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WHAT is it that makes a camera worth its price?
Cameras are a little more complex as purchases than most tools, as there may be many more aspects to a deoslon than are immediately obvious. I suppose most of us would declare that to be worth itS price a camera should do its job as well as other models that cost about the same. In turn, any cost above the average should be reflected by the additional benefits ownership will bring. Considering that the majority of cameras, compact or otherwise, are designed to meet a particular price, we might expect to pay more when things are done especially welL When more expensive components are used and life expectancy is longer than normal, we should accept an inflated price The same applies to lenses that are especially well corrected. Whether the status that certain brands bring is worth extra is something we have to determine for ourselves, and whether the price of beautiful design can be justified over the functional is a matter of personal preference Value for money IS not a question of cheapness, but of creating an appropriate relationship between quality, performance and expense. How this applies Damien Demolder to the £1,400 Leica Xl you can see on page 49. Editor

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Adobe launches Photoshop CS5: Photographers claim 11th hour copyright victory: Police retrained after amateur's outrage: Privacy shake-up sparks street pic fears





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HOWTO HAVEYOUR PICTURES PUBLISHED IN READER SPOTLIGHT Send in a selection of up to ten images. They can be either a selection of different images or all have the same theme. Digital files sent on CD should be saved in a Phctoshop-compatble format, such as JPEG or TIFF.with a contact sheet and submission form. Visit VlYlw.amateurphotographeLcouk/readerspotlight for details. We cannot publish images without the necessary technical details. Each RGB image should be a minimum of 2480 pixels along its longest length. Transparencies and prints are also accepted. We recommend that transparencies are sent without glass mounts and posted via Special Delivery. For transparencies. prints or discs to be returned you must include an SAE with sufficient postage. HOW TO CONTACT US Amateur Photographer.IPC Media. Blue Fin Building. 110 Southl'lark Street. London SE1 OSUAP Editorial Telephone: 0203148 4138 Fax 0203148 8130 Email AP Advertising Telephone: 0203148 2517 Emaillee_morris@ipcmedia.comAPSubscriptions Telephone: 0845 676 7778 Email ipcsubs@qss-uk.comAPtest reports Telephone: 01707 273 773 wVlI'

& O. St ... PJl Goods subject 10 8V8JIabilily .ane Tel: 01208 573444 17 Sadler Gate Tel: 01332 348844 Exeter 174 Fore Street ~ 13 Cheap Street Search on-line now at www....99 ..00 £999.4' - Strand IS USM Canon Condition EF 300mm 14 L ~ 4' .4'· Southampton Nikon HISt .S.. 1lIWntDn 6 PIymou1h 10 Frankfort FM3A Body + MD -12 Molor Condition ~ 5' .Lincoln North Street 1-'1eaS9call r919vant store 10 CIleCk avaJI!lDllilY UK available • Order Next day delivery from all leE branches Postage & Insurance £7 tor most items.00 £499.99 . Prices subject to change..branches at Tel: 01225 482234 Bownemouth 95 Old Christchurch Ad Tel.2 8M894 Po...Portsmouth Nlkon Sony 16 -10smm Condition _ 4' .1amouth Cascades Cent1'9 Tel: 023 82838933 Reading 7 Station Road Tel: 0118 85821148 Salisbury 6 Queen Street N: 01722 33S438 Southampton 10 H'lQh Street 'hi: 023 8022 197 Southampton 11 Civic Centre Road Tel: 023 8033 1720 N: 01823 2SHM Wincftestat' 15 The Square N: 01"2 88820S WOn.Bath Unc:oln 6 Silver Street Tel: 01822 514131 Manchener 37 Parker St. 01202 sae&48 Bristol Baldwin Street Tel: 0117 82t11035 I 53 The Horsefalr Tel: 0117 8278185 ChM r 9 Bridge Street Row Tel: 01244 3ft 531 CbeneI1IeId 1a South Street Tel: 01248 211891 Cheltenham 10-12 The Promenade Tel: 01242 818881 CoIcIIecter 12 Eld l.2 "OM' ~ 4' • Norwich . VISA 'lISA Your old camera may be worth more than you think when you trade up to the latest Digital SLAs allondoncameraexci1ange.00 £379.ester 8 Poolp Street N: 01905 22314 Most bnInchM opan9am.J Bronica SO-Ai + 80mm Condition ~ 4'· Bristol Horaefair £399.. recy~Jr~ld DSLR AY! TO Call in for a quote! Tel: 0175. E.. Tat: 0118 M17488 PaigntDn 71 Hyde Road Tel: 01803 SII3077 Gate Canon Condition EOS 1 D Mk III Body ~ 4' • Bristol BIWin £ 1799.Nottingham Olympus Condition Condition sOmm 11...99 £399.00 £349.. Prices quoted ~Iud& VAT 0 176%.. : 01803 812537 7 Pelham Street 12 TlIT1ber Hill ) D200 Body Condition . ~ ___.. Tel: 0181238 5818 NoniItIch Nottingham £599.00 £ Tel: 013n 278024 135 West Street Tel: 01328 238441 QIoUc:ester 12 Southgate Street Tel: 01452 304!I13 Guildford 819Tunsgate Tel: 01483 504040 LeamingtDn Clarendon Avenue Tel: 01 St28 8881M London 98 The Strand Fareham 181: 020 7378 0200 or call in to meet the experts at your local LeE Canon Condition EOS SOD Body ~ 5' . and offset the value against your new DSLR purchase..3Opm Mon-Sat..... PI_ check yoorlocal &toni for availability before maldng a special journey..

which could include exception. Photography enabling the legillfnate organisations had use of our genuine lobbied against orphan works for the change. By law. Nikon UK declined to comment. BAPLA said in a statement: 'Our work now is to take the lobbying we started last year and dig even deeper to ensure the new debate being promised comes to fruition. who said: 'This was a massive fraud and the defendant's involvement in the fraud was front and centre. said: 'The materials whose owner cannot UK Government wanted to be identified or traced after a introduce a law to allow anyone 'diligent search'. 59.7-billion Ponzi scheme. Petters. which House of Commons voted to was removed from the Digital drop Clause 43 from the bill the Economy Bill just hours before night before it was given Royal it was granted Royal Assent Assent on 8 ApriL The 11 hour drama centred th Welcoming the decision. The officer had been called after a gang .' Campaigners against Clause 43 Included the British Association of Picture Libranes and Agencies (BAPLA). without asking Digital Economy Act would have first Tiley have failed given third parties the right to 'The way is now open for photographers and other use digital images for free and without permission. strictly defined saying it would non-commercial make it much "cultural purposes" easier for in a way that will satisfy the needs of images to be used. Photographer makes formal complaint after police stop and search POLICE RETRAINED AFTER AMATEUR'S OUTRAGE Valley Police has been forced to retrain your photographic rights! its officers on the correct use of anti-terrorism powers after a photographer was wrongly suspected of being a terrorist Amateur photographer Stephen Russell was on a trip to buy fish and chips when police demanded he delete pictures that he had taken of a police officer attending a minor Incident in Kidlington.In " are we saying you can't take pictures in the street Online privacy protest.' Russell. 'Our concern.: Convnittedto defending ~ THAMES had hurled a bottle at a passer-by. police should only stop and search a person under Section 43 if they 'reasonably suspect' the person to be a terrorist. The photographer was then subjected to a police search under Section 43 of the Terrorism Act. amatelJrphotoglOphef. A police spokesman said Russell has since met with officers to discuss the Incident The spokesman told AP: 'We've ensured that officers are refreshed on the guidelines in terms of their use of this [Section 43] power. telling the officer that it was not illegal to take such photographs. according to a report in the Bangkok Post. IS a world where a solution for orphan works and the management of our copyright is dictated by the US or EU. still. whereby investors do not receive payouts from actual profits but are instead paid from money originating from new investments. to use your photographs commercially.Co. Thames Valley Police launched an internal investigation after Russell lodged a formal . legally. I'm not a terrorist: said Russell.' The pace at which the bill was rushed through the House of Commons on 7 April left many MPs fuming. a term spokesman for the campaign that refers to copyrighted group Stop43. • Thousands of workers at a Nikon factory in Thailand downed tools in a row over pay and staff benefits. • Tom Petters. and quickly. said his client will probably appeal. told the Oxford Mail that the officer told him to delete the four images he had captured. page 7 noway News I Analysis I Comment I PhotoDiary 24/4/10 Contentious copyright change dropped • Photographers jubilant PHOTOGRAPHERS CLAIM 11TH HOUR COPYRIGHT VICTORY the COPYright owner have welcomed the axing of without the to prevent the future orphaning of our work consent of PHOTOGRAPHERS LATEST NEWS ONLINE and to redress defect in current copyright law. who was then told to supply his personal details. creatives to present new thinking. 'He used the Terrorism Act to search me. which said it contacted 'all leading MPs' to point out that a proposed amendment to exclude all images taken 'after 1950' would make orphan works unmanageable. they were handed a last-minute reprieve when the a controversial amendment to copyright legislation.' Paul Engh. Russell said he had taken the photos because it was 'unusual' to see such police activity in the village. a on 'orphan works'. one of Petter's lawyers. or in ways you Professional photographers feared that Clause 43 of the might not like. a former owner of Polaroid. Petters was sentenced by US District Judge Richard Kyle. was sentenced for heading up a $3. But the photoqrapher refused. Do you have a story? Contact Chris Cheesman Tel:0203148 4129 Fax: 0203148 8130 amateurphotographer @ipanedia. the cultural sector. 52. has been handed a 50-year prison sentence for fraud and money laundering. Oxfordshire.

until 9 May at the Stables Gallery. London W1S 4EJ. Edinburgh. ~--------------~ Photographers promised new features ADOBE LAUNCHES PHOTOSHOP CS5 Monday 26 April EXHIBITION Weegee. Mosley since 1956. Cleveland TS121£ until 25 April at Gibside. Born in 1924.ews A week of photographic Wednesday 21 April DIARY Appeal issued over Dorothy Bohm portraits opportunity DON'T MISS Bluebell Walks Week. Visit www.spiritofthewild. Dorothy co-founded the Photographers' Gallery in until 25 April in Sunday 25 April nationaltrust. 'When combining multiple exposures into a single HDR image. For full details visit www. Isle of Wight P040 90£. Visit www. Isle of Wight P040 90£. Saturday 24 April Stratford~upon~Avon. Tel: 02074081613. Thursday 22 April EXHIOInON Jean-luc Mylayne. first solo show by the Magnum photographer. The standard version of Adobe Photoshop CS5 will cost around £644. Visit www. runs from 24 April-30 August at Manchester Art Gallery. a 'major exhibition' by the renowned photographer. EXHIBITION by members of PhotoSpace la photographic collective). Research assistant Jennifer Boyd said: 'I am very keen to find Dorothy's sitters and unearth more Information on her studios' A Studio Alexander portrait contains a handwritten 'Dorothy Alexander' signature in the bottom right-hand corner. Bristol BS11RG. IMAGING software giant Adobe has offiCially announced Creative Suite 5 ((55) Photographers are promised features such as next-generation high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities. EXHIBITION Shaped by War: Photographs by Don McCullin. West Sussex RH17 6EB. DON1 MISS Shakespeare Birthday Celebrations. Visit www. The retrospective exhlbibon. Visit www.dimbola. Tel: 07903 548 5511. Tel: 01753 676404. PHOTOGRAPHER ON MISSION TO IDENTIFY SUBJECTS PHOTOGRAPHER Dorothy Bohm has appealed for help in Identifying the subjects in portraits she captured during the 1940s and ' and Bristle Tips that offer lifelike brush strokes'. Watch out for our review of the new software package in a future issue. until 21 April at The Photo Visit Berkshire Sl4 bAS. Tel 0161 836 4000. manchestergalleries.krakenopus. Visitwww.profilegallery. Manchester M2 3JL Visit www. Tel: 01444 405 EXHIOInON Coastal Evolution by Luke which opened in the city's Market Street in 1946. until 30 April at . Visit www. EXHIBInON Panoramic Visions by Jaspal unli129 May at Spriith Magers. EXHIBITION As Far As I Can Goby Nikolai Yudin. Tel: 0207 240 6590 Visit Photographique. Tyne & Wear NE16 6BG. called 'A World Observed 1940-2010: Photographs by Dorothy Bohm'. The research will be used to accompany a four-month-Iong exhibition of Dorothy's work.iwmorg. Visit www. until 2 May at Dimbola Tel: 02085671227.ealing.couk. A Mixer Brush feature aims to blend an 'infinite combination of colours onto a single paintbrush tip.dimbola.themirage roup. Visit wwwJlickr. EXHIBITION Spirit of the Wild by Steve Bloom. London WCZE Visit Tel 01983756814. until 6 June at Dimbola Lodge. Photoshop (S5 preserves the full tonal range of a scene with unprecedented speed and accuracy: claims Adobe. Staff at Manchester Art Gallery hope that people may recognise faces in the photographs and come forward with information to add to the gallery's research about Dorothy's first studio.rhubarbandcustard. until 20 June at PM Gallery & House. EXHIOInON FlickLgraphique by the Bristol Flickr group. Manchester M171TZ. Tel: 01983 756 814. until 16 May in StAndrew's Square. The gallery is also keen to hear from anyone who has their own copies of similar photos taken by Dorothy. WarWickshire Tel: 01789 204016. until 25 April at Dorothy moved to Paris in 1953 before travelling to the US In 1971. unli15 June at Profile Gallery. StudiO Alexander. Friday 23 April EXHIBITION Raymond Depardon: Cities. Visit www. Tel: 01207 541 820. Bexley Tuesday 27 April LATEST AP ON SALE Rhubarb & Custard Photo Gallery. London W5 5EQ. until 13 June at Imperial War Museum North. EXHIBITION Photo Mirage by The Mirage Group of Photographers. until 4 May at The Opus She has lived in Hampstead. EXHIBITION Scientists: Fellows of the Society by Anne~Katrin Purkiss. which opens in Manchester on 24 Apnl. The show will feature a reconstrucbon of Dorothy's studiO and a replica darkroom. Visit www.

at a festival or at a match. it is good practice. a group of Londonbased photographers called So Shoot Me staged an exhibition to protest against the guidelines. where prints are also available for the pubhc to buy? 'CASE-BY-CASE' BASIS If someone In a photo later complains about their inclusion. The controversy centres on the implications of the Personal Information Online Code of Practice.456. whether for hobby or amateur use. one of the organisers. So long as the photographer acts sensibly.. or request that their image is removed from a website. 'Should an individual actively object to having their photo taken. once that image is published for commercial gain the ICO may consider it a potential breach if the person in the photo later complains. For more details visit www amateurphotographer. It will go on sale in UK stores soon.' However. The Lomography Color Slide/X-Pro 120 Film 200 is available from the Lama website. If in doubt. is pictured outside a cafe with someone he or she is not supposed to be with. identifiable in the photo. the Act does not stipulate that photographers must gain the consent of everyone they photograph before they publish photos. the privacy watchdog announced plans to revamp its guidelines in light of the spiralling distribution of digital information on the internet Under the new rules. a 170% rise on February 2009. according to GfK Retail and Technology. according to Lama.579. the Government will req uire photographers to gain permission from every person that might appear in any shot. In fact. the likelihood of you breaching the Data Protection Act is very. without the subject's permission. the value of SLR sales rose 5. a draft version of which is available to view on the ICO website at www. photos taken for amateur purposes in public places are not going to breach the Act: Contad ChrisCheesman Tel: 0203148 4129 Fax: 02031488130 amateurpll0tographer ipcmedia. which ISexpected to be published by the Information Commissioner's Office (lCO) later this year As we revealed In 2009. then it is good practice not to use their image. states: 'Wherever you collect personal data from. and now we're making it available to everyone. the ICO confirmed this could be a 'potennal breach. . In no way are we saying you can't take pictures in the street. in a pack of three. very slim' DATA PROTECTION STATEMENT The Information Commissioner'S Office told us: 'The Data Protection Act in no way prevents people taking photos in public places and publishing them online. is not covered by 'personal information' rules.ews • The Lomographic Society has launched its own-label 120 colour slide film after tracking down a discontinued emulsion made by Agfa.3% to £17. such as a family album or social networking page. Celine 'It's the return of a long-lost love. will not outlaw street photography 'If you are in a publiC place and there is a reasonable expectation of someone being photographed.wm Do you have a story? . some photographers fear they will have to obtain permission from anyone included in a photo taken in a public place before publishing it 'OVERARCHING DUTY' The code.~ Committed to defending your photographic rights! THE DATA-PROTEcnON watchdog has rubbished claims by photographers that new data-protection guidelines will all but ban them from working in public places. the ICO would deem it 'not best practice' but stressed that it would still be 'unlikely' to have breached the Act. do not need to obtain the consent of the individuals who appear in their photos. are not even covered by the Act. priced £20. which they see as part of 'ever-increasing controls' imposed by the UK Government on street photography 'The [data-protection) regulations will all but ban professional photographers from working In public places. the ICO insists that its new guidelines. 'If you are in a public place there is a high expectation that you can be caught on CCTV. for example. lomography. to be published before the end of the year. share images online.6% on February 2009. • More than one in ten intercha ngeable-len s cameras sold in February were of the mirrorless variety. It is entirely reasonable in today's technology age that photographers.081 in sales revenue The number of SLRs sold was 27. Photographers taking photos in the street. Fearing the new rules would further restrict photographers' rights. to contact the person concerned to ask if they agree to their personal data being used in a particular way' A spokeswoman told us that a photograph would fall under the term 'personal data'. the ICO insists However. However.. such as on mirrorless models in February. added 'Despite the CCTV and camera-ph one-obsessed world we live in. For details visit www. SNAP H TS Photographers hit out at new rules governing online photos PRIVACY SHAKE-UP SPARKS STREET PIC FEARS S{'W.' The spokeswoman said If that image is then displayed in an 'exhibition'. Asked whether an example of such a complaint may be if a person. This generated £1. Agfa RSX 200 emulsion on medium format: said a spokeswoman. and that any complaint would be dealt with on a 'case-by-case' basis.' The E6-process film is designed for use in film cameras such as lomos Lubitel166+ and Oiana F+. you still have an overarching duty to handle It fairly and to comply with the rules of data protection. lomography has hunted down this emulsion . UKcustomers snapped up 2. photos taken for personal use. according to latest figures. However. But what about an amateur photographer's portfolio displayed on their personal website. what happens then? The ICO claims there is a very small chance that such an image would breach the Act. where possible.'lREP~ ". 'Ifyou are in a public' The watchdog claims that its position on street photography hasn't changed Any photo that ISfor 'personal use'.364 . qovuk. professional and amateur. the likelihood of a photographer breaching the Data Protection Act is very. with the stipulation that a photographer must ask permission of all people who appear in their photographs to avoid illegally possessing 'personal data": the group claimed in a statement. But it is not clear under what circumstances an image would trigger a breach of data-protection rules.717. could land the photographer in hot water under data protection rules if it appears on the web an ICO spokeswoman told AP.ico.a fall of 15. to adopt a 'common-sense' approach. very slim: Some fear that a picture taken in public places. The watchdog urges all photographers.

' . Nagasaki Prefecture.. which has necessitated a revision of earlier production plans. There is also a "Five-day learn nearly everything course' that aims to help enthusiasts turn their hobby into a career. '~otg~ lice in 1 is Club news from around the country The which left the factory earlier this month . This serious drop in demand is expected to continue for a period of time. Canon delayed its construction as poor consumer demand threatened to hit sales of digital cameras Canon has confirmed to AP that It plans to make two million digital cameras there in 201 0. if it is accompanied by scent it will elicit even more emotional and evocative memories .ews SNAP Factory delayed by recession H TS CANON FACTORY • Anewlineof budget-priced glassless box frames has been launched. Nearly half of Britons surveyed (47%) said they could remember the scent associated with a particular photo. KINROSS CAMERA CLUB HOLMFIRTH CAMERA CLUB a story? Tel 0203148 4129 Fax 0203148 8130 Do you have Contact Chris Cheesman amateur photographer @ipcmedia.C. members are able to participate in sessions organised by the Digital Group (held on a monthly basis) and enjoy outings and other activities during he summer: Members meets at the Church Centre. according to the poll of 11. Visit www. tile construction of which was delayed by the global recession. UP AND RUNNING A NEW Canon DSLR factory. The club's annual exhibition takes place from 30 April-l May (10am-4pm) at the North Light Gallery. still life and digital workflow: said a spokesman. 'My research shows that our sense of smell in particular has a uniquely intimate and direct connection with the area of the brain that controls emotional memory: she added. The Richmond frames are covered with a paper that is peeled back before the print is applied. EOS 5500 and EOSSODin a promotion that runs until the end of May. • Canon customers can claim cashback on the EOS5000. 'This research shows just how powerful the link between our memories and the sense of smell really is: said Dr Rachel Herz. has now opened. while Just under a quarter said they would take a picture based on the 'way it smells'. For full details call 08002988190. including DSLRs. .(500nthe EOS5500 and (65 on the EOS500. says it runs internal and inter-club competitions. In addition. Announcing plans to delay the factory in 2008. evoking thoughts of childhood sports days and playing football. • A new series of studio-based photography courses has been launched by John Freeman Phototours. Its first shipment was a batch of Canon PowerS hot G11digital compacts.IlUI! I~ 111< West Yorkshire HD4 7NR. according to research by Nikon. prices start at £195 for a one-day workshop. BUilding work on the £80m Canon plant was due to begin in January 2008 with production expected to start in December IlU.. Prices start at £6.more than any other memory trigger.500 people In 23 countries.holmfirthcameraclub. Tel: 01484340003. rising to four million next year The LOOKING at a photograph triggers a memory of the smell of the scene or location featured in the which will also churn out DSLRs "Dd m~ of W. Freshly cut grass was voted people's top 'memory scent'. eosspringcashback for details.kinrosscameraclub.69 for an 8xl0in frame. This was followed by the smell of sunscreen and 'baby talc'. High Street Kinross KY137AA. Visit www. For details call Swains on 0845 4504242. which celebrates its 25 anniversary this vear. at Hazami. an expert in psychological science. con- - u\ The Canon PowerShot G 11 was the first model to leave the new Japanese plant. Visit www. Armitage Bridge. The promotion offers £30 cash back on the EOS500D. 'Oay courses cover techniques such as the firm said: 'Growth in demand for digital cameras has rapidly declined compared with original prolecnons due to the global economic downturn triggered by the failure of major US securities firms. 'We also encourage members to enter national and international events. has created 850 jobs and will add a further 150 next year. Claims must be received by 25 June 2010.. For club details visit www.orguk. Based in London.' 'S . 'While a photograph can visually remind us of a particular moment in time.

.99 SAVE £90 S~!SR~r&ll~_ SONY 50 f/3..... ' ... 1- PROMO"nOH ... ...•.6 SAM & 18-55mm . ''PEI44... 20Gmm V1I D100 BodySAvt£54S -".him stu!t 1001 We don't Just pay great prices. we11 even collect your equipment from your home or workplace at no extra cost" .. .99 SAYE£65 t. 21 £ ..9lve us a call for a quote. "-S5mm .just call for details Part exchange prices based on your equipment being In exceUent condition. Your old equipment may be worth more than you think .. I .Thinking of upgrading or changing your old camera? Don't delay! We're offering tip-top part-exchange prices against any new equipment featured deals are just a selection.S-S. if you can't see your camera or lens ..99 The es<enIialllT1<lye editing software programme teamed with It's pemct companion. £309. fully woridng and complete wtth original accessories..~lPhotoshop Adobe Elements 8 D3000 .. .98 58900SReedlight £399.. 40~-~ /'~ ... £1119.. • ...... D300s Body liP£149999SAvt 050 D300s .

. hardback..h ml . We Are England Until 29 April. I AM NERD is the brainchild of Heather Landis. I01&• . People used to pay good money for these. Catch it while you can. The COntest is open to both amateurs and professionals. exhibitions and websites The latest photography books. but all the winning images will be on display at London's SWl Gallery from 21-29 April It's only a short window of time. If you peruse her tamedblossom. Website: www. exhibitions and websites. 160 site you can find more examples of her 'normal' work. 12 Cardinal Walk. The images are a spoof of the now-horrid style of American high school portrait photography that regularly appeared in yearbooks in the 1970s and '80s. but it offers a great chance to see the many interpretations of what England means to other photographers. She's one to watch. Italy By Josef Koudelka Thames & Hudson. based photo blogger who posted this quirky series of portraits to her website and subsequently received tens of thousands of views. later this year.Books. this book marks a ~rll~1 . Sat 10am-4pm..have launched a nationwide photo competition in search of images that best represent England and the idea of 'Englishness'.. Koudelka: Piedmont. and entries so far have run the gamut from England's notorious rolling landscapes and busy street scenes to aerial views of the capital At the time of writing the winners have not yet been announced. organisers of the England team . Open Tues-Fri 10am-6pm. which includes largely fashion and performance photography.swlqallery.Commonwealth Games England . Cardinal Place. India.. SW1 Gallery. and Landis has recreated the style masterfully. Humour aside. ISBN 978-0-500-543870 FAMOUS for his images documenting the Soviet occupation of " the then Czechoslovakia under the Warsaw a Los AngelesW . believe it or not. Roof Garden Level. Tel: 0207 963 4024. these are actually quite skilful portraits and show what a great photographer she is. com72009 n/seriesiamnerd. London SW1E 5JE. £45. though. Unnatural lighting brought out orange skin tones and heads were weirdly framed by soft-focus vlgnening. By Jeff Meyer www IN ADVANCE of the 2010 Commonwealth Games to be hosted in New Delhi....

you could fix a sizeable hole in your roof with this tome if pressed for materials. However..• THE GARDENS OF JAPAN by Helena Attlee. there is a 'but' 'The earth in Piedmont is a kaleidoscope of colours: writes Italian journalist Giuseppe Culicchia in the introduction. 'Why Piedmont?' Well. £19. £12. Best are those wider angles that reveal the angular architecture and ultra-precise landscaping.. ISBN 978-0-393-07226-6 AS A LONG-TIME civil rights campaigner and w.M. 336 pages. why? Koudelka has always been somewhat of a wanderer. The pictures are fine. While many of these b&w images leap off the page.99 Andrew Perris undertook this unusual commission to illustrate a book on the different breeds of pig and simply outdid himself In these stunning stark portraits. The text is Just as compelling. £16. by Carl White. If this is so. Performance. it's a collection that explains recent history better than any words can . If Irving Penn and Tim Flach had collaborated on a project. . it is impossible to miss these scholarly influences in Theodore Cross's latest opus Weighing in at 336 pages. the images In this book not only document the world's greatest water fowl but also the development of 85-year-old Cross's hobby.99 Everything about Japan is strange and compelling. ~ demonstrable break from Josef Koudelka's more notable images. and makes stunning use of the panoramic format with clever leading lines and visual interest However. Gardens had so much potential. but maybe wait for the paperback. Many of these shots could be taken anywhere. it's not evident here. which he took up in midlife. documenting how the land and sea have slowly become inhabited by industry. exhibitions and websites CONDENSED READING A round-up of the latest photography books on the market • THE WORLD'S TOP PHOTOGRAPHERS' WORKSHOPS Celebrity & BEAUTIfUL PIGS Waterbirds By Theodore Cross WW Norton & Company. You'll find plenty of information on lighting strategy.• BEAUTIFUL PIGS Photography by Andrew Perris. such as square watermelons and robot servants. too.. with plenty of lessons to apply to other genres of photography . Enjoy Piedmont for what it is: new work from an icon of photography. and one starts to question the master's use of black & white in this exploration. but in this book the subject simply falls flat. others feel like record shots. pavilions." author of law and science WWl~""''' journal articles.. but Piedmont seems a fairly random place to dedicate such a big work to. . museums and blighted landscapes. In it. £25 Journalist Andy Steel rounds up ten of the top paparazzi and celebrity portrait photographers and asks them to explain how they took their selected pictures.Books. they might have come close to this . leaning on strong graphic shapes and lines and a knack for capturing these birds at the peak moment In their activities. hardback. Still. by Andy Steel. but we are ultimately left wondering.95 For the past 25 years Carl White has shot the coastline from Lowestoft to Felixstowe. Koudelka takes us on an ultra-wide journey through parks. The images are simple and striking. with detailed field notes and diaries of his travels revealing how Cross was able to get his shots and how you can. Yet that's only part of the problem. you wouldn't want to because Cross's book is fantastic. equipment and conceptualisation for the aspiring paparazzo.. £70. Spanning the past 40 years of his life. Humans remain largely absent from this latest collection of panoramic images exploring the landscape of Italy's northern Piedmont region.• BELLS BENEATH THE SEA Photographs of the Suffolk Heritage Coast. Perris manages to capture porcine facial expressions and convey a different mood in each shot.

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offence of taking a photograph of a decently dressed child in a public place, having quoted just a few legal generalisations, without elaborating on which soecnc law I would have broken. Unfortunately, this misunderstanding of the law is the issue that I raised in my original letter Malcolm Gee, Norfolk

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OLLOW IT THROUGH Your page three editorial in AP 20 March predicted a sell-out for a 'virtual' coach trip to the Pilato Marketing Association show in Los Angeles, USA. How about letting your readers put their money where your mouth is and organise a plane charter, including accommodation, to the next PMA show for 2011, which is in Las Vegas during February? You should be able to get a good rate on 300-plus photo enthusiasts for a week in Vegas from one of the airline/charter holiday companies. See yOlJon the plane, Damien? David Smith, Cheshire OK, hands up, who wants to come? I can see it now; 'AP Airways - Picture Your World' - Damien Demo/der, Editor

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I disagree strongly with Paul Greenwood when he says that cameras don't need to be small and light (Letters, AP 10 April) In 1965, I bought a Nikon F and carried it around with a 50mm f/2 and an 85mm filA lens, and never gave a thought to the . weight. Since then I have got older and ~ weaker, and over the years have traded :':': down to my present two film cameras: a ~ Nikon F80 and Nikon F55. The F55 must be one of the cheapest cameras that Nikon '!i has ever made, but when I shoot film it is the ~ one I choose because It ISso light ~ I agree that the F4 was a great camera, ~ probably the best Nikon ever made, but ~ although I was tempted to buy one I never ~ did, as I knew I would never want to carry it >! with me. The results I get with my F55 are down to my skill, or lack thereof, not the modest specificanon of the camera. One of the great advantages of using a modest camera is that when someone says, 'That's a great photo - you must have a great camera', I can say, 'No, I don't.' As far as I'm concerned, cameras should be small enough to fit in a pocket and light enough so I don't notice them. Brian Darling, Essex


La Surely the new Samsung NX 10 is not competing against the Micro Four Thirds range of cameras, but with DSLRs that have APS-C -sized sensors (Samsung NX1 0 test, AP 3 Apnl) For anyone trying to decide between a neat little camera and a great heavy thing, where the two are equal in their capabilities, there should be no contest The hybrid should win every time. In fact, the odd thing about the hybrid revolution is that magazines, retailers and photographers do not seem to be taking it seriously. We see rave reviews for hybrid cameras, but other articles and advertisements are still largely about DSLRs. The days of the DSLR are surely numbered.

In ten years' time people will be saying, 'Hybnd - a hybrid of whaP' My wife and I bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G 1 in late 2008. A few simple tests showed that the lenses were as good as, or better than, the cheaper lenses for our DSLRs, so we bought another G1. Now that macro and other lenses have been produced, we have sold one of our DSLRs, given away the other and have never looked back. Tony Rackham, Hampshire MISUND RSTOOD In reply to my original letter on the photography of children in public places, Ronald Walford (Letters, AP 17 April) IS willing to commit me to prison for the




Ian Andrew's eerie shots of an abandoned farmhouse (Reader spotlight, AP 20 March) reminded me of the time my dad went to photograph a derelict property and came a cropper During a family caravan holiday in Wales many years ago, he discovered an old empty house near the campsite. Mumbling something about 'crumbly textures' and 'peeling wallpaper', he set off to take some pictures. An hour later, we saw him bruised and bloodied, being supported by tile camp warden He was taken to hospital with a sprained ankle and gashed forehead. He'd been taking pictures in the old house and told us he'd been spooked by a 'presence' in the kitchen. It was nothing visible, just something he'd felt. In his panic to get out, he'd tripped over an old chair, missed his footing on some stone steps and fell over. He'd hobbled back to the campsite where the warden had come to hs aid. He was genuinely shaken up, not just with taking a nasty fall but also by the spooky incident in the kitchen. As a no-nonsense Glaswegian, dad had always been sceptical about what he called 'ghosties' - at least up until that particular day. He later realised that he'd left his expensive Metz flash unit in the house. Mum had a word with the site warden who, armed with a torch, went to the house that same night to retrieve it. Dad gratefully paid him

a small reward, then told us he wouldn't go back to that house for a million pounds even in broad daylightl Sadly, the resulting pictures showed only the crumbly textures and peeling wallpaper dad had mentioned, but unnl the day he died he was adamant that he hadn't been alone in that old house. Suzie Cave, Tyne and Wear TN ALBUM I'm just writing to prove that you don't have to pay many hundreds, if not thousands of pounds to get a picture that can fall into the category of 'not bad' (see right) I turned off the flash and used natural light, and many people have told me that it is a very nice picture It has now been placed on canvas and sits proudly on the wall in our lounge at home. The picture is of my son, Arran, then aged 3, and my daughter Louisa, just a matter of weeks old when the picture was taken. Angus Bennett, via email


I was very interested in Angela Nicholson's comparative test of the Nikon 090 and Canon EOS 5500 (AP 10 Apnl), as I have recently acquired the latter model In partexchange for my Canon EOS 4000. I think there are some additional points about the EOS 5500 that prospective buyers should be aware of. l. Adobe has not yet issued a plug-in for Camera Raw and, until it does, EOS 5500 raw images cannot be processed in Photoshop or Elements. Canon's own OPP software, which is supplied on disc with the camera, can be used, but is not as comprehensive as the Adobe software. 2. The quality of the camera's HOM I movies is superb (as is that of the stills), but an H OM I cable is necessary to connect the camera to an HO-ready TV in order to view them, unless they are burnt to a OVO first Canon's own optional cable costs nearly £60, but an excellent alternative is available from Amazon for £199. 3. In order to shoot movies, the camera needs an Extreme SOHC memory card, preferably at least 8GB, as a 4GB card will only allow 12 minutes of recording at 1920xl 080-pixel resolution. The cost of an 8GB card is £40-£60. 4. The bUilt-In microphone is monaural and seems very susceptible to wind noise, which cannot be muffled. There is a socket for an external stereo microphone, but this does not seem to be widely advertised and I have not found a suitable one yet.

