OpenLeaks-Founder wants to destroy WikiLeaks datas

Source: The founder of the whistleblower platform OpenLeaks, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, now wants to destroy the datas taken along when leaving WikiLeaks completely. This was confirmed to heise online by the former companion of WikiLeaks-Boss Julian Assange. ³Before I take a risk for the sources I rather stay on the safe side´ said Domscheit-Berg on Friday. The files uploaded by an unknown whistleblower to WikiLeaks should be destroyed now under supervision of a notary. The former WikiLeaks activists around Domscheit-Berg also want to confirm the deletion with an affidavit. On Thursday Domscheit-Berg explained that he and his companions only want to destroy their keys for WikiLeaks and the files. ÄI do feel sorry for the WikiLeaks-Leaker but they have to send their material once again somewhere where they trust the system³, Daniel Domscheit-Berg stated. Anything else would be too high of risk for the sources. But there should be many projects now worldwide giving the whistleblowers a safe leaking platform. OpenLeaks will be part of them. ÄThe safety of the sources always has top priority, then the project comes and at the end all the Egos which are existing obviously³. Daniel Domscheit-Berg criticizes that WikiLeaks didn¶t care for a long time about the files after his exit. He had closed down 4 servers sponsored by himself in September 2010 but saved and encrypted the files. Not until October they reacted and asked for a full copy of the Wiki with the already published material which they then received. He made the decision to do Ätabula rasa³ because everything seems to be out of control, Domscheit-Berg explained on Friday to heise online. Before that Julian Assange announced in a phone call to Spiegel journalist Holger Stark that he doesn¶t own a key for the files. µBackstageµ Andy Müller-Maguhn, board member of the Chaos Computer Club, tried even on Friday morning to prevent the reaching out for the Delete key. Müller-Maguhn is considered to be the driving force behind the expulsion of Domscheit-Berg. They think the OpenLeaks founder tried to use the reputation of the association with his appearance at the Chaos Communication Camp 2011. If now, with the upcoming deletion under supervision of a notary, all files sent to WikiLeaks until September are lost is not clear. An insurance file published by WikiLeaks in end of July 2010 is said to contain ³everything´. Perhaps this 1,4 GB big packed file contains also the submissions by whistleblowers up till July 2010. Domscheit -Berg, back in that time a WikiLeaks spokesperson by the name of ÄDaniel Schmitt³, announced to Freitag that he doesn¶t know the content of this data insurance. CCC-board member Müller-Maguhn can¶t come to terms with this behavior of DomscheitBerg. To heise online he emphasized that the source protection of WikiLeaks up till now always worked out and that the project never made mistakes. Furthermore one has to assume that every source took risks to leak the material to WikiLeaks for publishing. ÄTo ignore this wish by the sources is something I consider as a monstrosity ± particularly if that comes from someone who builds up a platform for transmission of files. So one has to ask in whose interests or by what moral standards Daniel Domscheit-Berg now acts.³ (Detlef Borchers) / (vbr)

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