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The City of Winston-Salem has a very act i ve comprehensive Urban Renewal Program.
Approximately 1,960 acres of the City are included in an approved Urban Renewal Plano

Urban Renewal activity started in 1957 with the planning of the East Winston Urba n
Renewal Area . This part of the City contained Winston-Salem 1 s worst blighted
conditions - bad housing, lack of public facilities, dirt streets. poor drai.nage, e tc.
A ma jor portion of the East Wi nston area has now been redeve1opedo

The next large scale Urban Renewal activity got underway in 1967 when the enti r e
downtown was included i n an Urban Renewal Plan. !n a very . short pe~iod of time we
have seen exciting th i ngs happening downtOv11n.

Another large area of Urban Renewal activity is the Kimberly/No r th Winston area, an
area immediateJy north of do\-mtown. During the past twelve months The Redeve l opment
Commission started the execution of the approved Urban Renewal Pian.

The Redevelopment Commission is also involved in pre-planning activities for areas

designated by the City.

Th i s report gives a brief narrative of Urban Renewal activities with emphasis on the
redevelopment that has taken place., It shows the tremendous response the privc?lte
sector has made to the public investments in Urban Renewa l .

There is also a statistical report on each Urban Renewal area.

June 30, 1972

East Winston Urban Renewal Area Page 1 6

Project Noo lo (N .. C. R... 12)

Project Noo 2. (No C. R-18)

Project Noo 3o (No Co R-59)

Central Downtown Urban Renewal Area Page 7 - 10

Downtown (No C. R-55 and N~ C. R=40)

Kimberly/North Winston Urban Renewal Area Page 11 - 12

Kimberly/North Winston (N. C. R-62)

Neighborhood Development Program Areas Page 13

Northwest Boulevard (Precinct 7)

East Winston (Project 4)


The East Winston GNRP consisted of 718 acres with 69% substandard housing and was scheduled to be carried
out in five (5) projectso

Project No . 1 (N. C. R-12) Completed October 14, 1966

Project No. 2 (N. Co R-18) Approximate 1y 98°/o completed
Project No. 3 (No c. R-59) Approximately 50"/o completed
Project No. 4 (No c. R-121) ND P App 1 i cat i on submitted Apri 1 1 l , 1972
Project No. 5 Pre-planning

Project 1 was closed out on October 14, 1966 at which time the City received a refund of $23 , 100 . 00,
Project 2 was predominately clearance and new development is n~aring completion.
Project 3 is a combination of Clea r ance and Rehabilitation with these activities being on schedu l e.
Projects 4 and 5 will be carried out as Neighborhood Development Programs.

The object i ves of the East Winston plan have been adopted to remove conditions which have created or
contributed to the substandard ch~racter of the area and to restore vitality of the area th r ough
rehabilitation and redeve l opmen t ~ The specific provisions and act i ons included in the plan have b~en
developed and are necessa r y t o achieve the follo.1ing objectives:

Rehabi l itate the obsolete, obsolescent and deteriorating residences of this neighborhood so that
they will agai~ provide healthful sound housing.

Remove the dilapidated structures, blighting conditions and influences within the project area .

Provide for an improve d street pattern to a dequately serve this area and to discou r age undersirable
through traffic on minor resi dential streets.

Provide adequate utility service throughout the area.

Page J.

Provide adequate sites for the development of parks and recreation purposes greatly needed to
serve this areao

Provide expansion area for an existing hospital and elementary schoolo

Provide land for the log i cal expansion of inadequate existing church sites.

Provide a substantial number of low and moderate cost housing unitso

Provide for the statllization of land uses and property values for properties within and
adjoining the project area.

Remove unsightly overhead wiring in the redevelopment areas and place undergroundn

One of the major objectives in the East Winston Pian is to provide low and moderate income housing at a
rent which the people can afford. Much effort is being put forth to obtain developers for this type

Rehabilitation is beginning to play a major role in East Winston as we seek to improve areas which contain
houses that can be rehabilitatedo


83 houses have been rehabilitated in accordance with the Property Rehabilitation Standards for Project 3.
These were accompiished as fol sows:

26 Re a biiitation Grants $ 86 ,87l.

20 Rehabilitation Loans 98;775 0

15 loan and Grant Combinations 104,963.

