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Each year thousands of LGBT and HIV+ immigrants ee home out of fear of persecution.

EBSCs clients ee countries where they are tormented for living life as the people they are. They are often threatened, beaten, and raped because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or their HIV/AIDS status. They come to the U.S. to seek refuge and to live openly. EBSC provides a home for persecuted LGBT/H immigrants. EBSC represents LGBT/HIV+ immigrants through the Afrmative Asylum and U-Visa processes. Both provide immigrants a path to citizenship and provide immediate benets such as food stamps, healthcare, employment training, education, & cash assistance. We advocated for 150 LGBT/HIV+ immigrants last year. These clients will forever be able to live life as the individuals that they are free from fear of violence.

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Location 2362 Bancroft Way Berkeley, CA 94704 T: 510.540.5296 F: 510.540.5907 E: W: Hours Monday - Wednesday: 10am to 4pm Friday: 10am to 4pm Thursdays By Appointment Only Closed weekends

East Bay Sanctuary

A Board of Appeals Recognized Non-Prot Organization

HIV/AIDS and LGBT Refugee Rights Program

Are You or Someone You Know an LGBT/H Refugee Who Is Living Without Legal Status in the United States? Please come to EBSC for intake processing immediately. Intakes are walk-in only; there is no need to call ahead. Warning: A LGBT/H Immigrant only has 1 year to apply for asylum after entering the United States; 6 months after HIV+ diagnosis; or 6 months after seeking any psychological help. Please come to EBSC immediately.

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LGBT/H Afrmative Asylum

Who qualies for LGBT/HIV asylum benets? Anyone who fears physical or extreme emotional personal injury from the government or a person that the government is unwilling or unable to control. The persecutor must be motivated by the your sexual orientation, gender identity, or HIV status or your expression of LGBT and/or HIV/AIDS rights. Countries of Current EBSC Asylum Clients include Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mongolia, Senegal, Nigeria, Mali, and Egypt, to name a few. Are There Any Bars to Asylum Benets? Yes, there are a few. Please contact us to discuss any possible bars. You must apply for asylum within one year or show extraordinary which prevented you from applying within the one year circumstances or a change in circumstances which makes you currently eligible. Examples include: an HIV+ diagnosis, starting the transition to change sexes, coming out of the closet, PTSD, major depression/anxiety. Certain crimes bar asylum. This generally does not include most misdemeanors.

LGBT/H Program Staff

EBSC Has A Small But Dedicated Staff of Eight People, Three of Which Hold Responsibility for the HIV/AIDS and LGBT Refugee Rights Program. EBSC is able to serve LGBT/ H refugees with the assistance of the California Asylum Representation Clinic at the University of California Berkeley School of Law, undergraduate volunteers at the University of California Berkeley, and volunteers from the San Francisco Bay Area community at large.

Kaveena Singh, Esq Staff Attorney Kaveena began volunteering for EBSC as a law student in 2003. She re-joined EBSC as a staff attorney in 2010 after working as a staff attorney at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

LGBT/H U-Visas
Who qualies for LGBT/HIV U-Visa benets? Anyone who has been a victim of certain violent crimes in the United States like domestic violence, sexual assault, or felonious assault; been helpful to the police; and suffered severe physical or emotional damage. Countries of Current EBSC U-Visa Clients Include Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mongolia, and the Czech Republic, to name a few. Are There Any Bars to U-Visa Benets? Yes, there are a few. Please contact us to discuss any possible bars. What About My Family Members? Your legal spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 qualify for derivative U-Visa status. If you are unmarried and under 21, your parents and siblings under 18 also qualify for a derivative U-Visa.

Maria Paniagua Refugee Advocate Maria Paniagua has worked as a refugee advocate with EBSC since 2002. Maria quickly noticed a need for LGBT representation and started focusing her work on LGBT individuals in 2004.

Mail to: East Bay Sanctuary Covenant ATTN: HIV/AIDS and LGBT Program Donations 2362 Bancroft Way Berkeley, CA 94704

Anna Lijphart Refugee Advocate, BIA Accredited Anna Lijphart has worked as a refugee advocate with EBSC since 2007. Anna began EBSCs U-Visa program in 2008 and works with LGBT/H individuals who are victims of crimes in the United States.

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Christopher McNary Refugee Advocate, BIA Accredited Christopher McNary has worked as a refugee advocate at EBSC since 2010. Chris immediately began to focus on working with refugees living with HIV/ AIDS who were unable to nd other help.