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La Rochelle

Daniel Peyron Director General

Robert Butel President

La Rochelle Business School offers a broad range of undergraduate, graduate and executive business education taught in both English and French. The school is a non profit, independent research and educational institute and a member of the Grand Ecoles system. Our programmes emphasise internships and international exchange offering students ready access to the huge European job market.

Our mission is to develop the professional and personal skills and competencies of each of our students and to prepare them to pursue a management career in business. Our excellent educational facilities combined with the expertise and quality of our faculty has enabled the school to provide innovative and original academic programmes which make our graduates eminently employable both in their first career choices and throughout their professional lives. All our degree pathways provide in-depth knowledge of new management methods and practices and experiential opportunities throughout the world. Our programmes are continually reviewed and renewed to reflect the everchanging demands of the worlds business community.

The leading schools of Management in France are called Grand Ecoles and an integral part of the French higher education system. The alumni hold key positions throughout business and industry both in France and abroad.

The Schools commitment to quality

Academic excellence
La Rochelle Business School is a first class teaching institution with a firm commitment to innovation and excellence. A recognised institution in the French Higher Education System (Reconnaissance dtat). La Rochelle Business School is a member of the French accreditation body, the Confrence des Grandes Ecoles Elite Business Schools. La Rochelle Business School (Programmes, research and services) is certified by the AFAQ-AFNOR certification body to the internationally recognised quality assurance standards of ISO 9001: Version 2000.



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La RocheLLe Business school

Why Choose La Rochelle, France ?

Today France is the worlds fourth largest economy and second largest exporter of services. it is also the most visited country in the world. Studying in France allows you access to an unrivalled cultural dynamism and the opportunity to live in the place that invented savoir-vivre the art of living well. Films, museums, theatres, books, cafs and the national flair for food and fashion are a part of everyday life. In La Rochelle (the 3rd most visited town in France) you can enjoy a multitude of cultural, touristic and athletic activities all at student prices. studying in France also means studying at the heart of europe. Students at La Rochelle can take advantage of both work and academic placements that are available across the European Union. Whats more, from La Rochelle you are a short rail or flight away from most of Europes important cities (plus hundreds of others that are worth the trip) all await you for the weekend or a longer stay. studying in France means being part of one of the worlds most effective education systems. Imbued with the tradition of a thousand years of scholarship, Frances diversified network counts more than 3500 institutions of higher learning. The nations commitment to sound education is your guarantee of the value and integrity of the degree you will earn. In addition the Tuition fees are also amongst the lowest in Europe making the high quality degrees a remarkable value. studying in France also gives you the chance to master the French language - a language spoken by more than 200 million people in 50 countries. French as a Foreign Language is offered to International students by the Institute of French Studies (IEF), located here at La Rochelle Business School. In fact all the help and facilities are in place to assist students to improve a range of different languages, from English, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Arabic, Japanese or Russian. la Rochelle has a long tradition of welcoming overseas students. On Campus, cultural diversity is an everyday reality; courses and extracurricular activities are shared between French students and international students representing 26 nationalities. Beyond the campus students can explore the world, different cultures and civilizations through periods of expatriation. Both academic and work placements are available abroad and range from 3 months to 2 years depending on the programme. To implement this opportunity, the school has a partner network consisting of 95 foreign universities in 33 countries and a network of more than 1 500 companies worldwide that have welcomed our students for the last 10 years. la Rochelle enjoys international recognition for its commitment to ensure integrated, sustainable development for the conurbation. Thirty years ago it created the first pedestrian area in France and signed the first document to protect the city centres architecture. The yellow bike loan scheme was invented here and a public transport system integrates alternative modes of conveyance (bikes, boats, electric cars). La Rochelle Business School, France is a dynamic and well known location to provide management education and professional career preparation for Business, Tourism and the Hospitality Industry.

La Rochelle Business School Company involvement at the School A diverse academy faculty Our Courses and admission Bachelor in International Business Bachelor in Tourism & MBA Tourism Management Master in Management (ESC Programme) The Humacit Projects Student Services & Support Student Life Living in La Rochelle p 2-3 p4 p5 p 6-7 p 8-9 p 10-11 p 12-13 p 14-15 p 16-17 p 18-19

La RocheLLe Business school

Company involvement
at La Rochelle Business School

Companies are present alongside students from the admissions process until the final coaching seminars in both an educational and professional involvement. To ensure the future employability of our students, La Rochelle Business School is committed to providing teaching that remains connected to the reality of the job market and the skills and competences needed by businesses to prosper. To ensure this is implemented, a strong interaction is required between the school, its students and companies themselves.

