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Don't Read This Round-Up My Correspondence With The Talk Show That Plagiarized Me Some Bad Dreams Are Easier to Explain Than Others Where Aren't They Now?: 15 Overlooked Deaths of 2008 White Ninja Is Very Flexible The 12 Most Embarrassing Photos of 2008 2008: The Year the Geeks Took Over Reminder: 5 Drinking Myths That Can Kill You The 12 Most Embarrassing Photos ... of 2009 5 Homeless Guys Who Accomplished Amazing Things 7 Classic Disney Movies That Taught Us Terrible Lessons What A Car Can't Tell You About The Guy Driving It The First Round-Up of 2009 Why America Is Still Awesome Some People Are A Little Too Good At Analyzing Dreams White Ninja Asks a Pertinent Question 6 Bizarre Real World Versions of Fictional Monsters Dickonomics: How 5 Everyday Businesses Trick You 5 Celebrity Wikipedia Entries They Clearly Wrote Themselves 6 Classic Movies (That Narrowly Avoided Disaster) If Everything In Life Came With Warning Labels 8 People Who Inspired Words (For Embarrassing Reasons) 6 Baffling Old-School Video Game Commercials 5 Reasons Megatron Should Have Fired Starscream Years Ago Announcing The Topics Pages (Also, a Round-Up) When Kids Watch Too Much Discovery Channel 6 Insane Prison Escapes That Actually Happened The 6 Most Sadistic Dishes From Around The World White Ninja Makes Two Questionable Decisions 6 Obnoxious Old People Habits (Explained by Science) 5 Classic Cartoons They Don't Want You To See 20 Celebrity Lives (In Flowchart Form) 7 Badass Animals Presidents Have Kept As Pets The 12 Most God Awful Tribute Albums Ever Recorded Operation Desert Round-Up! Kid + Car = SCIENCE 20 Movies In A Minute Flat 5 World Leaders Who Were Accused of Being the Antichrist 8 Racist Words You Use Every Day The 5 Most Terrifying Civilizations In The History of the World 16 More Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped Things You Never Noticed in Famous Pictures

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The 11 Most Retarded Fictional Weapons The 5 Worst Sources of Advice on Television A Zombie Round-Up 30 More Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians Another Day Ruined By PETA Bukkake of the Gods: Japan's Insane Creation Myths White Ninja Has Women Figured Out 5 Horrific Serial Killers (Who Are Free Right Now) How To Win at Panhandling 8 Customers Everyone Hates Lost In Translation: 20 Baffling Foreign Movie Posters If Everyday Objects Were Designed by MC Escher The 6 Most Pathetic Attempts to Get Super Bowl Tickets 6 Inspiring Rags to Riches Stories (That Are Bullshit) A 24 Cracked Round-Up Why I Won't Be Watching The Super Bowl Why You Should Mute The TV Before You Pick Up the Phone 6 Popular Fashion Trends (That Killed People) 6 Ridiculous Factors That Determine Who Wins The Super Bowl 7 Items You Won't Believe Are Actually Legal How NOT To Get Revenge On Your Ex The 11 Most Unnecessary 'How To' Guides on the Web 5 Real Life Soldiers Who Make Rambo Look Like a Pussy 6 Everyday Words With Disturbing Alternate Meanings The 13 Worst Possible Ad Placements 7 People Who Never Gave Up (But Absolutely Should Have) 7 Helpful Tips For the Child Who Made My Flight Hell Cracked Round-Up: Highway to the danger zone! (of Comedy) The Biggest Number in the World White Ninja: The World's Worst Hall Monitor The 5 Most Ridiculous Lies Ever Published as Non-Fiction The 6 Most Insane Moral Panics in American History The Circle of Life: Jocks vs. Nerds 7 Species That Get High More Than We Do 8 TV Ads That Hate Women If Valentine's Day Cards Told The Truth 5 Reasons Being Single Sucks Even More Than You Thought The 5 Most Half-Assed Monsters in Movie History Hey Man, Want a Hit of Cracked? The 7 Stages of Nerdgasm: A Fanboy Awaits the Watchmen Movie She's a Keeper When Politicians Attack: The 17 Most Violent Political Brawls

