International Education and Exchange

Claremont, CA, USA
July 24th-August 20th, 2011


First of all we got on bus at our school. After that we drove to the San Dimas High School, where we picked up the students of the group. Now we took a little bus ride to the Hollywood Boulevard. There We’ve watched all the famous sites. Especially the Walk of fame, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the Kodak Theatre. We also bought some souvenirs and postcards. Further we drove on to the lovely Famers Market and the Grove. At the grove we saw the celebrity Mario Lopez. At the farmers Market we’ve got some nice food for lunch. And of course some fruits as dessert. Next stop was rodeo drive with a lot of exclusive and very expensive stores. After walking around there and watching at the stores and the nice cars we drove on to the observatory. There we’ve got a fascinating view over the metropolitan area of Los Angeles. After that we travelled back home. My favourite part actually was farmers market because of the nice things to eat and the beautiful scenery at the grove. It’s easy to say there is nothing comparable in Germany. We’ve had some nice talks to guys selling there CD’s at the street. Also we talked to a brilliant double of doctor House. My friends were also very impressed by the city and all the famous sights around them.

Today we had our first trip with our group. First we had school till 12 pm but after lesson everyone was looking forward to see LA and all the famous sights like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, the Walk of Fame, and the signs of Hollywood on the Hills and so on. When we left school we first went to San Dimas to pick up other students who shared the bus with our group from Claremont. The ride to LA seemed quite long because we were all excited to see the skyscrapers. When we came closer to the city everybody started taking pictures even if we didn’t get out of the bus yet. I could not understand that - I liked to take a picture of a cute boy from San Dimas better.

After the arrival in Hollywood we had some time to walk around and look at all those sights. There were many weird people walking around and we talked to a man who was joking with everybody who passed his way. We have also been to Farmers Market where we could have had lunch. But we have been stupid and ate at McDonald’s before so we were not hungry anymore. We sat down in a cafe and suddenly a woman came around, put her bags on the seat next to us and ran away. We took a picture of her bags because we thought that we could take it as a proof when it was a bomb and they would think we were the owners.

The next stop was in the observatory where we could see the skyline of Los Angeles. It was amazing to have a look over this beautiful city. I loved the tour and look forward to all those trips we are going to do.

On Thursday the 26th of July we went on a sightseeing tour in LA. First we stopped at the Walk of fame. Everybody looked for his favorite star just for touching it one time and take a picture of it. It was funny to see all these crazy people running up and down the Walk of fame. We saw the footprints of George Clooney that made all girls going crazy. After that we drove to Beverly Hills and walked on the Rodeo Drive like all the stars. We walked along the shops and in our heads the song “I wanna be a billionaire” of Bruno Mars was played up and down. So it was a little bit depressing to see these nice but very expensive things.

After the feeling of being a VIP or not we went to the Farmers Market. There we had time to eat whatever we wanted. Last but not least we went to the Griffith Park to enjoy the awesome view over LA. The skyline and the Hollywood sign impressed everybody. We took a lot of great pictures even if we where all very tired. It had been a really hot but wonderful experience.

Today was our first big trip. After class, we were picked up by a bus which would take us and the San Dimas group to Los Angeles. As we got closer to L.A. some of us were already taking photos of downtown L.A. The first time we stopped was in Hollywood. When we got off the bus, most of us wanted to take pictures and buy Hard Rock Café T-Shirts, souvenirs and other stuff. Others just couldn’t resist the excellent American food. After that, we drove to Farmer’s Market. Here you could buy food at every corner, but we weren’t hungry anymore because we had eaten before. Then we went to Beverly Hills, which I really liked best. It just looked so beautiful, that it made some of us go crazy!

In Beverly Hills we also saw the Rodeo Drive which was very beautiful even though we could not buy anything because it was just too expensive. And in the end our bus driver took us to the observatory where we could enjoy a wonderful view of Los Angeles. We saw the high skyscrapers and the beautiful city. We could also take a look at the famous Hollywood sign which made all of us California dreaming! When everyone had taken some pictures of the skyline and the Hollywood sign, we drove back to Claremont. A wonderful day came to an end.


There are only three things to say about our trip to Las Vegas: colourfull, incredible and hot. Before our departure, Mary, our hostmother, had already told us "There is hot, and there is Vegas' hot.", but we did not really realize what she meant... On Thursday, we left Los Angeles at about nine o'clock in the morning, picked up the other students living in San Dimas and had an annoying busride of about four hours. Most of the time, we drove through the dessert, after two hours we stopped for one hour for eating and drinking. At two o'clock we arrived at our final station: Las Vegas!

When we left the bus for taking some pictures of us and the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas"sign, everyone was shocked by the high temperature, it was about 45 degrees celsius and it became hotter and hotter! Until nine o'clock in the evening, we walked in groups of at least three people through Vegas. It was so amazing, we were nearly able to forget the temperature! Everything was so bright and colourfull and I don't know how many casinos we visited. Every casino was a bit different to the others. After four hours walking through Vegas and feeling the great and special atmosphere, we decided to have a break for one hour at a McDonalds in the city. While eating and drinking, we talked with three men who came from the Netherlands. It was very funny because they told us about their roadtrip through America! Later in the evening, some of our group went to the "Stratosphere" for having an overview of Las Vegas. It must have been really great! At midnight, we went back to our hotel which was located at the border of Vegas. The next morning we had a great meal and later a very boring busride back to Los Angeles. During that busride, nearly everybody was sleeping because we all were so tired after walking through Vegas. Thank you for that incredible trip to an incredible city!