Companies at the service of the students

A strong commitment to teaching 45% of the courses are taught by professionals active in business. Varied opportunities exist for students to gain experience in-company 5000 internships and work placements offered by companies in France and abroad. Each programme at La Rochelle Business School has a corporate Relations Manager responsible for maintaining a network of business partners and assisting students in building their professional career plans.

Educational implications
Each year La Rochelle Business School visits nearly 350 companies to understand and analyze the business challenges of tomorrow. Today a network of more than 50 partner companies, of which the profiles and expertise are in line with the teachings delivered within the Group, are involved in the development of the programmes of the school. The companies also provide the raw material and examples necessary for specific case studies in line with real market problems, which the students study within the different courses.

Amongst our partner companies

Opportunities to meet with companies each year include: The Business Forum: A forum that is run by companies to recruit graduates, offer work placements and run workshops on successful career development. The Company Lectures: Monthly lecture and Q&A from visiting companies on a particular challenge facing business - to build and enhance the students preparation for their career. The Career Conference: A masterclass from alumni on their professional experience. A Companies Career Advice: Business leaders come to the school to advise on career development and successful applications. The Business Centre 5000 offers a year for jobs and work placements in France and abroad. Consultancy Projects: Students work with companies on a 'real life' business situation as part of their studies.

La RocheLLe Business school

A diverse academic faculty

La Rochelle Business School has demonstrated a strong commitment towards research for several years. It works to develop knowledge in business and management through applied research and disseminate results to the academic and professional communities.
La Rochelle Business School has an academic faculty of 73 permanent professors and academic researchers, accompanied by over 250 professional qualified professors and visiting lecturers from industry, consultancies, partner business schools and the professions. Numbers which continue to evolve each year with the development of the school. The faculty is organised within six key teaching disciplines : Finance, Accounting, Law and Information Technology Economics, Strategy and Organisation Management Commerce and Marketing Human Resource Management Professional Development Languages and Cultural Development These six key teaching disciplines help ensure the Schools programme and accreditation commitment to provide our students with the knowledge and skills they need to prosper. All the academic staff from the different disciplines are involved in the design of various educational materials such as the supporting course notes or the creation of case studies. They are also responsible for valorising the academic work within companies (research contracts, expert studies, topical seminars) and to the scientific community by publishing research papers and presenting their work at conferences.

International Conferences and workshops organised and hosted by the school include:

Research expertise through innovative sectors

In conjunction with the historical strengths of the school and the local economy, the school has developed its research expertise in three main areas. The Business & Management Unit conducts research in the area of governance, leadership and management practice. The Tourism Research Unit focuses on emerging issues in the tourism & hospitality industry and its intersection with society. The Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Unit conducts research on these issues from a management education and environmental perspective.

La RocheLLe Business school


Course outline

language study available throughout all courses



Undergraduate Programmes
Bachelor in International Business An International Management Programme 4 Years / English & French Option Bachelor in Tourism Management La Rochelle Business School of Tourism 3 years / English & French Option Bachelor in Business A Business Management & Marketing Programme 3 Years / French only

Graduate Programmes
Master in Management (esc Programme) A Grand Ecole Programme 2 years for entry with Bachelor Degree (3 years for entry after two years of classes prparatoires) English & French Option Master in Tourism Management and MBA in Tourism Management La Rochelle Business School of Tourism 3 specialisations in Tourism Project Management, Events Management and Hospitality Management 1 or 2 years English & French Option

*Master in Business a Master in Strategic Management Professional specialisations in: Industrial Management Management & the Environment Sustainable Development International Strategy Audit & Consultancy International Purchasing & Supply Chain Management. 1 or 2 years French only

Executive Education
Executive Education Degree Programmes (ESC Programme & MBA) and Professional Training IEF Institute dEtudes Franaises Language Centre -

More information on Fren c h o n l y c o u r s e s a t w w w. e s c - l a ro c h e l l e . f r

La RocheLLe Business school

Admission requirements for international students

Academic qualifications that fulfil the entry requirements include: For Undergraduate degrees: A high school diploma, international baccalaureate or equivalent secondary school qualification. For Master degrees: An undergraduate degree. Proof of your English Language ability. Proof of your French Language ability (ONLY for students pursuing French language programmes) Applicants with suitable work experience and /or qualifications other than that above may be considered for entry. Exemption may be given on a case-by-case basis for individual modules.

