Interval Training for Fat Loss


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Interval Training for Fat Loss Report

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2 Interval Training Works ..and it is by far the best type of cardio for achieving these goals. if youʼve been following my stuff for some time now.Period. If youʼre looking to run faster. If youʼre looking to run farther. Interval training also BURNS MORE FAT than steady state runs. If you want to improve your aerobic/running 2 . And the best part is that it can do all of this in literally 1/3 the time! But you knew all that already. 2011 myTreadmillTrainer. But. Interval works . Interval Training for Fat Loss Report Copyright. But what I want to share with you in this special report are 2 BIG interval training SECRETS that actually force your body to utilize more fat during your interval runs. And this I havenʼt shared with you in the past. right? Especially.

In a second landmark study in the Journal of Applied Physiology showed that after high intensity interval training. Not surprisingly. 2011 myTreadmillTrainer. I want to quickly share some of the research on interval training with you. researchers at Laval University in Quebec compared slow. the researchers discovered that the high intensity interval training group showed more body fat loss than the continuous cardio training group. Itʼs actually pretty helpful to understand this stuff.3 What Iʼll Be Covering in This Report Are The Following 2 Ideas: 1. steady aerobic cardiovascular training with high intensity interval training. That a particular interval training protocol actually USES more fat as fuel during your workout. the amount of fat burned in an hour of continuous moderate cycling increased by 36% and cardiovascular fitness increased by 13%! Interval Training for Fat Loss Report Copyright. In one landmark weight loss study on interval training study. That interval training is very inefficient 2. Findings From People in Lab Coats Before we get to these very cool 3 . The result of these 2 concepts will give you a framework for understanding what to look for in an interval training program that is specifically geared towards burning fat.

even during subsequent low-intensity or moderate workouts. Changes in body fat were also greater in subjects using interval cardio training. 2011 myTreadmillTrainer. The results showed that fitness levels in the interval training group increased by 13%. A study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise had a group of overweight women assigned to one of two groups. No such improvements were found in the steady state cardio group. hereʼs a little more for you. But this study shows that this training also improves cardiovascular fitness and helps the body burn more fat. The first group trained used high intensity intervals while the second exercised at a low-intensity (steady state). Interval Training for Fat Loss Report Copyright.. Or how about an April 2008 report by the American College of Sports Medicine which said that interval training can lead to terrific cardiovascular improvements and fast weight loss with as few as 4 .4 Knowledgeable fitness buffs and athletes have long used interval training to improve performance. 15-minute sessions over just a 2 week period!!! Scienced out yet? Well. The lengths of the workouts were varied so that both groups burned 300 calories per session.

"." These findings have been confirmed by researchers from the University of 5 ..but thatʼs good. Ok.. letʼs discuss one of the reasons behind these amazing fat loss results. higher intensity exercise may further aid weight loss due to an acute increase in energy expenditure up to 24 hours following exercise. who showed that 24-hour energy expenditure was 160 calories greater in subjects performing high-intensity interval training rather than continuous exercise. itʼs helpful to realize that interval training is actually very inefficient . 3 times per week. now that weʼve looked at what some of the research is showing regarding interval training.. And in 2006. the women in this group had more weight loss and burned more belly fat than the slow cardio group who exercised twice as long (40 minutes.5 According to the research team. Interval Training for Fat Loss Report Copyright. 3 times per week). In order to do so.. Interval Training is Very Inefficient I want to help you understand why interval training is so powerful at burning fat. another groundbreaking research study out of Australia was published showing that even though an interval training group only exercised for 20 minutes. even if caloric expenditure during exercise is equal. You can think of interval training like city driving. 2011 myTreadmillTrainer.

com 6 . but steady state runs will never help you burn as much fat or improve your running endurance as inefficient interval training.. It doesnʼt guzzle as much gas and thatʼs a great thing for both your wallet and the environment. Driving on cruise control down an open highway is better for your car.. And it makes sense. then hitting the brakes at a stop sign. So interval training is like driving your car in the city. Kind of like Ben Stiller vs. easy runs where you maintain the same pace all the way through. right? This fact is so obvious that pretty much every car commercial mentioning gas mileage (reflecting highway driving) will always have to state the gas mileage for city driving as well. those nice. 2011 myTreadmillTrainer. usually in small print. Robert Deniro in the movie “Meet the Fockers”.you know. But remember. stopand-go city? It increases.6 What happens to your carʼs consumption of fuel when you drive in a busy. especially for recovery. Interval Training for Fat Loss Report Copyright. I have nothing against a nice slow jog every now and again. great results donʼt come from easy. Itʼs like speeding. Driving on the highway is like going for a steady state jog . One of the reasons many runners revert to steady state training is that it is EASIER. and then flooring it again.

right? Exactly. which means that they will adapt and become even stronger. And much more so than if only going for a nice easy jog. 2011 7 . doesnʼt it? Put it this way.. Would you interval run during a race? NO. this inefficiency also means that your cardiovascular system and muscles have to work harder. Why not? Because youʼd get exhausted much quicker. But thatʼs good because it means that your body uses MORE fuel! At the same time. It just makes sense. Are You With Me So Far? The notion that interval training is inefficient (from a fuel usage standpoint) is the first SECRET that makes this type of training so powerful in helping you churn through those calories and burn more fat.. Interval Training for Fat Loss Report Copyright.7 Intervals are inefficient because of their “stop and slow” nature.