22 Conventional Fi name i ng 69_Jl 0000



Project 1 development has been completed with 80°/o of the land providing new Public faci _lities - junior
high school, Health and Welfare Building, and expresswayo

Project 2 is nearing c p l etion of developmento Land in this project has provided new housing, an
enlarged play area fo, t h e lementary sc hoo J, a small industrial park, commercial facilities, seve r al new
churches and church expa nsion . a nd a new hospitalo

Private enterprise has developed some of the area in the East Winston GN not yet in execution. Redevel-
opment of this t ype is encouraged and wili be retained if it is redeveloped in accordance with the app r oved

Outlined below is New Development in East Winston and the cost of construction.

58 single family homes have been compieted at an estimated cost of $818 , 445.
22 single family homes are unde r construction and estimated to cost $309 900. 7

40 single fami ly homes are scheduled to be started and completed within the next yearo

MULT ! - FAM!lY:

13 acre site to Ee V~ Ferrel l and J. Co Smith to build 228 housing units for moderate income families
under the 221~0-3 program - Colony Place Apartments. Cost~ $2,280,000.

7 acre multi-family site to Wilson - Covington Construction Company to bui l d 132 units - East Winston
Gardens. Cost - $900,0000

acre site for 16 air-cond i tioned townhouse apartments. Cost $143 , 000.

acre site to J oh n D. Quick and wife to construct 14 units of multi - fam i ly housing. Cost - $90 , 000 .

3 ac r e site tc the ousing Authority of the City of Winston-Salem for const ruction of 201 unit s of
High Rise Apartment s for the e l derly~ Cost= $3,696,956.

3 acre s i te to Fortis Enterp r ises to build 32 units for Leased Housing. Cost - $4 l4 , 000.

2 acre site to \.-Ji Ison-Covington Construction Company to build 32 units of multi ~fami l y housing.
Estimated cost - $288,000.


Page 3.

3/4 acre site for Russell Funeral Horne. Cost - $50,000.

Site to American Bakeries for expansion of bakery and construction of additional warehouse space.
Cost - $75,000.

2 acre site to Camel City Laundry to enlarge present facility. Cost - $150,000.

1.5 acre site to Winston Mutual Life Insurance Company for a fo~r-story insurance building.
Cost - $5001>000.

1 acre site to Southern Furniture Company for a new retail f ur 1,, t ure store. Cost - $210,000.

l.l acre site to Johnson Funeral Home under construction. Estimated cost - $180,000.


4. 1 acre site to Piedmont Natural Gas Company for construction of new building. Cost - $172,000.

4.1 acre site to Kester Machinery Company for construction of new home office. Cost - $260,000.

6 acre site to Noland Company for construction of an industrial facility. Cost - $550,000.

20.6 acre site to Ro J. Reynolds Tobacco Company for engineering storage, automotive services and
truck sheds. Cost - $1 ~432,000.

3/4 acre site to Brenner Iron and Metal Company for a distribution facility. Cost - $50,000.

7.2 acre site to Greyhound Lines, l nco for a new bus terminal. Estimated cost - $750,000.

17. 1 acre site to John F. Kennedy Schoolo Cost - $1,431,970.
10.8 acre site for a new Forsyth County Health and We l fare Bui l ding. Cost - $1,000,000.
27.5 acres for construction of the North-South Expressway from Third Street to Liberty Street.
Cost - $6,552,000.
Land for Brown Elementary School Playground expansion. Cost - $51,588.

-Page 4.



4.2 acre site to Bethlehem Community Center for a facility used as a nursery school.
Cost - $200,000.

Site to Mount Calvary Holy Church for new church. Cost - $63,000. This church was displaced from
Project No. 1.

Site to St. Stephens Episcopal Church for new church. Cost -- ·~ <.L~,000.