How to apply:
Our admission procedure considers your location abroad and consequently international students do not have to come to France for interviews:

For Master in Management (ESC Programme): All applications for entry are coordinated by Pass World a joint examination for application to 8 schools of International Business Management: Suitable for applicants who have at least 2 or 3 years of higher education. Information at

Applications are made using the undergraduate or graduate application form which can be downloaded from our website:

Pre selection on the basis of your application and supporting documents

Interviews with the Course Leaders and Admission Officer (Includes a language assessment)

A Letter of Acceptance or Refusal sent within 2 weeks

When to apply?
Applications must be submitted by the deadline indicated on the application form and it is advisable to apply early. Competition for places is strong. Visa Application for studying in France (students from outside the European Union) Documents confirming registration are sent together with the documents requested by the French Embassy for visa application. Students from outside the European Economic Area must request a long stay visa marked tudiant. As this can take some time we strongly advise you to apply for your visa as soon as possible. Further details:
La RocheLLe Business school

Bachelor in international Business

The Bachelor in International Business has offered for over 20 years a comprehensive business education at the highest level. The programme comprises two years in La Rochelle and two years abroad (work and study combination).
EPAS 4 year double-degree programme in International Business Management. Two full years spent abroad in 3 different geographical zones - 2 placement periods of 6 months and 1 year studying abroad at one of our 26 Partner Universities. Taught in English or/and French. An understanding of the international context in which business now operates. Opportunities to study with students of many nationalities. Possibility to continue studies direct into the second year Masters at La Rochelle Business School and other Grandes Ecoles and Universities.
The IECG Bachelor International Programme has received EPAS accreditation for 3 years. This accreditation is delivered by EFMD (, which together with AACSB, is one of the most highly recognized international academic accreditation agencies. EFMD also delivers the prestigious EQUIS accreditation. As of today, only 6 other Grande Ecole Programmes are EPAS accredited in France and 48 programmes are EPAS accredited in the world. EPAS rewards higher education programmes in business administration for their academic excellence and strong international dimension.

26 Partner universities for the Bachelor in International Business

All the following Universities are available for students who enrol in the course from September 2010

01- FinlAnD central ostrobothnia university of Applied sciences Metropolia university of Applied sciences, helsinki 02 - hollAnD Amsterdam- universit hes Amsterdam Avans - universit Avans hogeschools-hertogenbosch Avans university of Applied sciences, Breda utrecht university of Applied sciences Rotterdam hogeschool Rotterdam* 03 - DenMARK ViA university, horsens 04- uniTeD KingDoM newcastle - university of northumbria Bristol - university of the West of england Plymouth - university of Plymouth coventry - coventry university



03 04 02 05 07 09 06 08 10

14 12


london - south Bank university stoke on Trent - staffordshire university 05 - geRMAny Dortmund - universit Fachhochschule Dortmund Regensburg - universit Fachhochschule Regensburg 06 - PolAnD Technical university of lodz

07 - sWiTzeRlAnD Business and Management university, geneva 08 - czech RePuBlic Mendel university, Brno 09 - sPAin universit escuela superior de Marketing de Bilbao zaragoza universidad de zaragoza* cordoba eTeA cordoba* 10 - iTAly Turin universita degli studi di Torino*

11 - Mexico guanajuato - universidad de guanajuato 12 - chinA xian - universit des etudes internationales de xian-xisu 13 - cAnADA Manitoba Asper school of business* 14 - uniTeD sTATes oF AMeRicA Texas A&M international university

* Partnerships not yet finalised

La RocheLLe Business school

What you study:

The first year
provides a solid grounding in the Fundamentals of Business and Business Management. Courses studied include; Accounting, Macro Economics, Micro Economics, Sales Skills, Introduction to Finance and Company Law. Students also concentrate on reinforcing and developing their Foreign Language Competence and starting their Personal Development Programmes (PROSPER: PROjet PROfessionel et PERsonnel). A first work placement of 2 months is also completed. Research, Communications, Export Techniques, International Development of Companies, European Institutions and Contemporary Policy Issues, Community Law, Financial Analysis and Budget Planning. Students also complete a six month internship in business.

The fourth year

looks at strategic aspects of International business, and allows the students to put into practice their professional and academic experience acquired during the first three years of the programme. Students undertake a six month internship abroad in a placement corresponding to the area/sector identified in their Personal Development Programmes. Final year courses include International Marketing, International Purchasing and Logistics and International Finance.

The third year

gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves both academically and personally at one of our Partner Universities in Europe, Asia or the Americas. Students discover and experience different styles of teaching and different cultural approaches to business and business management. The modules chosen and courses studied continue to build on and develop the students technical and managerial expertise.

