in the heart of the famed Las Vegas Strip. You’ll find a taste of what went into designing this project— the largest project in the history of Las Vegas to implement BIM and 3-D modeling—on page 14 in our Architect Tools section. Another project of note is the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wis. This tribute to the famous two-wheelers is featured on page 52 in our Design Ideas section where we spotlight the creative use of metal in unexpected ways. Metal is the prevailing material in this unique structure that boasts an exterior steel skeleton and galvanized close-mesh bar grating in the interior grand staircase. Finally, check out our new and improved website, www.MetalArchitecture.com, for new content, daily news, issue archives and our brand new blogs where you can interact directly with our editorial team. Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/MArchitecture.

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February 2010







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eet Lamtec. The champ of top quality laminated insulation facings. Perfectly designed facings for all your metal building job site requirements. Our three top heavyweight contenders in the main event are: Lamtec WMP-VR, WMP-10 and WMP-50. With a strong woven blend of polyester and fiberglass reinforcing‚ these UL classified facings have the extra toughness and durability to face even the roughest installers. Lamtec. The winner and undisputed champ of WMP fiberglass insulation facings.





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BARTLEY-CHESTER ROAD, P.O. BOX 37, FLANDERS, NJ 07836-0037 1-800-852-6832 • 973-584-5500 • FAX: 973-584-5178 • www.lamtec.com
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February 2010

volume 26 number 2


architect tools: 3-D in Sin City
Las Vegas’ CityCenter is one of the latest and largest projects to benefit from 3-D modeling technology. By Brendan O’Neill

16 cover story: Metallic Mirage


An iridescent coating on the metal skin of a modern library creates a mirage in the desert. By Stefan Schumacher

22 special report: Skating to the Silver
Employing an energy-efficient façade to provide both insulation and daylighting, the Richmond Olympic Oval, located just south of Vancouver, is a hallmark of unique architecture and sustainability for the 2010 Winter Olympics. By Mindi Zissman

24 product focus: Daylighting D.C.
An office building on Washington, D.C.’s famed K Street fills a triangular-shaped void with creative design. Sunshades and a curtainwall system help it meet its energy objectives. By Marcy Marro

26 the drawing board: Hospital of the Future
Evidence-based design was used to create the Palomar Medical Center West in Escondido, Calif. The sustainable garden hospital features plenty of natural light and plantings as a therapeutic element for patients and staff. By Marcy Marro


50 design ideas: Counter-Culture Classic
Located near Milwaukee’s factory district, The Harley-Davidson Museum is a vision of how architectural metal is used creatively to reflect the celebrated company’s industrial tradition. By Mary Estes

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30 market feature: education 53 new arrivals 54 ad index/classifieds 56 top honors

on the cover
The panels on a desert-based library change colors.

Appaloosa Library features color changing metal skin

Metallic Mirage
+ 3-D Modeling in Sin City + Daylighting in D.C. + Market Feature: Education



February 2010



com and call 800-255-0776. Allow us to help you design more energy efficient buildings that Allow bottom line savings more energy efficient buildings that provideus to help you designwhich your customers will love and you provide bottom line savings which the customers of ownership! will be proud to design. us at: OSHA OSHA accepted accepted FREE WITH THE FREE WITH THE SIMPLE SAVER SYSTEM SIMPLE SAVER SYSTEM Superior Insulation Superior Insulation Performance Stops 90% of heat transfer Performance Finished Appearance Clean attractive interior Finished Appearance OSHA Accepted Patented Accepted OSHA fall protection fall Patented system protection system Clean attractive interior Stops 90% of heat transfer Energy Code Compliant Easily surpasses Compliant Energy Code the most stringent local. Madison. foot with may also be certified for tax savings of 60 cents per square Buildings IRS approved software. Our Synergy Design™ Experts will optimize your projects for the Our Synergy Design™ Experts will optimize your projects for the offsetting savings. WITHDIFFERENCE SAVER SYSTEM WITH THE SIMPLE SAVER SYSTEM Circle #5 on reader service card. We featurecreating the space required for full insulation expansion. state and Easily surpasses the most government requirements stringent local.com . Meeting stringent new energy codes is guaranteed with the proper hot Meeting stringent new System.com and call 800-255-0776.thermaldesign. The Simple Saver Insulation System is designed to solve problems The Simple Saver insulating methods designed to solve problems with the traditional Insulation System isby isolating the conductive with the traditional creating methods by isolating the conductive purlins and girts andinsulatingthe space required for full insulation purlins and girts and high quality JM Formaldehyde-free™ fiber expansion. The result isyour lowest cost will love and you will be proud to design.thermaldesign. We glass insulation. keep the tax savings for non-profit approved software. NE 68748 Ph: (800) 255-0776 Madison. Simple Saver System Traditional 601 North Main St. Designers get to keep the tax savings for non-profit or government owned buildings.com Ph: (800) 255-0776 www. Buildings may also be certified for tax savings of offsetting savings. 50% 50% per year per year Reduce energy Reduce to costs up energy costs up to reduced utility bills Uniform temperatures and reduced utility bills Brighter Interiors Up to 85% light reflectivity Brighter Interiors Sound Absorption 75% noise reduction Sound Absorption 75% noise reduction Up to 85% light reflectivity Prevents Condensation Properly placed and sealed Prevents Condensation vapor retarder and sealed Properly placed vapor retarder THE DIFFERENCE IS SIMPLE. efficient building designs. Designers get to 60 cents per square foot with IRS or government owned buildings. feature high quality JM Formaldehyde-free™ fiber glass insulation. The result is the lowest cost of ownership! For design assistance and a free energy cost optimization visit us at: For design assistance and a free energy cost optimization visit www.. THE THE SIMPLE IS SIMPLE.thermaldesign. box tested Simple Saverenergy codes is guaranteed with the proper hot box tested Simple Saver System.. sales@thermaldesign.Simple Simple Saver Saver System System White never White never looked so looked so Green Green Fall protection Fall protection system that is system that is ® ® SPECIFY THE SIMPLE SAVER SYSTEM SPECIFY THE PERFORMANCE & LOWEST COST! FOR OPTIMUMSIMPLE SAVER SYSTEM FOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE & LOWEST COST! The Simple Saver System was developed to provide designers and The Simple Saver System was solution for attractive and energy building owners a cost effective developed to provide designers and building owners a cost effective solution for attractive and energy efficient building designs. state and government requirements Lower HVAC Cost 50% reduction inCost Lower HVAC equipment Increased Comfort Uniform temperatures and Increased Comfort and maintenance equipment 50% reduction in and maintenance www.com sales@thermaldesign. NE 68748 601 North Main St.

com scours the relevant information outlets to bring you the most up-to-date industry news you need to know. manufacturers or service providers that fit your needs.MetalArchitecture.metalarchitecture.com What to watch for this month on the metal architecture industry’s premier online resource. MetalArchitecture. features and issue-driven information in a concise video format. Blogs Our editorial team provides exclusive news analysis. www.February 2010 volume 26 number 2 Online Contents www. multi-media Video Each week our editors will present a newscast highlighting the most important news. Circle #6 on reader service card.com February 2010 METAL ARCHITECTURE 7 . deciphering the issues of the week to offer their take on how recent events will affect the industry. supplier spotlight Search our extensive online database for metal product suppliers. features 2010 State of the Metal Architecture Industry Metal Architecture asked industry experts from both the construction and architecture markets for their opinions on the present and future of metal construction. including trends. news Daily News Every day. technology and predictions.

COO. there’s no employees. Alfred Benesch has done a good job of fortifying its backlog. “I believe the firms in the transportation sector have had a little more opportunity than the people who are completely private. We eliminated the position of CFO by assigning those duties to the CEO.000 to $138. Michael Goodkind.com . the 230-person civil. the firm: Growing Backlog Because 85 percent of the firm’s work is in the transportation market. we’ve been out there winning our fair share of new work.com. The more diverse we are. Kweder and Carrato have both served on the board of directors for 15 years. the former president. All three are still serving on the board of directors. we’ve set a goal to achieve a more distributed ownership. You don’t have two or three or four or five people who own 65 percent of the firm where it’s tempting to sell the firm.000. • Transitioned from one finance and accounting system to another (Advantage to Deltek Vision). Details can be found at www.” Carrato said. there are success stories out there among small and mid-sized firms. It also helps us attract talented people because we are able to clearly articulate the culture and values of the company. our people are everything. We put a very high premium on doing quality work. “We’re trying to look at the big picture and what provides stability for our employees in the long run. Jack Kweder. Antoine Karam is staying in his role of corporate business development and Muthiah Kasi. “In the past. there are no clients. There’s a lot of mutual respect among the leaders. and without the relationships forged by our employees that create confidence in their abilities. Of course. Because of the quality work we do. • Grew a sizable backlog while most other firm backlogs are declining. Conclusion Carrato believes the firm’s strategic planning process helped the firm get to where it is today. Our numbers continue to go up. Our whole approach to business is building enduring relationships with our clients and having quality employees. who took Carrato’s role as Chicago division manager. laying off employees or selling to a megafirm. the new leaders were in their roles and the former leaders served as advisors. you aren’t getting a second job. without our company. The transition took place over a two-year period where in the first year. We were successful going into this transition and we continue to be successful. there’s no company. with the thought that without our clients.Knowing All The Angles Alfred Benesch & Co. will continue to serve as chairman of the board. and employee. You can do the job. the better positioned we will be to weather economic downturns. Mass. for example. our business development efforts slowed. Carrato said the firm has ramped up its business development efforts. president and CEO of the 63-year-old company.” “For us. “The transition has been harmonious. “We work very much in a team environment. the former COO.” To do that. most of it in the public sector. We arranged them by client. “We’ve transitioned the president to me and COO to Jack Kweder. company. Over the past year and a half.psmj. Succeeds During Troubling Times By Ed Hannan ond year.” Ed Hannan is vice president of publishing at PSMJ Resources Inc. That being said. That’s a self-fulfilling thing after a while. In the sec8 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 “We are very successful in getting work. has been with the company for a quarter century.” Carrato said. which is just coming to a close. As we continue to age as a firm. One of the things that came out of the strategic planning process was that we tried to put down in words what our core values were. We spoke with John Carrato. “We were fortunate to build a good backlog before the downturn came. is in his 30th year. is serving as an executive vice president in corporate development.” Carrato said. but if you don’t do the job well. Confirming that we are a practice-centered business was helpful. but the incoming leadership was involved in the decision-making process. We’re trying to increase our business development efforts while we’re strong and at the same time ensure that we have the capacity to perform the work. It makes our decision-making process easier when it comes to deciding what types of projects to pursue. We’ve seen a lot of firms who do work for developers just shrivel up.metalarchitecture.. Growing the Firm Transitioning Leadership There were four corporate officers leading the company prior to the transition to the fifth generation of leadership in 2008. Carrato is in his 29th year with Alfred Benesch. even in one of the worst economies we’ve seen in our lifetime. to find out what the firm is doing right and here is what he had to say.” You don’t have to look very hard to find stories of A /E firms closing their doors. structural and environmental engineering firm Alfred Benesch & Co. We need to be more diverse with our practice areas. • Grew from 198 people to 230 people. We’re making a concerted effort to change that philosophy. it always helps when the company is doing well. everyone stayed in their then-current roles. Quality clients and talented employees are what make our company successful. Chicago. Take. Kevin Fitzpatrick. in Newton.” www.” The company benefits from the long tenures of its leaders. when we got busy. Greg Brennan who took over Kweder’s role as Pottsville division manager has been with the company for 29 years. • Increased its net revenue per full-time employee from $128.” • Successfully transitioned firm leadership. and the people we’ve been able to bring in. In fact. “We believe we’ve gotten past the ‘take the money and run’ mentality.

All under one roof Its amenities are first-class. . TX: 1 800 441 8661 Acworth. for a properly trimmed eave detail and labor savings.com Elk Grove Village. MD: 1 800 344 1400 Tyler. MN: 877 571 2025 Circle #7 on reader service card. DE Kishimoto. Most colors meet LEED®. GA: 1 800 272 4482 Fridley. Ocean View.PAC-CLAD. See us at the IRE Show! Booth 1712 www. SNAP-CLAD™ panel roofing systems feature: • UL 90 classification over a wide variety of substrates and assemblies • Continuous interlock for improved structural performance and wind resistance • Concealed fastener clip system for added hold-down strength • 1-3/4” leg height • PAC-CLAD. Dalaya PC Architects Main Street Commercial General Contractor SNAP-CLAD Panel Roofing System in Silver SNAP-CLAD™ is available in 37 colors on aluminum and steel. Gordon. ENERGY STAR®. and cool roof certification. but look a bit higher to see what truly makes this clubhouse state-of-the-art. Also available with eave notching. IL: 1 800 PAC CLAD Annapolis Junction. Valspar Fluropon™ coating with coastal aluminum finish warranty available Bay Forest Clubhouse.

because you don’t know which one of them is going to make a difference.” “I don’t understand. what I mean is that the ‘needs and wants’ of your target market change.” the King said. “Here’s another point. With the exception of an occasional guest appearance by the author. everyone’s favorite owner. let’s sit down by this field and talk about the future. also meaning your workouts become easy. This also means you might be considering different delivery options. teachers and preachers were once respected members of our community. I’ll tell that to the author. The King ignored him. Igor. 1 architect. We can see everything from here. and Slide Rule of Building Blocks Inc. In fact. Now. Doctors. of what works and what doesn’t work. “So what you’re saying is we need to vary our marketing to our prospects so they don’t become used to Ronald A.” The all-knowing King smiled. “So instead of using electronic mail. and his contractor.. “Let me explain it to you. And because there is always change we need to hit them from different angles but also with different messages. “You’ve got it.” “Thank you Slide. Let me give you an example. It’s too expensive to change. new date. “But your Majesty.” the King replied. “I like this spot. “Slide. your body responds and it becomes easy.” the King stated. Igor agreed. Marketing is an expense. any similarity to actual events or people living or dead is purely coincidental. Marketing is an ever changing sea of dreams. “Yup. “This is the life. “So Igor.” “Big mistake. Characters are inspired in part by Gary Larson’s Far Side. test your tactics and use a variety of marketing solutions.” “I’m so confused. asked. The King headed over toward a grassy knoll and his servants raced ahead of him to put down some large pieces of heavy cloth to make their King more comfortable. say like a scorecard. what do we do?” Igor asked. which means after awhile they will start to ignore our message. because when the market comes back they will remember you. “I’m not. and besides.” “Very good Igor.” Slide was now interested.” Slide replied. That will really surprise them. Igor. Igor was rather surprised and somewhat upset. Slide? Are you making any changes?” “Nope. Everything!” “Everything?” Igor questioned. who had been paying attention. “You should write a book on marketing. You must keep your marketing message current.” “That’s good. The King waved his hand and watered down wine 10 was immediately served. You never know which marketing tactic is going to work.” “Perfect. Slide Rule..” Slide said. Igor. joined the King on the grassy knoll. not just one over and over.” the King said. I might actually use a postcard mailing through the snail mail. McKenzie This is an ongoing story of encounters between the King. McKenzie is director of business development for ARCON Associates Inc. Preachers preach about what is being taught in schools while the teachers are not allowed to mention churches.” the King stated.” The King was getting excited that his marketing message is getting through. think of it this way. how are you going to change your marketing this year?” the King asked. These coaches say you should vary your exercise routine so you are hitting different muscles at different times.” “So. “Well. “But you’re missing a huge opportunity because you still need to surround your prospects with your marketing message. which allows us to market to them. And that’s because we are keeping track of what their needs and wants are. Especially now. his architect. Igor. let me put it this way.com . Anyway. “You must do two things.” Slide flexed his arm and looked at his bicep. Everything changes and you need to market as many ways as you can. I’m not going to change anything. reflecting your marketing intelligence of the current trends.” “How so?” Igor asked. The result is you become better fit.metalarchitecture. “Well.” Igor and Slide agreed with the King and settled back to enjoy the rest and conversation. or hitting different muscles in different ways. It has a nice picket fence and we can view the road that comes from the left and goes downhill and away from us. lawyers. the Kings No. of Moat Designs Ltd.” Mike Stanfill METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 www. doctors live in fear of lawyers who live well off the doctors. I may cut it down a bit. He has made nationwide presentations about the subject of thought leadership relative to strategic planning. a Chicago-area full-service architectural firm. Understand.Firm Strategies Marketing Change By Ronald A. yes. Is that it?” “Yes. everything in life changes. we cannot change.. what’s the point? There’s a structural economic recession going on throughout the Kingdom. Exercise coaches say that you should vary your workout because if you do the same thing over and over again. If you did know you could become very wealthy very fast.” Igor said.” “How about you. one way we deliver a message. Same story. “So you want us to keep track.

