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Halal Hub Hyper market Design Brief • The proposed Hypermarket builds up area of approx 160,000 sq. ft.

• Construction grid 105.00m x 85.00m depending on site configuration and levels. • Façade and Floor heights shall conform to client’s requirements. • A soft copy is enclosed for easy reference. • Provision for car parking lots is min 500 units (Covered or semicovered) • All open space parking shall be semi-covered with min 1350 width for walkway car park bay shall include wheels stopper. • Provision for motorcycle bay shall be included. • Ingress-Egress, external boundaries parameters landscape shall comply with PBT’s/Authority requirements. A. The gross build up area shall be segmented into three (3) major areas of activities. i. Loading area, storage, mechanical space, staff canteen and administration office = 15% of build up area (approx 20,000.00 – 25,000.00 sq. ft.) ii. Supermarket area: 55% of build up area (approx 85,000.00 – 90,000.00 sq. ft.) iii. Mall: 30% of build up area (approx 45,000.00 – 50,000.00 sq.ft.) iv. For maximum space, AHU’s shall be elevated where appropriate. v. Loading area shall have a raised platform of min 900 to 1200, vi. Min of four (4) loading bays is requires with provision for receiving boxes and a receiving office.

An inventory office shall be provided within the storage area. viii. . Staff access. Lockers security guard room and scanning device shall be located strategically whilst the Administration office shall include the Followings: a. x. • • • • • • Supermarket Commercial Area Proper: Min. ix. male/ female Toilets. Staff canteen requirement is approx 50 to 60 pax. Strong room 1 No 1. Storage area shall be partition off with security mesh. of Twenty-four (24) paying counters bare necessities. Computer Server 1 No f. provision for a wet and dry goods lift is necessary.vii. Head of Department 2 No d. wet and cold storage display selves. Redeems and return goods’ counters. Accountant 1 No e. Meeting room 1 No (20pax) b. Costumers service counter. Discussion room 1 No c. For double storey unit. Kiosks for ancillaries merchandise Ample spaces for cold room bulk storage. Suraus. Chillers.

. • Surau. island shelves. wash area. • Fast food Corner. racks. Mail boxes etc shall be included. • Nos of kitchen cum serving counters shall be between five to seven (5-7) units • Provision for storage chamber. Mall area shall consist of:• Trolley space Shop lots. • electrical and household shelves (provisional to meet client’s requirements) 2. • children play land (optional) • Male/ Female/ Handicapped Toilet. • Basic amenities such as phone booths. Columns wrap-around shelves display. • Kiosks. shelves’. ATM. • Fire control and Security room. grease trap and stainless steel grating on scupper drainage.• • Dry gondolas.

General Rules 1. Location of escape staircase shall comply with uniform Building By-Laws where each riser shall no exceed 175mm and thread should be 250mm vertically spaced. The submitting Architect shall liaise with the Local Authorities and shall comply fully with all statutory building by-laws. 2. 3. .• Common storage and lockers permitting. All floors/ Walls finishes shall refer to client’s schedule as specified.

Other relevant details 2.1 Internal works a. 1. Bulkhead A code .1 External Works Action a. Fencing and gate b. Other decorative and metal and aluminum related work. Project signboard and hoarding 2. Shop front schedule d. Conceal gutter d. e. Kerb. Overhead roller-shutters & security grilles schedules c. Footpath and wheel stop g. Drainage system for turfing/ landscape h. Fascia.2 Railings & Ornamental Finishing a. Roof flashing f. Travelator’s and core setting out c. Roof scupper drain and vent pipe over metal sheet d. Lift Façade (if applicable) 3. Roof gutter and down pipes b. Doors & windows schedules. Lift (if applicable) b.Construction and working drawings detail are required for the implementation and construction used for the above works. Covered car park structure A code j. b. ridge/ gable end c. Railings and other fixed and integrated elements which apply vertically or horizontally throughout the building min. Office prefabricated curtain claddings and blinds or otherwise f. Roof insulation format e. Inter-tenancy partition (between shop lots) A code g. Light bollards for trolleys k.1 Architectural Detailing Schedules: a. Settlement joint/ expansion joint f. Compound drain/ external drain access panels and culvert c. Drains grating and typical sump pit d. Planter box and conceal weep hole i. scale 1:5 (working detail) 1:50 (construction detail) e. Typical discharge point e.