The second year

introduces an International business context and prepares the students for their following year abroad, at one of our Partner Universities across the world. Courses studied include Market


Career opportunities
Graduates from the International Business programme can expect to gain employment in a wide range of careers encompassing positions in many areas such as finance, marketing, tourism and human resource management in both national and international organisations.
First position after graduation:

Karine Geneau
gRADuATe in inTeRnATionAl Business AccenTuRe uK I joined Accenture in July 2007 on the Graduate Programme. After a training 9% Other period spent in London and Chicago I 9% Tourism, Leisure 26% was teamed with the Quality Division in and Hospitality Finance, Banking, the role of Junior Consultant. The work Industries Insurance is interesting and my responsibilities are growing all the time.
Information Technology

86% of graduates are in their first role 4 months after graduation.

More than 50% of the graduates with Double Degrees have found their first post abroad.

95% of graduates are in their first role 6 months after graduation. 31 K: Average starting salary of graduates.

16% 22% 18%

Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries

Commerce & Sales

place of work
in Paris and the surrounding area

Sector of activity for graduates

Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Industries

Job role for graduates

Market Research and Consulting Administration, Management






Executive Management


Finance, Banking, Insurance






in other regions of France (including DOM TOM)

Information Technology

16% 22% 18%

Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries

Communication and Design


Sales and Business Management


Commerce & Sales




La RocheLLe Business school

Market Research



Executive Management

in Paris


Bachelor in Tourism Management

The La Rochelle Business School of Tourism aims to provide management education and professional career preparation for the tourism, event and hospitality industry through student-centered learning that incorporates experiential learning and interaction with industry and the community.
The Bachelor programme provides students with a complete study of the management practices in tourism and offers the choice to specialize in a certain sector of their choice. It provides students with the appropriate knowledge, skills and values to be effective in the modern business environment and prepares them for careers within the tourism and hospitality industry.

3 year degree programme. The programme offers direct entry into Year 3 to students who have the equivalent of 120 ECTS credits in Tourism Management from another institution. Successful completion of the three year programme confers the Bachelor degree and allows progress to the masters level. Taught in English or/and French. Double validation possibilities with our partner universities. Internships within Business (in France and abroad) during each year of study. Choice of professional specialisations during 3rd year (Hospitality, Resorts or Events). Opportunities to study with students of many nationalities.

What you study:

The first year
The objective of the first year is to introduce students to the basics of tourism and hospitality management. Focus is given to professional skills and theory, and to management skills (marketing, sales, employment law, communication) Provides a foundation for understanding the nature of business and of management. Provides a grounding in the basic analytical and decision-making skills required by business. Develops linguistic skills in preparation of the study abroad programme in Year 2. Develops communication and other interpersonal skills. Offers a broad and realistic perspective of the tourism industry through professional & practitioner conferences. Students will also lay the foundations of their professional and personal development plan which they will build on throughout the programme to prepare for their future career in the industry.

The second year

The structure of the second year allows student to build on the introductory modules in Year 1 and their first internship experience and focuses on the application of their business knowledge to practical business problems. 4-6 months are spent studying at one of our 26 Partner Universities in the world and a 3 month work placement abroad helps to develop an International dimension to the studies.

The third year

The third year allows students to gain further knowledge of tourism organisations and broadens their knowledge in a specific sector a sector chosen from the students professional plans for the future. In addition, a work placement of 5 months in conjunction with the chosen specialisation to apply what has been learned in a practical context.

La Rochelle Business School of Tourism has been awarded the TedQual certification by the World Tourism Organisation. TedQual certification is awarded after independent external auditing of the degrees and of the Business School as a whole. The World Tourism Organisation developed the TedQual certification system to contribute to the quality and efficiency of tourism education and training. TedQual certification provides students, staff and employers with assurance that the quality of these degrees meets worldwide standards. La Rochelle Business School of Tourism is proud to be the first French school to achieve this certification. It further demonstrates La Rochelle as a dynamic and well known location to study graduate and undergraduate courses in Tourism Management.


La RocheLLe Business school

Master in Tourism Management MBA in Tourism Management

On entering the masters and MBA level of the programme, the course of study is orientated towards future career opportunities within the public and private sectors of tourism industry in one of 3 professional areas: Tourism Project Management, Events Management and Hospitality Management. 1 year Master programme. 2 year MBA programme. 100% English Track possible. Management Placement in France or abroad (4-6 months) in both years. Double degree option with Partner Universities. The two year programme will transform the students into genuine operational managers, attentive to market changes and capable of anticipating customer needs. It aims to: - enhance student knowledge of the industries that operate in the global tourism sector with the appropriate knowledge, skills and values. - provide a broad-based management education and professional programme in which the students increase their depth and breadth of knowledge while developing practical and management skills.

