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Curriculum Vitae Kathy Chan
Curriculum Vitae
Kathy Chan


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To obtain an entry-level position in policy analysis or advice which will utilise the research and analytical skills and knowledge of public policy and politics developed through my Bachelor of Arts degree.


An understanding of government policy and processes in New Zealand

Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies and Sociology with a focus on public policy and management, international relations and sociological research. Currently maintaining an A- average

Attended a national symposium on Politics of Economic Development in the South Pacific

Completed an internship at the Ministry of Social Development.

Analytical and Research Skills

Strong analytical and research skills developed through completing papers in research methodology and working as an assistant policy analyst (summer intern) at the Ministry of Social Development.

Communication Skills

Excellent written communication skills developed during study; consistently received high grades for academic essays and projects

Strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills utilised in volunteer work as a Uniguide, mentoring new university students and as a university class representative

Two years’ experience in customer service as a library assistant, assisting students to locate resources

Understanding and awareness of other cultures

Study and research in Sociology has contributed to an understanding and knowledge of some of the issues affecting communities and social and cultural groups in New Zealand

Working as a volunteer at university assisting fellow students from a diverse range of cultures has increased my awareness of and experience in working with people from different cultures and backgrounds

Organisational skills

A member of the committee responsible for organising the Uniguide thank you function for


Involved in planning and organising a training camp for the 2006 Uniguide programme

Maintained an excellent grade average at university, while working part time and doing volunteer work

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Kathy Chan

Teamwork skills

Member of Political Studies Department Staff Student Consultative Committee, contributed to discussions and decisions on actions.

Worked as part of small, fast moving teams at McDonalds and Sage restaurants.

Captain of local netball team for past two seasons



2004 - present

Bachelor of Arts University of Auckland

Specialisations Double major in Political Studies and Sociology

Key Political Studies Papers


International Relations: Theories and New Issues


Principles and Politics of Public Management


New Zealand Diplomacy


Methods of Policy Research


Key Sociology Papers Qualitative Sociological Research


Quantitative Sociological Research


Relevant Project Conducted an analysis of current public policy which involved research, interviewing and writing a report.

Achievement Received the 2005 Sociology prize, awarded for academic excellence

Professional Development March 2005: attended a two day national symposium in Wellington for university students on the Politics of Economic Development in the South Pacific


1999 - 2003

NZ ‘A’ Bursary Grove Hill College


Scholarships in English and Art History

Elected as a school prefect

Nominated by Principal to attend a weekend leadership conference for students who showed promise, commitment to the community and academic excellence

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Kathy Chan


Nov 2005 – Feb 2006

Intern/Assistant Policy Analyst Ministry of Social Development

Responsibilities Assisted in researching and analysing current issues being examined Interpreted and reviewed existing policies Contributed to written reports

Skills Gained Strong written and oral communication skills Analytical skills Planning and organisational skills

Feb 2005 – present

Library Assistant (part time) The University of Auckland Library

Responsibilities Assisting students with researching material Researching information on the internet Sorting and shelving library material Sending out notices to students regarding overdue books and reserved items

Achievement Promoted to weekend section manager


Nov 2004 – Oct 2005 Mar 2002 – Feb 2003 Jan 2001 – Mar 2001

Sage Restaurant, Auckland City McDonalds Family Restaurant, Auckland City Body Shop, Takapuna


Serving customers

Ordering stock

Supervising staff

Assisting with promotional activities


Promoted to maitre d’ at Sage Restaurant

Crew member of the month at McDonalds; two months running

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Kathy Chan

Feb 2006 – present

Class Representative (volunteer) The University of Auckland

Responsibilities Class representative for two classes; one comprising of approximately 150 students and the other a class of approximately 80 students Liaising with students and lecturers in order to keep students informed Negotiating on behalf of students to ensure their needs are met A member of the student consultative committee

Skills Gained Strong negotiation skills Ability to speak to large lectures (up to 150 students)

Achievement Elected by students for this role due to previous semester’s success in role

Feb 2005 – present

Uniguide (volunteer) The University of Auckland

Responsibilities Assisting groups of approximately 15 new university students each semester to settle in to university life Holding meetings with students, introducing them to campus life and facilities and offering advice and support Assisted with organising the Uniguide thank-you function for 2005

Skills Gained Leadership Confidence in public speaking Strong interpersonal skills


Have been involved in the programme for two years and every group of new students has given positive feedback

Invited to assist with organising a weekend training camp for 100 students and delivering part of the training programme


Available on request

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