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Y,rr-r UxrvensrrY April 24, 1939 Readbeforethe Academy,


There are two major classical tieories of modern science: partide physics and field physics. The chief difference between tlem was dearly stated by Clerk Maxwell in his initial paPer on electro-magnetic theory. Partide physics, he writes, considers any phenomenon "as due to the mutual action of particies," "but we are proceeding on a difierent principle, and searching for the explanation of the phenomena, not in the currents alone but also in the surrounding medium" r or, to use the language of his third paper, "in the form of the relations of the motion of the parts."z In short, particie physics directs attention to the constituent particles, whereasfield physics centers theory and e-xperimentation upon tle medium in which tle system as a whoie is imbedded and upon its structure. Sincetle fundamentd problem of biology is organization, it wouid appear that field physics is tle more appropriate for its investigation. It was con-' siderations similar to these, together with certain facts h experimental embryology,s which caused tle writers in 1935 to propose the "electrodynamic thmry of life."{ It was tlis theory in turn which guided Burr, Lane and Nims to the constmction of the vacuum-tube microvoltmeter,t 6-rn and findings which and which suggestedthe experimental investigations it is the purpose of the remainder of this paper to summarizeIn biology, the complexity of the living system is so great tlat investi-

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!n order 'lo hold your index card iawer to its put a lew droos of glue on the top and snape. : o ' Jn e " .just dip the corruoatec tower tn melted beeswax.Sce the Finure. iesl your coated tower for paramagnetismwith a 1000 gauss magnet to attracted . Many species ol insecls also have corrugated sensll/a on their antenna. They iook !ike the eorrugarcd slope tower in the Figure (wtthout cone). it is stronglyr will be! I'low lhat you know how tc constructyour rauno iower aura sensor. Testing the Sensor Suspend ihe tower lrom a woooed :--shapeo arm by heavy duty thread. Tc taper lhe tower. fhis ls expecially true oi insects sucn as mosquitoesthat seek out human or mammalianauras. a s t e d g e .cui a pteceoi indexcaro a b o u t2 t n c h e sb y 3 i n c h e s ( 5x 7 .t e d . You vvill iind lhat a iower vou maKe worKs better iar )rourself :han icr lour irtenos: aithouEh tt wtil :eslono io anvane. l. the nardenedglue at eacn end witl hotc . '/ou can change the degree ol taper. i a v e i o s o r a . 5. You now have a round corruqated tower. Y o u m u s l l i r s t c o n v i n c ev a u r s e l fi h a t t t i s a l i v i n o f o r c e i n c p e r a t i o na n c n o t a t r b l o w r n g : h e t o w e r t o w a r d sy o u r b o o y ( h o w c o e s o n e D l o w a n a b t e c ! towaro cneself?). lf you slide the rubber to the center of ihe iower. i . Put a line ol ruhitegiue along the outer peak o f t h e . The tower moves siowlv away irom 'y'our oefiniielv stores energy as you wiil soon note that there is a constderablepause belore it moves lo your the side of the f ront cone ot !he suspendeCtower. takea small ruober band a n d p u t i t a r o u n dt n e r c p o f t h e t o w e rs o i h a t vou constrict ihe upper corrugations. the Quth Minar. ' o u ri o s / x i n c n e s f r o m i t . at aDout.i o t d a t o n e e n d a n d g i u e i t into ihe inner valley ol the iast fold at ihe other end.Turn the card over to alternate the next f old. has ilat-topped cor. 3 . By. if you do feel gooo."'our ine taperediawer io irs snape. l t a l w a ' / sw o r k s o e s l a t c a v l n c r d u s Kt n e well-ventilatedroom.loveslowlv. Join :he edge with a piece of tape. l a y o r e r o u n o . You should end up with aporoximatelvfitteen corrugations (peaksl alono thc I incn icnoth . rhe f orce is strongesr at '/our solarplexus. .vithgocc a o t t i n g s o i i .Thecorrugatedsensoris not than the smooth lorm but also onlv more sensrtlve seems lo store ihe aura energy better.'ugatedsensi/la on its iegs. it is aDvtousl. C o a t i n gt h e s e n s o r Spray !he index card tower with Scotcn Sorav Adhesive(photo mount) ano scrinkle it '.{5 degree'/ecior. fest it in a well ventilateoroom.ra< 1. Taxea 5 inch by I inch index card (127x 203 mm) and fotd it along the 5 inch sideinl/o inch (6 mm) folCs. begin iesting tt wtth ihe paramagnetic-infraredaura of vour body.4n easyway tomake the f olds is to take the card between the four !ingers and thumb of both hands and use the f lat surface of a table to straighteogethe !oid by pressing it agatnst lhe taDle. of course..l e c a u s e i n c o n ' .believe me. The yellow fever mcsquito. Dui with no breezesblowing.. Another reason ior oescribinqa ccrrugated ccnfiguration rs tnat it is much easterto accuratelvraper ihan a s smooln-sroeoensci'. N o a d h e s t v es p r a yi s n e e o e oi o r a good wax tower sensor. Number 2 RAlronv ic S How to Makea Corruaated v Round Tower Sensor . it check if./ alternattng or pulsating iorce since sonetrmes tne iower codv. the tower will move slowly t o w a r dy o u w h e n y o u r D o d y t s . {c:t mav wish to use lcui tower lt vou practice.4e. without a cone cap. Staie air auencnes move' m e n t a n d p e o D l es t a n o i n gl o o f l o s e t o g e t h e r a m i oanh nlhpr'e r.\lter a ccuDleof hours. you will see lhal 'tour mind afan f ects lhe movement. 2. 4 . It is interestingio experiment with ditferent degree tapers.u c ' ! i l o v t e r o o t c l a y . ) C b v i a u s i v . l i m e s t o n e . t'rhichalternattvely scans human skin with eacn nind !eg.'nove ruo' ber pand. also gtue the bottom to a !ittle 2 inch square (5 cmz!ol index card. . The :nrrared-paranagneticrounci lower conf ig' uration described is based on experimentation wrth different forms and on experience instde the carrugated Red Tower of Delhi. vlhv coes it r v o r x 5 e s i l o r y c u . To maxe ihe cone. The tips ot eight f ingers p/esseo a q a t n s tt h e f o t d o n i h e t a o i e u i l l k e e o r h e corrugationsat thetr ' i a inch dimension.Open the cone up enc giue it ln olace. you wiil have a smaller diameter (ccnsiricted)corrugatedtower Dut no taDer. sliding the rubber banci up and down. ia n a c o a ! g e t J : ' ' ] t c e ' ? v e n ' a vDr : n e ) o r ' en s e v e r a :i t m e s i o r u g a t e ds u n a c e .PlanetaryAssociationlor Clean Energy Newsletter Vclume4. 5c m l i n s t z e and f old it along ihe 3 inch edge. Cut the corner olf {dotted line in the Figure) to f it the diameter of the toa ol the tower. You now have a comDleted corrugatedcardboardround tower.

lallahanr .r i s ni c v l e r ss u c h 5v 1 a s t h e K i i m a c o u a g n n e l s e e N e w s / e t l e rv o i . 2.000gauss '!'he magnei.PlanetatvAssoclalronlor Clean Energy Newsretter ''doped" it with the structing it.t ^o1t^q l l C € the various soil'coated towers rotate with regard to a lixed 1. ) o . t ca ^ / t . S iPhilip . S 2 3 3 T f e e t B i n c h e s 7 i . t e n c r ? ?a r o r n d 2 r e e r e e s T h e S e r J o w e r .'/ou nave t/ot.a n o h e n c e . oi course. i i t c a r u t c .h e c o r . stronger the attraction.s i d e d n Ch a v ea c o n i c a ir o o f a n d a r e r f n a i h e a v e r a c e7 0 f e e r i 2 1 . T h e t a p e ro f t h e c o r r u g a t e d e o T o v r e r i D e r h r R c r l e i l 'r s a c D l c x i . .' 2 and Vol. 3) Finally. 3 3m e t e r s )i ' r i o h . v e ra r e 1 m s s r n o c t n . 2.sletter. you can use tound lowers : . o u n d l o v r e r s e n s o r r s a h v o i r o r . "essence oi yourself" iSee Ne\^.. t h e b e t t e r i h e t so//. . the more p a r a m a g n e t i c h e s o i l . . n a i e rc e g r e e s i. r fr h e s e trryoiot'.u c . a s t h e s ef o r s c / l l e s l i n go v c c a t r n gi n e m w t i h l Jiiferent types c! soil ano uslng a protractor to .:r'ls. 2 5 e t g r s )i. r u q a t e d .r i s nr o u n ct o .1 .