In all, I am delighted with the EOS 5500, which marks a big advance for so-called consumer cameras, and while I cannot comment on the Nikon 090, Angela's comments on the Canon model seemed absolutely right to me. There were, however, one or two discrepancies between her comments and the comparative scores she gave For example, she wrote, 'I had a little more confidence in the Nikon [AF] system than the Canon one', but her marks for autofocus were 8/10 for Canon and 7/1 0 for Nikon. Similarly, 'I began to prefer using the 090' and, 'I found using the 090 a more enjoyable experience', preceded her overall marks of 83% for the Canon and 78% for the Nikon. Perhaps she just prefers Nikon. Christopher James, Nottinghamshire CHASING .. I enjoyed reading your full lab and field test on the Nikon 090 vs Canon EOS 5500 in AP 10 April, which, as your cover announced, aimed to answer the questton, 'Can 12MP beat 18MP?' As 'pixel chasing' is very much a current topic, I looked forward to the conclusion. Imagine my bemusement when, after six pages of in-depth testing and, I believe, the Nikon corning in first by a short head - the final sentence ran, 'As 12 million is now a rather below average pixel count for an enthUSiast-level OSLR, I have reduced the 090's score'. I presume that, from now on, most Nlkon OSLR cameras will fare badly. Tony Sproson, South Gloucestershire

The confusion over the scoring of the Canon EOS 5500 and the Nikon 090 stems from the fact that they are each aimed at a different level of user. Hence, the EOS 5500 was assessed as an entry-level camera while the 090 was scored as an enthusiast-level model. We have greater expectations of a camera aimed at enthusiasts, and while the 090's AF system is more sophisticated than the EOS 5500's, it isn't up to the standard of the Nikon 0300S. Unlike the spedtication, build and handling, resolving power is absolute. At the time of the 090's original test (AP 25 October 2008), a pixel count of 12 million was a lot more impressive than it is now. To reflect this and the fact that the EOS 5500 can resolve more detail than the 090, the Nikon camera's Noise/Reduction score was reduced - Angela Nicholson, technical edftor

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the days of keeping whales and dolphins in captivity for our entertainment must be numbered. in front of a packed audience of tourists. Andy uses AquaTech housings. Sticking them in a small tank must have a detrimental effect on their wellbeing. then let him do so wild and free in the ocean. It wasn't Tilikum's fault as he is a Wild animal and not a . Now. Of course. It was an event that shocked the world. " . most readers of AP (including me) probably thought every orca In captivity was called Shamu. Clearly. what happened with Tilikum was a tragedy for the families affected. After all. this is not a rant against zoos. I left feeling ashamed. \~ . but one that many of us knew might happen one day. It might even cause more stress. On 24 February. One thing is for sure: I will only pbotoqraph wllales and dolphins that are wild and free in the future (as I have always done) and will never visit any aquarium again that has whales and dolphins in captivity. Under bright Florida skies. which ISa ridiculous knee-jerk reecnon that condemns an animal to death just because he cannot entertain us any more. If he is to die. While this is the most romantic option. it has been tried before and has not been proven to work. as I am well known for extolling the conservation virtue of seeing endangered species in zoos. A couple of years ago I visited an aquarium that had beluga whales.. like this humpback whale . Tilikum. For more infonnation see the Cameras Underwater website 'II its wellbeing. pet. animals in zoos aren't made to jump through hoops for our entertainment Whales and dolphins are highly intelligent (and therefore easily bored). Balance this with the simple fact that if humans don't see whales and dolphins in the flesh it will be more difficult to conserve them in the wild and you can see the dilemmas. Two minutes later. Keeping whales and dolphins in captivity has always been controversial and there have been countless calls to stop it.~ . In fact. pulled his trainer under the water and drowned her. how can we expect to save animals on this planet If seeing them is restricted to the privileged few like myself? The difference is that these days. after seeing them swim around their endosure and looking totally bored.Andy Rouse Wildlife ouse lli I Should whales and dolphins be kept in confinement? A TRAGEDY IN CAPTIVITY UNTIL February. _- . this changed forever. Would we treat humans like this? . Now he has an uncertain future. the largest male orca in captivity. The option that will probably get chosen will be to try to release him into a huge sea pen and let him acclimatise to wild conditions again. but knowing what to do with these animals that are in captivity now is a difficult issue. but it is a tragedy for Tilikum too. I Just cannot bring myself to do It.. We don't know what effect it will have on releasing him since he has no experience of fending for himself (he was a youngster when he was caught in IcelandiC waters in 1983) and politically it will be a difficult To keep him in semiisolation would be a auellife sentence for an animal that depends on social contact for Andy will only photograph whales and dolphins in the wild. social and due to the migrational habits need a huge ocean to swim in. Some have called for his death. -.


Clive Nichols was talking to Jeff Meyer Clive Nichols recalls a challenging brief from a client and explains how he gets a balanced composition As the UK's top garden photographer. It was part of a project I did for a high-street retailer that commissioned me to shoot a series of Images for wall art In its stores. but it could be an even or an odd number of flowers. The retailer wanted a clean image with simple shapes. Vary the points at which you copy pixels. KG Imagining his frame as two triangles helps Clive visualise balance in his compositions . You can even clone from other images that you have open in your software. Lastly. If it's not enough you can always add more later. the single biggest mistake many people make is to drag it across an image like one of the Brush or Dodge and Burn tools. I prefer the sepia tone because it's timeless. I then converted the image to black & white and made duotones in sepia (main image) and teal (below). would be a clean or blurred background with little detail. What I want is for them to complement one another. right) you can see that it looks quite different from the final version. and its neutral colour will stand up in most environments. even if you blow them out you can often recover them With the highlight-recovery slider in your raw software. but in general it's best to click and make several daubs with the Clone Stamp tool to get a more realistic result. which were the colours requested by the retailer. so I went out with a very specific idea of what I wanted to shoot. Using the Clone Stamp tool in Pllotoshop. No one wants to admit to it. I had to pay careful attention to the histogram. The top flower balances the bottom flower. because I was shooting from underneath and wanted to capture the detail at the base of the flowers. However. I tilted the lens slightly towards the sunlight in order to get tile effect of tile nice round drdes you see faintly in the background. with the eye moving naturally from one to the other A good way to test this is to think of your frame as two triangles. Still. this image is a bit of a departure for me in that I did something I don't normally do I doned out distracting elements. co. whether it's in a store or on my living-room wall. It was a tight brief. For this shot I used a 70-200mm zoom at 180mm on my Canon EOS. I also overexposed slightly. I believe in trying to get it right the first time Finally. If you look at the original image (see Talking Technique. Clive's knowledge and pictures are in constant demand. The obvious exception. When you drag the Clone Stamp tool. and vice versa. removing a mole from a face or a lamppost from an idyllic scene. I'm looking for balance.Photo insight Clive Nichols BRINGING YOU ESSENTIAL EXPERT ADVICE EVERY WEEK blank canvas in the background that makes the magnolia flowers stand out and achieve the 'clean' image the retailer was after I also did a little bit of blurring on the computer to smooth out the background. it took me just a few minutes to remove them. for use just this once. to make sure I didn't throw the highlights THIS is a magnolia 'Galaxy' that I photographed in the gardens at RHS Wisley in Surrey. As you want subtlety. Imagine a line running from the top left corner of the frame to the bottom right corner (see right) See how It splits the subjects and they become almost mirror reflections of each other. there are a few more buds on the two branches and a very distracting partial flower in the upper left corner. Wisley has some of the most stunning magnolias in Britain that bloom around ths time of year I thought that by getting close and emphasising the shape of the flowers. though. His expertise is invaluable CLIVE NICHOLS To see more pictures by Clive Nichols visit www. I often do this when I'm trying to achieve a balanced composition. like Clive. This is what I try to imagine when I'm adjusting my focal length. you create the effect of repeating patterns and immediately give away your secretthatjouve retouched your image. If. as the company had certain colours and styles in mind. you do decide to dust off the Clone Stamp tool. using tile branches as lines leading your eye in. Sometimes when I'm composing a picture like this it can be difficult to know how close to get and how many flowers to include in the's instinctive. This helped give me a sort of TECHNIQUE Cloning is the big elephant in the darkroom when it comes to photography. The answer is that there's no hard-and-fast rule . of course. I could create an image that would fulfil the brief.clivenichols. such as Clive·s. don't do all your cloning from the same source within the image. start with a low Opacity. In particular.1Os Mark III camera. shooting at 11200sec at f/5. but we've all indulged in the Clone Stamp tool.




. a bustling community. could Incorporate it Into my composition. co.kirkapoltiree. tireescarinishhotel. 24-105mm. including local seafood. All in all. try Kirkapol House in Kirkapol [visit www. Pnstine beaches are found all around the island and behind each beach is AP's guide to Britain's best photo locations. a weeklong traction kiting event from 31 July. Isle of Tiree Take a windproof jacket because the winds are strong. The Island boasts the most hours of sunshine anywhere in the UK and it is also exceptionally windy. Here. There are only a few places to eat and drink on the island. clear-blue waters and long daylight-filled days. Ross shares a few of his favourite spots on the island and explains how he took the following images. the most westerly island of the Inner Hebrides. or you might like to try Tiree Lodge Hotel in Gatt Bay [call 018792203681. and has excellent views out onto the dunes and visit for more information. Beautiful blue skies abound and the island's unique ecosystem is home to many rare birds and insects found solely on Tiree. The fallen pole in the foreground caught my eye and I thought I .com or call 01879220 308J is good. It offers a wide choice of but fortunately my lens has image stabilisation so I was able to ensure my compOsition was or call 01879220 729J. there are numerous photo oppornmues and.___~ to have one. Visit www.loganair. On the west side of the island. The Island is not only the sunniest. To give it a go. a sport involving a power kite and a three-wheeled buggy. There is a reason there are so many. I wanted to include the whole washing line in my shot for maximum impact. Washing line Canon EOS50 Mark II. Tiree Scarinish Hotel in Scarinish [visit www. or find out more about TK on Tiree polariser Washing lines adorn the landscape on They are dotted across the island " and every whitewashed cottage seems .II"tiIW~ SDE KNO E G WITH its idyllic beaches. ISO 100. Tiree is famed for its strong winds that provide the perfect conditions for traction kiting. so it provides the perfect drying conditions which residents are more than happy to exploitl I wanted to show how windy Tiree is and I thought this would be an interesting way of doing it I took this image in a small area called Vaul. Tiree. as landscape photographer Ross Armstrong proves. Ceabhar Guesthouse and Restaurant in Sandaig is a good option. and because I was using a wideangle zoom lens I could easily accommodate its whole length I don't believe in always follOWing the rules and I felt using the washing line to divide the frame in two created a stronger composition than follOWing the Rule of Thirds.Isle of Tiree Photo locations Need to know Loganair/FlyBe airline flies to Tiree from Glasgow.. This week . I UI. but also one of the windiest places in the British Isles. which ISnot so great for photographers but certainly shouldn't deter you. If you are in the east.ceabhar. Visit www. it is possible to visit a well-trodden location and return With images that are different from other recognisable vistas. I was shooting handheld.tractionkiting. The Ceabhar Guesthouse and Restaurant in Sandaig [see above] is popular with both islanders and tourists. Much of the island is quite flat and there are hardly any trees. I made sure the clothes didn't overlap with the ground because this created a more pleasing image.Jj Tiree.. ranks among the top places to visit for landscape photographers. 1/500sec at f/4. plus plenty of sunscreen and a hat because in high summer there is little or call 01879 220 684.

but make sure the pictures are centred around one place. ISO 200.Photo locations Isle of Tiree Highland cow Canon EOS50 Mark II. Humour was a key element in this image. 24-10Smm. ••• Blood-red sky Canon EOS50 Mark II. Send a CO/OVOin the first instance to 'Insider Knowledge' at the address shown on page 3.6secs. polariser . Do you know of a great photo location? Share it with your fellow readers and earn yourself £100 in the process. I had to find a way to arrange these elements so they complemented each other I decided to fill the foreground with the verdant turf. NO grad. 1Osecs at 1/22. Visit www. polariser. As the day cools the wind tends to pick up. I wanted to use this to create a dynamic polariser. Textured rock Canon EOS50 Mark II. blue sky and orange barn. NO grad. rough rocks. Here you can glimpse the sunset through the rushing cloud. The textured boulders in the foreground initially caught my eye and then I noticed the rugged rocks behind. A 32sec exposure allowed me to pick out the movement in the sky. 2Ssecs at f/22. so you don't have to write anything. 1/S0sec at f/16. polariser I took ths image in Scarinish. 1. I rested the tripod legs on pebbles to steady them ... ISO 50. but with a comical edge Rusty shed Canon EOS50 Mark II. I like exploring the contrast between man-made elements and nature in my work and this scene illustrated the concept brilliantly I love how nature is flourishing around the 'decaYIng' structure. NOgrad. 24-105mm. These soft colours give the Image a dream-like appearance I used my camera's mirror lock-up function and a remote cable release to minimise subject blur. tripod and remote release II!!!I•• This is a classic sunset image. We'll call to interview you about the details. Curving bay Canon EOS50 Mark II.amateurphotographer.__ been photographing the picturesque whitewashed cottages all day and was desperate to find something different I stumbled across this rusty old barn and was blown away by its rustic ruddy hue. 24-10Smm. It sounds cheesy.150 200. The challenge was to work out how to combine these elements. the main town on the island. The misty water. namely the contrast between bold colours . I had c:c. I enjoy taking images that are documentary in style. tripod and remote release ThiSstriking coastal sweep was taken in Sandaig where I was staYing. . The ground was very soft and the legs of my tnpod kept sinking into the ground. The sky was so bright that even with a polariser my exposure was still quite fast at 1. Submit a collection of at least ten images witll a brief explanation of where the location is and what is special about it. ISO 100. polariser. The cow had just relieved Itself on the road and looked as though it was marking its territory.. you can capture impacting landscape images at any time if you know what you are trying to achieve. sea and land. On returning that evening. 24-10Smm. The grass in the foreground was completely in shadow. There IS a huge promontory of land that stretches around the edge of the island and this is a view that is especially popular ". ISO 50. I was standing on a grassy sand dune on the edge of a pebbled beach. Tiree is famed for its incredible sunsets. wonderful colours merge together in the sky. The dappled cloud creates drama. but all the elements came together on this occasion. I took this at around 1OAOpm For ths shot my exposure was 25secs grass. We are looking for the inside track on well-known as well as new locations anywhere in the UK. ~- Dramatic sky Canon EOS50 Mark II. Often in sunset images you'll see land silhouetted as the photographer has exposed for the sky at the expense of losing detail in other areas If you look closely you can see flowers scattered across the grass. 24-105mm. 1/30sec at f/16. gentle light and chalky pebbles combine to create a compelling whole. I wanted to capture a powerful sky and retain foreground detail at the same time. I could make it look imposing I admire Martin Parr's work and his tendency towards slightly irreverent humour and I wanted to try this In my own. but the difference is that there are traces of green in the foreground. The light was falling on the flowers and made them appear like catchlights. I wanted to see if I could use the dying light to bring out their texture. I took this at around 10pm and as you can see there is just enough light to illuminate the rocks. ISO 50. I knew It would make for a strong contrasting element Contrast plays a big part in this image. There are tracks across the island and cows are free to roam where they please They sometimes even wander onto the beaches and can make humorous subjects. tripod and remote release ~~ I'd been at this location during the day and it looked attractive but a little flat.~th photographers. 24-105mm. By framing the shot so the cow was to the left of the Image. which contrasted with the stillness of the water. I enjoy exploring how I can feature subjects in my landscape images and I thought including the cow in a prominent way would make for a lively composition. which forces the clouds to sweep through the sky quite quickly. 32secs at fIlS. When I took this shot it was actually very dark. but I was interested in the afterglow After the sun has disappeared.long enough to capture the blur of the water and remnants of light Although it was very dark the camera has picked up subtle hues. tripod and remote release • While first thing in the morning and early evening are renowned as being the best times of day for landscape photography. The horizon may slice through the frame. I found a more photogenic scene.6secs at f/22. polariser. I think this creates an interesting for more info. A van drove straight through the muck and I was drawn by the crude humour of the situation. but the composition is divided into the three sections of sky. NO grad. . I used my NO grad filter to hold back the sky and retain the intense colours.


manfrotto.31b). Model 327RC2 In high-performance magnesium: max load S. New models for 2010. MOOeI324RC2 In "Adapto" tech~r.ANYTHING ELSE IS A COMPROMISE 324RC2.SIqj (7. West Sussex. RH10 9PE .Blb). Unit 4 The Enterprise Centre. low stress usage. • Manfrotto Distribution Manfrotto'" For more Information: Manfrotto Distribution Ltd. designed and IIlglneered ~ Italy.Skg (12.327RC2 JOYSTICK HEADS • • • • Two new joystick heads Improve on perfonnance. weight and ergonanlcs. FeatOOng a new hollow steel ball: reduces weight and allows Increased locking power from more comfortable. max load 3. OrIginal coocept: 1987.

alongside images people probably have seen that are the best of what he did. Somewhat small in stature. 'When I was younger I used three cameras. I just walk around. Bryn Campbell's opinions match his taste in cars. but A trainload of people arrives in Cairo for the funeral of President Nasser of Egypt. Former Observer picture editor Bryn Campbell talks to AP's Jeff Meyer BOLD and not to be misconstrued. but there is a necessary self-confidence in your ability and in what you're doing that goes with it. Campbell has been going back over his archive in preparation for a lOa-picture retrospective of his work at London's Hooper's Gallery. In fact.Bryn Campbell Dorumentary A history of firsts He launched Fleet Street's first colour news magazine and sent a young Don McCullinto his first war. The main theme linking it all together. I love dOing It for myself When I was working and had a two-day assignment abroad. Also. It sounds Simple. Yet summing yourself up in 100 pictures was never going to be an easy task. however. Then there's all the work I did with The Observer and countless personal projects How could I fit all that into one exhibition?' Bryn decided to concentrate on an equal balance of pictures that people haven't seen. After that I don't make too many -) rules for myself. I would stay for an extra week or fortnight shoollng pictures for personal projects' Bryn's time-tested method for photographing people IS to be as inconspICuous as possible. 'I've always loved street photography. is the street. and as a photojournalist it's your natural habitat: says Bryn. Now in hIS '70s. I try not to catch anyone's eye. yet strong and dependable. 'It's been incredibly difficult: he says. 'I tend to work with two cameras: one probably tucked in a bag on my shoulder and one across my chest: he says. the Fleet Street stalwart is quite similar to the Alfa Romeos he loves to drive. 1970 . 'I had assignments where I spent a whole season with Chelsea Fe I covered the end of the war in Vietnam. the former picture editor of The Observer during Fleet Street's most active period of change stands as a cultural symbol for the pioneering and enterprising photoiocrnalsrn that defined his era.' You spend more time on the street than anywhere else.

The last thing the Government wants to do is recognise photographers. If The Telegraph had got wind that The Observer was going to launch a colour magazine. 'If anyone had found out that we were doing this. 1956 plans: says Bryn. And we had no one helping us. a rival to Amateur Photographer. the first produced by any newspaper at the time. Bryn's experience at the helm of this and other magazines he edited put him on the radar of editors at The Observer because of his contacts with many up-and-coming photographers. and it was very important that the editors had someone who was not known to the rest of Fleet Street because thev were doing it secretly. particularly the processing. The apprentice scheme meant there were only a limited number of apprentices who were both available and capable of producing a colour magazine. It was while priming these cameras on planes that he learned the skills he would use later in his career. it would have scuppered their Woman breastfeeding her child. His job was to capture aerial photographs of large areas of land and sea. if you have the opportunity. if you have the opportunity.200ft (365. Sometimes it's safer and easier to stand back and use your 200mm lens. leaving The Observer out in the cold. so street photographers like me had an immediate problem of trying to distinguish ourselves from less scrupulous photographers. So it was very important that the project was kept quiet.5 metres) of film in each camera. he says he immediately looks away Usually this is enough for people to go on about their business. As photography had been a hobby in his teens. and in all my years no one ever has ever objected_ The trickiest time came after the death of Princess Diana. 'I am polite and ask them if they mind that I took their picture. the RAF made him a photographer during his national service just after the Second World War. as the public is largely ignorant about photography and the establishment is hostile to the medium. People partly blamed the paparazzi for her death. it's better to move in' I'm watching all the time 'When I see something that looks interesting. he had at least 1. At other times. Bryn's Job was to process the film and make matched prints from every frame_ With an average of 12 planes out every day.' Despite this belief. At other times. and he . had considerably more money than The Observer. Bryn went to university and then had a series of brief photography jobs before answering an advertisement seeking a photographer to help launch a new photographic hobbyist magazine. The Observer was about to launch a colour magazine. I believe being physically close to your subject feels more natural and intimate in the final image' In the event that someone notices Bryn.' Bryn operated from an unused top floor at The Observer's premises His job was to find ready-made stories that the paper could use in its dummy issues. 'At that time everyone wanted to be AD Every new photographic publication during L (' the 1960s was trying to cash in on the AP monopoly_ Because of this I've been on AP's blacklist for years: he jokes.Documentary Bryn Campbell 'Sometimes it's safer and easier to stand back and use your 200mm lens. Bryn's career began while working alongside the Government as a photographer for the RAF. After the RAF. Little did Bryn know that this move into publishing would soon launch him into Fleet Street in a big way. it's better to move in. Other newspapers. the printing industry was totally controlled by unions. but if people challenge him about it he tells them exactly what he's doinq 'I never lie: he says. What you do depends on the circumstances and the convenience. 'At that time.7 metres) of film to process and print. London. like The Daily Telegraph and Daily Express. With 100tt (30. I either move in on it or I stand back and shoot it with a longer lens. The newspaper soon got in touch. it would have Jumped in first and bought up all the pnnting capacity.

Bryn sent Don on his first war assignment: the Civil war in Cyprus. 'If you have people Above left: Bryn prefers getting as dose to his subjects as possible as it feels more intimate than using a long lens. The secret wasn't too difficult to keep.' A classiC example was Don McCullin. Bryn says he has always regretted not being able to be editor of both the magazine and the newspaper. the picture editor at The Observer was sacked. day out. About halfway through the three months that he was doing this. 1964. he says. 'However. as we got closer to the launch they decided they wanted to run the two separately and I became picture editor of just the newspaper. 'I knew Don well by that time: Bryn says. day in. as he had no relationship with anyone on Fleet Street at the time and was well known for his work with photographic magazines. doing an eight-page picture story for the magazine: he says 'You would attract far better photographers to the newspaper because they'd realise they would have a chance of producing a longer picture story for the magazine. Instead. day out. 'I knew ) that he was seriously drawn to violence .not as a person. Bryn says he loves black & white for the feelings you can elicit just by using strong or soft tones on a newspaper searching for just one picture. he says. as CIf ou have people y on a newspaper searching for just one picture. imagine telling a photographer that they'll be spending a week in South Africa doing an eight-page picture story for the magazine' . Above right: Although he shoots colour. for instance. Bryn was offered the job.Bryn Campbell Dorumentary Above: Returning home with sacks of scavenged sea coal in north-east England would assign photographers to produce stories on the bass that he was doing it as part of his photo magazine work. what tended to happen was that the best photographers at the newspaper were gradually seduced over to the magazine. 'The idea was that I would be picture editor of both the magazine and the newspaper: he recalls. day in. imagine then telling a photographer that they'll be spending a week in South Africa.

Documentary Bryn Campbell

Bryn says that taking a successful picture is down to a careful balance of aesthetics and narrative


If you're a photojournalist at an event. for example, you want to compose it in such a way to give the most efficient expression of what you are seeing, In a sense, you want to try to organise your picture so that you're telling somebody as succinctly and as intelligently as possible what is going on. Simplicity in a composition works best. says Bryn. Rid your image of anything non-essential to what you want to communicate. Reduce the number of components in your viewfinder to the necessary few, Frame or focus so that you give emphasis to your main subject. Less is more, 'Someone once said that the object of communication is not to be understood, but to make damn certain that you cannot be misunderstood, and that to me is true of photography: Bryn argues, Over time you can begin to make your compositions more complex. This happens as you grow as a human being: says Bryn, 'and I don't think you can grow as a photographer beyond a certain point until you grow as a human being and life gets more complex.' Sometimes when you're looking at a potential picture you see that complexity instinctively, says Bryn, You become more sophisticated about the balance and perspective of visual things, and how to open up space and close it down. By this point you will have learned how to work and react quickly, So when you see something that offers itself to you, you're not only trying to tell it intelligently, but you're also trying to do it elegantly, The aesthetic side is adding to the strength of what you're communicating, not the other way around. 'This is what is being missed by people who are running our news organisations: he adds. 'I don't think they're sensitive to these qualities.'

Above: Fishermen layout their catch at Halong Bay, Vietnam, 1997

Below:ACRS policeman fires a tear-gas grenade at rioters on the Left Bank in Paris, May 1968


he's as gentle a person as they come - but he's attracted to the idea of photographing VIolence. So when I had the chance I sent him to Cyprus. The rest is history. 'Sometimes I wonder if I really did him any favours [by sending him to photograph war],' adds Bryn. 'But can you imagine what it would be like as a picture editor to send Don off on a hard news story like Cyprus, and to then be able to say to him, "Look, stay over there for another two weeks and we'll run ten pages of pictures In the magazine." It would have been a temfic responsibility, but it could have worked.' Instead, Bryn went to the newspaper and worked there for two years. Eventually, though, the changing potties and economics of the time introduced harsh changes to the newsroom. 'The accountants took over: he says, 'Advertising became scarcer, Ielevsion made it very difficult for newspapers to compete for advertismq at the same time as people in advertising were becoming more sophisticated in where their ads were placed. Also, television news and feature coverage was becoming more sophisticated,


Bryn Campbell Dorumentary

Muslim women on the slopes of Hari Parbat Hill, Srinagar, India, praying towards the sun rising behind the Himalayas, 1948. It was this image by Henri Cartier-Bresson that inspired Bryn Campbell to be a photographer

which meant it was harder to find stories that hadn't been covered in depth by the television news agenCies' As newspapers struggled to compete on these fronts, suddenly the staff photographers no longer had the freedom to pursue stories as they saw fit. Bryn had to fight harder, against more people, to get his preferred pictures in the newspaper, and people began to resent this. Eventually, Bryn's department was taken over by the art department and all picture decisions were made by the art director. This was common in the mid-1960s, says Bryn. Everything was changing. Bryn eventually made a deal with the newspaper, making his deputy the picture editor while he went back to being a photographer for the newspaper. By the end of the decade he was freelancing for the paper three days a week and shooting personal projects on his free days. 'I think back to those days and realise this was really the turning point,' he says 'We were the last generation of photojournalists who had the freedom to do it our way.' When Bryn started in photojournalism, papers like the Express had 147

photographers. Today, many have just two. When you have staff photographers, he says, you have to worry about their pension rights, their insurance and unions. So you hire freelancers to put the squeeze on them. Bryn admits he would have trouble working in a newsroom today. 'I'm too opinionated: he says. 'You reach a certain age and you no longer care about politics or about getting awards or being included in exhibitions. Photography is still very misunderstood. 'Everybody thinks they can take pictures, and that it's easy to do if they have the right camera. But they all know at heart that they're too chicken to do what someone like Don McCullin does, and does very well. Deep down they all respect that. By and large photographers are not well respected in this country The Government sees us as a threat, and as far as the art establishment is concerned I think they waited until photography reached a level of pretentiousness with which they could feel comfortable before they recognised it. And they recognised it before they understood

what its true strengths really are.' Photography's strengths, he believes, are that it's a recording medium that can transcend being simply a recording medium. It was a Henri Cartier-Bresson image of Muslim women praying on a mountain peak in Kashmir (above) that first made Bryn realise that cameras could be used for art and inspired him to become a photographer And it was what Cartier-Bresson called the 'conditioned instinct' of being able to capture something in a fraction of a second that Bryn believes gives photography a sense of actuality that no other art form has.