Amongst our company partners:

Hospitality Management
Structured around the expertise that France is internationally renowned for, the teaching explores the importance of customer satisfaction within high-end, luxury hospitality management. The course also deals with all functions and services which are offered. This course is in English only. cAReeR oPPoRTuniTies Hotels: Hotel Director, Operations Manager, Conference Manager Restaurants: Restaurant Manager, Food & Beverage Manager, Communications Manager Casinos: Casino Operation Manager, Director of Sales, Internal Audit Control Manager Transport: Chief Project Manager, Airport Supervisor, Cabin Crew Manager, Commercial Manager Attractions and Theme Parks: Site Director, Development Officer, General Service Manager

Tourism Project Management

The course familiarises students with new activities and unusual sites and how to package offerings to attract tourists who are increasingly demanding. Students learn to design and then pilot new services, they learn to manage and optimize equipment and facilities and master techniques needed for the planning and management of natural and cultural heritage. cAReeR oPPoRTuniTies Tourism Development: Tourist Office Director, E-Marketing Director Travel: Travel Advisor, Service Manager (Reservation, Sales, Product) Leisure & Theme Parks: National Parks Manager, Tourism Development Manager Museums: Marketing Manager, Project Manager, Public Relations Education & Research: International Projects Coordinator, Researcher,

Events Management
The course focuses on the ability to train leaders capable of developing events on behalf of companies or local authorities in the most diverse activities such as sports promotion (exhibitions, competitions), culture (festivals, concerts), or the organisation of leisure facilities (hotels, tourist sites). It also covers more traditional functions of business life by integrating the organisation of seminars and conventions, and motivation events such as incentives or team building activities. cAReeR oPPoRTuniTies Events & Festivals: Agency Manager, Planning Officer, Events Organiser Incentive & Business Tourism: Advisor, Services Manager, Agency Manager Conference & Exhibition Centres: Project Manager, Site Director Show & Media Events: Production Manager, Programme Director, Script Writer, Producer

Executive Education Option An Executive MBA in Tourism Management (fast-track) option is available for industry professionals with a minimum of 3 years experience, who wish to study for an MBA in an intensive teaching mode.

La RocheLLe Business school


Master in Management
(ESC Programme)


Two year programme for entry with Bachelor Degree. 100% English Track available. Successful completion of the two year program confirms a Masters Degree. A three-year programme (after two years of classes prparatoires or university education) and involves a largely common core in the first year (Bachelor year) followed by Year 2 & 3 (Master years) : Work placement periods each year including a 6 month internship in the final year aligned to the students career ambitions. Triple specialisation possible across 3 elements Function, Sector and a Geocultural Zone.
The objective of the programme is to develop management professionals for business organizations at a local, national or international level. A broad-based and general business curriculum with a strong emphasis on basic knowledge in the core business disciplines. Three pathways to specialisation are available - specific international (based on a geocultural zone), sectorial and functional knowledge.

The ESC La Rochelle Grande Ecole Programme has received EPAS accreditation for 3 years. This accreditation is delivered by EFMD (, which together with AACSB, is one of the most highly recognized internationalacademic accreditation agencies. EFMD also delivers the prestigious EQUIS accreditation. As of today, only 6 other Grande Ecole Programmes are EPAS accredited in France and 48 programmes are EPAS accredited in the world. EPAS rewards higher education programmes in business administration for their academic excellence and strong international dimension.

Sales & Negotiation Marketing Management Accounting Purchasing & Logistics Human Resources Finance

Sustainable Development Tourism Events Distribution Industry Banking Accounting Sports (New in 2009)

Geocultural zone
Europe (enlarged) Asia Pacific North America Hispanic-Iberian Arab Muslim

Executive Education Option ESC Manager (Masters Level). A programme for business professionals who want to study whilst continuing their professional activity. 90 days over 2 years. Start in October or March each year.

Antoine Gicquel
sTuDenT in MAsTeR in MAnAgeMenT With La Rochelle Business School I had the opportunity to follow a course that was both diverse and international. Firstly thanks to my Humanitarian internship in Burkina Faso where I spent three months with SOS Children in a childrens hospital, and then six months on a work placement in Montreal for Veridion, a start-up specialising in information security training. As Marketing Manager at Veridon, I was tasked with developing the marketing section (almost nonexistent on my arrival) at the time when the company was undergoing exponential growth. These two experiences gave me a lot: daily exposure to English in a professional environment, discovering a new working environment and a different way of thinking, and also the way to work in North America - faster, more direct focus on goals and the importance that is placed on skills and competence within the North American system. My next experience : After graduating Im returning to Quebec to take up the permanent post of Marketing Director at Vridon.