.d g 1 3 3 > F E = a i * F C A 9 = 9 X A I X = C d g c o ^ P O d P t O = p a < O O n O O : I G = C l l = C = ! O . d . 5 O C P * 4 c u .O : 3 s a * ^ . a ! . : p C : r g t r . a . o l o < e r a 6 6 e .C . . ..t a v : > a a g . > e C . a .. 3 ? t .€ a c ! 5 3 e < E ' o l c o a 6 3 * = e d a ! = @ o c .! t * . O * C = F C e . t = 4 a = . t r r i r < g r = = c O l p = p * a G 6 O O < .Y3 C r G X Gr O a_ = .3 d = C i D e h l ? O D J E C t n < C . O f O E = . 6 o 3 e t < 5 F . a .€ e ' 1 1 c F t t c F . \ t * F : d p c c J o ^ e . a * c .: ! f .C U ..U a .F .E t t € C 3 < > C r F G t r p .= -. 4 e 7 < J a = = . = C .L i e . C a : ? A = ! G p a J c * . v . * u = c c t n o 6 F p o o r c . a = = = = r i .< g h p 5 5 t O F e .G r F a ) .l = * t = : c o a < . a = a . = = a / . a n . 6 . G @ s C 6 a = 6 P G O C y C C g J o = * y d > = . d h < > C C i g R c = t r F < a = x . F { 5 l G O g d J . .o i i C a = l a = g = i € : p * a S O a t D < r > . .( a ' : L a .€ G D ' : C F 9 .a e i c . < 3 < a c x 5 : r = c = d c a r D o c H < c p * a = ! E p a 7 A P t r e F .! C ! r F . ? . a c 6 = / = e e = d 3 ^ ^ = 6 C C ! i F t = c r C O E A O = t A .= 6 7 F ' r = € = * t * t ' h O E a & : t r p C a O P \ O C C p g { ( t C 3 3 < < * G l * G = = e U > . o > > = * t r L 1 5 O O F P C r P C ! .i / . = C 5 e O = y O O s h p C C P f t s F a A C / e d q t e t 6 . ! u ? d 3 < = o o o ! o o F = { o d l g t t c h . a F t s .e = l F i = a J . i t = G . 7 1 ! .F + o t a . Q . p € * : . d & S o p h E a a a a t . l > o L a p e g . U o P a a .l O a 0 6 ^ . a s . ! .c = .o < l o o q o 6 F 5 . = a r a > 9 i i = > 2 . .> d t ..a a q O d t i C e r ' > . r l t l Y " ' * t = 0 t r = = . I E A t l < > a > a o C a " i = = _ a _ . c = a j ! t r . 5 O v O C O > p g C ! < e ... C a . . p . ! < O p r . H l : t 3 t r e + P . ! = * . F . ' 6 > . ) .C a .C . { i l . < t f o < c t r i s r E . O O h : F h O O . .t d u . / < a Q = . * = . o = o < l c l F F . T C l O g c r i p S J = = & F C d @ p c .= a v u > ! s i C a = .U C A a L = t v .C a a = = A a a .. s = L r : i D < 4 . d = 9 G O p € e p t ! l i P < 1 = O b b l O t .P o d F 3 = . : a = ' c ^ P . 1 = i ^ .v . = t = a f c .a ..= L ' ..a " 6 e = 6 C ..4 4 3 . p u * C A = 3 € a C O C g O { t C c ' .4 C C i ! o < r i i J l a t 2 Q e F .< 5 e D 6 3 A = a a a = a x J O A y C C = t s a O . = a 5 6 J U .C .F t s A t ! D I O O < O G . A < ' * C G s g g E a e C I F Ov. * r ..D : F d C ! c l p . U . = a a v i a a . ! a 3 € : a i a C > < a ? . ..c E .. P r c I : c r .c C 3 p o @ t s O r s = = .a * + c @ r 6 o F G F + c : 5 : a = o J o h F .. * ) = . A A = 6 O 5 d C = < : D r 3 C O p ! C O g F O < 6 6 O O U 6 d . F . . = c > F l o . .. a " a c c 2 9 . < ^ . O O U a d : C O O = d t O d = C J O { O E G i E = t 4 p e : q 1 .. * o < l < g c F c = f 3 c t < t r o c d i c c < o ! x = t c e € c e 6 6 ) = ! 3 * t 6 ! o A C C F ! o ! t P O i l F C * F g A P A a ! 5 A O ! * a ) A > r O @ E a X l C O = a A 6 ^ . a a .* c c ! g / . ..< j * Q .. > . . v . a E * < c a t ! ! a r H = 3 C t / d C = C C E 5 5 < C a c t I l= t. t r a p x O C .: : . : O C a O F I = O F e E O c J = C 3 ' F hO 6 V: E I C G E F 3 = t t l d l a (.E S .t g o t s p 3 : z . d g a a L e < a c . a r .' q C = e A 1 ! d : 3 > < / U e u 6 o 4 r O d t r O ! . a * c r . ! : = v v F = : a . A 6 j C . ) c .t . ! 6 P @ . i _ ..V c : . : o P v c l c . . i . 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P O C T T E Z : = a a : = = a E 3 6 4 r ! { < c F 6 € : i r c = a c = c . .E : d ! .E P ' g g .r g A a O C t s . * . a c . ! a C a i ? = a c .= A C e F G O * € O p = ..* F = > a C 3 > a p r O * * * .^E f d r. .

If anyone gets any results we rvttul<lapl)rec iate ilreir w r i t i n g t o us.tages. /vt.e conducted by experi-enced electrical researchers. ( eyes) in Iiving substance r w€ have llrotlucecl the drawing.. using physical equipment to llrorlrrce the power o1' the image.tirror llound I { et a I PI a t e Power: S ou r c e rvlre ll'ire ?sy. . . o u t s i d e i n l . Un"iq-il ULJo^-. m i g h t b e .citor.rC Ps'1cH /r\ reRp< Answering to both eLectrictrL ( nerves) and opt ical . I . voJ. . nA ll fl T rl Len I 0r Concave ll{etaI l\. the future htrs no bounds. and llorarities.o metar pr. Onl-v the past is cl_oihecl in secrecy.ttr the brarn. Tests conducted rvith ilris device shcruld b.o.r"o. wourd harve to be tuoiked out on this ideacertirinly'nyone rvith a rick of erectricar sense rvourd rearize thev must not contact both. This drarving rvourd llut b.tes.1(P. PossibJ.inside out L o o k ' ra t t h e " o t h e r w o r l c l " .h. ideaThe drawing delricts ii device wiilr tu.li_ates at the same time or ilrey mi13ht be erectrocuted. c-l\..o o k" .y tlris rvould give the subject an'. o r j . tItv"ttrA e.rnd the optical svstem inside of ilre prate ratiiat i'ns. r n . I y h o h a s s e e n t h e 1r own spirit? \le hope some of our assoc iates can work n'ith ttris. This makes a trvo lrrarte cal).

'as not i.fe on this bodyJ Neitl:ei is it ?hia covering probably rrith ccpper or sorle other diamagneti: Eauenal.n circuit 9 i ) I o E t p e o"P lte r h o n i l e l Y s bourg' nerYes a cirarge of mana which lasts f or Some repor! no reaction vhatfavorable results. si:e of tbe nnu::tYesner gave no Cinensions for hlg deeign.ei journal.h.r f t h e c o m D o n e n t s n a y b e n e C e g s a r i ' i pe a r eve1.-o. which roake it nuch more effectiYe iioni tc negative attd back again. Y o u w i .sct.? \ v ' ek n o w o u r d e S i g n r l o r k g .. I l n o t e t h a t ) l e s m e r ts w i r e l o o p i s g l f t f l i d g t b e 6 a g n e t 8 . 1q { i c ' neS.:entthe circuit. F i v e a t 6 S .vteR.tiple magnetlc fleLd oysky circuit Because than a siraple Eagnet..cs. of nagneti. lfesngr of the need fn tbe above narerial fither h e d L d n? t f bcard pref erably of cak r.-v. gives the charged magneticaily rri th cirbon anci minutes r t\rrohorseshoo Eagnetg "The mounti. as inciicated by the polatitT poles can be set so as to aitlact tbe magnets fron the Steel rod Distance cf the receryer or sub.eve tbo Lakbde'r'ice.dg then as ln our deslgn.ength to Iift rj. be prorrea and retil.. of strffici. Ir'e believe tbat the knou about Lt.ent st. to sone extent by the size of the p11r of ?here Perhaps tl:ese sbouLd be bougbt fj-rsthoiseshoe nagnetE used. use of a carbon roc fol tl:e ocher l:and is hignly important and do uge i r Rc..c deviCe sbouLd be nede adjus"abie' This :s '.ii.r1ri tr >eSlq NJ {r" " .'. There is oo break or overlapping in the copPer wire loop oUu" f or tbe pulsed or oecillatl-ag a the charse in the steel. it doesntt mat:er vbich hand bolds'tbe gteel rod. " ir e c e i v e r ' ft is suggested to be ad. here fron the design giren in tbe Octa!.tt rod yith putty or c1ey.'ood r.h thc Sun anC the )ioon are important to ..rhyehe . t i c .e severai Jb"ion" diff"r"n. a carbon rccl to compiete or augr. of a uire coi1. i{bicb atrangetr€nt 1r llof rather than lngi.nportant. 3b" io* board rriil be deiermined. For th -irtj.'od i. g. of rines a Beccnci.c eDergf ' ci rcuit current I believe this is an a1ternating there 1s no hlnt by Dr. a basic elecironic effect rhythrric oscillatri1l give the nuJ. f t r helpe to conta.Tbeysirou}daisobopi. :be center is 3/4 i-n. welcome the reports of Aasocieffectlye "h l p . and suggested tbat the steel rod be covered in t.l-j. in dianeter' Xagnets ai'e to 5e piaced in sicCs so they can be roved io'.justed for greatest benefit to to tl:e end of the steel of tlre recelver be attached ti:a t rhe blrthsroue E:<periment rrilL shos best regults. VrSi" :-l- ( B-. tested have " e' S o r t e d e a r r g n g e m e n t r .e 3qi.FJ.ard or auat fromthesteelrod.otetisotheNorthandSouch or rupel.bove but r?e f ee1 this is essential ife beLj.'ire loup of #LZ oopper ths 2+ ils. or f ef t chat it cr beeviefr the stcel. w h o t a e ie l f r l atro i n P r o j e c t V : . nl11ious from positive lt :s alternating.

trlclty so ther efs no use 1n ar gui ng Thls 1s wlth anyone about lt.f. square plywood board.s.(e." .o uAct . bef*een the first the coiJ.r^ s ho u(ot Lc € {r. ]. ard. ./' . f::om the second coll to the lead It c an contact plate.) -\-_. rile spllt the lanp cord.^'.th the copper dlsc antenna mounted flat on vooden dowels about I in.t-)-Jrr {x*t . not just a nental d. ? to the body contact e co n ta cts on shelf or high dresser to a subject lylng c om for tpbly on a bed. These'vere also mounted fl-at on a 9 ln. The lead ulre from ColL No. logrcal relatLonshlp.._ I /'' / /.Ie used stardard. thelr dimensions are not cri tlcal. down the n1dd1e. by the way. unlt up on a closet si:elf out of the !ray.J l I / e / 5 + C 6hv'li6'lr< ) a\e oV e .L'ilry-i -! ' z . be other i I I plSnrood base plate I I I I I l{e set t}re aseembled. wlres are single. above the Ford col1s.owirg ln this circuit. i t9 \.-ff-- eao wlre circr"arl t I)rV l . from the antenna to coil-. A11 lead. on the lJ ls no measurable elecer Remembet there fl.evlce and the parte must be kept 1n a though.'t // I ^ 6 v + nnlr 4lrwll Copner Disc ^ - TTG ZODfACAL on RAINBO}T COLOR TONER Our e:ryerlnrental Eorcr r{as assembled 1lke thls wj. Do not of each For d doil. whlte lanp rubber insulated cor C for all wir e l eads . nretal.t.R.

coils principles. according to electronic coil trvo wilL not step up rvhatare is coming out of coil ever current one because the trvo coils may in some but the volume of coiled wire in the circuit identical. rvay unkno$rn to us at present increase or augment the "amperage". because it has been found by experience that these t'ixed rates Co help in nany cases. its effectiv€D€sso It should be obvi. TONER The theory is that Healing Color Rays from the L2 constellations of the compass are picked coming from all directions the'Zodiac.THE ZODIAC RAINBOI4.evice do aog seerl A larger dianreter antenna and more Mode1 A coils gadget. applicable equally tc a "shotgttn'r Eut there ate those who prefer conditions. The. insulated The Rainborv loner doesn't seem to be erfective in the unbalanced conditj.n numbe:: trvo.ons changing or balancing or neut:alized the cosmic rays are not polarized there if the device is used on the ground floor. be a lonq should wi. conccntrated up by the wire attached to the dinpled recess in the center of the antencopper two tlao From there it is stepped or augmented as it Passes thrcugh Model A Ford Coils before being absorbed by the body through the rnetal plate electrode.vire lead fronr to the diagram you rriIl Referring The cosmic the antenna goes into the plus side of tlre l.ous to the researcher that the Rainbor Toner is a universaL treatment to any and all device. flexiblet least not circuit fLowing in this no measurable eleciricity no use arguing rvith neasurable on standard equipment the cl. a ":ifle" and and the Radionic Treatment Instrunent does have nore direct rates specific application" The difficulty is tl:. the Rates developed years ago by the designer of the Instrt:nen?. high above on a shelf" as a device for body unless it \ Sot bv the earth. .s to increase the effectiveness of this borderlard -. off the center tap of coil number two throuqh a long.vire lead to the body of the subject.plate.lodeL A coilo and irrto r:ire coil is drawn off the center tap of the first current plus side of coil The augmented ctrrrent is tilen drar. In any ev€nt the pragmatic test is the only way to provel or disprove. Certainly. lead from coil number tlvo to body-contacr.e i. of down the and funneled 360 degrec therets going ihrough 1:he And with no standard current anyone about itl itts debatable whether anything is being stepped the treatr'qnt is silment for a specific change from day to day as the trCatnent This is why tlre Tonet tvas developedo effective! And this is why no Treatment Rates t!-ere included in the Atlas when this rvork was first Now it has been dec:-acd to cidd released. see that the r.

