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Malayalam Poets

*Attoor Ravi Varma is winner of Kendra Sahitya Academy Award .He hails from a small village called Attoor, in the Thrissur District of Kerala, India. His major works includes Kavitha ,Attoor Ravi Varmayude Kavithakal. *D Vinayachandran is one of the proponents of modern style of prose in Malayalam poetry. He worked as a Malayalam professor in various colleges for more than thirty years. Awards win by him includes Asan Smaraka Kavitha Puraskaram,Kerala Sahithya Academy award . *Dr. Nellickal Muraleedharan has received the Kerala Sahitya Academi award in the `poetry' section for his collection, Nellickal Muraleedharante Kavithakal in 2004.His major works includes Veedu,Purappad,nagarapuranam,Kilivathil,Poocha Sanyasi. *M.N. Karassery is a Malayalam writer and activist. He was born in Karassery village in calicut in 1951. His columns on contemporary political and social issues appear in the newspaper Mathrubhumi. *Melur Vasudevan has received uroob award in the year of 2001 for his Kalame Nee Sakshi .Melur Vasudevan nair hails from Quilandy taluk in Kerala. *Dr Rati Saxenais an eminent Hindi poet, translator and Sanskrit scholar.She has written a book Kavya Kala Evam Darsana on famous Malayalam poet Balamaniyamma.Translations of some of the most well known Malayalam poems and novels into Hindi and English earned Dr Rati saxena nation-wide respect and recognition.She has received the Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award for Translation in 2000. *Manoj Kurooris a poet in Malayalam language. His first collection is Uthamapurushan Katha Parayumpol.Thrithalakkesavan,Kulamthekal,Uthamapurushan Katha Parayumpol.He had received Kanakasree award of Kerala Sahitya Academy for the book Coma in 2007. *A. C. Sreehari is a poet of Malayalam literature. His poems are included in the famous anthologies of Malayalam like Yuvakavithakkoottam ,Kavithayute Noottaantu and Palathu .Sreehari has received recognition N. N. Kakkad Award in 1996), V. T. Kumaran Award in 1997 and Vailoppilly Award in 1999 . *Radhamani Ayinkalath is a Malayalam Poet.Her poems includes Chiravanakku,Aa Janmam. *Divakaran Vishnumangalamis a Malayalam poet.His books includes Paaddavali,Jeevante Battan.He has received Edasseri Memorial Award in the year 2005 for the book Jeevante batton. *Dr.L. Thomaskuttyis a poet and Senior Lecturer .Books published by him includes Karutha chiriyude arangu,Folklorum Malayala Natakavum,Pareekshananatakam,KshaRa. *Raju Vallikunnam has received Kerala Golden Jubilee Literary Award .His latest Book is Post colonial Malayalam poetry. *Siavadas purameri is a Malayalam poet.His works includes Chornolikkunna muri,Water Lessons.

*Dr. MV Vishnu Namboothiri has been awarded Fellowship of the Kerala Sahithya Academy for the year 2009 . *John Elamatha is a Malayalam writer . He is the Director of Kerala Kala Kendram.His famous Books includes Mosses,Bandhanangal,Swayamvaram,Ashtapanjamiyogam,Manna Pozhiyunna Mannil. *Munjinad Padmakumar is a Malayalam poet. *Preetha Sasidharan is a young Malayalam poet ,in her twenties,she released her first anthology of poems . *Sivankutty Thirumala .Book written by him include Sullittu Parayam . *Radha Madhavan is a Malayalam poet.She is a member of the renowned 'Venmani' family of poets.Books written and published by she include Vasanacheppu,Kaikottikkalippattukal,Pathiramazha . *Abdul Punnayoorkulam is famous Malayalam short story writer .He is vice president of organisation LANA in North America.