La RocheLLe Business school

The programme aims to:

Explore management dynamics from theoretical and applied perspectives. Develop analytical and practical skills to equip students for employment in business nationally and internationally. To improve business and management practice in new and unfamiliar contexts by applying business knowledge and strategic issues. Provide working methods and tools that are then validated by internship experience in France and abroad. Provide a mandatory humanitarian experience and demonstration of ethical and social awareness. Involve the business world in curriculum design and participation in career education and guidance.

Amongst the partners companies

The 10 principle recruiters of graduates from the Master in Management


DiRecToR, MAsTeR in MAnAgeMenT The ESC programme is one of the cornerstone programmes offered by the La Rochelle Business School. The course provides students with in-depth knowledge and skills across varied business disciplines alongside hands on experience. Students have the opportunity of being trained by well-qualified academics from all over the world as well as professionally qualified practitioners. At La Rochelle Business School, we believe that learning is a dynamic process based on continuous improvement and that exposing the students to a wide variety of challenges boosts learning, creativity, autonomy and key competencies. Therefore, beyond the classroom, students are also encouraged to learn through active participation and a learning by doing approach in developing teamwork, projects, competencies and professional behaviours (eg. internships in France and abroad, humanitarian projects, and so forth). A key component of the programme is that students are required to specialise in 3 main fields of expertise: in a specific geo-cultural area, in functional majors and sector based minors. This allows them to become actors in their own learning by doing process. Students have the opportunity to choose between different learning pathways. For instance, the apprenticeship pathway allows them to take classes whilst working in companies. Alternatively, students choosing the international pathway have the opportunity to study abroad for more than 6 months in one of our many partner universities. The multitude of learning pathways, the specific program design, the autonomy to create a programme that best fits students personal and professional goals, the opportunity to learn from local and international experts and academics in the vibrant town of La Rochelle, are some of the key features of this outstanding programme.

La RocheLLe Business school


A focus on the Humacit Projects

A humanitarian, social or citizenship mission
The Humacit option is available to all the different programmes at La Rochelle Business School (compulsory with the Master in Management - ESC programme). Our goal is that the Humacit mission becomes a cornerstone of our training and a symbol of the fundamental values that make our graduates - citizens of the world.
This volunteering project broadens the perspective of every future graduate by confronting them with new realities and opportunities to develop qualities such as humility, open-mindedness, respect and tolerance - so essential to corporate life. Humacit has a double dimension. In a globalised world that is continually evolving, it equips our future managers with the capacity to be able to adapt to the changes in function, sector and place of residence or country over their working lives. As importantly it also teaches a sense of commitment and an array of human values that they will carry not only in business, but throughout their own lives. For the managers of tomorrow, the humacit mission is a real accelerator of maturity. To manage is to understand that others are different - to be able to listen and facilitate activities so all can contribute their best to a project. For our graduates looking to start or develop their careers, humacit is an asset that allows them to demonstrate with this experience their individuality and skills on a real and challenging situation. Each student is charged with developing their own project. With the help of the school and our partners across the world, we are there to assist each student with the planning of their mission and to ensure its success.


Vanessa Capuozzo Gal Molinengo
Peru > Casa Hogar Los Gorriones Sustainable development project and work within an NGO
Our mission had two distinct parts. Firstly, supporting the organisation with activities such as: fundraising, new partners and the budget preparation for a new project designed to promote self sufficiency for families. We also worked with a group of volunteers to ensure this project would continue after we had left Peru. The second part was helping with the running of the shelter. Guidance and support to children, household tasks, cutting wood: varied jobs according to the needs of the shelter. Working with the children has allowed us to develop our capacity to listen, our tolerance, our compassion and our humility, especially working among children with severe disabilities. The mission has been an opportunity to have a better understanding of teamwork and allowed us to know ourselves better and to revitalise our existence. On a business side we had to move away from theoretical concepts on fundraising and find innovative ideas for developing contacts with companies or individuals. Weve also been able to analyse, from the inside, the human aspects involved in managing a big team.

When choosing a project we wanted to find a structure where we could be useful and benefit from a rich experience in learning and discovering a new culture.