We had a long ride again but it was okay because we reached was Las Vegas. When we arrived at the Las Vegas sign I was a bit disappointed because I always imagined that it’s much higher. We had free time for 6 hours so we could go around on our own and look at the stripe with its hotels and casinos. Of course we looked at the Bellagio, Caesars Palace and the Flamingo but we also did some shopping, Of course we didn’t forget to eat.

We met at 9 pm at the bus stop to go to the Stratosphere but not everyone went up for a ride so we had to wait for the others. We had to wait for hours because some forgot to come down. But I liked them to come late because I could relax for a little while. We returned to our hotel at midnight and we loved our hotel rooms – they were quite big and very comfortable. Then we got together in little groups, some went swimming, others already went to bed. The next morning we had to check out early and went to a buffet to have breakfast. Everyone was tired and the ride back home was very calm because nearly everyone fell asleep. All in all we enjoyed Las Vegas and had a great time in the city of lights.


Yesterday we met at school at 9am to leave for Las Vegas and I was sooo excited because Vegas is just...Vegas baby! The city of movies like The Hangover or Ocean's Eleven! After travelling about 4 hours through the desert we finally reached the city of my dreams. The bus driver dropped us off at the hotel New York New York and we had like 6 hours to discover the Strip on our owns. The first thing I noticed when I came out of the bus was: hot, hotter, Vegas. It was so hot, you could barely breathe. Because of that, Kerstin, Irina, Christina and I decided to check out some of the hotels (there are air conditioners <3). And that was a pretty good idea because the hotels there are soo impressive. They all look so beautiful and have huge casinos and stuff like that. I've never seen something like that before in Germany. We also went to Starbucks (of course) and Kerstin got a new name there, because the woman who was writing the names on the cups didn't quite get her name. So she was Kelsey. (The next day we were at Starbucks again and she was Kassidy. So maybe she should buy herself a shirt with "Hi, my name is Kerstin" on it.) The six hours were over pretty fast, because we saw so many amazing things like Caesars Palace, where we all took our planking pictures. I have to admit that planking is really, really embarrassing, but also really, really funny. And the good thing is that nobody can see your red face while you're planking. :) After we were all on the bus we went to the Stratosphere. Here was a little bit of a drama going on, because when we wanted to drive to the hotel two girls were missing. But after a little while Traci Bieber found them and we were all really, really happy that now our wolf pack was complete again. :) All in all I have to say that Vegas was awesome. And at the latest when I'm 21, I'm going to visit it again. :)


We drove off at 9:00 am at Sycamore School. After that we met the other group at San Dimas High school. Then we started 240 miles trip to Las Vegas. On that way we stopped for a short break at Barstow Station, where we got something for lunch. After reaching Vegas we did a photostop at the unique Las Vegas sign. The bus dropped us at the New York New York and we got some freetime till 9:00 pm. My group and I started our walk at the Hard Rock Café and bought some t-shirts. After that we visit the CocaCola Store and tasted all the different products of the Coca-Cola Company from all around the world. Now we went in the M&M´s Shop. After that we walked on the Las Vegas Boulevard northbound. On that way we had seen many of the famous hotels and casinos. We entered the Paris Paris and watched the hotel and the gambling machines. We walked on till the Venetian. We entered that beautiful hotel and stayed there for a while. After that we crossed the Strip and went on southbound past the Mirage. Then we entered Caesar’s Palace, but unfortunately he wasn´t there :(. The next Hotel was the Bellagio. We went through and watched then the watershow in front. We stayed there for some minutes and then walked on to our coach again. The bus brought us to the Stratosphere Tower. We went up and got a lovely view on the city at night. After staying on the Tower and doing some rides we got on the bus again and drove back to our hotel in Primm. The next day we went to the breakfast buffet and drove back home. My favourite part was watching the whole city from above. Especially watching the lights and enjoying the silenceness on top of the Stratosphere Tower. Actually, I think there is no Place in the whole World that is comparable to Las Vegas. A real funny thing was the planking of Julian, but unfortunately I don´t got any pictures of that, but he has. We were all really impressed about the city. This city is unique and just awesome.



On the 2nd of August we went to the Police and Fire Department. Our Police Officer who showed us round was very nice and funny, too. But sometimes it was hardly to understand him, because of his bread =) He showed us the cells and we took some funny pictures in the cells and also behind these famous signs with the number of a criminal on it. Then we went out to the Police cars and we put on the lights and the siren. It was so loud!!!

After that we went to the Fire Department. There we were showed round by two nice Firefighters. They brought us in their rooms so we can see how they live. Oh I loved their armchairs, they were so comfortable ;-) Then we went back to the cars and they showed us their helping stuff. Last but not least we were allowed to use the fire hose it was so fun!!!


