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Youre protected with a seneye


before you start whats in the box at a glance what you need setup online setup seneye device the slide submerging seneye using seneye connect safety enjoy recycling

before you start

NOTE: Soak slide in aquarium/pond water for 24 hours

Each seneye device is able to constantly monitor free Ammonia (NH3), pH, Temperature, amount of Light, and even water level and will automatically alert if there is a problem. When connected to an Internet enabled PC your seneye device can even send you an e-mail or text message alert, giving you complete peace of mind and the ultimate protection. All test results are stored on your own customisable website where you can get personalised advice.

whats in the box

seneye device Replaceable slide Suction cup Float (seneye Pond only) seneye connect PC application Signup at

at a glance

Suction cup Power alert Reading indicator Temperature Free ammonia 2 .4m marine quality USB cable Replace Slide Light Sensor pH

Drip protector

what you need

To start using your seneye device you will need: COMPUTER Windows PC with a wired or wireless network and TCP/IP protocol, Windows XP, Vista 32-/64-bit, or Windows 7 32-/64bit. Full speed USB 1.0 port Minimum 1Ghz processor and 128mb RAM Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0+, Firefox 3.0+, Safari 3.0+ SENEYE SOFTWARE To use the seneye device you will need to signup on the seneye website and then download the seneye connect application. Sign at The seneye connection application must be installed the computer you connect your seneye device to. SENEYE ACCOUNT To download the seneye connection application you will need to register and setup the seneye device by selecting what type of aquarium or pond the device will be monitoring. Register at

OPTIONAL seneye USB power adaptor The seneye device can be connected to a plug in USB power adaptor. When connected to the USB power adaptor you wont receive e-mail and SMS alerts but the warning lights on the seneye device will flash to inform you of a problem. All reading will be stored in the devices memory for 30 days. If you see any flashing lights on the front of the device you should connect to a computer immediately for more information. wireless USB sender The wireless USB sender can be used to wirelessly connect your seneye device to your PC. The wireless USB sender removes the need to have the USB cable plugged into your PC or your computer close to your aquarium. The wireless USB sender features 4 USB ports and uses your home wireless network (802.11b,g,n) transmits the data to your PC. For more information about these accessories please visit

setup online

setting up seneye device

Before connecting your seneye device to your computer you should register online at to create your account and setup the aquarium / pond you will be using your seneye device in. Once your account has been setup you will be able to download the latest version of the seneye connection application which will allow you to use the device. This software needs to be installed on your computer before connecting your seneye device to the PC. The seneye device is connected to your computer using the USB port allowing you to setup the device and also for the test results to be uploaded to your personal dashboard.

step 1: register online

1. Visit website 2. If you have not done so already click the sign up button and enter your details 3. Enter the details of the aquarium which you are going to place the seneye device in. It is important you complete all the information accurately as this information is used to tailor the alerts and advice. 4. After completing the information click the submit button and your account has been created ready for use.

Sign up

step 2: download seneye connect application

1. After completing the registration you will be presented with the option to download the seneye connect application. 2. Click the download button and save the file to your computer. 3. After the download has completed double click the downloaded file. 4. Follow on the on screen instructions to install the software


sign up

be ta

seneye connect
seneye connect applications allows you to see the current readings from your seneye device. The seneye connect automatically updates your readings to your personal account.
current readings replace slide digi-strip reader light meter settings | device info | help

lounge marine



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450 500 550 600 650 700 nm


System requirements: Windows PC with a wired or wireless network and TCP/IP protocol,Windows XP, Vista 32-/64-bit, Windows 7 32-/64bit. Full speed USB 1.0 port Minimum 1Ghz processor and 128mb RAM Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 8.0+, Firefox 4.0+, Safari 4.0+ Download of seneye connect application required from Please read seneye software licence


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Choose your country or region

Copyright 2011 seneye. All rights reserved | Terms of Use Privacy | Policy

setup seneye device

step 3: connect device

Setting up your seneye device is extremely simple and will only take a minute. Once installed your seneye connect application can be opening using the icon on your desktop or in the start menu. 1. Double click the seneye icon to start 2. Run the seneye connect application by double clicking the icon on your desktop. 3. Once you have clicked the seneye desktop icon, a window appears with welcome to seneye. Click your chosen language. 4. Next you will be asked to enter your e-mail address when prompted. This links your online account to your seneye device. (you will only be asked this once) Your online account can take a few minutes to configure. If you enter your e-mail address into the seneye connect application and it isnt accepted please wait and try again later.


step 3: connect device continue

5. Connect the USB lead from the seneye device into your Windows computer. 6. Once connected the seneye connect application will prompt you to enter the name of your seneye device. (for example: Johns seneye) Your seneye will be configuring in the background, please leave connected to your PC for 1 hour to ensure the internal clock has been powered fully.