One proceclure tnvoives obtainrng elcctrical current from acupuncture polnts \vhile the othcr involves a r l e t a l l i c h a n d d i r e c r e d b y a h u m a n h a n d c n c l o s c d i n a dialcctnc rlovc. Irutitute of Plwsioloey 'l-tvo c. irss()!-ratc :lt the Institutc of u . . s . \ v o l t a g e o f h u n d r e d s i t f r n i l l i v o l t si s t l b t a i n c dw i t h a c u r r c n t o f a b o u t i 0 O nlicroampcrcs. p p . another subjc. R .t 1 9 7 7 ." and "4.r i" i" whereK = coetficienr voiitional e|Iort.a n d c a u s ei t t o m o v e m c r e l y b y l r i n g i n g '' -lf t V C. The amounr rri bi<xlectrical.1. rherr score usuallv incrcascsto "3" r)r ".Y o l .ln this proccss. Conductivitv oi rhe acupuncturc polnts c l t a n g c s . v a l u co t : A : . G. Some of thesc subjccts imoart an L ' t e c t r i c a lc h a r [ e t o t h c t r b j c c t s w h i l c m o v t n g t h e m .IOVING DISTANT OBJECTS Another mcrh()d rlf accumulatinc bit.. s .d c p c n d i n g o n i h e ( ) r g a n i s m ' sp s y c h o p h . t s i nt h c s c g o t l s h a v c rcccntly becn instigared. c v Aftcr elcctrcxiesare connccted to a battery oi capacitors rrnd tr) the subjcct's acupuncture D ( ) t n t s .5" r)r "r" cven wnen iatrgucd: after rcsting. r n s I. I t i s i i k e l v r h a r a i r i o n i z a t r o ni s c r e a t e d a r o u n d l h e o b j c c t sd u c t o t h e e l e c t r i c a l e l d p r o . r f c a c h s u b j e c r i s d i f f e r e n t . 2 .t h e i n i t i a i c h a r g i n g L u r r e n t r s c i i i l e r e n t . 7 9 . i duceci l-rv the subiect.T h e r e t o r c .F o r e x a m p l e .. choph.ilmenko.t.r h e s u b j c c t i s t < l l d t o a t t e m p t c h a r g i n g tlrc cupacilorswirh bioclcctrictl currcnt." " s i o l o g i c5 tia t e s . s i t h e h u m a n b o d y t h r o u g h o thc usc of elcctrodcs. Tlris :rrousai an aiso bc pr<xluccd oiitionaily." 'fhis proccclurccan be uscd for rcscarchpurposcsin psvchocnergetics. m c t h o d s n e e d [ o be dcvciopeci for augmcnring the energy and uccunlularrng it in various devices.rncrgy produced by h u n r a n b e r n s sr s ' . c r t ' s m a i l u n d e r r n o s t c o n t l i t i .R. \. t h e d e g r e e o i v o i i t i 0 n l r i: t l t r r t r s c v a l u a t c cr t v u s i n g .t Psychoenerge! tc S 1'sem. Subjecrs who orciinariiy can obtain a coefficientK of "2" orten .r i 0 Publishers Q Cordon and BreachSciencc Ltd.rricctrical c n c r g y i n v o i v c s r h c a b i l i t v s o m e D c o p j eh a v e t o m o v c s m a l l o b i c c t s l t l a t l i s t a n c e. ADAMENKOf U. some subiecrs an obtain c a cocficicnt K itf '1." Subjecrs ith volitional w abilities have coelficienrswhich cqual "2. Tn any cvent. Then l l r c e u p o c l t ( ) r s t r c c t ) n n c c l c dl o a t n i c r o a m p c r r motcr through u switch and are disconnectcd i ' r o n rt h c r c s t c ds u b i c c t ." "3. ACUPUNCTURE ELECTRODES An clcctrical currcnt has been obtained from a c u p u n c r u r ep o i n r . l97j printedin the lJnitedKingdom THE ACCUVIULATION OF BIOELECTRICAL ENERGY V. S i n c e t h e c o n d u c t i v i t v o f a c u p u n c t u r ep o t n r s is r senior . once c h a r g e d .-esearch i)hysrology.. can usuallv approach thc obiect.. . Ctrclficicnt K of popic nor capablc of I volitional cffort cquals "1. Moscorv.rbtain a \cor€ t)f " 1" when thcv itrc iatigucd. Ph.w i t e n t h e s u b a j c c t i s c m o t i o n a l l y i l r o u s e d . This currcnt is sutlicientto charge an accumulator ()r ll battery of capacitors. t n o n l dimensronai ocrlicientlf K."siologicalstate.. oi i = c h a r g i n g u r r e n tr v i t h v o l i t i o n a ie f f o r t . On rhc rrrhcr hand.S. .D.tperrmental proctr!ures arc described by which human bioeiectncal encrgy can bc studied.T h e v a l u c o f t h c c h a r g i n g c u r r c n t r c g i s r c r c db y r h e r n c t e r i s p r o p o r t i o n a l t o t h e a m o u n t r t f t h e s u b j e c t ' sv o l i t i o n a l e f f o r t . wnich is a i-elatil'e c . lt has also been noted rnal a s u b j c c t ' s v o li t r o n a l c l T o r t r l c p c n d so n o n c ' s p s v . ." or more. v i t h o u tt o u c h ing them. c = charging current withour volitionai efTort..nickcl and silvcr clcctrodes ilre attached to l0 or 12 a c u p u n c t u r ep o i n r s .i h e c u r r e n t ' s p o w c r incrcuscsbv 100 lo --100 per dcnt in comparisiln r v i t h t h c s a r n cs u b j e c ti n a r e l a x e ds t a t e .ct. Two r p p r o a c h c sw h i c h r n r y i t t . : o r r h i s c n c r q vt o h a v c p r a c t i c a tl p p i i c a t r ( ) n sr n : u c h u r c a s a s h c a i i n g . .

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J lb e i r r g : l i g i r t l y r v e o k e r . s o t l r e will reoch the photo-eye: ort the t h e b e c m r v i l l . i r .. p r o c u c et h e r e s u l t w i r . 'ceorn ieid optic-thermol p o s s i n gt h r u o n o n i s o t r o p i cm e d i u m i s m o r e l i k e i y i o f An . if the ongle c p l c n e . : i r r. iork. c u l d c e r n o n i t o r e db y m e o n so f o m i c r o p h o n ec o n n e c t e d w i i h o u t p o l o r i s e rt h e r e ' w o sn o i n f l u c m p i i i i e r . s o l u l i o r tw i i h c i s t i i l e d " v o i e r . . " v h i i e in ltre P K o c t i n g ./ . . ' r vi n c r k e d c h o n g e u p o n f h e i i o u r r c r i . . . r : e . . u .p o l o r i s e d e c l g eo f l h e b e c m w i l l s r r i k e l h e " v o f e r b e t w e e n t i r e s ei v r o p l u c e s d i t f e r s f r o m o r i g h t o n g l e . 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yogii -U pry. aad thc sccondreiarcd to times of new snd full m@rl at Developmentsin instrumedation have often Metcrhl rnd Mcrhod Iead to new discoveries.I:brque.-*1i i..r" earlier experimenc the energy Eansnrned undcr thc. It provides repeatable."..dcoifida firsr M'grcts ptaccd tbc frrmc. photography scems to dctcct an intcractifocrurng mirror of the D?e used in ladies elestric field Earlier work by tte autfroruscO compact scts is placed st tie apex of the sensitive enplifien !o detcct two aspects of pyramid A light mounrcdon a nearty wall is human"fields."-e..olt" the author djscovered which can exact nantre remains a mystery as of this be used to measurea"o "pp"r"tu.."".cr"lF. body. "bs. :!e*-c cr magnetrc fields.ra *.e o 11ll.6 51I d"lsubjeosirs rn rllc. The apparaurs dcscribcdin this papcr soems gi". .. "* to measuresome effect around the human body relarcd 6 mngnetisnnThc observed Wrtne investigating pyramid forms and gffpst gennst be accountcd for by ordinary their possibleconnection with magreti^ fields. quandfiable vary as Earth's field varie4 01sshrnges beirg data and gp€ns up the possibility for manymostpronounced duringmagneticstorms.nid which is .o. biofeedbaci instruments... The device hasbeen lrrm65 body... octh polcs pointcd towsrds thc apcr A smaj. could be rclacd to such an suraKidi. humanbodicswhich in tum exhibiteacnanges oonrl Thc bioficldis not rctinry. rnrhlpn Rorauons up o 4Od"gr""i couid not be accounrcd by known eiectre of for rmprliodc oc rqruon."go. Buryl Paynq plLD. stanOira 6cid TlArceiarn u rnown''rl. It by A New Devicewhich Detectsand Measures effect" betweenwo pcoplewhich is enhanced if they first spchronizc heanbeats. Vor. crllcd r .. i.INSTRUMENTATION - \ll I An Energv Fiefd Around Human til E..rnes *r-th "r.. consrsrs lls_a_to'ct: q r pynnrdshrpcd frrne suspcodod a nylon fibcr.r. cootrorioii..4..*"-J tm of mrpetic ficld effects." l*Iong Twenry ring magncts about:OOgauss of rnstrurnenb begun to detect effects which nelq suenguleach 8re placcd at each corner.b."pcod..r.t'-' . a. october-oecember 1gg3 353 .i-rrc P-gJ1} ttrcnbcd rrrd su'irsuons for funhcro"r"i. This effectwaseventuallyfound called a "biofield melcr" or more simply. around the field effect rriting(Febnrary.'r1.."-g.uJi. n""j tu.". milliontincs t which could tlen bc monilored Uy f-. but only in the last dccsdc l.biofield Eercr. Center HiU Roa4 plymou[ Massachusetts 02360 Tbis deucc.'ii_* *f"rr -d mcrsurqr cncrry rs associecd . anotbcr. a bf o be rclaed b Earth's mngneticfield andio rneter.rlo.and avenues of invesrigatron (parent applied for).field hom tbc pyra.s American Journarof Acupuncture..The dctcctorswere ttc goo. " onerelarcdto transmision of reflectcd hom the mirror and focuscd on a emotional chaages bctwecn one pcrson and scale mounted on the wall about one mete. howculr. by.framc *rt ri-. r. l9g2). r! r"ra..pp_rit plg[ on. No.rl-6.. have claimed that 8n sura cxists around the The edgesof the pyramid are about45 cm .