After we arrived in Montclair what we did first of all was splitting our group into two. One group went first to the police department and the other one to the fire department. In the police department one police officer showed us around. Immediately after he introduced himself he led us to a conference room where he showed us different kind of guns the police uses. The next room we saw was the forensic evidence room where they analyze the evidence found on a crime scene. In the forensic evidence cabinet we could even see blood covered clothes. Afterwards he took us to the room where they interrogate suspects and keep them in detention cells. We also went to the shooting range where the police officer explained how the shooting training for police members works. At last he drove up a real American police car and let the lights and siren work for us. After that we just had to cross the street and we were already at the fire department. There were already two firemen waiting for us. First they showed us their living and sleeping area and they explained that they have those because their shift usually lasts a whole day and night, sometimes even longer. Then we went back to the big hall in which the fire trucks were standing. There they showed us their tools to rescue people. Furthermore they told us that firemen can not only give people first aid but also treat them medically. Before we were allowed to take photos with the fire

truck the firemen showed and explained us more of their equipment, their fire suits and a gadget with which they can see in the dark. Finally we were allowed to try holding the water tube they use for fighting against fire.

Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. So I was very excited to go there. When we got there we first went on a few rides like 'Jungle Cruse', 'Indiana Jones Adventure', 'Pirates of the Caribbean', 'Space Mountain'… Although there were long lines in front of the attractions, the waiting wasn't so bad because we took some funny pictures.

After a little break we went to 'Splash Mountain' where we got really wet. So we had to continue our way with wet trousers and shoes. Then Julian wanted to see a 'Tiki show'. If we knew before what this show was, I don't think that we would have been gone there because the show with singing birds and flowers was really weird! So after that we went to the 3D cinema because we were tired of walking.

Then we decided to go to 'California Adventure'. We wanted to go on 'California Screaming' but Sophia was a bit afraid of it. After a few discussions we went on that ride and it was great. Even Sophia liked it! The picture they took from us in the roller coaster was really funny! After that Sophia wanted to go to 'Ariel's Undersea Adventure' which was very relaxing after the roller coaster. Finally we went back to Disneyland to see the firework. It was amazing! All in all it was a great day and there will be a lot of memories to remember.

-the place “where all your dreams come true”On Wednesday, the 03rd of August, we went to Disneyland. Our trip started at 8am. We were all excited to see the world famous Disneyland where all those movies we watched as a child where made of and also represented.

We arrived on Main Street and the first we saw while walking into the park was the popular Disney castle at the end of the street. From far away it seemed big, but the further you walked to, the smaller it went to. First we took some photos in front of it after walking through the castle to “Fantasyland” and through this to “Frontierland” where we drove with the “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad”. Afterwards we walked abroad the “Rivers of America” to Adventureland to get on the “Indiana Jones Adventure” ride. It was a nice ride with many cool effects. After that we went to the “Tomorrowland” to get on the “Space Mountain” ride. This was pretty cool, too, a ride through the dark. Then we walked to the Autopia to get a “driver license” and to drive around the small “racingstreet”. During our tour through Disneyland, we also got some of the “Fast Passes” which is great not to have to wait too long for going on a ride. It offers you the chance to get on many different rides in a short time. Besides the Disneyland, we also went to the California Adventure on the opposite. This park has many nice rides, too, like two of my favorite rides there, the “California Screamin”, a rollercoaster with a looping and the “Grizzly River Run” where we got soaked. The two parks were pretty nice to go through and it was a nice day with great weather and much fun. In my opinion, the best rides has been -as I already mentioned “Calfornia Screamin”, “Space Mountain” and “Indiana Jones”. At the end of the day we had the opportunity to see the big famous Firework which is underplayed by music. It was a great ending of the day before we went back to the bus.


Although everyone knows 'Disneyland', some of us had never been there. So today was the chance to visit it. We all were looking forward for Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and all the other characters of 'Disney' and of course for the whole atmosphere in the park. Our day started at 8 am at Sycamore school. Bur before we drove to 'Disneyland' we had had to pick up the guys from San Dimas. After 45 minutes with the bus we finally arrived. We all were excited. After we had got our tickets we entered the world most famous park. We spent a lot of time there and drove many attractions like 'Big Thunder', 'Space Mountain', 'Autopia' and many more. Because of the Fastpass we could pass the line. That was great. Afterwards we went to 'Disney California Adventure' which is a part of 'Disneyland'. The rides there were a little bit more interesting for us because they were a little bit faster and more wild. So we had driven 'California Screamin' before we ate something. Then we took a Fastpass for 'California Screamin' because we liked the ride. Now we had time and this is why we decided to go to 'GRR' ('Grizzly River Rafting'). The line was very long and we had to wait for 85 minutes but we had got enough time. The ride was fun although we had to wait so long. And then we went again to 'California Screamin'. After that we finally went to 'Disneyland' again. We were waiting for firework and that's the reason why we searched a good place for looking it. Suddenly it started. The composition of the colors and the music was amazing. This were beautiful 15 minutes. The end of the firework was also the end of our great day in 'Disneyland' and so we all went tired but satisfied to the bus for driving home. Although 'Disneyland' is mostly for little kids and we didn't see any Disney characters we had a lot of fun. In the end you can say that it was a great day. The end ;-).


