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Sunday alcohol sales fate to be determined by popular vote
The current referendum differs from original proposals, with liquor now included. Initially, only wine and beer could be sold on Sundays. JESSICA GREGORY
While some believe Sunday alcohol sales may be a boon to the economy, not all – even those within the industry – agree. “There's a bigger picture. I don't think the tax revenue is going to be any different for the city of Griffin, but I support it for the state of Georgia, because the peripheral states are capturing our lost revenue and tax dollars on Sundays,” said Jeffrey Hatch,
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Griffin-Spalding schools expect relief with NCLB waiver
On August 8, Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced that states will be offered waivers that can exempt them from the federal testing mandate of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has announced he will file for the waiver for Georgia schools. Deal recently spoke out against NCLB, saying it “does not give you a comprehensive view of progress being made.” Deal says that officials will begin looking at other factors such as attendance policies, SAT scores, and Advanced Placement scores when measuring student growth. Deal’s administration believes that these components will show a more realistic view of student progress in Georgia schools. Griffin-Spalding County School System officials are also indicating support for the waiver. Superintendent Colonel Jones agrees with Governor Deal that the waiver is the right decision by saying, “when [NCLB] was enacted, the idea that students would be proficient by the year 2014 was so far out that most people thought they wouldn’t have to deal with it. Now that we are in the year 2011, we see that the goal is not realistic.” The Superintendent also agrees that looking at other measures is a more sensible approach to measuring progress in our schools. Since its inception, NCLB has been a controversial piece of legislation. It was enacted by President George W. Bush with the goal of making advancements and improving accountability in the American educational system. Under NCLB, each school is supposed to have 100 percent proficiency in math and reading by the year 2014. The law mandates that each state meet this burden by surpassing

The Lady Jags showed their game faces as they arrived for the Ninth Annual Spalding High School Diamond Tournament held Aug. 12, at Volunteer Park. SHS came out on top, 4-2. IMAGE CREDIT: LAURIE TOLAND; FOR MORE PHOTOS SEE PAGE 6.

Contractor addresses industrial park landscaping cost complaints
In submitting a bid to the Griffin-Spalding Development Authority for maintaining the grounds of The Lakes at Green Valley, Clint Britain, owner of Southern Pro Landscaping, said he did as he routinely does – he considered all cost associated with the work and factored in a reasonable profit. In doing so, his company was selected for a two-year contract at the 570-acre property. The first mowing was at a cost of just over $19,000, with 10 assured cuttings over the twoyear contract period priced at $13,500 per month. From November to March of each year, services will be provided only at the request of the owner, or Spalding County officials. That need may or may not arise, depending upon Georgia's unpredictable weather conditions, Britain said. While Britain is accustomed to the unpredictable nature of his business, he was not anticipating the level of community criticism that has been expressed with regard to the monetary amount of his contract with the Development Authority. “There was a pre-bid meeting, and you had to attend that meeting to bid on this project,” he said. “There were ten companies that bid on this, so it was a fairly lengthy process. In the end, I presented the winning bid, a bid that was very reasonable for the work involved.” In addition to the process undertaken prior to his company's selection, Britain said he believes many remain unaware of the amount of work involved. “A lot of folks don't realize the scope of this job. It's not only a large area at 570 acres, but there are also a lot of really extreme slopes out here,” Britain said. “It's the pond dams and berms that have 35 degree slopes. Every lot out here has these berms. It isn't just your regular mowing like your lawn. It's very dangerous
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Wine group invites new members
Local wine group, "VIN," is not that stereotypical, high-faluting wine group. "We drink anything from a twobuck chuck on up to a $20 bottle of wine," said treasurer Steve Greenburg.

Wilson to name county fire chief Aug. 25
The Spalding County Fire Department will soon have a chief, with County Manager William Wilson announcing he will on Aug. 25 name Chipper Gardner's successor. The SCFD has been without a permanent chief since Gardner's March 12, 2010, retirement. Wilson said he cannot state why a chief was not named soon after his departure; he can only speak for the actions taken since his own return to office. “I just came back in March; March 28 was my first day back,” Wilson said. “And the hiring decision is mine. That was one of the things I wanted to change and the board wanted to change.” Although department heads and commissioners are afforded an opportunity to meed prospective candidates, the ultimate hiring decision rests with Wilson. Naming a SCFD chief was a top priority discussed by Wilson and county commissioners during his contract negotiations, he said. As such, applications were accepted through May 10. In totality, 35 resumes were submitted for consideration, with Human Resources Director Bill Gay narrowing the list to the top 12. “I interviewed the top five and narrowed it down to the top two,” Wilson said. The two finalists for the position are Rick Clemons, who recently retired from Atlanta Fire-Rescue (AF-R), and SCFD Interim Chief Kenny West. Over his 30-year career with AFR, Clemons served in a number