. and check out our roster of members.com. PA 15144 1-888-PPG-IDEA www. 151 Colfax Street. in the right color. 151 Colfax Street.ryerson. now it’s easier than ever to make 877-638-3266 877-638-3266 www. PPG/CMPP uses stringent auditing. PPG/CMPPuses stringent auditing. Learn more in our “Color Considerations” white paper.com Specify and truSt ppG certified panel manufacturerS Specify and truSt ppG certified panel manufacturerS 800-841-7774 800-841-7774 www.ppgcmpp.alcancomposites. It’s all part PPG’s ongoing effort to bring you access to reliable. Circle #8 on reader service card. Duranar and PPG are registered trademarks and IdeaScapes is a trademark owned by PPG Industries. Duranar and PPG are registered trademarks and IdeaScapes is a trademark owned by PPG Industries. PA 15144 1-888-PPG-IDEA www. KY 2010 Booth #43 9 PPG Industries. Springdale.kingspanpanels. impression — consistently.ppgideascapes. right when you need them.us www. Inc.alcoa.com/aap Insist on working with members of the all-new Certified Metal Insist on working with members of the all-new Certified Metal Panel Program — featuring Duranar® Coil Coatings. certified solutions for nearly every part ofof PPG’s ongoing effort to bringyou access to reliable. at www. Inc. right when you need them.us 800-328-7800 www. Download it today. Now there’s a better way for architects to get consistent. Learn more in our “Color Considerations” white paper.alcoa. testing and sampling procedures coil coated metal panels. testing and sampling procedures to to make sure you get the panels youneed. Inc. certified solutions for nearly every surface of your building.com.ppgideascapes. Inc. durable color from their better way for architects to get consistent. durable color from their coil coated metal panels. NFBA Ann ual Con Louisville vention .kingspanpanels.com/aap www. Feb 17-19.alcancomposites.introducing the ppg certified metal panel program: panel program: introducing the ppg certified now it’s easier than ever to make a lasting impression — consistently.com 800-626-3365 www. Download it surface of your building.com PPG Industries.com . It’s all make sure you get the panels you need. Springdale.com 800-626-3365 www.ryerson. in the right color. today. Now there’s a Panel Program — featuring Duranar® Coil Coatings. at www. and check out our roster of members.ppgcmpp..com 800-328-7800 www.

specification sheets. “Our new Web site is an exciting support tool that gives our customers the tools and materials they need. “We are pleased to formally unite the Kingspan ASI and API division names under the Kingspan Insulated Panels designation.. we feel that a unified name will help streamline our offering and brand identity.. in part. thus increasing a building’s energy performance. contractors and installers in the building design and construction industry. you can search an extensive database of articles and industry releases on all things related to sustainable practices. provides the design professional with a resource to learn all about Atlas and how its Polyiso insulation products can improve energy efficiency while reducing energy costs.” said Blake Batkoff. institutional building categories will fare better over this period. recently launched its new Web site. economy is beginning to improve. the institutional sector will see far less dramatic declines and should help lead the construction industry into recovery in 2011. Green Building Council LEED credits. Calif. recovery for nonresidential construction activity typically takes longer. reports: “In today’s economic environment. The Kingspan name is synonymous with providing products of aesthetic quality and durability. national accounts/marketing manager for Petersen. “Given Petersen’s expertise and reputation in the architectural metal construction market. Ill.greenpolyiso. case studies.com. semi-annual Consensus Construction Forecast. “Hardest hit will be the commercial and industrial sectors with projected declines in the 20 percent range for 2010 in most building categories. D. Since the acquisition. industry related links and product literature.” according to Mark James. to federal stimulus spending. Led by the health care market.” a brochure providing architects.. This change was effective Jan.metaltech-usa. that serves as a comprehensive source of information for owners. At www.metalarchitecture. As a cost-effective.” Garland delivers rooftop coating solutions The Garland Co. Fla.” Among the Web site’s user-friendly features and benefits are: • • • • An expanded product section. Kingspan panels reduce construction time by up to 50 percent when compared to traditional multipart systems. 11.S.-based Roof Hugger’s retrofit framing systems. energy-efficient solution for the building envelope. Downloadable brochures. The proactive use of protective coatings to maintain and enhance roof surfaces can significantly reduce the long-term costs of ownership for high-performance roofs.S. Atlas Roofing provides design resource A new Web site for Atlanta-based Atlas Roofing.” said Nils Simonsen.com. the retrofit market is quite significant to us. including its API and ASI divisions. market. CEO. recently released “Garland Coating Solutions.. moisture control and color retention. and consistently contribute to U. The system can satisfy new building code design loads for upgrading to current gravity and wind uplift requirements. An online quotation form for quick and easy submission of estimates. Peachtree City. installation guides and Division 7 materials. “While our core business has always been metal roofing and wall systems for new construction. Underpinning the clean. “This strategic partnership with Roof Hugger allows us to expand our product offerings by providing high performance ‘metal over metal’ systems to our customers. You can also find specifications.” The patented Roof Hugger sub-framing system offers notched sub-purlins designed to retrofit over existing metal and conventional roofs. a survey of the nation’s leading construction forecasters. “When economies emerge from this prolonged recession.” said AIA Chief Economist. Thanks. Nonresidential construction decline projected for 2010 Despite signs that the overall U. designers. Ph.8 percent in 2011 in inflation adjusted terms. we expect this relationship to yield an increase in retrofit roofing systems on projects seeking aesthetic and energy-efficient upgrades. Kermit Baker.greenpolyiso. Honorary AIA. Roof Hugger vice president of sales & marketing. timely restorations offer a lot of dollars-and-cents benefits by extending the service life of a roof before eventual tear-off and replacement. These are highlights from the American Institute of Architects.4 percent in 2010 with a marginal increase of 1. Kingspan’s insulated wall and roof systems provide the easiest and most economical route to reducing building energy costs.S. such as reflectivity. sustainability. codes. com. new look is expanded and informative content including information about EcoChoice. A project gallery featuring MetalTech-USA projects across the USA. amongst others. “We’re committed to growing the site by continually adding relevant content. The site features MetalTech-USA’s new branding identity and improved navigation. restore and maintain roofs. 2010. Fla. Inc.com ..” MetalTech-USA Web site’s new identity MetalTech-USA.. has entered into a strategic marketing agreement to sell Lutz. 12 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 www. Washington. while helping customers differentiate coatings solutions according to specific performance requirements.” said Louise Foody. the company retained these well-known brand names as it introduced Kingspan to the U. Kingspan ASI and Kingspan API announced an official name change to Kingspan Insulated Panels.C. MetalTechUSA. marketing manager for Kingspan Insulated Panels. Commercial and industrial projects will continue to see the most significant decrease in activity.Industry News Kingspan ASI and API officially change company name to Kingspan Insulated Panels To reinforce its brand as an integrated company. Joe Mellott. The brochure analyzes the cost-to-value benefits of using coatings to enhance. Kingspan Insulated Panels serves the commercial and industrial and cold storage market out of Modesto. Adding thicker polyiso insulation can have one of the largest impacts on sealing up the building envelope. Kingspan Insulated Panels acquired MeTecno USA in August 2008. the company’s line of sustainable metal products. nonresidential construction spending is expected to decrease by 13. Kingspan insulated panels provide thermal performance.” Petersen and Roof Hugger announce marketing partnership Petersen Aluminum Corp. The architectural division will retain its brand name of Kingspan Benchmark. www. airtightness and moisture control. Elk Grove Village. and Deland. building owners and specifiers with an overview of the numerous coating technologies available to enhance the performance and extend the life of commercial roofs. Ga. chemical resistance. Garland’s director of technology.. “As Kingspan continues to provide customers throughout North America with innovative products and quality service.D. Cleveland-based manufacturer and distributor of high-performance solutions for the commercial building envelope. www.

The AAMA 2604 standard is equivalent to 50 percent Kynar or 50 percent fluoropolymer liquid paint finish in performance.” said Steve Chen. Calif. Modern Trade Magazine 1/3 Page.com February 2010 METAL ARCHITECTURE 13 . visit: (312) 422-3800 I www. “This is just another in the continuing series of bold steps to upgrade our product offerings and improve value for our trade customers and users of our windows. data sheets and much more.A. visit www. The new Crystal standard AAMA 2604 powder coat finish applies to the company’s entire product line of aluminum windows and doors.aamanet. to join them in taking part in the program. For information. design and construction/renovation process. tall CMR_1/3pgARCHITECTad28Dec09 www. 14-17.Y. San Diego The PDC. New Orleans Bringing roofing professionals face-to-face with manufacturers. is inviting community members and customers. the highest-level executive of a Fortune 500 company to become a whistleblower in U.net Or. This forum offers the collaboration of all professionals involved in the PDC process.ashe. CEO’s. facility managers. 22-24. By making the AAMA 2604 finish standard for our complete aluminum product line. Starlight 7J – L. Make an Impact will be introduced to Kawneer’s North American locations over the next year. opened September 2009 Contrarian Metal Resources offers an unrivaled selection of architectural finishes in stainless steel. His presentation will focus on his experiences and the importance of personal and business ethics.com/ makeanimpact—with tips. Seeds metalresources. Flushing.S. held at the San Diego Convention Center. held at the JW Marriott Desert Springs. Kawneer.Crystal upgrades all aluminum Events products to AAMA 2604 Paint Finish American Architectural Manufacturers Crystal Window & Door Systems. After turning informant in 1992. executive vice president for Crystal. glaziers and building and construction industry stakeholders throughout North America.kawneer. The Make an Impact program was initially developed for Alcoa employees and their families. Design and Construction March 14-17. CFO’s contractors. tools and resources on how to reduce energy bills and live more sustainably. nurses and more.. The conference. building on its commitment to provide sustainable solutions. inform and entertain. PA 15101 Circle #9 on reader service card.theroofingexpo. The no-cost upgrade represents a substantial improvement in value. N.com International Conference and Exhibition on Health Facility Planning. The AAMA 2604 standard requires applicators to test samples and prove durability in the critical areas of salt spray and humidity resistance..org InvariMatte® Alcoa’s Kawneer business launches environmental program Alcoa’s Kawneer business located in Norcross. Even on projects where an enhanced finish is not specified. architects and building owners. Custom-built carbon calculator featuring individual “footprint” analysis and personalized action planning. samples.org International Roofing Expo Feb.125 in.875 in. Palm Desert. across all standard and optional colors. call us toll-free: 866-360-5100 CONTRARIAN METAL RESOURCES 51 QSi Lane Allison Park. wide x 11. and a Comprehensive outreach program of localized interactive workshops. using Crystal products with the AAMA 2604 powder coat paint is a definite advantage for bidding installers. TRULY SUSTAINABLE METALS (847) 303-5664 I www. Kawneer is the leading manufacturer of architectural aluminum building products and systems for commercial construction. To find out more about Make an Impact.metalarchitecture. donning a wire everyday in one of the largest price-fixing cases in history. including architects. since AAMA 2604 is an enhanced durability performance standard and a significant step up from typical aluminum window paint coatings. “The enhanced AAMA paint finish durability standards for aluminum windows are increasingly requested by sophisticated fenestration installers. aims to provide attendees with innovative concepts and practical tools that can be used to resolve challenges during the health facility planning.. and retention of color and gloss. • • Make an Impact includes an: • Interactive Web site—www. will feature keynote speaker Mark Whitacre. (866) 860-1970 I www. Arlington. titanium and other alloys. an interactive environmental program designed to help individuals manage their carbon footprint and reduce energy costs.com/makeanimpact. history. Va. Full Color (CMYK) AD Size: 3.” Association Annual Conference Feb. suppliers and service providers in a highimpact selling environment designed to inspire. this is one event you cannot miss! The expo will take place at the Morial Convention Center. Powder coating has the advantage of being a more environmentally sensitive process than liquid painting.kawneer. Whitacre then worked undercover with the FBI for three years. Also convening during the Annual Conference is the AAMA Green and Sustainability Specification Development Task Group. Ga. Kawneer is the first Alcoa business to launch Make an Impact in North America. High School #9. to launch Make an Impact. including architects. Beginning with Kawneer North America’s headquarters in Norcross. has joined together with the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. announced that it has upgraded the standard powder coat paint finish offered on all its aluminum products to comply with the national American Architectural Manufacturers Association Specification 2604: High Performance Organic Coatings on Aluminum Extrusions and Panels. Crystal is positioning itself ahead of most manufacturers in the fenestration industry.

the roof is what elevates the project into a class of its own. vice president of operations-special projects for Perini. orchestrating around-theclock construction logistics. New York. deployed the Cisco Unified Computing System on the project.. Sylmar. and coordinating over 10. Sylmar. Las Vegas’ CityCenter is one of the latest—and largest—projects to benefit from 3-D modeling technology CityCenter was the largest project in the history of Las Vegas to implement building information modeling and 3-D modeling for construction coordination..Architect Tools 3-D in Sin City By Brendan O’Neill Las Vegas is home to a wide array of large buildings boasting unique architecture and the creative use of metal products. As MEP drawings were updated and shared. through its parent corporation Tutor Perini Corp. The structural steel facility includes a one level below-grade garage and three levels of retail and a one-of-a-kind roof. Perini Building Co. Dining in 3-D The most extensive use of 3-D modeling and BIM implemented at CityCenter was on Crystals. curving trusses and straight members that do not 14 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 www. dining and residential complex in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. including walls. electrical and pumping coordination. Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management software was utilized for scheduling and logistics. It is the largest private development.metalarchitecture.921-m2 ) retail and dining facility. the majority of the MEP challenges/obstacles had been resolved before construction started.” Visualizing thousands of interwoven components also encourages innovation among team members. The roof is made up of thousands of leaning columns..com . CityCenter is a project of firsts. Crystals’ extremely complex design required the use of advanced technology—BIM and 3-D rendering—and coordination for steel fabrication and erection. deployed. in addition to Prolog Construction Project Management software. The garage and levels one through three of Crystals are made with typical grid steel-frame construction. the largest green development and is also one of the most technically savvy projects in the nation. a 645. Perini encouraged its subcontractors to recommend ideas and solutions resulting in a more streamlined construction effort. Perini. According to Miller.” said Joe Miller. including tracking and updating budgets. Calif. Three-dimensional modeling helps to limit installation conflicts in the field and enhances field coordination and scheduling logistics. a mixed-use retail. utilized an array of project management and construction-modeling software tools to manage millions of pieces of information.000 construction craftspeople working on-site. “The ability to visualize the exact placement of thousands of MEP components on the 18 million-square-foot project and graphically depict how they overlap in advance of construction is a powerful tool.000-square-foot (59. With literally thousands of activities happening hourly on the 8 million-square-foot (1. concrete slabs. When construction started. Designed by Studio Daniel Libeskind. “Modeling in 3-D allowed Perini to draw structural elements that impacted mechanical.7 million-m2) project. Now it also boasts CityCenter. exteriors and structural steel.