One of the most exciting trips we've done in America was the trip to Disneyland. When we first passed the gate not only the good weather made us believe that we're dreaming. There were plenty of different Disney characters like for example Mickey Mouse & different sceneries, a lot of roller coasters, delicious food and nearly everybody was smiling. But how couldn't you not smile? So we started to plan our visit because we wanted to see everything. We had to walk a lot and also had to stand in lines for hours, but it was definitely worth it. We've also taken a lot of pictures and after we've eaten in a great, Mexican restaurant we went to California Adventure to see all attractions over there. The best part I think was the big firework at the end of our visit. It was very beautiful because it took place exactly over the Walt Disney castle. After that we went back to the bus and I'm pretty sure that everybody dreamed in this night of this fabulous place called DISNEYLAND.


On Thursday we visited the Huntington Beach with all the students from Claremont and San Dimas. It was a one and a half hours drive but it was funny. At the beach we went at first in the water it was amazing because it wasn’t cold. The waves was nice and we had very much fun :) On this day was a surfer and skater contest and a lot of people was there. On this place on the beach were tree different stadiums with skaters and some people from our group went so the stadiums. Some girls painted her bodies with "Pacsun" it was cool. The beach was very beautiful and the ocean too.

It was a amazing and funny day because one girl in our group danced in front of maybe 100 people and we give there after a 5 minutes dance 10$ :D It was so funny. We eaten on a beach restaurant. The dinner was good and not expensive. The day was hot, the dinner was delicious, the water was warm and the feeling was like a movie with the Beach Boys, the volleyball places and the lifeguards everything was very beautiful and a kind of a perfect day. Later in the evening we drived back to Claremont. Now a tip for all people who like to visit a beach: take suncream on your skin if you don’t do this you look like a tomato. :)


The day began with about an hour bus ride after we had picked up the other group from San Dimas. When we saw the many signs which led to the beach, we all were happy. We were searching for a good place when we lost some people, but we had a meeting point for the day so it was all right.

We had to carry some boogie boards, our own bags and a big sun tent. Then we found a nice place for most of us and put our towel and bags on the sand. After we had rested a bit, we went in the ocean and had a lot of fun with the big waves. In Germany the waves are not so good and the beach is totally different. It was so funny to swim in the really cold ocean with some people from the group. After a while, we went back to our towels and dried off. Because of the US Open in surfing and skateboarding next to us at the beach, there were a lot of people observing who were drunk. We wanted to see the event. While we were going around the tents which had music and the people in it, we first of all realized a brawl which was really crazy because so many people were screaming and watching it. Then we saw a man with a snake on his shoulders and some people who were spray painting on a wall. It was funny to see all these crazy people who had fun.

After a few minutes, we lost each other and had to search for each other. But we found each other really fast, so we went to the shopping street. While we were looking at the shops, we bought some food and bracelets. We got two autographs from two hot surfers, also. When we came back to the beach, we saw some skaters with their skateboards and then we were watching them for a while. One of them was really old, so it was nice and funny to watch them. After this, we went back to our place on the beach and directly went into the ocean a second time. We all enjoyed it so much! We ran over the beach and joked together. The boys threw sand at us and we took pictures of the sand and the nice skyline. When we came back, we heard a story that a seagull had shit on the legs of a girl. We all laughed so hard because it was so funny.

Later, we went to the showers and cleaned ourselves up for going on the bus. Then we drove home. Everybody had a great day and the best thing was the ocean with the big waves. It was a really great day with a lot of fun and with a lot of funny stories.


Now that I've been to Huntington beach I totally understand what this beach is so famous for. It's a beautiful place with smooth sand, so you can walk across the beach without pain on your feet and especially while sunset the view is fantastic. The first thing we've recognized is that you can do a lot of sport activities on this beach and after our teacher told us that the day we went there was also the first day of the US OPEN we were really excited of. The first thing we’ve done was walking around at the edge of the sea and trying to swim, which was difficult because of the tall waves. We had a lot of fun there but we were also surprised how strong this waves could be. After lying in the sun and getting sunburned we went to a stage where a lot of guys were skating and showing their skills. Most of them were looking good so we've taken a lot of pictures. We even got fan-fake-tattoo's. Later we went to get something to eat, danced on the beach and did a lot of other embarrassing stuff. Finally we got back to the bus and I'm sure nobody will ever forget this great day.

I was really excited to go to Magic Mountain because I have never been on so big roller coasters. So when we arrived there we first went on 'Viper' where you get turned upside down seven times! Then we went on 'X2'. After that we all felt really sick and so we decided to go only on smaller rides. We went to 'Roaring Rapids; where we got very wet. So we first had to dry a bit before we could go on other rides.

Then we went on 'Apocalypse' and 'Gold Rusher'. After that we sat down for a while and listened to a group of musicians. Then we went on 'Jet Stream' and got all wet again. Because we were a bit tired we went to see a laser show.

After that we went to 'Ben & Jerry's' and got some ice cream. We sat down and stayed there for a really long time talking. Then we want on 'Colossus' and watched a few of the bigger roller coaster. While we walked around the park we saw that there was another show and we decided to go there. It was a hypnotist show and it was really funny. Finally we went back to the place where we all met again. I think this was a great day, even if we didn't go on the big rides.

