Friday, August 19, 2011

America is a Death Camp. The U.S. government is a global continuing criminal enterprise operated by Congressional Capos who make the mafia look like quire boys. The U.S. government's primary focus is to perpetuate their only export, endless wars for profit under the prostituted veil of American Democracy to further the sales of military weapons in support of Pentagon Colonization with 730 U.S. military bases positioned on the sovereign soil of over 130 foreign nations. No other nation has a military base on U.S. soil. The corporatist government of the United States is the only actual significant terrorist threat facing the world of human beings and the rank and file America citizen. Given the preponderance of the evidence and leaked information months ago from sources close to the JSOC and SEAL team 6 that was recently neutralized, Bush ordered that Osama bin Laden not be killed and further confirmed that CIA assets conditioned as reveres “Manchurian Candidates” were employed on September 11, 2001 to affect a 911 False Flag Operation. The U.S. government is impotent with both major parties unmasked as manure sucking corporate fascists, genocidal war criminals and the domestic/foreign enemies of the United States, our Constitution, the U.S. Declaration of Independence [both they hope you will note read] and the human beings. These vermin continually affect counterintelligence reverse tactics to control those who willfully succumb to low information, FOX propaganda, brainwashing, and Stockholm Syndrome brought by the very same people who will also destroy them. The best anyone can hope for now is to organize and author manifestos of intent to vote for anyone who is not an incumbent and start grassroots write-in campaigns or to gather the necessary signatures required to have a candidate's name placed on your state ballot. The primary agenda of corporatism is to process the total aggregate of the world into a commodity. America is a Death Camp. Bob Levin Nazi Hunter FBI Whistleblower Investigative Journalist [under development] Standing side by side there is little difference... RATpublicon or Democrap

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