La RocheLLe Business school

Humacit missions across the world

Europe 22 France 139 North and South America 10

Africa 21

Asia 48

Indian Ocean 4

Australia 3

A center for homeless children
Jaipur, India
Taabar welcomes each year La Rochelle students for their Humacit project. Poverty forces children to beg, work in subhuman conditions and they are susceptible to all kinds of exploitation. We at Taabar seek to provide care, protection and promote the wellbeing of the children that are orphans, runaways or destitute. Our Mission is to provide adequate shelter, nutrition and healthcare to homeless children. We provide counselling to help them overcome the negative experiences whilst facilitating their rehabilitation. We also are involved in lobbying governments and organisations to improve the facilities provided for runaway children. Social workers, doctors and volunteers provide these services to the children.

LekaGape Organisation
Lulekani, South Africa
A South African based NGO. The organisation strives to advance the concept of long-lasting rather than short term effect of development. We promote the empowerment of the marginalised people within the community who are then able to become participants in, and valuable contributors to, a sustainable living and working environment. The unique contribution of economic business creation and social empowerment projects in an NGO environment gives students of La Rochelle Business School the opportunity to enhance their skills and find the right fit for their personality. Students learn to meaningfully apply their skills in practice and to modify and enrich their theory. They emerge from their time here more knowledgeable and more sensitive to the challenges and realities of sustainable development. Petra Seybold-Powane

La RocheLLe Business school


Student Services and Support

An International campus. La Rochelle has a long tradition of welcoming International students. Of our 2300 student body over 400 are from overseas giving the campus a truly multicultural dimension. Services are here to help you in achieving your educational goals. By providing personal, welfare, administrative, library, IT and academic support we help to facilitate your success at La Rochelle Business School.
The International office provides support and advice for all international students, from the moment of application, until graduation. The International Office staff are multilingual and highly experienced in looking after international students who are new to France. They offer: Advice, administrative and language support Facilitate access to central student services. Help with a variety of issues including visa, accommodation, cultural and money matters. Responsible for the introductory information pack which helps international students prepare before leaving for La Rochelle. Responsible for organising pre-arrival information for incoming students, registration and the induction courses.

FoCuS oN


One of the Personal Development Programmes

PROSPER (Project PROfessional and PERsonal) aims to assist each student in building his professional and personal development programme. The starting point for developing the project revolves around the students own self-knowledge. Designed to guide the student in his educational career and his experiences on work placements, PROSPER also allows each student to determine the sector and role of his choice and gradually build up his own competences towards this choice.

David Evans International Director

Christelle Gauvain International Student Welcome Co-ordinator

Claire Fresnais International Student Administration (permits, health, insurance etc)

Geraldine Crespeau International Student Housing Officer

Benedicte Julien International Officer

Churbin Zhou International Officer



Nalaka Prasad Prasadh Indika

sTuDenTs on The BAcheloR TouRisM

We are international students from the island of Sri-Lanka. After our Baccalaureate, we decided to study Tourism and French in Sri Lanka as every year our country welcomes many French speaking tourists. Coming and studying in France was obviously the next step for us! We recommend La Rochelle because of its vibrance and beauty: the old town centre or the yacht port, the largest European port on the Atlantic coast, which of course attracts many tourists and business to this already bustling town. We selected La Rochelle School of Tourism because it is a famous school in France. From the very first day we have been made to feel at ease and comfortable. We really enjoy the multicultural environment and our Bachelor Programme is a very interesting and enriching course. We are proud to be students at this school!


La RocheLLe Business school

Career services International Student Association

An organisation that is run by French students especially to welcome the incoming international students. From orientation day onwards, the association organise social events and excursions during each semester. A special project run by the BDI is the buddy system. This aims to provide each international student with a French buddy who will show them around the school and introduce them to the French way of life.

Library & the Multimedia network

As a student in La Rochelle you can find the all the library resources you need to complete your research for assignments and projects at the Main University Library or in our Business School Library. Here you will also find audiovisual and communication services and have access to the professional periodicals. A wireless network with global access, allowing access 24 hours a day wherever you are in the world designed to allow everyone in the school to keep in close contact. Information on lessons, timetables, school news and access to your school email. Modulo Bank All lesson/seminar documentation in digital format available for viewing (more than 20000 pages from lessons that are often accompanied by notes and annotations). Cyberlibris The first digitised library in Europe consisting of over 7000 pieces of writing in both French and English.

La Rochelle has an excellent reputation for graduate employment because all academic programmes are tailored to the needs of the business world and all have mandatory work placements. The careers centre provides: Career Counselling and needs assessment. Experience-based workshops : employment awareness and workplace skills, job search skills. Careers information (directories, booklets, etc) and connections to the alumni network across the globe. Computer access to the La Rochelle Business School job vacancy/ careers placement service. Information and contacts for working abroad.

