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This Portfolio serves three purposes. First, it allows the student to assess progress in the program. Second, it allows us to evaluate the success of the program as a whole, through looking at our experiences and learnings. Finally, and most importantly, it allows you, the student, to see our own growth through the given task, and gives us a set of documents and artifacts that you we use in the future, as we seek employment, plan further studies, and continue as a contributing member of our school progress. These are used by the students to "think out loud" about our experience, skills, etc. contain information that is contain thoughts about developmental process - "I know this skill is important, but I don't seem to have mastered it yet."We as a students need to be taught how to reflect.

RESUME Lizanet Bansag Ahit P.10 Baracayo Tungkalan Toril Davao City Email Address: Cell No. 09097377323 OBJECTIVES To become a professional that can contribute for the needs of the society in which the knowledge and skills that I acquired are being used. To empower myself for our country of which I may become a catalyst for an educational growth. PERSONAL DATA Gender: female Age: 23 Birth date: Dec.13,1987 Birth place: lizada Beacg Toril Davao City Civil Status: Single Citizenship: Filipino Religion: Protestant hobbies: Writing, Drawing, surfing EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT

Elementary VS Banggoy Elementary School SY 2000-2001 High School Crossing Bayabas National High School SY 2004-2005 College: University of Southeastern Phil. SY 2007-2008 Obrero Campus Course: BS Biology Davao Central College Inc. SY 2009 up to present Course: BSED major in Biology Vocational: Electron Electronic Technical Training Center SY 2009 Tunasan Muntinlupa City Course: Computer Science TRAINING AND SEMINARS ATTENDED

Shiloh Learning and Tutorial Center

March 18, 2009


UFED- United Future Education

Feb.26-27, 2010

Voters Education

Feb.13, 2010

The Phil. Student Lay Movement

Dec. 29, 2011

LEADERSHIP 2005-2008- Local Church childrens teacher, AYP President Galatians circuit Prayer coordinator and programmer Zone II Representative 2008-2009- childrens teacher of Binan Alliance church 2009-2010-Local Church Financial Secretary and AYP President Galatians Vice President Zone II P.I.O. NCIP Scholars Representative SPECIAL SKILLS Teaching Making programme Coordinating events or event planner Making back drop/decoration Flower arrangement Drawing using oil pastel

Computer literate TEACHERS INTERVIEW Name of the Teacher: Mrs. Erlinda Tan Class handled: Grade IV H.I. (Hearing Impaired) Some Important Questions: 1. What are your different teaching strategies and methods in which you can have a good assessment of your students specially this kinds of learners? - First, we use the same textbook with that of regular classes as our references. Second we as a teacher of H.I. Use the sigh language as our way of communicating them. We used fingers spelling, sign language and oral as our medium of instruction. We follow any methods that will assist us to be understood by the H.I pupils. We also follow the same methods of the regular classes to give equal opportunity of education. We only interpret all our lessons to total communication through sign signals. 2. What are the common instructional materials that you are using in teaching process of which the learners can easily grasp the lessons? Lesson plan,Visual aids, text books, work books, and project making. 3. what are the learning activities that you can promote to have a better learning? Reading enrichment,reading comprehension, spelling,re-spelling in dictionary. In math,let the pupils recite and memorize multiplication table. Having contest using the flashcards or drill them in the 4 fundamentals in solving math. Have contest to enhance their interest.

Teacher Observed: Ms. Adelaine Natividad Class Observed : CWA-Yellow Date: Dec. 06, 2010 School: SPED Subject: English Time: 1:00-2:00pm.


Teacherss Activity

Described the Theories of Learning learning Applied by Applied by the learners. the teacher.

Your own suggested activity that would promote better learning.

Reason for your choice

1.Group Interaction and discussion

She ask the student, and name them.

Reinforcement .Teacher theory presentation.

To develop their comprehension in reading

2. Reading the flash cards.

She let the student answer the given task.

Sensory stimulation theory

.Captioning the To help their video or film. mind become imaginative.

3. Identifying of different objects

She use to call them 1 by 1 by 1.

Behaviorist theory

. Field experiencing

To make their body healthy.

4. Singing educational songs

She let the student to stand up.

Sensory stimulation

. research

To help them explore more about life.


Name:Lizanet B. Ahit COMPETENCY Course: BESD Year & Section: 2nd Year

I I am I can do I can do cannot learning this but I this very do this how to need to well. yet do this. learn more and improve.

Identify varied methods and strategies,instructional materials and assessment tools used in the environment. Distinguishes general learning processes as well as unique process of individual learners. Identifies teachers actions that demonstrate value for learning. Distinguishes general learning processes as well as unique learning process of individuals learners. Explains the importance of using varied learning experiences. States the significance of using instructional materials that provide meaningful learning. Describes the significance of using

assessment tools in diverse situations. Obtains important information on the learning styles,multiple intelligences and needs of learners. Proposes strategies to address the needs of differently-able students. Determines and accepts learning background and experiences. Develops and utilizes creative and appropriate instructional planning. Show proofs of instructional planning. Uses appropriate assessment strategies to evaluate learning. Sets appropriate learning goals. Delivers accurate and updated content knowledge using appropriate strategies. Engages and sustains learners interest in the subject through the use of meaningful relevant content. Selects,prepares,and utilizes instructional materials appropriate to the learners and to the learning objectives Makes good use of allotted instructional time.

We get the attention of a student with a hearing impairment before speaking and communicating and always face the student. If not facing a student with a hearing impairment, gently touch a student on the shoulder or on the arm to indicate that you want to talk to him/her. I also learned that a teacher should not be alarmed if the student does not understand and you cannot understand him/her. Generally, you will become accustomed to each other in time.

When communicating, always face the student with a hearing impairment.

Facial expressions, gestures, and other body language will help convey your message. For reinforcement repeat new vocabulary in different contexts. Sequence topics so that new material is related to that previously learned.