'Everybody thinks they can take pictures, and that it's easy to do if they have the right camera'

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for him. Brassai had already trained as an artist in Budapest' . He had little interest in photography until he met fellow Hungarian Andre Kertesz in 1926 and was shown what the medium could achieve. nudes. After buying his first camera in that year. including prostitutes. he quickly established an Impressive portfolio of work. but he later adopted the name 'Brassal'. far from the well-known tourist sites. which translates as 'from Brasso' When he arrived in Paris in 1924. Brassa'l openly admitted trat many were discreetly arranged or even carefully posed using his friends. but he began working as a journalist for newspapers and magazines. as well as capturing atmospheric empty street scenes. He worked in this way partly for technical reasons because when he shot at night. but didn't begin shooting his own photographs until 1929. Brassal was born in the small town of BrassO.. published in the 1933 book Poris by Night. when he became. Brassars first collection of Paris photographs. criminals. taken in 1932 ICONIC PHOTOGRAPHER I CAMERA I PHOTOGRAPH Brassa"i's photographs of Paris mythologised a city that. His early work was shot on glass plates and could only canry a maximum of 24 of these plates on any of his night-time forays.Brassa"iIcons of photography BRASSAi was a unique figure in 20th century photography At different times in his life he was a journalist. He accompanied Kertesz on several assignments. He particularly concentrated on people on the margins of society. Although these images of PariSian people have the appearance of spontaneous documentary work. which was then in Hungary His real name was Gyula Halasz. 'the eye of Paris' Although he lived in the French capital for most of hiS life and is strongly associated with the cultural life of the city. which was scandalous in its time. ICONS OF PHOTOGRAPHY Brassa'f 1899-1984 Left: Self-portrait of Brassai taken in the lab during the 1930s Right: 'Lovers in a small tafe in ParisPlate d'italie'. captured the spirit of the Parisian underworld of that period. film-maker and artist. was a constant source of inspiration. and is most celebrated for chronicling and mythologising Parisian life in the 1930s. People could hardly be unaware that they were being photographed. he had to use a tripod to hold his bulky camera and for interior scenes he used a magnesium flash. sculptor. Brassa-Iwas particularly interested in photographing at night.. street scenes and graffiti. in and around the streets of Paris_ He wanted to explore the secret life of the city. entertainers and transvestites. making spontaneous interior photography difficult. In the novelist Henry Miller's words. Brassar had already trained as an artist in Budapest. However. became internationally Amateur Photographer's . The book. but his greatest achievements were in photography He shot portraits. David Clark looks at his prolific career 'When he arrived in Paris in 1924.

but information and links can be found on www. Later that year he buys a voigtlander folding-plate camera Adopts the pseudonym 'Brassai' after the name of his home town Publishes his most famous book Paris by Night. Dali and Matisse. he kept his distance from that movement. Hungary (now Romania) 1899 'Brassai's work brought him to the attention of artists working in Paris and he became friends with Picasso. Brassa'isought out other ways to express himself artistically and spent long periods doing sculpture. Websites: There is no offiCial Brassa'i website. is still in pnnt and published by Bullfinch Press. he had reservations about it. working for the re-formed Rapho agency with colleagues including Robert Doisneau and Edouard Boubat. on 7 July 1979 1984 . While he continued to photograph in the years that followed. He stayed in Paris during the Second World War when the Germans occupied the city. poetry. His most regular employer was Harpers Bazaar. drawings.\Jith Picasso.Icons of photography Brassai 'Open gutter' from Brassa'i's book Paris byNight. Ute and Vu.' Brassers work brought him to the attention of artists working in Paris during that period and he became friends I. plus insights from Brassa"i's own writing and other commentators. he also photographed a variety of other subjects while on assignment for magazines such as Picture Post. including Camera in Paris (1949). film-making and set designs for ballets. Although some people saw links between Brassers work and the Surrealists of the period. France's highest civilian award Major retrospectives of Brassai's work are held in London and New York to celebrate his 80th birthday Dies in Beaulieu-sur-Mer on the French Riviera. although he was unable to take or sell his photographs as he refused to complete an application for a photography permit. unreal Paris. 'Photography is really only a starting point. where he works as a journalist for newspapers and magazines Shoots his first photographs with a borrowed camera. wins the 'Most Original Film' prize at the Cannes Film Festival Publishes his long-planned book. for which he undertook a series of portraits of artists from 1937-1960. Graffiti 1917-18: 1918-19 1924 1929 1932 1933 1937 1949-60 1956 1960 1976 Made a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour. Picasso asked him to photograph his sculptures and the results were published in Minotaure magazine It was the first of numerous assignments for this Surrealist journal and the beginning of a long friendship with the artist Brassa began USinga Rolleiflex in 1935. which allowed him to work spontaneously using unposed subjects He continued producing books on Parisian life for many years. Meets Picasso and photographs his sculptures for the Surrealist journal Minotaure Becomes a regular contributor to Harper's Bazaar magazine Travels widely around Europe and the USA while on assignment for Harper's Bazaar His film. Paris by Night. I see no reason to regret that the widest branch of the river of my own life has been photography: BOOKS AND WEBSITEs Books: Brassoi' No Ordinary Eyes by Alain Sayag and Annick LionelMarie (Thames & Hudson) contains more than 300 of the photographer's Images from throughout his career. shrouded in fog and darkness: he wrote. 'And yet the surrealism of my pictures was only reality made more eerie by my way of seeing. However. he stopped shooting any new photographiC work. I am somehow not completely satisfied by it: he noted in 1937 At the same time he also acknowledged that 'photography has allowed me to come out of the shadows by showing what I see' However. in 1978. Although BrassaTmade a significant contribution to photography as an art form. he wrote: 'Isn't it the case that each person's life is like the delta of a great river. Dali and Matisse' famous and influenced Bill Brandt (hiS book A Night in London of 1938 was inspired by Brassers book).masters-ofphotography. 'People thought my photographs were "Surrealist" because they showed a ghostly. Even when completely successful. In 1960 he published Graffiti. Instead preferring to concentrate on his other interests. notably Corrversations with Picasso (1964). Transylvania.1933 Biography Born Gyula Halasz on 9 September in As Long as There are Animals. the branches representing all the possible directions our lives can take? In the end. His 1933 book. a book that resulted from his long-term tascnanon with this 'outsider' art form Although other books featuring Brassa'i's photography were published after Graffiti. Serves in the AustroHungarian army Spends a year studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest Moves to Paris. wikipediacom and a selection of images are available on www. When the war ended he returned to photography.


and during the course I've seen my technical skills Improve markedly. 0 BY DIRECT DEBIT: Please note.. What made you decide to enrol in 2007.which The by rote. to be COf't..I would o like to enrol on the Foundation in Digital Photography Yes. you bv post qr Ich:~hQl"JO:.. and not just friends and family....e~2 ees-p-cducts ~lCtv1.. in Digital Photography has given me just what I was looking for. uld I. It was this latter that led me to the SPI course.I would like to enrol on the Diploma in Digital Photography Please send me more details about the courses MriMr:. "I~ o hwr. We even take the odd decent snap on the way! What is your proudest photographic year for moment? Last year was a real milestone me photographically.I\ to ~ilf"'E:fully selected Of"iiIniSil.a:. reproduced as I had photographs prizes in in several magazines and also picked up a couple of competition started well.uklspi Or send this coupon to The School of Photogr:lphlc Im'glngAdmlnlstrator..IPC would like to cootect.•.ondon Signature (I SE I OSU or c.... Manfrotto tripod. Over the past couple of years I have made some really good friends through photography.:f". r c Mastercard Card number fbstcode .. ..•••• •• •• • Dave Whenham ENROLLED ON: Diploma in Digital Photography AGE:SI EQUIPMENT: Canon E05 5D Mark II and EOS 40D bodies with Canon 17-40mm and 24-IOSmm L-series. having completed the latter half of the year. Will<oIll:ct ')'Our ren. Email . please tid hcren HOWTO PAY: (UK RATES) Overseas fees available on request BY GlEQUE OR POSTAL ORDER: Made payable to IPC Media for:C«l [j SPII"~ .99 BY CREDIT CARD: Please debit Q99 am over 18) If YQU . and my Student introduction When did you first get into photography? by my father's interest in I first picked up a camera .. pubhshed bv IPC Media (IrC).. Tide be-a rlcou pecrcnot (Q he_ fmm IPe (j IPC WIll Qf.... SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGING • • fact that I could process my images with a degree of predictability grabbed element and consistency me from the start. Forename.11020! 148 ·1326 o Yes..ln to process '!-'OurcntJ'V. IP..e'NS..please send me a bank instruction fOITTlto deduct three monthly debits of I05 from my account Signature (I am over 18) Am. Expiry date .•..:lke: ~ pease tick be-e ~IVICC:- '" rc:u:~n. .. If you would like to receive the SPI student e-newsletter...•. and Sigma 10Smm macro and ISO-500mm optics.h.. Start date . if)au are oa)ing by Direct Debit the full cost of the course will be £:3 15 Yes..n2. This year' has also my Diploma and having an image chosen for the Appraisal feature in AP. Address. Tick here nol jf You p-ete- Three-digit security number .as a teenager was an economic Encouraged photography. BI"c Fin Bu lri. it would be nice overthe next couple of years if I to pay for the next could earn something 'essential' piece of kit! on the course? I started to use digital equipment The immediacy of digital imaging and the To enrol or for more information visit www.eurPllOtDirdpher. Mc. but that love for mono images shoot together regardless of the weather we always have a tremendous day out. appreciate and enjoy my photography.u-d~ to pt"QR\IOlm~ a nd ~s. provides a wonderful to a very stressful and sometimes day job... We regularly meet up and when time permits. . I :0 Southwar k Slr'cc' l. Why do you enjoy photography? Photography antidote unfulfilling combination artistic. necessity. I'd learnt some . While I'm realistic enough to know that very few people can make a living from their hobby.C'llOl~lIy Pi'U 'fQ<lrdr:t".. Siudeni AP SP 2' APRil 21110 Issue number Visa .1 a.....1iOn5 so they can contact vou IN telephone or ~I WIth reg. the: SPI 00f". The icing on the cake comes when jJfW11Qtc ~nd. .IM5 Sumame ....e tc rt:CCI~~ 1:f.formilliQn and t. battered Zenith back in the late 1970s.onod In(QI"'I1"~U.a E 5LR . .•.tdW'!'-1i r. For me it is the perfect of the technical and the I enjoy the challenge of working out how to get the best from my kit. bu t had not Probably like many others really great techniques fully understood Diploma why they worked makes it harder to adapt the technique. 9th Hcor..~ 'I'OU"QP<NQn on cc-prcducts d SCfVlC~. In those days black & white photography has never left me.amateurphotographer. Daytime tel number .. 'Sp~taJ crtc-s and product and lI'".

Genesis 250 .







but on it. My only concern is that while the bottom part of the picture is full of detail and excitement. ISO 800 MATTHEW says that he first took up photography about ten years ago when he went on a trip of a lifetime. . so I applied some sharpening.jessops. 1/20sec at f/S. which gives a nice widescreen movie format and adds a sense of romance to the image.6. I've therefore suggested a crop to take off this top section and to slice through a bit of the bottom to get rid of that bright cloud in the bottom left. 'UK residents only WIN How to sub "t your pictures Send up to six prints. which grounds us firmly. which are echoed by the shape of the trees to give us a great sense of harmony. include details of equipment used and exposure we're aware that we are not above the mountain. the key thing here is that we have trees in the bottom right-hand corner.'" fnr l. and so when trying to fit a scene like this into a normal frame there will always be bits left over By trimming these away. JESSOPS Mol. slides or images on CD (please include the original files from the camera along with your submitted versions on your CD) Tell us a little about the pictures and. The fact that he is above the clouds. and it seems that many people start out in photography in this way. we can concentrate the eye on the most interesting parts of the picture. Everyone wants to record their memories of such a trip. is what makes this picture so amazing. but while they are spectacular. if you can.Your pictures assessed Expert advice. I also noticed that some of the trees are a little soft. I chose a 16x9 crop. the top section is just a little plain and blank. which you can sit and look at for a very long time. This picture was taken in Borneo. We've all looked out of a plane window and appreciated a sunrise or sunset above the clouds. 55mm. and sitting just a bit too high. The two runners-up each win a £25 voucher" to spend on photobooks from Jessops' online service at I'Il'Iw. As the treeline ascends. help and tips from AP Editor Damien Demolder Damien's picture of the week wins a £50 Jessops store voucher". The sky is spectacular and I love the doud formations In the lower part of the picture. and the middle section is full of beautiful colours. from the top of Mount Kinabalu. It really is a fantastic image. and that's why it's my picture of the week. Please enclose an SAE if you would like them returned Sunset over Mount Kinabalu Matthew Bissmire Canon EOS 450D.f. just above the cloud line. The picture seems to me to be a natural widescreen image. Send your photographs to 'Appraisal' at our usual address (see page 31. but With his feet on the ground.

and I picked out this tantasnc picture of an impala in a dewy field first thing in the moming.Your pictures assessed Impala Dr Sanjoy Basu Canon E05 20D. even for natural subjects. try alternative compositions. It also helps to lift the droplets of dew. ISO 400 SANJOY has sent me a collection of images he took In Kenya. particularly the wide end of a zoom lens. which gives the pictures bags of impact I've selected this shot of Southwold Pier as it shows the dangers of using wideangle lenses with regular subjects Michael has shot with his camera and wideangle lens not quite straight and tilted up slightly. I think we are seeing a bit too much of them. the flat end of the bench is just not square. and place the subject in other parts of the frame TOP TIP surroundings. Sanjoy just needs to get his composition right and Introduce an appropriate level of contrast to really make his pictures sing Southwold Pier Michael Kemp Canon E05 400D. I've therefore used the Lens Distortion filter in Photoshop to neutralise the barrelling. which is a composihonal technique that is rarely absolutely satisfactory Also. Sanjoy has positioned the impala right in the centre of the frame. In the lendscape crop. Michael has sent in a selection of pictures he took of the wonderful Suffolk coast using his camera's black & white mode on the red filter setting. especially when photographing subjects with SQuare edges. so nothing'S really changed except for where the impala is standing in the frame. Adjusting the midtone contrast keeps that sense of silhouette. I've also used the Curves tool to put a little contrast into the picture. the supports for the roof of the tower are leaning towards the top of the picture. 1/400sec at f/10. This is a great shot. dramatic and classic seaside pictures of beach huts and fishing boats. Unfortunately. 70-200mm. because while it ISnice and atmospheric it lacks a bit of depth. when taking this sort of picture otherwise you will get barrel distortion. and we can see now that it is clearly the dominant element in the scene. ISO 200 CURVILINEAR distortion and wideangle perspective distortion are two issues we should usually try to avoid. but avoids clipping the highlights and shadows. It therefore needed to be rotated and a little distortion correction added to straighten up the picture The only real answer. The result is some fantastic. the dew and the silhouetted animal. allowing us to see the dew much more clearly in the foreground and creating a bit of a Bambi fantasy effect Even though I've cropped right in. straight sides and right angles as this is when such distortions are most likely to show. keep your camera absolutely level. and at a relatively short focal distance. which means the straight lines in the image bow out in the middle. such as landscape or upright. 1/S00sec at f/16. and the bottom is spreading out and the verticals are converging. though. This has created barrel distortion in the centre of the frame. I suggest that when you shoot this kind of picture you try lots of different crops. nicely seen and captured. When using Ylideangle lenses. I've shifted the frame so the impala sits on the right-hand third of the picture. it still has all the elements of interest in the mist. The mist is lifting off the ground with a marvellous atmospheric effec~ while this fine-looking beast is posing nicely right in the middle of the frame It is the animal's semi-silhouette that works so well here. and then used the Vertical Perspective tool to try to make the edges of the picture stand up straight As you can see from the benches on the left-hand side of the picture. 17-S0mm. The red filter tums the blue sky dark while keeping a nice uniform tone that allows plenty of midtone contrast. On the other side.unless you're looking for an exaggerated Ylideangle effect TOP TIP . shifting the frame around to position the animal in different areas. My other crop is portrait shaped and zooms right In on the animal. The things that work best for me in ths picture are that sense of semi-silhouette and the backlit dew on the grass that sparkles like little Jewels I've therefore suggested a couple of crops that will make the impala occupy a little more ot the frame and allow us to concentrate attention on the animal. is not to use a wideangle lens. giving the picture that little bit extra impact. while it is nice that we are able to see some of the animal's When photographing subjects against uniform backgrounds.

S 0 PC-E Micro £1388.5 0 ED PC-E £1369. or to N.99 lO-20mm f3.. P Series Holder. Dlrwlri .99 ----------------- TAMRON 10-24mm f3..99 17-S0mm f2.99 24-70mm f2. Sepia Ught...99 More Graduated Filters from LEEand COKIN are available on our website at warehouseexpress.99 OLYMPUS 9-1Smm f4-5.99 NO xS (reduces light by 3f/stops) FROM £34. dtlivory not appllcabl. Inti..S XR Di SPAF £356..99 T2 Soft Filters £42. lsl .6 ZUIKO Digital ED £479 Tum. Goods subject to iIVoIiJabUity. P Series Holder. Ch. Ordo . 24H..5-4... r £100 dlliv8ry" £4.99 - HOYA PROl Digital NO x4 (reduces light by 2f/stops) FROM £ CANON EF-S lO-22mm f3. P Series Holder. Incl.99 *COKIN P-Serles Adaptor Ring required.99 45mm f2.. VATlit 17.99 £44.8 L USM £1020.99 24mm 13.99.S EX DC HSM £479. Gradual Blue Gradual Filters and Sunset 1 Filters and Gradual Tobacco £49.S Macro HSM £316.5-4.I. UV rays and ensures vivid/saturated colour FROM £41.S XR Oi "LD ASP IF £336.98 lEE: Inspiring Professionals .II Big Stopper lOx Neutral Density filter Neutral density/long-exposure filter designed to dramatically reduce the amount of light ~entering the lens by lOt/stops... subjoct to utrt chirp s.SL II £1834. Under £100 dolivery = 8.S XR Di VC £529. 0.5 USM £669.99 -- HOYA UV HRT Circular Polarising Filter Eliminates reflections.. Available FROM ONLY£9.8 G OX AF-S IF-ED £1044. to eIIq.99 17-55mm f2.S 0111 LD SP £384. _____ LEE FILTERS100mm Holder + Big Stopper lOx NO Filter £194. Star S NDx2. paymen • E. l'1'iaol subject to c.99 ----- SIGMA 10-20mm f4-S.S EX OG Macro £431.SG AF-S OX £638..99 EF 24-70mm f2.99 17-S0mm f2. na -------------It ----- .5% standard dilly ry eIIorles .6 EX DC HSM £399.99 28-75mm f2.99 For Nut Worklna Ort SoNI.99 l8-S0mm f2. NDx4 and NOxS Warm.99 coldn HOYA COKIN H250A COKIN H210A COKIN H211A Landscape Kit 1* NO Grad Filter Kit'" Landscape Kit 2'" Inti. e.99 TS-E 17mm f4L £1969 ----- NIKON 10-24mm f3. • Warehouse Exp .99 rS-E 24mm f3. and Conditions: All prius ind. on Sat..E..S-4. I.An easy to follow 'how to use Camera Filters' Guide Book £10. ss 2010.rl.. Scodand ..

Monitor-calibration device and paper On test Over the next few pages we present this week's equipment tests. I noticed a couple of very fine lines where the printed image has been marked as it has been fed through the printer If you are printJng on both sides I strongly recommend cleaning your printer's rollers so that they are free from dust and grit. as well as photography. 16-million-pixel. a colour profile is created that is automatically loaded when your computer starts up. Paper Mill Direct does not supply ICC profiles for Its paper. Although the paper can be printed on both sides. which had been set so that it was a little too bright. Ths should help ensure accurate colour rendition. Among the range of spedalist papers available is the Double Sided Pearl inkJet paper. (500 DSLRs Canon's high-speed. At around 5:80. Unfortunately. Photoshop CS5 . However. I got good results using generic Epson paper settings for the Epson Stylus Photo R2400 printer For best results I recommend using a print-calibration device or service to create a custom ICC profile for the paper and your printer. as well as finding those aspects that deserve praise. reader questions and technique pointers For more information visit to W'MV.92 for 40 A4 sheets Datacolor Spyder 3 Express Around £80 For more information visit W'MV. The Spyder 3 Express is a budget version of the onginal Spyder 3 that was awarded five stars out of five when it was reviewed in AP 12 January 2008. However. We test Panasonic's latest Micro Four Thirds camera featuring its new touchscreen. The pearl finish produces a good level of contrast and has a softer shine than the speckled high-gloss finish of the PermaJet Ultra Pearl paper we reviewed in AP 27 March. which weighs 260gsm and is suitable for making pages for photobooks. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GZ What more can Photoshop do' We take a look at the latest version. CS5.datacolor. Using the device Isstraightforward. plug the Spyder in to your computer's USB socket and run the program. Richard Sibley PAPER Mill Direct is a UK paper manufacturer that supplies inkjet photo paper to a number of other inkjet paper brands. and allow time for the ink to cure before printing on the Richard Sibley TheAP guarantee toy All our tests are conducted by people who understand the product It also sells its products to the public online at www. I found that it made quite a difference to my laptop display. Canon EOS·1DMark IV 7600i SE Plustek OpticFilm Could Plustek's OpticFilm 7600i SEbe the perfect scanner for archiving 35mm film images? We find out. APS-Hformat DSLRis put to the test. All our tests are thorough. honest and independent We compare the current crop of £500 DSLRsto find the best option for enthusiast photographers.papermilldirect. Spyder 3 Express is excellent value for money and is simple enough that even the least technically minded person can quickly and easily calibrate their computer screens. Mer leaving it to measure the colour and contrast of your screen. which is vital when editing photos Spyder 3 Express has a simplified version of the original DATACOLOR'S Spyder is one of the most popular monitorcalibration devices available. as you simply instal the software. We aim to discover any Paper Mill Direct Double Sided Pearl inkjet paper £27. and unlike the Elite version of Spyder 3 it lacks the ability to calibrate projectors.

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though. aperturepriority and shutter-priority shooting in addition to program mode.395 lEICAX1 As] mentioned earlier.395 Xl. which many professional photographers • use to process images. There are no automatic scene modes to tailor the image to a particular subject . Its moderately WIde angle of view is a logical compromise between a 24mm equivalent optic and a standard 50mm lens In keeping with its enthusiast and prolevel status. Thoughtfully. Bentley or Bugatti monikers among the motoring fraternity It evokes an expectation of high build quality. These files are compatible with a Wide range of image-editing software packages without the need for updates.2 million. ranges between 30secs and 1/2000sec and can only be set in whole stops. the stand-out feature of the Leica Xl is its APS-C -szed CMOS sensor. Even better.A compact camera from a prestige brand such as Leica always attracts attention.8 Asph that consists of eight elements in six groups with one aspherical element This lens produces images approximately comparable to a 36mm optic on a 35mm camera.2 million effective pixels APS-C-sized sensor Fixed 24mm f/2. the aperture can be adjusted in V3EV steps from f/28-f/22.a fact unlikely to faze many enthusiast photographers. but if it can deliver what we hope. is that the price of the Xl Includes a free download of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2. Shutter speed. has a lot to live up to. yet its APS-(-format sensor makes the Xl even more enticing \ Angela Nicholson Technical editor WHILE a full-frame sensor of 35mm film proportions is seen by many as the most desirable option for DSLRs. therefore. however. As a compact camera It also has a fixed lens: a Leica Elmarlt 24mm f/2. COMPACT CAMERA 12. Whereas full-frame DSLRs are now available from the mainstream manufacturers at a relatively affordable price. has offered a compact camera with an APS-C-format sensor. until now only Sigma. which has an effeCTIve pixel count of 12. an APS-C -sized device is akin to tile Holy Grail for compact models.1. the fact that Sigma has opted to use a non-standard sensor from Foveon may have restricted its compact cameras' popularity. the Xl offers manual. Conveniently. the name Leica provokes a similar reaction to the Rolls-Royce. images may be captured as either . Although it has its loyal devotees. excellent optics and superb images at a rnamaqe-tbreatermq price The £ 1. The introduction of the Xl by Leica means that there is now an APS-C -format compact digital camera available from a manufacturer steeped in both camera and lens-production history In photographic circles. the air could be ringing with the sound of smashing piggy banks. Unusually for a compact camera.8 lens lequivalent to 36mml ONG raw format Street price approximately £1. which IS much better known for its lens production than its digital camera manufacturing. Leica has opted to use the DNG raw-image format for the Xl.

Tel: 0190B 256 400. . The latter controls also provide access to the exposure compensation. which retails for ~250. The burst depth. self-timer.Camera test Leica Xl _< c: raw or JPEG files. for up to 6 raw [ONG]. shutter priority. centreweighted and spot 13EVin 1/3EVsteps Auto. a hotshoe for attaching any of the current range of Leica flashguns. which is not far off what is possible with some entry-level DSLRs. an image-stabilisation system that captures and merges two images automatically.GN5m rillSO 100 No SOand SOHC Rechargeable O-U50 li-lon battery USB2. for instance . When 'A' ISselected on both dials.600 pixels] Optional optical device ~lanual or single-shot AF 195 individually sele(. It's a simple and elegant solution that allows the photographer to set the exposure without the camera being powered-Up. Although it has quite a minimalist look.0 Hi-Speed 615g[without battery or card/s] 141.6-f/22 in 1I3EVsteps ISO100-3200 in lEV steps Program. I was concerned that there appeared to be noticeable shutter lag. These 11 points can also be grouped into 5 collections to target the focus area Yes. B&W Natural. When set to its high continuous shooting speed. with built-in flash f/2.7in TFTwith 230. but it is designed [0 let photographers who understand how to take control of a camera get on with the business of composing Images.built-in lamp range approximately 3m No No.6 JPEGor 6 raw + JPEGfites 2. and a nin. As it ISmade from metal. or as raw and JPEG simultaneously.6 Asph(equivalent to 36mm on 35mm format] Raw [ONG]+ JPEGsimultaneously. Those who feel the need for a viewfinder must invest In the optional 36mm brightline optical device. These buttons are surrounded by a slim wheel that rotates to enable the user to scroll through the options displayed on the monitor. Two dials on the Xl's top-plate.leica-camera. With a comfortable.2 million effective pixels 4Z7Zx2656 pixels Leica Elmarit 24mm r/2. The Xl doesn't have an extensive feature set . green/magenta axis and Kelvin values No Film modes: Standard. so they can be viewed while the scene is composed Leica has continued the elegant design of the X 1 on its rear.000 dots [approx 76. The camera isn't really designed for sports photography. the exposure settings can also be displayed on the LCD screen. Knowlhill. The Xl may not be flashy or offer a huge collection of exposure modes. plus 2 manual. each with an 'A' (automatic) setting. at six images. well-balanced and reassuring weight about it It feels well made and the design links to the Leica M series are clear. or automatic selection of one of 11 points. Helpfully.OOO-dot LCD screen that provides a Live View of the scene.5x101x70mm ILD AND HANDLING The X 1 is one of those cameras that brings a smile to your face when you first hold it. aperture priority. It feels built to last. manual 256-area inteltigent multiple metering. When I first used the Xl. 230. but it can sometimes be useful to shoot continuously when photographing everyday life. after a little experimentation and alternating between manual and autofocusing during this test. it became clear www. Facts & figures RAP Sensor Output size Lens File format Compression Colour space Shutter type Shutter speeds Max flash sync Aperture ISO Exposure modes Metering system Exposure comp White balance White balance bracket Colour modes Drive mode LCD Viewfinder type Focusing modes AFpoints AFassist DoFpreview PC socket Built-in flash Cable release Memory card Power Connectivity Weight Dimensions £1. Milton Keynes MK5 BlB. It's much quicker to use than repeated button pressing. the controls that enthusiasts demand are all present and within easy reach. the camera is set to program mode. fine adjustment along ~mber/blue.but there is a small builtin LEICA CAMERA LIMITED. B&W High contrast may be applie!l to JPEGimages Max 3fps in Continuous High. VMd. is the same whatever the selected file format.3% CMOSwith 12. 5 presets. However.table points. flash and focusing options. Natural. allow the user to select shutter speed and aperture values.sRGB Electronically controlled focal-plane shutter 30secs-1/2000sec in 1EV steps 1/2000se(. but the in-bunt flash can be set to act as a trigger for stave flash units in a studio situations Yes. the Xl can capture JPEG images at a rate of 3fps. Davy Avenue. with a neat array of rectangular buttons to the left of the LCD screen and four navigation buttons to its right.there's no video mode or viewfinder. JPEG Twc-stage JPEG Adobe RGB. Setting the automatic option on JUstthe shutter speed or the aperture dial sets the camera to aperture-priority or shutter-priority mode respectively.

when images are recorded as J PEG files the resolution drops considerably In fact. Chroma noise is there in raw images. However. it ISsometimes possible to see the focus confirmation light on the back of the camera while looking through the viewfinder. while the other. Surprisingly for a modern digital camera. Incidentally. but it cannot display any shooting information. It captures and merges two images automatically. NOl_ AND NSITIVITY As our resolution images show. and even though there is a magnified view. I also found that the image-stabilisation system. but this is very respectable for a compact model. This is very low by modern standards. given its APS-C sensor. The X 1 is also sometimes troubled by slow processing and the LCD often displays the message 'Data Transfer!' for around a second after shooting. with brightlines indicating the framing of the 24mm (36mm equivalent) lens. High-sensitivity shots look good in black & white. If JPEGs are required direct from the camera. LCD AND UVI! YInf As I have already mentioned. Barrel distortion is only just noticeable with close linear subjects and slight chromatic aberration is occasionally present along some high-contrast edges.. As usual with this type of camera. For a modern APS-C -format camera. the Xl is capable of resolving a lot of detail when images are saved as raw files. works well. with one being taken at a faster shutter speed to provide the detail. even . the results are better if the sharpening is turned to its lowest setting. before it clears and another image can be composed. The viewfinder proves useful when it is too bright to see the image on the LCD screen clearly... Y1I!WPIIIDeR. Given the pnce of the Xl. and sensitivities of up to ISO 1600. JPEG images are darker than the raw files straight from the camera.000 dots. it is on a par with many 12-million-pixel APS-Cfonrnat DSLRs. RIUIOLunoN. However.. This slips into the camera's hotshoe and provides a bright. the Xl doesn't have a built-in Viewfinder. so It IS sometimes tricky to tell if the camera has managed to get the subject sharp On several occasions when composing and reviewing shots 'Noise isn't a major with concern images DYNAMIC . the Xl can display a histogram view of the scene before it is captured as an image. Not surprisingly. The area between these halos is also rather soft and mushy. the Xl doesn't have a selectable dynamic-range optimisation mode to brighten shadows or darken highlights in high-contrast situations. As ever. I would recommend that this file format be used for most occasions. Lighter parts of the sky in the JPEG version are also a bit cyan without overdarkening the shadows. there just isn't enough detail visible to be absolutely confident when focusing manually. provided the ambient light isn't too bright. the quality of JPEG images is quite disappointing. longer exposure gathers the colour informatiOn. even when they are taken at the maximum senSitiVity setting of ISO 3200. there is no option available to adjust the level of noise reduction. Noise isn't a major concern with images from the Xl. clear view of the scene. but an optional unit is available for 5:250. the Xl has a relatively restricted dynamic range of 10SEV. as in its default setting the edges of elements within the image are quite harsh and haloing is visible when shots are inspected at 100% on the computer screen. which operates at shutter speeds of between 1/4sec and 1/30sec. but it isn't excessive and has a fine texture with no sign of any patterning or banding.leica Xl Camera test that the delay between pressing the shutter release and the image being captured is the result of the camera's often sluggish AF response and not shutter lag My initial analysis of the situation was confused by the poor viSibility of the screen In the bright shooting conditions. the screen is difficult to see outside. I am surprised that its 2.7in LCD screen only has a resolution of 230. and given the relative convenience and wide compatibility of the DNG raw format. so exposure adjustments can be made to ensure any highlights are retained from the when they are taken at ISO 3200' Xl.

the screen was difficult to see because of the bright ambient light .Camera test Leica Xl I during this test. MIn1IRlNG I found the Xl's general-purpose. for example. a larger sensor allows greater control over depth of field. on some occasions the simultaneously recorded JPEG files look artificial with higher contrast and greater saturation. Whereas the raw files usually have quite natural colours. I was shooting simultaneous DNG and JPEG files so I have raw images that are easy to adjust In its Standard Preset Film setting. especially in low light. It makes shooting a moving subject very difficult. Pale-blue skies are a particular concern as they are often rendered an unnatural cyan tone. The effect is most noticeable in overexposed areas as the X 1 attempts to darken them to bring out hidden detail. the automatic setting produced a rather yellow series of images. I set the custom white balance manually. When shooting under mixed artifldal and natural light. the Xl can produce J PEG images that look very different from the raw files. Also. the easiest way to do this is with the Xl's A F mode set to spot The AF point can then be moved to one of 195 locations by pressmq the Delete/Focus button for a second and then using the navigation controls to select the correct point In most cases I found there is an AF point just where I needed it . Had I been able to tell this at the time . The key when restricting depth of field is to place the focus accurately Provided the light is good and the subject has reasonable contrast. bu t some of my sunny landscape images are about ihEV too bright Generally. when shooting a scene that contained lots of leafy green foliage and mossy tree trunks on a sunny day. 2S6-area multi-field metering system effective in a range of conditions. enabling backgrounds to be blurred and subjects isolated from their surroundings when larger apertures are used. The screen refresh rate is also quite slow.B APERTURE IN ADDITION to the obvious benefit of producing lower levels of noise. It is possible to separate even quite close objects. As the Leica Xl has a lens with a fairly large aperture of f/28. The only time I felt the need to activate the centreweighted or spot metering options was when shooting FEATURES IN USE APS-C SENSOR AND F/2. There were only a couple of times when it didn't produce the result I was looking for. and the image sometimes appears to freeze or blur any movement. it isn't overly distracted by very bright or very dark objects withirJ the scene and suggests sensible exposure settings in most situations.I would have SWitched to the daylight setting Fortunately. and green grass looks much too vibrant. I noticed that the on-screen image was less saturated and had lower contrast than the final captured image. though. t' WHIn •• ·ANC AND COLOUR I primarily used the Xl's automatic white balance setting dUring this test and it performed well on most occasons.

but getting them was more frustrating than I had expected. can be bought as a kit WIth the Lumlx G Vario 20mm fll.7 pancake lens for around £650. or the user can narrow the selection down by choosing one of five groups of points to be used. there is a distance scale that appears on the LCD when the manual focus option is activated. although these are bulkier. I kept an eye on the histogram view during this test and occasionally reduced the exposure by I/. As usual. THE LEICA Xl looks and feels like a proper camera that is worthy of the Leica name. AUTOFOCU Like other compact digital cameras. and thiS enables hyperfocal distance focusing.6 Asph Mega DIS for about £570. In good light. it turned the AF rectangle green to confirm that focus had been achieved when the subject wasn't sharp On several occasions I was unable to get the camera to focus automatically. and the DP2s. though. or the Lumix G Vario l4-45mm f/3. but using the faster option effectively lowers the LCD refresh rate so that the displayed image lags significantly behind the scene. Where possible. as they allow me to place the focus fairly precisely. However. it is let down by its poor AF performance. which produces a full-colour signal at each photosrte.6-million-pixel cameras to produce images comparable with 14-millionpixel models. but the problem With focusing manually with the Xl is that the view on the LCD screen isn't clear enough to be confident or accurate. in the form of the DP1 (street price around £390). and it is capable of recording high-quality raw files. plus the now obligatory face detection AF mode. 01" ?: ~- Sigma OP2 DATE TESTED 22 AUGUST 2009 Panasonic Lumix GF1 DATE TESTED 12 SEPTE~IBER 2009 . enthusiast-level DSLR than a compact camera and. our tests of the DPl and DP2 indicate that seven or eight million pixels is nearer the mark.leica Xl Camera test Competition Lu_"' - -" . like most photographers. negating the benefits of using it in the first place. Despite this.5-5. This is . Verdict a bright scene framed in the window and surround of a very dark building. but it is prone to indecision in anything less than perfect light On a couple of occasions. There are normal and high-speed AF modes for both the single and l l-point AF modes. the Xl's AF system can perform well. I was exoted at the prospect of testing the Xl and was genuinely hoping that it would be the compact camera I really wanted to own However.EV or 2f3EVto retain the highlights. Although the screen can be set to display an enlarged view of the scene. which should soon be available for around £600. which is further way than we would expect for a compact camera. I prefer to use the normal single-point or spot AF mode. but respectable for a DSLR standard lens. A pricetag of £1. It is not a price I could pay at the drop of a hat. with three using a single AF point and two using 11. afterwards I was left feeling deflated. useful in quick-shooting situations. as the photographer retains some control over the location of the pont of focus. I found this was of little help as the low-resolution image doesn't display suffldent detail for really accurate focusing Subjects closer than 60an require the macro AF option. Fortunately. Sigma claims this enables the 4. which accepts interchangeable lenses. I have some nice shots. the Xl has a contrast-detection AF system This offers six modes.1-millionpixel Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 is the more likely competition This camera. In the 11-point modes the camera can either be left to select the appropriate point by itself.395 is more commonly assodated with a high-end. so I had to sWitch to manual focus mode. but this only goes down to 30cm. These cameras have a Foveon 3X Direct Image sensor (CMOS). However. and a compact-styled hybrid camera like the 12. SIGMA is the only other manufacturer to offer a compact camera with an APS-C-sized sensor. the Xl costs more than many entry-level DSLR kits. DP2 (approximately £486). With a street price of around H395. low-resolution screen and intermittently slow processinq Those who have grown up USing Leica M-series cameras may feel that an AF system is anathema.

