Their lived a boy in far outskirts of a village in the upper and hence tougher ranges of the Himalayas , beyond , pir panchal range. He was born , brought up and taken care in very traditional and enduring way. In those rough mule tracks , he played with his pals, friends, even stones and trees. By the time he could speak clearly he had, to his full potential,started gaining and experiencing the abundance of energy and aroma that covered that heaven and its living entities. He would have tried sitting idle in village on by his own but out of nothing, would either feel embarrassed of himself doing this eerie thing or would be afraid of somebody catching an eye. He left the idea ; but to his astonishment couldn't ,for long, keep himself away from it. It triggered when he and his friends saw some sadhus ans sanyasis deep in the forest chanting or just sitting silent as if eternally. His friends would often laugh upon this course but he never did, for he felt it's immense power. He was ten when, for the first time he felt his heart throbbing not doing , what he wanted to try. Incessantly it increased till the day he went to the highest peak visible from his village to see the origin of the river his village lived on. The huge glacier confronting his slightly shivering body. His quivering was overfelt when he realised he was warm enough too sit over the flowers of rhodendheron which was the only vegetation at such height. He had adapted his body just because of a chance of living at such high altitudes. He envisaged what could he feel after doing what he was reluctant to do yet. he dissipated all those thoughts as if he were an evanescent. He silently and calmly sat down, closed his eyes and remained quite.First he heard the chirping birds that keeps roaming about the rock holds on either side of the mountain river. He felt a slight increase in pressure near his ears and on eyes and head top. He started to exult but took care he didn't overwhelm so that this doesn't converts in an insatiable experience. The indifference his friends used talk about flowed away from his mind and he actually felt this part of his thoughts evading out from the right side of his brain. He , by his instinct, after experiencing this for very very long time, said that its gonna be overcast soon. he was ambling while sitting! Ahead of him was steep mountain -defile, behind were weirdly wild primulas, which he sensed through their fragrance. after two and a half hr. meditation , which by that time he hadn't had the slightest idea of what this exquisite process was called, he went down to eat his dinner and then slept. Way down , he got all wet! In the morning, after a 7 and a half hr. sleep, he rose and felt a sense of difference after a world he had seen which invariably had given a sense of being incommensurable. Those 2 and a half hrs. relaxed him more than this 7 and a half hr. sleep because here he had desires , some wishes, some dreams , some sense of belonging. Study how to sleep sound was a knowledge; gaining how to get completely relaxed free of any attached will was a new sense he had acquired lately-was real meaning. From then on it became his routine. He didn't practice it "hard" literally but with a tint of madness and delicacy . He experienced the wonderful world around, the nurturing nature , the blossoms,everything seemed alive. He had found his motive!!

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