On Friday, most of our group went to the optional trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain. And I don't even know why I agreed to join, because I've never been to a theme park before in Germany and two days before we went to Magic Mountain, I rode my first ride EVER...and that was in Disneyland. And the "pretty hard rides" there aren't even half as hard as the baby rides at Magic Mountain. So...I was really nervous when we entered the park. But I was also totally ready to fight my roller coaster fear.

But when Kerstin, Maren, Michael, Julian and me stood in front of the entrance for the Viper coaster (which has like 5 loopings) I decided to...wait a little longer until I start fighting. So Maren and me just sat down on the floor, whereas the other three rode the ride. And, after they were with us again, I did the craziest thing in my life: I decided to go on the X2 coaster. And that was really a bad idea. We had to stand in line for like 2 hours, that...thing started. And I just closed my eyes and screamed during the whole ride. The only thing I really remember is, that I was very, very, very happy when the ride finally was over. So, after that horror-ride, I realized that there is a reason why I am afraid of roller coasters..and I decided to go for the baby rides for the rest of the day. Michael and Julian left us, and Maren, Kerstin and me spend the rest of the day with the really nice Gold Rush ride (we rode it 2 times), two different water rides (and we got really, really wet..:/) and we also watched some of the shows (like the laser music video show or the hypnotizing show) and the day time went by really, really fast. And I'm very glad that it was like that, because after I decided that I like the baby rides more than the hard ones, I was very afraid, that it's going to be a boring day. Thanks to Kerstin and Maren, who made it an amazing day anyway. :)

Magic Mountain has so many coasters more than one can ride on only one day. This amusement park has rides for everyone and even if you don’t like rides at all you can still have a good time there. X2 and Tatsu were the two rides Traci recommended to us. Two rides for real thrill seekers. A lot of us did X2 but because you had to wait around 2 hours to ride Tatsu only few did that one. The waiting times were really interesting because for some rides you had to wait hours and for others only a few minutes or not at all, but those were the not so fierce rides. There were also new coasters like Green Lantern and Superman that were really special. Like on the Superman one you first blast backwards 415 feet high at 100 mph and then fall almost vertically back to the ground. Almost all coasters at Magic Mountain are special ones you won’t find anywhere else. And if you don’t want to ride one there is still a lot of other stuff to see and do, for example eating or trying to win one of those big stuffed animals.

Before we arrived at Six Flags Magic Mountain we could the big roller-coasters. Everybody was really excited because they were so big and looked really scary. Then we spitted into three types of groups. The braves: They tried to get on all of the rides but they could not because queue were so long. But the most were able to visit rides like X2-The world’s firth 5th dimensional thrill! Or the SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton a new ride which speeds you up to 100mph and hang face first. So you had the feeling to fall down to the ground. The chickens: They visited rides like LOG JAMMER and ROARING RAPIDS and some of the beautiful shows like the laser show and the hypnotic show. The others: They went on many rides but they looked scared all the time: before the ride, while the ride and after the ride. But they thought they have to drive some rides because maybe they would never come back to Magic Mountain. The time you had not to wait in a line and you were not on a ride you could went for shopping in the stores or you ate something in one of the many restaurants. All in all everybody had a nice day in the Six Flags Magic Mountain park.


All Students from the Claremont group went to a baseball game in the Dodgers Stadium. But before we went to the baseball game in the evening we had class. Kristen the best friend from our American teacher teach the students the baseball rules. It was interesting. After the rules lesson we practice this game in a park near our school. We had two different teams and some American boys who helps us to play this game. It was very funny and we played this game very well. Then the school was finish and our host families picked us up and we had free time. At 5:00 pm we met us at the school and drived together to the Dodgers Stadium. The Dodgers Stadium is a very big one. It was amazing to see this for all of us. If you went to a baseball game you need to eat the traditional baseball food like the Dodger Dog or something. A group of people buy a Dodger Dog and forgot to take something like ketchup or onions on the hotdog and there need to went the way back to the shop. In this game played the L.A Dodgers vs. Phillies and our team loosed 3:5. It was nice to see that the Dodgers and the Phillies are so friendly to the other team fans. I’ve never seen that before. It was a more than 3 hours game. It was funny because we saw another German group with face painting in blue and white. It was really cool. Our coordinator gives us heads with the Dodgers colors blue and white and everyone used the heads. In the game brake where the teams change the places we saw on the screen "hello Ist" all in all was it a very funny day and a day with a lot of experience. But we think that we played baseball now better than the dodgers because we had the best teacher ever and we had the best team ever. We are the best group ever. "Go Claremont"


At Monday we all went to the baseball game of the LA Dodgers who played against the Phillies. It was not really funny, but sometimes pretty interesting and, of course, confusing! Our group met in front of the school, wearing LA Dodgers-TShirts and being really excited about the game. We drove to the stadium with some host families, took a few pictures of us and the stadium and searched our seats. When the game began, we all needed our time to get to know why the players were running or throwing the ball exactly in this or that way and not in another way, but after some minutes we understood most of the things happened in the game. My host brother told me that the ball is thrown by the first player and that it is hit. If it is on the ground, the ball is thrown to the first base before, the runner gets there. If the ball is hit in the air, it must be caught for an out to be made. For me, baseball is a really confusing game with a lot of rules, but it is also interesting and an important part of America's history. After one or two hours, it became very cold, so we walked around and ate some Dodger Dogs. In the end we visited one of the fan shops for buying some souvenirs. It was a really good day, even if it was pretty cold in the end. Thank you for that interesting evening!