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subject to your pnvacy and application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive. Your late stepfather was clearly a man of taste. though. an Epson Perfedion V500 Photo scanner and an Epson Stylus Photo P50 printer. Obviously. It has 1GB of RAM and a 30GB hard drive.. but whenever you share your images on the intemet. I advise looking Into watermarking your images in order to limit their commercial usefulness.. why not think about putting the equipment through its paces? You mention that you usually shoot with a Canon compact camera. you run the risk of them being used without your explicit permission. say. use ITfor other . London SE10SU. The Olympus OM-2N was introduced in 1979. Q NINOX PLN SOURC& I recently acquired a Minox B Subminiature spy camera.RlNTlNClPlLM I can't seem to get any information about printing from film negatives. you specifically give us the following permission. Glenn H says I'm no computer expert. I have no idea whether there is a second-hand market for this type of equipment They belonged to my late stepfather. such gems of the past are not as valuable as you might think on the second-hand market. here at AP we have the tea m that can help you. both black & white and colour. Ken. together with some accessones. It was a ground breaking camera. I have a Pc.. Obviously an increase in RAM to. Amateur Photographer Magazine. and still are. is memory hungry so the more you have. Corel PaintShop Pro Photo and Nikon Capture NX. call Rob Spicer at Minox on 01582 635 544. could you tell me whether I retain the copyright and other legal rights to material I upload to the Facebook site? Ken Houston Q Facebook has courted controversy several times over recent years with changes to its terms and condITions that appeared to 'rights grab' the content that was posted to its site. 3GB will help. but you'd be hard-pushed these days to buy a laptop that is single-core. To find your nearest Minox dealer. and am itching to try it out The trouble is I cannot find any film The intemet is full of Minox sites offering all manner of kit. Am I looking in the wrong place? Diane White Minox UK tells me that film and processing are handled through its HQ in Germany. The OM lenses of the time were. the better. In 2009 the company changed its terms and conditions to declare that it could do anything it wanted to with your photography. IPC Media. or by post to: Ask AP. The backlash was so strong that Facebook changed its policy again and it now states: 'For content that is covered by intelledual property rights. Simply send your questions to: apanswersra ipcmedia. The camera has an auto mode to get you started. If I were better at photography I would be using all this wonderful equipment. ASK . It runs well with 4GBon my MacBook. but the discipline that comes from only having 36 exposures on a roll of film will get you thinking more about each shot before you take it. being of Similar diminutive size to the OM-l of the early '70s.Your Questions answered Let the AP team answer your photographic queries selected activities. Fortunately. but I am afraid I point and shoot with my trusty Canon digital compact camera. Ian Farrell . Before you rush to your local camera shop or computer keyboard. it's doubtful that the site's management is going to set up an image library to sell its members' photography. your mint-condition example will be nearer the top end of this scale. any Minox UK dealer can obtain film for you. but the experience of shooting a few roles of film on the OM-2 will only make you a better photographer. while the more exotic 85mm f/2 portrait lens might fetch up to £ 180. so they are in mint condition. and NX2 for that matter. royalty-free. like photos and videos (OIPcontent"). whether legally or illegally. obviously). worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook ("IP License") This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others.' In other words. and still want to post images to sites like Facebook. I'm also curious about printing true black & white prints from a colour printer. transferable. photographic science or help with technique. Ian Farrell OLYMPUS PRICES I have inherited an Olympus OM-2N SLR camera with Zuiko 28mm f/2. A quick perusal of the small advertisements at the back of AP and a look on eBay indicates that OM-2N bodies with a 50mm lens are selling for £40-£ 120.8.8 135mm lenses. In practice. vintage equipment. so I am looking for something faster and more up·to-date for editing photos using Adobe Elements 7. such as cameras. Zuiko MC Auto f/2 85mm and Zuiko MC Auto-T 1/2. improving slightly on the OM-2 that went before it. other than in a very low-end • BOOK PACTS Having recently joined Facebook. If you are really worried about this issue. rather than 'machine-gunning' and hoping for the best Ian Farrell Q Be it about modern technology. A roll of film should cost around £9. Blue Fin Building. who spent a fortune on cameras and very seldom used them. but will a dual-core processor only help if the software is multi-threaded? Geoff R says Capture NX. and they have not deleted it. of fantastic optical quality. complete With processing mailers. Do I need anything else? Brian Lewis Q MEGA: Faster laptop Bassman asks I have used my Toshiba laptop for more than four years. but Facebook can. The 28mm and 135mm lenses would sell for something like £70 and £ 100 respectively. sublicensable. Sonja.90. binoculars and telescopes. but I have not found any film. in theory. Could you tell me how much these items are worth? Sonja Bond You have some lovely equipment there. 110 Southwark Street. even if you deleted it from the site or closed your profile (I par aphr ase. you always retain the copyright on your photography.

It works OKfor me. like light-cyan and lightmagenta. It's what is known as a subtractive colour model because. both colour and monochrome.Your Questions answered Your Epson scanner will make a great job of scanning negatives. RGB is described as an additive colour model. and they eventually form black if we use enough of them (in reality a black ink is also used to improve quality and ink economy).which I know OxOsoftware takes advantageof. open it in software such as Adobe Elements or Corel PaintShop Pro Photo. but it will still make a fine job using the six inks it does have. and make sure the correct paper type is set in the printer settings dialogue box before you start to print. magenta and yellow. A computer display has many shades of red. Once you have the scan on your PC as a TIFF or JPEG file. for instance. and has a dual-core Intel Corei7 processor. I've ordered it with 8GBRAM. While this all sounds complicated. even if you are intending to produce small prints. I imagine that the graphics applications you mention all support multithreading to some degree. magenta.r says Someof the PackardBell laptops comewith AdobeElements 7 pre-loaded. such as Epson's own Premium Semi-Gloss Photo Paper or Fibre Base Royal 325 from PermaJet. meaning that without any light we have black and any colours add brightness to eventually form white. When it comes to cyan. Larg. you can take comfort that the complex conversions between colour models take place seamlessly behind the scenes when printing from applications like Photoshop. they are printed using cyan. in order to broaden the colour gamut of a printer.a 320GBhard drive. Manylaptops will take 8GBof RAM. Any coloured ink added to the paper subtracts brightness. green and blue).. Modern Intel CPUs often havehyper-threading as well. where each processor core can handle two threads in tandem for improvedspeed. An increase from 1GBto 3GB of RAMwill be significant. HP and other printer manufacturers have taken care of this particular colour headache for you.I I r I f/AO CMYK VS I I I RGB I I I I I I I I I I I I I I machineor a netbook. I IvorETow. From there you can output them at any size up to A4 using goodquality inkJet paper When scanning negatives. not light itself. Epson. Choose good-quality media.Format says I'vejust received an email to tell me that my new SonyVAIOZ is on its way from Japan. I bought one not long after Windows 7 came out. In that way you are capturing as much information from the film as possible. To this end. we are usually describing how inks mix together. I'm not sure that upgrading further from 3GBwill be Significant. in the absence of any C. From here you can edit the image and print it on your Epson printer The Stylus Pro P50 doesn't have specialist grey Inks for black & white printing. to your PC. Ian Farrell -----. It comes with 64-bit Windows 7. a15. The good folks at Canon.6in screen and cost around (420. M and Y we have white (or whatever colour the paper is). This is why you see manufacturers adding new ink shades. green and blue at its disposal. Brian. cyan ink looks cyan because it absorbs all other wavelengths and reflects cyan back. it's always best to scan in full-colour mode.--. looks red because we observe it directly.. but irs worth goingfor a 64-bit operating system and an even higher maximum RAMcapacity. yellow and black inks. even when scanning black & white negatives. We need to use different colour models in these two instances because the way we are mixing colours is so different: while red light. Scan at the highest quality and size you can. This fundamental physical difference means that ensuring an image looks the same in both RGB and CMYK colour spaces is impossible. take care to handle them gently (a pair of white cotton gloves is a good idea) and ensure that both the stnp of film and the glass on the scanner are clean. The gamut of colours described by RGB is just so different from that of CMYK. while a CMYK printer has only one of each ink. which is why this is used to describe the images captured by our digital cameras. It has 3GBof RAM. So what is the difference between these two colour models? When we use an RGB colour space we are talking about how different colours of light mix together. Ian Farrell I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I --- ------ . While photographs are captured and edited in three colour channels (red.

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Ian Farrell explains how I FIRST produced an abstract photograph of a reflection by accident. I was trying to shoot a sunlit canalside building with its reHection in the foreground. I have discovered over time that there is plenty of technique to get right when shooting reflections. both In the field and at home in front of the e ections .. whenever I'm near a body of water. Ever since then. The result ISa collection of truly abstract photographs . so I bracketed With a view to combining some shots later In Photoshop. and something never to be recreated predsely again. and I've even sold a handful over the years. cut your subject from the frame and concentrate on their reflection.. I saw the reflections were much more beautiful than the building itself.unrepresentative of the object In reality. The difference In brightness between the building and its reflection meant I couldn't expose for both. I hunt around for Interesting things reflected In the ripples on the surface.AP's expert guide to photographing . Such images make great fine-art prints. Something I like about shooting these pictures is their random nature. people or other objects. When I got home. so I cropped into the image to concentrate solely on the abstract patterns. These are unique moments in time captured as brightly coloured shapes and patterns. Although my initial experiences were opportunistic. Shoot a burst of five frames and each one will be different. For an abstract shot of buildings.


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but not the river or canal. the ability to work qUickly. This will let you pick out patterns In the water rather than cropping the frame afterwards. graffiti and even people.. Shooting in raw format will give you some extra latitude (and margin for errorl) here. Your camera's built-in metering may look at the dark expanse of water in front of it and overexpose massively in error. Remember that we want to render the reflection bright against a dark background We'll need to tweak it in Photoshop later to achieve this. and those painted brightly or that have repeating structures. a DSLR offers you some advantages .namely. use the Color Selection tool and click on the appropriate part of the picture CHANGING COLOURS . such as a 70-200mm. and to shoot in raw format. it's time to get your camera out. so it's best to do this manually as your camera will almost certainly flit IF THE colours in your abstract reflections image don't grab you at first. not the water. stream or puddle) should be between you and the object whose reflection you are shooting.AP's expert guide to photographing . and they will come in useful later. Reflections I computer. boats. and remember that it's the reflection we are Interested in. In an ideal world you want the reflected object lit brightly. not the water. the more ripples occur. All manner of objects look good when photographed in this way Buildings are the most obvious choice. SHOOnNG CONDITIONS So what conditions make for good reflection images. Unless you are very close to the water or shooting a huge object. and how can you make the most of these when shooting in the field? ObvIously. not reflected. and it's best to err on the side of slight overexposure Focusing also deserves consideration.or you may just get lucky! Sunshine levels aren't the only meteorological condition you need to consider. Although any camera will do for this type of work. it's much quicker to aVoid them in the first place SHOOTING TECHNIQUE Once you've found the right spot and a good a pont. also look for bridges. However. and the more distorted and eXCiting the image becomes . SO it's essential to capture as much infonmation as possible in the image file. Dark water won't register in the shot as much as water bathed in sunlight. and the surface of the water as dark as possible. The reflections you see in water are hugely affected by the wind.. like railings or windows. you need to aim for the reflection. the body of water (river. but you can make life easier at this stage by exposing for the reflection. you are looking for that time of day when the sun is behind you but low in the sky This is often when it will be Illuminating the subject that ISreflecting in water. You'll also want to move around until you find a patch of water with relatively few things floating around. Totally t' This image works because we can read some of the text from the sign on the wall 'The body of water should be between you and the object whose reflection you are shooting' flat water produces a more accurate (but sometimes boring) mirror image than water being blown by a stiff breeze. but also take time to think about where the light is coming from. Given this. This last point is important because later we'll be tweaking the image in Photoshop. Again. so it's best to engage manual metering and pick an exposure that lies between the camera's attempt to meter the reflection and the reading you get from the object itself. It may take a few visits to a location to establish when thiS happens . you can adjust them indiVidually with a Hue/Saturation adjustment in Adobe Photoshop (Image>Adjustments> Hue/ Saturation) To select which colour you want to change. The stronger the breeze. of course. Although these can be removed with careful use of the Healing and Clone Stamp tools in Photoshop. which will mean throwing away pixels An important point to consider is how to expose for an image like this. A raw file contains many more brightness shades than a standard J PEG file. as a force-eight gale transforms ripples into waves and kills off reflections completely. to have more control over focusing and exposure. canal. a good lens choice for this work is a telephoto zoom. and picked the right time of day for good lighting and weather conditions. not the water itself. It's really a case of being observant with your eyes before the camera comes out of the bag. work best.

The idea is to send the colour of the water as dark as possible without going over the top. There are plenty of reflections out there. The final thing to appredate when shooting these patterns is that things change quickly. as you can try people too. When it comes to depth of field. you'll be using all the data captured by the camera. The rating systems in applications like Adobe Bridge or Lightroom. but stop before it piles off the end. Puddles are a great choice for people as there ISplenty of opportunity to move around them If you need to control lighting. you don't have to limit yourself to huge bodies of water. four stars to tile runners-up. Before starting too much heavy post-production work it's worth going tIlrough the (hopefully many) images you've shot to look for the patterns you like. The front and rear windows reflect objects hanging over them. Try to Find potholes that have filled up and experiment by creating ripples in them as you shoot • GLASS You can find milk bottles. so don't stop down too far. The same prindple applies they need to be brighter than the surface of the water they are reflected in. try to do as much adjustment of tones and colour at the raw-processing stage as you can. OF COURSE. In this way. which could be spread out along the water. Look for contrasts where older architecture ISreflected in new designs. watch the histogram at tile top of the screen while adjusting the Blacks control. it's back at home that you'll turn a quck snap into a fme-art photograph. just try to find one that doesn't do it perfectly. When opening up a raw file in your imaging application. and even the bodywork will give you something to work with.. YOU DON'T have to stick With Inanimate objects when shooting reflections.. will let you work your way through the basic captures and assign five stars to the patterns you like the best. shoot with a medium-size aperture: you'll want enough depth of field to get all your reflection in focus. or Apple's iPhoto or Aperture. but try to time the first one well. You'll see the histogram information move to the left. • PUDDLES There has to be some advantage to living in a country with REFLECTIVE SURFACES more than its fair share of rain. Watch the swirl in the viewfinder and see if tIlere is a rhythm to the pattern. However you'll also want to freeze movement in the water. and so on. as distortions and irregularities are what make this type of photography interesting • BUILDINGS Office blocks and skyscrapers often reflect the cityscape around them in interesting ways. windows and a thousand other objects around tile street Get LIPclose using your macro lens or digital compact. Feel free to use the Contrast control ) to help you achieve this if the Blacks . then use this to predict when to shoot Don't be afraid to fire off a burst of continuous shooting. POST-PRODUCTION Once the images have been shot. don't be afraid to use a reflector to bounce some light up into your subject's face PORTRAITS between the two extremes. If you're using Adobe's Camera Raw interface.Reflections AP's expert guide to photographing . • CARS There is scarcely a part of a car that doesn't act as a mirror in some way.

It can be useful to drag guides onto the image to break it into workable sections. A raw file.overexposing and darkening down the water .096 or 16. Such abstract images have staying power and don't fatigue viewers as qUickly as a classic landscape photograph can As such.. It's a painstaking process. This ISbecause those bnghtness levels are not evenly distributed throughout the image's dynamic range.048 in a 12-bit raw file) are in the brightest stop. if you wish) and a final tweak of the Contrast slider can be made to get things looking just right For more spedfic edits. we are effectively throwing away those first 2. concentrating on Just the pattems. ADVANCED TECHNIQUE RAW CAPTURE AND EXPOSING TO THE RIGHT THE REASON it's best to capture this type of photography in raw format is that we are manipulating the tones and colours a great deal. Save an uncropped version of the image in case you change your mind.384 brightness levels per channel respectively Put simply. Yet by concentrating on what is reflected in water. then brightening afterwards. Just take care not to blow the highlights completely. on the other hand. the more brightness levels available. so it's best to view an RGB histogram instead of one that depicts overall brightness. is usually 12 or 14-blt. trying various sizes. (This applies in all three colour'll end up with better-quality images. but the best way to do this is to work your way around the image methodically. it's best to open the image in Photoshop proper . meaning it has 256 (or 28) brightness levels in each colour channel. These will give the game away that this a reflection. . The more time you take here. ponds and streams can make first-class fine-art prints. by doing the opposite . and spoil the sense of surprise you are trying to give the viewer. Lighten it using the Brightness and Exposure controls. Blow the image up to 100-200% and look for (" particles floating in the water. espedally in shadow areas..024) and the next stop half again (512). the better the result will be . as these won't then be recoverable.which is why it was a good idea to find a piece of water free from debris in the first place. seeing artefacts like posterisation. However. making sure you don't push the highlights off the right-hand end of the histogram scale. By underexposing an image. It is tempting when shooting your reflections to underexpose the shot in order to get the water's surface good and dark.preferably in 16-bit mode to retain all the information captured in the original raw image. This carries on until the darkest sixth of the histogram is actually only described by 64 brightness levels per channel. you'll find that half of the brightness levels recorded by your camera (2. the more successfully you can manipulate the file without 'breaking' it . A normal camera-generated JPEG image is recorded as an 8-brt file.that is. At this stage the image will almost certainly look a bit too dark. Shooting reflections has always been in a photographer's remit. You'll really want to remove as many of these as you can using the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush tools. meaning it contains 4. aspect ratios and rotations. Try everything from a long. The final stage of your reflection image is to apply any last-minute tweaks to contrast and colour and apply a good crop In Photoshop. It is therefore much better to overexpose and take advantage of the range of the sensor and reduce brightness afterwards.AP's expert guide to photographing . Reflections I slider isn't doing the job by itself. as you might expect Assuming your camera can see 6 stops of dynamiC range.) By this pont you should be closer to having a more abstract Image. it's possible to look at the world through different eyes. and then briqhten up the highlights. thin panoramic crop to a square frame and everything in between. then experiment with the Crop tool. and how it is warped and moved around by surface ripples. too. the images you can find in rivers.048 levels and relying on the 64 at the dark end to spread out and fill up the gaps. Levels and Hue! Saturation adjustments are fine for this job. Try getting differentshaped results from the same frame. Use of the Saturation and Vibrance controls will get the colours singing loudly (or subtly. and are best applied as adjustment layers (Layer>New Adjustment Layer) so you The perfect conditions for an abstract reflections image: brightly lit. but often we include them as part of a scene and not as the subject matter themselves. The next stop contains half again (1. colourful details in front of darker water can revisit them for line control.

1 I've set an exposure somewhere between what the meter indicated for the building itself and the surface of the water. Here's how both were used to tum this relatively dull scene over the River Cam in Cambridge into a panoramic abstract image. STEP BY STEP. Start by zooming in to 100% and using the Healing Brush to remove any debris in the surface of the water. 8 . When opened in Adobe Camera Raw. 4 5 Aboostin contrast like this often makes colours look over-rich. The light could be brighter. the image initially looks flat. This old boathouse is reflected nicely in the water. I've found a location I'm happy with. the image is cropped. 6 7 TOfinish off. Some contrast is injected by using the Blacks and Exposure sliders to make sure the histogram information is spread along the horizontal axis... It's amazing how much difference there can be between frames captured just a few seconds apart. MAKING a decent job out of photographing reflections requires a combination of good skills with the camera and some time with the software when you get home. then re-introducing some punch with the Vibrance slider. I prefer to do this manually so I can get the reflection sharp without the camera occasionally focusing on the surface of the water itself. The result is slightly overexposed.. so take your time.. Try various aspect ratios and also think about rotating the crop to achieve the best result.Reflections AP's expert guide to photographing . Clicking Open brings the photograph into Adobe Photoshop where we can do some finer adjustments. This is a more creative process than you might at first think. 3 Back at home I go through the individual captures using Adobe Bridge and look for the patterns I like. but we can correct for this later. but irs coming from the right direction and I can add some contrast later. You can tackle this be throttling back the Saturation control. 2 When it comes to focusing.

PLEASE NOTE: Credit card payments will not be accepted via mail order. from Infor'n'I.00 I I R1\I LWAY Magazine Please make all cheques payable to 'Transport delivery.atlort and take Vlould I I I ~------------------------------~ I prefer not to be contacted O.:el The qJiJwayMJyazineand IPCcontainingnews" special offers and product and service part In our magazine researrh vl.I~~I~=~~:~:~~I~=~t:~~~reT I I contact you bv telephone or past with regards topromoting andrC!searchi~ {heir roducts serviras. Tickets are selling your ticket today! If you wish to pay by credit card please go to www. Wolverton Works will be opening its doors to the public for the first time since the British Rail days of 1993. 2 children)@ Early bird ticket @ £30 (sam-roem. . Tide hereif \IOU I p and I RailCare~ RailCare Limited . EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTTICKETS FOR AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER IIREADERS: I I I I I I Sat Aug 14 Sun Aug IS Ccst (£) RM discount adu It ticket @ £] 1. including the famous LNWR2-2-2'Bloomers' and 'Wolverton Express Goods' 0-6-0s.o~~~!it~~~o~~t~~~~~. Thorpe Road. Name Address - ~ I I Event Services Ltd' and allow 28 days for I I The Railway Magazine and RailCare Ltd have been working very closely to ensure that this will be an event to remember and will provide countless photo opportunities to shoot a range of locomotives and trains in authentic where you can enter the RM code above to Qualify for your special discount.50 (Full price £15) RM discount child ticket @ £8 (Full price £10) RM discount senior ticket @£8(Full Family ticket (1 adult.WOLVERTON WORKS WEEKEND! A one-off chance to shoot historic steam. Initially being used for maintenance of locos built by outside companies it soon embarked on the construction of its diesel & electric locomotives Special RM Code: PRECURSOR Exclusive Photography Events r------------------------------. The Railway Magazine and IPC youlike toreceive entails. f I I The rlallWav Magazine published tr/IP( M(!dia ltd (lPC). I I I I I I ~~:~~I~:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~~~~:~~~~::::::::::::::::::::::::::: : Please cut out this coupon (or a photocopy) and post to: Transport Event Services Ltd. will collect your personallntormatlon to process WUI tlc:J. 3 children) @£35 inc day admission Subtotal Booking Fee Total £1. please lick hereO. price £10) £20 in authentic railwa surroundin s! Following our hugely successful Eastleigh 100 open days last year. Make sure you are part of the biggest photo opportunity of this year . Doncaster DNlO SED. Lime Tree lodge. One of the oldest railway works still operating.Birmingham Railway. Mattersey. Wolverton was built in 1838 at the mid-way point on the London . only one coupon per household.transportevent.a email? If yes.~~e::~~a~~=I~~:~~~~~~~~'. Don't miss out on the special photo events that will be taking place over the weekend for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shoot a historic display of steam. diesel and electric locomotiveswithout the crowds! -- Family ticket (2 adult.

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-m I<." fill 1. 7 RflOId our lens sans.99 £1015. ~ ACCESSORIES WFT·(2 Wlroleu WFT·E3 Wireless WFT·EA WI." . 580 EXIISpeedlml • MRIHlI S80 EX II '.U' 'XPII' '•• ..8 EF tOOmm Q.S ". guIde ilt un ~'hAdat0f'3 ~~~.1115 USM Ef.99 U01." £191.99 (lSO.• 430 £XII 5pe<!dlrt. " eFF CAMERA .S USM IF IOO.99 £289..E11mmMl Ef lOmm tUUSM EF 24mm ru TH24mmO-Sl lH24mm6.6lIS USM 099 £1019 £911.' I eff Shot Cord 3 6.I·U IS 115M Ef '6'lSmmlZ.99 £1112..8115 USM NEW IF 7O-lOOnIm f.8 EF SOmm It...5B·(2 lInIn! ACCESSORlE.lBradto.01...99 (312.!1(.6tn I.6L USM IF SOOmm 14.1).15 USM If 8OI)mmlHll5USM Ef.1_m Q.99 ft!i68 70-_ OOEXII 170 EX •.Over 11.IID M.61S Ef 2"1Omm fl.99 EI119 Ust2 £1299 fl0l" f649. lINIn ll. .S·I.I_m I4.-S tl).S-S." DalU9 £1'''.000 photographic products to choose from Brand leading products at our famously low web prices Prices updated daily to give you the best deal we can Expert reviews from the professionals available on our site Excellent customer service from highly trained staff Canon EOS550i} • Auto ISO Stop • IFCl Metering • Full HD 10SOpMovie • External Mic Socket • 3:2 Clear view LCD Unbeatable value on their latest models EOS SD Canon~"_ • 100·6400 ISO expandable to 12800 :u £2327. TIL Eistributoc 3.s-S.6l15 UIM Ef.61'l Ef-S 11-200mm o.8 5oII1ocuI 11M l80mm B.O DO IS USM EF 400rnm I5.\.6 USM If 2t1-300mm B. " t!lllmID fm un "EW IF-I 11-115mm B." E209 ruM9 D90." m9.99 £89 £lSi £859 £1824 nOU9 £ttl7 fllU9 taWI Ef-S 1l000I IZJIllS USM Macro 11M l00mm ru UIM IF 135mmf2. FI"'" MR"4EXMocrol''''1I MT·24 EX Macrol"" ' ~ MULTIPLE FLASH SET UP 17·_ russ ~ FILTERS prices start from .99 COnfUHd .5l." £649 £11]9.1!lUSM mkll IF _rulISUSM If -.IJlIS USM Ef lOOmm I2.wareho_press..·.OL USM Ef. 111 for our latest prices for the Canon 70 and SOMkll LENSES Ef 14mml2elliU Ef tSmm tU Rstwy.611 Ef 15-_m 14.99 £601.!.H.ItJIlIS USM If 400mm rullS USM IF 400mm M.S·S.Ol USM IF 13S1M1 Q. ." £1269 £4901.8l U If 7O-100mm Q.5.-I 55·15Omm II Ef 7O. DIGITAL SlR ACCESSORIES I .O M4SmmI2..ngth 0" '.6 USM III Ef lOO·3OOmm I<..61S USM IF 7O-_m 14.615 USM Ef 21-200mm IJ.5.611 EF 28·llSmm o.Umm 13545 USN rawl Ef-S 15-11'imm13. .99 Ins. .99 £649.Sl USM IF llXlmmQ.bout 1.99 (6579 £5494.CESISORIE5: 2. eff C.llil USM Ef 85mm IU USM 1H9Omm12.()'1.99 £111U9 £119.815 UIM If·S II-SSmm IS 1929.8L UIM Ef 2"Ul'lmm I4lI1 USM Ef 28·_ '''5....ll tJSM II 5Oo1m It • USM EF 5Oo1m 11.S.11 Ef 24mm IUlll EF 211rnmIU USM [f 2111nmru EF lSmm IUl USM Ef )5mm fl.01.".5·1...5: rm.15 USM IF !iOOmm i4.<Mr1I Shoo Adaptot Co COnnection Cord 0.99 U09 019099 £419 £t1l6.9') U799.O-S.99 f1l9 FLASH GUNS U7U' OIl 1i''''9 019 £l1l9.99 01 £95 mth Makesureyoucheck~..6 DOISUSM EF 15-_I4.lO Media JOGB __ (!lWmi] EXTENDERS www.-S17·55<00>12." EI889 £1369.811 IH 60mm tU USM M""" MP-E!i5mm~8 Ef 85mm ft.8lml:2l1SM IF .811S USM II EF 7O-100mm I4Dl USN Ef 7O·1ocmn ItJIlIS USM IF f4...!! En04. 'JS.O £I!I09 £61U9 £2OJ9 (414.

.-oo NEW' lO3OOmm IM.8 EX OG HSM lnt.8 AIO EX.l. 8rnm NlWl9-."5..·22_ 12.l4nvn ISlA £46U.5()m1I3.1·).6OOOS 'OOlOOm"..12StttrnD..5N' SI' 01 Fit) IF BtOO '.3COnmn.99 ~APO DOTel__ SOOmrn 12.S DA Flohoye f4 OA EO AlIF .OOrml"M-5." "·2OOmm fl.oao .t9 Nowl_" 1O_~"'.6 APO Mooo ~ DO lOlOOIml Dl MIcro s. fl...506.." £<77.6N '0..a·SOmm 12..99 tA32.8£X DG Mom> IQSmm f'.o5UOmmM3/1J"'ODGOSHSM '8IIrnm O....6 APO EX 00 HSM DIOt lS.3 DT Af (0) fl.S.ED 12·. .5-4.....99 0S6....99 2l4rtwn11.." i2199 em 5OIirnmU._ 14 NIXO DlgI. asmm f1.o10A C56t 049-" !A64 fA19 au.5 lUlKO Digltll '1-18Omm fl..SIX DO~.~OCOSH5M H~ ~ t<CNiUlO ClIL" £289.U EX DG M.61O) '1-2OOrnm fl5-6. Th.. 2_ EZfl 5-5.em 150mtn 0.200mm 7O-3OOmm CI'ouo'' ' ' ' _.6Af -"" an..t.. 350'-"" 12..' NO IX) os HSM S>2.81A SS.U .." (1731 .'" 100mm fl.8 SI' Di 7O-3OOmmf4.lOOrrm 12.6.J!I rMf1 (106.5>6.8 M Maao OO""" 12.....a..... Oi ....S..5 NIKO Dig!'" l2·6Qmm ED 12..99 lUl. SONY Other Sony Kits available to buy online or by phone ••.A EX Dei Macro -" B16....S...UX DCHIM '''''''" G..5 OC Maoo ..6 megapiRJ fuU-framl! Dsut \hit wr" vin.J 00 MAIJlO 28-lOOmm N VC iii S5-2CDmtf4. W9...UOIn~lD"MICI'O .6 G !O) -" .' 0.... LD ASP W f7..s-5 6 DC FlU '8-5Onwn 1J." ftv 0''''9 (AJU9 (lH6 Qlt £lI2!I ISlA £127'" U60U9 (4340.5-6.6 DC '5mm 12." NOW".ao SMC 1Ommt. 2·2-4"nrr1f4 AT·X N PRO ox II '6 IOrnm IU ATX OX .jInc... LENSES We are a Sigma Pro Lens stockist WASC7JO.3 N' XA Oi.0 SWO '''lSmmllOSWDlIiIXOOIti1oI .99 fROM ..Bmm (BU9 0'1.8 OA SMC SOmm f2.'7_ fl. ..V5T· DT U"OSmm 135-55 '·IOmm I) S.6 ED Al W1l S503OOnwn0A NEWJ~MEDIfIDM £. Tho Quick M Uvo VI..99 AS """"0 N 24 70mm IU F EX DO tI5M 2ft.WE UPDATE THESE DAILY I +18-55mm +55-300mm ~ ~WEXOGFi!Ih£~ Kox K-7 +18-5511 +50-200mm ~LENSES LENSES (SolI .6 AI.. 5.s..u.3 DC05 HIM os twll"~"'f:l.'" ..02<tnm 18-5Orm1 Q." <PI CUt.GG Now_ Now_ {405.. .s.3IXftIm t2...99 0347 (171. fl.S£X001GM 800mm f5.a·5.I.3 18-2OOm"..8 CA.5tJrnm 12. EX F DO 12().5..8£XOG 2Imm I1.. WR n"..4 2A PlaNT TMom> AF <PI 1"1.. The only differences obvious A550 BODY ONLY differencet beinog 3fpt cootinUOUJ $l'lootiog a 5lightly mot@ c:omp«t ylewfind_ n "rhe Sony Alpha 01900 is a full·f~e 24.8 AT X fI'ftO OX 100mm 12 8 AT·X Ma<ro 0.. S4nwn f1 ").6-45""" 14 DA ED AI.BIX 00 lIlmm " .0..H NEWllOmnt G.'1!1 IJ99.& .a. XAOr!>SP1f AI XR Di CIILD Macro 1::2 «58..· EO 5O-lOOmm f"'5.9!I (U.S V. 50nm fl8SAM !Omm 12.. f2AL" 1Q. an upandable ISO 200·3200 range and Ste~)' Shot I~. suppons ~ speedll!'1 sIlooting respoeses flpid. The dfgit3J slit Qlme(tl ~ rftture5in .. <AJI..21-7_ ta!IAM en" 07._ 13." £192 DAO.S-S6 DC '_f3...1 2A Plimar T'" I'IDW . ~a the ffag5hlp A9OQ. (1049 14mm f2.7tlrrrnfLIEXDG 28-_m 1l.nd a high resojution 3· Xu..8 N SP{Canon illOtl!I 0l6.H_I'.J... 0" If !OM 18-3Smm I8-S5mm f4-§...4." .8 SMC CA EO If 40mm 12.. Ind . CHECK OUR WEBSITE OR CALL FOR THE LATEST PRICES .-" (514 .t9 CAUt r-~"i*~.lf1JtIO)'t lOmmfl.8 EX DG MICro DlS." 0" mt.§.ilQy Shot tnsKf.6 0_ (6~99 l'mmn.V [~ IZD.1""" f'28 AT·X PROOX 11·1~ OX _I .U)I .800 Fltiyo WASIS11...Olympus E-450 E-P1 K'rts available in Black.3 DC .• EX H§M NEWt .' AI' 300rmn 12. DC f3.t.U the nwjot' f•• turet 01 "full-frafn@DSLR shooting prlcoo • Sony p.99 ~LENSES 35m"...7SmmfUSf> ~f3. 145MOG WAH2A4'" 12O-«1DmmM.6 EXOGAPOHSMWASr:J~.4G _".. ( £17. em ..BlXoo t<CNi f8l.Exmof-"" CMOS semor. '''7 ..5..5-S.S FhNye 2Smm '.S Oi.OM tue' Ct77 OLYMPUS B.5 .6lUfKO £OU99 tm £lIZ7. Fin!! LCD. point AFwith 10 focus assist pO'"~ 5tpsmntirwoUl shooting It Nil rnolution .. Sony Alpha A8SOis a 24..11.11 nA4. E-P1 BODY ONLY 1. White or Siver •.net fice Mteaion. 1M( 16-SOmm f2.99 .. (..t!I 017...e ("311...' \3Smm )OO." WAS030_99 4. IX DCHIM (62mm) 50mm Il BIX 00 Mom> ... Ste.S.o..99 017" ClS"'9 010.6 L f.3£X00 ""l!lOnvn . ·2_m 1l...4...>61X00 17·1OrTn1Q.. .6DC(Nr .mon or 11Fh orl¥- _0 lB-JCJOnwn 24-7Or....99 f3.Snwn Il. 1 !iIOnwnSP Di Macro ~m!2. " AT X OJ<~.H.5.1 AF XA Di-li LD ASP 'l-lOOrrm 0.6NOi lDMaao "117" '22 .lt '''5.." "2iUI (1141.M_or lSmm fl..cante . 'lAlXooHIM >Omm 12.1G 18 IWill!lC lOS-56 OT Af (0) ...... .1Omm'4 AI.. ¥lim nYl~1d 2009.enI lStnm fl S M. 18-2:SOrrm Di II 2a..8so.o) IA·5OrwY1 fU DC DC 1Jt7.4"" _...e II an enhilnced In-body optbl stabi Uon fyS\em which dilly ." C7S..s. fAZ ...·2SGrnm I35-U 0111 6-aOmm ·'BmoI 2e·7Qmmf2.' 1. 'm Ot1.." a.ut:ofOCUJ .99 50·13_ 12.'1':14'&1 SonyA900 now image Pilc:ked wich rrne-detail tOiouf).s .• NO.::~ l." llOUSl at." WASl567.19 1O-200mm lUG 1S-lOOonm " S.. fIlA.0 5O-20CJmm 10 f2.S 0 fA Milao SMC '0.9'1 (110..u.. c.5~5.8EXOO 3OO«OI'Im fS. ' .8 lJ.t9 -" 131t..1 AT·X .99 II·SSnvnM 0" f3..81X DCHIM _II.6 SMC fA J fl.'t1:u<l fSIO 'O_I~56E)(DCH5M NlW"olOmmn5EJ(DCHSM .. e~ up to .10'.6 magaplxel osut with.5 SWD 0...f '4--5.8 0 fA M... 5 DC ~ 18. 5' . 1SQ. steps of ant1-'5tw1ke mrrection....s-6.uo SiOmm f2 MKTo ZUlKO ED 7 .. "" ltoll .... /IlIO EX DG M lOlOOIrrn .99 DU. PftciJe .99 Q..8-4.