' obaervauonOr*."r rlroog "liry....ld t:'er' I would conjecture in the U.itrate &flectcdbydr* nearby' itsef o't-en pt*o is not or move UV " from day t""[ ["ft if"'a t-tottt JilI6. mapcuc stofits iorgrmnt oftr. by rew Rccults .o.r tmei ?&nL.. weather.. 354 i""t U"io observed the experimentcr' ocntal stStl' or scx of t""nn' dcflness' orrnyothcrparamercrsnr& crist and icd' Howeve'' 'o"n tntt"a erobab! e'ith this i$tnthave not'yet been observed design' On two t"* P its Prcsc't prinitivc didcrent individuals have Tt"ttT':-:o others who were shown reversodpolan'...Gt *fi vanThc general' flares'Io in the same direcrion "** .?orts ffi." #i* fiTg l). W h e n s p c r s o n s i t s u n d c r tne i n tg0 .. has atime ***ri"f "*uar..r.. *"fi."n canbe**:.d..ngrh.. a"ity' lunsr' lDd ecasonal 8rerll with the "i willnotworlunless tbcmagpets the bio'eld mc. aiongthe mssners *iu*oi that there eboutssweilasatttrestanteages.*t o*5"rri"-ili.rililirfr-ocsnot*.tionl' * The ampiioa" or t#iJI'J i.x'ffi the daY.frorn mcnt .timcsi'ljiijPtesclccofsomeindividudsinduccsmove. in a-mccbanical tsir BonL. although of any type of . metalplastic' gl*'.'i*:: or 8re{:: movements easuy t.h" meterare with no .. i. over l0 kg rnd Thc bioficld mecr weigls ltl iot -ri..duringthc. "r"' ou"'"-"it*-'* new incruding "'#'{ili$ pcriod's' thc biofield mercr ffiH"oo" 23 "'-'n or fuil moon i"'o"'""a-'"""tt"pol'rity87 percentof . JT]-:::"dons in dregeomasteuc auri"e the time of magneuc q.magnctic€ G s t o n v l o n l i n e .il:h:l*r of thL tY.d- the that J'T:f.'tr'*e*LX ffiT:' r. These and observed recoroed .r the annlanrl variations oolarity is not imporrant. of operare in theresponsc thc bioficld b" madl in'oe gcomagpctic "tio* weaker... 6ltdt:d.o at The effects Ottt mcasured Frcdricksburg" weston distant)'or 8t " or secalled pyramidenergy' whcncver a Gititf Ut-dredmiles biofieldt"tt' i' ""-uvated The days' This frequentlytakes fcw inchesuP tnto AegreeL ""^J etery fe* stormsandjust before rhe seconds franre*iilrootr""erai placcduringttp"tit arn.: :l:"[jkru: *t..T#'1!.ft" oJ.o" pracile '-!'l '.tbt O'*"t"a wcre oadc *U*i-** apparatusr6p*d. .r$..Directiono}*=.. .!.". storms following. ..m."iq'.1':l#'L"t"t in suspcnded a batancc' showedlargeresponscsll.itbtt*to . (30 minutes If onesitsfor a rongtime 1983 Vol' 11' No' 4' October'D€c€mb€r Ameri{tanJourncl ol Acupurcturt' ...r't*tiu"*15perccntofthctime'Achangeln in mercr either of in" r'esponse Ut biofield has ocslsionaiiv becn direction or ampiitrxic obsewed exactly 8t surnse' vanes amplitudc of the initiai response .."'*t"'ff"H"Ttli::'1 or relatcd to cmotional and nor **4 lnitial obscrvationswere careful oU'"'""JJ^ quandtative. t* "i frasrecan are ero.' masnetsproduce shownin Tablc *6*t"to"9c Envirorr Envr fromthe -do:q'' dats*t *. Spaccwrrh the along *: graphed t* /)' of tbe biofieldmeter(rt& '-tlcarly.'.thegreatestresponscofthebiofield *'pont"t t.gong. luoar aspccts' mood menter.4 .d"rdi".. "*xg"[]*:'"t's3 re 1 ry111...rquirim..*Sn'*:tfr T.gtt* l e v a r i e dsuonS' e w d e gstorms'o v e r the h e b o t t d'ring f r o m a f l with nwamid trt'i't'""fi*ii'to Gerrame' 'spot wlu usht movcr."'pviili*i obscrvearotatiJns 1gg0.v #ll.*.. althought]le zero fi.hiftr *"ary -"it .*fu:"tr"t*.rrh"o tlc lnutons do witb prani.. uut il" th".ns for the biofield construction bc wood' mctcr8renot critical JilJ. Maryland havenothing.}.av a centimetcrs..soareresponsesofthe . _. aro'nd as 3"...

is probablynot relatedto this effecL in Bioficld mcen suspended sealedbotles provided proof tlat air currents wcre not rF sponsible. Since this ap paranls providesmore information and more variability than the geomrgneticindices.varying or result suggests pulsingcomponentto the biofield The smaller version scdcd in a s.lsssbottle is quite portable. and tbe pyramid strucurrre well or bctter tbsn most and wes easy to construcl However. andthe fourth had rwo hcary stcel nuts on each corner. Egpq endNew Zcdaad In gpnenl. This form is also observed to day.Since the Earth's field rapidly at tirnes. so humidity which effcct tbe nylon suspension rnorle when current is applic4 and to vary with thc geomagnetic storms. 357 . Pucrto Rico. nor did the one wrth stcel nuts in placeof mrgne6.Electroetaticshieldingdid not diminish the efect. andmeasurcmcnts hsvc bccn madeon the coasts andin themounrrinsof th€ Unitcd Statrs.4. No. The Double magDcts with alrcrnatingpolarity of magrres did unit not move. the largemodel of the bioficld rlietrr does rotatrr ryhen there are no magnets. rotation is obscrved when a pcnon placed bortb hnnds eround the boule without touching it Re Bponses are much too fast to result ftom thermaleffects."pyramidenergf." if thereis any suchenergy. of about Oe same weight as the riag magner the increased dcflcction. Oclober'Dscemb€r 1983 AmericanJoumel of Acupuncture. tbc arnplitudc of rotation is lcss near the oceansand greatcr in mountoi"ous regions. 11.Currentrcsearch line. show tle sane general efrecs.while sligbtly different han Oe one used by the author."it couid not Vol. Dlscusrion Many pararnetersand conuol studies were For madeto rule out Eitcrnstiveexplanations. Rotationsof up to l/4 rurn have with binoculars in ued by early experimenters the sody of bccn observed Observations in had the magrets alternating nonh pole up andsouthpole up.simultoneous changes measurements would bc helpful.and by an independcnt rcsearcher and former EEG analyston Cape Cod Both versions. nor did electrical gFoun& ing of the subject Magnetic shieldingdid stop the effecL ln one control study. perhapsreflectingchanges the Earth's ficld and/or changesin tbc tcmperature and rctate when no curent is applicd to the coil. Magnetism must tberefore b€ only partially rclated to the observedeffecs. four glassjars with hangng pyrrmi6ls were placed about l0 feet apart on a concretewall. One pyramid had on doublemagnets eachcomer.or more) under the bioficld meter. A psychologistin New Zealand has built a biofield meter and reports that the direction of the initial rotstion is in the op positedirectionasin the northernhemisphere. in Mexico.A large version was built in the Washington Research laboraories in San Francisco. it will usuallycometo 8 new zeropoint displaccdin . Howcver. the direction of thc initid deflection and about l/10 of the amplitudcof the initial dcflectionThis would suggest that the biofietd hrs a stcady-state cmponent. diffcrent shapcs werc testcd Most worked as worked. At otber times it sppearsthat tbe biofield meter never stops oscillaungwhile a person sis under ir This that there is a time. Sincethe measured bumanmagretic field is is in progress to determine the effects of s'avcform inpua to the coil various only on the order of l0i g8uss. cxample. At times of intense magretic storms the effect has bcen observed when the expenform the biofieldmeteris conr ln its present mentcr xrasmoriethan two metcrs away from parableto the hrst ligbt bcsm galvanometers the apparaars.onehad singie rnagDets. The aform ofthe devicehasbeenbuiltwhich zcro point movesa degreeor two from day to consistsof a copper coil wound about a pyrin amid frane. Further refrnements the instru on both the small ud large instrumentshave rarely rcpeatcdlyshownthat rapid movements ment are obviouslyneeded Forresearch purposes take place when a p€rsonis not nearby. Severalindividualshavesmallervenions of the instnrment and have reported casual ob servations.perhapssomeotheraspects the geomagnetic of or solaractivity fields aremorecloseiyrelatedto this energyfield around the human body. In this configuration.

D.ll Clearly. [a fts lgrlm of biology. Fordroo for rhc Srudv of Cyclcl Pitrburyh..R. He calls his theoretical field thc "morphogenetic field" The biofield posu> latcd by the author may be equivalenr These arejust wordg aftcr all But if thc biofield docs proveto bavephysicalreality. The biofield meter clearly showsvariationswith solar activity and lunar phase.. R4oru nr tb.Colondo 80303. Theseinitial observations needo be verified by other expenmenten.possibly bc affectingthe biofield meter.: Solar Acuviry rnd lrlrarfestrtions in thc E-grish biologrst5bas pculated the existerrceof a non-electromagnetic field arorurd aI living organisms.: M4nctic Eficcrs of tbc Hunur Body. Ellingca F. Ocroaology Int. Goldbcr3.e expectcdaround 1985. {. Grrdco Cty.C. concluions arc only tcntative. SOrccEovirmr ScrricesCcntcr.pararus needs to bc refined and improved Individud differencesneed to bc carefully studied and meas. RZ: Srrn Veathen and Clim^tc NASA SP{26. 5. 358 Atnsrican Joumal ot Acupuncture. AL: Thc Lunar ffet Anchor prcss. 10. l9?8. Suagrrq Wcrt Gcrmeny..: Docs Mrgncric Slerrr Trcrrmcnt InJlucocc Precrprurioo of Crtium Crboac ftroo Supcrrrurnrd Solutknr? &lntytk v Vaut 35/1. physiologgr. D. Octobcr-Decembcr 1g&l . Sbcidretc. Cobco. many qucstions n€€U bnE0drcssed. July/Augrst 1967.A: Biologlcd Clats. Norntr ICF.6'7 During magneticstorms people 8re more psychologically disturbc. animds. gving us I greaterr:ndersranding of our placc in tlte solar systcm. N. therc are oany important connectionsto explorc. Aqrut l9?5. B: Biercrgy and Pwchocncryy. Many surdies have related de ctmctive bcbaviorof pcople to lunar cycles.The ap. ER: Endcocc of Cyclic Prncrns io an Irdrl d l4s611ioorl Errlcr. FirrPtrrt rron c Cofcreocc. 5. Hcrnrg J. pp.sdother substanccs. Cplas Juae l9?0. Dcrry.bow is itrelarcd to classical fieldsof physics? Does thc bioficid obey inversesquarelaws? Is it AC or DC? Does it have a spiral strucurr+-a vortex form? Can it be focrsed?Coltectcd?Used to storc or extrsct cner6t? Can it bc made artificiaily? There are hundredsof possible experrmens o do. 9. tO Forexample. Physia fodcy.325 Broadrrv_ &f3 Eoujdcr. Moon and life on Eartb. No 4. Kristirnscn H.C.T. During solar flare activity. as wcll as animal behavior has been linked to solar activity andg666ngnc'ticstorns by many studies. E. National Rcscarch Couacil oiCanafu.r0 on Research magneticeffectson living organisrns is mrsbrooming rapidly now and we rppcsr to be at thc tbresbold of many ncw discovcrics..-AD. . Ottrsr l9?3.T'he effecs of a human beingon the apparaos can be dupiicatedby gently moving a 300 gauss magretabout cmfromthecornerofthebie l5 field meter. it is large and only wgqkly intcractive wrth ordrnarymagnetisrn Suggcstionsfor Furlhcr Rcscarch At this time. 3r!a3.l tnlrlruon 1679. 1978. Will this change&e human biofield? lnlesserwayq the geomagneuc fieldis often disorbcd jrst aftcr everynew or full mmn and the humanbiofieldalsoundergoes temporary a polarity shift.N.: Gerrnaalnsdturc for Sprcc Rescarctr. producing so called magnetic storms. F. Peync.Y. In the theoretical pa'lrn.t1. 7.4 rnd tbc weatler is more likcty to bc scverc. Vot. ll. Rcfcrcrcct I. LcCoG Engian( i981. l'{. Prriirn inary Repo'n and Fottcast of SolarGaphysical Dan Wcclly frec upoo rqu€lt 5rrbti:etiro lyrihh[ 3. Wuhiagroo. 195?. 2. solarmagneticchanges The next solar magretic changeis 22 years. ur€mentsneedto bc taten on plants.p9 3O$3t5. tcchntc. 600 B.1979. Whatever the uature of the bie field. charged particles stream towards Esrtb in grcstcr abundance. 9pcvyrbcv. Pcrchll W. 1974. PA. ud pcrhapswster a. k: / Ncw Scicncc of Life Bloode nd Bnfgs lxt. and sociology.s lotcrnational banles iue more likeiy during. Ucbcr. somethingis going on in this arca which is important Pcrhaps the spparatus dcscribcd in this papcr may help unravel linls bcnpeenthc Sun. which takeplaceevery.. psyctF ology. Brocm. Human health and behavior.