University life Clubs and Associations

The students Union sponsors over 40 sporting, academic, international, professional and special interest clubs (including a temporary employment service). It runs social events in the school and in La Rochelle. The Student Union organise a range of leisure opportunities to meet the entertainment and sporting needs of the students.

Language centre
Our language centre is located within the Business School and has been offering French classes to International Students since 1931. It offers excellent learning methods customised to foreign students. It has already welcomed more than 60,000 learners; pupils, students, teachers and workers. Students are also offered the possibility to attend language courses prior to their business programme.

La Rochelle Business School provides assistance for international students in finding accommodation in La Rochelle. Accommodation options include living with a host family or living in studios/appartments.

La RocheLLe Business school


Student life - Living in La Rochelle

A FAnTAsTic, quAliTy locATion France lies at the heart of Europe. As a founding member of the European Union the country offers a world of opportunities to students wishing to develop their managerial skills in an international environment. One of the principal reasons for choosing to study in a France Grande Ecole is to earn a high quality qualification recognised in France and in the international employment market Choosing to study in La Rochelle allows you to do this in region reputed for its quality of life. La Rochelle is a beautiful city that manages to preserve exceptional natural and architectural assets whilst developing its own area in an innovative, sensitive and harmonious way. Nestling on the Atlantic seafront it has been able to turn its solid maritime base into a fantastic economic, tourism and cultural asset. A DynAMic econoMy Situated on the Altantic Ocean, the town of La Rochelle is the major economic center of Poitou-Charentes. The third most visited city in France, La Rochelle welcomes more than 3 million tourists each year from France and abroad. Hosting a dozen major groups and a wide network of SMEs, from sectors such as the food industry, information technology, communications, tourism and transport, some 7 000 companies contribute to the development of the local economy. An exPAnDing uniVeRsiTy The Business school at La Rochelle is located in the heart of the university campus which houses first-class sports facilities and a busy student life. Along the seafront and close to the historical centre of the city, the University of La Rochelle welcomes nearly 15 000 students to this center of higher education, a figure that continues to evolve each year. Today, this centre consists of the University Institute of Technology, Faculty of Law, Science Letters, History, Geography and Languages, La Rochelle Business School and the School of Engineering (EIGSI). It also includes a university library, restaurants, student residences and numerous cultural and sports facilities. Throughout the year La Rochelle hosts cultural and artistic events, sporting events and world class festivals. From Les Francofolies to the Marathon, from the Festival of TV Fiction to the GrandPavois

A PRiVilegeD enViRonMenT With exceptional levels of sunshine (2 400 hours per year equal to that on the Cote dAzur) and the nearby islands of R, Olron Aix and Madame, La Rochelle offers a wonderful natural environment. It also has a strong reputation for its actions taken in sustainable development and urban ecology, reflected through various activities undertaken by the city (self service electric cars, sea-buses, bicycle paths.). A prestigious heritage, preserved and enhanced over the years, helps contribute to the beauty of the city, where life is good!


La RocheLLe Business school

les Francofolies
A music festival that was created in 1984 by the initiative of Jean Louis Foulquier. The festival in July welcomes more than 80 000 visitors each year. international Film Festival

For more than 35 years, this eclectic event shows films from numerous countries, including the commentaries of certain directors. Festival of TV Fiction

Started in 1999 by Quentin Raspail, the Festival of TV Fiction has become one of the essential events of the French-speaking television community.







FRoM lonDon (by plane)

La Rochelle counts more than 14000 active sportsmen and women. The town is proud of its strong involvement in different sports including rugby, sailing and basketball.

le Rugby Atlantique stade Rochelais

The yellow and blacks of Stadium Rochelais are at their highest level for 100 years. sailing
For 46 years now, La Rochelle has welcomed the International Week of Sailing, one of the biggest and oldest French Sailing event. Basketball
The Rupella Basket 17 have been making a name for themselves on a regional and national level for many years.

La RocheLLe Business school


Bachelor in International Business Bachelor in Tourism Bachelor in Business

Master in Management ESC Programme Master in Tourism Management and MBA in Tourism Management - Specialisations in Tourism Project Management, Events Management and Hospitality Management Master in Strategic Management - Specialisations in Industrial Management, Management & the Environment, Sustainable Development, International Strategy, Audit & Consultancy and International Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

Executive Education

General information: Tel: +33 546.51.77.71 Tel: +33 516.19.62.37 Fax: +33 546.51.79.08 102 rue de Coureilles - Les Minimes - 17024 La Rochelle Cedex 1 - France

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