In total. and structural engineer Halcrow Yolles. Co. which would have impacted the project’s completion schedule. The roof actually consists of 19 separate roofs that are intermingled and overlap one another.line up with any other piece of steel. Three-dimensional let us see these and fix the problems. It includes 13 planar roofs and six dramatically sloped arcade roofs that were the most complex element of the project.. more than 10.000 craftspeople and a professional staff of more than 500 people. BDS Steel Detailers. With literally thousands of activities taking place hourly. . With that said. Each of these connections then had to be manually modeled into the Tekla Structures software—a steel detailing program—as no single macro could accommodate these variations. “Another big advantage of 3-D and its role in structural steel was the ability to see the exterior stainless-steel cladding. Without the use of technology the project would have been too cost prohibitive to plan and build. the fabricator and erector. technology was imperative to efficiently manage the millions of pieces of information..455 pieces of steel were input into Tekla software. the connections of the lower floors were standard but the roof system required distinctive solutions at almost all end-points. According to Mike Nunn. and manpower coordination. including tracking and updating budgets. The Crystals roof has no right angles. We literally had structural steel members on 3-D sticking through the exterior skin and poking out through interior drywall walls.com Circle #10 on reader service card. Technology also enabled Perini to deliver CityCenter on time in just three years and eight months. www. interior gypsum drywall and metal stud framing conflicts at the design stage rather than during the costly construction phase. Las Vegas. 230 subcontracting firms. More than 500 unique sketches were generated for these roof connections. Phoenix. a program that interfaces with other programs such as Revit and AutoCad that created BIM models for all of the trades and consultants working on Crystals. nor does it follow a pattern or have any repetitive placements of steel. To complete the project. Tempe. Perini utilized an array of project management and construction-modeling software tools to track a record 50 million construction hours.” Added Dick Rizzo. 16. coordination and logistics were perhaps the most significant challenges of CityCenter. those involved liken the construction of CityCenter to building 12 major resort properties all opening at one time. Similarly. project engineer for Schuff Steel. orchestrating around-the-clock construction logistics. Calif.” Technology Helps Manage Size and Scope To help convey the size of this project. Ariz.” said Gary Provencher. spent 12 months in a design-assist capacity strategically planning the project using advanced BIM technology. vice chairman of Perini: “Threedimensional modeling was imperative on this project. “Crystals was similar to planning and building a complicated 3-D jigsaw puzzle: Every piece had to fit perfectly. Tutor Perini Corporation Sylmar.tutorperini. project executive for Perini.

” 16 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 www. of Douglas Sydnor Architect and Associates. the building’s metal skin—20. AIA. of DWL Architects + Planners Inc.000 square feet (1. Scottsdale.metalarchitecture. the idea of a mirage that just kind of hovers and doesn’t disturb the site … offers a different kind of quality than any other kind of building. and then as you get off to an angle you see a grayish green. with the crispness of steel design.com . how do you create one? Different Angles. “It’s primarily silver-gray straight on. they came up with a very specific vision for that particular location.” Jones said. Calif. “We created something with its own character. Instead they wanted something thoroughly modern and functional. Ariz. AIA. but the question becomes.. They surveyed the site and decided they didn’t need to go back to historical precedent. or design something that would conform to what might work in other parts of the country. got together to collaborate on a new library in the desert of northern Scottsdale. They were creating something in the desert. Fontana. so they decided they might as well create something for the desert.Cover Story Metallic By Stefan Schumacher Mirage Library features color-changing skin and comfortably modern atmosphere When Jeremy Jones. Phoenix.” The idea of structure as mirage in the desert seems fitting.858 m2 ) of wall cladding from Morin. and fellow architect Doug Sydnor.—changes colors. “The harder we focused on that.. Different Colors As you approach the Appaloosa Branch Library in Scottsdale.

com February 2010 METAL ARCHITECTURE 17 .metalarchitecture.www.

For these reasons. obviously. it has maintained repeat clientele who have employed the firm for well over three decades. The team is led by seven principals with a combined 140 years of experience at the firm. as it is the only coil-formed polychromatic coating integrating energy-saving ULTRA-Cool technology. strong design stewardship. DWL Architects + Planners Inc. DWL has participated in some of the most complex and architecturally significant projects recognized locally. The coating is composed of mica chips in a clear base. Firm Philosophy Since its humble beginnings in a garage in 1949. The DWL team listens carefully. The Appaloosa Branch Library. The work environment is one of true collaboration. matches surrounding plants … and symbolizes the library’s delicate environmental footprint. and the expectation that its materials. As you’re driving up to it some of the walls look bright pink and some look bright green. aviation. has become one of Arizona’s most dynamic and respected locally owned architecture firms.” The metal panels.” 18 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 www. A 21. “As you get flatter to it.” The effect is created through the first commercial use in the U. for instance. it goes dark green or a purplish color. so heat rises out of the wall before it can get to the insulation.000 square feet (465 m2 ) of upper and lower storefront glazing strips from Kawneer. features steel decking from Verco Manufacturing. and extends over a reading patio. designers and LEED Accredited Professionals. Cut-outs in the northern metal wall—that floats between 5. meanwhile. cultural. Indianapolis. “In addition to changing colors. is shade. and which fit well within the environment. Eliminating Waste “I think they were eight months into the construction before they dumped the garbage canister for the first time. at the east end of the Reading Room at 9 a. quality buildings that are also functional. Phoenix.S. coil and extrusion coatings. appears to hover on the land.000square-foot (1.com .” McKay said. “I think it’s safe to say a steel building produces less construction waste. economical and sustainable. the pearlescent pigments reflect the sun’s infrared [heat] energy.metalarchitecture. Phoenix. Its specialization in education. creating the mirage effect. DWL has established itself as the leader in loyal client relationships. DWL works closely with clients to create attractive.951-m2 ) asphalt roofing system from Firestone Building Products. even in the hot Arizona sun.—just as the library opens. product manager. Norcross. allowing patrons a chance to go outside and read in the shade. The shadow of this long overhang hits the base of the Kawneer curtainwall. A key component of a desert building. and the Appaloosa Library functions as a giant shading device. which has been submitted to earn LEED Gold certification. of Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries’ Duranar VARI-Cool iridescent coating on the metal cladding. systems and processes always create enduring and timeless architecture.—spell out the name of the library in Morse Code and provide daylighting for the room to reduce the need for artificial lighting. nationally and internationally. which helps the library stay cool and thereby consume less energy for air conditioning. health/science.m. who in turn are supported by a team of highly accomplished architects. There is also a shaded bridge that leads to the library’s entrance. A Break From the Heat “Duranar VARI-Cool coatings also help minimize the building’s environmental impact. Ga. are held away from the building to form a convective cavity. creating colors by light interference patterns—like the scales of a hummingbird.Cover Story Jones explained. which also features glass from PPG. and provides straightforward advice during design and construction. historic and civic design has produced outstanding examples of each building type. for PPG. said the fleeting mirage fashioned by the “Kaleidoscope” colored coating harmonizes with the color-shifting desert setting—the light-gray-green tint.. Thomas McKay.” Jones said. Activity and support rooms are cantilevered over a desert arroyo and the Reading Room roof seems to float above a 275-foot(84-m-) long concrete mass wall. Jones added.

“In addition to changing colors. the pearlescent pigments reflect the sun’s infrared (heat) energy. which helps the library stay cool and thereby consume less energy for air conditioning.metalarchitecture.com February 2010 METAL ARCHITECTURE 19 .” www. even in the hot Arizona sun.

” Jones said. You will not get lost in the stacks. Phoenix Glass subcontractor: Milam Glass Co.us Photovoltaic panels: BP Solar.. Together these factors result in 32 percent energy and 53 percent water reduction.” 20 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 There are private study rooms for those who prefer a quiet library. Other factors included restoring the site with native vegetation. The whole idea is to make you feel like it’s your library and you can stay as long as you want..kawneer.. Md. Ariz..com www.com . and the staff area is around the corner and out of sight.” Jones said. Scottsdale.. the Appaloosa branch functions as a public meeting place for residents.. Architect: DWL Architects + Planners Inc. www. Chandler. but as the only city building in northern Scottsdale.com Iridescent coating & curtainwall/storefront glass: PPG Industries. Phoenix. a photovoltaic array on the roof from BP Solar. which can be monitored on an interactive flat screen in the lobby.” Appaloosa Branch Library. “It needs to feel comfortable and not too institutional. Norcross. Frederick. Frederick. www.ppg. “You can see the inside from the outside.. oversized ductwork that slows down the air to reduce noise and energy consumption. Stay Awhile The one-story Appaloosa Branch Library is a departure from libraries of the past that featured dark wood and dim lighting. Phoenix Curtainwall/storefront: Kawneer Co. The street is out of view.vercodeck.metalarchitecture. Ariz. There is a café that serves as a “newsroom” where people often come and have coffee while they read the newspaper and watch the news. Scottsdale Construction manager: Haydon Building Corp. www. It’s not a place where you will likely find stern librarians or people hidden away in carrels studying microfiche. and Douglas Sydnor Architect and Associates.kingspanpanels. selecting building materials to reduce the heat island effect and to make use of locally produced products. Roofing contractor: Progressive Roofing.firestonebpco.Cover Story The small amount of waste—95 percent of which was recycled—along with the recycled content in the metal used will help the project achieve LEED Gold. “You walk right through the front door into the main reading room. Inc. www. Some have been known to stay there much of the day.bp. Phoenix Metal skin/cladding installer: Total Metals LLC. www. Indianapolis.com Roofing system: Firestone Building Products.” The interior of the library is meant to integrate seamlessly with the exterior because of the openness of the facility. Ga. Calif. “’Comfortably Modern’ is the theme. “There’s also a tradition in this community of making artistic statements and expressing the values of the community in the library. and CO monitors that maintain fresh air in meeting areas. Md. you’re just wrapped around by the desert landscaping. It’s very easy to get to what you want because you can see everything. The image of the library is all about what is exactly appropriate for that part of the town. “Wherever you are in the Reading Room. Fontana. Phoenix. www. that sheds part of the peak energy load. Pittsburgh. “This library is wide open with lots of natural light.com Steel roof decking: Verco Manufacturing. It’s an aesthetic that the typical citizen can readily comprehend or understand.” Jones said..com Metal skin/cladding: Morin. and the outside from the inside.

. copper & zinc • shop-fabricated & cost saving field-assembled installation • code approved systems • no min quantities. va fabricator: composite wall systems. In addition.com..citadelap. Its nightime illumination beckons visitors to enjoy this great addition to the community.project: sandler center for the performing arts . custom colors ‘bravo!’ Chosen for their high-end aesthetic. Circle #10 on reader service card. the Envelope 2000® metal composite panels installed on the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts intermingle with the luminous glass facade to create a welcoming entrance to the new cultural venue. metallics and true anodized aluminum • stainless steel. llc envelope 2000® features: • 20-year finishes including kynar 500® solid tones. Another great performance! envelope 2000® reveal (rv) molding system envelope 2000® rainscreen (rs) system envelope 2000® rout & return (rr) system Envelope2000® Metal Composite Material (MCM) Learn more about other great projects and products by calling (800) 446-8828 or visiting www.000 square feet of the Rout and Return (RR) system covers a modern interpretation of the civic bell tower..virginia beach. some of the 33.

486m2) sports science and research testing facility.” “The idea of ‘flow’ in the architecture of the Oval finds expression in the blue Quadwall cladding that wraps three sides of the structure. The resulting large arch appears compact. the Oval’s façade was independently performance tested in an independent lab prior to shipping to the site for static air and water infiltration. Vancouver. Certified LEED Silver. “First. British Columbia. an indoor paddling center. Aluminum clips also secure the glazing panels to horizontal steel girts located behind the glazing panels. What will carry it out is the Oval’s unique post-game plan. The Oval will offer a full range of training and competitive opportunities for both summer and winter sports. Home of the long distance speed skating events for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. “The Quadwall’s principal technical purpose was two-fold. sprinkler system mains and the mechanical duct work used by the building’s HVAC system.565-m2) Oval will host 12 medal events on its 400-meter track along with as many as 8. east and west sloped-wall elevations. sustainable design from the energy-efficient façade to the re-purposed wood roof and everywhere in between has launched a legacy for the city of Richmond. while a horizontal steel truss created a hollow space inside the roof to conceal electrical conduit. it had to filter and diminish the intensity of the sunlight from the south exposure. Toronto. Lake Forest. reducing the need for artificial lights while providing an insulation U value of 0.com . Unlike most international facilities built solely for Olympic gaming. a 16.’” Custom fabricated by CPI Daylighting. the Oval was designed to integrate with its natural surroundings through an architectural scheme of “Flight. as steel flanges assist in carrying the weight of potential unbalanced snow loading on the roof as well. “The building expresses the idea of flight through the sweeping roof segments. terminating in soaring ‘feather’ ends. Canada.” Wu said. graces the Oval’s south. Mindi Zissman is a freelance writer living in Chicago. Flow and Fusion. Lasting Legacy ‘Fusing’ the Oval and its site through an integrated.000 square feet (5. Holding up the structure are 15 steel and glulam composite arches.853 m2 ) of 2 3/4-inch (70-mm) Quadwall from CPI Daylighting.’ Made from 1 million feet (304. located just south of Vancouver in Richmond. these beams were crucial in creating the compact roof arch that architects were looking for. with a recipe of sustainable strategies...” Wu said. ranging from developmental and recreational to elite level sporting.metalarchitecture. Plans for a 9. a re-purposed wood roof. senior associate. Cannon Design. Raise the Roof Another distinctive element of the Oval is its 6 1/2-acre (3-hectare) roof that is taking ‘flight. “The design attempts to show how the waters of the estuary transform from one shade to another gently and organically. structural design load and seismic lateral racking to make sure it met local building envelope structural and seismic performance requirements. Beginning in March 2010. rainwater capture and reuse and waste heat reuse systems.700-square-foot (901-m2) athletic development center. sustainability and world-class sportsmanship to all who experience it. featuring indoor ice. British Columbia. Such a legacy is sure to take the Richmond Olympic Oval from its Silver beginnings toward an even brighter future. it had to serve as the interior finish on the main activity level and had to be sufficiently robust to serve as a building code defined ‘guard.24. who fishes over the edge of the neighboring Fraser River. Made from translucent polycarbonate. Employing an energy-efficient façade to provide both building insulation and daylighting. the Quadwall is framed in extruded aluminum. 63. Installed by Flynn Canada Ltd. Integrated with the re-purposed wood.” Combining 12 different shades of blue into a continuous façade. Olympic decommissioning will transform the Oval into a multiuse recreation facility for Richmond. with battens of the same material holding the vertical seam every 2 feet (6 m) on center on both the Quadwall’s interior and exterior faces. the flight of the local Blue Huron. the Quadwall provides daylighting to the Oval. holding the system in place. keeping athletes and spectators sheltered from Richmond’s frigid winter temperatures.000 spectators who come to watch this February. Ill. a fitness studio for group exercise and a rowing and cycling studio will turn the Oval into a fitness powerhouse.” said James Wu. the steel beams had to be warped into a vertical plane. the Oval was designed by Cannon Design Architecture.800 m) of salvaged British Columbia wood collected from forests damaged by pine-beetle infestation.000square-foot (47. is a hallmark of unique architecture.Special Report Skating to the Silver The Richmond Olympic Oval brings flight. a sports rehabilitation and medicine area. resembling 22 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 www. flow and fusion to the 2010 Winter Olympics By Mindi Zissman The Richmond Olympic Oval. allowing a number of Canadian national sports teams to make the Oval their training center as well. The graduated color Quadwall panels make the same gentle transition three times and in the process result in a softening and scaling down of the considerable surface area. Each of the 14 individual arches contains four pairs of glulam members. each measuring 82 feet (25 m) long. second. the 512. In order to create this look. court and track facilities.000-square-foot (1. the roof is a significant sustainable building feature. the longest of which spans 328 feet (100 meters). the Richmond Oval will serve its surrounding community and Canadian national athletes after the games are over.