August18 - 31, 2011

« NCLB, cont.
the previous year’s standardized test scores in order to meet Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). If a school failed to meet AYP, it is placed on a probationary period and must redirect percentages of federal funding to professional development and student tutoring. Georgia schools have been struggling to meet its AYP each year. This year, only 31 out of 180 Georgia school district met AYP. In the Griffin-Spalding district, four schools did not meet AYP and others are still on a probationary period from failing to meet it in previous years. The Atlanta Public Schools System is receiving nationwide criticism and threats of losing its accreditation because of standardized test cheating linked to the NCLB Act. With the new federal education legislation, states can apply for a waiver from the NCLB Act. The applications will be reviewed by a panel, but the final approval falls to Duncan. Administration officials have said they will grant waivers to states that adopt standards designed to prepare high school graduates for college and careers, use a “flexible and targeted” accountability system for educators based on student growth and make “robust use of data,” among other things. Several states have already filed applications because most schools won’t be able meet the 100 percent proficiency requirement by 2014. Others in academia have signaled their approval for the waiver, at least in the short-term. Jeff Jordan, an economics professor at the UGA-Griffin campus who has been working on education issues, believes this is a good move because it will force Washington to move legislation along. Jordan agrees that NCLB has not been successful at measuring student growth, but he does believe it has been successful by forcing schools to look at disadvantaged groups like African-American communities, Hispanic groups, and those participating in special education. “In order for us to measure educational growth, we must answer two questions: what affects student learning and how do we measure it? Looking at other factors besides standardized test scores will give us more insight into these answers.”Ω

Grippits « alcohol, cont.
COUNTY: Commissioners heard a presentation by the City of Griffin Redevelopment Services Director Frederick Gardiner regarding the Community Redevelopment Tax Incentive. STATE: The State Legislature called a Special Session which will focus on redistricting in Georgia. STATE: A Fulton County grand jury hit the Atlanta Public Schools with a subpoena to release all documents associated with the CRCT scandal. NATIONAL: The Iowa Ames Straw Poll shows Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney as front runners in GOP presidential race. Texas Governor Rick Perry also announced his presidency as Tim Pawlenty drops out. WORLD: Hundreds of people continue to die each day as the drought worsens and as officials keep humanitarian aid restricted in Somalia.

of Jeffrey's Bottle Shoppe. “There are those who drive across state lines into Alabama, Tennessee and Florida to buy alcohol on Sundays. If this passes, that will keep those dollars here in Georgia.” City residents will be able to vote on the issue during the Nov 8. election, as Griffin commissioners on Aug. 9 agreed to put Sunday alcohol sales on the ballot. If approved, the law would allow those who currently sell any type of alcohol (beer, wine and/ or liquor) to sell them between the hours of 12:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. on Sunday as well. Hatch says that regardless of the referendum's outcome, he does not intend to make any changes to his store's operating hours. “Personally, I've always felt that inch lawn mowers and a 90-horse power farm tractor are utilized to cut the grass. Although Britain maintains state-of-the-art landscaping equipment, the nature of the topography at The Lakes at Green Valley also mandates the use of much more basic tools – weed eaters. He explained that much of the time his employees toil at the industrial park are spent traversing the sleep slopes of the sprawling area, cutting grass by hand. you should always be able to buy beer and wine in the grocery or convenience stores on Sundays. If you were going to the lake or were having a cookout, it didn't seem right not to be able to do that,” he said. “With that being said, we will probably opt not to be open. I feel that the consumption will not change – it will still be spread over seven days – so the question for me is would it justify the additional overhead and labor to work a In areas where heavier equipment can be used, other hazards also impact the work. “In this job here at The Lakes of Green Valley alone, I have had eight flats on my tractor. There are prickly pears all over the place out here,” he said. “That was also part of the bidding process for me – taking all the equipment expenses into consideration.” After thoughtfully looking over the picturesque Rehobeth Road property, he expressed a wistful thought to those who criticize the amount of compensation his company receives.