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Every Album Ever 9 Real Life Mad Scientists 5 Things You Think Will Make You Happy (But Won't) 20 Moments That Would Have Improved Great Movies 5 Great Careers Destroyed By The Post-Oscar Curse 8 Awesome Cars They Won't Let You Buy 8 Humiliating Japanese Ads Starring Oscar Nominees 10 Celebrity Twitters Actually Worth Following ANGELINA JOLIE HAS BLEACHED HER ANUS: (A Cracked RoundUp) An Anti-Drug Program Everyone (Who's Stoned) Can Endorse 6 Dream Jobs That Would Actually Suck A Very Suspicious Customer 5 Ways People Are Trying to Save the World (That Don't Work) 7 Celebrity Careers That Launched by Accident Inside The Inboxes of 15 Fictional Villains Where's the bridge? The 7 Biggest Things Ever Stolen 10 Awesome Ads (For Traumatizing Children) The 5 Most Unintentionally Gay Horror Movies CRACKED'S COMEDIC CAVALCADE: A ROUND UP. Caution: Game May Not Be As Fun as You Remember The 6 Strangest Objects People Were Caught Having Sex With The 7 Stalloneyest Moments of Stallone's Film Career White Ninja Meets The Girl of His Dreams (And Blows It) An Oral History of the Blowjob 5 Ways Your Brain Is Messing With Your Head 11 Modern Technologies That Are Way Older Than You Think 7 Insane Military Attempts To Weaponize Animals When Superpowers Go Wrong 5 Comic Book Movies Way Worse Than 'Batman and Robin' How The Studios Would Have Ended 'Watchmen' (A Storyboard) The 5 Most Retarded Wars Ever Fought Holy Cracked, it's the Round Up! 7 Simple Steps To a Terrifying Night in Vegas A Flawed Argument Against Safety Goggles The 6 Most Insincere Apologies of All-Time White Ninja Is (Mistaken For) A Wise Guru How a Superstar Rock Producer Writes a Song CGI Boobs: 7 Special Effects The Stars Want to Keep Secret 5 Deadly Sci-Fi Gadgets You Can Build At Home 12 Famous Pictures Turned Into Badass Album Covers 7 Badass Cartoon Villains Who Lost to Retarded Heroes

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5 Accidental Inventions That Changed The World 5 Whores Who Changed The Course of History 6 Reasons the Recession is More Depressing Than You Thought CRACKED: HOME OF THE GRAND SLAM BREAKFAST COMBO The Worst Part of the Industrial Revolution 6 Movie Remakes that Missed the Point White Ninja Explains Evolution (To a Monkey) The One Company That Can Unite The World (In Anger) 5 Ways 'Common Sense' Lies To You Everyday 5 Ridiculous (Safe for Work) Fetishes If Video Game Characters Could Switch Games 5 Horrifying Tales Of 911 Incompetence 9 Corporate Attempts At "Edgy" That Failed (Hilariously) 6 Evil Henchmen Who Sucked at Their Job 6 Supervillains Who Were Actually OK Guys A Little Known Fact About Monocles CRACKED CURES CAVITIES: A ROUND-UP OF DENTASTICAL PROPORTIONS 6 Reasons North Korea is the Funniest Evil Dictatorship Ever White Ninja Misses His Girlfriend The Mineral States of Man 8 Awesome Cases of Internet Vigilantism 7 Terrifying Creatures You'll Never See Coming 7 Awesome Super Powers (Ruined by Science) 5 Technologies That Turn Handicaps Into Super Powers Another Relaxing Day Ruined by Physics Yogurt Pepsi: 14 Horrifying Soft Drinks Around the World The 10 Most Perverted Old School Video Games CRACKED IN TIME! A ROUND-UP Life Is Much Less Zany Than a Romantic Comedy 5 Great Men Who Built Their Careers on Plagiarism White Ninja is Hunted by A Retarded Bird 4 Types of Husbands and Wives (Or Why Marriage is Evil) The 7 Most Horrifying Parasites on the Planet The 6 Most Depressing IMDb Pages The 13 Most Epic April Fools Day Pranks Never Pulled