Many of the world’s most prominent healthcare leaders are working wonders within facilities clad with CENTRIA metal architectural systems. Circle #12 on reader service card. Our commitment to aesthetics. sustainable products that offer a wide range of aesthetic solutions and both immediate and long-term economic advantages. We are…Distinctively CENTRIA.At the heart of healthy buildings are high quality. performance and sustainability align directly with the goals of healthcare facilities today. .

building owners also are constructing and managing their properties with environmentally friendly practices.700 square feet (5. The project’s daylighting and energy efficiency objectives were met with the help of sunshades and a curtainwall system from Wausau. the Henley Park Hotel and the Carnegie Library.700 square feet (622 m2 ) of its RX Series window wall and approximately 60. the northeast elevation on Massachusetts Avenue was designed with a softer façade of terracotta paneling and ornamental accents. radiant low-E line of VRE glass. With respect to the nearby community. while Linetec used a two-coat. According to Wausau Project Manager Carl Wanta. occupants began moving in.’s office landscape. Carr Properties developed the prominent office and retail space in a desirable location with 11. triangular-shaped space in D.com Photo by Anne Gummerson.-based Viracon supplied its VRE-38 glass. sculptural building that was appropriate to the prominent setting at one of the major vehicular gateways to the city.400 square feet (1. the building’s energy-efficient lighting system and high-performance. “These are both decorative and functional.” said Kevin Robbins. affording occupants expansive views of the historic neighborhood and downtown Washington.154-m2 ) LEED Gold certified 901 K Street office building in Washington.C. “In a tough economy. Owatonna. Office building in prominent D. D.C. According to John G. Wausau’s regional sales manager. The system we chose fit well within the design intent while keeping within the budget. according to Crump. helping contribute to the building’s solar control for energy management and related LEED requirements.” We wanted to create opportunities of unprecedented interior views of the city through expanses of floor-to-ceiling glass. glass sunshades were a first for Wausau.000-square-foot (24. non-CFC HVAC system are complemented by Wausau’s curtainwall system and sunshades. the building’s design is able to express several unique facades that address the commercial. “The curtainwall systems were designed to distinguish the various massing elements of the building.” Woody said.” said Christopher Woody. we were able to use Viracon’s high-performance.C.059 m2) of green roofs to minimize the urban heat island effect. fills a unique. less than a year after the building’s curtainwall installation began. Additionally. The 12-story.-based Wausau Window and Wall Systems. The new construction project began in May 2007. and in Fall 2009. Crump. cultural and ecclesiastic surrounding buildings. Washington. 70 percent PVDF Mica Sunstorm paint. and improve the natural daylighting and energy efficiency of the overall project.metalarchitecture.C. area implements daylighting for efficiency By Marcy Marro The 260. the goal was to design a sleek. courtesy of Icon Exterior Building Systems. low-emitting interior materials and low-VOC finishes.400 square feet (223 m2 ) of custom sunshades and ornamental accents for the project. water-conserving plumbing fixtures.” By using standard glazing components combined with the new terracotta technology.” Woody continued: “One of the major project challenges was coordinating the design and installation of the terracotta and the curtainwall façade. property owners are doing all they can to attract and retain occupants.” Wausau provided approximately 6. . In a world of diminishing natural resources and global climate change.C. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow 60 percent of the building’s interior space to receive natural light. principal at SmithGroup. the three-side support. “This represents one of the first uses of this type of cladding system in the District of Columbia. $60 million project was developed by Washington. Minn.C. The exposed aluminum framing was painted by Wausau-based Linetec to match the terracotta and blend together the building’s style and systems. AIA. aside from the terracotta rainscreen. including the Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church. The building’s south side faces K Street.639 m2 ) of its UW Unit Wall Series curtainwall.. in addition to approximately 2. architect with SmithGroup. D. “We designed a curved terracotta rainscreen façade facing Massachusetts Avenue that relates to the context of the adjacent smaller scale masonry buildings.Product Focus: windows Daylighting D. Wis. in addition to the surrounding community. D. both in design and location.-based Carr Properties & Affiliates and designed by SmithGroup. project www. LEED AP. which helped us achieve the heating and cooling loads we needed for the building. Due to the building’s location—on a triangular 24 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 site in the heart of Washington overlooking Mount Vernon Square—the project also needed to address security with consideration of the neighboring government and landmark buildings. “Given the amount of glass on the building. Crump said. Wausau’s team collaborated with us from the beginning to reach a successful solution that integrated the façade’s diverse materials. while breaking down the form of a typical office building block into smaller pieces that build from the smaller scale façades along the park to soaring façades along Washington’s famous K Street commercial district.

D.C. As evidence. modern curtainwall systems not only keep energy costs down by managing unwanted solar heat gain. while allowing the occupants to enjoy a comfortable interior climate. they keep people more comfortable. The transparency of the building’s curtainwall system keeps guests connected with the surrounding environment.wausauwindow.C.com February 2010 METAL ARCHITECTURE 25 . which means they’re more productive in an office setting.metalarchitecture. www.. while managing energy costs. Va. Washington. Architect: SmithGroup. www.” “Meeting LEED building criteria does not mean compromising on materials and finishes. After 46 years of manufacturing and erecting quality steel structures. the custom glass sun shades from Wausau. Owatonna. www. Md. Wis. Lutherville... think Red Dot. Washington. we can help you save time. the building also physically connects to the neighboring Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church. Manufacturers representative: Advanced Building Concepts Inc. and the dramatic..” “Large southern exposures require thoughtful planning to maximize daylighting and views. “The high-performance. Washington. For more information. Lutherville. Glazing system: Wausau Window and Wall Systems. the lobby’s finishes are protected from fading. And as your partner. which reduces the load on the HVAC systems. Texas 75751 © 2010 Red Dot Buildings Circle #13 on reader service card.com Circle #14 on reader service card.C.viracon.According to Crump. D. Wausau’s manufacturer’s representative and president of Advanced Building Concepts Inc. Minn. com/MA. Glazing contractor: Icon Exterior Building Systems. money and headaches.com Finisher: Linetec. Owner and Developer: Carr Properties & Affiliates. east lobby’s five-story atrium containing Ambarino marble.” said Mark Gedney. I RDB MA'10-1. Peribonka granite and maple paneling. Green does not have to mean dull and utilitarian. D. General contractor: Clark Construction Group. Red Dot Buildings • P. Md.linetec.C. Box 1240 • 1209 W. Civil engineer: Wiles Mensch Corp. In addition.C. Wausau. Due to Wausau’s high-performance systems and the glass from Viracon. 12/1/09 9:36:29 PM 901 K Street. “Effectively-engineered. Wausau. Washington. we know steel. the project utilized a relatively new line of glazing products from Viracon that provide a low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient while maintaining a high visible light transmittance. a 1917 neoclassical church that plays a prominent part in the historic neighborhood. Red Dot Buildings: supporting you with 46 years of experience in steel manufacturing and construction. Corsicana St. Thinking steel? Start with the right support. • Athens. Gedney pointed out the terracotta rainscreen. D. Structural engineer: Smislova.O.. Falls Church. or call 1-800-657-2234. D.C.indd 1 f you’re thinking about steel for your next project. Washington. www.com Glass: Viracon.reddotbuildings. Md. MEP engineer: Girard Engineering PC. D. Rockville. Kehnemui & Associates PA.” explained Wanta. VRE line of glazing has radiant low-E coatings which improve the energy performance of the building by decreasing the solar heat gain thru the glazing while allowing increased levels of natural light to fill the office space. Washington. visit www.

Selected in 2003 by Palomar Pomerado Health. The signature patient tower—with its gently curving form—figuratively opens its arms to welcome patients. Construction on the project began in 2007.6-hectare) green roof and public terrace that will be placed atop the surgical wing. the rooftop garden is also visible from patient rooms.000-square-foot (68. A Garden Hospital Located on a greenfield site that is part of a 186-acre (74-hectare) business park currently under development. including a 1 1/2-acre (0.374-m2 ) Palomar Medical Center West in Escondido.The Drawing Board The hospital of the future Evidence-based design creates advanced garden hospital By Marcy Marro The $615 million. Los Angeles-based CO Architects was chosen to help initiate an innovative and participatory design process to plan for the construction of a replacement facility for the Palomar Medical Center. . producing more-content employees. Renderings courtesy of CO Architects. and possibly even shorter hospital stays for patients. Designing the Plan The plan positions the hospital at the north end of the site. The hospital will also feature a ground-floor central garden.metalarchitecture. Calif. A vertical garden at the center of the south façade overlooks the extensive landscaped roof and garden terraces above the two-story diagnostic 26 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 www. and is expected to be finished in 2012. is presently the largest single building under construction in California. PPH leadership chose to use an evidence-based design process in which individuals from all departments in the hospital were invited to participate in researching new and emerging ideas in health care design. the 360-bed hospital is regarded as perhaps the greenest and most advanced hospital ever designed.. they are also therapeutic for staff and patients. where there is the greatest width to accommodate necessary access points and circulation. Studies have shown that while natural gardens and terraces are green and desirable for their own sake. while each patient floor will feature garden conservatories. The functional and flexible garden hospital will be infused extensively by natural light and plantings. Accessible to staff and visitors. 736.com Photos courtesy of 2_L Studio.

meeting the environmental demands in place today with beauty that will last for years to come. Houston. GA 888-446-6224 | Atlanta. our wide variety of CEUs. CA 800-829-9324 | Dallas. we get inspired. We innovate so you can get inspired. TN You create. GA 877-512-6224 | Atwater. NE 800-458-6224 Phoenix. TX (Corporate) 877-713-6224 | Adel. OK 800-597-6224 | Omaha. . That’s why MBCI continues to develop new products that support contemporary and sustainable design. We believe that being truly innovative holds some risk. Our recently introduced line of Eco-ficientTM insulated metal panels enhance the performance rating of modern facilities while our NuRoof® retrofit system is ideal for roof renovations. UT 800-874-2404 | San Antonio. To learn more about the Bridges Center project featured above. We have the best Weathertightness Warranty available. TX 800-758-6224 | Memphis. visit www. we have product engineers that can help turn your ideas into reality. VA 800-729-6224 | Rome.Innovative Design Breeds Innovation Bridges Center. Boundaries are pushed. Memphis.com/ma.mbci. or how MBCI can help add beauty and long life to your project. TX 800-653-6224 Indianapolis. Put them together and incredible things can happen. But. And. MBCI is with you. IN 800-735-6224 | Lubbock. NY 800-559-6224 | Salt Lake City. TN 800-206-6224 | Oklahoma City. TX 800-598-6224 Circle #15 on reader service card. AZ 888-533-6224 | Richmond.

500 square feet (1. maximum interior daylight. that includes three AESS and framing tubes. stormwater treatment. and the materials and methods employed all reflect the commitment of the client and the architect to sustainability. Culver City. Moon Township. incorporating intensive in-room infrastructural connections that will reduce the need to move patients from room to room. Patient rooms adopt an acuity-adaptable care model. Escondido. The conservatory element is repeated at the east and west ends to reinforce the garden hospital concept. a soothing and healing environment.600 tons (9. angles and cornerbeads for the interiors. Site planning. glare reduction. Los Angeles Construction management: DPR Construction Inc.492 m2) of aluminum-mullion stick curtainwall. By the Numbers The hospital is being built with 10. Additionally. landscaping. San Diego Architect: CO Architects. track.cemcosteel.000 square feet (3. allowing for easy adaptation in the future for unanticipated needs..centria. 105-foot.951 m2) of vertical glass screenwalls.2 million m) of light-gauge steel studs. Pa. San Diego MEP engineer: M E Engineers. Pa. Corona. Calif. and a minimum of permanently fixed columns. 2. Structural/civil engineer: KPFF Consulting Engineers. Palomar Medical Center West. as their conditions improve. Calif.-based CENTRIA for soffits. with the goal of keeping a patient and visiting family in one room throughout a visit. Client: Palomar Pomerado Health.8 million linear feet (1.000 square feet (4..com 28 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 www.159 m2) of aluminum panels for soffits and eaves.700 square feet (251 m2) of glass skylights and canopies.645 m2) of perforated and corrugated aluminum panels used for sunscreens. In addition to the evidence-based design. non-institutional architectural expression and materials selection were all strongly influenced by the desire to merge nature and building.000 square feet (14. 156. Calif.700 square feet (251 m2) of aluminum mullions with glass infill at entrances. Calif.com Steel framing: CEMCO. Sustainable Features Healthy indoor air quality.000 square feet (1. Glazing contractor: Shengxing Glass & Cladding Systems Inc.The Drawing Board and treatment wing. and 3.(32-m-) long span trusses. There will also be 160. Metal soffit panels: CENTRIA.metalarchitecture. Los Angeles Structural steel installer: Herrick Corp. shafts and other vertical elements. strap.com .719 m2) of panel systems from Moon Township.864 m2) of aluminum-mullion unitized curtainwall. along with 450 tons (405 metric tons) of HSS green steel. 34.. and 2. The project includes strategies for energy and water conservation. Stockton. and 18. Calif.000 square feet (14. there are 50. www. building orientation.540 metric tons) of primary structural steel.. City of Industry. backing. with each aspect informing the other to create a unified whole. and recycled or renewable materials. www. 21.. the building will have high interstitial spaces.

Vail Titan® Select Metal Shingles are the envy of contractors and homeowners alike.7813. Vail Titan Select Shingles optimize energy efficiency. our Titan Cool Roof technology makes Vail a sustainable choice for the environment. © 2009 Custom-Bilt Metals Circle #16 on reader service card. .CustomBiltMetals. visit www. Reflecting up to 70% of the sun’s rays. AND THEY STAY COOL TOO.Bandon Dunes Golf Resort .826. Oregon VAIL METAL SHINGLES LOOK COOL.Bandon. Not only do they look great on any style of home.com or call 800. And our patented interlocking design results in superior durability in extreme wind and rain conditions. To learn more.

includes 64 new classrooms in four academies for education in music. was the general contractor.(24-m-) wide grand open stair that leads to the courtyard and library with the tower and theater in the background.800 square feet (3. the library. Minneapolis-based Valspar provided the Valspar finish.000 square feet (1. Custom Metal Fabricators. The third sculpture.com. With them. The structural design meets the stringent requirements for seismic zone 4. 13. FR core with a Natural InvariMatte finish. visible from the school’s entrance. resulting in a handsome.16-inch (4-mm) Reynobond ACM. and Contrarian Metal Resources. The tower connects the school visually and formally with downtown Los Angeles. Circle #36 www.600 students.metalarchitecture. www.com . Meanwhile.” explained Karolin Schmidbaur. “a centralized space of knowledge. “Rather than LEED certification. Pa. serving as a widely visible sign for the arts in the city and a point of identification for the students.” which rises in the middle of the school courtyard as a slanted. so the upper space is not cooled. Ontario. the tower is covered with panels of soft reflection InvariMatte. asymmetrical cone. “InvariMatte is user-friendly because no pattern matching is involved. schools are covered by [Collaborative for High Performance Schools]. and potentially turns the school campus into a lively forum for cultural exchange. installed the Reynobond panels in Riverside’s R4-300 dry joint pressure equalized rainscreen system. the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. The sculptures also relate to the immediate context of cultural facilities along Grand Avenue. Circle #35 Valspar.208 m2 ) of 0.137-m2) campus on the 10.paintandcolor.172-square-foot (31. allowing students to learn all of the technical aspects of operating on a professional stage. A tower with spiraling ramp in the shape of the number nine is located on top of the theater’s fly loft. as well as an environment for focused learning. FR core in Gray Velvet with a Valspar finish.” explained Glen Meyer. The 1. conference and exhibition space with a unique view of the downtown skyline and across the city is planned. does just that. theater arts. The lobby is also equipped to be used as an exhibition space. Alcoa Architectural Products. Ga. dance and visual arts.-based Alcoa Architectural Products supplied the Reynobond material. Eastman. The second sculpture. Spaces with large volumes are only cooled in the areas in use.com. library and lobby—play into the project. They house the public programs of the school and communicate their content through their special sculptural forms. rather heat is exhausted and the cool air enters from the lower level. a building’s design needs to make a strong statement for the art of creativity. smooth finish. the four classroom buildings form the rectangular perimeter of the school’s interior courtyards. The 335. the theater lobby on Grand Avenue. Los Angeles’ new flagship high school for the performing and visual arts—Los Angeles Area High School #9—which opened in September 2009 to its first class of 1. The main school entrance faces the community and features an 80-foot. Allison Park. and 3. Vienna. serves as the public entrance to the school and theater. is cone-shaped and slanted with a large skylight that provides natural light. Custom Metal Fabricators project manager. FR core with a Clear Valspar finish. Austria. and together with the oppositely located cathedral’s 30 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 Visions of Metal Windsor.Market Feature: education Symbolic and Creative Learning High school campus’ architecture is expression of students’ creativity By Marcy Marro With neighbors such as the highly acclaimed Walt Disney Concert Hall. Los Angeles. The architect proceeded to create the campus around the library. Orange.200 square feet (297 m2 ) of 0. tower.. The helix is clad in 11-gauge perforated InvariMatte stainless-steel panels. and the library shingles are also InvariMatte.. the twin towers will become a new landmark for the city. was the executive architect. www. most windows open and close to allow fresh air for space ventilation.16-inch Reynobond Natural Stainless-Steel Composite Material.000-seat theater has a full backstage and fly loft. Campus Sculptures Three sculptural figures—the theater.net. Calif. Canada-based Riverside Group fabricated 34.16-inch Reynobond Natural Brushed ACM.233 m2 ) of 0. Los Angeles. truncated. the project contributes to the current effort to recapture the city’s downtown through the public. Inside the tower. In addition. and LA HS #9 was rated above average. so direction isn’t an issue. Features include large round windows to offer glimpses of activities from the outside and to maximize natural light while offering students visual contact with the city. HMC Architects.alcoaarchitecturalproducts. The spiraling ramp was planned to serve as the second exit from the tower. developed InvariMatte.26-acre (4-hectare) site of old Fort Monroe. and PCL Construction Services. a non-reflective stainless-steel finish. www. The architectural firm of COOP HIMMELB(L)AU. Circle #34 Contrarian Metal Resources. making the arts high school part of it.metalresources. was commissioned by the Los Angeles Unified School District to design a campus that would express the creativity of its students through the architecture of its buildings. an event. giving the school an address on Grand Avenue while integrating the school with the corridor. COOP HIMMELB(L)AU project partner.

metalarchitecture.TOP: Photo by Tom Bonner Photography. . www.com February 2010 METAL ARCHITECTURE 31 Photo by Tom Bonner Photography. courtesy Contrarian Metal Resources. BOTTOM: Photo Courtesy contrarian Metal Resources. courtesy Contrarian Metal Resources.