l I i " rlIF l\ r 1 [.LIGHI SOURCE fr 's RtNG MAGNETS Fte l' Tbe Biofield Mercr' s lnches t* il-r I 1-- A'lnder lx I l' MD Fredrrcxsourg t2r 'tO ' t 7 . Dcflccdons' (A) rj gidi"tO Mear Ctcodgstic I'o&r I 1983 11' No' 4' Ostob€r'Decemb€r Acupuncture'Vol' ol AmericanJournat 355 . l -F t " L .2 - l \ I t I Fl& 2. l t .\ -1 I iI . .

a. 4 O c t o b e r . l2:O4 p.11.rn I l:30 a-nr.4 lcft 15.m.42 p.3o rdruort.08p.l 2.5 l'1.mI. 4:14 p.rn 3:12 asr4:57 a-m.2lcft 0 2. l:31 p.4 t.0 19.m6O8 p.m- r0.0 left E.5 10. on Deccmber 1981. 12:12p. 10.27 r.0 25.5 lcft The rvcrrge rcsponseir rbout t 0 cu rnd the mlrrrdum is over 30 cq Ooc cm .m.Teble l.9 (Full Moon) 5.m" 2:07 p.m.rn I l:10 p. .m2:00 a-mE:50p.5 lcft I?.9 r0 .6 1. 4:34 p. / )1 t 11 t2/24 t2/25 \2/25 t2/26 12/26 t2/26 t2/26 t2/26 l) /)1 t2/28 12/28 t2/29 t2/29 t2/29 l:24 p.D e c e m b1 9 8 3 Vol.2/20 t 2/ 2 r t 1 / 1 l l) l'.5 lcft t2/r0 12/rr 12/ll t2/tl 12/13 t2/t3 t2lt4 t2/15 12/16 t2/11 12/11 tt / | I t2/18 t2/19 .9 12. 4:02 r-m.5 lcft 0 2. 2:28 p. 356 Am€rican Journalof Acupuncture.i 3.0.ro6:03 p.4Ieft I t.m. 5:00 p.m.7 1.1 30. 2 1 0l.3left 8. er \ .r i.1 (NcwMoonr 2.0 lcft 2. l2:56 p.n12:18p.5 5.nt l0:45 p. Rccordedobservations the Bioficld Meter. Tloe (Grcearicb) t2/09 tarltlel DcOcclioo(cm) 4.m" 4:10 r.n" l2:13rro3:42 s-rn 8:48 a-rn 5:06 a.rn9. No.8 6. Il:41 p.o. 3:00 a-mI l:33 rrn 12:ll p.rn2:06 rrr5:lI a-nr 12:42p.8 r 9.

the Earth's w111 vary Durlng strong Seomasnetlc dist. 4 e s s u r e m e n t so f t h e b l o f L e l d h a v e s h o w n b h a f 1 t l s h l e h l y t vertab.e l d t t i s n r e r e l y a n a b b r e v l a t l o n from lt. Yet dlfferent The blofleld fleId. LIGHTSOURCE -:-. i:F- Meter ls slmple to use' The Blofleld rugged." E l o f l .. amount of rotatlon Usuaily the lnltlal wlll be between I and 7 degrees.rrbances the blofleId cf dlrectlon ln boih anrpiituoe ano polarl-ty.le and clcsely assoclated wlth maenei-c ciranses of fleId. People are inore stressed and hyperactlve durlng perlods of crlmes . a Person slts under the lnstrument wlih eyes at the level of the frame and reads the degree of 1nlt1al rotetlon on fhe scale provlded wlth che lnstrument. ts relate-d to magnetlsm. lllness. ( tnat 1s. and stable 1n operatlon. lnltlal the Blofleld Mecer. To make a messurenent.D? tt' WALL SCALE R E F L E C TN G I MIRROR RING MAGNETS for blologj-caI energy T h e t e r " m . battles lnternatlonal i ' r ea t h e r s t o r m s o f t e n a r e m o r e s e v e r e a t T i r e B l o f L eL o a l s o v a r t e s dls turbances . rt seer:s it nay be related to what people have called the human research Further to be a splnninf force or torque around the body' the nature of the b10field. aura. and' geomagneblc als turballCe . are a}l more I1kely at these tj-mes. The dlscovery of rhls lnstrument opens up a whols new srea of sclentlf !c lnvestigaElon. ls needed. t l m e s o f g e o m a g n et 1 c sccordln$J"y. Accldents . to determlne WIiAT IS THE SIGNIPICANCE OF TI{E EiOFIELD? l .) rotatlon of There 1s a polarlty change B5f" of the tlme arcund new or fu]l :noon. t . iIHAT IS TiG SIOFIEI.TIiE E I OFIFLD IETER A measurenent devlce for what has an been unmeasurabie heretofore energy f1e1d around the hurnan body.

This energyis. ones such as chamosterilants. for our r m h a s i t s o w n electromagnetic field with its own particular frequencyor vibrationwhich can be expressedin a numerical valueand which is knownin Radionics as a "rate".fo these critical developments.fhis lssue of the Newslettercovers the theory of radionics and itsmoniterad application in a severe Spruce Budworm intestation in Naw Brunswick. radionicinstrument. Number September 1979 to The SaneAlternative Pesticides RADIONICS.provides the link betweensubiect and the radionicspractitionerduring analysis and interaction. mora casas of human death and dr'sease wellas savere ecological imbalances directly related to petrochemical pesticide applications are being monitored throughout the planet.'sl. or unconventional as the same time. a sober raport f rom the United Natlons Environmantal Programma. Another important conceptis that the electro-magnetic life-field or of the earth. An alarming. This simplified interpretationof Radionics is .and f u r t h e r . acting by a as a tuneableantennfr=inthis analyticalmode. some insights lrom an entomologist.:'w 1' v rssN 070t-9t81 PIANETARY ASSOClAfiON fOr cl-EAN ERGY Eil$ Newsletter 1 3 Volum€ .furthermore be effectiveregardlessof distance. or the Conversely energyf ieldof a life-form thing can be affected by a device acting as a resonant tuned circuit to its frequencies and modulated In further by other frequencies. with its subtler variety of frequencies beyond the electro-magnetic spectrum. Ancient plaguessuch as malaria and rodent inlestations recently considered to be under control ara again on the upswing due to reslstanceto pesticides. as yet still unidentifiedwith no conventionalinstrumentation being availableto measureit. world-wide insect.i' -r-f ) .radionics and psychotronicsotler a sane alternative. and finally. this transmission to of mode the faculties the operatordo not appear to transmission seems be a factorand. the developedsuper sensiblefacultiesof the operator play a significantrole. Basicto radionictheory and practiceis the conin and matterare submerged cept that all life-forms the electro-magnetic energy field of the earth. t h a t e a c h l i f e .plant and rodent resisfanceto chamicalpasticidos ( including the novel At hormonesand growth inhibitors)is being registered. The energy field of a specific thing and the by informationit containsis detectable the human mind/nervous system acting as a sensor and is quantified a device.