Jeffrey's Bottle Shoppe owner, Jeffrey Hatch seventh day?” Hatch admits this decision may result in a minor sales revenue loss, but in the end, he says it is worth the price to be paid. “It may cost us a little bit in sales, but that's the tradeoff for having one day a week off,” he said. “We're already here every other day of the week. To have one day off is a personal thing.” Ω “Anybody who doesn't think this is worth the price, I want them to come out here and work for just one month, just to see what is involved, but they would have to work the job through from beginning to end,” he said. “They couldn't just cut out after a day when they realize how had the work is. Nobody is going to get rich out here – I'm not getting rich out here. It's worth it under my contract, but nobody's getting rich here. I won the bid, I come out here and I do my job. All I want to do is make my employer happy and make a living.” Ω

« landscaping, cont.
mowing in some areas. You really have to slow down and know what you're doing.” To accomplish the job, Britain a crew dedicates a crew of seven men, in addition to himself, to the project. The eight man crew then spends six days each month at The Lakes at Green Valley, working 10hour days. Over the course of approximately 500 man hours, a bobcat with bush hog, two 61-

« VIN, cont.
Billy Reeves, owner of Reeves Cleaners in Griffin, started the group in 1974 and taught a group of mostly women how to order and taste wines. Now the group boasts well over 70 members, who get together to try new wines - cheap wines, for the most part. Average prices range from $4 to $10, said Greenburg. "We drink the wines we like; we don't drink the price," he explained. Clint Britain, owner of Southern Pro Landscaping, is seen atop one of the numerous slopes that comprise The Lakes at Green Valley Industrial Park. Britain spoke out in response to criticism to the funds the Griffin-Spalding Development Authority is spending to mow the lawns at the Rehobeth Road location. "We uncork a bottle and talk about the history of the wine, what vineyard it's from and what it's supposed to be," said

Greenburg. "We taste five to six wines per evening." The group is reaching out to all age groups (over 21 of course), that interested in drinking wines and learning about wines. They try to have at least one gathering per month, with the next event in September at Greenburg's home. It's an open pot luck supper with no charge, and a fireworks display at the end of the night. "Wine is an extremely social thing," said Greenburg, "sort of like golf." For more information, contact Greenburg at 770-599-8888. Ω

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The Haunted Theatre is back and looking for fresh blood…
The Haunted Theatre on Hill Street will be holding open tryouts for characters for its annual haunted house at a new (and ghostlier) location in downtown Griffin. Those fearless enough to join Griffin’s largest haunted house are invited to come to Studio D, 111 North Hill Street, on Saturday, September 10th from 1:00PM to 5:00PM to try out to become a “scareactor” in this frightening, Halloween event. “The Haunted Theatre” needs an assortment of scary creatures guaranteed to “scare the pants off” the innocents who dare to walk through this deserted, haunted theatre on the weekends of October 21 and 22 and October 28 and 29. The spooky event is also looking for make-up artists and nonscareactors positions. The Haunted Theatre on Hill Street is located in historic downtown Griffin in the underground vaults of Studio D, between Taylor Street and Slayton Alley. For more information on this year’s haunted house visit www. Ω

August 18 - 31, 2011



Serving Great Steaks and Prime Rib Since 1988

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Snow White dons a Stetson for Camelot production
honesty, Snow White wins the hearts of everyone she meets, except Queenie. Queenie's jealousy could mark the end of Snow White unless one or two heroes can come to her rescue. Shorty is the lovable and not-sobright black sheep of the family. Jessi, Bobbie Joe, Charlie, Petunia and Slim all are unique and keep the family organized.

HANK; Nolan Winter SHORTY: Luke Sisson JESSI: Lindsey Fowler BOBBIE JOE: Stefani Franklin CHARLIE: Anna Argo PETUNIA: Rachel Wallace SLIM: Will Samples MARSHAL JOE PRINCE; Hayden Flanders: He is the handsome western hero with a dazzling smile and a bit of a swagger in his walk. He is the owner of the Prince Mines, and becomes the Marshal of the territory and soon after falls in love. SNEAKY SAM; David Samples: He is Queenie's henchman torn between Snow White's beauty and Queenie's rage. MAGIC MIRROR; Cady Crawford: She is warm, quick witted and quite humorous, and tries to be the voice of reason to Queenie, to no avail.
a kindly and spry old prospector type who, with his daughter Snow, comes to the old west to find gold but soon falls prey to Queenie.


Friday, August 19, 2011 through Sunday, August 21, 2011, Enrichment Center Stage Note: This is not the Disney version of Snow White. This show is a musical based upon the Grimm Brother's Snow White in the western atmosphere of the Gold Rush days. and seniors; available at the box office or at www.camelottheatre.