Calif..com. Canada. Santa Monica. Alumawall Inc. Marysville.500-square-foot (697-m2 ) Math and Science addition to the West Valley-Mission Community College in Saratoga.com. Circle #38 Ceilings Plus... www. Calif.ppg.. Trimtech. matches that of the adjacent math and science building to the south. supplied its stainless-steel doors and frame. Concrete tile shingle wall siding.500 square feet (232 m2 ) of glazed curtainwall.com.metalarchitecture. www.. Alcoa Architectural Products. Ga. and the 2. was the architect. supplied its Reliance 2 1/2.. Windows are located between the tops of cabinets and ceilings. The glazing is Azuria tinted glass 1/4-inch (6-mm) with 1/2-inch (13-mm) space and 1/4-inch clear glass from Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries. installed the stainless-steel exterior doors. while the 4. The building’s design responded by articulating the north architectural façade and preserving several large specimen trees.... Calif. www.by 152-mm) curtainwall system. appropriately imbues prominence to the north façade. San Jose. Calif. installed the exterior metal ceiling. and Omni Sheet Metal Inc. Kruger Bensen Ziemer Architects Inc. forming an efficient service corridor to access the prep rooms.. supplied 0..16-inch (4-mm) Reynobond composite panels in a prefinished aluminum. Campbell.alcoaarchitecturalproducts.Market Feature: education Building’s design responds to its location The new 7. providing an undistracted view out to the sky and trees. Santa Barbara. www. Circle #37 AMBICO Ltd. T3 Inc. Oldcastle Glass Vistawall. Ontario. Contrasting exterior materials were selected based upon orientation and adjacencies. Swenson & Associates. Saratoga. non-fenestrated. 316 SS small diamond texture. was the construction manager. and McCumber’s Glass.1-mm) Reynolux Colorweld 300XL prefinished aluminum sheet metal flashing and trim in Anodic Clear..ceilingsplus. Circle #39 Oldcastle Glass Vistawall.. in front. was the installer of the curtainwall. due to its location on a narrow landscaped strip between the existing Math Science building and large parking lot. has enabled all labs to consume less energy and need virtually no 32 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 artificial lighting. Circle #41 www. On the south side.500 square feet (418 m2 ) of aluminum cladding panels. both to visually soften the edge. Calif. such as oaks and redwoods. was the installer of the Reynobond panels.com. a continuous band of windows and slotting in the roofing overhang. Alcoa also supplied its 0. San Jose.com. Eastman. has high public visibility on the north edge of campus.vistawall. installed the sheet metal flashing and trim. Calif. Alcoa Architectural Products. the façade was minimally composed and set close and parallel to the existing building.. The building’s daylighting design. in addition to 500 Series wide stile with 1-inch (25-mm) glazing.com . anodic clear Colorweld 300XL coating and installed in a rout and return system with shop-applied clips. Fremont. Ottawa. Los Angeles-based Ceilings Plus supplied its Illusions 304 stainless-steel brushed #4 metal ceiling panels for the project.. storefront and glazing.004-inch (0.by 6-inch (64. AMBICO Ltd.. and Swinerton Management & Consulting Inc. www. was the general contractor.ambico. San Jose. Circle #40 PPG Industries. Calif. Calif.

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which were incorporated into the 1600 SunShades. larger intermediate school. supplied a variety of products to help increase the durability. Inc. and Valley Aluminum Products. Kawneer’s 1600 Wall System 1 curtainwall and 2000 Skylight were also utilized. helped make a state-of-the-art school. Hot Springs. Circle #42 www. is spacious and features an open floor plan with natural light throughout. Ga. Additionally.com. features a skylight that provides a smooth appearance and helps minimize heat loss and condensation.metalarchitecture. productive learning environment. .. Kawneer Co. The new school. Hot Springs. Inc. they decided to build a new.com Photos courtesy of Kawneer ©CJ Berg Photographics.kawneer. sustainability and energy efficiency of the school.. Extra insulation into the roof was added to exceed the energy code. requiring the 34 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 architects to go from a one-story design to a twostory plan. as well as an elaborate arts wing. A combination of Kawneer’s 1600 SunShades and custom sunshades were used. It was important that the school incorporate solutions that help provide a healthy. www. Kawneer Co. Kawneer’s Trifab VG 451T Storefront Framing and 350 Medium Stile Entrances were also used in the project. The site selected for the school was adjacent to the old building. The combination of the building’s green features and modern teaching facilities. and fairly small in size. but also operates as a place to unite the community. The building also incorporated a geo-thermal heating system and insulated building envelope. designed to provide a state-of-the-art facility that not only serves to foster greater educational opportunities. A greenhouse. Ark.. creating a unique solution. which include a separate physical education building and auditorium for community events. which was incorporated into the school as a part of its science curriculum. fabricated and glazed the building. Paneline Exit Devices on the 350 Medium Stile Entrances provided heightened security for the school. now occupied by approximately 700 students in grades five and six.Market Feature: education State-of-the-art energy-efficient school When the Hot Springs School District needed to alleviate overcrowding in its existing facilities. Arnold and Associates PLC. Douglas A. was the architect. Norcross. and entrance vestibules featured sloped glazing to allow for increased natural light to enter the building. Sustainability was a key factor in creating the new Hot Springs Intermediate School in Hot Springs. Kawneer’s 190 Narrow Stile Entrance door rail materials allowed the outside perimeter of the vertical sunshades to be built and then glazed on the inside with perforated panels.

“The panning typically covers any exposed caulk and wood. modern performance of windows from Wausua Window and Wall Systems. but sit off the glass to make cleaning easy.” Swartz said.wausauwindow. The new windows mimic the sightlines and look of the old sashes.” explained Dave DeBettignies. Notre Dame’s fifth president. while the operating units with screens allow for natural ventilation.” He continued: “As this is a student residence. prepare the opening. Duncan Hall is newly constructed student housing. these feature a beveled exterior face to replicate the glazing used on traditional steel and wood windows. It provides a clean surround for many renovation projects. “We’re proud to support Notre Dame’s academic and architectural legacy. The historic grids fasten to the frame. built to resemble a historic structure.” noted DeBettignies. while the recently renovated Cavanaugh Hall began its 73rd year providing on-campus housing. Precision Wall Systems’ five-person installation team methodically began the project carefully replacing 10 to 12 windows per day.linetec. It was converted in 1994 to a women’s dormitory to accommodate the increasing female enrollment. Among Wausau’s most popular historically influenced windows. the units are likely to get frequent and sometimes. Ind. “Originally constructed in 1936.com. The windows’ structural integrity is strengthened with the visible butt hinges. three-story. Instead of designing the panning to fit the building. the building had been renovated in 1989. For Duncan Hall and Cavanaugh Hall. “The low-E. setting the windows as soon as the openings were prepared. Wis. The 68. The 2 1/2-inch. Cavanaugh Hall served as a freshman male residence and chapel.362-m2 ).” “It is very important that each of Notre Dame’s residential halls match the look of the other buildings on campus. “As they familiarized themselves with the building. www. 106-room building accommodates 232 students.(64-mm-) deep aluminum frames are finished in Champagne Anodize [from Linetec. Part of the Advantage by Wausau line. set the panning system in place. They operate smoothly. Wausau supplied a combined total exceeding 850 Epic Series window units. Today. project manager for glazing contractor Precision Wall Systems. Circle #44 www.” Linetec. Wausau] for added protection and to complement the exterior masonry. After nearly 20 years. Duncan Hall has become one of the coveted housing destinations for undergraduates. www. DeBettignies and colleagues worked closely with Notre Dame’s Office of the University Architect to achieve the proper performance and historic look.com. “These are two of at least a half dozen projects at Notre Dame that the University has relied on Wausau’s historic panning and casement windows. Helping to preserve the South Bend. with durable hardware and weather-stripping ensuring years of service. The first residence hall on the campus’ North Quad. then install the new window unit into the panning.Historically styled windows help continue college’s architectural legacy The University of Notre Dame’s first new student residence in more than a decade.metalarchitecture. it was named in honor of Rev. Duncan Hall. “Both historic aesthetics and modern performance are essential to the University. two-person installation team followed the other construction professionals on-site. they were averaging 30 units per day near the project’s conclusion. Located in the West Quad with views of the golf course and spacious. senior project manager at the Office of the University Architect. Notre Dame’s Tony Polotto.” said Swartz. Throughout the last five years.” DeBettignies said. Cavanaugh. the building was designed to fit the panning. “We averaged about 50 units per week and everything went quite smoothly. ensures each building on the historic campus complies with the architectural master plan. “Establishing lasting memories. “For each window. Construction began in 2007 and was completed in time for the 200809 academic year. sunlit rooms. Optional muntin grids complete the classic appearance. friendships and a strong education are a central part of the students’ university experience. masonry exterior provides a window view from each of the 114 rooms.” With Duncan’s new construction.” said Scott Swartz. Wausau. Wausau’s regional sales manager for Indiana.” Wausau carefully engineered the panning system’s historically styled profile for Notre Dame to replicate the contours of previous woodwork. Initially. began its second year in service this autumn.com February 2010 METAL ARCHITECTURE 35 . He added: “Panning is not typically used on new construction. the windows were ready for replacement. they would remove the existing unit. On Cavanaugh Hall’s renovation.” Cavanaugh Hall’s four-story. Swartz. evidenced by AAMA AW Architectural Class life cycle testing. the Epic Series units are backed with an industry-leading warranty of up to 10 years. both halls feature the historically styled. Circle #43 Wausau Window and Wall Systems. insulating glass offers the advantages of daylight with the efficiency of thermal performance to enhance interior comfort. “While most of our involvement has been historic renovation. Cavanaugh Hall can house 213 residents and is conveniently located next door to the LaFortune Student Center and Washington Hall. The residential halls are at the heart of life on campus and provide a home away from home.” recalled Swartz. rugged use. a smaller.-based university campus’ architectural heritage and extend the life of its buildings. John W.” DeBettignies said. but it is a major architectural feature on Duncan Hall. They wanted the window systems to look as similar as possible and that’s what they got. South Bend.482-squarefoot (6.

com. integrating passive solar design and introducing living materials. www. the exterior brick on the west façade was removed to create an open lobby area on the third and fourth floors. are a factor in minimized heat build-up and cooling costs. The goal for the LEED-EB Silver certified building was to reduce energy use and create a pleasant working environment.metalarchitecture. solar panels. controlling views to the parking area while creating shade for an adjacent courtyard.com To utilize more natural light.Market Feature: education LEED-EB Silver certification received for completely renovated building In March 2008. low-flow toilets. were the architects. moved into the former College of Nursing and Heathcare Innovation building. economic and social challenges of sustainability. Ariz. Tempe. The brick was replaced with a greenscreen green wall system that functions as a shading technique that promotes natural light and airflow while still providing outdoors viewing. and Gould Evan Associates. and Johnson Carlier. The green walls were selected to provide shade for the lobby and breezeway areas. especially during high-peak times of the day. especially in urban areas.greenscreen. grasses and flowers on the building’s west side. The greenscreen installed on the school features a variety of desert-tolerant vines. Aeck & Sargent. welded wire trellising system functions as a non-intrusive natural building element. creating a captive growing space for plants to flourish and intertwine. Circle #45 TOP LEFT AND TOP RIGHT: Liam Frederick BOTTOM LEFT: Bill Timmerman . the building and special projects manager for the Global Institute of Sustainability. Additional renovations of the building include occupancy sensor-controlled lighting. which focuses on educating and developing practical solutions to some of the most pressing environmental.” Greenscreen’s three-dimensional. including Los Angeles-based greenscreen green walls. and wind turbines.. was the construction manager. Lord. coatings and interior signage. as a result. The walls also help reduce light and heat energy transmission on the building’s west side and. Atlanta. Global Institute of Sustainability and the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University in Tempe. low-emitting paints. GREENGUARDcertified furniture. automatically monitored landscaping irrigation. while adding a modern aesthetic on campus. Lemon plans to eventually incorporate other herbs and flowers to brighten the eco-friendly façade. “We loved the concept of featuring greenscreen because it would deliver energy savings as well as a unique exterior element. Phoenix. Greenscreen contributes to the concepts of designing with sustainable elements.” said Richard Lemon. “The project team initially worked with a group of graduate students to brainstorm sustainable features to include in the design. The oncedreary building was completely renovated and now incorporates a number of energy-efficient and green building elements into its design. 36 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 www. The ground floor features a freestanding greenscreen element that divides a neighboring parking area from the breezeway that visitors use to enter the building. greenscreen.

. It is the first school to apply for it in Chester County.com. swales and water quality structures to improve the quality of the storm water runoff.. Each entance is clearly identified by the icon of the green panels.mbci. was chosen for the project.englertinc. Ogden. qualifying for LEED credits for recyclabiity and nearby manufacturing. 24-gauge Artisan panels in Tundra. Lancaster. www.. N. The project features MBCI’s 0. is known for setting standards for sustainability in school facilities in Pennsylvania. 0.com February 2010 METAL ARCHITECTURE 37 . Circle #80 LEED Gold certified school is virtual study in sustainability The Rainbow Elementary School in Coatesville. Utah. doublelobed academic learning centers. An UltraCOOL standing-seam metal roof from Perth Amboy.and post-consumer recycled content of the materials being used. Gilbert Associates. Pa. The school is being used as a teaching tool with its design construction methods. was the roofing contractor. was the general contractor. Dillsburg. N.000 square feet (836 m2) of Englert 4000 Series profile in Sandstone and Slate Grey for the soffit material. The architects also specified low-flow toilets. Metal cladding from Houston-based MBCI highlights the building’s exterior.900-square-foot (16. VCBO Architecture. Circle #46 www. painted on both the front and back of the panel. Hogan & Associates.based Englert Inc. Salt Lake City. The architects also considered the amount of pre.com.032-aluminum PBU perforated panels in Laurel Green..500 square feet (604 m2) of Englert 2500 Series profile in Slate Grey for the roofing material and 9. Utah. Coatesville is also the first district to take advantage of Pennsylvania’s School Design Clearinghouse Program which ensures a design that meets cost efficiency and design standards set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and which earn the Coatesville district a 10 percent increase in state construction reimbursement rates. The project features 6. The 113.562-m2) facility is expected to gain LEED Gold certification. and 24-gauge PBU panels in Tundra and Galvalume Plus. According to the architectural firm. MBCI. creating sinuous green forms. The architect. Both materials are LEED and Energy Star compliant.J. the heat island effect for the building has been reduced through the use of a highly reflective roof. The Englert standingseam metal roof came from within 500 miles (800 km) of the school and has a high recycled content. Englert Inc. urinals and faucets to be installed throughout the building. grade-level specific. the new 175. reducing energy needs and more than doubling the life cycle of a traditional HVAC system. Pa. in addition to filtration beds. was the general contractor. and All Metals Fabrication.695-square-foot (10. Avenel. Lobar Construction. was the roofing contractor. was the architect. The firm notes that the material and color of the roof allow most of the sun’s energy to be reflected rather than absorbed. provides state-of-the-art design with the classroom arrangement in three separate.metalarchitecture.Classroom arrangement key to design Completed in August 2009. Pa. and ADPI. thereby reducing cooling costs. Occupancy sensors are also used to control lighting in most spaces. is a virtual study in sustainability for education facilities.032-aluminum PBU panels in Laurel Green. painted on one side. Salt Lake City. www.. A geothermal ground source heat pump system makes use of the ground’s constant temperature to assist in providing heating and cooling in the building.341-m2 ) New Davis Junior High School in Layton.J.

