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8/10-Wed. 8/10-Wed. 8/11-Th. 8/15-Mon. 8/17-Wed. 8/17-Wed 8/22-Mon. 8/22-Mon. 8/22-Mon. 8/22-Mon. 8/23-Tu. 8/23-Tu. 8/23-Tu. 8/24-Wed. 8/24-Wed. 8/25-Th. 8/25-Th. 8/25-Th.

11:00 7:00 6:00 10:00 10:00 5:30 9:30-10:30 10:00 11:30 9:30 9:00-11:00 1:00 7:00 9:00-11:00 8:30 10:00 9:00-11:00

10:30 6:30 5:00 9:00 10:00 4:30 8:30 9:00 10:30 8:30 8:00 12:00 5:30 8:00 7:30 9:00 8:00

NFT Office NFT Office Maple Point Everitt NFT Office Maple Point Lower South Schweitzer Hoover Ferderbar NHS Heckman Maple Point NHS Buck Miller MP/Poq/CS

All Members PAC/BRs All Members Everitt/Ferderbar Solidarity and BRs All Members Lower South/Miller Schweitzer/Everitt Hoover/Heckman Ferderbar/NHS A-C NHS/Poq/CS Heckman/MP M-Z All Members NHS/MP A-L PAC Buck/NHS D-G Miller/NHS H-K MP-MP & NHS L-O CS=CS & NHS P-S Poq=Poq & NHS T-Z All Members

Press Conference Town Hall Phone Conference Negotiations Meeting Kindergarten Orientation* Update and Planning Picket Board Policies Meeting* Kindergarten Orientation* New Student/Kindergarten* Orientation* New Student/Kindergarten Orientation* New Student/Kindergarten Orientation* 9th Grade Orientation (A-K)* New Student/Kindergarten Orientation* Board Meeting 9th Grade Orientation (L-Z)* New Teacher Meeting New Student/Kindergarten Orientation* Kindergarten Orientation* 6th Grade Orientation*


Paul/Jeff Anne/Cheryl Charlene/ Marian Mary/Crissy Louise/Cheryl Mary/Steph

Lisa Eckelmeyer Beth Boyle Rachael Rihl Mary Cwik Jeff Dunkley Carol Vile

Jared/Jeff PAC Marian/Steph Louise/Paul MP=Anne CS=Kerry POQ=Crissy

Jim Knight Cheryl Nord MP=Anne CS= Mike T. POQ= Sue S.




Maple Point

Negotiations Meeting

September Date
9/6-Tu. 9/7-Wed. 9/8-Th. 9/13-Tu. 9/13-Tu. 9/14-Wed. 9/15-Th. 9/20-Tu. 9/21-Wed. 9/22-Th. 9/27-Tu. 7:00 5:30

After School After School After School After School 7:00 After School

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NFT Office NFT Office NFT Office NFT Office Maple Point NFT Office MP, Poquessing, Sandburg NFT Office NFT Office All Elementary Schools Maple Point

CS/Schweitzer/Tawanka NHS M-Z NHS A-L Ferderbar & Poq All Members MP Elem/NHS Lower So/Hoover/Buck Heck/Everitt/Miller/Pup il Services NHS/MP/Poq/CS All Members

Phone Calls Phone Calls Phone Calls Phone Calls Board Meeting Phone Calls Back to School Night* Phone Calls Phone Calls Back to School Night* Board Meeting


After School After School

10/11-Tu. 10/13-Th. 10/20-Th. 10/25-Tu. 7:00 5:30 NHS TLC 5:30 Maple Point Elem/MP/Poq/CS Maple Point All Back to School Night* Back to School Night All Board Meeting


Board Meeting