TICKETS: $10 adults, $5 students

QUEENIE; Nikki Stone: She is a raucous, as well as a glamorous dance hall queen who becomes Snow White's Stepmother. She is vain and domineering, and becomes the jealous, comedic villainess when her Magic Mirror proclaims Snow White the fairest of all. She later disguises herself as a spanish peddler selling combs, and again as an indian squaw selling apples. Like her counterpart Sneaky Sam, she tends to be a bitmelodramatic at times.
addition to moving the story along, the Narrator interacts directly with the audience throughout the play. When she is not narrating, she sits to one side of the stage and watches the action and like the audience, reacting to the scenes and applauding the performers. The vertically-challenged, goldmining family of seven sing and dance frequently. Hank is the kindly leader of the group, and

Draft Beer on Saturdays

MR. WHITE; Jared Sisson: He is

NARRATOR; Caylen Perry: In


Expose yourself to art.




Brad D. Fowler -- Director Jared Sisson -- Junior Director Angie Plate -- Music Director Lori Flanders -- Choreographer Shari Barron -- Orchestration


BARTENDER; Meloni Franklin: She keeps the Saloon in order and the patrons in line. Watch out for her left-hook -- and her trusty shotgun. SALOON GIRL; Kylie Griffin: What's a saloon without a lovely saloon girl? Ω

J. Michael’s

Monday - Thursday 11-10 Friday & Saturday 11-11 Closed Sunday

SNOW WHITE; Kat Martin: Filled with beauty, warmth and



130 South Hill Street, Griffin


Gourmet Ice Cream
(New flavors every week)

Mon - F 12:30 pm -9 pm ri: Sat - Sun: 12:30 pm - 10 pm 1119 Zebulon Road, Griffin



August 18 - 31, 2011

must correct the old problems because there is a storm of new problems on the horizon. We fail ourselves and our community by not truly researching the qualifications needed to fulfill the duties of the position and by not investigating whether or not the person we want to vote for has those qualifications. We have the ability to effect change; we have to be willing to implement it. During our most recent elections, a small amount of change was implemented; most for the better. We are now facing an unexpected election and must continue this progress. Einstein also stated, “Politics are usually the executive expression of human immaturity.” Nowhere is this more evident than with some of the excuses I have heard locally as justification for voting for candidates. We do not need to vote for someone just because we grew up with them or they are a friend of friend. If they are such as this and also actually have the qualifications, then place a check next to the candidates name. We do not need to vote for someone because they are members of [insert any civic organization, church, or social club here] with us or because your family knew their family fifty years ago. My favorite excuse I have heard so far is “I’m voting for him because he can get my son out of DUI”. Really? That is why you are supporting a candidate? This implies that the accused was actually driving under the influence and that someone is conducting themselves in an heat and humidity we currently suffer, some people will still argue that summer weather is better than winter weather. Lets take a closer look at a several common arguments advanced by those who favor heat stroke over hypothermia. We don’t have to bundle up in the summer just to go outside like we do in the winter. While that statement is true on its face, we also don’t have to change shirts after simply walking to the mailbox. Another key point is that in the winter people can continue to add layers of clothing until a comfortable temperature is reached. Continuously shedding layers in the summer can result in serious jail time and banishment from playgrounds and parks. Summer is the perfect time to go to the beach. Listening to the waves and enjoying the breeze with a cold beer and a good book sounds like the perfect way to beat the heat. However, after lugging six chairs, an umbrella, three coolers and a Frisbee back and forth over searing sand and unethical and probably illegal manner in order for the accused to not face the responsibility of his actions. An elected official with direct control over an agency or organization must be more than just friendly and willing to cross a bright line by doing political favors under the table for those violate the law and endanger others. James Adams had it right when he stated, “Men must be ready, they must pride themselves and be happy to sacrifice their private pleasures, passions and interests, nay, their private friendships and dearest connections, when they stand in competition with the rights of society.” While it is important to care for children and the elderly, most elected offices require much more than just this attribute. Whoever we elect for any political office needs to be progressive, forward thinking, educated, experienced, have the ability to think in terms of modern and effective concepts, and be able to develop sound policies and role-models for our community. Popularity contests are best left in high school. Educate yourself about the job of the elected office, examine the abilities and resumes of every candidate, and then select the best qualified candidate. Vote for a candidate that does more than just meet qualifications. Vote for one that is the most qualified and can direct his or her area of responsibility towards a positive future. Signed, Bryan Clanton, MPA through swarms of sand fleas and sand spurs, the cool ocean breeze is just not as refreshing. Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors. Summer is when the most horrible creatures that have ever lived thrive. Within six minutes of beginning any outdoor activity, mosquitoes the size of Chihuahuas hone in on their victims to take their blood and leave behind malaria and West Nile. Every thing is green and pretty in the summer. The beauty of green lawns and thriving flower beds only appeals to those who don’t have to endure the mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, poisonous vines, briars, humidity, sun stroke, broken lawnmowers, hard red clay, and nagging wives that accompany the back breaking labor required to maintain them. Everyone else begins yearning for the first frost or a drought by about June 1. When you really think about it, a high of 55 degrees and a low of 40 degrees isn’t really that bad. Ω