On Monday evening we went to a baseball game of the Dodgers. But unfortunately no one had an idea how to play baseball. Because of that Traci invited three boys who taught us how to play baseball. We had a lot of fun although no one hit a ball at the beginning. But we improved our style of play and scored a few times. So we were perfectly prepared for the Dodgers game. When we (Sonja, Natalie, Michael, Julian and Sophia) arrived the game already had begun. All the other students were already very focused on the exciting and fascinating game. The first few innings nothing happened and no one scored. Everyone knew that it would be a hard game versus the Phillies but we were all disappointed how the Dodgers played that day. You could clearly see that the batters are not on their top form. While the Dodgers were losing on the field we were freezing on the tribune. But with hot dogs, cotton candies and blankets it was bearable. Unfortunately we had to leave earlier, because we didn’t want to get into a traffic jam. It was a very nice and funny experience, although the game itself was very boring.

On Monday we had a whole day with the topic “Baseball”. Because Baseball is not very popular in Germany nobody of us knew the rules of Baseball so they where explained to us before we could play our own match. After that we were equipped by Paul and his friends with gloves and bats and we all played a little bit Baseball in the Park near our school. First we were separated into two teams, the Angels and the Dodgers. Team Angels spread out on the field while team Dodgers chose their first batter. We were all pretty excited because it was our first time playing baseball and we had a lot of fun. It was pretty hard to hit the small ball but some of us were really good at it. I think we all did a good job and also saw two homeruns. In the end nobody knew which team won but I think everybody was happy with a tie. The highlight of this day was the real Dodgers game where we went in the evening. We met at the school and drove there with some host parents. After we had grabbed something to eat we went to the stadium to see the match LA Dodgers vs. Philadelphia. Equipped with Dodgers Caps we took our seats which were located very high at the backside of the field. On the one hand we were able to see everything very well on the other hand it was unusual cold and windy up there. Besides the game also the music and the atmosphere was really entertaining and some of us could not resist eating some Dodgers blue or pink cotton candy. The only sad thing about this day was that the Dodgers finally lost this game although we cheered them pretty loud.


At 8 am we met at the Sycamore school to start our trip to San Diego and Sea World. But the bus was one hour late and after driving 2 hours to San Diego we enjoyed the park. In San Diego we split in groups of at least 3 people. Together we decided our favourite shows which we would like to see. There were a lot of different attractions so it was hard to choose the shows. First we went to Blue Horizons. It was amazing when dolphins flipped through the water while the trainers and performers flew over the stage or jumped in the water. I was surprised that there were also birds and pilot whales who joined the show.

The second attraction we saw was the Shamu Show. I was a little bit scared because I heard of the accident during a show where Shamu killed his trainer. But it was fantasitc to see the big orcas doing high jumps. The funniest part was watching the people who sat in the first rows getting wet. The sea lions show was our favourite show because the sea lions were so clever and cute together with a comedian. The show was very funny. We visited the shark encounter for a few minutes and then it was already time to go. At 4 pm we went to the beach with the famous Hotel del Coranado. We took some pictures and finally we went to San Diego to eat dinner.



The 9th of August was a big day- we went to San Diego with its big park Sea World. Even we were really really tired from our last excursions to the Dodgers Stadium. We, the Claremont group, met in front of the Sycamore school in Claremont at 8 am! Unfortunately we had to wait nearly for an hour until the group from San Dimas picked us up. After two hours driving in the bus with very dozy pupils the bus arrived at Sea World. Now we split up into groups and explored the park. First we saw the Blue Horizons Show at the Dolphin Stadium and then the famous Shamu Show at the Shamu Stadium. It was pretty amazing to see all the sea animals like dolphins and orcas. They performed a super show with high jumps and fascinating poses. At the Blue Horizon Show even exotic birds flew around the spectators and performers danced on top of the stadium affixed to ropes. But the best show my friends and I watched was the Sea Lions Live Show at the Sea Lions and Otter Stadium. The sea lions were so cute and very cleaver. In front and during their show a comedian amused the spectators. It is definitely worth a visit to Sea World just to see him!! After a quick visit at the shark aquarium it was time to go back to the exit where we met the whole group at 4 pm to visit the beach and the old famous Hotel del Coranado. Finally for dinner we went to the center of San Diego, where we ate pasta at the Spaghetti Factory.