which forestry researchhas or ul shownto be a powerf ovacide.indicated specif colonies outright but stoppedgrowing and not demolished expandingand then decayedrapidly. Future Dlrectlons At the present time the/e are upwards ol 17 doiirg radiontcagricultural enterprises commercial on for individuals privateland in the insectcontrol that in the world. a tree maturesproduction maturestandsof the hormone diminishesso that forest create the conditionsfor a naturalcycle of These cycles have become a Insect infestation. its cycles. r the devitalization the targetinsectby the useof of very specific techniquesrather than using broad spectrum reagents which might also affect the target specie'spredator insects. are sharedat face valuewithoutmuch explanation. f b u t h o p eu l l y w i t h s o m e m e a n i n g t o o t h e r researcners o Treatmentsusing the "complimentaryrate" to rateof the insect'or cancelout the basicf requency fungus."nrr1. insectcontrol is of primesignificance' agricultural Howeverthere are a number of other areas in I . since them preparatory research and small scale experimentation taken place with mosquitoes. werecertainlv indicative the test area the insects had stopped eatennew foliage by feedingas witnessed partially buds ind had not gone to the next stage of extentin the as development wasf ound to a greater was done very rapidlyand latein controi. The are Psychotronics. lack of comparison As well considerableresearchwas done on the Dutch Elm fungus and a double blind experiment conducted which showed success using some techniques but not with others.This is also corroboratedby the interruptionof the developmentalstagesof the sprucebuoworm' designed' o Any experiment mustbe verycarefully with the proper experimental protocol being as established-orit is unacceptable proof of what as beingof anecdotal is occurringand is dismissed valueonlY. book The Secrel Llle of Plantcgivesthe historyand describes the early agrlcultural success ano development of Radionics. Observatlons The emphasis throughoutour work has beenon thorough researchinto the natureof the insectpest.Those interested alsocalled more depth on the subiectof Radionics.and the area control of biting insects. the strengtheningof the tree vitality and the orovisions of any deficiencies in nutrient or hormonalenergies. oR a d i o n t c s o . The results of but of as were not as definitive first appearedbecause data from its an early growth it actually manufactures insect hormone Juvabione. were considerablymore effective than using only a reagentin the treatment' trealments found insecVfunguswere o Treatments againstthe if to be moreeffective put on {or a periodof time and for then repeatedat24 hour intervals 3 or 4 times' ungus vitality of the insecVf The decreasing followed a step-functionwith some bounceback was stopped' occuringwhen treatment o Exoeriments and observations on f ungus that the colony was ically. referredto the bibliography. ln the case of the host tree White Spruce. term basis and so the obiectivewas to protect the lust the foliage of the trees. has black flies.y 1.As is estimated United of 500/o all food grown is destroyedby insectsand t f p l a n t d i s e a s e sT h e a p p l i c a b i l i t y . in virtualplaguedue to the interference thecyclefor valid economic reasons of f orest harvesting' and for radionically this deficiency..improved vitality of survivabililY the trees. sPecif formulated .But mostof all hasbeentheeffortexpended to attemptto solidly substantiate experiments all wherever possible by means of the scientific methodwith statistical techniques and independent Nonetheless. A dual approach was icallY. Other ErPeriments conductedat the same time Other experiments of SpruceBudwormMothsas the repelling included by measuredby counts of egg massesdeposited moths and done by offical Forestry survey teams. of of The effectiveness devitalization the insects was shown in the experimentwhere the insect in population the controland testareawasthesame hot"eu"r. These were by characterized the use of an electronicradionic transmission instrument which "tuned" to the specific crop being for insects by means of the and-' in ehetgy informationlontained a photograph of by moOuiatea the energyfrequencies a"reagent" the or in found to be effective repelling controlling pest.The test so the season that the full effectof a properprogram was not determined. the host plant or tree and the most ef{ective timing and approachto the problem. has been the checking of treatmentagainst companion trees. insectegg killer' young trees manuiacture their own insect The of As controlorolection. followingobservations the observers. Compensating andthe the othersthat werefound.979 September offeredwithoutgoing into the full theoryto provlde in a backgroundfor this paper.30Staes. plants and insectsto ensurethe selectivity the of control.Association tot CIeanEnergy Newslettel P. insect Spruce Budworm ExPerlment in conducted In the spruce BudwormExperiment was a differentRadionicapproach New Brunswick in crop harvested one taken. and not necessarily killing of the pest insect.Unlikean agricultural protection a longon growthrequires Jorest season. and almost as important.

Kilmac Management producing noticeably signif a icantlybettercrop and Downsview. "Vigor or recoveryon the trees sampledin the treatment area was fair on seven of the trees and good on one tree. t h e e area was sprayed with fenitrothion so it was abandoned. problem. Tom Bearden and to the Russian (needles almost all missing but some six axils variety remaining). Ont.. elght-76 to 85 per cent: physicsand photonsto peoplelike Dr. the "fertilization" largetractsforestotherwise of not amenable to fertilizationby affecting tree vitality. made a v a i l a b l b y J .The of foliageby the end of the sprucebudwormfeeding and period in 1976 and are thus in a better. viability from displayingan interestof scientific one-six to 15 per cent.In this three-26 to 35 per cent: four-36 to 45 per cent. treatedwith radionics to untreated areas. . regard we leavethe pioneeringwork of explaining five-46 to 55 per cent: srx-56 to 65 per cent. D . whattests Here's Radionics: showed . a c o n d i t i o n t t h i s t i m e .B u t o n M a y 2 5 . were MaritimePestControlLtd. Tiller of nine-86 to 95 per cent. case. and the influenceon the trees.l r v i n gL t d .. impulsesthe same way that radiation University New Brunswick distinctive Forest Canadian Service egg masscountsper102 A throughoutnature. of company.The plant. madeavailable fhe Record. The categories of were:0stumbling block to scientific recognitionof the T-one to 5 per cent defoliation: no defoliation. ( T e dK l i c h ) current defoliationon the trees sampled in the treatment area rangedfrom Category1 (6 to 16 per cent)to Category with two treesin Category1.withthesamenumberof feeoing trees affected by spruce budworm had some for sitesavailable sprucpbudwormin a on the surfaceto be an impossible percentage defoliation. control of plant of on officer of the Klimac Company. of public whichareessentially on a largescaleto areas icallyeighttreesf rom eachof the treatment Specrf lands where the jurisdiction of the public and control areas were sampled. The report was prepared for the radionics same sprucebudwormFopulationin 1976(at least at the time of the pupalsurvey)were successful in Associates Ltd. areacontrolof bitinginsects suchas mosquitoes black flies. 70a-96 to 100 per cent Stanford. a i00/oincreasein growth could bring a forestto maturityin 30 yearsinsteadof 45. machine impulses emitted are which Radionicsresearchis also headingwhich include: . fwo-'l 6 to 25 per cent: objectivityin Radionicsfor fear of ridicule. After an initial malfunction equipment May 30. suppression of growth of plants known as "weeds" where they affect crop production. population of the treatment and control areas. .R. Estimates defoliationin trees sampledwere of explanatory theory. and the fact that it appears divided into 10 categories depending on the concept.of Fredericton. and thosein the "control" or which arc veryamenable radionicmethodology.J u l y 1 9 .T." The lack of an is conceptof Radionics paramount. " radionics testingin Kings Countyin A report on The reportsaid:"lt wouldappearthat the treeson treatmentof 1976 indicatesthat the experimental the treatment area. in this or. near Benvick.Brown. in thecontrolof for and diseasessuch as malariaand others.J. 7 and8.The report said: government agenciesis encountered.the attacksof the budworm.reportedtreatment o control of aquatic"weeds"which are a currently had taken placeJune 11-13on some 200 trees. strengthened is against disease. 1 9 7 6 . unmanageable The reportconcludes that whilesDruce budworm populations were roughly equal on both trees . Next 150acreslocated Route880. viruses and fungii. The originalplan was to conductthe tests in an areaiocated White's at Mountain nearSussex. the treated trees were able to It is in theseareasof the aoolication Radionics producebetterfoliage. mind/matterinteractionknown as Psychotronics/ The reportsaid:"Despite similar sprucebudworm Radionics. W. of Moth repellant testswere then carriedout at the plantsemit Radionics basecj the theorythat is on of forestland lastJuly 5.acting as a tune receiver. tse-tse flies to make areas more habitable manand livestock. "For eight trees in each there was no appreciable It is here that the need for a theory to explainthe in difference sprucebudwormpopulations. current defoliationon the trees sampledrangedf rom Category5 to CategorySwith fivetreesin Category and one eachin Categories 5 6.of to Fredericton.healthier a reportwas writtenby N. All eight treessampledon the control area showed poor recoveryas comparedto t h e 1 9 7 5c o n d i t i o n . " University New Brunswickforestryprofessor. in Radionics/psychotronics terms of quantum seven-66 to 75 per cent. 1 9 7 6 .On 4 the control area. who are publishing tremendous a scientists and 70b-96 to 100 per cent (neartyalt of papers on the many aspectsof the total area of needles and axils destroyed). Klich.PlanetaryAssociation lor Clean Energy Newsletter 1979 Seotember pinpointsthesewave lengthsand the frequency of the plant's vibrations transmits and energyusingthe earth as a conductor. on LesterRoad.

Sciencecommittee. lt forestryauthorities depend appearsthat provincial on the federalforestryauthoritiesand the refusal of the federal forestry division to explore the radionicsmethodwhile at the sametime endorsing method.. 3 0 82 7 3 . d o n e c a n e x p l a i n i t . Both Mr. t b u t i t w a sd i s c r e d i t e 5 0 y e a r sa g o w h e n i t f a r i e d o d i i v e u p t o e x a g g e r a t e c l a i m s .datedJune '18. "Dr.l f t h e r ei s t r u t h i n i t . becausethe truth cannot be suppressed and I am thereforegratefulto you for keepingthis subjectalive. i for supporters more One of Mr. while potential chemical spraying such as bacteria and sex are attractions beingtestedunderfederalauspices.. FrederickConron (of Quebec City)." has The theoryol radionics beenknownf or years. 1 5 6 . lt's an unexplored area with potential. Most scientists so learful of the riskof losingfaceor of are t a r n i s h i n g h e i r i m a g e t h a t t h e y p r e f e rt o r e m a i n t regardless anonymous. 3 2 61 9 7 . Klich said the radionic exoeriment near "had the lowestegg count anywhere. Senator I Cartersaid:"Personally. 8 31 9 4 .L i k e e l e c t r i c i t yn o . Ray Brown of the University of New Brunswickand Dr.chairmanof the SenateHealth. . . s o o n e ro r l a t e rt h e t r u t h w i l l c o m e o u t forever. i m i l a rt o t h e e x p e r i e n c e { t h e U n i t e d s o of StatesDepartment Agricultureas describedby Dr. "The cost of the radionics me\hod is only a s f r a c t i o no f t h e c o s t o f c n e m i c a l o t a y i n ga n d t h e potential savings alone justifies a fuller n m i n v e s t i g a t i oin t o t h e r a d i o n i c s e t h o d . Browntold lheRecordthe results ol these tests should qualify radionicsfor further tests.FlanetaryAssocattonf or CleanEnergy Newsletter ( ( metreson the treatedblockswere:63. Klich and Dr.. they were: 1 . Brownsaid.their federalcounterparts So alternatives to are not interested." Mr.But while the provincialgovernment has expressedinterest. Klich and I know he has become discouragedwith the present setup. do Dr. sufficiently extensive and carried o u t u n d e r s u c h c o n d i l i o n sa s t o o r o v i d ed e f i n i t e proof either for or against the efficacy of the radionicsmethod. u s s e x N e w B r u n s w r c k ) .T h e K i n g s S .or even to be negative. Klich'sstrongest testing in Newfoundlandis Senator Chesley W. Welfareand Carter. "l have talked with Dr.On the adiacent untreated block areas. In a letterto fhe Record. deservemedalsfor their couragein making positive statements about the radionics.raises suspicion the thatthere the chemical may be a tie-in somewherewrth the chemical i n d u s t r y .Conron." Fredericton The experiment was carriedout "in haste"and what h e i s a d v o c a t i n gs f u r t h e re x p e r i m e n t s . .5 1 1 .. " ( J o h n E v e r e t t . of the cost to their country. radionicsis not.1 6 3a n d 6 5 4 . C o u n t vR e c o r d .62 and97.think the results thathave been achieved so lar fully justify further experimentation."l certainly (thinkthereshould be more tests).