Site to St. Marks Lutheran Church for new church. Cost - $82,346.

Site to United Metropolitan Baptist Church for new church. Cost - $190,000.

3.2 acre site to Mount Zion Baptist Church for new church. Cost - $450,000.


Housing: Single-family - 80 sites - development cost - $1,128,345. 79 Units

Multi-family - 14 sites - development cost - $7,811,956, §.55. Uni ts
Total New Housing Units 734 Uni ts

Commerc i a 1 : 7 sites - developme,nt cost $ 1,042,700.

I nd us t r i a 1 : 15 sites - development cost $ 3,214,000.
Pub 1 i c: 8 sites - development cost $11,671,558.

Inst it ut i ona 1 : 23 sites - development cost $ l ,616, 166.


;Page 5.

Project Project 2 Project 3 I.QI&

Area (acres) 67 217 156.6 440.6
Loan and Grant Cont r act Executed Septo I, 1961 J uly 3, 1963 J uly 25, 1969
Estimated Project Cost $3,768,494039 $11 ,840,842.00 $8 , 398,715.00 $24,008,051039
Federal Share (2,539,191.74) (8 , 106 , 188 . 00 ) (6,038,958000 ) (16 ,674 , 33 7074)
City Share (I ,239,302.65) (3,734,654.00 ) (2 , 359,757.00) ( 7,333,713065 )
Parcels to be Acquired 248 7L:3 424 14 15
Parcels Acquired 248 742 403 1393
Fami l ies to be Relocated 303 69 1 380 1374
Families Relocated 303 691 310 13o4
Standard Sales 24 15 l 48 223
Standard Rental 196 l1.10 156 762
Pub 1i c Housing 63 70 99 232
Refused Assistance 20 60 7 87
Individuals to be Relocated 157 416 275 848
Individua l s Relocated 157 416 262 835
Business to be Relocated 48 139 53 240
Business Relocated 36 104 15 155
Business liquidated 12 33 J1 56
Relocation Payments Made $ 50,586.45 $ 285 ,404.69 $ 439,570.31 $ 775,561.45
Structures to be Demolished 420 l , 070 60 1 209 1
Structures Demolished 420 l , 069 473 1962
Dwelling Units to be Demo l ished 719 1,582 899 3200
Dwelling Units Demolished 719 1,582 620 2921

Parce l s of Land to be Sold 11 137 74 222

Parcels Sold 11 122 23 156
Proceeds Received $ 534, 109043 $ 1,375,485.00 $ 105,568.00 $ 2,015pl62D43
Residential Rehabi l itation 253 253
Rehabilitation Completed 83 83
Non-Cash Credits Ea r ned t o Da t e by City $ 234,81 L 37 $ l p730,000.00 $ l , 964 , 8 J I . 3 7
Taxes Prior to Acquit ion $ 22,000.00 $ 71,000.00 $ 60,001.00 $ 153,001.00
Estimated Taxes afte r Redeve l opment $ 10,500.00 $ 295,000.00 $ 200 , 000.00 $ 505,500.00

Page 60
The D0wnt01r,n Project comprises approximately 30 blocks (93.9 acres) and is a part of the 700 acre
Central General Neighborhood Renewal Plan for Winston-Salemo The basic concept of this p la n is for
public funds to be spent to initiate private investmentso Public funds have been invested or al l ocated
for the new Convention Center, the Forsyth County Hall of J ustice : t he Fede ra l Building, and parking
faci l it i es The Convention Center has bee n comp leted and is bein : -, u s ed as che new l,,Ji nston=SaJem Hyatt
Ho use is being bui,t. Parking garages are in the fina 1 plannfng stage and the new Wachovia East office
building has been c ompletedo The Hall of Justice is under const r uction w~!le just across the street
N.CoN.B. P1aza, !nc., is building a new bank bui lding and 670 space ~a rk i ng ga r age. Publ i c f und c spent
constructing the \./'c ston-Salem Mall and Mini-Park gene ra ged i nte r e s on the par t of me r chants and 0\.-.rners
in this pedestr ian o r iented area t o spend private mon ies on r ehabi cati on of thei r bus i nesses. Th is
pa rt nership of private and pub li c in vestments is working. As ne~ \ l dings take shape and o l d bui ldings
get ne\'11 faces, you can see a new Downtown become a r ea l ity. A ne :: s ::r ong Oownto ~m that i s t he hea rt of
a dynamic Winston-Salem.