On Tuesday we went to Sea World in San Diego to see all the cute seafood. When we arrived it was very chilly and cloudy. But before we could discover this interesting park on our own, they had to double check what time we had to be back at the bus. At first we saw a wonderful dolphin show, with a lot of acrobatic acts and beautiful birds. After the dolphin show we went straight to the killer whale show to get a good seat where you have a nice view. M,mnjhbnlkumkjpl;bfv Sorry about that Traci, Charlie, our dog wrote this part….Anyways, we found some fabulous seat and they were not in the soak zone, what was good because you get really wet there. It was marvelous to see these amazing animals flying through the air. We have never seen something like this before and it was very impressive. We also saw the sea otters, the sharks and other fish until we had to go to the bus, but they were pretty boring. After we double checked whether everyone was on the bus, we left for San Diego beach. But we stayed there just for 30min because we also wanted to see San Diego downtown. San Diego wasn’t that interesting but we found a nice place to eat and a Starbucks, so it wasn’t that bad. After another double check we drove home to Claremont. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbnnnnnnnnnnnnhg80-pnp[;, ;’/.]’756+


On Tuesday we took, together with the San Dimas group, a two hour bus drive to spend a whole day in San Diego. Our first stop and my favorite part of the day was Sea World. Equipped with maps and a plan of the shows we entered the park in groups of at least three people so I went with Kerstin, Sophia and (small) Michael to explore the Park. At the beginning we went to to the Dolphin Stadium to see a fabulous show with actors, artist, dolphins, and birds. It was really nice to see these animals doing tricks and splashing some people in the first row. The second and even more impressive show we saw was the Shamu Show with three Orcas, where we took a seat in the back of the stadium because we knew after the first show that it was usual to make the people really really wet. It was very interesting to see these huge and beatiful animals following the commands of their trainers and making the craziest tricks. After we had eaten some sandwiches at he Shipwreck Reef Café. We visited the sea otters ,the 4-D Theater

as well as the Shark Encounter, before we alredy had to leave Sea World. Our next short stop was the beach of San Diego where we stoped for on hour to relax. So we just sat on the nice sand before we went on. Our last stop was the downtown of San Diego. We went to a little Café for dinner and walked around the blocks to visit some stores to do some shopping. After that day full of activities we all went home with the bus, tired but happy.


On Thursday, the 11th August, we went to the Universal Studios. Our trip started at 8am and we arrived there at around 10am. First we made a group picture in front of the famous “Universal Studios globe” before we went into the park. Our first ride was the “Studio Tour” and because we were there so early we didn’t have to wait too long. It was interesting to see the places where all those famous movies like “War of the Worlds”, “King Kong” or even series like “Desperate Housewives” are made of. The tour also brought us through the “King Kong 360-3D” experience which was awesome -and sometimes a little bit scary, especially when you think he’ll grab you.

After the tour we first walked to the Simpsons, to go to the Kwik-E-Mart and to take some photos. The plan we got showed us, that it would be the best to go on the lower lot first because there won’t be too long waiting times when you be there early. That’s why we went there to the next to go on “The Mummy” and “Jurassic Park” ride. The Mummy was a little bit short, to be honest, I thought it would be longer and scarier. But the “Jurassic Park” adventure was pretty cool. With the dinos and the effects and luckily without getting too wet. Afterwards we went back to the upper lot and to “The House of Horror”. This one was really scary. It is so well made that you’ll get probably in trouble because you won’t walk around the next corner because there are “monsters” everywhere who wants to “catch you”. Even some smaller children with their parents has been behind us and the children have been so scared that one of them nearly started to cry. The “House of Horror” was definitely cool. We make a short break after that and used the time to get some pictures with some characters like Marilyn Monroe, Spongebob, Dracula and Homer. Afterwards we watched the “Shrek4D” movie, which was a nice experience, before we went to “The Simpsons ride” which definitely surprised us because we thought it would be a rollercoaster but instead it is a simulated ride through “Krustyland”. After all those rides we went to some of the shows like the “Special Effects Stage” and the “WaterWorld” show. “WaterWorld” was really nice with some great stunts and cool effects like fire, explosions, or gunshots presented by actors p.e. out of Desperate Housewives or CSI:NY. When we had seen all we wanted to see we went back to the meeting place in front of the Studios where we were picked up by the bus at 7.30pm. The Universal Studios have been definitely great. It was a nice experience to get the opportunity to take a look behind the stages especially to see the created sets and the places where they produce the movies.



On Thursday the 8/11 we went to Universal Studios Hollywood. We started our trip at the school like every time and picked up the San Dimas group. Together we drove one hour by bus. First of all we took group pictures at two different areas. Then we all went on the studio tour together. We went behind the scenes from all different movies and saw the new King Kong 360 3D which was included in the tour. The King Kong ride was amazing but also a little bit scary because of the spiders and the dinosaurs. The first ride we took was the Simpsons ride it was really funny and I liked it the best. We also rode the "Jurassic park-the ride" and we got really wet. We saw the Water World show where famous actors rode jetskis and boats and escaped from dangerous fire explosions. It was amazing and I was surprised that I knew a few actors from e.g. Pirates of the Caribbean. Universal's House of Horrors was the most scary attraction I've ever seen. For me it was horrible and I screamed all the time. The boys said that they were more scared of us girls than of the actors ;) After we saw the Shrek 4D movie, we ate in a Steak and Wrap Restaurant and with a full stomach we drove to school where we were picked up at 9 pm.