lnto lneta. eolf to a deptlr They bore lnto the peet:. 1969) reports lhe externrnati.l on the lmeges of powerful to the tnsects) deadly reagent nenatodeg thread-I1ke ln sever€rl rowg of The efender. ted right. there was no vlslble electronlc.e tJlthin "dowalng" devlce. vrlth breakdopng no known crippllng plant 1n Callfornla experienced photographe detalled of the lnserted untlI a troubfeghooter c6ug. al] clrcultg operatl'on.eere thoroughly area.Ilatlon were beck 1n nornel relaya and nal. every corn days Later irnpervlous Lo the most vlrul. bul "treated" phglg: gegelq areae every the A ureek later. countl. Slgpb. 1ke €r nysterloua.d'g thls are ernong the of 14 feet and are cabLe paraeltes. 1n Rosenhein. ereas belng lncludlng brown-grey ghopn to a Locaf waa developed. Dr. Japaneee borer. He daubed a cltrus Conpany Reeearch. Cunberland A catnera 1n the .eee addltl "machlne 1n go11 that had k1lled force frorn the byr sone lnvlolble ground.he chogen sectlone. fron "lurn a 8:3O to 11 for thrg large dla-l week. box-l.ent photograph placed rnto a devi-ce s:.I e y . been thelr heven and breedlng The Journal of Paraphysics (Nov. In centraL photographed orchard. The filn atlacked by hungry lngectg. Honeotronic Research niclan from the and placed kept negatl.c1dee. Dutch fron the Pennaylvanls of verdant reconnala€rnce h1lIe farnland in fLerl over rolIlng elrcraft wlng farthfully recorded the the V a J . (untreated) w:-thout interruptl..functlonlng houre. a bllghted (a chenlca. Foundation Pa.THE INCREDIBLE HIERONYI'US I'IACHTNE ULTTilATE DOOIISDAY I'TEAPOXOR SAVIOR TO I{ANKIND? by Joseph F Goodavage I converted nllltary Not far Country." on the the top technrcian instrucall the way to the beetLe.trus Lhe one used 1n Pennaylvanla and gave the The "machlne" looked "Turn nornlng. ln the eolL af lhe (but what?) way by "aonethlng" in some etrange even the dead fron the Chlef ot Dow Chenlca-lWiLlian J. eelected cut's ln the "Every morning the farner. gectlona were outLlned. parasltic infeEtation. rows had progressed in t." 1t on for every tlong: two hourg power source.on of ternltes (rlorkg The electrical bysten of a power paf lrlest Gernany. cllpped out t. to Dow's chief chenist the grot.l.Iected .*here bllghted eere crops topography. Florrda.n Newport. he wanted A techfarrner. the the grnaLf we-l] of a bLack box." SeveraL nernetodee externinated box.he ad3acent underground lay of dead nernetodee nunbere f n on. lnfected treea. 3.on. and the "treeted" :.rer thege lnetruccr. and lneradlmost destructlve warrn cf lrnate sorl. 9f !!g The insect destruction was free of all. 9! 9 {leleege ee4 f!!!eg! Peelf5ldee \- at the l'tun1c1- 33 .e. ro!r.

opeci prcture a that revee. fully_developed Illy! At a 'r'aboratory in oxford. at four nonthe.. . They a1_ rently tlned the The aeveropea ptcture revear.l."'ii"3r::.i".Lets see (dhat's happenlng 1n connon? "A nee....I l g 9 e : ' e g ..he r. : . concentratlng lntentry. end to the correct vtbrattonal rate.^ ! : = ! . of I1ghtn1n9 .uhen the prate waa between rnatter). he turned € eerleg of dlaLe. " tant onlv becquse ir 'r red ro rhe aiscovery .:. 4a 1 nl llyl! elleoe e! Ielq relss.ff.L thege varioug ... dethe bur.J ..ookrng e]ectronlc devrce.ant or tree are used "regonant as o' polnt of contact.q re 4f'e c t l v e sf gggggye the r.f o r n i a .r'and. w1th1n the next 20 years..enr-tranaparent hunen fetuer €8 1n an X-ray plcture..F tr derj. the operetor concentreted '. f ieiilg eld lese!1rg{erelgnesa!!! Ieselllg {erelgn esalII 1n d phe! ffifi='rh=ti..vea frora j'nj'ty the aff glrnrJ.a nr lrax+h{-_.b =r: = : :q e -h =t h =e 5 .tunlng.. devel. and Arlzona reaulted ful treatnent of nore ttran SO. and !1ll be.v1c reglon..1s edltorlere back 1n 19s6.1d Lheory of operatlon 1s achleved end l3lal"t""". A blood eanpre from € hunan patLentr I'ock n of halrr gkln ot acraplnga have eLeo been ueed to egtabrrgh "l'lnk" a to the eub.l. r'd 1t progreaaea edltor John canpbell in one of h1e "Aatoundlng sclence Fact'._-J:::"_Lvnn_schroeder andshej energy knogrn crr -rn-qre!at!-alri=i=roii"oi'"ini!=i-:""u. forcee what experinente have ctrl energy connected with peopler lrn .ed the proflle "e r o t t t " * . Eng. ly seed was placad the 1n wel'l' of a pelonlc (e devlce devlce whoee nyeterloue po.! glgslroygd! fn another experinent ln pennsylvaniar o 1j..b perlod of 1te rlfe cycre cleerly appeared 1n ohotograph' the uelng the sane eeed.e... a reproducj. But r betleve thar rhar can be..bLe . as flylng.f 1sn.OOO {tcreet of dleeased trees. t 8 e .e : grgphe). electrlclty gld etomrc energyf "!1y pereonal hunch. 1 r x l k1 1 : l g t n a ' l r l r r .Slnl lar experlnentg 1 n C a . a rn.ectA phoiograph 1 e e r -u e-rrr'y . the barrler w111.-.nachlne wllI be achleved when a var. fleJ.eoveg or s6p from a pJ. and the dlecovery of flre." 1t do the assistant renarked. A .ed e fJ. lust ktte t o c a t c h 6 s pa r k . 1n and succeaa_ rnfegted sonetirnee .e of an odd-J. rras def lnltely v1g1b. .'l.owerlngl . li. on a Later period.'ir::::-?I-. *p of a wontan'e lor"r vertabrae and pe. be cracked. al. concept of the unlveree..d that wlrL open a totaliy .:*il:":'i: ro ..._ .:l:::1e lnDor_ rron avaiLable evldence' the hunon race appears to be on the brlnk of a dlacovery that drearfs the conblned lnventlon of the wheel. s6y. 1f "About glx 'reeks gone. . done before 34 . And that.=1."::.ita.n put a few drops wonan's of a bLood lnto the receptecJ." wrote Lrailblazi.eet here. A trhlte-coated I'ab eeelstant roaded a photographlc plate rnto € elde eLot. that theee lndlvldual'e and group€r are proddlng at the edgee of a ne.

"f t's bqsed on voodoo r " says the Amer j. whatever t s Ibele{ore. ESP. Hieronyrnus presented CanrpbeJ. peychoklneals.e belng thet "the (both Pfay.c would come lnto the rul. na.on.€! the plcture of. gcj'entigts as ueed rj. and took part ln the flrst radlo broadcagt.. let'g saY. a forelgn agent to plnpolnt' h1s locaLlon anyehere on Earth. Hieronymua 1. nechanlens charlatang. Rueelan sc:.. Th1.lae.. It nakes reJ. For very good reasona Hleronynue deLlberately kept any lLfe-a{fect:ng abrLltles of h:. and the work of other ploneera early insplred h1rn. Sclence guch lnverlabJ.nan llkely to do it le T.11ty of the most unLlkely phenonepK (1..l.stakeg reallze hovr derk the future couLd be for the btegtern natlons. the ablIlty to move physrcaJ.e devlce e secret. an anazing inventor uhoge creatlve hietory goes back at Leaet. nlnd and rnterolanetary telepathy.. Pa. western cenoufleged quecks.. He eas q.rrth a copy of hig' patent for exactly the kind of devlce the edltor wrote about a patent he j.lgo trylng to develop € wireLese telephone ln early wtdf when he frrgt diecovered aotne pecuJ.nost And the. gO years. eo why bother lnveetlgatlng when there are nuch nore lnportant f 1e. Pltteburgh. Sclentlets qre know euch devlceg rnere flgnente of the 1rrag1nat1on. . "Quacks" like the Soviet Acodeny of Science..atlvely llttle dlfference whether you eetablieh a Link between photograph a nan and hls or ug. Synbol the Oblect ln 1te !c present actuolrty and future potentialj. decades €go.. med1ca... Thoie who know the .l...luaLj-scrc melnly by supergtj. 35 . done to the Synbol cLso hoppens to the Ob3ect!.Lda o{ lnqulry? "nagtc" If exists. ob3ects wrth power).ty) . had applled for whlch Lras granted ln L948. He. then the laws of Synpathetrc ltagj. lhen caLled radlonlcs.y re3ecta obvlouely "lrnpoes1ble" notlong.L r.s led h1n to experlmente wlth palonice. and shrug thrs cff by nonfunctlonal. naybe? To therr lmnense eatlefectlon. partlcularly 1n hlgh-r1ek natlonaL eecurity nattersr oF aa1 1t ls now calLed ESPlonage.cenee w€€t wrth 1913 and etatlon KDKA. paychotronlc generatore. eornehow llnl<ed to the person whoee photograph ioaa teken or to anythlng or anyone e'l'ee 1n the photograph. In 1956.can !'tedlcaL Asgocratron.elon on a'photographlc pJ.tion fraude. Hleronytnus began worklng on nee nethode of broadcaet technlquee durlng 19tg20 when he ul€6 1n the Arny Slgnal Corpe aB a radlo operator and eLectrlcalenglneeilelth the Ralnbour D1v1e1on ln France.ate r. ler propertlee of certarn netal-g and mlneral_s. George De Ia klarr nade the startling dlecovery that the enu.n 1946.en Hieronynue.ac_ Brltieh and Amerlcan scientrfic instrtutiong rqgrst that €n ceptable" theory precede nust experlnentat:.e.e.entiate experlmentlng wlth p€rapsychology have establrehed the re]1abl. fn London tr. ". GaJ. d had h1g own hsn glnce radlo I'j.c1ap-trap lnvented by quacka for the deeperate and gulJ.aa careful' to lntroduce h1e patent prlnclpaI-Ly as an lnetrunent for detecting j-nert nelr' unknown ensnatlong fron matterr fiB1nly nineralg.