The major objectives of the Downtown Plan are:

Par king - the right amount of parking in the right location. The City wi ll provide
parking in some areas.

Traf fic - street improvement and realignment where poss i ble .

Pedestrianways and Malls - the pedestrian is foremost i n the plan. it wi ll be possible

to walk throughout most of Downto#n without crossing traff i c at grad eo

Rehab i l Jta tion - s t andards have been developed to provide a practica l basis fo r improving
the existing buildings.

Government Complex - 1and will be made availab l e fo r a11 governmenta building needs
through 1980.

New Development - land wil l be assemb l ed to provide sites for new develooment. The pla n
ca ll s for a plaza deve l opment between 3rd Street and 1-40 and li berty St reet and
Cherry St r eet. In addition, the new wil l be phys i cal l y t i ed to the existing at
4th Street by way of the Winston-Salem Mall.

Page 7.
The Church Street Block provided a site for the first major new development on Downtown Ur ban Renewa l land .
The Phil l ips Building, (Wachovia East), costing $10 million do ll a r s, has been comp l ete0 a nd hous es compu te r
ope r ations for Wachovia Bank and Trust Company and R. J. Reyno l ds 1 ndus t ries . This 9- story st r uc t ure conta i ns
6-floors of office space and 3 parking decks wit h space for 350 C E, r ..

N.C.N.B. Pl aza, Inc . has started construct i on on a 14- story bank and off i c ~ bu i lding i nclud in g plaza wi t h ret ai l
space and a 670 ca r pa r king garage costing approximately $7 . 2 mil l ien doil a r s . fut ure development to be
done in stages wi ll include a two- l evel open p l aza, featuring sculpt -es l andscapi ng, foun t ai ns , a nd ot he r
office buildings. Tot a l cost wi ll exceed $ 14 mil l ion dol l ars, and , ·: ,1 cover the enti r e b lock bounde d b y ·2ndr
Liberty , 3rd and Trade St r eets.

Twin City Hotel, ! nc. pu r chased the Robe r t L Lee Hote l and announced p lan~ fo r a new 10-st o ry \,Jinston- Sa l em
Hyatt House cost i ng a pproximately $7.l mi li ion dolla r s. The new hote l v,di '. --:ave 325 rooms swi mm i ng pool,
restaurant, and pla za a r ea. In conj-unction with the new hote l , the City :_ ' ' inston- Sa l em announc ed p l a ns fo r
a parking deck for approximately 650 cars with an ice skating rink and retail shops on the ground f l ooro

Benton Convent i on Center costing $4,200,000 has been in use by the public since October 8, 1969. A pedes-
trianway under 5th Street connecting the Convention Center th r a ugh t he new hote 1 to the new park i ng ga r age is
scheduled for construction in 1972.

Forsyth County has under construct i on a ?- story Hal l of J ustice on the block bounded by Libe r ty, 2nd Main and
3rd St reets. Total cost is estimated at $7 million dol l ars.

The City of Wi ns ton-Salem has completed t he de ve l opment of t he parking lot a t Sixth and Cherry for 90 ca r s.

The Federal Government has announced plans for a new Federal Building costing over $ 13 mi ll ion do ll a r s for the
block bounded by Main, 2nd, and Church Street.

First Presbyteria n Church has completed construction of a new sanctuary of crab orchard stone and tint ed g l ass
and renovation of its educational bui l ding at a cost of $ 1.8 mil l ion do ll ars.