and Metal Systems. “We also pursued an abstract. somewhat nautical theme that would play to the dramatic riverside location and also tie to several curriculum which are ecology and marine-based. The six-story portion of the building utilized approximately 12. Without the benefit of a large endowment or alumni base. which reached up to 25 feet (8 m) in length. We wouldn’t have been able to design the building the way it is with the daylighting if we wouldn’t have had it.com .43. AIA. the young college saw opportunity to expand to a nearby neglected brownfield site.metl-span.. After extensive remediation. but needed to enclose it for security reasons. the facility includes classrooms. “The water table and soil quality of the remediated site required the use of piles and grade beams so a lightweight metal stud cladding system provided a good solution.” Specified with a Clear Matte finish. was the construction manager.com.239 and a shading co-efficient of 0.115 m2 ) of Lewisville. Conn.. Chromium Gray. the Ferris Independent School District in Ferris. Texas.000 square feet (1. “We sought an iconic structure that would set the tone for the remaining development of the campus. set out to build a new highperformance high school after facing rising energy and maintenance costs as a result of dated lighting and mechanical equipment. Texas. exterior space acting as the spine of the school. Cheshire. The school’s trademark is its 500-foot(152-m-) long open commons area spanning the building’s east side and featuring a Wall Light system from CPI Daylighting Inc. partner at Capital Studio Architects. Irving. bringing diffused daylight into the building without glare and heat gain. including at the main entrance.cpidaylighting.000 square feet (650 m2) of Quadwall throughout the building.. Conn.000 students.” said Dale Rabe. was the general contractor. Circle #47 Abstract nautical theme ties building to riverside location A dramatic growth in the school’s student population necessitated a campus expansion at Goodwin College in East Hartford. Rabe + Partners. Texas-based Metl-Span’s CF-32 Architectural Flat insulated panels installed horizontally.Market Feature: education Daylighting key to high-performance high school In 2007. the 30-acre (12-hectare) site overlooking the Connecticut River became home to a new 110. The school features 7. teacher’s entrance and in the music room.metalarchitecture. Serving 2.. Today. Ill.. Conn. and Advanced Performance Glass Inc.” FIP Construction Inc. Lake Forest. East Hartford. 700-seat auditorium and community rooms.000-square-foot (10. was the architect. owner of the architectural firm Rabe + Partners. South Windsor.” According to Mancuso. In order to meet the 96 mph wind criteria required by local building codes. laboratories. “Another reason for using the insulated metal panel system was the reduced weight it imposed on the structure and foundation.. Austin. Ferris High School helps make the district one of the most energy efficient in the state.” said Patrick Mancuso. “We wanted that to be an open plaza.. was the installer.com. Circle #48 38 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 www. were finished in four complementary colors—Arabian Blue. Metl-Span. The panels. “The Quadwall was the product we needed to make the open area happen. www. the panels were fastened to 16-gauge studs using provided brackets and two screws per stud. Dove Gray and Light Gray. a media center. the Quadwall panels provide an insulation U-value of 0. Texas. Working with the school’s daylight sensors and a district-wide automation system. www. the Metl-Span panels soften the mass of the tower.219-m2 ) academic and administration building. so we used [CPI’s] daylighting panels to give that feel of being an open. the Quadwall panels are a central piece of the energy efficiency of the high school. that is glazed with 4-inch (102mm) Quadwall pre-assembled Clear Matte sandwich panels. CPI Daylighting Inc.” Mancuso said.

an innovative thread. Ill..558m2 ) building. construction manager for the college.” Harness Roofing Inc.metalarchitecture. And. supplied approximately 100. www. we decided to use metal on all future roof installations. “The school originally wanted a metal roof when the building was constructed 15 years ago but opted for a less expensive shingle roof that failed. Petersen Aluminum Corp.000-square-foot (17. Independent tests verify that VRT produces 3-1/2 times more back-out resistance than a standard thread. According to partner Galen Hunter: “The school saw this as an opportunity to resolve the leakage problem and bring the building into conformance with the master plan.. The only challenge was working around the students. Ark. Springdale. designed to resist back-out.com February 2010 METAL ARCHITECTURE 39 .486. Patent Pending Metal roof panels selected for re-roofing Although less than 15 years old. “We get lots of wind in the area and every time a storm would come through. of course. Ark. we would lose shingles. But the building really got a modern facelift and looks great. Another “TFC SPECIFIC” Fastening System Solution for Commercial Construction For more information..” said Jim Lay.pac-clad.com. “So in our master plan. MAHG Architecture Inc. www..1832 Circle #17 on reader service card.” Technology Triangle Fastener Corporation is pleased to introduce VRT Technology.. we had to remain covered-up and watertight at all times. “The building had been well maintained and adding the metal roof made it look like new. We had to keep moving safety fences and equipment. Circle #49 Circle #18 on reader service card... Elk Grove Village. installed the metal roofing panels. an architectural shingle roof was leaking badly at the Northwest Arkansas Community College in Bentonville. project manager. Ark.” Petersen Aluminum Corp..” said James Russell.Does this look familiar? The solution is here. We’ve spent a lot of time researching roofs and we’re very confident with the Petersen system..290 m2 ) of 24-gauge. 18-inch (457-mm) PAC-CLAD Snap-Clad panels in Forest Green for the major tear-off and re-roof project. Fort Smith. The re-roof was done in sections while classes were in session and the whole process went smoothly. was the architect for the 189.000 square feet (9. please contact TRIANGLE FASTENER CORPORATION 800.

. it is used in a rainscreen application in combination with terracotta to create a sophisticated.560 m2) of metal wall panels.prelco. occupancy sensors for mechanical systems.B. The tower is the latest building in the development of the John Hancock Student Village.nbhandy. www. supplied 11.. supplied 61... and Ellison Bronze Inc. a highly reflective roof to reduce heat gain. Prelco Inc. the residence tower is designed to enhance student life and the integration of learning spaces throughout the university.. Circle #52 Armstrong Ceilings. Quebec. along with 20 resident assistant units and three apartment units for faculty. LEED AP. double glazed low-E 40 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 coated glass to maximize transparency while providing solar shading. was the roofing contractor..ca. The 396.com . the heart of student activities also master planned and designed by Cannon Design. Va. Circle #50 N. The 26-story tower provides the university with a distinctive and contemporary landmark for visitors entering the city from the west. Canada. Silver has been used as the metal color to provide an ever-changing appearance as the changing colors from the sun are reflected in the façade. Circle #53 Ellison Bronze Inc. Richmond. Art from the university’s students at the College of Fine Arts is displayed in the main lobby and second floor gallery spaces. Riviere-duLoup. was the general contractor.metalarchitecture. supplied 27.828 square feet (356 m2) of fixed window framing.. N. Lancaster.. Lancaster. and Roof Systems of Virginia. Lynchburg. Va. supplied eight pairs of doors for the project. and Armstrong Ceilings.503 m2) of 18-inch (457-mm).Y. student life offices and an open multipurpose room on the top floor. Pa.. large and small collaborative study spaces. Alcoa Architectural Products. Eastman. who led the project for Cannon Design. Moseley Architects. a video room. Richmond. www. www.787 m2) of 24-gauge Thin Seam with Batten in Sandstone from Fabral. Pa.788-m2 ) building provides housing for 962 students in a wide range of apartment and suite sizes. and takes full advantage of stunning views of Mount Wachussett to the Harbor Islands and beyond.691 m2) of curtainwall and 3. www.midwestcurtainwalls. and on-site panel installation facilitated construction and allowed for the swift erection of the building envelope. The lighter weight of the façade system reduced the amount of steel required to support it—also saving material resources. features 700 squares (6. AIA. Lynchburg. 300 squares (2.com.924 square feet (13. and dual-flush toilets and low flow water fixtures to reduce use of potable water. Additionally.B.” Alcoa Architectural Products. Midwest Curtainwalls Inc. Va. was the architect. “While metal is the predominant material on the exterior. Peterson.armstrong. thereby shortening the construction schedule. “Metal was chosen as an exterior metal because it offers the opportunity to break down the scale of the building. Cleveland.. the facility incorporates multiple educational and social spaces including two classrooms. www.. www. Heathsville. In addition to the residential units.552 square feet (2. music practice rooms.” said Principal Robert J. Boston. The system was shop fabricated for cost effectiveness.371 m2) of acoustical ceiling tiles. Handy Co. Handy.000-square-foot (36.. Circle #54 Midwest Curtainwalls Inc.fabral. and 121 squares (1.com. Fabral. Designed by Cannon Design.. Falconer. English Construction Co. A terracotta/metal panel rainscreen system was used for the exterior envelope cladding. supplied 143. The result is a warm and welcoming atmosphere that also reduces the building’s impact on environmental resources.124 m2) of 24-gauge soffit panels formed on the Quadro rollformer by N.Market Feature: education Metal roof tops new high school The Northumberland High School. contemporary expression.069 m2) of glass panels.ellisonbronze.alcoaarchitecturalproducts.B.com. The project incorporates a range of sustainable features including the use of rapidly renewable bamboo for ceilings and feature walls at the entry. Circle #51 Distinctive and contemporary university landmark Boston University’s newest student residence tower recently opened.484 square feet (1.260 square feet (5.. Ga.com. Circle #55 Prelco Inc.com. 24-gauge Sentrigard SL150 in Classic Green from N. www. Handy Co. Circle #56 www...com.

biz Circle #20 on reader service card.. Conn.protean.metalarchitecture.16-inch (4-mm) ACM-100 PE aluminum composite material dry joint system with a Kynar finish. IS YOUR BUILDING PROTECTED? Since 1984..kingspanpanels. Hospitals and More Annual property losses due to lightning exceed $5 billion in the U.com THE SOLUTION TO WIND UPLIFT PROBLEMS Metal wall panels highlight community college The Guilford Technical Community College in Jamestown. CT 06098 TEL FAX 888-680-9462 860-379-2046 EM info@ecle.000 Lightning strikes 20 million times each year in the U. Morin Corp...us. Burnsville. UL-listed lightning protection equipment. Protean supplied 5. East Coast Lightning Equipment.S. ECLE has a nationwide network of UL-listed. The Freelon Group.windbar.. Ga. Churches. was the supplier.000 LIGHTNING FACTS 3 – 5% 20. Between 3 – 5% of all commercial insurance claims are lightning related 5.850 square feet (636 m2 ) of its 20-gauge F-12 Galvalume wall panels in a Limestone Kynar finish and 3.C. King. N. was the architect.The Best in SNOW RETENTION Just Got Better.000 square feet (279 m2 ) of its 20gauge X-12 Galvalume wall panels in a Limestone Kynar finish. and Architectural Products Specialist Inc..com February 2010 METAL ARCHITECTURE 41 .S.. was the general contractor. Durham. Minn.355 square feet (497 m2 ) of its 20-gauge FM-200 foam panel with a smooth galvanized steel face and 24-gauge smooth galvanized liner in a Limestone Kynar finish.ecle. Loganville. Schools.biz WEB www. Airports. Circle #57 Protean Construction Products Inc. utilizes a variety of products from Morin Corp. www. N. (ECLE) has been a leading supplier of high-quality.. Morin supplied 6. trained lightning protection specialists to assist with all phases of lightning protection system design and installation. O ces. www..000. NEW!! COLORBAR USING 2” STRIP COLOR TO MATCH ROOF STAINLESS STEEL CLAMPS FOR DURABILITY FIELD AND LABORATORY TESTED THREE TYPES OF CLAMPS FIT MOST SEAMS LESS LABOR INTENSIVE & NO PENETRATIONS Call (800) 711-9724 • www. www. and Protean Construction Products Inc.com. WINDBAR NEW PATENTED WINDSTOPPER KEEPS THE FLAT OF THE PANEL FROM UPLIFTING WINDBAR HELPS METAL ROOF PANELS MEETS THE NEW IBC BUILDING CODE REQUIREMENTS WINDBAR FACTORY TESTED UNDER ASTM E-1592 (call for results) WINDBAR NO ROOF PENETRATIONS Call (800) 711-9724 • www.snobar....000. N.C. Inc.000.830 square feet (356 m2 ) of its 0. Lyon Construction Inc.C. Circle #58 MAIL 24 Lanson Drive Winsted. Bristol.com Circle #19 on reader service card. in addition to 3. Protecting: Factories. Homes. (888) 680-9462 Call us today to make sure you have the right lightning protection for your buildings..

Construction on the event shelter was completed in summer 2008.com . Chesapeake..” A combined total of 9. was the architect. www. Butler.. Cartersville. and 3.” explained Nancy Lawry. Slippery Rock. “Used in conjunction with glass curtainwall. Boston.Market Feature: education New school reflects commitment to environmental stewardship Completed in July 2009.. with Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott. bamboo flooring. that will also showcase an innovative system for harvesting rainwater for irrigation. The steel roof was able to be installed over panels placed on the exterior of the barn roof. and standing-seam metal roof. modern and durable material.Va. Minneapolis.” Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott. Solar hot water. FR Core in Cadet Grey.. The Succop Conservancy offers 50 picturesque acres including a house built in the 1830s and an outdoor reception area for weddings and gatherings.544 square feet (329 m2 ) of 0. while construction on the barn was completed in winter 2009. “Metal panels are a versatile. Teachers are able to use the school’s 5.. Troy Jay Construction. Ga. The metal roofing lends a vibrant aesthetic appeal and long-lasting durability to the campus’ Succop Conservancy—an environmental and cultural education center for the community. was the fabricator. while Bob Sloan. “Equally important was the ability to see the interior structure of the rafters. FR Core in Bone White. Pa.paintandcolor. was the metal panel installer.-based Follansbee supplied its KlassicKolors metal roofing in Charleston Green for two structures at Butler County Community College in Butler. the metal panels convey a sense of transparency and lightness as the upper portion of the building emerges from its masonry base. The ALPOLIC ACM panels are from Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America Inc.. The metal panel’s solar reflective paint coatings are from Valspar. Brasfield & Gorrie LLC. retreats. Pa. Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America Inc. AIA.. carpet with recycled content and daylight sensors are some of the many sustainable features included in the school. Ga. The project used 10. W. Follansbee. www. The two buildings—an existing barn and newly constructed event shelter—required a long-lasting roofing material that was both visually pleasing and easy to install. an herb garden and walking trails complete this scenic ceremony and reception site. The owner is the Butler County Community College Education Fund. Circle #59 Metal roofing lends vibrant appeal to conservancy Follansbee. They provide good quality. As a peaceful. LEED AP. comfortable atmosphere that lends itself to business meetings. Two ponds. www.” said Jeanne Carey.790 square feet (903 m2 ) of KlassicKolors was used to roof the two structures. Ga. Succop Conservancy.metalarchitecture.alpolic-usa.16inch (4-mm) ALPOLIC aluminum composite material. Kennesaw. “We specified Follansbee metal roofing for its longevity. Lovett Middle School in Atlanta was designed to reflect the school’s commitment to environmental stewardship.547 square feet (980 m2 ) of 0.com. Va. and Glass Systems Inc.. The school currently has LEED Silver certification and is seeking LEED Gold certification.com. Circle #60 Valspar. was the general contractor. receptions and art exhibits. ease of construction and ability to achieve an energy-efficient envelope. installed the glass curtainwall. ease of installation and appearance. Snellville. The green middle school is also a teaching tool. Lithonia.16-inch ALPOLIC ACM. Altech Panel Systems LLC. classes. The material and color of the panels could be selected for compatibility with the building’s aluminum curtainwall system. Ga.. was the contractor for the barn. was the installer for the event shelter. weddings.000square-foot (465-m2 ) roof garden as an outdoor classroom and laboratory.follansbeeroofing. director. Circle #61 42 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 www.com. SECO Architectural Systems Inc.