Each week at a “Get A Grip” poll will be posted. The results and any related content will be published in the consecutive print edition of The Grip. Visit to vote today!

Current Poll:
Surrounding local governments are passing ordinances against "saggy pants," and Griffin Mayor Joanne Todd mentioned following suit at the last commissioners' meeting. Would you be in favor of such an ordinance?

Letters on this subject are encouraged and should be emailed to jessica@the-grip. net or posted to PO Box 2251, Griffin, GA 30224.

Last Week’s Poll Results:
City of Griffin residents: Do you plan to utilize the city's new online utility bill paying feature despite the $4.50 cost?

Merit, Not Popularity in Voting
It seems that many across our nation are dissatisfied with our elected officials at the local, state, and federal level. Why are we so surprised? Do people take their responsibility as voters serious enough to truly look at each candidate? Do we not recognize that wonderful right we have to choose our leadership? There is not enough print space for me to address this at every level, so I will only address local elections at this time. Albert Einstein once said, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” Our community is facing the same old problems because we continue to elect officials based on the old paradigm in which we are immersed. We

Letters to the editor concerning any subject relevant to Griffin citizens are encouraged and welcomed, as are cheers & jeers. Any comments or letters must be signed and should be emailed to or posted to P.O. Box 2251, Griffin, Georgia 30224.

YES: 16% NO: 84%

» YES: 5 votes » NO : 27 votes

SATIRE: Sweet Summertime
Valid Concerns & Helpful Solutions: A semi-regular column devoted to addressing issues, tackling problems and giving all-around good advice to the leaders and citizenry of the greater Griffin-Spalding County area.


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While the last few winters iN Georgia have been especially cold, the conditions are never as glacial as people make them out to be. The folks in Siberia and Barrow, Alaska have a legitimate gripe about the winter conditions they endure with temperatures of minus 50 degrees and total darkness. Despite our mild winters, every January or February people can be overheard saying how they can not wait for it to be summer. Well those people have once again had their wish fulfilled as the muggy days of August are upon us. Despite the unbearable

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Falling asleep in church may not be the preacher's fault...
Q: T I have a friend who is seriously overweight, and every time he sits down, he nods off to sleep. It only takes a few minutes, and it happens in church or any other place where he sits for as long as fifteen to twenty minutes. Is he ill?
It could be the sermon, I suppose. As cheap a shot as that was, I had to take it. This is all too common. It’s called “Pickwickian Syndrome,” or obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS). The reference to Pickwick is from a character in Charles Dickens’ The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club (1837): Joe loved to eat, was very fat, and slept anytime he was not eating. It provides a fitting picture for the clinical scenario. It is not really an illness, but a condition related to obesity. With the fat accumulation across the chest and abdomen, there is enough extra weight in his midsection to put significant pressure on the diaphragm, the primary muscle for breathing. He is still breathing, hopefully, but the rate and depth of breathing is suppressed by the resistance of his own body weight. This leads to a lower oxygen and a higher carbon dioxide level in the blood. addressed this in a new regulation because it has been found that half the accidents with fatalities involve sleep apnea. Your friend is in trouble. The sleepiness, heart trouble, and swelling of the feet are all signs of serious health problems. The primary treatment is loss of weight. Given your description of his condition now, the weight loss is literally a matter of life and death. Additionally, the sleep apnea, when present, is usually treated with positive airway breathing machines that are worn at night. Treating the sleep apnea is necessary, but doing this alone is like a bandaid on a cancer. If your relationship is close enough to allow it, talk to him about attacking the primary problem, which is his weight. As an alternative, send him to me, and I’ll talk to him over some sugarfree coffee. Until the problem is corrected, he will keep falling asleep—until the “big sleep.” And that’s not the preacher’s fault. Ω

August 18 - 31, 2011


Jack Russel mix •
Barney is roughly 10 weeks old a weighs around nine pounds. He was found in abandon house lethargic and weak. He has recuperated and is now a bundle of joy. He likes to play with other dogs, as seen in the photo below, where he is playfully biting the tail of his doggy foster brother.