The Housing Authority has comp l eted the 207 unit Hi-Rise for the elderly (Crystal Towers ) on 6th Str ee t , at a
cost of $4, 143,000o

Southern Bell Telephone a nd Telegraph Company has underway an $ 11 mi l lion dol l ar expans i on prog r am a t the ir
main office on 5th Streeto

,Page Bo

Downtown Rehabilitation by private enterprise started during the planning stageo Much time has been
spent by The Redevelopment Commission, Downtown Merchants, Total Development Committee of the Chamber
of Commerce, and many others in working toward the rehabilitation i.: y pri va te ente r pr ise of bu il dings
to remain. The cooperation of many is evident as electrical wiri ng has gone underground, overhead
signs have been removed; and many buildings have new facades. To date pr i -,,at e enterprise has spent
$2,745,000 on one hundred businesseso

During the past twe l ve months the fol l owing have completed rehabil" 3ti on:

Betty Gay Shop - $40,0000 located on the Mall, Betty Gay ha J L, , ir architects design
the new front of their store to coordinate with and compl imen t the Mall.

First Presbyterian Church - $425,000. Rehabilitated their educationa , building, blending

the old with the new development.

Little Pep Restaurant - $20,000o Moved to new location on West Fourth Street. Their
former location on Cherry Street was demolished as part of the plan for the
pedestrian walkway systemo

Roland Bennett's Lunch - $45,000. Moved to new location on West Third Street. Their
old location on Liberty Street was demolished as part of the block fo r the
new N.C.N.B. Plaza.

Rehabi li tation in Downtown continues with building activity in a lmost every block. Two more buildings
on the Mall started rehabi1itationo

Old Fellows Lodge is spending $40,000 renovating the old Eckerds Drug Store on the Mall
into a restaurant seating approximately 300 people. This has been leased to
Temel Associates for operation as "Mr. T's".

Hinkle's Book Store is spending $30,000 remodeling the inside and outside of their store.
Also located on the Mall, rehabilitation is nearing completion.

Page 9.
Downtown Church Street TOTAL
Area (acres) 93.9 94.9
Loan and Grant Contract Executed June 10, 1969 October 19, 1965
Estimated Project Cost $16,701,015 j Q $2,291,428.00 $18,992,443.00
Federal Share (11,088,966. 00) (1,590,285.00) (12,679,251.00)
City Share ( 5,612,049.00) ( 70 1, 14 3 . 00) ( 6,313, 192. 00)

Parcels to be Acquired 11 0 17 127

Parcels Acquired 87 17 104

Families to be Relocated 19 19
Families Relocated 8 8
Standard Rental 6 6
Refused Assistance 2 2

Individuals to be Relocated 35 35
Individuals Relocated 18 18
Businesses to be Relocated 160 58 218
Businesses Relocated 89 58 147
Relocation Payments Made $ 301,366.00 $ 178,437.00 $ 479,803.00
Structures to be Demolished 95 29 124
Structures Demolished 57 29 86
Parcels of Land to be Sold 27 2 29
Parcels Sold 6 2 8
Proceeds Received . $ 776,644.00 $ 270,000.00 $ 1 , 046 , 644 • 00
Non-Residential Rehabilitation (Businesses) 255 255
Rehabilitation Completed TOO 100

Non-Cash Credits Earned to Date by City $ 37,538.95 $ 37,538.95

Taxes Prior to Acquisition $ I 08 , 41 5 • 00 $ 10,804.00 $ 119,219.00
Estimated Taxes after Redevelopment $ 965,483.00 $ 172,088.00 $ I , 137,571 • 00

Page 1O.

The Kimberly/North Winston Urban Renewal Project was planned in conjunction with the Model City Plan. This
646 acre project is bounded by Cherry-Marshall Expressway, North West Blvd., 27th Street, and the Norfolk &
Western Railroad.

The Urban Renewal Plan received final local approval on J une 7, 1971 . The federal Government approved t he
project wi th a grant reservation of $8,897,000 on July 8, 197 1 . The Loan & Grant Contract between The
Redevelopment Commission and the Federal Government was signed September 28 , 1971. This p r oject is a com~
binat i on of rehabilitation and c l earance.

