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Information for IIM Students

(1) "Experience@Singapore programme (20 24 Sep 2010) (2) Working/Living Opportunities in Singapore

Experience@Singapore for IIM Students (20 24 Sep 2010)


Experience@Singapore for IIM Students

What is it?
Collaboration with IIM Alumni in Singapore 5-day visit programme to Singapore (20 24 September 2010) Objectives: Expose IIM students to the Singapore Experience: working culture, living environment Help IIM students make informed career choices Increase awareness of Singapore employers about IIM talent

Experience@Singapore for IIM Students

What will happen?
10 company visits covering Finance, Consulting, FMCG and IT/Telecomm. 7 host companies have been confirmed so far (see below). We will post another update when the full list is finalised. Networking sessions with IIM Alumni in Singapore Sharing on Singapores growth plans by government agencies
Host companies (more to follow):


Experience@Singapore for IIM Students

What will happen?
To give you a good idea of the final itinerary, we have appended for last years programme itinerary for reference:
Day 1 (22 Sept 2009, Tuesday)
10 AM 12 PM 7.30 PM 10 AM 12 PM 1.30 PM Welcome and Opening Presentation by CS Social visit of parts of Networking session between IIM Students and Alumni

Day 2 (23 Sept 2009, Wednesday)

Company Visit Hewlett Packard Lunch Sharing Session - Mr Balwant Jain, Founder CEO of Optimum Solutions Topic: his entrepreneurial and personal experience in 4 PM Networking and information session Michael Page Day 3 (Sept 24 2009, Thursday) 8.30 AM Company Visit Polaris 11 AM Company Visit DBS Bank 1.30 PM Company Visit- SingTel 3.30 PM Company Visit- MasterCard 5.30 PM Company Visit - Proctor & Gamble 7 PM Dinner & Night Safari Day 4: 25 Sept 2009, Friday 7.30 AM Company Visit McKinsey & Co 10.30 AM Company Visit Standard Chartered Bank 12.30 PM Lunch 1.30 PM Company visit Citibank N.A. 4.30 PM Company Visit BP plc (trading unit) 6.30 PM End of programme

Experience@Singapore for IIM Students

Application and Selection Two-step process: Your online written application is screened, and Some students will be invited for 2nd-round phone interviews A maximum of 40 eventual offers will be made to students across the IIMs. Application deadline: has been extended to 29 Aug 2010 (Sunday) due to feedback. However, do apply soon if you are interested, because we will make offers on a first-come, first-serve basis even before 29 Aug 2010. If you have applied already: We will be inviting some of you for 2nd-round phone interviews. Please watch out for our invitation emails.


Experience@Singapore for IIM Students

Who should apply? We welcome all to apply, but do prefer if You have not worked/interned in Singapore before; Demonstrate genuine interest in Singapore as a career destination; and Have some prior working experience Will participants be funded? Yes. Contact Singapore will be fully funding your accommodation (5 nights in a comfortable hotel, on a twin room basis which is inclusive of daily breakfast and internet access). We will also be providing for transport and meals* during the programme. You will only need to pay for your return airfare to Singapore, any personal expenses that you incur outside of the programme and incidental costs in the hotel such as food from the minibar or room service.
* We will be organising networking or social dinners on most nights. On the 1 2 nights that we do not have such activities, you will have to pay for your own meals.

Experience@Singapore for IIM Students

Apply for the programme now at

If you have more queries: 1) Read our answers to frequently asked questions at the above URL 2) Email us at


About Contact Singapore

Contact Singapore
Singapore government agency One-stop centre: aims to attract global talent to work and live in Singapore Actively links professionals and graduating students with Singaporebased employers in key growth industries


Contact Singapores Global Network

North America New York San Francisco Boston Europe London Frankfurt Greater China Shanghai Beijing South Korea Seoul


India Chennai Mumbai

Australia Sydney

Contact Singapore Job Portal:

Listing vacancies in our partner companies
Industries: Aerospace Engineering Electronics Interactive and Digital Media Professional Services Biomedical Sciences Engineering Services Legal Services Public Sector Chemicals Financial Services Maritime Services Research Clean Technology Healthcare Services Pharmaceuticals Tourism and Hospitality Education Infocom Technology Precision Engineering


Contact Singapore Website:

Information portal for talent interested in Singapore

Synergy - A Bimonthly Newsletter:

Keeping talent updated on Singapore

Industry update Employer profiles Event highlights


About Working/Living in Singapore

Singapore At A Glance
Land Area Population : 710 sq km (274 sq miles) : 4.99 million (25% non-residents)

Languages : English Chinese Malay Tamil Government : Parliamentary Republic Time : GMT/UTC+8

County Code: +65

Source: Statistics Singapore, 2009


Overview of Singapore Economy

2009 (p) GDP: S$257.6 billion (US$177 billion) 2009 (p) Total output in Manufacturing Sector: S$213.7 billion (US$147 billion)
General Manufacturing Industries Transport Electronics 9% Engineering 32% 13%

Others Wholesale & Retail Trade

19% 18% 17% 6% 14% 14% 12%

Manufacturing Financial Services


Transport & Communications

Business Services

Precision Engineering 9% Biomedical Manufacturing 10% Chemicals 27%

2009 GDP growth: -2% 2010 GDP growth forecast: 13% to 15%
US$1.00 = S$1.4545(2009 av.) (p) = projected Source: EDB RSU Census & Surveys

International Recognition
1st in the World for Ease of Doing Business Doing Business 2009-2010 Report, World Bank
Japan China

Best City in Asia to live in Quality of Living Survey, Mercer, 2009 Most Competitive Country in Asia and No. 5 Worldwide Global Competitiveness Report, World Economic Forum, 2008-2009 Best Skilled Labour in Asia Pacific EIU Business Environment Ranking 2008-2010 World Leader in Foreign Trade & Investment Doing Business 2010 Report, World Bank Best City Infrastructure in the World Quality of Living Survey, Mercer, 2009 1st in the World for having the Best Protection of Intellectual Property Doing Business 2010 Report, World Bank

India Myanmar Thailand Vietnam Malaysia






Preferred Business Destination For Companies

7000 MNCs of which 60% have their regional/global HQs here Other key activities
High value-added manufacturing Research & development Logistics & supply chain management Intellectual property management

36,400 International Companies

116,000 local SMEs

13,800 North America, Europe, Japan 3,000 3,900 2,600 7,800 5,300 China India Australia & NZ ASEAN (excl. Spore) Rest of World

Source: Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Dec 08; SPRING Singapore, Dec 08

Favourable Personal Tax Regime

Territorial taxation
Tax only on income earned in Singapore Overseas income received in Singapore is not taxable (exclude income received through partnerships)

Resident marginal tax rate schedule that is progressive , up to 20% Preceding year basis
Income earned in calendar year 2008 is taxed in year of assessment 20089

No estate duty No capital gains tax Time apportionment of income for Not Ordinary Resident (NOR) Taxpayer



Comparison of Personal & Corporate Tax Rates Across Asia-Pacific Countries

Total Remuneration US$100,000 Tax Liability US$ Singapore Hong Kong Japan Taiwan South Korea China India 5,554 8,301 10,096 14,728 17,126 21,547 31,507 Effective Tax Rate % 6 8 10 16 17 22 32 Total Remuneration US$200,000 Tax Liability US$ 21,657 25,301 43,381 49,899 53,701 59,213 65,497 Effective Tax Rate % 11 13 22 25 27 30 33 Effective Tax Rate on repatriated corporate profits Corporate Tax Rate % Dividend withholding tax rate (non treaty) % 0 0 20 20 27.5 10 16.995

17 16.5 42 25 27.5 25 33.99

Source: PwC Budget Commentary 2009

Cosmopolitan & Diverse Workforce

Open and transparent hiring culture that welcomes diversity
30% of the workforce are foreigners

