Consumer Insight Questionnaire- DEO USERS+TALC USERS Age: _23 :PGDM Sec :__ Profession:_Student_ Ed.


1) Do you think grooming is important for men? (SA/A/I/D/SD) A 2) What do you think is the most important benefit of personal grooming? a a) Makes me feel fresh b) I do it just out of habit c) Makes me more attractive to the opposite gender d) Is a matter of social standing e) I think it makes me look more presentable f) Others _________________

3) Do you visit the gym/ have sports as hobbies ? Y/N Y 4) Do you think there a color range that best describes your personality? _____blueish__ 5) What qualifies as ideal skin for you? _______________oil free_________________________ 6) Describe your daily grooming regime and the products used in the following categories(specify if particular reason for using certain product exists, also seasonal variation)

a) Facewashes ______________none_________________________________________ b) Moisturizers for the face and/or body __________nivea_________________________ b) Soaps, bodywashes ________________________pears__________________________

c) Hair gels, hair creams, serums _______________no__________________________ d) talcum powder________________________m&s______________________________ e) Sprays ___________________________dior_____________________________ f) roll-ons _______________________________none_____________________________ 7) When it comes to any personal care products, I … (rank each one as ‘Strongly agree’, ‘Agree’, ‘Indifferent’, ‘Disagree’, ‘Strongly disagree’) a. Stick to trying out offerings from the same brand ______A_______ b. Tend to test out all the latest products in the market when I get to hear of them_______SD________ c. Only buy products when absolutely essential ____________A_______ d. Will certainly test out the recommendations from people I know(along with other products that I choose to test by myself) ____D________ e. Only test out the recommendations from people I know __________I_________

DEO USER 8) At what age did u start using deos and what influenced you to do so then? ___________14 , ADVERTISMENTS_________________________ 9) Which are the brands of deos you have used so far in the past one year? A, C,D a. c. e. f. g. i. Axe Park avenue Fa cinthol adidas reebok b. Garnier d. Nivea

h. nike

j. k. l.

setwet wildstone brut

m. Cigar n. Lomani o. playboy p. kamasutra q. sure r. others : ______________________

10)What exactly are your reasons for using deos? (Assign ranks: ‘Strongly agree’, ‘Agree’, ‘Indifferent’, ‘Disagree’, ‘Strongly disagree’) a. c. It makes me feel fresh ___A___ For body odor protection ___A____ b. For the sake of the fragrance ______A_______ d. For body odor protection during any physical activity/ sports ____A______ e. f. g. Makes me more attractive to the opposite gender__A_ I do it out of habit _____I___ Others ______________________

11)Name the brand/s of deo that you use currently ________AXE____________________________ 12)Why do you currently use the brand/s that you do (state most important reason)? IV i) Fits into my price range (specify price range) _______ ii) It is the latest brand to be out ____________________ iii) Is longlasting ______ iv) The scent in particular __________ v) Efficient body odour protection ___________ vi) The brand name is something I like ________________ vii) I like the celebrity who endorses the brand (specify) _____________ viii) It suits my skin type ( specify skin type) _____________ ix) Others : ____________

13)How would you rate the following attributes when it comes to making a general deo purchase? Rank each option according to importance (1-min imp. to 5-max imp.) a. c. e. f. g. i. j. Brand name __4 Advertisement image __4 Longevity of scent ___3 Price range __3 Packaging __4 Some attractive product design quirk in the deo can __3 Any others (specify and rank) _________ b. Brand popularity amongst peers __4 d. Scent __4

h. Endorsements by some particular celebrity __2

14)Which of the following would you agree with ? (tick all that apply, along with tags like ‘always’, ‘mostly’, ‘sometimes’, ‘not at all’) a. Testing deos in a shop might change my initial planned purchase decision sometimes b. I always use tester deos first instead of blindly making a purchase always

15)What influences you to buy deos? (rank each one as ‘Strongly agree’, ‘Agree’, ‘Indifferent’, ‘Disagree’, ‘Strongly disagree’) a. Shopkeeper recommends ____I__________ b. Peer group/ colleagues/ friends recommend ________I_______ c. Go by the advertisements and make a planned purchase ________A__________ d. Make a random impulsive purchase with some other personal care products being purchased ________A___________ e. f. Spouse/girlfriend recommends _________SA____________ I pick the latest brands _________A_____________

g. I stick to buying deos that my friends recommend ____________I_________

16)Where do you happen to come across the maximum number of deodorant advertisements? A a. c. e. On TV Print campaigns in malls Posters on roads and in and outside shops b. Radio d. Hoardings on the road

17)How often do you use deos in a day? F a) Right after bathing b) Several times a day c) Whenever I leave the house d) Whenever I feel the need to after physical activty f) No fixed pattern

18)Do you spray deodorants directly on your skin, or clothing, or both? State reason for doing so _________SKIN cause that’s how its supposed to be____________________

19)Are there any attributes lacking in your deodorant that you would like addressed? d a) Is overpriced b) Fragrance is not long lasting enough c) The packaging could be more attractive d) Bottle is too bulky to carry around e) Cause stinging/ discolouration of skin f) Others : ________________________

20) Do you know the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant? Y/N N 21)Which of the following brands of roll-ons have you heard of, tested, and purchased? Name Heard of? How? Tested? Purchased,

repurchased? Rexona Sure Nike Adidas Fa Nivea Others

22)Why would you prefer to use roll-ons, if you happen to use them? B a. c. e. f. Prevents sweat Fragrance is long lasting Does not need frequent re-application Others ___________ b. Good enough value for money d. Does not stain clothes

23)If you choose not to use roll-ons, what are the reasons for the same: ______Its irritating and clumsy to use _______________________________

24) Which of the following do you agree with? (rank each one as ‘Strongly agree’, ‘Agree’, ‘Indifferent’, ‘Disagree’, ‘Strongly disagree’) a. I think that as long as the deo has a strong scent, it is not really important to control sweat (even if sweat can be controlled) A b. I am bothered by sweat patches (during certain months/ on a regular basis ) I c. I would be interested in buying a product, assuming its efficacy was good enough to actually reduce sweat drastically in the underarms area A

25)Which of the following would you prefer when it comes to certain properties

Roll-ons a. Long lasting fragrance b. Less Residue after Application c. Less Stickiness R

sprays s S S

on skin d.stopping sweat e. hygiene S f.easier to apply S g. easier to carry around S h. reapplication needed i.harmful to skin in anyway j.others ________ R R

q) state which of the following prodcts from GArnier men are aware of and have used (mark 'A' for aware, and 'U' for used) 1) facewashes- A 2)moisturizers3)mineral deos-

TALC USER 1) Since when have you been using talcum powder?__Since childhood 2) State the brands used by currently _________M&S______________ 3) Name the brands that you have used so far _________Lyril, ponds, nycil_____________

4) What do you think are the benefits of using talcum powder ? ___________Makes u feel fresh , keeps sweat away___________________________ 5) Do the people around you (family/ friends) use deos? (Y/N) Y 6) If deodorants could offer similar absorption properties as compared to talcs, only in th spray format, would you consider switching over to deos? (specify) ____Y_______

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