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..'vIInc..."" .. "' l·358 fiIII L·7580 L'75I DR 110""_ ... aon .......c:.:::= '::"c....t3 H ~. ao.. 250R_ IOOA_ 25QI25tI 2 . £11....tlla '!\olIn See the comp . ...v... lOIII 1SOw ttam E230 .." R-'IM:tor C1.r XD UmD....':"~. ""'*'a~ 2 Head £288 3 Heed £378 - new !:'- ~ -__ '" S!. UGe Qtt1SmIh _2 Hold Kl< .£489 '- -'~!!!J... abIO._.1 Of t:59m1h _3""101 _altho EtpriI o.".!IlI £43.... tIPgIt ~ ~ INIny Iddlt1On11lt1d nO* MaIUNl WWYaIIMM on N OIIQJNI GdmW ~cns Ciao a» ~. 75C1PRO_polIKJlI..10 CA F... .. £51.99 From CJ7 .89 tl3UII £139....89 From t43.d Pant'" from 1:711 FlOm £633 From £26 fJOm UO iNTERFiT s~~~....SolI lWIn_ From £33 .. eI".WENS GEMINI the norld.._ F. 6Ir G"d 15~ MoIU. . SteU.......wh.. Aer:\lnou r frOm ~ ... iChr100 . a.Ipek KitI:t .81I From£'lI.88 From tlI1." BO..89 Fn>mtBi. __ R BuII!Ing""IIw_. £38""" 2SOf25OTrwotetpd Klt 1:138 or £S4m1h _ l>wWIpoil 101 or 1lIti . 'Io'" 300w !tom 2lID2.."" Gttd DI1tuter 'I"" £84." Sludlo L~lPod Umbrella .__ ~= Reflectors '" Reflector Kits .U See_bfo<_lts InlWftt v. S<npto !tom !tom C27S 1t1..." "01 etal -.Intwo higI>'V~ _ labt. or221mth or£49mCh or 12<1""" ort87_ orV3mlh or £15mIII Of £85mIh or E56mIII Saltboxes ..144.....34tI nM «[17mi'! ".ad K1I =:::::: Gemini PRO Serie.89 From £1011 From £'I2A.!::!~~~!:!~!:::!!~ =:.. 10..t93_ 1:11 ....m. Q04 SotUMt ... c-. x . ThoS(T~". ~'3"'"...89 Fn>mQ9 SEKONlce~ L·20S lIMom __ L·308S • L__ a a. . d K1l 04.»reve NEW ULTRA COMPACT GEMINI 200 & 400 .... range and full IIpICIllcaIian on our_He KJIe """".. From £38.podty£559 i::~"":~~~:'IIOI)'.1on8_ •. Mil SDQ P'" n.JIC Stellar X TwIn_lim_at Soft _ KJm __ UmbrallalOtl t41. 000 PRO"""" Mil 75CIPRO..... f I Pocket WIzard PluaU ...~t'?< Gemini R!"NATI~~S ~~_~~!~N~ GEMINI -Gemfnl_ OIl901rhamostpopuJarstudloflosh sy5t?mS In B. __ -".7ft 5OOPRO'_1OI 75CI PRO 3 tt.0Dx14G r'M a: ~.Izea from 85cm Flam £19.nlra'VO In. Ad.!J'...oo 6OX1iO Rect~ IOxIO 4OIc1DO JL=:=!!!!~..._. £.. '''''"_A". QI9 C2ft ~4&0 £:Ia8 Snoot 11.......

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2.a..& EX DO £ 374 SOmm M ·M!<on ZF.4JS.300mm '415. HaD II.8L Macro IS I Dealer PROFESSIONAL NJ"'n I PROFESSIONAL Dealer VISIT OUR SHOWROOM TO SEE QUALITY NIKON EQUIPMENT. He 120mm f 4 Macro lena He 150 mm f 3.4G AFS 0700 Body 10 .8AFO New 3 0 16-85mm AFS VR 49 0700 + 14 -24 f2. NlIlO" IF mI £ 397 70 .5 Mlqro AFS 03S Body £3870 18 ..2 te'l .8 AFO 0700 + 105mm VR £2389 17 ..4 AFS ££2 0 4 9 16-35mm f4 AFS VR£995 50mm 11. £'162 me 1D-2Omm13.5 Len. 70-200mmf4L 70-200 t4L IS 70-200 t2.& EX DC £ 4" _.48 Transmitter 03X +14-24 f2..8 M!cro AFS £3595 18 -105mm OX VR £215 85mm f3.8 VRII £5200 8O-400mmAFO VR £1199 S8-R1 C1 Commander kit 03X Body £4899 200-400 f4 AFS VR £4899 SU 800 Commander 03X + 50mm f1.468 Tokina 16-5Omm f 2..24 mm' 4..5 Lena HC NEW 35 .2 J:II46 £ 818 160-500mm08 £7453Smm!2.z.6 EX 2 e &99 111".& EX DO £ 439 21.8 AFS VR £6799 MC-30 £69 MC-36 03X + 24-70 f2.200mm OX VR II £529 105mm f2.31 + 80mm AF LENS KIt HaD I.6ATX £&99 c. M.2 £lIn ZE £ 139 24 ..40 + 80mm KIt NEW H40 ...5mm f2.. HC New HTS Tilt + Shift Adapter AFSVRII £4499 GP1 ..4 AFS G 0700 + 24 -70 f2..2£I080 I: 373 Tok na 12.8 ATX ProOX £809 _MA·NlkonZF.. COnon.24mm f4ATX Pro OX £449 __ ·COnonu E1010 £. 28mm'4HCO 35mm '3..8 AFS £1249 24mm f2.4 AFS £4795 70-200mm f2.. 4.4 EX DC £ 397 25mm1U.5EX DC £ 449 .8L 70 ..8 £439 50mm f1.Nlkon + Canon fits LENSES Omm .8AFS £1319 10.z-N1konlF.• £ 125 T na 1D-17mm f 3.8 OX £1749 PC-E 24mm f 3. .4 Ar::O 0700 + SB900 £2099 17-55mm f2.39 + 80mm AF LENS KIt NEW H40 ."".110 mm 13.8 AFS £1549 85mm f1.8 PHONE TO ARRANGE YOUR F.105mm VR £ 819 MB-010 Grip £1585 14-24mm f2.5L II £1829 SOmmf1.24mm AFS OX £615 35mm f1.2E1545 I: 595 ToklM 80.24mm OX £1949 090 Body £ 714 1.5 £1419 New 24mm f1...__. 13.5 Lena HC 50 .7x 12x Converter 0300S + 18-200 VRII £1699 090 + 18 .8· Conan ZE £1410 £ 358 30mm f 1.COnoclZE £848 £ 397 105mm Macro f2.5/4.8515 Lens £1229 £1449 £1649 £399 £ 439 £349 £1189 24-105 f4L IS Whltebox£765 28-135mm 13.PHOTOGRAPHIC i\4[+J~~@ .500R Colour l<enko KFM 2100 SUnpak PZ42X Sunpak Auto !SA pro ~I: MEtZ 45 CL-4 Digital BNic METZ 45 CL-4 Oigi1a1Nili'll! MEn 54 MZ 4i New METZ 58 AF 1 NikI Can MEn 78 MZ5 METERS + FLASH SIGMA + Toldna .8ATX ProOX £509 SOmm_-Nil<onZF..60 KJI (No Lena) NEW CFV .5.8 AFS G 0700 + 50mm f1..514. _ .70 12.2 £1010 £ 417 -2OOmm12..8 03S + 14-24 f2.35mm f2.4 SOmmn.515.2Dmro '4/5...50 KJI (No LAM) NEW H40 . lE 70 C tIIa £ 710 12O-4OOmm08 £6123_r.200 t2.8 Macro 100mm t2..8 £2999 12-24mm f4 OX £835 85mm f1._ £ __ £ 11110 £21S1 £248t £4888 £2320 £2166 £1110 £2214 £2138 £2271 £2A2I ££3472 ~~~I. 2 Len.10mm f 2.80mm '4/5.4 AFS G £5189 200mm f2 AFS VR £3222 WT .8L IS MK II 70-300 IS New EOS 70 Body EOS 70 +18-135mm IS Lens EOS 70 + EFS 15 .2 Len.8 DO MK2 £ 663 28tnm!2. 21m £ 196 24 . r.100 lM~'lJAlJTV a 0.5· "IF.""" £ 173 1 1 II''''''._111_0· New MInl TIl CE Canon I: 199 Flex TIS CE Canon £210 1 x MIni 2 x Flex £569 PLUS II £169 PLUS IllWlN £315 Multi Max £229 PocketWlzllrd MuRI Max Twin £438 . uASK ABOUT NIKON PLUS" 0300s 0700 03s 03X 090 05000 LENSES FLASHGUNS ACCESSORIES 0300S Body £1149 05000 Body£ 530 500mm AFS VR 0300S + MB-010 Grip £1399 05000 18-55 VRII £590600mm AFS VR 0300S + 12 .GPS UNIT HVM Waist Lavel Finder Battery Grip 7..8 £4895 70-3OOmmAFS VR £395 ~~~~~ 03S + 70 -200 f2.4.8 OX 0300S + 16-85mm VR £2189 24-70mm f2...8 OX £1087 60mm f2..8 100 12.39 for 500 .6 DC £ 403 .gps unit £6099 400mm f2.8 M!cro VR 03S + 50mm f1.&EX DG HSM £ 595 21""" 12...6 DG OS £ 309 2.4x 11. 2V £ 12481 £_ DElIO £ 14488 £ ..8 £6149 300mm f2. III..5 ATX OX £499 SOmmtl"·CononZE £510 319 T M11-16mm 12..2 £1080 I: 327 TokiM 50-135m~8 ATX Pro OX £&" . N_ ZU [1175 £ 407 .5 Zoom HC 8Omm'U HC 100mm f 2.7 II Teleconverter GIL . o.canonZE £10:11 I: 288 TokiM 100mmf2..6 HCD 50mm '3.& ro ATXOX £355 l00mm_NIkon ZF.Pa~h £1052 £481 £237 £188 X-RITE COLOUR MANAGEMENT X-RITE ColorMunkl Photo £305 X-RITE EYE-ONE di&play 2 £146 X-RITE CoIOlChecker Passport £79 Gossen SixlOJNI 00gItal Gonen OigiPro F Gossen Stilrlite 2 SEKONIC L 30IIS SEf<ONIC L 358 SEI<ONIC L7580 SEKONIC L7580R SEI<ONIC L758 Ci1le New Sekonic c-soo Colour New Sekonic C.8 AFO 0300S + 17-55 f2. HeN 210mm f 4 Lena He 300mm f 4.6IS £399 TSE l7mm f4L £2075 TSE 24mm f3. 13..Nlkon ZF.8 AFS VRII £1649 S8900 Speedl!ght 03S + 24-70 f2.

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J - .99 135mmf2_8~_ £864.50 STUDIO FLASH EQUIPMENT Apple MacBook Pro 13" Apple MacBook Pro 17" 2..lCO 10.0-5..4. • ..00 Pro IS.99 ftnePu:nl _ DOD Sony Alpha Lenses 8atIery Grips _J301llOct..._...00 12.6 OT "49.317.1.28mm12.""s I.' . PlEASE 02"" ot.:"::""::"::"""":::::":"==.99 18-55mmf35-5..1_1""" (ToodI Sa<en) VG-830AM VG-850AM VGC.. believe leccsr SOI'f OI(!' ~ Capture your World /::Jiql'rd URe never before SOONI EW & NOW IN STOCKI .99 20mm 12.0.99 7S.8Macro {II 1407." Sony Camcorders OCRHC62E OCR DVOl5OE DVO HDRCX105EHDMI HDR CX520VE HDMI £295.99 70-2OOmmf2._ .99 SOmm11.·/OAM VGC.£1. Ill_Jr..99 HDR CX50SVE HDMI HDR XR105ESOGB HOR FXl000EHOV fl39.069. ProIKlIOtl Plans: Apple Macbook 13" Apple iMac 21.950) £39. -..ttwrics NP-FHSO (a230.163....99 l00mm t2. AppHCor.3OOmmf45-5.4·'_"_ [1.8OTMaoo £151.00 £118.99· L-._>I2XI<lIl!OOI "." OUI £99.e see make. ('1 £69.8PoItrait OT £119.98 In stock at £299..00 £509. por_ (21 ws-sso t8lod<lGfoyl WB-SOOO8I><k 5T5OO~.99 10-400mm 1/4-S..8 G·Sc!ries 11.00 SOOmm f8 Reflex lens £..623. . u '1 this CUt .~·I. a8OO..." Samsung 3D TVs Due to arrive May 2010 5T50(_r/1lodl(1I 039.99 19._ / F80 EXR _S200£)(R foR FUU {AV.8 1439.99 1.. Cl1OGBl UlV. see the clearance section on our website ~ HEW & .com GIg Vu I0Il 1'-3000 (~ _180G8J 1'7000 116OG1) u_ (489 99 uS9...99 28-15mm f/2B SAL f51I8.rj -169.ift (1.00 Allal CUI StUdio 2.26/2Xl G12S01S0 need yet simple to use. 1 -...9!I (119.99 2xTe1e Converter029.99 35mm 11.99 + 16GB SO He Ultra II £499.99 55-2OOmm(Unboxedll8l £139.t .wT" £1.h V111T OUR W£65ln Please SN our website for Our Price our latest LOWPRICEI + 8" 3D Frame £758..299.._. .."""..00 Son'" (110GB) lDl ...99 18-7Omm1)5·5. Ricoh CX3 Rieoh GXR CId""..:__' PARKCameras EPSO IJCQ" •• YO\PI.29 pixels • 3.~ £169. .99 lDmm 12.'_ fS55l_k/6roV1I5J PISS (s.nU9 (a900) In4.99 SOmm12.9t l1A'I •• fT.5" for MacBook '99.8 £189..00 £70.99 1[}'300mmfl45-S..OO 1.99 £239.00 £979.. snooo 18J.318.8 Maao £499. GIgioVUPooE .00 (1... .70 -'.8 QrlhI1..6. - PL60 Silver ':' ..00 3...00 Softwor..6OT £199... Hubs: UO...99 55·2OOmm14..dt/ll.6SAMOT £139.. SlIP £l2U9 r-:.710.5"'''''''''''''''' lMac2J'l~fI lMac2r. Aperture 3. 0 Me:p fIW!s • Qlf .. SRP 99 -.00 S5-200mm f4_0-5.319.sO Two heads & stands are the foundation of these popular sets..8 £1.9t ~ .00 For a whole range of excellent offers this Spring.00 18-25Omm1)5-6..9.7. 80d o<lIIodlj NV24 110 SIMp c. T' £1.4 flII7..98 • 10 MOl' P Is' 3. alSO)! I 4l.Pi ·lOOOt>tI<>1' . alSO.99 (.8G·Sc!I1H 14.911 PL U.FllM I &8Omm Cor! Zefss T' OT £5.. Included are a BoWens SOftbox With 2 Bowens SllverlWhlte Umbrellas & a pair of wide-angie reflectors designed to give a great degree of creative flexibility Nrpon Extreme "41.1l9 (0500.279.019...V' GIgooVUPoo£JI ('2CG!ll 11&5." IM.'J9 Np·FHSOOH (alOO.T~'" Conlll!rtN 019.9' a. nSOQ.4 G-Series £887. DETAILS ON THE LATEST ~"l. a380) £S9.59.19.99 OSCS930 OSCT90(') OSCTX7 OSCW3IO OSCHlO OSCH50 OSCWXl Sn_(2) OSC HXl 1SI.6 or £419.'.99 MD<tApple i:. tm. 171. 1'-. 700) ..15 Pro lS..0 £169.0" LCD 10..0 OS9.1..99 £l~ 9!1 mg. aS50)ll83.99 11S-105mm'35'5. why not take a look at the clearance • (.99 SOmm 0.US..<OnIh'lh_ 1ooo. • FUJIFlnePix _f'70£J<RGnyI_ AfteP J250W iliad< _51500 _PunDOOHO _'Cd'S ('ft 5-U<S! 0..50 (86..OO FUJ..ParicCameras. White 2.6OT £169. ·AtW$-Sha flJftClSon Our Price £449.. Optical loom • 9.99 135mm flBCllliz.dl.00 SONY_/ £34'.lIy rI tock! 0«1 ..00 WIteIess Ndtttorl! Airport Elcpre...99 85mm flA ClIri Zeb.319." (1(9.·90AM (0300.6 OT £439.l<lO (1.99 300mm 12..PARKCameras KEEPING YOU IN THE PICTURE s For some really great offers. aS50.99 24-1Omm (/2.06Ghzl2x2GB/SOOGB far MacBook Pro 15"'17" for IMac !Work '09 Retall IWolk'09 FamllyPad< ""pie TV 160GB 1M«s: IMac21.'J9 GIQII Vu SanleC2SOG1l} f GIgII VII E.-o. That's what a Mae is all about.~.99 .... 1h: opDCiIl mom mO'tliod at up to • 40 frames pet MCOnd •c.3 OT £433.00 11 18mm 145-5. '-81(2) (la.· ~A~.6G-_ L659.dt OSCHX5 [ I 6mm ~WOr @lli_1)~ ~"14g" C69!IOO ST-SSO 61"1'.8S £2611..0pt1callDom Ricoh CX2 Mo. . for fuJI a8t~rs ()f'I the ~ plw.. www.26Ghz/2G8/16OGB/GeForce 9400M 2.8 Rsheye £549.519. .Mr.539.99 CIt...99 16-3Smm f2..66GHz Core 2 Duo/4GB/320GB M<K800b: Pro lr..

8 EX DG HSM f/4.S APO EX DG SIGMA DP. hlo'DPl/0P2(21 OG • unon I Nib".3..1 lUf. FLASHGU S ma~uml Lens Hoods from £9.9O 035AfN Fli.5-6.0l77mmHDDlgltalClrc4'o1.J.90 no.PARKCameras KEEPI"JG YOU IN THE PICTURE 5 Free Delivery to UK Mainland on Camerasl Printersl Scannersf '_nhoml.99 2S-300mm 50-1S0mm 50-200mm 50-500mm 70-200mm 70-300mm 70-300mm 7()"300mm l00-300mm 120-300mm 120-400mm 150-500mm 200-S00mm 300-S00mm f/3.99 £639. Sony I Mfnolta su"".999. Canon EOSBody compact camera • Quick Set function • Improved performance when shooting backlit subjects Only £99.6 EX DC HSM f/4. NiRon. Polarizing all.99 £399.99 £735.6 f/3.LR.99 AlX.S EX DG 2Smm f/l.00 £531.00 £318.""'":::~' DP S 0 ~ Q Siam- £529.S EX DG Macro HSM lS0mm f/3.!19 £64.99 f/2.29 ""llIt.COcuIo>Polarizll1ll £l9.8 EX DG Macro 10Smm f/2.6 f/4-5..6 DC 5AVE£43.3 f/4-5.4 EX DG EX DG HSM 30mm f/1.99 • A 14 mega pixel high deflnillon digital camera.89 lS3.tS £51.99 £694.8 EX DG Macro f/2.04! 5AVE£169..99 £572. '.99 £17S. 52mmSHMCI'!oHlUV £3B.99 ProSO-13Smm 1/2.os at prkef.6 DG OS anI! J!.3 DC OS ~O ~ • 14 Megapi~els • Full-color image sensor • "TRUE II" image processing engine • 24.99 AT·XlOOmm 1/2.6 f/4-6.64 L141.~~~.99 £1.m SUt Clmca SIGMA ~_---.h GUn .93 '.Ni""n £64.200.8 OX £602.B VR from £625.99 £369.93 67mm SHMC I'ro 1 UV SSmmUV ('1.5-6.5-6. Plea .3 DC OS f/2.S50.39 nmmHDOIgItolClrc4'o1 nl..00 £97.6 f/5-6.1509.99 .2mm.99 E209.5-5.r~..unon £89.00 Made for ideas.99 £179...8 MKro £]5.099.5mm f/2.6 EX DG HSM £2.99 AT·X 11)-17mm f/~.lar PoIarolzjng 52mm HO DIgital UV {O) £. £96.99 £409.·ClR 62mm IN 62mm Orculaf PoloJlzJng 62mmSHMCPro I-DUV 72mmSHMCPro I-OUV lS1MII 77mm SHMC I'!o '.1' lSt.99 £399. £165-52 £57.f/2.08 £98.8 Macro ast.99 Avdlbl~tnCnnonfltOnI §..1~! 18-250 f/3.=.99 £329..5 EX DG Macro HSM 500mm f/4.99 £1.399_99 £659.8 EX DG HSM 300mm t/2.99 InorPo<\w) 4.35 62mmHDDlglt\\lUV(O) 62mm HD Oigltol Clre4'o1. 1_ f309.99 for Canon lenses.lsh Rash Fl<Ish· FlDsh .99 (ffi @1Ifu7.29 £6l..S APO EX DC H5M II t/4·5.S EX DG Macro 70mm f/2.99 £433.50 £34. Please see below to find a lens for you . Flash '--. OG .!19 07l8AFN A.00 when quoting Amateur Photographer.3 f/3.99 £574.S-5.3 DG OS HSM DG OS HSM t/3.99 L~~~~~~~~JI .99 SRP £512.6 £579.5-6.99 I Sigma £2lI9.8 lens designed for tile OP2 • eqllhflSe1r ~g4inlm S ~o SRP[S6l. Hard Disk Hulled .8<1 nmm UV LSJ.S"m.5 EX DG 10mm f/2.l' 72mm UV 5Smm HO DigltallN (0) £47.S-4 DC MACRO OS HSM SO-SOOmm f/S-6.5-6.99 £299..GC 11 NISSln rlah ..S EX DC 15mm f/2. and receive a Sigma Microfibre lens deaning doth for only 0.99 £239.6 APO EX DG 10-20mm 10-20mm 12-24mm 17-70mm 17-70mm lS-50mm lS-125mm 18-200mm 18-200mm 18-250mm 24-70mm 24-70mm SIGMA f/3.5-5.99 Slama EF 530 ST OG • unon I Sony I PentilC WUg Sigm"EM 140 DGMaao ''_''I .99 £127.5 EX DC HSM £3.!19 67mmHDOigltolOn:ulorPol.".99 £519.S EX DC 8mm f/3.IIlIA6 WIde) U09.5-4.00 £ LOW PARt< CAMERAS PRICESH £599.99 A.99 £229.6 APO DG Macro DG Macro DG OS NEW t/2.150.11·l6m1'l) l..99 £749. Pent ax.8-4..0 UV £$6.99 03SA1'C Fr.U""1Y1.!19 AT-~50-400mm 1/4.99 £349..h Gun .8 EX DC Macro f/4 EX DG f/2.l19 nmm Clrcula.99 £290.160.RPlr.09 en.99 £16. Canon. quolo this adyel1 wI1en £57..99 £S19.Nlkon £19. £'9. lng SBmm SHMCI'!o 1-0 UV 58mm He Oig1tal (0) UV SBmm HO 0Ig1to1PI.99 See Web £6....6 EX DG HSM t/2.3 DG Macrol"' __ DC OS HSM EX DG HSM £229..NI tlI9.00 SSmmClrcw.=~:===:===i1 3Smm (/2.$1 Or only £49.00 £219.9.00 £379. 5Smm SHMC I'!o 1·0 UV l~O. Only £53 t .""" ...99 Pro 16-50 1/2.00 £1.S EX DG Macro HSM II f/4-5.5 8( DC HSM 5AVE£91. 55-20Omm f/4·5.S EX DG 24mm f/1.73 sp~'" ~ ~ 0128AFt: Flash Gun· unon {54.oH".. ble In Canon tit Onl sapno 0) Only £399.5 APO EX DG SOOmm f/5.99 £499.) 019.S EX DG f/5.00 nmm Circular PoIa!Izing SSmm He DIgItal On:ulaT Pol.3 DG OS HSM f/2.=:. unon N ~ '---"" L6l.09 ~..00 67mmHDOIgltalUV{O) 55m".IIi Bimboo Fun Medium II' l~pE5~::.4 EX DC HSM 50mm t/2.5 DC OS HSM f/3.l0 1.95 Intu0s4lMdlum {ASWId.5 OI<£A!I9. Sony and Four Thirds fits.S-4 DC Macro OS HSM f/2.11 £103..5-5.99 £694.99 £519.a367IT1mUV S2nlm HO 0Ig1~1Clrcular Pol (71.UV £19. Sigma is a world leader in the optical field with top quality lenses available in Sigma.99 £189. packing the full spec of a DSlR into the body of a when bought with.8 EX DG Macro 150mm f/2..99 £607.lh Gun .73 nmm HD DIg)tal UV (0) £49.99 £ NUron 70-200 f/2.99 Wacom Graphics Tab Bamboo Touch Bamboo Pen III Touch Bamboo Fun Sm. I PentaJt Purchcne any Si ma lern from Palil Cameras.1 31 l0-20mm f/3. See web for full range.99 ll·24mm 1/4 OX r"'9.S SOmm f/l.19 £43.rr.11 5AVE£1 32.701 10-300mm 1/4-5.3 DC OS HSM DC DC OS HSM 1S-50mm f/2.03 67mm Clr".12 t26.S EX DG 20mm f/1.QO from £1.99 InlliOS4UiJge CM WIde) £419..rPo .') Inlu0s4 Sm.99 FI.6 f/4-5.99 £402.66 7lmm HD Dlgltol UV (0) SBm".07 nmm SHMCPro t-o Orc·poIt141.849.EPl400GFI Ef 530 Sigma EF 5305u".1...99 f/2.

..00CMf ..._VSOOPh"". NIKON SCANNER ACaSSORIES Sl'-210Slldd"_tCl .-nos • g""...~.i .\v300Phou>IF1o:l>od) 1>..s> £169.99 wireless home -_ .99 SRP Ugg.00 £579..".99 113U."-px71ow(A41 Pl<8dOFW (.) 5tytu.86 - ~..99 ress: SRP £557.OO StJIon -.bod) Epson Perfection V30 (J)£ce/leI'I( hot'He ~t1f1 wIrh t#r8 ~ t:i(Jvi(. HI-befil1ioon l/-i".99 £408.I'n>IJOIJO_Il!AJ-t) Pb"" "'" _ Motk n (A3.tu..!IOfY ""..dInq for qtJl'lerr.onol """""_(AlIlo-OnoJ """'.99 EpSON PRINTERS Stylus """'" PW (.00 _OI_W)Il) Allin en.. ~1900 (A3.bod) ~ SAP £69.dl l>D£7OIII'1Rotbod) Cono\Qn5600FlflItbod) 8800F (flo." HP Photosmart Premium A4 Printer Afl-in-Ol1e Pril1rB( HP Photosmart Pro 89180 A3+ Printer Print professiond f(.99 FH-8JSS1SmmStrlpFi&mHokH!t U6.t9 "1 •.Id £569." 07lI." iX4000 (A3+) PIx"..8Jj50!Al+) _S_t .24. nSOOO)(4911.99 PLUS'ThK SCANNERS Smon_~(plll'lJ OpIkflIm 7400 Opdcf1Im1SOO1 SEll) OptiCFlm 7Eca1 SE Opdcf1Im 76OC11 Al "..00 n. {"..00 £2." 111939 US9.mlM) ..ftiOl1S SaII'Irtet: COplet' £132. dercJ1ed prrl'f(S of SiZ4S frotn 6ltL/' lip ro .(f1I_) P_tlon PhOlo(Flatbtd) V700PhqtO (f1I:I>od) r. ptil'lOi1q Wirh firsr/I.~ PARKCameras p/ustek c..J. RIIOO 1M! IUJI9 1 ".\41 StyIuj """'" PlWO ''''I Stylot _. -.'I! 17900 (139.99 A1Gl".1'100Po_~oa.99 US7.99 '''.73 • 0"lid ItntlllBlh Apr.98* Epson large Format Printers saving over £144." U3UO Uft..00 SAP £729. ..\3 • PIxm.99 ratAP . BM50~1 un." (.. 1 W) S~_'400l~ U79.00 SRP £529... """"'P3600CM) _ . {rAster.00 139~.00 Cll.99 Scytut "'"".<Jne) PlxmaMlt!l70~ Pbm. JOlO SRP £299.7'19.00 . for tne HI-be{ir1itiOt'l AII-in-o"e wireless home IS SAP £655.A1ite irtwpS Of' c%I.') Pbm. - for A4 Printer rills ~ idet._mf'nr1wPlos _-D!'e""_ ~"'Pr_'_ _S..rlectlon VI50 Photo (F1o_J EnJotf FI tbed S nner n~... A3+ Printer 'flU to £ 99.y Selphy ESoO(GonIpoct) 1»9.99 SAPU99.00 US..99 CANON PRINTERS £69.OO 09.." £99.00 U 19.-""'"'".x PARKCameras Canon Pixma Pro 9000 Mk II Canon Pixma Pro 9500 Mk II vihttvrr. £169.261 SCANNE]~~~~ . PhoIo 1UBIIOW+) *- _S HP PAINTERS "'580lM) CooIlan La 100 IFl.P100Po_HI. Ml(m (AJHn./ £259. ~ 1)EAJ Film & print scanners from Plustek!! val able to order owl See www. 490 1~1Ho>O 1 .' .pllS (fW" {r.~ .tl>odj La200IF1...." soN 8NJS. ~- ""'.99 4.t9 t " UOJ..99 EpSON SCANNERS P"""Uo.oo _'Ion veoo £199..PARKCameras KEEPING YOU IN THE PICTURE PRINTE..1' In. 99 "19.Ir Ful"rfelAlurea.99 (101... ~ Canon Pixma iX700 A3 Printer 11'1 a wide ('QfIfIJ rhe ~OJIId-rtudlr'f A~ phoro prrl1{er BNiimq odIieve wereI' f'eSU1rs.swpfUm Hold." uns.." 45".oo s..734.. 1249.odialSlIdeH.ij9 ( for details.9f 11.\41(S) Stylot_.9f A4-116!OGllO.00 Epson Stylus Photo R2SS0 Me fled< Epson Stylus Photo PXS10FW Epson Stylus Photo PX710w A4 Printer rhe 3+ Printer Srep /fIro I«qe-fomw Q...udir'f pI1oroqrr:.8 rhq( CCIfI hf#lfl/e CIf'Ij tdocuflf8nt: f#ld restores ~r p'1totos as CANON S~NNERS "".. HPSCANNERS SanJetG4010(fIAtbed) _G4050(flo." £179.." N1KON SCANNERS 9000 ED (Rlm1S1ido.00 U59.E-S .. Ct7000 (.ParkCameras."._WHn-OnoJ 1m -U69.... nac.n.ll9 Canon large Format Printers iPF 5100 Price 1....ArPAN<.9't A+-869M12l1Mau""" __ "39.d... Ml'560 (A1..