the slide

step 4: installing the slide

1. Take your pre-soaked seneye slide from the slide tray. If you have not soaked you slide ensure it is soaked for 24 hours in aquarium/pond water. 2. Remove the back cover from the seneye device 3. Remove the slide from the tray taking care to hold it on the sides so the sensor areas dont become damaged. 4. Insert the seneye slide into the device 5. replace the back cover on the seneye device

step 4: installing the slide continue

Your seneye device requires no calibration. To ensure continuous readings for pH and Ammonia you should simply replace your disposable seneye slide each month. Replacement seneye slides are included as part of seneye+. seneye+ is an optional service that can be purchased from including delivery to your door.

Every seneye device includes 1 month free seneye+ Delivered directly to customer is: Replacement slide Email alerts SMS alerts Automatic online graphing Personalised advice & knowledgebase

step 5: registering slide with seneye connect

Each seneye slide has a unique serial number which you must enter into your the seneye connect application when your seneye device is connected to your PC. 1. Launch the seneye connect application, if you dont currently have it running 2. Connect your seneye device to your PC 3. Click on the Replace Slide tab 4. Click the Activate Slide button and enter the 11 digit activation code from the front of your seneye slide packaging 5. The activation number will be verfied 6. Your seneye device can now continue to take readings for 1 month
current readings replace slide digi-strip reader light meter settings | device info | help

lounge marine

replace slide in

0 Days

Enter your slide activation code. This is located on your slide packaging.
* * * * * * * * * * *


submerging seneye

step 6: placing your seneye device

Ensure that the drip protector is located on the end closest to your USB connector. The drip protector should be located at the lowest point on the cable.

Drip protector

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Your seneye device is designed to remain submerged. The disposable slide should not become completely dry after 1st use as this may give inaccurate readings. If your seneye slide does becomes damaged please contact seneye customer support for more information.

aquarium use

In an aquarium your seneye device should be attached using the supplied suction cup. Position the seneye device close to the filter or in an area of high flow to ensure sufficient water flow around the device.

If you are using the Ambient light meter then we recommend you attach the seneye device to the front of your aquarium. If you wish to take more precise ambient light meter readings you can use the optional seneye Float which will suspend your seneye device underwater but with the light meter pointing directly towards your aquarium lighting.

pond use

You can place your seneye device inside your pond filter or float it on the surface of your pond. If you are using your seneye device in the filter then we would recommend you position it so if you have a leak the seneye device will not remain submerged - if your seneye device is connected to an internet enabled PC you can choose to receive an alert if this happens.

You can leave the seneye device floating in your pond, however if you would like to know if your pond has a leak we suggest you teather the cable to the side of the pond so if the water level does drop the device is held out of water.

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3 ways to use

The seneye device can be used in a variety of ways. Once the device has been setup it can be connected directly to your PC, or to the seneye Power Adaptor, or to a Wireless USB Sender. PC
You can connect your seneye device directly to your PC. If your computer or laptop isnt close enough to your aquarium you can extend the cable length by 2.5m using the seneye USB extension. For those who require even more range the seneye Active USB extension cable allows the cable length of the seneye device to be increased by an additional 15m, totally 17.5m. The outer weatherproof protective cover ensures that the connections remain dry and can remain outside. The Active USB Extension is ideal for use with ponds

Power Adaptor
This seneye USB Power Adapter is a compact power adapter that offers flexibility if you dont wish to have your seneye device constantly connected to a PC. When powered by the USB Power Adaptor readings are stored on the internal memory ever hour and warning lights are displayed on the on the seneye device if the water parameters are toxic..

The seneye device can also be connected to a Wireless USB Sender giving increased flexibility. The Wireless USB Sender lets you access your seneye device(s) over the network via the software supplied with it. There are four USB ports on the back of the Wireless USB Sender, more than four devices can be connected using USB Hubs. The Wireless USB Sender features Built-in Wireless N client with WPS support and Ethernet Connection making it suitable for both wireless and wired networks.

using seneye connect

step 7: seneye connect overview

When the seneye connect application is launched by default any stored readings will be automatically uploaded when the seneye device to your computer. When the seneye connect application has finished, you can disconnect your seneye device if you are using the Power Adaptor accessory. The following pages will explain how to use the seneye connect application. If the seneye connect application is not running please launch it now.

