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ln Search of the Supergays

Kate Kendell, the executive director of the National Center for Lesbian fughts; the plaintiffs for Californiat marriage equality case; and San Francisco mayoral candidate Bevan Dufty. The gay community has been especially supporcive of the project and Out and Around has ofjust traveling for a long time all over the place given the couple a senseof the global communityr with the person you're spending the rest of your Chang saysthat their researchmade them feel like life with was really cool and that'swhat started this they have a big, extended gay family all over the "The whole project came about world. They have plans to take rheir foocageof ideai' Chang says. alittlelaterl' thejourney and turn it into an educationaldocuThe project is called Out and Around: Stories mentary and use the trip to teachpeopleabout the From a Noc-so-Straight Journey. Chang and international gay community, Out and Around is Dazols are on a yearlong40,000 mile trip through poised to becomea platform from which to build 17 counries including Australia, Cambodia, Peru awareness about the global strugglefor equality. andTanzania,They arcin searchof the Supergays: Since the blog launched the girls have heard peoplein the community doing inspiring work. from many peoplearound the world, like a military "We decided it would be really cool if we mer g y guy in New Zealand, a queer collegestudenr differcnt queer people around the worldi' says from Puget Sound, a trans woman in Australia, Chang,"Lisa is an HIV social worker and seesa and many others. Countlesspeople haveexrended Iot ofsad cases about gay peopleso we wanted ro their support, travel tips and invitations for visirs, focuson the positiveside.We wantedto frnd people Where are the girls now? Can you think of a who were doing cool things and would inspire Supergaysomewherein the world theyjust haveto others. Peoplewho are gay and extraordinary," meetl They take nominations! Keep up wirh them The couple began the project by interviewing and support their journey at, people in their hometown of San Franciscor pillian Eugeniosl Three years ago, on their frfth date,Jenni Chang asked Lisa Dazols,"What if we quit our jobs and traveledaround the worldi" The idea had been in Changt mind sinceshe traveledthrough southeast Asia after collegeand met a couple who were honeymooninguntil they ran out of money,"That idea


New York's LGBT own jewelry designer, Rony Tennenbaum,been has inundated reouests with for engagement wedding and rings since passage the of theManiage Equality Act intoNew State York law. political The triumph also is for Personal Tennenbaum. whoisplanning wed to hispartner 18 years. of "Whensetoutto design I myline bridal of rings for men w0men the and of LGBT community, Marriage Equality forN,Y. laws just State were intalks, I dreamed that'someday' it would happen, then and journey suddenly long that ofanticioation after ended glued several of being days to myTVand Twitter," says Tennenbaum. Ajeweler for over years, timeless 25 his designs express notion the ofeternal commitment, which certainly reflect the ongoing dreams, dedication and commitment ofthe activists, community allies, leaders couples and who have traveled a long such way seeprogress to finally (ro happen. nytennenbau m. coml[Merryn Johns]

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