What do you think about when you hear Universal Studios? Yes- King Kong, Simpsons, great movies with great actors and so on. So as we are still little children we were very excited to visit this famous place. After driving in the bus for an hour we arrived at the Studios. The first attraction was found very quickly and so every group took a picture in front of the famous steal globe. After every camera had been assuaged we continued with the studio tour. With a big tram we drove through different film sets, past studios, and fake house faces. I was excited to hear that Lady Gaga made her music video in one of these studios and to see the set of the shark movie, Jaws, which I watched just last week together with my host family. This tour also includes King Kong 360 3-D! This was amazing but also scary because big dinosaurs and spiders jumped into our faces. I was a little bit disappointed because we couldn’t drive into the famous street of the Desperate Housewives, “Wisteria Lane” because they were shooting a new episode. After a quick stop at a delicious food stand and a full stomach my friends and I joined a ride with the Simpsons, watched the shows, Shrek 4D, Water World and Terminator 2: 3D. But the most fun we had on that day was first the Jurassic Park Ride and then the House of Horrors. The Jurassic Park Ride was a ride with an 84-foot vertical drop waterfall. This was so fun because we became so wet! If you ever go to the Universal Studios please don’t miss the House of Horrors! Even we nearly died. It was definitely worth it. The boys said that they were more afraid of our screams than of the actors inside of the house. All in all it was a wonderful day.



We started our trip to San Francisco at Saturday, the 13th August early in the morning. We had a long drive until we arrived there. Before we went to the hotel - the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway- we stopped at Treasure Island to make some great pictures of the skyline. When we arrived at the hotel we had some time to change our clothes before we left the hotel again to go to Pier39 where we stayed over the evening to do some shopping like in the Hard Rock Café or in some smaller shops there. When we went back to the hotel we got some free time until we went to bed. We had to stay up early in the morning to get to the breakfast at 8am because we had to leave the hotel at 9am to go on a sightseeing tour through San Francisco where we visited some places like the Union Square or the Golden Gate Bridge. We also walked over the GGB which took us nearly half an hour. On the way we also saw many of the famous Victorian houses. After the tour we spent some time at Union Square to go shopping before we went back to the hotel where we got some pizza from Corrina. On the third day we went to Berkeley in the morning and visited the university. Before we went back to San Francisco we made a stop at the beach near a park. After that we could chose between going back to the hotel or going to Pier39 again before the dinner in Chinatown. After the dinner we gave our food which were left to some homeless people which brought some of us in trouble because they met some crazy people who followed them or who tried to heard them. After that we went to Treasure Island to make some pictures of the San Francisco skyline at night. We came back to the hotel late and went to bed. On the last day we had to pack our luggage before breakfast and bring them to the bus until 8:15 because we wanted to leave early for spending some time at Alcatraz. We went to Alcatraz with the second ferry in the morning. When we arrived there we made a group picture first before we started to explore the island on ourselves. We were able to watch a movie first, after that we did an audio-tour through the jail which was really interesting and well made. Sometimes you got a horrible feeling when you walked for example in the small jails or when you saw the gunshots on the bottom and all the pictures of the prisoners like Al Capone. Because we had not much time we had to leave Alcatraz after the audio tour which was kind of too early. It was nice to see the famous island with this great view to San Francisco and with its mysterious and scary history. After Alcatraz we had some time to eat something before we went back home to Claremont.



At 9:30 a.m. we took the ship to Alcatraz. The most of us were outsight because it was a great view, but it was soooo cold. When we arrived we took a group photo and then we could do what we want. It was a long way up to the cells. The mountain is high. The pour jailers, if they had to walk that way. When I reached the top I was out of breath. But it was fascinating to see the old buildings and there were a lot of birds. And the view to San Francisco was incredible. The tour was really interesting. but I think it must have been horrible there. The cells are so small and so dirty. You must have done something really bad to go there. I liked the sentence “Break the rules and you go to prison. Break the prison rules and you go to Alcatraz.” The attempts to escape were really interesting. Two men made a hole into the wall with a spoon! I couldn’t believe it. But the other one was so horrible. So many people got killed. Unfortunately we had just about an hour so the tour was the only thing we could do and then we had to take the ship back to eat lunch. Yummy!



Sophia Anika Julian Meike Jessica Laura D. Sina Melina Tamara Michael S. Michael V. Maren Jana Katharina Anna Laura R. Christina Jacqui Irina Kerstin Tanita Steffen Selina Stephanie

Lost and then found
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You know that feeling of relief after finding something valuable that you've lost? Michael Vorbav had that feeling the other day. The German exchange student was with a group of friends and chaperone at Victoria Gardens when he lost his wallet. Everything he needed for his overseas visit was in that wallet including $800. Michael thought he dropped it in the food court but a lengthy search resulted in nothing. Michael had already accepted the lost when he and the group waited outside the AMC theater for their ride. It turned out, Michael had lost his wallet while watching a movie earlier that day. Corrina Comia, a coordinator for the exchange program who was with the group, said, "As we were standing near the AMC theater, somebody came out and asked, 'Does this belong to one of the German students?' " It turned out one of the theater staff remembered the exchange students from earlier. "I just had to commend AMC," Comia said. "Not many people find a wallet that has $800 in cash and gives it back. It's nice to see that even in this economy, there's still a lot of honest people." Michael, pictured in the middle with an orange shirt, was obviously ecstatic. He leaves this country with a great impression -- and perhaps $800 in gifts. This article can be found at:





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