The 405. Hunter Douglas Contract.000-square-foot (37. Chanhassen. Ga. www.624-m2 ) building opened with an enrollment of 1.912 m) of Norcross. www.High school features metal ceiling panels Chanhassen High.050 students. Circle #62 Circle #22 on reader service card. warmth and sustainability.hunterdouglascontract.com February 2010 METAL ARCHITECTURE 43 . The profile-wrapped ceiling panel utilizes a thin wood veneer finish factory laminated to the aluminum ceiling panel. “profile-wrapped” in wood veneer. 2009 as District 112’s newest high school. was brought in to design and create a new look for the high school. Its mission was to design a school that would make the students proud.-based Hunter Douglas Contract’s Box 4 linear metal ceiling panels. Minneapolis.metalarchitecture. Perkins + Will.. 8.com. opened up on Sept.450 linear feet (23. Minn. which offers a unique blend of durability. Circle #21 on reader service card. real-wood ceiling for the high school. and was chosen to provide a warm. The aluminum panel is made up of more than 70 percent recycled content. The architects used 78.

the building plays a prominent role in both its downtown location and its location as the campus gateway.. Phoenix.. five-story building serves as both the campus’ primary gateway on its marquee corner of downtown Phoenix. and will be the home for one of the largest nursing programs in the U.by 10-inch (254-mm) beams.000-square-foot (7. Firestone Metal Products.S. Tulsa.” Kranz recalled.by 6-inch (152. Circle #64 44 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 www. affordable material that would offer an appropriate aesthetic identity to the university’s downtown campus. “The design delicately balances the dreams of a threepronged client structure. and Brewer Construction. Kovach Inc.804m2 ) office. was the installer. as Arizona has led copper production nationally for the last century. Okla.com. The College of Nursing and Health Innovation had needs for expansion and brand identity for its high-profile college. and built by DPR Construction Inc.. Chouteau. was the architect. “As the owner. The facility was funded by the city of Phoenix.by 152-mm) posts and 6. Copper plays a significant part of Arizona’s history and economy. NCARB. Phoenix. Firestone Metal Products.Market Feature: education Campus gateway building clad in copper Phase II of the Arizona State University College of Nursing and Health Innovation in downtown Phoenix opened in August 2009. Boynton–Williams & Associates. to heat the facility’s water.. the city of Phoenix required an urban building that creates shade and adds to the architectural character of its evolving downtown core. wrapping an exterior stair. custom fabricating the copper into the perforated panels.com. Copper was chosen as a showcase material for its color. The fast-tracked project was designed and built in 22 months. It has an 11-foot (3-m) project and is 18 feet (5 m) wide.metalarchitecture. classroom and research building is clad in copper. The copper skin utilizes three different profiles in a randomly repeating pattern to create texture and a play of light and shadow.-based Mapes Architectural Canopies supplied its Super Lumideck post-supported canopy with 6. and solar panels on the roof being used. An additional preference was for a material that would weather beautifully and naturally in the Bill Timmerman arid desert climate. SmithGroup Design Principal Mark Kranz. in addition to a lantern feature. It allowed the design team a great deal of flexibility in terms of panel design. and the university required an elegant icon on a tight budget. This compact. for the Woodall Public School in Tahlequah. Neb. Ariz. The design team was seeking a sustainable. Anoka. Okla. Mapes Architectural Canopies. noted that the multiclient structure with varying vested interests added to the challenge of designing this gateway facility. with bond approval in 2006. and is being leased to Arizona State University for its College of Nursing and Health Innovation. The copper-skinned steel-framed building includes a high-performance glass curtainwall on the north.unaclad.mapes. Okla. Chandler.. The canopy features 2 1/4-inch (57mm) Extruded Decking and 8-inch (203-mm) Style G Fascia..com . Located in the Copper Square area of downtown. sustainability and importance to the state. the 84. Circle #63 Canopy adds to public school design Lincoln. The 254-square-foot (24-m2 ) canopy was completed in September 2008 and is finished in a Kynar Classic Bronze finish. leading to a highly articulated copper enveloper that complements other campus architecture while creating a unique identity for this campus gateway building. www. www.” With an estimated 75 percent of the construction waste diverted from conventional landfills. Designed by SmithGroup. was the supplier and subcontractor. the Phase II project is seeking LEED-NC Silver certification. AIA. Minn. durability. in part. supplied its UNA-CLAD Architectural Grade Sheet Copper for perforated panels that provide air movement and shading at the exterior stairs and balconies. LEED AP.

design principal. Lewis Contractors.866. Owings Mills. “The masonry at the front is meant to recall the kind of materials used throughout the Middle East and particularly Israel.metalarchitecture.” The random design pattern of the three DriDesign colors was determined by working on large elevation drawings.080aluminum panels finished in three complementary colors—Colonial Red. H.S. Circle #65 www. the Beth Tfiloh Lower School in Baltimore wanted its new building to be fun and inviting for the students. was the general contractor. installed the panels. and Flex-C Arch easier and faster than ever. All of the children at the school will travel to Israel at one time so the intent was to have the architecture reflect what they will see there. Dri-Design.com.” according to Poness.. • Attractive system uses Pentaglas Nano-Cell glazing system • Affordable • Modular • Maintenance-Free • Tested as new after 10 years of South FL exposure • Suitable for green constuction Aviation Building Systems Since 1969 T-Hangars • Individual Hangars • Shade Ports TOLL FREE (U.flexabilityconcepts.443. supplied approximately 8.S.. Md.500 square feet (790 m2 ) of its 0.com February 2010 METAL ARCHITECTURE 45 www.. Burgundy and Mansard Brown—installed in a checkerboard pattern to help achieve the desired effect. AIA. Dri-Design. Phone (800) 759-6985 Corporate Hangars • Maintenance Hangars .com DAY L I G H T I N G Circle #23 on reader service card. Mich. Md. CURVED FRAMING MADE EASIER Hammer-Lock Feature makes using Flex-C Trac. www. It’s what you can expect from: The Curved Wall People™ VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO SEE ALL OUR LEADING CURVABLE FRAMING PRODUCTS.” said Michael Poness. WMCRP Architects.rmsteel. Landover. CPI LiteBrow™ Suspended Canopy and Sun Shade Provides shelter while allowing glare-free daylight into the area below. “The challenge was that they had a pretty good looking facility at the off-campus location so we needed to make this new building as good or better.” The Dri-Design panels interface with masonry known as “Jerusalem stone.dri-design. Baltimore.H. FLEX (3539) TOLL FR E E School building is fun and inviting for students When moving from an attractive off-site location to the main campus.com Worldwide sales and distribution Circle #24 on reader service card. and AWP Inc. Flex-C Angle. www. (208) 454-1800 www.cpidaylighting. Holland.com Circle #25 on reader service card. “We wanted a high caliber of architectural design and function—so that led to looking at the materials pretty carefully. only) 1-866-454-1800 • Outside U.

Perforated metal canopies were incorporated for shade creation. Scrape Certified Welding. grace the stairways and second story railings..000-square-foot (14. Calif. The campus includes a performing arts center. Grating Pacific Inc. pool complex. Circle #67 46 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 www. which incorporates a variety of metallic fabrications to complement the structures. used a Rigid Frame system and SSR roof in Tahoe Blue from Memphis. Los Alamitos. football stadium. constructed the contemporarily designed property. along with a cool roofing system to minimize consumption of electricity over the useful life of the school. baseball fields. Inc. The project began in May 2007. Green building techniques were utilized and aspects were recognized as a LEED qualified project because of the natural daylighting and the inclusion of waterless urinals. softball field and a landscaped central common in which students are invited to gather. The exterior walls are red brick. Varco Pruden Buildings.. Built on a 62-acre (25-hectare) site in Murrieta. Kan..-based Crossland Construction Co. Highly efficient systems were installed for mechanical and lighting needs. Columbus.... and the exterior was completed before the arrival of severe winter weather. Tenn. Fallbrook. gymnasium. were faced with a barebones budget and a tight schedule and selected a metal building system because it was cost effective and because of the quick construction time. a state-of-the-art auditorium and a large commons area that connects all the public spaces.com..000-square-foot (23. Circle #66 Metal infil panels provide form and function Completion of the new Murrieta Mesa High School campus occurred in time to welcome students at the end of last summer. www.com . www. including two large classroom wings. the school district received substantial Proposition 1D funding from the state of California for environmentally friendly projects. crafting a dynamic and durable railing system that creates an open feel combined with the strength of steel. San Diego. This efficiency earned the school a Savings by Design Grant from the Southern California Edison Co. Additionally.Market Feature: education Tight budget and schedule play role in new high school project The new 160. General contractor Edge Development. Wichita.225m2 ) school exceeds California Title 24 energy requirements by more than 40 percent. Calif. the school provides scenic vistas of the valley below and the nearby Santa Rosa Plateau. metal banding surrounds the perimeter of the feature circular walkway connecting the classroom buildings. library. Kan.com. Calif. Temecula. installed the custom infill panels in their metal railing fabrications..-based Varco Pruden Buildings. The building was completed in July 2008—before the opening of school. main school building includes two gymnasiums. PBA Architects. the 250. Calif. Designed by NTD Architecture.metalarchitecture.vp.gratingpacific. Kan. and Orsogril Dione pattern architectural infill panels from Grating Pacific Inc.864-m2 ) Chanute High School in Chanute. tennis courts.

Calif. Kalzip 65/305 solid 0. “A fourlane highway curves in front of it. The building has several sustainable features. the three-story structure sits over a 41. As we work on the other buildings on this campus we’ll use Kalzip wherever we can to keep the design consistent. which is on the exterior of the building that faces southeast with a stronger orientation to the south.04-aluminum was used for the parapet at the top of the screen..mpvent.com Circle #26 on reader service card. Circle #68 www. the setting is one that encourages them to take time out to enjoy the scenery.017-m2) building that includes classrooms. Calif.809-m2) on-grade parking garage.Artistic shade screen is key component of building’s design The artistic shade screen on the new state-of-the-art Science and Humanities building at the Sierra Canyon School.. was general contractor for the project. Progressive Roofing..” said Principal Craig Jameson. It met code [2007 California Building Code.” Jameson noted. According to Jameson and Jennings. Completed in April 2008. Guards] and eliminated the need for a separate guard rail element. February 2010 METAL ARCHITECTURE 47 Kalzip Inc.S. (208) 454-1800 Toll Free Fax (866) 454-1801 Web site: www. STEEL COMPANY Since 1969 R&M Manufacturer and Direct Sales of Pre-Engineered Steel Building Systems TOLL FREE Phone (866) 454-1800 (U.. “The perforated panels were installed horizontally to create the screen. Functionally. a library. Texas 77040 713-856-9696 : Fax: 713-856-9686 Toll Free: 800-356-7746 For more information visit www. The screen encloses one side of a 350-foot (107-m) outdoor passageway connecting the new facilities and providing an exciting social space for students as they move between classes.” Jameson said.. created the new master plan for the upper campus that serves grades 7 through 12 of the independent coeducational school serving more than 900 students on two campuses overlooking the San Fernando Valley. which would increase energy costs. The architect of record. The architects’ decision to place the corridor on the exterior and shade it was based on their sustainable design approach.. natural lighting. Calif. only) Outside U.. who served as project principal and co-designer with firm Principal John Masotta.000-square-foot (6. Each room has its own air conditioning so occupants can turn the system on or off as needed.000-square-foot (3.. operable sash windows. “The goal for this campus was to be a 21st century educational flagship. www.rmsteel. “The code requires a specific density of fabric or material to be approved for use as a guardrail. in addition to buffering the wind and providing security. and energy won’t be wasted on unoccupied rooms. project manager. For students and others using the corridor. the screen protects the corridor. so this dynamic element on the building has a lot of visibility. We’re about the future and this was a good place to show it because the site is fairly open and on a hillside. Section 1013.metalarchitecture.. science and laboratory facilities.” said Curt Jennings.” Custom Products Since 1962 Solutions for Tough Challenges 7777 Hollister : Houston. Calif. Culver City. Michigan City. Ind. the patterned openings in the screen frame the fantastic views of the San Fernando Valley. AIA. The screen is formed from Kalzip 65/400 perforated 0.com Circle #27 on reader service card. Chatsworth. and decentralized air conditioning. The Kalzip material was chosen for its ability to reflect the heat from the mostly southern exposure. is a key design component of the 54. Keeping it on the exterior and shading it will provide substantial energy savings over the life of the building because the aluminum screen will reduce heat gain.kalzip. offers a pleasing break from the ordinary for students looking through it and passers-by looking at it.com. The perforated Kalzip was a good candidate because it’s a consistent fabric yet you can still see through it.S. made of perforated Kalzip aluminum panels from Kalzip Inc. Both materials have a metallic silver coating. The curved screen. such as on-site water filtration. Parallax Associates Inc. Oxnard. Torrance. who served as the project architect.com . and a student center. the use of renewable and recyclable materials.04-aluminum material with a 6-8 pattern. installed the panels. Del Amo Construction Inc. “Many schools would have put the corridor inside the building and air conditioned it.

was the erector and roofing contractor. Wash. was the architect. To construct the $7. contributed Integrity Series wall panels to the new Agricultural Labs and Greenhouse Building at Antelope Valley College in Lancaster.. XA-12 and XC-12 profiles from the Integrity Series Wall Panels were applied to the exterior. The Faith Works. open space in the gymnasium.us. an energy management system. Overall.com. Morin Corp.750-square-foot (1.metalarchitecture..3 million building. Circle #70 48 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 www. Construct Inc. Metallic Building Co. Conn. Circle #69 Sustainability key to new college building Morin Corp. www.” said architect Sam Kamand.-based Midstate Sheetmetal Inc. supplied the metal building. roof and wall panels for the project. Elements KMB Design Groups. Calif.com . Metallic’s 24-gauge Ultra-Dek standing-seam roof system in Hunter Green. has a new state-of-the-art 11. installed the Morin panels. “The owner and project manager worked as a team to ensure the successful completion of the project. Other sustainable features of the building include lighting control. everyone was pleased with the result. www. The 18-gauge XA-12 and XC-12 were in custom color Silver Alfredo. Bakersfield. along with its PBC wall panels in Colonial Green.metallic. The building features a canopy. Wash.092-m2 ) gym/classroom expansion that was designed to offer a place for students to play sports and perform stage plays while learning all the necessary tools to prepare for life outside of high school. was the general contractor. Spokane Valley.. from Bakersfield-based Klassen Corp. roofmounted basketball goals and a large stage area.. along with an Energy Saver insulated roof. and Prengle Construction. almost 80 years from the day the college first opened its doors. A metal building was used because it offered clear. Bristol. The building design highlights what Antelope Valley College values: educational opportunities and commitment to the environment.Market Feature: education Metal building used for gym and classroom expansion The Community Christian Academy in Lacey. a Signature 200 Commercial/Industrial coating. Wash.. Yelm. Yelm. was utilized.. a Signature 300 Architectural coating.kingspanpanels.. Houston-based Metallic Building Co. Construction on the new building was completed in August 2009. Morin’s X-12. large entrance. was the builder. a Kingspan Group company. LED exit signs and low-E glass windows. Wash. lighting sensors.. Yelm.. Calif.

facilitating daylighting for the interior. Check out Metal Architecture Online! www. the architect on the project.com Metal Architecture can be read online. featuring flexible open weaves.-based Cambridge Architectural supplied a woven metal mesh shading system that exudes modern flair.000square-foot (11. the material adds a new dimension to the building’s façade. which incorporates a number of green building elements.com Metal Directory & Resource Guide www. Metal mesh adds dynamic depth and function Cambridge. “Cambridge was able to customize the anchors precisely according to what the design team wanted.snogem.metalconstructionnews.com. Circle #71 Metal Building Developer www.” The Cambridge system was chosen based on more than just looks.” said Mark Gifford. Wash. perpendicular to the structure’s windows so that they meet the sun at the proper angle.metalarchitecture.Half Carat Snow Should Only Fall Once™ Original Metal Original Polycarbonate All Sno-Gem snow guards are designed to minimize unexpected falling snow and ice and enhance safety. like the metal fabric shading from Cambridge. while providing solar shading and ventilation for the Academic Instructional Center on the campus of Western Washington University in Bellingham.” Maintaining ventilation and preserving outside views were two other key considerations for the center. while blocking harsh sunlight and the heat that it generates. Seattle. “The Cambridge team helped us make the necessary adjustments to meet those requirements.metalbuildingdeveloper. associate principal of NAC Architecture. To fit the building’s overall design. allowing for maximum solar shading.” Gifford said. which contributes to the daylighting and views section of LEED by decreasing glare and improving quality of light. the general contractor and installer. “Cambridge’s product allowed us to maintain this ventilation while shading the structure.” The Solucent system was fabricated with mesh in Cambridge’s Shade pattern. The Cambridge Solucent architectural mesh shading system dresses the southwest-facing exterior of the building. it needed to be easy to integrate and sustainable. Installed much like vertical slats.” “The whole process went very smoothly. The inherent nature of architectural mesh allows it to block the sun without blocking airflow or views. pedestrians and mechanical equipment below your roof. www. Find all of this month’s articles and features. “Cambridge brought a really nice mockup sample to the site that proved the product would perform well. plus much more.” Cambridge assisted throughout the entire process to make sure the project team achieved all of their design goals.cambridgearchitectural. Bellingham.metalarchitecture.com February 2010 METAL ARCHITECTURE 49 .com Cambridge Architectural. project manager for Dawson Construction Inc. Md. the University has applied for LEED certification for the 120. Junior CLAMPS TO STANDING SEAM NEW! No Adhesive Needed Secure Universal Clamp A TOLL FREE: 888-766-4367 web: www. “The aesthetic of the mesh was very desirable to us.148-m2 ) facility. Completed in June 2008.” Lindsay said. “We were placing the mesh on a building that is naturally ventilated.themetaldirectory.com | email: info@snogem.com www.” said Jake Lindsay. “Especially the way it is fabricated and the texture that it brings to the building.com Circle #28 on reader service card. It was the unique look of architectural mesh that sparked the interest of the project team. It was installed using Cambridge’s Eclipse tension attachment hardware. “It was a pretty slick product and process. Safe and convenient. The center has been able to reduce energy usage and optimize building operations by employing streamlined and sustainable concepts. • Market Feature • Product Focus • Firm Strategies • Design Ideas • Enviro-metal • Top Honors Also visit our other Web sites: Metal Construction News www. these snow guards protect gutters. “There were very specific structural wind load requirements for this building. Long panels of woven metal fabric are installed in tension..” Gifford said. The unique design suspends the field of snow and ice until they gradually melt under the sun’s rays.