current readings

Once the seneye connect application is running you will see that that Current Readings page is displayed. Your Ammonia (NH3), pH, and Temperature are displayed in the each to view boxes. If one of these parameters is too high or too low then the box will turn red alerting you. The box on the right shows if the seneye device is submerged or disconnected from the computer. The seneye device takes reading every 30minutes when connect to a PC, the information at the bottom of the page shows when the last reading was completed

replace slide

Select the Replace slide tab at the top of the page. The page shows how many days are remaining in the box on the left, with a full page demo in the centre. To view the demo, click the show demo button at the bottom. Once you have replaced the seneye slide, and you are ready to enter your seneye+ activation code. Click the activate slide button. See slide section for replacement information

digi-strip reader

Coming soon seneye digi-strip reader accessory allowing you to test an additional 5 parameters using your seneye device All seneye devices can be upgraded to use the Digi-strip reader, so watch this space!

light meter

For owners of the seneye Reef you can use this mode to view the quantity and quality of the light in your aquarium. The seneye light meter is designed to be used submerged , giving the most accurate more accurate PAR, LUX and Kelvin readings. As the light meter has specially designed optics for underwater use, if used out of water the results may not be accurate. Hold the seneye device face downwards and move the device underwater to view the different levels of light inside your aquarium. You may find that the light is stronger in some areas of the aquarium and lower in others you can use this information to place your coral placements. The light meter has been designed for directional use, it cuts out stray ambient light so the readings are mainly from your aquarium lighting.


The Settings panel show the current settings, including the minimum and maximum ranges of water parameters which are suitable for your aquarium. By visiting your dashboard you can alter these ranges. Any changes made via your dashboard will be automatically sent to the seneye connect application within 30 minutes. However if you prefer to re-sync your settings before this time you can click the resync button.

device info

The device info panel shows you information about your seneye device including what version of the seneye connect application you are currently using and the firmware version in your seneye device. If there are updated available for the seneye connect application or the device firmware you will see a notification message here. We always recommend using the latest software and firmware verisons.

step 8:

The data received from you seneye device will be automatically uploaded by the seneye connection application. The sophisticated seneye software analyses the data and uses advanced algorithms to predict when you water will become toxic to your fish, allowing you to take corrective action. Data from your seneye device will be uploaded very 30minutes when connected to your PC. These readings will be automatically graphed for your so can you easily see how your aquarium / pond is performing. From your seneye dashbaord you can also get advice on what action your should take to improve the water quality for your fish.


A quick link to the account. Help is available direct from your seneye account. Log on to read the frequently asked questions or submit your own questions to us. Before you call Technical Support, its well worth checking a few things first: Ensure you are registered on Ensure that your computer and seneye device are powered on Check that you have activated your seneye slide. If you havent, then connect your seneye device to your PC and use the seneye connect application to enter your seneye+ code. Alternatively, you can get help in the following two ways: Run the seneye connection application installer again Visit


Your seneye device has been manufactured to meet international safety standards, but you must take care if you want it to perform properly and safely. WARNINGS AND CONDITIONS To avoid risk:
Do not attempt to repair your seneye device. For repairs, please contact seneye Customer Services. Make sure that all electrical connections are properly made. Do not connect your seneye device to the USB Power Adaptor accessory (optional) until you have properly connected any other leads. Your seneye device is intended for underwater use. Do not leave your seneye device connected to a power supply and left for long periods out of water. Do not place your seneye device on or directly next to your aquarium heater. This will give incorrect readings and may cause damage. The maximum temperature should not exceed 50oC. Do not look directly as the sensor readers underneath the back cover. LEDs are very bright.

Ensure the drip protector is located at the lowest point on the cable. If the USB connector becomes wet do not insert into your PC USB port until completely dry.


living with seneye

Your seneye device should remain in your aquarium / pond contantly. If you would like to receive e-mail and SMS alerts your seneye device must be connected to an Internet enabled PC. You can connect your seneye device using the range of seneye accessories available on Every 30 days you should replace your seneye slide. Replace slides are available as part of the seneye+ package which includes e-mail alerts, SMS alerts and automatic online graphing of the results. You can purchase seneye+ from If your seneye device becomes dirty we recommend cleaning it with a soft cotton wool bud. Taking special care around the light sensor and the sensor windows underneath the back cover.


Caring for our planet is vital for future generations please recycle if possible. seneye is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and are committed to reducing the amount of PVC used. PACKAGING When disposing of this products packaging, please ensure that its recycled. This will reduce the demand for virgin wood pulp and divert material that would otherwise end up in a landfill. SENEYE DEVICE RECYCLING Do not dispose of your seneye product with your domestic rubbish at the end of its useful life. The seneye device contains a battery which must be disposed of in the correct manor. This product contains materials which when processed correctly can be recovered and recycled. By participating in the responsible recycling of this product, youll be reducing the requirement for new raw materials and reducing the amount of material that would otherwise go to landfill. You can take this product to your local recycling centre. Your local municipal authority can advise you of the collection facilities available for electronic waste products in your area. Alternatively you may return your seneye device to seneye ltd for safe disposal.