There is significant increased cardiac workload placed in this condition because the right side of the heart has to pump blood to the lungs. In time, the heart weakens with the strain. As it weakens, it increases pressure in the veins so that the ones in the legs and feet distend and leak, causing the feet to swell. If you see your friend’s feet, you will likely see the swelling toward the end of the day as it makes the shoes fit tightly. Most Pickwickians have some degree of sleep apnea, so they are frequently quite sleepy during the daylight hours. This makes them risky drivers. I see this fairly frequently in the clinic when I do physicals for truckers. The Department of Transportation has

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Communication is key in a marriage
After reading the book, The Help, I kind of think it would be fun to write a column for The Grip on how to work miracles on stains and such. Except, I am not exactly touted for my domestic achievements. I do get numerous emails and phone calls, however, on marriage advice. Not that I have achieved marriage greatness either. But, I have figured out, through some not so fun and trial and error situations, conversations that work with my husband, Kris. And, conversations that don’t. We all know that communication is key in relationships. However, how we communicate is just as important as the communication itself. I’ve learned a few things that work and a few that don’t. Such as addressing an issue in the form of an attack. For example: I try to avoid comments that begin with “You never” or “You always”. This, more times than not, forces Kris to be defensive. He shouldn’t have to “defend” himself unless I catch him eating the last of my Junior Mints. Addressing something that bothers you while that something is happening. I will usually wait until we are alone and time has elapsed before I address an issue. I do this for two reasons: One: I may feel differently about it later, thus saving Kris from an unnecessary, tough conversation and two, if I still feel a need to address the issue, he is less likely to take offense and, instead, receive what I have to say, because he is far removed from the situation. And, finally, communication sometimes simply involves telling Kris something I love about him, thanking him for something he does, or praising him for his accomplishments. It is important that he knows that I appreciate him and that I believe in him. For example, he is a great pilot. So, I tell him he is often. I believe it’s not only important to show appreciation for the things he does for me, but important that he knows I believe in him and appreciate his gifts. Because, that kind of communication ALWAYS works. Ω

Blended families require special estate planning
Q: This is my second marriage and my husband and I both have children from our first marriage. Do we require special estate planning? Good planning could have prevented this sad outcome.


Boarding & Grooming
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To make sure his children receive their inheritance You are what we right after he dies call in our office a Jack could purchase “blended family.” life insurance and With the current name his children high rates of divorce beneficiaries. Jack also BOB GOLDBERG and remarriage— needs to think about even into the retirement Estate Planning where Alice will live after years—many blended he dies. We have seen families have a lot to consider several cases where step-children when they create their estate plans. have either forced a surviving stepConsider the situation of Alice mother to stay in a home she could and Jack, both 70 years old and not longer safely live in or even wondering what is the best way make her move away. to provide for each other, as well as children they each have from Whether you are a “Brady previous marriages, should one of Bunch” or an “Addams Family,” a them pass away. knowledgeable and experienced estate planner can not only help Blended families now have more you look into the future to help you options than ever when it comes to see what the long-term effects of creating estate plans. All of these each planning option may be, but options ensure that each family also offer a wide variety of options, member—each person—will many of which can be tweaked have the opportunity to achieve and customized to fit your blended their goals. But be careful, many family’s unique needs. of the strategies that sound ideal on the surface will have hidden When it comes to protecting your consequences down the road. family it’s wise to consider all your options… and never settle for less Take the spousal trust as an than the best. Ω example: Jack is thinking about having his lawyer draw up a new will to include a spousal trust to hold his investments. If he dies first, the trust could provide cash flow for Alice for her lifetime. Ultimately the capital would pass to his children after Alice dies. But there’s more to it than what is seen on the surface. What if Jack’s children have to wait 20 or more years to inherit? Indeed, Jack’s children may never inherit anything if Alice has the Lose power to dip into the trust capital. Another solution might be for Jack to leave some of property to Alice in trust so Alice can have a professional manager her money for her. Also, by leaving Alice the money in trust rather than giving it to her outright, Jack can make sure Alice is protected from predators who might want a relationship with her just so they can have access to her money. We once had a case come through our office where shortly after her husband’s death an older widow met a “tall, dark, handsome, preacher man” at her local church. He swept her off her feet, married her and cleaned her out of her life savings. It turned out he had four wives! One down here, one in Decatur, one in Colorado, and his real wife who was in on the con-game with him.

