Anti-Disrobing Sutta-Collection

Version 1.1

Five types of warriors can be found in the world A 7:47/48 .300 Spears S 15:10 .Feminine and masculine charms and how people get excited by them Thig.Arahat Raṭṭhapāla explains to a King why he choose the holy life Thig.The tactics of sense-desire/”Love” M 45 .The soft and tender Māluva-Creeper A 2:6.Sumedhā explains to her parents why she wants to live the holy life A 5:75/76 . .Misery and the root of misery S 22:111/112 . S 12:53 .a little bit more birth aging an death? A 1:16 .The Way to Nirodha A 3:39 . M 105. M75.Intoxications S 15:3/13 . S 35:239 . S 35:120..There has never been a householder.The insects and the oil lamps S 3:12 – Did you ever ask yourself what the highest sense pleasure is? S 12:66 . 448-521 .are they? A 4:49/A 5:144 . 5:9 .The Escape-Routes S 35:238 . A 2:65ff. Iti 72 .The arising and cessation of dukkha S 35:20 .Beware of the mass of dukkha A 4:4.Did you not build enough sandcastles yet? S 56:42/43/46 .Ven.Aniccā vata Saṅkhārā.Two kinds of happiness M 13.When someone dwells only on the gratification of things that fetter. 109 .. Theg..“We abandoned what takes time in order to pursue what is directly visible..The Ocean of blood and tears M 82 . Sir? S 22:99/100 .Without fully understanding and knowing the All..Not incapable of falling back yet? Develop these four things A 6:60 .The chained dog A 4:37.The cotton tuft and the iron pillar S 22:81 ..Diligence A 5:200. Ud. 193/194 .Mountains approaching… S 20:10. A 10:15. A 2:5 .Five things can be truthfully said about someone who disrobed S 17:9 .. A 8:56 . A 5:5 .... D 17.Gale winds/The little bird M 26 .Seeking delight in dukkha S 22:31 .Four Dangers for a Samana S 4:21 . A6:13. Iti.Could I offer you a drink.. A 7:70 .A 8:29 ..” S 9:9 .As long as there is faith. Citta disrobes after having attained the four Jhānas A 5:205/A 10:14 .Go with the flow? S 56:35 .Already exited about what you will do after disrobing? Here Buddha says what you will really be busy with afterwards S 23:2 .The greatest loss and the highest gain A 4:122. M 54..Not outside this Dhamma and Vinaya S 56:39 .He may not regard form as Self…but he is…doubtful in regard to the true Dhamma… that…is a formation… S 45:139.Searching for.Many are those who envy you.The four Vipers S 3:25 .Her eyes are so beautiful. S 22:30 ... 366-399 .Cetokhila A 10:123-127 .. M 122.Death in the noble ones discipline . M 67 . a sense of shame.The Precipice/The Darkness/The great Conflagation S 15:20.Vipallassā A 8:17/18 .The only good opportunity to live the holy life A 5:6 .. M 71 . S 35:26 ..

evil one.The simile of the ocean A 2:9 .The four noble lineages A 8:39 .Nibbānaṁ paramaṁ sukhaṁ S 11:1 . the former King S 13:1/S 55:1 .Yes.Go there.Bhaddiyo.The Adze handle/The ship A 5:32 .The Lions Roar S 22:78 .Is there any fruit of the life as Samana visible here and now? M 77 .Opportunities to be diligent and their enemies Ud.Joy.Hard to do/hard to gain/hard to concentrate/uneven path? S 22:101 . 2:10 .The spirit of monkhood M 39/40 .Happy indeed are the Arahants! M 27 .Why the Buddha is honored by his disciples A 6:30 .S 56:38 ..The five sufferings and joys of the Samana-Life M 137 .Eight conditions for wisdom A 8:80/79...The wise cowherd Ud.The manifestation of great light A 4:128 .Giving immeasurable beings freedom from fear. . D 2 .Are you a Samana? A 8:2 .Nibbāna M 59 . grief and equanimity of the household and Samana-Life A 10:59 .The six unsurpassable things A 8:19.Why he is called “The Tathāgata” ..The Lion S 12:22 . it is possible! S 2:6 . 8: 1-4 . hostility and oppression A 5:128 .There is no place for you there.The unshaken mind S 22:76 .. and take me along with you… S 4:19 .When a Tathāgata arises in the world four wonderful things happen. 79 .The ten Powers M 34 ..The Elephant footprint M 12 . A 6:14.The Breakthrough/Better than sovereignty over the earth A 9:26 .Aggato ve Pasannānaṁ. A 4:23 . A 4:28 . Iti.

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