95 ~~:::st:x..95 [15... renner Lowering the Cost of Photography We are a small family owned and run company.. Modular Accessory wan £9.'.95 Superflex T BIllingham Accessortes Inserts (all) £12._ .95 System £29.--I-I II Ink & Photographic ..95 £49.-...ncJe-TTLllmIJtllr1rg....m~g.!...95 [17.. CV31 1)(8.__..~~~~tbI":t... <>11- :...95 £8.95 £9..... Warwickshire.':".our office dogl Premier Ink & Photographic. and meet Judy .95 £12. in the heart of Warwickshire .if you are passing.. ~.y . We are based in Leamington Spa...00 £92.tM'Wt HliOft f* .r1d. rm.rt 6X ax 7X lOX 9X £38.95 Save: £57.95 Shoulder Pads £17 .w....95 f ~ .~=~==": lWIaItIct'I\OMA9ttaOft'lllnfto~ ==. Sydenham Industrial Estate.. _..95 £59.. I4MI'G RRP: £1<l9.. Velocity Sling bocfy for k)~r 0NI1 .r0tI ~ 1TlOOt. ~=.=_..premier-ink.. Leamington Spa.". or live close by. www..' Water Bottle Holder Lens case Pro 50 Lens Case Pro 100 Lens Case Pro 200 Flash Case Medium Flash Case l_ Rain Cover Medlum Rain Cover ~ MAS BeltModklm ""'--_utlnu-.-r from )'OUt '...95 £42.nitU rwtMM al!'Wlt t\Mh ..95 £11. Nlssln 01466 Speed lite (GN:33) .. Longfield Road.. .uk _"""iQIIodnlgnol _ ..95 £19.95 £13.95 ~'=I. specialising in photographic consumables.. please pop into our shop.:=....

1InMrd coMnn WoIghl: U1kg and a full VAT receipt is provided with every order.136cm Alta+234AT Alta . IUkg ..ght 169cm ~-£69. pmfessloola) The 2009 T/PA "Best Accessory" award-wInnIng Vanguard AJIIIPRO tripod range Is set to levolurlon/se the way you thInk ..95 "'*': 78ku 7= G VA'IIGUA~D' Special r. cheque or postal order..26IIg 6798 Weight: 0.p rem .x.~-:.Lower·ng the Cost of Photography Orders are shipped promptly by Royal Mal11st class post.ll2kg ~'.uk lJI1ra high r""'''''''''1 433MH. Pentax ..bout tripods/ :"'.t=~:~==I:::"~?" Each kk c::ontalns a wireJeU: transmitter! I rec:efyer with catner'& ahOe and eonnoctDrI to allow it 10 plUg rnto yotW camera. or by visitin~ our new showroom: Premier Ink & Photographic. Orders accepted securely online.Okg 41cm Height1~m £179.-055CXPR03 r.7. He. All prices include VAT.Okg BH02 8H08 Ball Hood weight O.:..0kg Folded: 38cin Height 11ecm £79.Okg FoicIe<I:_ Height: 162cm £36.1I~g LoiId..t.95 W_to. CV31 1XB.:J·ru. Leammgton Spa.aIOn ..95 ~''''Deals Alta .QOOCOiUII'WI _IIM'OttdCOli. H.cdllf1 £ for which we charge Just £1.._.iJ:~ £14.95 r:t" U3k97 FoicI. 224CT Weight O..Sony..95 -..95 \fOf.. 235AT AUnIIll"'l 5... O..57kU/ lfci'd.95 -- Package £79 SAVfNG£ZS C324 Monopod w:8h1.nkg BaD Head BH286a Hoad WelglltQ. "" . .7 Monopod --AIta·233AT ~~35~ Helghc! 151~m £59.- 01926 339977 www.. 01926339977.. Sydenham Industrial Estate..ooid.Jk~g f:t~~t~ £249.nelS ..601<9 Lood: 1D.MIkg I.76 per order.premier-ink. CHyrnpus.Qkg BH58 Ball Head Weight. by post.. pIUS a IhortCf:Stan08 cabI8 os-alld IhuUDr rwlaGM Ava!la* (or Canon. 3.'r~r= m::: Spom/ ONI p. Nikon... Warwickshire.. Longfield Road. www. W.. D.74ku LoicI: 1e.:'~J:e:':s=~:=· radlo. Payment accepted by credit/debit -I link & Photographic =~:rc.95 .oIid 18... over the telephone..wm Welgill: 1. Dkg 12 FOlded: 17cm Height 161cm £. 154c:m 6808 Mooopod AiulN'eklm"""" 6818 Mooopod AIurn~h.J~~~ Height.

.... F3.. ._-''--'CD L ---' MIFSUDS ARE NIKON PROFESSIONAL DEALERS £3549 03X body .5 0 PCE.5I6.! to lit C499 £649 1:399 1:469 .5I5. £.8G 1:189 35 F2 AIi·O 1:289 4S F28 0 PCE.814. 70 F2.5I4.S OS CAFINAF 18-125 F3. Email -InO". £539 10·24 F3.. 15 F2..6APO DG mao . .. ... . Commission Sale I Part Exchange ~/co~~. .5 L TSE MKII 5000 bod y.Y Red 87mm nmm £3& £49 £89 1:639 1:299 1O-3OOF4.. Cl629 10-300 F4..:::":::~~i: ~F~288~~ELU·..8 OX .. . I::109. £469 05000 + 18-55 VR..3 EX 00 CAF. . . 10am-1pm Sunday. • ..6 28-300 F3.5 G AFS OX ...' .8 EX IF DG HSM . P~ Extra. .814. . ... £315 03000 + 18-55 VR. £169 72mm £69 £69 81M!IC £16 £19 £24 £26 ClO Family Run Pro Deale hip with Friendly..8 EX DG CAFINAF 28-300 F3.6 EX DC CAF/NIIJ' 12·24 F4. 24-70 F2. 500 body • • • • • • • • • • • • £727 18-200 F~5.600lSU .••.6 IS USM C394 BG·E8 Grip (5500) ..• C369 EF-S NON FUll. .8 AFS VA OX • £425 17·55 F2. .. .8 AF·O . .~~ g~~~'~lsl~~~~:::::::g~~~ 70 + 15-85. .6 VR Am . SO·ISO F2... 1:159 ~~=..8 AFO t1249 14·24 F28 G EO AF-S .S L USM Macro 200 F2..••••••... .••••••••.www. 1:199 lIJO...• £397 80-400 F4.5 DC OS •••.5 OG EX CAFINAF ••• 10 F2.300F4.£79 Ext tube 25£1599 55-2SO C129 500 + 17-85 F4/5..O.. .5 F2..597 200 F2 G VR 23199 200-400 F4 VA ...~~ F 5500 + 18-55 IS £779 ~-~~~t~~~::::::::::~: ~~~jb~i...=--=. .. ...8 EX DG mactO •••• . .5I5. . 24·70F2.4 AF·S G 1:297 Fl. ..' .8 00 OS £:289 C399 C649 £439 £:249 £375 1:238 1:569 £749 C380 t85 £:!6 £37 £40 £47 £82 £87 C72 C79 £110 £149 £SB £70 £SO £85 £94 £114 t132 £149 £160 I £85 95mm HOYA Unear Potariser Inlra £339 HOVA 58mm 62mm ~g. ~o"ectionSentice Avai!able.1:4499 300 F2....----. 1:307 85 F2.•• 70-300 F4I5..6 IS U £989 ~li:S~croUSM £347 ~~~l:'~~ ••••. C1229 16 F2.8 II L USM •.30pm. . £389 £679 £449 C369 1:279 £319 £149 1:269 18-200 F3.. .6 OS DC .8 AF·O Asheye.. ..••.R.515..• £~ 55·2.~: iCIs~~x~~Q!Mr 1::179 7()'2ooF4LISUSM 500 + 18 . .. ••.!lsus. .8 AF·O.£109 80 F2.:~~~~·'i::.~m 5500 + 18-135 IS £949 ~~~i:~. ... .• .8 EX DC II .~~~... .••••..e DG mao II ••. .8 G EO AF-S .~ 1::1849 100F2. •.4 AFO 1:879 85 Fl.8 EX DC IIIAF only.8 AF·O .3 OG .1::1219 STE2Transmitter ..6 VR .. Many s!ocIIed In PeIlI3x & 5IJ1y fils I*bI flI3I/ V'/ accordlrr..dg~ ~~i:!G~~'50F1:8'1I'~~~~fl~~~~~'::::::~~ 70 + 18-135 £1469 ~:=~~3~~.£429 Offcamerashoe<Xll'dOC·E3 1:59 £529 24 F3.5I5.5-5. EOS DSLRS + KITS . .4 EX DC HSM NAF ••.. 5/5 6 .8MI<JILUSM 17 F4 rSE L 1::1947 7()'300 1'4... £11 24·86 F2. 1::999 0700 body £1139 0300s body so n £14 C16 £17 £19 £34 £:!6 £38 £44 £49 C55 £59 £69 5O-500mm CAF £749 120·300mm CAF/NAF 300-BOOmmEx Demo £1789 CAF/NAF£2177 nmm 300mm EX DG 67mm 72nwn 82mm 86rnm 96mm £24 £30 £39 £66 m 4. SA 9am ...8 EX OC Mao •.8FU4SMLIS . .1::1119 7Q.5 EX DC HSM . .. £2333 ~g:~~g:~~:~~s~~o·tX.. 1:2399 135 F2 L USM 180 F3.• 30 Fl..6 EX 00 • • • ..~~~·~SLLuJ~:.3Opm Web .6 VR OX ... • • .~.1pm 27-29 Bolton Street Brixham. C197 70-200 F2..8 MacroUSM ..6ISLUSM TC. . .5I5. .. . . .8 AFS VA C3799 300 F4 AF·S . £599 090 + 18-105 F3. .8 AFS • • .815... 15 F2.::::::~~~:=======:r=====. 17-70 F2.1:·:::::·:::~~~ ~:~~~C~~M. £459 24 F3.8LUSMMKlI . 1:4699 300 F2. 1:249 35Fl.8 EX OG Sony . • £449 105 F2.•..•1:2449 Ext tubll12L . . .55 IS .5/5.~I~::::::..••. .•• 18·250 F3. •. . 18-SO F2. ~ 0180 Mail Order: 52400 MIFSUDS ARE CANON PROFESSIONAL STOCKISTS 10 MKIV body £3699 50 MKII body £1689 POWERSHOT CAMERAS GIl •..••..... •• ... £1695 ~t~~~~I~~~~bc..1::1049 BGE2NGrip(2OI3OIAOO) ••• 1::149 ~~~~~ 5500 b od y.• 18-SO F2. £399 IS L U ••. ...~~. .6 G £747 05000 body .5/ PHONE NESOPEN MO -FRI 9am .00 F4I5. • .. £369 OIGfTAL ONLY LENSES 10. EOS 70 body £1227 £949 .. .• 17·70 F2.• SO Fl..• 24-70 F2. . ... SO F2.8 OX £899 18·55 F3..•••.J~s"u~~~gg ~~~S>6il\jSM::::g5~.Nikon DIGITAL SLR + KITS 50 MKII + 24-105 . __ 5000 + 18 . C299 .. •• £559 03S body £1739 ox 24·120 AF-S VR G 1:549 28 F2.'~~~.. • C619 16·35 f4 AFS VR.~46919 l00-300F4..8 EX OG mac CAFINAF 70·200 F2.6USMlodt·C219 ..8 0 PCE . . .5IS.. . £409 70-200 F2.8IS U UI • •.8 AFS G VR II.515. 1:1199 C699 . . .d~~ ~~~::~E·.516..I::1999 70·200 1'4 L USM.aON3 . .C1399 85 F3. .8 28-135 Shop & Phones Closed Saturday Only 1pmtlIl1... . £599 ~·Fl051.814. ..6 t189 IS USM ..c.8 f'1sh&ye £639 £:499 Compect batt pack CP·E4 1:127 .6G ED VA no bOx £179 18-200 F3. South 0 TQ5 9BZ -~-...••.•• £615 12·24 F4 OX £799 16·86 F3 515.. Knowledgab' Staff. .:.5 G VA . . 1:469 590 .3 DC OS •• .. 50-500 F416.6 £399 65 MPE F28.5pm. .814.. ....•. Price inc VAT. .. £689 18-35F2.•.6 ISunboxed . . . ..... .• £357 24-70 F2. USM •. .8 AFO . . . . •• 1::1399 24 F2.. SUN 10am . .. . . .4 EX DG CAF/NAF ...129 18"105 FI3. £38 £42 £45 £49 £991 G.8 VA macro .4OOF4. FRAME LENSES 2B F2...• 1::939 AnglefinderC. Open 7 days per week. ..e VR OX no box £.cn.£1399 50 Fl. .. • .. .. .. . .. £1149 85 Fl.5I6.200 F3 .. EIO~.5/5. ••. ... 10-20 F4I5.8 EX DC NAF 10-2Q F3.-----. £:899 600 f4 IS USM •••..515.5I5. .515. £4777 03S body .5 OC .:...8 AF-O ... .mlfsuds.3 DC OS . ..5 F2. .8LUSM £997 l00F2USM C399 LCSwlrelessSBt £S69 . 8 F3.. £1099 14F2...SlS... .·:::~ri~ ~~f. • f @ 'f d gam 5pm SaturdjiY.FAMILY RUN SINCE 1954 Sho Is Open 10 -5pfTl Monday-Fnday. .·.. £519 03000 body .. .S.. £3549 090 body ..6 VR 1:219 LENSES 14 F2.e VRII .boxed ·. . .8 0 AFS £1549 20 F2. 1:1029 17·35 F2. ..

.6 OS .£89 WLF 8811y • .2OO ATX Pro £349 FLASH/ACCESS 58·23 • £39 SB·25 •• £69 SB·28..8 AI.6001 C499 TAM 17-50 f2. •• .. £119 PENTA)( K2000 body .-ED3 box •••.8 III box£399 TAM 200-400 FS....5 £99 Taklna 20-35 ATX.4x or 2x con ea •• £199 Helicod ext tube..8 .. melerecl prism + 105 F2.• £39 Ref converter A anglelinder .. •••••• 129 100-220 F4. £169 45· pfism e8l1y . •• . •• £99 F80 Body silver. . 5x4 & 8x9.8 N . .S AF •••• £39 28·65 FS. • . ••.£89 Chimney •• . £549 cambo SC Mono! 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Sack •• £79 Polaroid 545 Back .. £69 220 SO Back " • " ..5 •••...8 (67mm) ....515. ...• . £69 BG·E6 £179 WFT-E2 box ••••....8AI " £169 28 F4 Shift ..5 "".£439 •• " £1499 .. .••• FS..B fisIM!ye .. £699 35 F3.516.. • £99 150 F3.B early (67"". _. ...814 EX .8 Oi Macro £339 18-27Cinm £359 TAM RON NAF 17-50 F2. £79 540FTZ Flash Mint £249 LARGE FORMAT Wista 4S0X Field Camera (Sx4) M.8 AFD N • .51S. £99 65 F4 PS Boxed .3 XR. ••• £99 37 FA. AI2chmme. • £119 12·24 F4.3 OJ II vc LD CN'IWF £449 28-200mm F3.£499 100-300 FA EX DG M-£479 105 F2. £1299 100 F2.9 box £479 4 £199 200 F4. ... •..at4.•. • . ." "" ••" .4 EX DC M-.•••.813.•.S ••• .£599 50 F4 CF ••.6 •••• .. OPt Prism + MOO + MB2 . £499 16-35 2-8 UI M· .1:129 PEHTAX 845MI' 845 Body . £299 50 F4 Shill M· Box £...•• .S fisheye_ .• £269 50 FIA AFO M.5 Macro •• £'29 1. £49 F50 body . £t99 CANONAF EOS IV Mint box ." " •• £89 80-200 F4 AlS •. _.6 VA M· bex.£229 16-50 F2..515. ..• £39 1()'22 F3.. £99 2X A El<Iender..6 MO" " . .. __ ... ...8 N .£99 Tel us 2x tonII.£199 55-200 F4..• £39 Oynax 30351 Body •• £'29 28-80 F3. £:469 FA 45 F2. F6 body..3 OS r299 2A·70 F2.£149 6~bN ~L:s1i" . £99 AE Pri$m EtII1y •• .5 mac M· boxI:149 135 F2.8 OS ..6 PG M·. " ••••" .8 C8 M... • • .£79 60-200 F2..£99 200 F2.. £899 02X body . £4S..8 MC" """ .. .S Moe .....• £39 28·80 F3. £99 120 SQAJ BlIck •• . •• £299 120 backs £39 MINOLTAMD X-700 BODIES TO CLEAR £69 X-300 Body Chr £49 28 F2.4x EX •.6 AFS .S lIFO •• 1:199 70-300 F4. " . £'249 28·200 F3. £20 Angle Finder. £84B1e99 500 body box •. £99 EOS S body .. •• ... £269 645 Pro Body..5/5.. 2x mac corw£29 MINOLTA.814 EX DG £249 17-35 F2...8.F Boxed. £fi9 PIINTAX 87 67 MU . £19 Teleplu. A12 . ... £179 Prism earty ..peele! offers lind . £29 70·200 F4 MO ••" £99 135 F2....... " ... •• • £199 35F2 •• _. .6 CF + macro bellows.. .515..£119 36AF4 Flashgun £79 45CL4 Flashgun N!Cd •."" . £579 150 F4.300 1'4.5 + VF . . m4B 24-70 F2.. £849 50 F4 CF FLE.••• r249 150-500 F~ N'O DG£599 l1Q. •• .•• . £79 550EX •• ... £49 EOS lQ1100 body eo..--8.5 EFS.6 00 .6 N __ " ..• _. •• £499 65 1'4 box ..£899 SO F4.• . £199 120 Insert M· £249 200 F4 (5Smm) .5 F2.S VR . • . .5. ..8 U macro •....AJX Pro .3 EX.516. £199 16-200 F3..815. .. £139 16-200 F3..6. £399 55 F2....•..515..£299 24·85 F2.8 •••• .'.515. £69 INOIE MO FIT LENSES Carl Zeiss 24 F2.514. £59 300EZ .box£299 165 F2.£499 15 F2. £199 75 F2..815.. C20 200 F4 MO _ . £199 55-110 F4.• r:J69 300 body box •• •• £299 4000 body . •• £69 55-250 F415...S PG + OS .F .•. •. .." £149 45 F2..514.514.• ". £149 7 body £429 2:..•. £69 FE401 AE Pri$m M. .. PENT~ HOYA. • £599 EOS IV HS To clear£599 EOS IN HSbody ..)£139 135 F4 mac """t (67mm]£149 150 F2..515.£99 S8-18A ".8 . .•• . .3()() F4.S Leaf (SBmm)£149 SO-I80 F4. . • £129 "IKON...M)...... £99 •• £99 .6 EFS.•• £40 £89 WE STOCK IN DEPTH ~~~U~'MiliI5 300 F2. £199 l00·10(). £89 Angle Finder B . £129 MH. •.S PE M.. •• . £49 200 FA AIS macro Ih tripod mooot ring .1> £149 2x El<Ian1Ie....5 • . ••. . .£199 18·200 F3.5 + RFH • ... £20 13S F3..6 DC Mini £89 70-300 APO mac DG £129 60-400 F4....." .8 ATX 1:199 10K 26-70 ... •• F4 PG M.B EX DG . •• £449 65 14.. £99 AE prism early.. . £'20 S8-15 .... . £169 200 F4.• ..5/6.... KATA etc Subacribe to our emllll newsletter· be . prism. £17 AS-6 . ..1:1299 500 F4 AFS •.• £169 24-105 F4 L M..S .£17 5B-SE....• £369 1()().. £149 2x II Conv Box •••• £219 VC7 box . £149 100 F4 Macro.. £49 F65 body . • .'l9 MF-IS FM2N ..£349 645 Pro 11.S MO.3 ED £299 50 F2 macro..5 AI Box.... Tubet149 85 Fl. ..4x A El<Iender ••.••.• £199 300 F4. £929 8I}-400 F4. •• £149 lBO F4.•• . •..514. £249 75 F4. £199 65 F4 PS..Bl4 Oi II SP PKAF £379 £139 18-200mm 13.£569 55-200 F4I5..... £89 VC000/700 each. ... £89 400 F6.8 A M· Box. •. £69 17 F4 £279 50 F3.99 Expedition 9x (shown) £179.. " • '" ..• . •• . •• £299 Oyn 7 BIO M· Box £199 Oynax 7 Body •• ."". £449 FA 80-160 F4.6 IS.::.4x ConvertS( ..S Copal 0 APO Symmar L MC Mint..3 00 • £599 10-200 F2.••• £79 BQ.516.. £39 170 Body ... £69 NEW STOCK SPECIALS s ..5 •••••. £949 16-35 F2.499 50 F4 ShIft . ••.B. .5 L M-... . £99 F90X .£179 GW690 MKIlI •.C149 40 F4 Pc . . £249 25mm exl tube ••• ..• .. . .00 Expedition Sx £119.8 mint box£679 18·5S F3. " .. ".£119 OTHERCAF llIM 11·181'4. £299 45 F2.£399 FA 45·85 F4.. .•••••• £49 BG-E3 box ••••••••• £49 BQ. _ • £399 1501210VF . • £'239 18·55 F3.. _ . £99 2X B El<Iender .. . £'249 GX617 + 90 FS. ••• £39 SIGMAMINAF 17-0:l5 F2. £649 150 F4 CF. £699 50 body box.£79 .... _ •. . £99 50 F3. £89 F301 Body • •• " • £69 24 F2. "..3 " . MANFROTTO...51:49 TOK35-135 F4I5. •• ~149 250 F4. .6 . £17 AS-4. TAMRAC. .515.6 UII..00 MC-JO MC-36 .8 OJ..... £279 TAM 200-500 F516'.. £3799 600 F4 L non IS afIghl damage see web. £149 300 F4 built In hood & R er ••• ..£399 • £199 . ...S .. •.6 U •.. OPU Prism£249 FM2n blo chrlblk . . £349 RZ Pro body... •• Polaroid Back ••• =~~' GS1 + 100 F3. £649 45 F4 (82mm) """'" £'299 55 F3. £80 TAM 7()'200 F2.611••• .300 F4.. • £149 COS Chlmney. _" .S OD ....5 (77mm)£'299 120 F4 Macro .. £199 F2 Chroma .. .. £179 500 F8 Mlrrtlf • .• £'249 16-270 F3. . . £89 55-200 F4I5..8 1 touch £349 60-400 F4. .£199 1. £149 48AF1 Flashgun £189 58AF1 Rashgun shown £289 MEIZ 10-24mm f3. £69 M IVA RZ Sd RZPro1l0+l10 + RFH 1:199 50 Fl..6 .. £49 OR-3 Angle Finder •• £69 MF·19 Data Back F301 r...8 GX680 •• . £379 040 body box ••••• £179 050 body box •••• .• . ." .1:799 S03CX body . _._ _. _ .•• ... ...6 AF 0 £29 28-80 F4I5.. . £199 4S· prism lale _ . . ..5 EX DG ••• tAx EX 00 2x EX 00 conv.•.£149 ..8 EX OG box.. " .. .£79 45 F2 £25 SO FIA MD £69 50 Fl..8/5_6 XA DI PKAF £ 129 28-300mm F3..Oard rain . 150 FS. £79 111-70 F3.6 •••••• . .5 Ser 1 £39 TOK 2x 7 ele conv .£159 .514..S £69 26-90 F4I5.. £20 Lens Hood 105·1 SO 5£'20 150F4PS.. £199 10Q-400 F4.•.515.B AFS VR . __ ..S Dill •• _.. £99 Oynax 60051 body •• £99 Oynax 7X1 Body Box t49 Oynax SOOSI Body . "". ....... . • £379 Fl00 M8-1S •• Ci'28 1'100 blo TO CLEAA£l ~9 F4s body SCNfIy. • £89 NIKON 03 body box.. " £129 Ramot. £49 18·250 F3. •• .£24 Auto V8IIabtex el<I tube65-116. __ £119 420EX box ..6 UIS £199 26-200 F3. £199 SO F2.00 Expedition 5x £99. .nde.. " •.• ...5 KL lovely •• £279 150 F4 mint box.. • £'249 300 F2. •• £69 2Il-300 F3.4Iatest_ .8 OX . . ..3 00 •• £149 30 F1.£39 40 F4 CF FLE_.1:149 F90X body •. £449 10-300 F415. _ .99 Expedition 7 £99.3 IlII VC£399 19-35 FS..•• . . £79 Cable Rei Ad RC402 C20 645 Super Conn N. £799 F5 body M· boo: '" • £499 El<I tube 1 or 2 eech •• £89 .... ..6 EFS •• .S M· £129 28-80 F4I5.8 AFO ...4 early (67"". .. QUALITY USED EQUIPMENT More on web 3 Month warranty Part exchange welcome T0200 Conve!1ar " £59 TCSOO COnvert " C149 TC301 Converts( .4x conVf!rt ... " £479 Auto el<llube 14 ..8.6 •.•• £1049 16-85 F3.S/S.... _ .::£~ MAMIVA RB e..• ...£49 TOK 2Q.. ..8 N + FE401 Prism + Pro W. ... £379 100 1'2. ."" .8 •• . • £129 Metz SCA386 . "". £199 150 F3.N9 l20J RFH (645).. £399 FA 120 F4 mec bo)( £349 FA 200 F4 box .• " ..••• £429 20 F2.. £'249 45·90 F4I5.•• 1:199 3000 body ..516. ••...5 ...••••• £49 26-300 F3. •• £99 100-000 F5.• £'249 E-14 Exte~n Tube £49 2x el<lender £99 All 120 RFH £49 Polaroid Back . £3299 lOS MKII body M-~799 10 MKlII body 1:1699 50 MKII body .£449 50 F3.. •• .8 U IS L M·£3299 400 F2. _ •. £379 MINOLTAISONY Mlnolla VC70 grip . •• £99 SB-3O. ..6".8 U U_ 1:99 80-200 F4.' £199 2x Convert . .. .3 •••• . •• £699 RZ Pro II body .6 ASP blk •• £1499 2S F2. £99 75 F2. GITZO..7 RB Pro SO + 90 1'3." £449 105 F2_4 latest..B L IS U M-£5499 400 F4 DO •• ' •• . •• . •• .8 ..300F5. SV Prism + 120 RFH + WlncSer Box £449 645 Pro + 80 F2.. £49 AE-l Program CHR .5 MO" _ •• £29 135 F3. .£fi9 12OSOA Sack •• ...5 N (TIny Optical BlemisI1) ••. .S/S 61S l U£999 300 F2.8 F " ..• 1:1299 RZB7 Pro II Inc 110 + RFH M.• £'219 100 body ••.. £599 LOTS MORE USED IN STOCK rInI or _ .. £149 FE7Dl pfism AE .3 Oi II NAF only 60mm f2 Oi II Macro CAF NAF + Sony F3. • C69 MBO-l00 (Dl00} .••...6 PE.. £99 16-55 F3. £299 Exl Tube 1. •• . HASSILBLAD £599 £479 exe ~~ ~~~CF C699 SiGMACAF BRONICASQ SOAI camp Inc 80 . £399 250 F5. Prism Box (Super) £149 PI In Prism . •£429 6OOf8 ..£99 WI...5 C .•. £39 Waist Level Finclet •• £69 PoI8I1od Back HP401 £49 120 Insert..51S. "" £149 Auto bellows M.8 Macro 1:1 .". £199 Klooo body box ..6 •.5 KL +RFH....S •• O' •• . £199 18·50 F2.' £149 165 F41eaf (77mm)..r::cm ::: FWI MEn FORMAT 2SO F5. ••.S OX •••••• £699 18-55 F3. £279 105 F2.•• . £399 PM90 pfism .80X£199 200 F4. ••..£49 F2 Film Mag Box. . •• . ... £469 0200 body £449 080 body box •••• . £39 Viv Set 1 28-90 F2. £39 EOS 500 body.8 PE . .. £39 35 F2. ..••• £1449 0300$ body bex.8 XR nil £269 llIM 16-250 Dill .516.8 AFO " .5/5_S U . • £'219 TC20E .£199 ..£2699 Focus 8Ctn GXB17 ...' £149 HeIlcoid Exl tube set £79 Reverse adapl set • £39 1.00 Expedition 4x £79..S MO £49 35·105 F3.8 ..8 AFO M· ••••• £379 24 F2.6 . i:179 24-85 FJ.••• .. Inc SO 1'2.4 EX.8 EX ..1:149 OM·4Tl block ..00 Expedition 7x £119.8 DG EX. £39 Reva<se 'ldapt " ."". •• £199 180 F4... PlaIn Prism + 120 RFH + Winder Boxed. £89 LEI A MlCOMPACT M6 TTl. •. £49 135 F3.. .. •..6 01 ..• _.. __ ....•• £549 150 F3. ' £49 F801.5/5. . . £199 20 FI. • £399 300 F4.4 scn4Iy £179 5G-5OO 1'4.3 • £399 TOK 19-35 F3.. " ••_" £349 200 F41atest M· box£379 200 F4 ear1y lovely" £149 300 F4 eMy (82mm) £199 300 F4Ialest"""""....' £249 45-85 F4. • .8 N + 120 RFH + FE401. £69 SO F2.mongat the first to leem ebout .•• .8 MD £49 35· 70 F3.. .£29 HA401 120 RFH Box £59 120 Back .2..e\Ier •• £10 Lens Hood SO PS.. £:199 Early macro bellows £149 Tet US 2x eeov .•.:h" "". £379 5OF2... .S ••..••• . .8 EX •••.. .£199 645 Super Body ....ter 2x EX converter •••• 300 F2. •• !ll9 85 Fl.. ." .5 • • •• £99 35-80 F4I5. 45 box _ .6 SO£69 VIVItar 200 F3..8 DC .35 F2.. + 80 F2. •. _.£199 PB-6 Bellows •••.• .6APOCI99 10Q.00 Pro 5 £39. t149 Llle Size adapt Fits FO 50mm F3. . £99 ME Prism finder...S PE M· Box £'249 50 F2. "." . • . . .. " 150 F4 PS-M. £3999 500 FA AFS sc~9 TC20ElI M.' £129 540EZ.••.£99 50 F2. •• .815. £149 EOS 1 HS body. £999 90 F2 blk " " £8'99 CF Flash £69 CF-20 Rash •• .. . •£89 Tripo<l mourn BW •• ..7 Me _ . ••••• £429 12-24 F4 Gbox.. £399 70·300 F415. • £49 Speed Grip. . . .5 S .814. £479 645 Pro 11.8 SP •• " . £39 ~~~nd...£749 60-200 F2.5OO F516. £69 +A12 cht or blk •• £1399 503CW chr + 80 CF .••••• . £99 Fl N Body + AE Prism Boxed Lov!')l .. ..6 M- o £89 EOS 30 body . £249 MRI4EX.£49 AE-l Body CIvome . • . £799 1501'4 CFI .... £39 TOK 35·200 F4I5.. ..S AF .. ..)£139 165 F2.. £169 El<I tube 45 I1WlI box .8 AFS£699I799 60-200 F2..S blk ..514. £49 Rapid Focus l..8 MO £29 28 F3..at4 EX.5 Me £29 28-70 F3.8 ATX£I99 SIGMAPKAF 17-35 F2.v lnd'! m. £49 16-200 F3. 120 RFH .. "'" .box .8 EX 00 £2699 MCPr_ 58mm 87mm 72mm 62mm 82mm nmm £18 £20 £25 58mm 62mm 87mm 72mm nmm 82mm 1:16 £18 £20 TAMRAC Just Expedition 3 RusL.. ... ••• ..5 SW£599 l.. £'29$ F4 body loVely •• .5/S.00 Expedition 8x £149..515. £159 2xoonv EXOG £159 2xoonvEX.£99 28-300 XR DI VC M. •• .6 G.. .. __ .box£179 PENTAX 845M 645N + 76 . " . C49 OM-40 black body.. £149 110 F4 PS Mac (1 :4)£219 13S F4 PS M· .3 XR 01 VC NAF £349 90mm F2. £39 135 F4.£199 18·250 F3. battery cord £39 67 K adapter box. . ..• . 1:429 200 F418Iest . ..Box..8 VR . • £'239 FE2 Body Black.& Box..•• £249 3500 body .5 SPOi II 17-35mm f2.. .£199 PB-6 + PF·S £199 ~E IIX1 boIIaws M·1:179 PK-l1 " .814.."" •. . ".. "... £59 500 F4. . ••.B L ........ _£219 18·50 F2.8 T". •.£149 A24 chrlblk latest... " .. £49 MAdrlve ••.6 AlS .5 (95mm)£599 75 F4. .8 F Sarles .5/5. . •• !ll9 TAM 55-200 Dill ...£99 Mlnilux Zoom •••• ' £199 MAMIYA845 645 Pro 11.at4 EXOG.~fi~.B ••• .. £479 4500 body ..••• £'2399 0700 body M. C79 F801 body . £299 75 F2. .5 lalest box".••.••.£199 TOK 8().'l49 50·200 FU/3.S EX DG ..' _£49 58·16 .." . £49 Matt SCA 386 £49 5G-200 F4J5.30chetger £89 NIKON MI' FM3A 810 Blk Box £299 F3 Body ..••• ..-E2 box •. . •••• . £49 A121ale chrlblk •• .SIS. •• .. C2999 400 F2. • £69 Winder Late. •• .•• _£279 70-200 F2.. " ".•. •• .S AF ••• .5 5. ... £379 P adopter 87 lenses" £39 Komura or Vrvitar 2x converter a. .6 00 mac•• £79 105 F2. • £199 85 Fl_8 AI Dusty .£299 55-200 F4I5. £69 PlaIn Prism c .£369 CP-E2 ..£849 XPiwl1 body 9OF41oY1l1y. £3491£399 TOO Body 80xed •.• £39 AEIII Prism •• • ••. " £799 87MU + plaJn prism £349 87 MU body serviced ••" ..£159 . .••• . SVX Pack II Inc 80 F2 . "". CI29 S8-BOOX .£279 28·70 F2. ..5 . •.. 1:199 TAM 19-35 F3. AE Prism + Power Mlnt. £179 MBD-80 (080190).S (67mm) •••.85 bill £'799 CL body £299 24 F2. " £299 35 F4. 380eX . • £179 TrIpod mount AB ••• .• .£189 S1GMANAF 17·35 F2.5 shill (82mm) £449 100 F4 mac latest. .. body ..hlft" _'" £389 50 Fl . ••.5I5. •• .FAMILY RUN SINCE 1954 AUatOmIL CANON 1 MKIII box . body £49 F70 body . £79 cable Release A Box £25 FUm crank AC401 •• £20 MAMIVA 7 RP e1l7 50 F4.5 mac M. £449 645 Pro SV KIt Inc BO F2.5/5.. i!149 A24 chr te . WI.£199 &'1* AnguIon 90 1"8 £'249 Schneid .£129 SiQlTla 2x EX. .8 EX HSM£499 30 Fl.£299 26-135 F3. £299 170-500 F516..814 AFO ••• £399 24·120 F3. £49 ...S XR 0111M-£:l49 18-200 F3.. . .£29 300 FS...... £39 Auto ext lube 25 ..515.r. £149 26-135 FJ..£'239 16-125 F3..& Boxed C449 Polaroid 545 Pro FH £79 Polaroid 545...518.. •• . £549 14·24 F2.." 2299 135 F4l. .5 • VF M· box. •• . . E2499 2x el<l MKU M· box £249 2x extender M Kl_ .5 MC "...3 M· • £149 26-701'2... • . • £99 MBO-200 (0200) •• ..2 L box . £99 Aula Mec: lows • £179 EXtentIon Tube SI B .. "" " . £649 HA$8ILBLAD XPAN XPan ...S MO £49 35· 70 F3. Oyn 9 bJo M· box • £399 Oynax 9 body....S Early (1()t)m])£199 55 F4 lateel (77mm) £299 55-100 F4 . £499 1'1 N . .... £6991799 17·65 F4/S. •• £99 20 Fl .. £199 No 1 ext lube . _ •.. • £99 F36 flash ••. £39 Manual ext tube 7. £99 210 F4 M-O' .5I45 U. £299 FA 400 F5."".£229 580EX ._ .S Mini •• £89 26-200 F3.• £49 AE POW9Winder FN £79 AE Motordrlve FN + WInder FN .-E4 box £99 BQ. ..8 . £39 135 Back ..8 EX.8af (58mm)£249 150 Fas (5Bmm) _. £69 PS·E2 ••• .. £3299 300 F2. BRONIC f on most equipment F5 body.514..515.• . "". •• C149 TOK 20·35 F2. •• ..14 or 25 each .6 VR ••• 1:169 60 F2....N9 70-200 F2.. " . £39 Lens Hood 65·80 . __ .5 AlS •• £99 50 F1.5 N M. ..' £299 845 Body (No Insert) Scruffy .8 " " £89 135 F3. £99 Polaroid Back 100 .S PE . " .8 AFO boo: ..5 OS mlni£149 18·125 F3.5 U ..5 Me £'29 28 F3. .8 + 120 Insert .£349 F2 CIv + OPI Priam£'279 F2S 81k ....£199 . LOWEPRO.6 N ...£99 105-210 F4.• . .5i4.. £99 24 F4 M· Box •.. £29 SO F3.. . ...3 Dill £119 16-250 F3M..£99 S8-17 £99 MB-4 F3 _£49 MD-12 FM2n / FE2....S N. .. ...6 N M· Box.£999 02XS body box.3 •• .. £89 24F2.8 L box....• .£849 02HS body box •• . C169 Pro Shade E Box • .£179 5O-150APODC £3291379 50-S00 F4/S..6 VR M-£369 17-55 F2..£69 OLYMPUS E500 + 14-45 ••.._ £79 28 F3...6 EX DG . £549 64S Pro 11. AE Rotary Prism ••• £299 G :i:~~ 55-300 F4J5. •• £1499 S03CX + 80 CF F2.6 00 ...•.. ~49!I IDS MKII blo box £1399 10 MKiI body. ...8 M..8/5. •....5 AlS Inc hoodC149 TCI6A Converter. . £99 ~~~r~~:::2Ts C SOB comp Inc 80 •.6 FA AL •.. £849 65 Fl. " • _£149 ~na:. • £89 MONICA ETRS ETfISI comp 75 PE £'279 40 F4 E ..• £29 35·105 F3 514. ••• ..5/6. •. £599 1..8 AIS.8 EX OG £399 17-35 F2... Body • . £169 18-200 Mint box ....5 E • . £149 Oynax 700s1 body.. •• " •• £'249 Sigma 1.S N ULD·C CANON 'D 120 GS-l 100 150 250 G18 RFH + WLF. MII·10 . £649 43 1.£39 PK-12 £:l9 AS-1.8 EX .. 75 F2.....5 KL mint •• £299 180 F4..S E .. BUY ONUNE (new stock only) . •. £99 35-70 F3...5 C £199 90 F3. ... ...£949 0300 body bo •• .5 fishaye IAi (Buill In Filters) "_". . £599 400 body •• . £69 Aufo Bellows Boxed £79 Slide Oupij 35152R .. £39 EOS 5()(toj body .... • . •• . " . ....5/5. .UPDATED DAILY: .. 3S 011 1:049 Teleplus 2x coov. £249 1501'4 C .£249 PoE.. £69 26-105 F3. .• r279 20D body box ••.•. £'29 PlaIn PI1sm S Boxed £99 45 Degree Prism...". £49 10. __ .. ..S PG....514.CHECK LATEST PRICES .515. £279 150 F3. £269 30 Fl.8 UI .8 non EX ••• £99 26-200 F3.£99 Angle finder C. .Slatest M. . •. •• ...• .515.... £99 EOS 3/1 N body eo .5ULDC£299 150 F2. Body Boxed F3. __ .S PE M..5 Macro . Ext Tube Box G36 Ext TUbe Box 220 RFH (6x7). ...514.5 OS mint £149 16-SO F2. ...516.8 M.514.. . •• . . 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Rts 12". _ =:&s:t1~.•_ ..4 PO _ _ E·I Eo.. £3ii9-t4!19 601)1 Com~"' _ _ _ .".s"o I E.... 15"W and 17'W. two easy access padded wiIg pockets lor compact camera MP3 FI3!I>.s_ _ __ _.••. ...""'_ .. £I15 127mm F3 5 KL _ _ _M"' ._ _..rimagnf-" .Et I Et .... SIlrt l. cab es and accessolies..._ nlpo:Ii<j.. £249 Signa 1..E. t59 12I1Pro11llag _ _ _ . !S99-1649 2lA . £269 171i-'Illmm F5-6..E..__ __ CJS.It £299 CMIBI'd<BoiIyOn~_ _ _ E·[J29 CloI2 Chtm<IIIoott _ _ _ E· £79 ClMO ~'" BodyCriy .enses and accessories Faa res: Ergonomfc Inpod allaCllmenl wIloch hldes-aWilJ ._ _ _E>l: I En 113H249 2I111rmrF4 SIIC_ _ _ .. [l49 _ J~nt-[1Jl _.5-1. [149 _ ...d)' 0r1~ ..E++ £199 201Irmr F4 13k'm" _ .._ _ _ _.g SlJ(1i'mO_ _ _.E.._ ..£.E .. £J~149 2I1mm '28 fA.E+ I E..._.. Et.f...._ _ E...I..0"0 ZJ.... [499 JIIIlnm F2.•..E •• 135-£50 LIB15 Grip~Oo)_ _ _ _.299 1..5A~ __ __ _ . £29-£>9 1211ProM'gl. mil 711~ack.[49-£>9 f'tjalOi:l M....4 DC EX rSlI_ . A poOOl for 2 camEIlI bodies plUS 6 lenses & accessOOes.•._. [1119-£119 ~21Omm "4. _1l"NoI E_lJDeNo1. 9lirI1'ler front orgaooer. _ •..Ia. aliroMoually .1' ._ !l1nl· [279 _ floo IIoott CXI! _ FOOl( + IIBIOGr~ fOOl( BcdyOrly .'E++l6~[O!ll 18mm '2...1<nsbn Tube 7 __ ... backs.. 1111 AF400mRash .8luJco _ .. .E .sIloottDrll' ..1'tt 1449 SSmm F28A __ _ .E.._.._ 1 _ I· [1!6 Meters· Please Phone Mlnolta • Please Phone Nlkon AF " Body On~ F5Body On~_ _ _ _ '" As.. + 1:34!H~69 6.. TIE Iiail Photo Backpack is exactly Wl3t says..5 C _ _ _ ....R..Jlinl· t11 Daiaback FG _ _ _ _Unu. _ ._ _ _ 1ffl.rm.i~~2I111rmr F2_8__G AFS_ .•_ ••••••• _ _ •••••.._ _ <3.....__ VA _ _. £299-!6!ll 50mm .5W~ ..Ett £J49 6~2I11lrrnr F4 Zu.._E++ [699 Signa 51)nm F2.. Super strong shou. FI8 As Seen IE.1A'll _...E. £2!!9-13OO _ _. [149 31mm '1. 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. pocIcet_ Iaclt. Holds on SLR ... Iho TSII "'"""'- and I". ~ ?&~.... . £.... cobloi and -. I camfanably an the bock...ods ..I>r Pro £240. .H..11IiniltanJc Airport ln1emational V2 emes wi1il _ hoods. 25...uories and has a full _ tid foo. ~ Airpo<1 UltralightV2 Airpo<1l1ntidole V2 Airpo<1 Accelerotion V2 Airpo<1 Airpor1 V2 Airpo<1 Airpo<1 Airport Intemationol V2 _"......R0 and IUPOr ..9. Slingshot 200AW R.....! ItIIIIIS SIft Slingshot l00AW Red only .lnllf.:: ::. 500. £12 t.00 lowepfO Uses a unique sling design to go mod.95 ~l~::::·:...-ro. micro fiber lCD doth ond fwto generous organizer podc:ets. 1_ HDR(kgn Papers NEW Inkiet tho "->runt Oynamc ~) apli!dJydear ~ coating for Out*inc{'!'IIimagir>ll peiformanaa wiiI1 __ be<>ont 01_ d<Y from _ I'rin* Gt~ rhe the ~75".nth mid.. FIn_..5 £1.".1:'2095 1:'22. ~ Iaptoc>_11 tho bcv 10 ob. : : ... 10 lhe franl 10 )'OU can got 10 your comero quldtly.nallan 'od< rhe main __ • n..easy loading...£2r... Also includes a bui~~n rno"""Y card poUch. "3 ..""... ISeolrlly pro "'" 0SI.. 1·2 exira len . to reOdy mo~.range «10m affachod.Iford .. '\trll""N.*in .. 101 <XIi><t and lock In Ironl pocIcet """ """ _illnclllCled eee-e . it easily .." £14..0.. u.... !'SA aJ>P'O'i'ld"""... .. '""""""b:e £229..::: :::::. such cs !he <100 ~ 8. ...:~ .:: fl~:~ ....45 . in l4IConds. £2.