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National Wild Turkey Federation will hold 'Jakes Day' Aug. 27
The Mid-Georgia Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation will hold its annual Jakes day on August 27, 2011, at the Griffin Gun Club, Amelia Road, Griffin, Georgia. The activities will be for children between the ages of 3-17. Registration is 8:15 - 9 a.m. Activities will begin at 9 a.m. and will finish around 12 p.m. with a hot dog lunch for all participants. Door prizes will be given at the end of the activities for children. A $10 registration fee is required by the NWTF unless the Jake is a current member of the NWTF. Contact Hoby Davenport for more information at 770-2283221 or 770-584-1158.

at Ace Hardware of Griffin 126 W. College St.

McDonough First United Methodist Church 151 Macon Street, Hwy. 42 just south of the square

from 8:30am - 4:00pm at the CSU Student Activities Center. Lunch will be provided to attendees. The cost is $99 per person. Each additional person (from the same company) who registers at the same time will receive 50 percent off. Interested parties can register at www.

Dog Days 100 on Aug. 20
Be a part of the inaugural Dog Days 100 multi-optional ride through Atlanta’s Southern Crescent region. Ride begins at 7:30 a.m. and takes riders through historic Hill Falls State Park and Indian Springs State Park. Proceeds benefit the Salvation Army Community Center Boys and Girls After School Program. Cost is $35 for riders (13 years and older). The rides include 20, 32, 50 and 100 miles. To register go to and search for Dog Days 100. For more information contact 678-9726993.

September 24, 1 pm
Wyomia Tyus Park Pavilion #1
A reunion is to be held for those who attended Highland Mill’s Grammar School before its closure in late 1961. The classmates and spouses only are invited. Please bring lawn chairs, snacks, sandwiches and drinks (tea, soda, etc. - no alcohol). Plates, napkins, ice, etc will be provided.

Living Proof Live at Oak Hill Baptist Church
Oak Hill Baptist Church is hosting "Living Proof Live" with Beth Moore and Travis Cottrell on Sept. 10. Join hundreds of ladies from around Griffin for a live simulcast with Bible study, worship, fun, and fellowship. Tickets are $15 and are available at the church. The cost will include continental breakfast, Chick-fil-a lunch served by local Truett's and Dwarf House, and the opportunity to shop our Marketplace Venue with vendors throughout Griffin and the surrounding area. For more information visit oakhillbaptist. org.

This Saturday last day for Griffin Youth Soccer reg.
Griffin Youth Soccer Sign-ups will be held this Saturday, August 20 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m at Wyomia Tyus Park. This is the last Saturday for registration. Teams are available for children ages 3 to 18. For more information, email or call 404-643-0967. Visit the website at

Procurement Basics
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The Clayton State University Small Business Development Center is holding a Procurement Basics and Beyond Conference on Thursday, September 22,

125 D W. Solomon Street, Gri n

414 S. Hill Street 770.228.7738

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Ninth Annual Spalding High School Diamond Tournament held Aug. 12, at Volunteer Park
LEFT: Abby Toland, a SHS freshman, began her first game pitching for the Lady Jags in the teams match up against Wakefield Christian. BELOW: Haedyn Kilgore was ready for whatever

(770) 227-5300 1115 Zebulon Road Griffin, GA 30224

Absolute Healthcare
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Drop in or book an appointment for services September 8-10 and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Spalding County Fire Department.


Weightloss & Wellness
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414 S. Hill Street, Gri n