Meritocratic corporate culture that rewards good performers International exposure with regional responsibilities in an Asian market
Countries with Least Restrictive Immigration Laws for Employing Foreigners 3rd IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2009



Open and Facilitative Work Pass Framework for Foreign Professionals

Employment Passes (EP) No quota on number issued each year Dependent privileges (ability to sponsor immediate family to reside in Singapore) Quick processing time (5 working days) Personalised Employment Passes (PEP) Passes that are tied to the individuals rather than employers Do not need to re-apply for a new pass when changing jobs Able to remain in Singapore for up to 6 months without a job to evaluate employment or work opportunities. Entrepass for those interested to set up business in Singapore

Open and Facilitative Work Pass Framework for Foreign Professionals

Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC) Allows graduates from selected institutions to stay in Singapore for up to 1 year to seek employment without the need to secure sponsorship from employer Is not an employment pass Quick processing time (1 week) through online application



Singapore a home to Indian talent

Strong Indian expatriate community in Singapore o About 90,000 NRIs live in Singapore Key Clubs and Associations:
o o o o

Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI) The India Club (Singapore) IIM Alumni Association - 700 strong IIT Alumni Association - 1,000 strong

Living In Singapore
Best place in the world for Asians to live in
Ranking Country 1 2 3 4 4 6 6 8 9 9 Singapore Sydney Kobe Melbourne Yokohama Copenhagen Tokyo Canberra Vancouver Wellington

Best city infrastructure in the world


Best place in the world for expats to live in

Ranking Country 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Singapore UAE USA Belgium Hong Kong Germany Netherlands Canada India Australia

Source: ECA Location Ratings, ECA International, 2009

Source: Mercer Human Resource Consulting, 2009

Source: HSBC Bank International Expat Explorer Survey, 2008



Safety & Security

Singapore is Asias safest country.
Country Risk Index*
7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

Singapore is the most politicallystable country in the world..

Ranking Country 1 Singapore 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Switzerland Australia Austria Norway Finland United States Netherlands Sweden United Kingdom
Source: BERI 2008-II, August 2008

Country Risk Index takes into consideration political risk, social instability risk and systemic risk. Grades range from 0 to 10, with 0 being the best grade possible and 10 the worst.
Source: Political and Economic Risk Consultancy 2008

First-Rate Tertiary Education Institutions

Local Universities

13 faculties 31,000 students

15 schools 18,000 students

4 faculties 4,000 students

4 schools 6,000 students

Foreign Institutions & Specialised Programmes

Science & Technology Business/ Management Media Hospitality/ Culinary

Singapore-MIT Alliance SMART Centre

The Logistics Institute - Asia Pacific

Independent campus

Singapore Stanford Partnership

German Institute of Science & Technology

Independent campus Collaboration with NTU NYU Law NYU@NUS

ESSEC Asian Research Centre Independent campus 3D Animation & Games Collaboration with NTU

Independent campus Hotel Management & MICE

Graduate Medical School

Independent campus

Independent Cornell-Nanyang Institute of campus Hospitality Film Management



A World-Class Healthcare Hub

Recognised healthcare system
Ranked by WHO as the best healthcare system in Asia1 Expatriates in Asia voted Singapore as having best medical infrastructure, superior to USA2

Attractive location for medical tourism

Best Medical/ Wellness Tourism Destination in Asia3

1 World

Health Report 2000, WHO (The 2000 report was the last ranking WHO conducted on healthcare systems.) 2 Political & Economic Risk Consultancy (2004). Survey of expatriates in Asia 3 TravelWeekly Asia Industry Awards, 2007 and 2008.

Singapore - Exciting City of the Future

East Coast Park

Marina Bay Sands, 2010

Singapore Sports Hub, 2011

National Art Gallery, 2011

Resorts World at Sentosa, 2010

River Safari, 2011

F1 Grand Prix, 2008