The Urban Renewal Plan reflects definite local objectives as to app i opriate land uses, improved traffic, pub l ic
transportation, public utilities, recreational and community faci J i t fes , other public improvements, and to the
proposed land uses and building requirements in the redevelopment o~oj ect area.

Public actions proposed by this Plan are directed toward creating a new e r, ·-1 : r onmental setting wh i ch wilt stimu l ate
the investment of private capital in renewing the area. Specific development objectives inc l ude:

Remove all buildings which are structurally substandard to a point that r epair i s physical l y
and/or economical l y infeasibleo

Retain and improve al l buildings which need and are suitable for rehabilitation treatment and
which conform to land use proposals.

Provide sites for the development of new housing of varied types which wi ll be available to low
and moderate income fami l ies.

Provide land for the expansion of existing community facilities and sites for new facilities
needed to serve residents of the area .

Create new commercial a r eas and facilities adequate and properly located to serve residents of
the area.

El iminate al l substandard conditions in streets, utilities , and othe r corrnnunity improvementso

r Page 11.

The Redevelopment Commission is now carrying out the objectives of the Urban Renewal Plan for Kimberly/
North Winston and have a site office located at 635 Burton Streeto

Acquisition of real estate started in November 1971 and we now have acquired 88 parcels.

This is the first Urban Renewal Project with new and expanded relocation benefitsa We are already
relocating families who are getting financial assistance in moving, in paying their rent, and in
purchasing homeso

We also have a staff working in the area to assist homeowners in~. · -oilitating their homes. We provide
assistance to each homeowner in getting the rehabilitation work do ~e to insure that it meets the Rehabilitation
Standardso Federal Grants up to $3,500 are available and loans 2~ : . · .· interest rates are available.

The engineering for new streets and sidewalks has been completed and a corot , a ct has already been approved for
the paving of streets and installation of sidewalks in one of the Rehabi _ation areas.

Area (acres) 646 Families to be Relocated 569
Clearance 238 Families Relocated 24
Rehabilitation 408 Standard Sales 5
Standard Rental 13
Loan and Grant Contract Executed September 28, 1972 Public Housing 3
Refused Assistance 3
Estimated Project Cost $12,252,758.
Federal Share $ 8,897,000. Individuals to be Relocated 380
City Share $ 3,355,758. Individuals Relocated 22

Parcels to be Acquired 600 Businesses to be Relocated 19

Parcels Acquired 88 Businesses Relocated 0

Parcels of Land to be Sold 186 Relocation Payments Made $97,735.

Parcels Sold
Structures to be Demolished 1018
Residential Rehabilitation 1008 Structures Demolished 15
Rehabilitation Completed 5

Page 120

A Neighborhood Development Program is an annually funded Urban Renewal Program that permits planning ~nd
execution during the program yearo

On April 11, 1972, The Redevelopment Commission submitted a Neighborhood Development Program (NOP} ap ~ll c 2 ior
for two areaso The Northwest Boulevard NOP Area is located within Model City Precinct 7 ?nd i c bounded by
Northwest Boulevard, Trade Street and the Southern Railway. The ~a st Wi nston NOP Area is located within
Project 4 of the East Winston GN and is bounded by 10th Street, C _ron Avr 11th Street and Project 3o

Upon approval of this application by the Federal Government final plannin 9 wi ll be completed to remove
substandard housing and other blighting influences from these areas. The 1o nd will be made available for
new development ..

Area - 20 acres
13 acres Northwest Boulevard Area
7 acres East Winston Project Noo 4 Area

Estimated Net Program Cost $1,631,016.

Loca1 Grant-In-Aid (1/3 Share) 543,672.
Non-Cash $222,060.
Cash 3?1,612.

Federal Capital Grant $ 1,087 , 344.

Relocation Cost $ 442,040.

Parcels to be Acquired 65
Families to be Relocated 60
Individuals to be Relocated 62
Businesses to be Relocated 10

Structures to be Demolished , 113

~ _, ,'

Page 13.

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