roof) 4. Kitchen and serving counter b. Edge bumper protection-rubber/ h. cold area multi deck display (who) by other? . Handicap layout and rails 5. Angle guard to square edges (walls) 7.h.c. e. toilet roll waste dispenser mirrors etc: b. Vanity basins or full length slab and mirrors d. walls. Duet protection guard/ column guard c. Floor finish layout and pattern A code l.1 Lavatories & Restrooms: a.1 Covered car park a. Surau and wash area. Heavy duty floor finish-granolithic screed d. Male and Female toilets. Gypsum plasterboard/ fibrous plasterboard b. Krebs and Island d. Drainage b. Receiving box roller shutter e.1 Ceiling a. Internal partitions. Typical plan/ section/ elevation showing urinal height. duct access doors j. sensor. racks. Reflected ceiling plan. Gondolas. Typical waterproofing detail (Floor and r.w b. Cubical compartments and scupper drainage. rings c. Ramp finishes-groove. Build in fittings c. Modular acoustic mineral board (office) d. Car park/ motorcycle markings e.1 Loading and Unloading Bay a.1 Food & Eatery Preparation Area: a. Interfacing of ceiling c. Bollard/ Chain post (if applicable) f. Service Counter A code i. dryer. Receiving office counter 8. Fast food counter and frontage A code 6. screen and space divider (plan and elevation) k. Grease trap and scupper drainage c.

Car park trolley barriers c. Conceal I section column (to Bomba requirement) d.9. Conceal rwdp & other services (with leaks trays & protections) General & All other construction and termination details for constructor used Schedules of Finishes Item Facilities GROUND FLOOR Car Park & Driveway Loading/unloading Area & Parking Ramp Loading Platform Surau 1 Floor Finishes G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 G8 G9 G10 G12 G13 G14 G15 G16 G17 G18 G19 G20 G21 G22 G23 G24 G25 G26 G27 G28 Ablulation 1 Storage Area Receiving Bay Personnel Scanner/pasasage/security Locker room areas Male & Female Toilet 2 Staff Canteen Staff Kitchen Male & Female Toilet 1 Wash Area Refuse Chamber Store Food Court Food Court Kitchen Childcare Lift Lobby Security Room Shop Entrance Lobby & Kiosk Sub Lease TNB & Genset Room Male & Female Toilet 3 Carpark: Floor Hardener Driveway: premixed macadam Heavy-duty Interlocking Block (80mm) 4kg/m² Floor Hardener 4kg/m² Floor Hardener Floor board 1m strips 300x300 Ceramic Tiles wall & channel Ceramic & rubber mate modular grips 4kg/m² Floor Hardener 4kg/m² Floor Hardener 300x300 homogeneous tiles Cement Render 300x300 Ceramic Tiles 300x300 Homogeneous Tiles 300x300 Homogeneous Tiles 300x300 Ceramic Tiles 300x300 Homogeneous Tiles 200x200 Ceramic Tiles Cement Render 600x600 Homogeneous Tiles 300x300 Homogeneous Tiles 600x600 Homogeneous Tiles 600x600 Porcelain Tiles 600x600 Porcelain Tiles Cement Render 600x600 Porcelain Tiles 600x600 Porcelain Tiles Cement Render 300x300 Ceramic Tiles .0 Accessories a. Letter boxes b.

G29 G30 G31 G32 G33 G34 G35 Babes Changing Mail Room Surau 2 Ablulation 2 Staricase Verandah/Walkway Entrance Ramp 300x300 Ceramic Tiles 300x300 Ceramic Tiles Timber Stripe 300x300 Ceramic Tiles 300x300 Homogeneous Tiles 300x300 Homogeneous Tiles Pebbles Wash .

F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 F12 F13 F14 F15 FIRST FLOOR Super Market Storage Inventory Room Computer Server Room Strong Room Office HOD Kiosk & Walkway Shop Security Room Store Customer Service Baggage Counter Male & Female Toilet External Flat Roof 600x600 Homogeneous Tiles 4kg/m² Floor Hardener 4kg/m² Floor Hardener Cement Render Cement Render Vinyl Tiles Vinyl Tiles 600x600 Porcelain Tiles Cement Render 600x600 Porcelain Tiles Cement Render 600x600 Porcelain Tiles 600x600 Porcelain Tiles 300x300 Ceramic Tiles Water Proof Cement Render .