8 And thatʼs because youʼre forcing your body to work at a higher intensity and in a less efficient “stop and slow” manner. if that makes any sense at all??? And hereʼs the cool part.. which causes you to fatigue much sooner.. our Treadmill Trainer workouts are based on many of these interval protocols. Interval training is like driving your car in stop and go traffic . your carbohydrate stores) while shifting to using more fat as fuel. 2011 myTreadmillTrainer. The list goes on and on... Interval Training for Fat Loss Report Copyright. therefore.. as you know.1 minute @ 80% : 30 seconds @ 65%... 8 .it guzzles more fuel and. your body naturally adapts by sparing more muscle glycogen (ie. And. burns more fat! But is there a type of interval training that is more efficient at more burning fat. all you have to remember is that.. As you get fitter and as you continue to use these inefficient intervals. specifically? I mean there are literally thousands of possible interval protocols you could follow. interval training is great at training your body to become more efficient when challenged with inefficient training obstacles. 2 minutes @ 75% : 4 minutes @ 65%.even at higher intensities! I hope I havenʼt lost you yet but if I have..

. Let me do my best to explain this in English. Iʼm just kidding. Ok. Iʼll obviously elaborate on this type of interval training right here and now. Why are they so powerful at burning more fat than longer intervals. There you go. I realized that we donʼt really have any Treadmill Trainer programs revolving around shorter sprinting intervals. 2011 myTreadmillTrainer. Short sprints. Are you ready? Alright. Well itʼs partly because they actually USE more fat as 9 .. Iʼll speak to you later. Have you ever seen this chart on a cardio machine (see below)? Interval Training for Fat Loss Report Copyright.9 But in reviewing ALL of our TT programs and listening to what many of you have been asking for. Sit Up Tall And Get Ready.why not? Well. short sprints. Thank you very much. thatʼs part of the reason Iʼm writing this report. before I get to the answer. Brace Yourself. let me share with you the SECRET interval training protocol that is PROVEN to burn more fat than any other type of interval workout. And that made me wonder. without getting too physiological on you. After all.

thatʼs 10 .. wouldnʼt it? Well. 2011 it really doesnʼt matter anyways. To my knowledge. greater increase in adrenaline Interval Training for Fat Loss Report Copyright. Research has shown that interval training workouts using short intervals of around 8 to 20 seconds are very very powerful at burning more fat . But generally. thatʼs where these short interval sprints come into play. there are 2 main reasons for this: 1. the higher the intensity.not just calories.. the more calories you burn. But what if you could burn more calories AND use more fat as a fuel source during higher intensity intervals? Thatʼd be a double-whammy.10 Itʼs massively deceiving... no lactic acid inhibition 2. And yes. This chart has brainwashed us to believe that we will NOT be USING fat fuel as a major fuel source when exercising at higher intensities.BUT there is a bit of truth to it.

In fact. 2011 myTreadmillTrainer. Pretty neat. shorter intervals (usually less than 20 seconds) can actually help your body UTILIZE more fat as fuel because of something really interesting that does not happen at the cellular level. your cells are less able to utilize fat for fuel. yet another study out of Australia reported reported that doing intervals consisting of 8-second sprints and 12-second recovery jogs led to a greater increase in the hormone adrenaline. high-intensity intervals is that they lead to a greater increase in the hormone adrenaline . Essentially. However. Usually.which actually stimulates fat burning. if your muscles produce lactic acid. those enzymatic pathways are left intact and your cells can actually use fat.mainly because they burn so many calories. Short Intervals Gives You Wings The other beneficial aspect of using 11 . Interval Training for Fat Loss Report Copyright.11 Less Lactic Acid Allows You to USE More Fat Let me first say that doing intervals (or work in general) that are longer in duration will STILL help you burn fat . eh? Intense. when lactic acid is present there are a number of enzymatic “fat-using” pathways that are shut off at the cellular level. But since INTENSE work of less than 20 seconds produces little to no lactic acid in the muscles.

. So there you have it... You donʼt obviously think I would tell all this great stuff about short. Just about there.... 2 not well-known secrets to making interval training more effective at burning fat. And now for the moment youʼve all been waiting 12 .... intense intervals without giving you a solution to incorporating them into your training. do you? Well.12 What they found by doing this was an increase in adrenalin in the body more and an increase in fat burning. 2011 myTreadmillTrainer. Itʼs on the next page. fear not because Iʼm happy to introduce our latest Treadmill Trainer creation. Interval Training for Fat Loss Report Copyright.

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