••. • . ~~ It:~~:6::::::::~ ~:=~~==I~..6 ..5.£90 Nikon 8O-200mmf4. £99 Nikon 70-300mm G •••••••• .. • .£70 Nlkkor 28mm 13. •.£89 Minolla 100-300mm f4.•• .. . -£50 - Canon Canon Canon Canon Canon Canon Canon Nlkon Nlkon Nlkon Nlkon Nlkon Nlkon Nlkon Nlkon RIcoII Ricoh Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Nlssln Nissin g::~~~~'il:::.. .. ..5 . • .• ... ..'::::. .8Sx Black. . .£149 Minolta 70-210mml4-5.• .•.unaslx 3 . .5 ••• ..£49 Canon 35mm 12.. sse .• ' . 28·105mm .£69 USED ClASSIC .. 50mm 11 4 .. .£90 M noIIa 50mm f1... •...£120 Bronlca 150mm f3 5(ETRs) . . • . £49 L.£19 USED NIKON AF Nikon F55" 28·8Omm .. . • ......•...• .£50 TC OC62B • .£79 Penlax MX Body • .8(ETRa)..... .. .. •. .8 ..£109 70-300mm OIS . .. • . ..£65 Pentax P50+50mm . •..£89 Mamcya (RS) 120 Back..••••.£<49 Sronica AEII Prism ..2 on USM II M6 O.• .8 •• .. ..•.£85 Nlkon 50mm 11.£99 M 00118 X300s" 5Omm. .£139 Kenko 2x 7 Element .8 .•• .: • ...8 .JOOmm 14... . .••• . .8 PB . £59 Mamiya Pro Shade •••• • .. .£:39 Canon 35-TOmm 13... .2 Chrome Visit our website for full USED listings & all the top brands of 590 SAY _. ..£499 70-300mm DG .. • . • •.•.•. 50mm 11.£39 Pentax SMC £35 Vlvitar 28-210mm PKA .. . .... ••.5'fHC .. .£20 USED OLYMPUS Olympus OM2 + 50mm £119 Olympus 75-150mm 14 . •.• • •• .£79 PenlaX Mx + 50mm •• . £69 LEICA • Screw II M System M8.£49 Zeiss Nettar 518/16 £49 Balda Baldessa 1a..£69 Nlkon 70-210 f4.••. ..•• . ... . £99 Sigma 70-300mm OG APO •••.£69 Nlkon 70-210 14 . T: 02380632727/632709 NEW STOCK 150. USED EQUIPMENT USED DIGITAL CAMERAS Canon Eos 4000+ 18·55mm Canon Canon Canon Canon Canon Canon Canon USED Canon Canon Canon £36 NEW STOCK Canon Ixu.5 •• .8 .£120 USED NIKON MF Gold FA<-50mm f1.5-4..£:329 GXR .. . . M-_£999 M6 058x TTL Black .• .•. .£1499 M6 'RPS' Edition . Bedford Place. . • ..6 •• • .5 •••.•. .8 . . . • .£109 £129 Canon 28mm 12.lI099 FM2n Chrome Body M-_£199 m SEE WE8SIT£ FOR MORE www. » . ••••• . .. £149 EOS 300+28-80 .• . .5cm •. •• .£89 Mlroila 75..... _ .7 ••.£55 Canon l00-300mm 15.£109 Nlkon 70-300mm G •• ....••..5 ..!2749 M7 O.5 •. ••• .... . .£39 Canon 13Smm 1'3.. .£2999 USED Lenses New Lenses 8Smm f1.!I099 EOS 30 Body. . • . .. • .. • .• " ..£749 EF 50mm 11.6 £159 MlnOIta 100-300mm 14.£ 129 Voigh ndef Vito II .8 • .£95 HaSllelblad Tripod Adaptor •••• .£40 Metz 45CT4 Nlcad • • £99 www.£29 Prakllca 70·21Omm . • .. Southampton.•••. .... •.D 02380 632727 USED CANON MF Canon 50-135mm f3. 28-80mmEl'_.D MEDUIM FORMAT Bronlca ETRS Complete.•.£349 lxus l001s B ok . .• • .8~~~'fs':: ~g".£89 PenlaX Me super . • .£319 3500 + 18-55mm ..• ..•.£ 169 Mamlya 45mm (645) .£45 Leitz Telyl 20cm £249 Leitz Heklor 13.•.•. lenses. £89 Nlkon 35-135mm 13. .5 • .£49 Canon 70-210mm 14 .. • •. .£99 Sronlca Speed Grip (ETRS) •• .• • .£99 Nlkon 35-7013. • .•...£99 Nlkkor 135mm f3. . .....£129 Kodak Re nette ..£75 M noIla )(700 + 50mm .5-4. .£89 300v .. .NUAL Nlkon D2X Body (B).. .AF II MA.•. 13.£99 Canon 55-200 USM ••._ .i.amateur hotoora her......6 £129 Minolla 70-210 13.£59 BGE4.. .• .• • ... • .7 .£50 CAHON AF EOS 3 Body .4 (boxed) • . ..£<49 Nlkon SB12 .£99 WC DC52A _ • . £99 Nikon 70-21Omm 14·5. .£39 Vivitar 70-210mm f3.•••••• .£199 70-300mm VR £399 28mm 12..5 •• .••.5-5.£99 LOTS MORE ~.•.£60 Olympus 135mm 13.cecameras.£59 Canon 75-200mm 14.£49 MlnoIla Autowinder G . . £450 Hasselblad A 12.8 .£299 BGE 1 ..2B--90mmE!J.••• .5-4.£169 GIl .•• Tel.••.•.5 .£60 Nlkon 50mm 1'4 EL .£299 Nikkormat FT2+5Omm 12 ••.3-4.5 . .£399 IOmm 12.M-.£149 Nlkon F3HP Body ._ .5(10I1nm OSCAF fit only £679 NEW STOCK ikon 70· 300mm AFSYR £399 on our website NEW STOCK Canon Power.• .•• ... Street...5 . ..£149 Nlkon 55mm Micro ... . .£50 Bronica SQAi Complete •. .5 .£349 GX200 VF ..Uk 90 I www.• . .• .£129 01868 . .• .£319 l05mm Macro .•..£99 BGE·7 .£39 Leitz Elmar 9an ••. ...£:39 Canon 70-210 USM .. .£40 Mamlya RB Back..£129 Canon 135mm 12.£399 Eos 5500+18-55mm • .uk USED Cameras CANON· EOS II FD EOS 10MKlln_ ._M-_£129 EOS 300 8..• .5 .£549 03000 ...£65 Sigma 180mm Macro EX HSM £699 Canon 90-300AF ..••.. .£89 EOS 300 8.£59 USEO PENTA)( PenlaX P30 + 50mm ••• .5 .£39 Pentax WInder ME2 ...£109 MlnoIIa 35·105mml3.. .8-4 .£60 Prakllca 28mm 12..£99 BG-E2...•. " . •••.£129 03009 •••••. ....5-4. .£49 Canon70-150mm 14. .• .£39 Olympus 28mm 12.£679 01622 •. .£120 Tamron 28-300mm Oi . . ..£270 Sigma 24mm 12..£30 Leitz OTXBO. 16-SSmm VR ....• .•• £149 Nlkon 28mm 13.£469 Powershot 590 •. .acecameraS. ..6 ..£79 Nlkon 300mm 14. .£120 YOUR QUAUTY USED EQUIPMENT WAHTE. .. . • .72x Chrome_M.• . binoculars & telescopes at the lowest discount prices Te : 01225 n 466975 16 G.••.6.£69 Minolta 5x1" 28-aOmm •. M-_£949 IIF Body 'Red Dial' _ E+-_£429 NIKON .8 .5-5. ..••.~:~~2~..£69 TeTeplus 2x 4 Element .• .•.£199 ~:=~:~~~mJ~. • .£39 Voigh ndar Vltoret .o Sigma hotographic J 36. • ..6 .£59 Nlkon 35-105mm 13.£129 CooIplx Pl00 inc 4GB .£49 Edlxa 16·s ••• •. £1200 090 Body .£79 Olympus 28mm 13. • .£79 Canon EF 18-55 . ..£49 iIllkon MO-4 • .• £639 05000 + 16-S5mm VR . Bath.• ._!I<.•• ..5-5..£89 USED MINOLTA MlnOha )(700 .£ 179 Sronlca ETRSi £299 Sronlca 50mm 12..cityphotographic. . .. ..• .•• .• .£850 NJkon FE + 50mm 11.. 951S Black gro~ ~~J'!"1~mm' :m~ ::.. . •.••..£129 USED MINOLTAAFlSotfY AF Sony Alpha 350" 18-7Omm £399 MlnoIIa 7x1 + 35-80mm . .£89 MlnoIIa 28-105mm 1'3. 24·72mm £689 : ~~~ 10-2Omm .5 •••....£29 USE..5·5..£149 Mamlya Pol Back . .£79 MlnoI18 X600 .5-5.. .••..£49 Nlkon ~ .• £85 Minolla 24mm 12.£199 Sony 75-3OOmm. 02380 632727/632709 email: cityphoto@btconnect.£69 Sloma 28-7Omm • .. ...5 . . SA1 2JZ Fax: 01225 469761 ·I:-Mall: sales@l. £359 S5-200mm VR •.£49 Nlkon MOI2.£79 Mamlya (RB) 645 Back •••••.5 • 24 A ril 2010 subscribe 0845 676 7778 .£79 Mamlya RB Metered Prism .:-Can55mon:. •.£299 200 + 18·55mm . •• .r~.. ..•. £120 Bronlca 120 Back (ETRa) •.. . 50mm .5 . . •• .:~~ £20 g:~~ .£109 Sigma 18-200 OIS •• • •. Minolta Auto 132x . ..£169 lxus 95is ••. . OTHER Olympus ECRU •• .6 •. . .8 .£35 PnIkIIca WInd r B.£49 =: SIgma 17-35mm 12. M.£99 a . ••.£55 PrakIIca 135mm 13. . • .co. S015 20G.• £25 Prakllca 55·200mm PB .co..• . •. ...•• .. .•. .•• .•. .6 ..£119 Nikon F3 body • • . . .:::::::~ Canon 10000 + 18-S5mm ._M.•.£60 Leitz 16466.•••.. . .•.•. • •.. ..5-4.5 HC •• . ...£549 15O-<5OOmm Canon ••.•• .co. £149 leitz Vlsof!ex •• •• • ..•••••• . ..£20 Zeiss Condna 'a.£39 SMC ..£69 Volghllander Vito CL .CO. .... •• £119 Toklna 70·210mm " .••• ..£229 Coslna 19·35mm ••••• . . .£79 Canon EF80·200 14-5. ••• .• " .£99 Canon Powerdnve E1 .

0" Clear View II LCD .C non Canon metrocolou View mode • Dual "DIGIC 4" • EOS Integrated Cleaning System High Definition Digital printing 640 dpi EOS 1D MKIV Full range of film services .com Canon @ Mifsuds • 16..1 MP APS-H CMOS sensor • 45-point AF system • 39 cross type sensors • Full HD (1080p) movies .co.manual • High ISO up to 102400 • 3. • E6 • • Canvas Wraps Posters • • 8+W Scanning NRr lIellAll! 24 April 2010 EOS 1D MKIV body only • C41 I29wn'oad our free PhotobooK subscribe 0845 676 7778 I www. com PETER GAFFNEY BIRMINGHAM B1 2SS 0121 2123334 I 91 .amateur hoto ra her.

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Great Qua ity at a fraction of the price of a leading manufacturers 12·18mm zoom..~mint._ .. _ ..19 ... sI~1D>gs._ .. ..4oog1IancIofWoB._f15 £15 ...... _ ." "VC.._... waricI-v ""1I .Cl Rusa'..._ __ . £29 ~~:~::F 3~1.51120......... _.139 ONONAVI 5I)VM 111. cf """".·_ £l1li _ "Serri'6KA.llInIu"*.._. _ m _ R...thedariu'oom.211 .._ ..8 0 Sqno 01..... K 1:J5mm I'2. II. £21 O!ympuo OM<! body..cb.....45 MC( £1. . blad<.115 f2S '" '" (29 . _£199 ..fi1'(l>crn14.K fllCOHTCl _ flitOH 6X200 KrT. £1.m Conon FD 28crm VGC.110 _ .£49 £79 _ .... £SI _at._ .._£219 SIG.8_ ..8 BllBnl R 2 com. """" .£69 _ . 2 aIIII. nloo. .eca hood 125751UFOO lalla"" 9Onrnf135mm VGC£29 Loiool_oo.." .8 Minalla CeI1Ic: Ions.£39 OIympusOM 00rrwn 12.nalUpOw. " 09 £25 £99 MAj(INON1XOM _ _£15 _£10 . E.5 .._£S OlYMPUS MUL'ICONN~CTOR OlVMPUS f.. VGC..6 Mi. FPS. £25 W IJOliA 8H70l " " ..£319 Conon FD liJO...... cased_.._ .. 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IIGC.99 larger items at cost ALL ITEMS COVERED BY 6 MONTH G'TEE CARRIAGE ..~ £!It NII<an 72mm ~ l'lor......•....:::~: "..... . f49 ONQN FO 50MM FI-4 . 18-70 . ....._ .DII Can>nT90 body._ ...£t9 _ Dynax no body.~~n..... i..ek:a 01ZR) M un _.. + 60mm 12 JuPW 8101&... '" mln1 .5 Macro Zoctn.abl .. N!KON MDI401llVE VARIOUS ..169 _.~.._ . F-801 body..._f15 f59 £79 0!'(MPUSAllfOTUBE7 0\.£I9 ~OM_'.>or....5 5eI<or N _ hafllY __ £89 MMnIya 6451!1Omm 13."'51_Iumo4~VGC _.[1' _ SlS2JS2AfitP!S101 grip""" VWO' ..VA18_son.£7g CANON BP220 Gil P _ . ..:.._ CANON E..3.5 """".. _ £35 Canon FD 135mm 13.IlASOP\OC FZ10 SM....8N MAMIV. """.dVIm!. VGC. ::~~~ =~ _!7A§ _£319 PANASOP<}( Fxnp.._ . ...£39 _/oF 19!mn 12.n . CHROME MICRO'" C:KOR5sn... £211 ClI)mpus OM W..__ £IS .. good qudy ._ £15 M':NOlJAVC5J7MOGRIP M 'lOIlA ~8ow.[35 Canon FD 35mm 12... £019 Momly8 C Tl...5 Z1ii<o!ens. ._ CANONEW78R £69 SAMSUN(i ECXI_ ._.AMIVA64S 4S F2._ .n. nrtrinl .......wflll.........._[15 KONICA._ £10 _18 MG ICl_1IaIII.£29 Canon FDftl'lO-21Otrwnf...:~.<Ommf3..£19!1 """" F-6Q' 1M 35-6Omm 14·5.. IIGC moctc 10 .1JI9 =~~~..5 _nooe. good __ ••_ .. W M<. _k!ng '*>DIy In 111_ £39 . exposure.< body.collecbblec:ameras... _..' '*Ie _.3S.... hood...5Oyna""'_VGC£99 ~.. (ANON ~:~~O'l C.. good _ oondition. zoom or l autofocus.. 9 £69 £79 ~w ICH f PENTA:( OAiABAO: M ." ... ~ no. £41 I. -.5_T ..4oog1IancIof 1.UII _11.lf1." . £211 ~OM.. £25 BR...£!41 CANON H-l5 CASE OfLKIN PR05tlAOE ]00.... YGC. U9 £10 lfAN\MEX 28MM F2.. + __ £2A8 Loioo R hood lOr 1IOftn1'2.S--4..... kMIy L . .. VGC __ .() lA. _ W _Me 135nwn 12.5 __ . S~_ _ _ _ SIGMA rOO-J(JOU( VMT.... ._£169 £09 CANON Ef B0-200 L.8 EON' N orlDYo1y.B PK.. .-. 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'_. + OSW PflO) • Multi coated Japanese glass • An Inexpensive solution • Compact and Ughtweight • Durable metal construction • Supplied in protective pouch • Less dust in your camera • Endlesscreative possibilities • Manufacturers full Warranty O.2:5 .tTAXAF BO m PUlfAXCA811 _ .._ . .._ ._ .£15 ~ CAVOORlsllNACU sync! Syn<ho cIaI '1!" _ ._. F3 body..... VGC. _1It_ £ _OSB'_12.. VGC . 9 NIKO!I Ml·U PATII:jSOf\1 PRDC[SS{J~" PENTA:< SMCA 18·55 P9.!oNDN fD 35·70 f4 . COlII!._....1JI9 .39 £59 CX'fMPIJ$ XAl AII_ M ~OIlA HooU 28 F7.£12 _hood~ _lIOn £5..2 euw..1 -''_."'.1 29 M IJOIJA 1:69 £19 \lnNOfR _1". VGC .._ MamiyanRIiS5lmlf4..421m1I'2.j'::~: Nilll>nOW ...ooE2911 Loioo R 24mm 12. _.£11 Ni:on SC-14 TTL""""._ .._ng 11.. £20 _ F3AS-< f.£59 CANON FD 7Q·15() 14.AcJ1OZUlkOMC Zoom M...S. ..Paxe!leI>ayoroljIi'~1'J.6r_SO __ •__ £211 _AA--4_._ CANON IoX!W('R$1-Kll S~ rQ..£59 _{199 £39 >" 'lOI1A VEC1IS SFI M':NOlJA R(3AEMOTe f\A'iH 09 £10 £49 MANfROTIO MN ?14 CUlI.SZen. VGC.2x._. F8RII_I """" ..N J.VA 72MM (·U-i.:I1_~:= =. £<5 Tnpad: ~ Pnmum III. __ ._ _ £... £AI _AlS7D-21Onwnf4·5. VGC ...5C.~:. very 10 mlnl_ __._ CANON EJ CHAIIGER CANON 608 _ CANON RS6()E3 REMOTE REMOTE_ _ [-05 5'A.£S £399 _ N!KOtIAJ 28·1006...._mocin..Il!CASQABHlOWS !lR~ICA U. oac:yll "'odel.8 _ .....-_.R... N' ftl 7Oo3OI)rm 14-6. "'" SONV fJi 500 ~. _ .8 W.....£All _ '_Io<35.MlOEZ FlASH.~nico' £20 _.... bodged ""nzVGC..".. bWl.....NN flO fAO( 1:25 ... .... a ~~B~~N~N~~~p ~~: AICOHKASFI. _.~NAArx NIKON SC17 CORD JESSOPS]20AFN FlASH.._ . IIGC. .".. £211 Eno. VGC.RokOr rens.-. fi4S~ V JAAMIVAilB 150 F4 S. """"'. __ ...... _me..... *'pot • £119 Conon Ef 8(). 64S 115F2.£29 _m .a. ZlIiIccloUlJr_ ._ ._ _ _ W ~ AJ lit "'cf3lbos.2101Tm 14..~Z~~ . IJI9 ~ OM..IIGC..8ChInan Me. bogd [311 NIIzlnAF2!mrn I'2.... ...59 lHfRW ORUM _ £2S '" ....... nr __ £211 Conon FD 2O!mn IA.646TTl_ priem (nonAf iypo)....... buill in hood £211 Conon FD 2OOrm114 SSC breech mount type.... .5 &..2 ('_)...._ .*. _.£29 £59 £14g CANaN 52MM S(11X .._£I9 Zoiu Uo><>ConIox IN GII". 25mm 135'_' _. fl1-...£119 ...::~.19 10KINAAlXSO-200f1...iIIi _iOI1hor.. ~OIJIo 800Si !IOIJV W ~OliA 500s ]50·70 'lOtJA AI 18·70 f3 5'5.... £20 ~ 1oI012_Io<FEIFM.•. p'_ £25 _Me 26mm 1'2.. I8dPfln ea.SIS. _ _. box _.a1'F Ni_ v _ bead 000d. £25 __ W-_..-. capo£29 _MOI35nwnf3."t!5 Mamiylt....ASH N!KOI« MB U100 GR..••..... M8-21 SP1>. .£14§ _ _ _£7§ _13§ £14§ £19 r-J!KO!I fSO 3S..._. " ['0 NIo>n M2 25frm _ . £25 PK(A SU?.5W. K 1110IIIIfOOmm ru SMC·M• .8 _.... NonAJ 10000012._ .*_. £5lI ~3S RC. BARMBY ON THE MARSH. £5lI ClI)mpus OM _ oufo...4 Fe be)<> .7X SUPERWIDE +1 m (18·55mm Momiyo 645160mm 0.".9 CANON NB2l BJ.51iospar _ Zcri<f 4K. VGC .. £t8 _KII."... _ ..._ . ..." £35 ~OM l4lmluIo._<XlIrlk.. ... _ .. .1IinI!> .10 28VM fl.' £35 ar...II<e_Io~boII..__ .t.. _ £20 ~ OM WInder?1IGC . .__ . _..£49 MIl M"'Utxo.....6 _ N IIl0... £8 Loioo UXOOR/16556 U_I focuIU1g _'..on· hood.. £15 _" £49 _ . ._ ... __ body TJ2 _.5 ZlikoNkl T JMs.8 very nIce..2'()rwn 14·5.. Momiyo 645 71)nm12...._ SQA 120 MCt:: ... .99 £119 ...... .. VGC U9 KodoIcKodaJ""_mourcll3ol_._.. O. Icwoly a>ndfI...nd4r 2. 241rm 12 8 MiflII<oo Me Ions. ' •....£AIl _16_.8 Zui1<o ""'" _Ieno . Potters Bar..cyhoro 10lind In good """"'_..._PF ... mint _ £121 Can>n EF 1~1'J...8ZlikoIon e.£19 ~MB-l0~fa<FlIOaFOOX"lI< ._..oIAMIVA'{Z &.3 (Gtfd)..OS100!):'" 3S-BO =~:~4':~~=·=-U. .~NilcIcoo..5-'_ £119 IlInocOIotI: N""'" Cf.. £!It _ IIH 'J5mm ru HolOInon ..:N... £399 ..... ~=:~.o'1(. ." _ .o body.. .•" E:29 PENTAXWINDER ME II. nice.. 7ELAF _. ...COt. 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Devonshire Business Centre..£35 _ Me35mm 17...._-. £49 ONON FO 200 f4SSC "'" ..£5 W'fST(»j WASTER V ~ GET SOME PERSPECTIVE CONVERT YOUR 18-55mm AF lOOM: (S2mm wrrH HIGH QUALITY CONVERSION LENSES We are always keen to purchase collection however large or small Instant decisions and fair prices paid.Closed'll....::.._ . _ .. £25 ___ lVfdlgiilll_goodcand..8_VGC--...5 .....".. CRF... _ flI9 I'IIIxlnAlliOn'rnrl.8X._.£25 _U02lhn17....... .. VGC.£111 lOw 4 (.6 0 /oF NI1cIo:>r._ NIKO!I /oJ 2~·SO H. £2:5 _ NO... -."... capo... __ .6 SIgna UC APO.Sa 0<U>1o cot>....