Located on 20 acres (8 hectares) along Milwaukee’s Menomonee River near the factory district. FAIA. the museum is a vision of how architectural metal is used creatively to reflect the industrial tradition Harley-Davidson helped to build. “so it feels more like a real factory and less like a custom building. www. flooring and pedestrian bridge. Pentagram had used McNICHOLS’ architectural metal in its home office.Design Ideas Counter-culture In Milwaukee. Milwaukee. museum planners explored a myriad of unique ways to incorporate architectural metal products into the building’s features. who led the museum’s design team. Galvinized metal bar grating.” Guided by the architectural team. most were created from standard shapes of rolled. where manufacturing is the city’s economic backbone. to fully express the natural roughness associated with a factory environment. When we looked at the design for the museum. “You see it in big ways and small ways. Museum Director Stacey Watson puts the museum’s design in simple terms: “Harley-Davidson designs and manufactures motorcycles. punched and fabricated steel. comes in varying hole sizes. were put through a chemical blackening process.com .metalarchitecture. we looked to the forms and shapes and materials of factories. 50 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 Classic By Mary Estes Metal and motorcycles merge in new Harley-Davidson Museum While some of the metal features were custom fabricated. The outside structural columns are constructed of exposed steel I-beams. popular as platforms in commercial settings. “Our primary focus was to portray the strength and honesty of the Harley-Davidson brand and industrial heritage of the area. The inside metal was created as an extension of the same rough metal look to maintain the industrial authenticity throughout. the architect of record. Strategically placed throughout are specialty metals from Tampa. it’s natural that Harley-Davidson. often in unexpected ways. Fla. a collection of designer-quality products that were familiar to the museum’s design architect. and is ADA compliant. engines and accessories. railings and other trim elements. like the counters.-based McNICHOLS’ Designer Metals. was chosen as the primary accent metal for the museum’s interior pathways because it is a comfortable walking surface for high traffic areas.” said James Biber. Assisted by HGA Architects and Engineers. one of its most celebrated hometown companies. of Pentagram. metal is the prevailing material used for its form and function.” Watson said. as well as in other client projects over the years. would honor the city’s industrial heritage in its archival home—The Harley-Davidson Museum. McNICHOLS GCM-1. instead of a traditional paint. the design team chose a variety of McNICHOLS’ metals to complement the building’s array of exhibits that showcase Harley-Davidson’s 106 years of manufacturing its acclaimed motorcycles. The close-mesh variety.” From the exterior steel skeleton to the galvanized close-mesh bar grating in the interior grand staircase. Pentagram Architects. New York. Some metal components.

“The challenge for us was fitting the handrail panels and walking surface together. because it gave a transparent. bar grating is used to cover the air vents along the floor.[1-m-] wide panels. including Maltbie..” Biber said. N. Placed upright in 3-foot-wide panels.” Biber said. like the glassenclosed corridor linking the main museum to the building housing the site’s restaurant café and retail shop.. Wis. “Each decision had its own set of considerations. Other creative uses of metal bar grating abound. a design decision that required the two elements to link like hinges on a door. Pentagram and HGA turned to Milwaukee’s Grunau Metals. like the pedestrian bridge. the museum’s exhibit specialist.com February 2010 METAL ARCHITECTURE 51 .J. the general contractor.The bar grating is most noticeable from the lobby where it is used as the treads and landing on the entry staircase. Mount Laurel. treads and walkway. the metal fabricator responsible for helping select.” said Brad Landry. this metal application required a custom-welded www. Brookfield. and Mortenson Construction. In some locations.metalarchitecture. from aesthetics to the cost of the fabrication to scheduling. so it was a fluid process. so we had to piece the bridge together panel-by-panel. were built in Grunau Metal’s Milwaukee steel fabrication shop workshop and assembled and welded on-site. construct and finish the metals. “It was like lacing your fingers together. To produce and install the metal features.” Even the most subtle finishes involved hundreds of decisions by the entire team. Grunau Metals applied a chemical blackening process to some of the galvinized steel parts to produce the time-honored patina found in the decades-old factories that have operated in Milwaukee since the turn of the 20th century. Many of the complex fabrications. yet rough industrial look. “We loved the idea of using the same material on the handrails. operations manager at Grunau Metals. Unique to the bridge is the use of the bar grating as handrail panels to match the walking surface. The same close-mesh bar grating was installed as guardrails on the observation deck. The bar grating came in 3-foot. The staircase leads to a suspended pedestrian bridge—also fabricated from bar grating—that links the motocycle gallery to the engine exhibit room.

Installed at a significant pitch. Similarly. the bar grating supports several motorcycles that appear to be motoring uphill. light fixtures in some areas are covered with long cylinders of perforated metal to resemble motorcycle exhaust pipes where light glows through tiny holes without the need for diffusers. The perforated metal wrap doubles as a backdrop for large photo murals featuring famous Harley-Davidson racers. Fla.. “Compared to the 106-year storied history it represents.” 52 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 www. McNICHOLS carbon wire steel mesh is used as infill panels on the guard rail along the river’s edge for safety and aesthetics. the wire mesh is powder coated in black. Mary Estes is principal of Estes and Co. a place where motorcyles reign and metal meets the road—in more ways than one. Cafe Racer. perforated metal is featured in novel ways. a place where motorcyles reign and metal meets the road—in more ways than one. Eye-catching in the museum’s café. the Harley-Davidson Museum is still in its infancy. the Harley-Davidson Museum is still in its infancy. another nod to factory chic. are walls of perforated metal panels that are gray powder coated. One of the most intriguing uses of bar grating is on an exhibit itself. The panels wrap around an elevator shaft that is painted in HarleyDavidson orange. such as accent walls and lighting fixtures.Design Ideas handrail cap to cover the raw edge of the “upended” metal. Compared to the 106-year storied history it rep- resents. On the grounds of the museum.com . but it is fast becoming a legend of its own. Tampa. where the bar grating was made to simulate a hill climb. Fabricated by Atlas Ironworks of Milwaukee.metalarchitecture. Like the bar grating. but it is fast becoming a legend of its own. so the color shows through the holes.

Why screws instead of nails? In tight spaces and overhead applications. This technology offers added strength with trouble-free installation. DeckTools Software 3.com February 2010 METAL ARCHITECTURE 53 .S. the SD screw has a corrosion-resistant galvanized coating so it can be used in interior and most exterior conditions. www. The 3-D program allows users to customize nearly every detail. formerly a product of American Metal Door Co. Novelis recycled aluminum products meet the ISO 14021 standard for postconsumer recycled content.doorengineering. www. The latest version of the program. proposals and material lists.com I Circle #73 while replacing costly framing. DeckTools sales. are an ideal and economical choice for applications requiring fire barriers.novelis. Within the building and construction industry. and can be used in interior and some exterior applications.com I Circle #72 an alternative to nails. electronics. concealed connection between the stair stringer and the carrying header or rim joist Fire barrier Door Engineering and Manufacturing’s top hung. from the deck shape and railings to material choices. It is field slopeable to all common stair stringer pitches and is suitable for either solid or notched stringers. connectors and software Simpson Strong-Tie is introducing several new products for homes and decks in 2010.ipg. The splice column features an H-shaped column with slots corresponding to structural metal tabs on door panel edges. www. The LSCZ connector offers a versatile. Novelis recycled aluminum products are designed to offer sustainable solutions that deliver all the features of standard alloys for various consumer and industrial end-use applications such as appliances. Green Building Council’s LEED green building certification system. resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and highly stress-resistant door that is comparable in strength to one continuous panel. such as hardware solutions (Simpson Strong-Tie connectors and fasteners) and DWG and DXF (CAD-compatible) file export. while quickly generating plans. In addition. As Green solution: recycled aluminum Novelis introduced a new aluminum sheet product with a minimum of 70 percent post-consumer recycled content. includes new features.strongtie. The LSCZ installs with hot-dipped galvanized nails or Strong-Drive SD screws. has a ZMAX coating for additional corrosion protection.com I Circle #74 www. Door Engineering incorporates unique splice column technology into multipanel hollow metal sliding door systems. horizontal sliding fire and access doors.0. such as decks. tested and approved for use with some of the more popular Simpson Strong-Tie connectors. Door panels lock into each other rather than using sheet metal screws.New Arrivals Screws. The new Novelis recycled aluminum products for green solutions are being offered by the Specialty Products Group of Novelis in North America. the new SD structuralconnector screw is the only screw designed. design and estimating software program for decks makes it easy for deck builders and suppliers to create one-of-a-kind deck designs right from their laptops.. these products meet the criteria for sustainable materials according to the U. screws are easier to install than nails and in some cases.metalarchitecture. achieve higher load ratings than 10d and 16d common nails. and building and construction.

Regional Sales Manager artmazzone@moderntrade. Aviation Building Systems CENTRIA Citadel Architectural Products Contrarian Metal Resources CPI Daylighting Inc. IL 60077 Phone: (847) 674-2200 Fax: (847) 674-3676 www.com trianglefastener.com snoblox-snojax.com roofhugger.com Art Mazzone.com centria.com atas.com reddotbuildings.metalarchitecture.com snobar. PPG Industries Inc. Call Teresa Miller at (773) 278-8535 or e-mail at tmiller@moderntrade.com wirebydesign.com icebreaks.com Classified Advertising Rates Classified advertising rates are $110 per column inch for black and white or $145 for color.com mpvent.com.Ad Index/Classifieds Company Alcoa Architectural Products ATAS International Inc.com snogem.com thermaldesign. 54 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 www. 7450 N.com wheelingcorrugating.com lamtec.com custombiltmetals. Regional Sales Manager bradsipe@moderntrade.com garlandco.com mbci. Skokie.com Closing date is the 3rd of the month preceding publication. R & M Steel Co.com fabral.net cpidaylighting. up to a total of 5 column inches per page.com citadelap.com lmcurbs. Skokie Blvd.com Circle # 30 31 24 12 11 9 23 16 20 10 25 21 3 4 14 15 29 26 1 7 8 27 13 18 22 28 19 6 5 17 2 21 Modern Trade Communications Inc.metalarchitecture. Wheeling Corrugating Co. Use display advertising rates for ads over 5 column inches.com Bob Higgins..com rmsteel.com metl-span.com ppgideascapes.com . Custom-Bilt Metals East Coast Lightning Fabral Flex-Ability Concepts The Garland Co. windbar.moderntrade. Regional Sales Manager bobhiggins@moderntrade. Wire By Design Page IBC BC 45 23 21 13 45 29 41 15 45 43 2 4 25 27 55 47 IFC 9 11 47 25 39 43 49 41 7 6 39 1 41 Phone (478) 374-4748 (800) 468-1441 (866) 454-1800 (800) 250-8675 (800) 446-8828 (866) 360-5100 (800) 759-6985 (800) 826-7813 (888) 680-9462 (800) 884-4484 (866) 443-FLEX (800) 741-3157 (877) 767-9107 (800) 852-6832 (800) 284-1412 (877) 713-6224 (847) 375-4718 (800) 356-7746 (877) 585-9969 (800) PAC-CLAD (888) PPG-IDEA (866) 454-1800 (800) 657-2234 (800) 771-1711 (800) 746-8273 (888) 766-4367 (800) 711-9724 (800) SNOJAX1 (800) 255-0776 (800) 486-1832 (877) 333-0900 (800) 773-5300 Web Site reynobond.com pac-clad.com flexabilityconcepts.com Brad Sipe.com aviationbuildingsystems.com metalresources. Red Dot Buildings Roof Hugger Schweiss Doors Sno-Gem SNOBAR/WINDBAR SnoBlox-Snojax Thermal Design Triangle Fasteners Inc. Kawneer North America Lamtec LMCurbs MBCI The Metal Initiative Metallic Products Metl-Span Petersen Aluminum Corp.com kawneer.com www.com bifold.com metalinitiative.

.Circle #29 on reader service card.

. Minn. Houston-based MBCI supplied 1.H. the 20.. www.com. www. Circle #77 Storefront system: Tubelite Inc. airplane maintenance areas. Circle #75 Metal wall panels: MBCI. www. this project utilized a steel building system in conjunction with other systems and materials. N. project manager at JLG Architects. The budget drove the decision to use a pre-engineered metal building..kalwall. Award: 2009 AIA North Dakota Honor Award Architect: JLG Architects. Circle #76 Rolling hangar door: Door Engineering and Manufacturing. Grand Forks. and Kalwall Corp. The goal was to provide a sustainable.858-m2 ) indoor center offers many complementary services. the new building provides the owner with a distinctive image and greater presence at the airport.D.D. American Buildings Co.500-square-foot (2..100-square-foot (752-m2 ) office is made from a conventional steel-framed building. Eufaula.. While using a pre-engineered steel structure is common for hangar facilities. The 8. office spaces and an executive conference room.Top Honors Five star flight support By Marcy Marro After many years of occupying a nondescript metal building.700-square-foot (1. Walker. www. Ala.com. excellent natural lighting and ventilation.metalarchitecture.tubeliteinc. state-of-the-art modern Fixed Base Operator at Grand Forks International Airport. Manchester.. resulting in a building that is not only functional and cost effective..000-squarefoot (1. Walker.. Grand Forks.240 square feet (115 m2 ) of metal wall panels for the project.americanbuildings. Minn. 56 METAL ARCHITECTURE February 2010 The modern. aircraft rental/charter. supplied 990 square feet (92 m2 ) of translucent panels. Tubelite Inc. the Grand Forks Flight Support decided to build a new. full-line services and flight training. In addition. such as flight planning. supplied the 17. supplied 1. Fixed Base Operator. and high-efficiency glazing systems. Grand Forks Metal building: American Buildings Co. Kasota. Manchester. Circle #79 www. Door Engineering and Manufacturing. parking.com.369-m2 ) indoor hangar..com. but provides a high-end level of finish and modern aesthetic appeal.doorengineering. In addition to improved facilities.800 square feet (167 m2 ) of an aluminum storefront system. N.. Kasota. while appearance and durability were key to choosing the architectural metal wall panels. according to Brian Carlson. Grand Forks. Mich. Houston.com. Mich.. 21st century building possesses many sustainable features. five star FBO with enhanced amenities for pilots and travelers while staying within budget. Circle #78 Translucent panels: Kalwall Corp. supplied the rolling hangar door. Grand Forks International Airport. Eufaula. an observation deck.644-m2 ) pre-engineered metal buildings used for the hangar and truck garage. www. Airplane services include a 25. Carlson said. a pilot’s lounge.mbci. including parking limited to the minimum by local codes. Ala... N.H. N.com .

Circle #30 on reader service card. .

Circle #31 on reader service card. .

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