(770) 228-7738

Who's Running:
Wendall Beam : Keith Duncan: Tony Head Joel Jinks

August 18 - 31, 2011


Information for Sept. 20 nonpartisan special election for sheriff TWO MOPEDS FOR SALE
Public Forums: Look for:
August 25; Sun City Peachtree; 7 p.m. August 30; Griffin Regional Welcome Center; 7 p.m. Email questions to September 8; Macedonia Baptist Church September 8; WKEU will air a forum at 7:30 p.m. as his abundant experience. As for West, Wilson said, “He's come up through the department. He has all the experience throughout the years and the way he handled the recent tornado disaster and the manner in which he's served as interim fire chief, as well.” However, questions of West's fitness for continued service with the SCFD were raised in 2010 following an exhaustive investigation conducted by Atlanta-based attorney Christopher Balch. County officials contracted Balch's services following a July 2010 incident in which firefighter Terrence Reid videotaped extremely graphic images of Dayna Kempson-Schatt's body after she was killed in a July wreck. The video was publicly disseminated and eventually fell into the hands of the victim's parents. Fire Chief candidate Rick Clemons After reviewing not only this specific incident, but what was referred to as the overall culture of the SCFD, Balch recommended disciplinary action against a number of personnel, including West. “His failures in leadership development, training and communication cannot be overstated,” Balch reported to members of the Spalding County Commission and Interim County Manager Drew Whalen, but he added, "There is no intent to hold Chief West responsible solely for the misconduct of someone else, rather, Chief West should be held accountable for his own failures and actions.” For these reasons, Balch recommended Spalding County terminate West's employment. Commissioner Gwen FlowersTaylor addressed the 2010 incident at a recent forum for both candidates. In questioning Clemons, she said the issue had tarnished the fire department's reputation and asked what he could do to help A special section in the next issue in which candidates will answer the questions about their qualifications, direction for the SCSO, changes, and thoughts on personnel and challenges.
If you have specific questions you'd like answered, email them to shelia@the-grip. net. Answers will be posted to

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« fire chief, cont.
of positions including deputy IT administrator from 1997 through 2005; assistant program coordinator of the Community Emergency Response Team from 2005 until his retirement; and deputy training director of AF-R's Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport division, also from 2005 until his retirement.

Interim Fire Chief and Fire Chief candidate Kenny West restore its reputation. "I have a history of running a first-class customer service training that highlights sensitivity and communication," Clemons responded, while adding that any necessary changes could only be determined after a period of assessment. Flowers-Taylor then addressed West, stating he was going to get the hard questions before asking if he, in hindsight, believes he should have done anything differently. West responded by referring to the videotaping incident as “a lapse in judgment of one person.” He also stated, “I was the last one to know,” and “I don't know of anything I could have done differently.” In light of the fact that West received no disciplinary action whatsoever following Balch's recommendation of termination, Wilson was asked if he is comfortable in naming the acting chief as a finalist for the permanent position. “I have read that report,” he said. “I have experience with Kenny that goes beyond that report. My experience with Chief West goes back to 1985 when I came to work here. The experience that I have, and the most recent experience with the tornado since I came back, prove otherwise. Leadership begins at the top.” Ω



Happy Hour 3 - 6 Dinner Weds - Sat Oyster Bar 9:30 - til

West also has more than three decades of firefighting experience, having began serving the Spalding County community in 1979. Over his many years of service, he has held such SCFD positions as firefighter from 1979 through 1987; director of Homeland Security and emergency management from 1990 through the present; assistant fire chief from 1987 through the present. He also currently serves as training officer and pubic fire safety educator, as well as having filled the interim chief's position the preceding 17 months. “I've got two great candidates and it's going to be a tough choice.” He then cited the factors upon which he based his final determination, stating Clemons education – he is currently pursuing his doctorate in organization and management from Capella University – as well

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Government Scorecard A roundup of recent public meetings
City of Griffin Board of Commissioners
6 p.m. August 9, One Griffin Center
Action: Commissioners denied a request for a variance from Section 70.11.4 Monument Signs of the City of Griffin Sign Ordinance, to permit a monument sign that exceeds the size requirements for property located at 371 N. Expressway (Auto Care Experts, owned by Rick Sasser).
This was Sasser's third appearance before the board, and he has been issued over $3,00 in citations for the signs. After being granted a varience in February for one LED monument sign, Sasser built two monument signs, each 252 square feet and 12 feet high, which exceed the 40 total square feet/10 feet height limitations.



Spalding County Board of Appeals



7 p.m. August 11, Spalding County Courthouse Annex
Action: The board recommended approval a special exception for
place of worship expansion for the Thai Buddhist Temple on Steele Road from the current five acres to two other adjacent tracts for a total of 17.563 acres.

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Vote: 7-0

Spalding County Board of Commissioners

6 p.m. Aug 15, Spalding County Courthouse Annex
Action: Commissioners authorized a contest to The Parks & Rec advisory board will administer the contest and solicit names for the future Senior Center.
forward the top five submissions to the Board of Commissioners for final decision on a name.

The board recommended approval despite negative feedback about the Temple expressed at the meeting. The issue will come before the Spalding County Board of Commissioners at the next zoning meeting at 6 p.m. Aug. 30.

Vote: 4-0 (Gardner not present)

821 Old Woodbury Highway Woodbury, GA (706) 553-9000 • 553-3569

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126 W. College St. Grif n

678-692-8670 | 122 S. 13th Street

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total tness

1447 N. Expressway Gri n, Ga.

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