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Toadvertise ow. Basic Studio Starter Courses for . ~~ Q www.T LAStt6R.robertw.v.o~l wom~~ p~otoeYQ'}>~Le info@pauls-studioco.l:o.w'~ French Location Glamour Nude .Uk - ~u.I4 Wesl oIlmidon Events.Ct levels.y websU:t for cAetQUs Courses & Tuition - Studio Hire Reading· t. s Ltsso~ a~ ceurses foYp~otoerQ'}>~ers of all experteV\.eo.sherphotoerApht1.1I (luis -stu diO.pauls·studio.Portrait . www.dto.Glamour .Model List ww.Model Portfolios .Nude Studio Lighting .com RD'&6R. II People II in the picture fro~ Q~ t!K'pt~~td pyoftssi. PHDTO<:iRAl>H''( t:>f'1fTAL 1>HOTO'1RA'PHY ntinON LeQn'\.uk 01930462906 t G E L Large Format Landscape Workshops in the Peak District S .Workshops & Shoots. call Ellie on 020 3148 2929 Email: ellie_smith@ipcmedia.Events .

Toadvertise here. Strictly limited 10 I) photographers. EARN A LIVING trom phOlography Become a quallhed protessronat photographer' skilled digital editor and printer Unique individual tuiuon. pl_t locations. Tel: 020 !l459 2543 (anytime) GLAMOUR IN FRANCE 2010 A unique opportunity 10 ~h()('1 up III 4 Stunning YCllIng models. All mC~11s> accommodation in . Proven outstanding successes over many years Tel Winstan Ingram FBPA. 1'IIree • (0111'day courses 10 the BlUoa Beacons. LCGI Accommodation available. from 2 experienced gfnmour photographers. ad priOItt. You will learn the socrcls of posing. email: franceglamour@aol. ligIJlir'~ And how LOcapture the . Peak OIatrIa ud TIIaIes vaUey. call Ellie on 020 31482929 Email: ellie_smith@ipcmedia.lillSI the nlhllloll~ French countryside or the Charcnrc. ag.. results "Ith aIIIIllfOIIPI. lOodfun. FRSA.1 beautiful Petit Chateau and transport during your slay are included. Over 6 days. rolBr For more details. Holiday a Courses Guide 2010 Olsamr bow 10 produtt escdlent )'01lI' cIIplal came .

3 AF·D APO . . lm Z norton. 50mm 111...99 HOYA CIRCULAR POLARIZER AND UV FILTER COMBINEO 52mm £29.95 62mm £48.95 £22.55 ThIn ceeea Straps 99p eadl TNck camera Snaps £1.d@btconned...."" """""". eye-piece magnifier.50 72mm £35. . Teleplus MC? 2x EOS converter Sigma EX 70-200mm 12.6 IS USM c/w hood Tamron SP AF 17·50mm f2.99 62177mm 0.95 Exacta 127 excejent condition £189.72. Orange.5 'lessar & Case nice ccndlncn £:t 14. Z. M8·M9 Bit coding of lense ASK.95 72mm U2.50 77mrn £47.54.£109 . Based in the heart of the Merchant City. ask lor Trish. _ "_ . £1990..99 El Niklcn.99 Mad r2:.. . • Adhesive back foam now available • CLIP·QN LENS CAPS 2.46. Mosl boxed as new £3250 Tel: 01296 668 573 49mm £10."" _.8AF·D c/W hood ".43..."_"" " " ..£229 _" ". Vivitar 283 £25.99 £74.50 HARD LENS CASES to clear Small £1.6 £:52.:::... boxed (mint) £900....'.Toadvertise here..96 Nikkor S5mm t2 AI £69...5·5.' """ . Green We Cl!lrty the largest stocks 0' COKIN 'A'...8 FD canon 35170mm 13.o(I SC·17 TTL Ft'Cord £24.. 105mm."""" 20mm 12.28."" 35mm 12. 50mm 12.""""'.5mm oach £6. """.99 rn ft9 ! 0005 io mod .a Slraps C2 25 oach £2.£149 100mm f2.50 OFFERS £:17.99 each TO FtT BRONICA S2A/ECfECTL I(nmlln:l '~mmf_'!. """"".95 77mm KOOD AL... .50 55mm t39.96 2)( COf'IVCrlOrAt and Case £6.13.99 2:29.00 POSTIPACK PEn ORDER 37J40. " .99 SBmm 62mm £:33. 70-210mm f4·5_6SMC·F AF ""_"" _ _ _ .5 AI '''''''_ "'"''''''''''''" ..99 each 58. . " . All mint."'''''''''' .tO.peterloy..50 86mm £.95 £29. 34. ." . £620 PENTAX 6711 CAMERA AE·[rism.. filters included.''''' """""" 200mm f4 AI.50 6?mm t31.50 HOYA MULTI.99 52mm £11...99 r: 14..W' tor RINGS detRlls xooo CLOSE-UP SETS t20.10.... .8 £33. 55mm £3.".t52mm each t7. we are proud to offer a superb range of new and used equipment.75 55mm £12.8 Lens Mint Condition Box / Case £7750no NIKON 85mm ~'~~~o:y~r=e':r lens NEW JAPANESE YELL.99 6.~43).5/'14.n4 SQuare £49.99 5.8Zuiko 751150mm 14 ZuIKo 801200mm T .._ "_ ." .... guarantee."" """""" " " ...99 77mm £34.3. I Proo@m CaSH KDOD STEP·UPISTEP DOWN £18.2mm 7. E'·series lenses: 28mm £65.95 £:19.50 £9.. £175.( KorcUc 80mm 13.51 39t40.82..50 Nild<or ~4mm t2 AI £9!)..99 ~n~~~~ ~L~aFt..8 macro "".£329 _ ""..6+~m~:~re\\I.5137137.95 77mm £:67.. Hoods..2mm £.95 Roflo'. 36-72mm zoom £70._... . " . __ "..5.99 67mm £t7._ ".. Fully equipped workshop on premises for repair and service of your classic www.75 67mm p ~OIOgr Phor CLASSIFIED Cameras For sale I MERCHANT CITY ~ I ::J L Glasgow's newest photographic and optical store.99 72mm £24..we can come to you (UK & Europe) Tel: 020 8867 2751 www.~..99 £12. call Ellie on 020 31482929 Email: ellie_smith@ipcmedia..62. 90mm (leaf· shutler)._ ". 67.7.95 67mm £39. . RICOH GR1V camera.£229 £239 .99 £:19.".. ... Manchester MJ42AF Nick Philbedge Photography Tel: 01548 843943 Call us .£479 "".49..60 82mm t4:J. 45mm.ukflltereenlre. __ " " .SO 132mm £17.2mm £11..2mm £35.50 82mm £61. .99 62ffi7mm each £10.99 t39.99 £2. 37mm C2._. 27/281301305/34/35..2mm £59.50 Nlk. Tel: 01290 668573 NIKON FG20 CAMERA MOE winder.::.95 Nikon E SOmm 11..PRO and X·PRO In the UK • phono for pricos The latest HOYA SLIM OIGJTAL CIRCULAR POLARIZER (5mm) 52mm 236. All mint.50 £:43..50 £11.86mm £3.. """ " .£449 .95 NIk)(Ot H 28mrn 13..48."." """""".in) 49mm £21-49 52mm 55mm £:26..7 _ ..£79 AF360 FG·Z flash.95 £29.99 COI. Also Canon 300mm F. Dave Of Dennis OI'tiN MQN· fill l1am . 55mm...LECTABL._ .. 3600 HSD flash """"" . Nikon 02H Body"".".95 £6.. lenses and accessories available. """".95 Parl-6lCchange welcome "'tail Orders by return.96 £ 67 Manchester Road Denton..£69 . Pentax IST·O c/w 18-55mm + BG1 grip "" """"" ..£119 28mm f2 SMC PKJA" ". handgrip. viewfinders.99 Lame 23.99 55/58mm oacn £8.. FM2n Black c/w 50mm 12 "".99 £22.4L IS lens.8 SMC-M PK"_. 30. £2. Check our website for our complete listing.50 58mm t44.65 67. .8APO DG HSM EOS. 58.T20 Flashgun & Case OM Back C~y Cap each Exqhapgft %!CPwo SIH GOSSEN B1SlX 2 Exposure Mete!ICaso ill SIH CANON FO GEAR Canon AV-1 Body canon AE'I Body Canon 50mm 11."""""..99 77mm 82mm £22..96 Nlkon F3 Prism £14.8~AN8~~ Red.5 non·AI £39. Tel: 0208 648 5967 NIKON EO-AF 7D-300MM 114·5. ..99 58mm £. 52. superb 7 element 112.5 Canon 701210mm f4JHood 2)( COf'IVCrlOrand Case Canon AF."" 135mm f3.£79 ..50 67mm £._". " .._.."""".com Accessories ** SPECIAL Murtl-coaied 5:i!mm £19-50 SSmm £24.60 58mm £32. """". ...5/t4.£89 ."'..merchantcitycameras..49mm £3. 165mm. case. .35 each 49mm 55mm 6. ..8 XR EOS . ".96 55mm £31. Canon EOS 10 body " EF 28-135mm f3.95 £27..8 £25 75·150mm zoom £85 hoods.. Request list and details.96 £:39.£399 .5."_..99 67mm £19. """" "" ". boxed as new instructions.". boxed as new.99 WIDE ANGLE LENS HOODS ~:~:~:~f~~g::~l ~~::: RUB BER LENS HOODS 46. "" .60 Zoom lens.99 Paa £13...8 £14."""'.75 72177mm each t13.75 43/46t49..96 Nilron AF 70J300mm 1415. .OWJGREEN FILTERS rcr 81Lldo: & While in 52155162/67mm 23. complete with all accessories.. CMoo SIH NIKON BrTS & BOaS Nikon F55 Body excesent £:44..7mm lens and skylight UV filter 46mm rubber hood external view finder 2 piece case.77.£129 " 7-11 Parnie Street.TER WRENCH SET 46155mm t2._ """ .99 e3(h Penta! Came.cOATeO DIGITAL UV ALTERS £:9.99 C25. R/F Nikons and Canons including accessories and lenses and also vacuum coating fadlities._ _" " "". Yeltow. 2x converter focussing handles.. instructions £95.30pm Tel: 0161 3364603 YIWW.99 Tel: 01568 770542 CANON 10 MKIII (unused) Boxed.." " " ...E CAMERAS Early RoUeiflelo: .8 28mm lens" auto/manuak case potariser.S Hanimex 2X COfWCI1£lfSollgor OM.95 £6.5 ToklM 50mmfl. 72mm £5." " ..99 samm £13..8 SoligOl Macro 28170mm t3.50 £49..99 £:14..99 t19.£169 ..49 f:23.99 each each each each Good stock of used Leica bodies.95 £:14.50 72mm £59..£199 Minolta AF 50mm f2.60 62mm £27.""".95 NiKon F65 Body exccaent £47.99 95mm £42. 55.". hood.99 62mm £15.8AI """. 300mm lenses.£69 ""..99 New HOYA Circular Polarising Flrters!! 49mrniS2mm each 5SmrnfS8mm each 62mrnl67mm each 72mml77mm each HOVA PRO-1 OIGrrAl ProTection titter" 55mm £22. • "7 ED AF-S 17-35mm fl.L99 ** CLEARANCE OFFERS ** END OF LINES ** SIH OlVUPUS ll!NSES OM·JO Body OM-I N 8cdy OM·2N 80dy 28mm f2. hood.. Glasgow G1 5RJ 0141 552 6823 info@merchantcitycameras.50 NEW KOOO Japanese Optical FI~t SkyUghtJUV Flltef.£189 MX black c/w 50mm 11.50 105mm £44.27..."""".£199 ".99 Optle"ll Filters 17mm QUiD KOOO J~p~nese MALCOLM TAYLOR SALES & REPAIRS SERVICE FOR CLASSIC LEICA PANASONIC LUMIX GFI camera and 20mm 111. extension tubes. 62mm £3.99 4{)...35 52. Sigma 1?O-500mmf5·6...

[ 1Issue No n n Sec No. (Reduced) 35·.00 .11 Find er ...I) Ilgra 90mm jelenear C. __ _.£25. Hemel Hempslead. Telephone: Details Peter Levinson.. 0.. .00' you can sell your secondhand gear in the classified pages of Amateur Photographer.o ISSues made payable to: IPC Media Ltd Blue Fin Building...non Canon AI + 1. (boxedl.._ .Toadvertise here. C.. Hand Processing all types of films from 3Sm-Sx4 Develop and Contacts £5.00 for one Issue for items under £100'..!.. Nikon FM bodr... No photocoflles Of lacsmIes on reqJest 'One I'._ .S 5.. _ 'f.30pm...£55.lse per coupon. .....r 3.'125.£ wwwJ ._ .00 £30.. etc Postal service available ..oo .1>25. This is now a no smoking site.llello. 2.._.\1+ l~lllm ~ik()n Sik"" MI> E Winder . .. ~ 0 1457 764140 Black.... tel: 01179 515671 www. __ us.£89.. Jrom Weston M2SCer III/JV & V 7. Beaconsfield Beaconsfield HP9 1SJ..1\139._ ..£89/£99.demon.... ._ ._ ..00 Minoli" MD l..__ ... 'i.59.50 each Tel: 0151 236 1391 Repairs to all photographic equipment 29 Cheapside. 020 B205 151 B Tcl: 01524425508 Open 'rues & SOl. for abee E series 3(.£J. .5.00 ._ .....a.. .__.....lllack \Jik(}11t:.wI be p-------------------------------------- AllERnSE lOUI SECONIIAHIIElI FI Send with your remittance to: Amateur Photographer Classified Advertisement Department... -O-2U1 <:anon H) [.__ . Tel: 07979913156.8.._ . . HP2 7JR www. .......30am £2._ .. ......15._._ ..ln1!:-c.Orrun _ + Ricoh 5001m IWpl.00 ·. .. WE Will ENDEAVOUR TO PUCE AOVERTISEMENTSIN THE EARliEST POSSIBL£ ISSUE BUT AT nilES THIS MAY TAKE BETWEEN 2-4 WEEKS...30am-2...8·}'..._ .00 £85..00 for one ISSUe or£20.25.__ .. MCII'ec.._ ....00 ~Ikkor. or for Items above ~100 £13.!...sepiamemories.00 . modern and digital) lenses.. sOn"" . .<1.__.. ._ .. . lVTamron LEE'S CAMERAS Tel: 020 8202 9918 Fax:020 8203 6684 Email: R.£35... Q mllee sales@leescameras......_ ..00 ... SE1 OSU D ITEMS UNDER UCAMERAS FOR SAl£ lENSES FOR SALE £100 1 WEEK AT £6' D UNAGE 0 ACCESSORIES 1 WEEK AT FOR SAl£ OOARKROOM m 0 2 WEEKS AT £20 I endose a Cheque/Postal OR please debit my ~ Order for £ D DOD payable to IPC Media Ltd Switch Start Date ~~DDDDDDDDDCDD~D~~DD U MasterCard L Visa U Amex rl C[] n Expiry Date n r-t .00 .15. fO.....15... _ . 0 note art( one adw!r1lsemcnt i1Ccepted FUI terrr6 iI!1d con<l>tior5 PIe.. 16 Challont Close.OOflill • S... cameras (classic.camerafayre........._ ....__._.. 10 stalls left...__ .__. Sun Apr 25th 11am...15. Adm early bird 9..I'... . . Address ._ .00 .. '\UI<)". _ cine & Slide projectors CINE CINE TRANSFERS & SLIDE CINE PROJECTOR PHOTOGRAPHIC TO DVD CAMERA FAIR LEEDS...t 10. Liverpool L2 2DY www. 110 Southwark Street. .. TEL: 01684594526 Nlk"n M1)3-MIlI nm~ (or 1'1. 10.!.._ ..£15 8' x 8' .. return with aedlt card details or a cheque for 16..... KoUeirramron AdpL.() (~h>d ·120MI).65..i\I·I\8 x 42 (:~L"sk Hino's.£15... .... am ._..s biJc ill'OU pre'".I'A5.. Hertfordshire. .coloursca for free colour brochure or visit rsmroo . )011)) + 12._ . fill In your name and address.._ ...._.Y1d ask yos opinion m our ~andseMces. Photographic. SITTl~ cOO1plete~r advertisement In the boxes bekJw.. Half mile old town church M40 june 2 close M25..00 Newton Ellis & CO CLASSIC CAMERA REPAIR SPECIALISTS Peetax K AulO K\11Uhes •.00£27 8'x12' £24 8'x12' £44 8' x 16' £29 PLUS pap PLAIN 10 COLOURS INC BLACK.Hln I'll Eauon Canon H) £45. demon.00 ..£...unrun 7(H..r 111 Nik"n F.·72 Zoom £45. .__ .00 £19. 5x7s @ £12 per roll All printed on genuine b/w.I: Q:leel1 Stl"Zcl.() M~Lcm ..39.._ ..._. colour papers._ _.00 .e"lced) Mln"li. .UJ:5 Mo ~~®~(O_@W~~~c U ~~~~@W®[ill]~~ PLAIN CLOUDED Sunday 2nd May.t55._ ..00 8' x 8' .5. Classic Dealer SEPIA MEMORIES S() Accessories Camera Fairs CAMERA FAIR BEACONSFIELD School. Up to 150 stalls org O\' PCCGS...newtonellis.21-351... IIJQ·~I.. camcorders.00 ....£10.00 . Wattleton Road..~ \fG PROJECTORS LAMPS LAMPS CAMERAS S~dallst Re~rers Pmlax Slf'akunrJ..0<l ._ . White processlnl Professional BIW colour prinling. ._ ..... . call Ellie on 020 31482929 Email: ellie_smith@ipcmedia. Canon 11)3.. .15._ .00 1.__ $ignatul'e . ..£.S.. roo AMAT£UR PHOTOGAAPHER.00 .. NOT TO Ileill hom Name .~ fit 2l! Converter J\dpL .lIl coIlea yos penonaillflJrmalUl to IIllCess yos Older AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER «1d IPC IWUId CIlI1IilCt )011 I1J post or IffepIIone 10 promote. For as little as £6...._.__ .... SPECIAL OFFER: 8X12 CLOUDEDS • 2 FOR £80 OR 3 FOR £11 m f2.__ ... binoculars._ ..00 ..'1\i«.£85.00 .••.. Land line Telephone No_ ....._.._ ._ Postcode 1 .\1$_ ~L. III 3.. Please lick P10DrOPhop u.._ _ Adapl"" Canon tl)frarnmn flY.00 Hard wearing _ Low crease _ Washable £ KAREN WILLSON BRISTOL Superior quality processing & printing. .1 5EP..IIE Super Penl" rerlla. www..5.00 .. 50ll1m vtacro SSC(2) (4._ . ...._ .Imbl Silellc (s.. 28mm (:...00for tv... To sell your used camera or eccesseoes. >..01m Macro . 1-"..kwtilmprocesslnq.£.....•.. WHITE a CHROMA CLOUDED 20 LONDON SUN MAY 23rd._ .....<1111\ Ol)mplc _. publ5tled I1J IPC Mecia Ltd (IPC~ v.OOpnl Agfa..50 each 2 or more film £4....00 ..IlIIf per biJc r:ri{. ...u www.15am £4 after 10.non C. London... Phone for price lisl of all services: 01442231993 Send cheque + £2 All work sent back recorded delivery Karl Howard. Boston Spa Village Hall... UK's largesl camera fair.00 ...ora' .6.._...

leur Phol.d 10oll1erllublicalions.I(l'ixIard 1.A".dphDI"lraphs and f mantWIp. I might. It is even equipped with a Baby Belling cooker and a couple of gas rings for food photography as recently I've been thinking about writing some more cook books.lli5Blail Rnad. hilMOI olill'I..FenrisOswin.Bile FinBUilding. I use one a Paterson lights with three daylight-balance corkscrew-shaped tluorescents. which never turned up before the film was outdated. in doing so..fax: 0203148 8158 Displaytelephone02031482517.I~t thePiloI Wllllenl'lerml). Pencd<als pald. but _ and this is where I marvel at my own stupidity _ before I did so I argued with myself about the wisdom of dOing it.lhWdV.. Visit his website at wWWJogerandfrances. Or saving my last roll of Ektachrome Infrared for a 'special' subject.. therefore..dem. you might find that you never use them at all HICKS AmateurPhotographer..BlueFinBuilding.1S. .[."ll1nll""" sool 10lite 1.d (omna~es """I'1S Ih"9hllo I[>-U" any .d II. how often do you buy some food you particularly like.Richard Hardwick. A light bulb (low-energy. 'studio' sounds rather grand too..PCMedia. need the Magic Anrn for something else.1"llOniL US'!l'''!: 1~"rulyfnlernaLonal.The final frame ROGER It's not worth keeping things 'for best' because.k<glaOhel:il".1I.eklll£mail: amall?l)lpllllogl. This is. and the setup would not only be a lot less bulky than the lighting stand but also quicker and easier to manoeuvre. ()( by Iladl2. It's in the same realm as.HenryRogers. IP( I~ed. I 110 SouthwarkStreet. I still get caught out surprisingly often. One of the things we spent the money on was having the attic re-tloored. for a third example. Well.1._.tI. is no longer any use at all? Or. He has written more than three dozen books on the subject. as our house is built into the side of a hill. Clamp one end to the angle-iron frame of the shadowless lighting enclosure and the other to the Paterson light.lisadb. V11e1h" s 1 Il' Oassifiedtelephone02031482929. The lighting stand was. passed its sell-by date? Come to think of it. Even though I am constantly on guard against hardening of the categories. aooilloollcl samples. . The easiest way to shoot cameras and the like on 'This is another example of a theme to which I have returned many times: hardening of the categories.""dlSf)I)Sedoj in . which is on the first floor above the sitting room when viewed from the front of the house. W~[lHER PRIIIIED. Picturereturns: Telephone0203148 4121 Emailappicturedesk@ipcmedia..pall of IPCI~cdl' GI~of (omp.. 01 modify "'I 1. so the attic in question opens at the back onto the garden and is on a level with our bedroom.hel fl'{ f fled~ Liddoesnotd".". of course._. so I might. """k~ Roger Hicks is a much published author on photography. a brilliant device that consists of two straight bits with a lockable 'elbow' in the middle and standard fittings for lights. He has been a freelance photographer/writer since 1981.muilialed rondlhonOf' In (lny aulOO4:lSed mverbVYJilV. and the difference between the highest point in one corner and the lowest point in the middle nearest the house was about 6in or 15cm The word 'attic' ISmisleading in this context. I can always set up the lighting stand and boom anm arrangement temporarily. I could use a Manfrotto Magic Arm. save it for a special occasion and then find that it has gone off. locking clamps and the like at either I've done the same with film. tored rna .uk Ii'( S".. or at least. or which might even be useful).Il1)Sou1~w"k lIIe" SEIOSU. I do the occasional portrait there. POS!MASIER:Soodad<fressrnanges toA~~t'lII PhDIOC)raph". musl be ong~al. Even though I am constantly on guard against Telephone08456767778 Editorial T Subscriptions Advertising AmateurPhotographer.PCMedia.I. So what? I can always take it off the angle-iron frame."e Inany lormal olll'Rdlllm. How about you? DamienDemolder Christine La MarkJacobs ~Upton AngelaNicholson ChrisCh~sman Editor Breandan uire Ma SimonWarren Jelf Meyer Anton Green Technical riter W Richard Sibley Features Writer GemmaPadle SUbEditor OliverCotton Photo-Science Consultant GeoffreyCrawley StudioMana er AlanMaden PictureResearcher RosieBarratt Themoderatorsof the APwebsiteAndrewRobertson.. 8 came" VI. Now this has been done..110 I SouthVlark treelLondonSE1 SU.liP( Media f!J IP( l~ed..TheFatController GroupAdvHtisement Manager SeniorDis la SalesExec SeniorDis la SalesExec DisplaySalesExecutive Editor Editor'sPA Art Editor ProductionEditor Technical ditor E Editorial team Special thanks to Advertising team LeeMorris JuliaS encer SimonGerard RobSelvey 02031482517 02031482637 02031482510 01922412720 02031482516 02031482555 02031482929 0203148 2671 SeniorMarketingManager EstelleHicks·Bennett 02031484321 OnlineMana er KarenSheard 02031484943 SPIAdministrator Charlene Baker 0203148 4326 Marketing and promotions All<onlnbullolll IDAIl'iIII'Il'~1010C)raph.ul PholOC)I apher mOlJ"'ine. Which is what I did.".. sold.(o. nol <oPles or duphOiI.n p"mlSSlon Irom th'llCJbl. Come to Il'SIlOnSlblhl)<OI k>II 01 ddm"'le 10ul15Oll(ll.LondonSElOSU Telephone02031484138 ax0203148 F 8130 Emailamateurphotographer@ipcmedia. 10(10011"1 .361 BI.1I>1valolirallllmited In any formal Dll1>1dlUm.lIer Dr malenal S1Jbmllled.s.IIbe laken Ivl>1rellllS (}(cur< !hlSffi"'lalinemUilnol lJe~nl. "glller. The old fioor was wildly bumpy and uneven.s Ihe IIghl 10""anv S1JbmissiDI'I< senllo ". DlSllibuted Iwllamoiforce (UK)Lid. electrOnl! oluthel'tJlse. 'If I can't do this (which I ought to be doing) then I won't do anything (which I might enjoy. too.pl1el'lhxmedia com WebS'Ie: hllp://www. Or.. IIJ07001. accessories and so on.)graph" ~ publIShed on I lie JU1Sdavprl'(ed. after all. Not great art. and in the unlikely event that I need my shadowless lighting enclosure at the same time as I have another use for the MagiC Arm.. res.lll.1:020 ll48 SOOO Am. of course) came on over my head. In the old atelier I had the Paterson light mounted on a counterweighted boom arm on a lighting stand.1009 Amall'llrPholOC)lapher (In(orpor"llOO Photo lechnm"..DavidJWhite. yes.1 . and rather more often I shoot still-lifes.._.. but the new studio ISsomewhat smaller and also serves as a (rather large) corridor from the bedroom to the back garden. but pictures of cameras.lh"ighllo sllerl .BlueFinBuilding.. my wife Frances's aunt Helen died and left her a modest inheritance. "r~ VllllI. how about something that has multiple uses.. S O Telephone: 2031482517 0 Emaillee_morris@ipcmedia. on a closely related lhe erNe<dale lJylP( IIIIPIRE.I. Not the sort of thing that makes you financially independent _ far from it.I~II Ph..d~OI rtsassooal. \'I.". another example of a theme to which I have returned many times: hardening of the categories.ElfCIROlliCOROlIfRVlIS[ Am.~lon of 1M DubhSlH!r orlheedllor. lr e .. alas _ but the sort that allows you to do things you couldn't have afforded without it. >column of A"". but I need somewhere to shoot illustrations for magazine articles and for our website.Ii'( ~. 110 Pilll 01 11111 ~lbh(~lon may be II'IlIOOU(ed. many in partnership with his wife Frances Schultz. I still get caught out surprisingly often' a shadowless background is with a framework of angle iron with a platform in the middle that can be transilluminated with a light from below Then you need another light above that can be moved around as needed. In arrv 10r""'l ormmlim.. so you never actually use it for anything in case you might need It for something else? It was the third example that prompted these musings A while back. inclined to get in the way." Road IH A"".nllCI. Instead of a lighting stand.Ieul PhoI09rapher l~a9i1..IClIInhol<JgI. ed 10n. IP( MeriiaISIlI 0001 S8401!)(oPVO!IiIIlP( fl~~ Lid. but in French it means both workshop and studio.. contributing to many magazines._ IPCIINSPIRE -.1 R. OJ annexN to any Ilubkatlon ~ advelllSing mall er " IIlo<JI ilII obl .lnlS6(ooSld ereda brea(ho'(oI1YIIghl andacl~o . sooner or later. I'm moving my studio from the outside atelier Into the attic Atelier is rather a grand word in English.. something that you therefore do not use and which. 02031488158 Fax: Insertscall Innovatoron 0203148 3no HOW OFTEN have you had something that is 'too good to use'.

accept V1 .ParkCameras.."oad. H:128oo £673. . T'hundol'.9 fps shooting and superlative high ISO performance.lteo Hm.. M..rard. {..tock.t.. a_tn..__ . .e~ Ilqr. 237060 All ptleet Induct_ VAT@I 17..nit. B:A$-7. UK. WIth the creative freedom to capture the decisive shot.600 • High-res 3...' in O.PARKCameras KEEPING YOU IN THE PICTURE . . Sunday 'Q:1S . m...5% Opening .. AUproducts ar. prkb at tim...lOpnl~ Suncla~ t .1 Megapixel Full Frame CMOS Sensor • ISO range expandable to 25.(.0·VGA LCD with Uve View • Full HD (1080.. aUf.. ".lndlmtn nock I••• ! hlild nt """put...23{) IS leW for d. Mon·s... Free Delivery to UK Mainland on Cameras! Printers! Scannersf canon Capture your story In stunnIng detail with the EOS 5500.t. The addition of Full HD movie recording expands the boundaries of photography.ur Ph01OU~h. 1ltH1J {... frotIl ~ F"~ & stt/iSJ! the .30prn..t 1I:45-5:4Spm.t:iIj mps t?na hdi~ ~! Jf5www.. !:itO'.... if 01444 ..00 Sony Alpha a230 + 18-5Smm Co pact DIgital SLR t. MSIJ tD IIS8 SiR. of &oI'ng print. PI. V1ctott. yo ..dl"9' b for tn. •• tYo.()(fIp«. 3Ofps) movie recording ISO 100-6400..'.thw us. Idd...n11on"Amlt.... to . ·21.-ttOf't' onty. EOS SiJ Mark II The full frame EOS 50 Mark II combines outstanding resolution with 3.'" 'or thh 1p«tA1pric. see all the detail of ur holiday sunset or follow action In the local football Sw... Body Only • 18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor !. AgUJ'.n.ut. EAOE. ..

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