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MMB 081 Plant Virology Protocols

Chapters: Introduction to Classical Crossprotection

Ron S. S. Fraser

History of Coat Protein-Mediated Protection

Eric D. Miller and Cynthia Hemenway

Geminivirus Isolation and DNA Extraction

Kenneth E. Palmer, Wendelin H. Schnippenkoetter, and Edward P. Rybicki

Caulimovirus Isolation and DNA Extraction

Simon N. Covey, Rob J. Noad, Nadia S. Al-Kaff, and David S. Turner

Reovirus Isolation and RNA Extraction

lchiro Uyeda, Bong-Choon Lee,Yuko Ando, Haruhisa Suga, Yun-Kun He, and Masamichi lsogai

Procedures for Plant Rhabdovirus Purification, Polyribosome Isolation, and Replicase Extraction
Andrew 0. Jackson and John D. 0. Wagner

Hordeivirus Isolation and RNA Extraction

Diane M. Lawrence and Andrew 0. Jackson

Furovirus Isolation and RNA Extraction

Salah E. Bouzoubaa

Tobravirus Isolation and RNA Extraction

Sally C. Taylor

Tobamovirus Isolation and RNA Extraction

Sean N. Chapman

Potexvirus Isolation and RNA Extraction

Mounir G. AbouHaidar, Huimin Xu, and Kathleen L. Hefferon

Carlavirus Isolation and RNA Extraction

Gary D. Foster

Potyvirus Isolation and RNA Extraction

Philip H. Berger and Patrick J. Shiel

Trichovirus Isolation and RNA Extraction

Sylvie German-Retana, Thierry Candresse, and Jean Dunez

llarvirus Isolation and RNA Extraction

Deyin GUO, Edgar Maiss, and Giinter Adam

Bromovirus Isolation and RNA Extraction

Jozef Julian Bujarski

Cucumovirus Isolation and RNA Extraction

Marilyn J. Roossinck and P. Scott White

Nepovirus Isolation and RNA Extraction

K. Roger Wood

Comovirus Isolation and RNA Extraction

Joan Wellink

Carmovirus Isolation and RNA Extraction

Juana Diez, Jose F. Marcos, and Vicente Pall&

Tymovirus Isolation and Genomic RNA Extraction

Adrian Gibbs and Anne M. Mackenzie

Tombusvirus Isolation and RNA Extraction

Jdzsef Burgyh and Marcello Russo

RNA Analysis
Size and 3 End Group Determination
Michael Shanks and George Lomonossoff

RNA Fractionation by Density Gradient Centrifugation

Michael Shanks

cDNA Library Construction for the Lambda ZAP@-Based Vectors

Marjory A. Snead, Michelle A. Alting-Mees, and Jay M. Short

PCR Cloning of Coat Protein Genes

Rebecca Stratford

Antibody Production
Carol Brattey and Robert Burns

Expression Library Screening

Gary D. Foster

In Vitro Transcription and Translation

Roisin Turner and Gary D. Foster

Analysis of Coat Protein Expression Cassettes in Protoplasts

Jonathan H. Weston and Roisin L. Turner

DNA Sequencing
Jo Badge

Preparation of Coat Protein-Containing Binary Vectors for Use in Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation

Corrin V. Wallis and Margaret I. Boulton

Potato Transformation
Lee Rooke and Keith Lindsey

Transformation of Tomato
Artur J. P. Pfitzner

Tobacco Transformation
Jennifer F. Topping

Genetic Transformation of Wheat

Dong-Fang Chen

Production of Transgenic Rice (Oryzz~ sat&.. subspecies japonica cv. Taipei 309)
Wallace G. Buchholz, Weimin Teng, Delphia Wallace, John R. Ambler, and Timothy C. Hall

Molecular Analysis of Transgenic Rice

Wallace G. Buchholz, James P. Connell, Siva P. Kumpatla, and Timothy C. Hall

PCR Analysis of Transgenic Tobacco Plants

Dawn Worrall

Southern Analysis of Transgenic Tobacco Plants

Dawn Worrall

Detection and Quantification of Transcript RNA in Transgenic Plants Using Digoxigenin-Labeled cDNA Probes
Kara D. Webster and Hugh Barker

Assaying Levels of Plant Virus by ELBA

Roy Copeland

Detection of Plant RNA Viruses by Nonisotopic Dot-Blot Hybridization

Vicente Pall&s, Paloma MS, and Jestis A. Sbchez-Navarro

Detection and Quantification of Plant Viruses by PCR

Susan Seal and David Coates

Assaying Levels of Virus with Local Lesion Hosts

Neil Boonham and K. Roger Wood

Field Testing Resistance of Transgenic Plants

Wojciech K. Kaniewski and Peter E. Thomas

Agronomic Performance of Transgenic Plants

Peter E. Thomas and Wojciech K. Kaniewski

Mechanisms of Resistance
Expression of Coat Protein
Ulrich Reimann-Philipp

Mechanisms of RNA-Mediated Resistance to Plant Viruses

Peter de Haan

Detection of Risks Associated with Coat Protein Transgenics

Roger Hull

Potential Benefits of the Transgenic Control of Plant Viruses in the United Kingdom
Ian Barker, Christine M. Henry, Miles R.Thomas, and Rebecca Stratford