Ld poealb]y cage cl-oged' elther.eronynus..nnrng "We're adaptable "Hunans are preCty claims. eglth..J. a dlstancel fron lrradlatlon cofor by lndlrect "After wrote: Lhe Aton' ln h1s book New trJorlds Bevond Doy. Galen Experirnentere geonegnetlc the to envlronnent. lo of the gavegr Radlatlone) or Eloptlc Helloda (algo cal.ation Thls beings." hunan body and each o{ ltg whoJe the betrleen ghe wrole before device. f-l-eLde?" planetary unexcreaother and De 1a Warr. Hreronynus pecteci piaces. tests. lnst ance. Americsn eplaeheven efter return and voyage lunar the throughout changee perloda' quarantine Lhe enauing and during down device Hieronynus. physlclan and Auetrlan neer." in we f rnd of ener-Qles wrll what krnd But..Everyl:-vingthingrodiatestlrisodlc. .ind hrdden a n d ' Li m : . of cLose frlends attltudee . and condltlong phyalologlca-lthelr he nonitored aatronaute. T.he authorrtleg. or 1n bLood sanplee or otherwlse.s own nedica. and nedlcaL fraud for convicted '.6 fron data test the rnportant.t a t l o n s barrlers begi. . for' the Drown Mech:'ne dj-d clermed what her petlents do cou. George guch aa Hj. radlof and practlce to the study h1s l1fe he devoted that fame). in ugelege 1n engaglng No polnt then..Force'. in q Cal-1f ornia dled and charged and . detec+-ed the presence he devlce. receiver-transmitter of a radionics inventor Associetion l{edlcel e Anerlcan The hostif prlson.she w€s rnethodg and devices' her about protested was of cour'se' Her device.s they g no rnat'-er how cf osel'y lndlvlduaf dlfferent grafts fron tj.ed Odlc Force. Albert by Lhe work of Dr. a Apol.or diluted "No m€tter Drown' Ruth parts. quackery. lo the Al'1Aand ecccrdlng a f ake.. the noon. celegtla. on1ce.on€nce. rn 6 sj. }tost syaten' telenetry with NASA'. l'teerner Dr.fIights on the of "eav€sdropped" Hieronyraus axercise.rniLar Ernanatrong I'lltogenlc to the devlce hle By tunlng and 11." sith caLled a devlce 35 . ls 6nE up on the Hleronynua however. he saysl.e reepond how ctlscovered heve Ruth Drown the nenta'L and emotlonal' and.ras so creosote) who lnvented (a welL-known cherrlgt Relchenbach radlonlcg 8D early P1oAbramg. ig harnful possibly deadJ'y ln wag 1n Lhle lrJlLh hLe of beLt to hunan in *-o f .saj-dBaronvon ' He t.obviously. eubetheric no reg. Ln the peraon to lhe aonehow llnked be couJd growth plant that we dlscovered Laler to plants.ete erperte.g! tures. lrnpreseed (of "anlrnaL negnetlen" F. radiatlon.l agreenent conpJ. eurroundlng radj. and co-trorkers. There. Nothrng . . A. are fact'g new atrsnge oxford' 1n Laborstorles plants at the Delawarr on 1nfLuenced be could of plante and heaLth The growth began to energe. nysteri'oug of 6n unknown.sue ouL I'ed experlne"L-Le carrled of tight Iy controf In a serles typed.I the {1e}d.g. a resonance there'g nay be' it how gnall. Langeton plaLe 1'g photographlc of an ordlnary enulglon the that dlscoverlng sane the that we found phoLograph. . rule appLled photograph 1te (alloglng to strlke) llghl by lrradlatlng etlnuLated a ColorecoP€.

let'g-gee-1f-1t-workg typea.ectric . The Flor:.ppears i. he uondered' "The J.l . r . Hernann happened to be investrgat:. lJhen theee countl.rhrch charge is speclfic for that partlcul'ar nol. world.nF was currentry coJ'lectrng lnfornatlon f ron Hleronylnus. and therefore 1t ect.nk betueen a plant and i.l.eeg nyrlade of charged no.s 1s where a photograph p€rt' The emulalon pattern retelna Lhe Generlc of the *. not the lvory tower theoreticlang logt 1n du'st-covered tradltlon and conpletely gulded by Authorlty. al-1-too-prevoJ. theee are recelved by the enul.nage on the plate 1g forned by the nultipllcity of reflected l1ght rays conlng fron the cabbage. w€ts worklng wrth pelonlc (To hie devlcee. are broadcaetlng..ts photograph?..s a. But ln additlon to 119ht.. The confortable EstabJ. I rock the acadern:c bost. other klnde of vlta] radlatlone are aLeo ern€netlng fron the cabbage. nelghbors' sgtonlshnent.eaves and a few caterpj.cs.ecule. thla charge acte aa an lnconcelvably t'Lny radlo etatlon shlch both transnltg and recelvee 1te own pertlcular algnaJ'e. llars in a b o x a n d n o i L t h e n a l o n g . "Furthermore' 9!g!i9!.entlst €n honeet seeker a{ter truth..n the nreterlar. f hed geveraL fai1ed.shing company 1n New York requested that Hleronynue treat a caterp1j.odlstance externlnatlon. Grogg.. Pa. then slate Drrector of selectl-ve servlce. lon. " ' ' 'Each nolecul'e of nqtter carriee an el. dletance. Probably the nost outstanding fact obout psionrc reseorcherg accordlng to my opn lnvegtlgatl0ne 1e that so nany are hardr p. they pattern bulLd up a Generlc whlch 1e. " Hleronynus wrote Hernrann." De la qrarr explalned.neer a t l t c G r a . lehrnentarlans naturally won.s .put sone .ac_ t1cal.Groee's Honeotronlc Reeearch Foundatlon sL the Latter'e farn near Harriaburg. That. .ecul.nore of a corporation of nan the than h'hen Ed Hernann r Qrl eng:. Grose !. not onry do they refuge to lnveetlgate.l.H i .raB under the rnurderoug attack of hordeg of voracl0ug tent caterpllr. they uron-t even Lleren to thoge who heve experlnented. a rgggivinq the Generrc Pattern of a plant or a hurnan berng governs the of srgnals recerved fron outsideTh:. .y the pattern of radlatlong .ey alone! ) "Send rne a photograph of your lree.r€s invariably successfuL in externrnatrng lnsectg fron a good dlstance on nore than 90 farme ln the cunberrand ValJ. For years' in spite of ar'r Lhe pesticrdes he and his nelghbors used.1ar-infeeted tree on h1's Lawn. unfortunotely. pottern playe':'!g whrch 1s nltter' Pattern af f ectlng slnce each trny no-LecuLar charge is al.gultsble f or (or human belng ) at €r the ptant . l .ng psronj. he never expected anythlng aa far out inventor was v1s1t1ng Brlg' Gen' Henry R.sort of a tuned trangrf a radlonlc broedcaet 1e prolected through r-.hrng photogrephed. 37 . the meang !''hereby forrn or shape . Ald 99!'t {g=ge! !e fncfgg€ lhe negq!iye. he added." Everything el.ent attrtude . thle Generrc wr l-l.tranernlt exactJ."How can there be a ri.arg. every 'Jrl'd cherry in h1e northern New Jeraey nelghborhood !. has been the hlde-bound eetabllEhnent ac:..

but he conplied Thig Three nlLee eeparated hig the Groeg fqrrn.Lune of theee vlbratlone often beyondt The sheer 1s apparently csn glve of f rays of a ] 1nlt. proved p€rss vlbratlone that aone klnd of ray or between one no. ltse-Lf chenlca] reactlons Other scientists fron the grolrth o{ t1gtg.ecule dlfferent wavelengtha. else nor anythlng conacJ.hat each noLecul-e.natter onlcs have been dlscoverlng end redlecoverlnq emits goaded von Relchenbach radlatlong. Thls have a caterpi. eettlng for the gllver. Kusch. nachrne he knew the dlel "atuckr" doeg the 1tg oern "rate. lteelf nenlfeetlng wherever were occurrlng. They Ehoered t.Sonethlng speclflc deflnlte and waa done here. Even prlor to 1946 when (trho 1g a Fel l.l . he hit after the brakee er€rhe pulled lnto h1s driveway and Later everywhere he looked 1n wlde-eyed aetonlshnent. u1ll. negnets. nelther vlbratlon of copPer." rnakee no dlfference Everythlng hae It lbg wj. Rab1 . I burnlng off caterpll. Yet.go found heat.on strnuthe Elopti. or chenicalldentlfled a then the Hieronynus dev j.laro. I .nk you d1d Lo the whatever shouJ. fingers hand stroking r. +-hat aIl. that any rnlneral. I .e who obvlously of theee hed ESP. 1 g a e r n a l . " tun j-ng. there stared Seeningly The furry horde ley was a "carpet" of rnany thougands of caterpll.ow ln the Soclety Hleronynua of Elec+. len etruck Leavee force t you your wrote laterr recordor" Hernann Hleronynua "For "1 lhj. " psrwidely regearcherg indlvidual. 1n . developed a new epparatus and S. Il. operator concentrates If the (rf present) presenc€r rn the ore sanple.lL the device on "ggPPgE.h of deta the exletence of aonethlng he ca. . but only on one frequency at a t1ne. and ln lj. thet Lree on our Lawn was cherry good.gtruck with the request.. . hundred hone fron a few daye work. A alngle nol. cauete a "Bt1ck" unlege 11 le nor gold. separated fn Over t-he len't Iagt 1n elght! norrnaJ-: year we w€lre st1l.Larg June 1n late and early Juj.lecule and another. e1f!l. He dlscovered lt 1n cryatala.d knoc. in inuch the it' operates wllL obtaln the exact sarne dlal srho dupllcatee Everyone the experlnent (or rate) Intereetlngly.rlesJ Englneers) patented he had Learned h1s lnvention. satne way as a dowsrng Ae a detect. r a d l o trangnltter recelver) that broadcagts Thege wavea range over the entl. Rodiat j.vlng celfa..ce operates. lrle don't. . Wlth the help von "geneltlves.Led the Odlc Force. detect any is the of copper rod.or.c iatee the Generlc Pettern bond of the eub3ect snd sone klnd of psychlc llnk 1g eetabllehed moleor between the enanatlone of the atorng and cuLeg of netter and the nlnd of the operator.legs.las Luned to the rlghL frequency.nen. plate on the lrJhen the of the 6 grna]l diaL. l1v1ng ceLLe. l'lesner's experlnentg lnto etudylng peopJ. Herrnann as odd.y wlth flanlng kerosene torches. . could be by placlng ore sanple on conpound an qraa seeking on the elenent and turnlng a gglcE!!Ig!1!g he to:. he a-l. the branchee a full clrcle around and beneath 1n the cherry lree and r*hlch aorne nysterlous dead by fron they'd fal. netlc spectrum vo.dent1fy.ouely belng eought. At Colunbla eclenthree P." provlng Relchenbech accunu-Lated a electrornagcontlnuouely.l. trhlch concluelvely have reported thig l'titogenic Radiation occurring Unlverslty. (and 11v1ng or 1nert. l'll Ll.l1ght.

qf whrch l5 usualJ. lnsects enythlng at aL-l' that cannot be recorded by any other known rnethod.ons of whatevei ob3ect 1s under analyale. 2r4821773.gkll. the Hieronynus nochine a-Lso detectg emanatlona f ron bl. Anyone who thlnks thlg household 1!S PoggE soglge electr:. dlecovered. The i'dea that a brt of galrva on a blotter. yet nogt peopre couLdn't do the then.y attuned to the enanatj. Ilke electriclty.rn or city.s.-lneesea can be lnfluenced 9Bg tranemltterg' even j's in another when the pat:. works. g91g!gg.n fron aLl.n unanlJnous agreernent (here qnd overseaa) that Elopt'lc Radlatlon of al. lt the occurred device at the ernd encouraged polnt rlght on Ed the Hernann to dlaL every Adnrttedly.l. gygB llgn dlsconnegleg !h.e and cqn be used ag. ly-orlented people. The problerr wae (end 1e) that the operator needed elorne practlce to become '. paradoxical and alt'ogether rncredible lnventlon.l. John Carnpbetl the "stick" bui. ea John CanpbeI. qL arL to do lhough.y after lgygqd thougand yearE hae eclence been put lnto aone klnd of reagonable order. Addj. 11. They don.Lh the functlon of Lhe n1nd. recelvera phyeilcal.ent than others. natter can be caught on a photographlc plate and the detector w1l.Iete.AlI rndependent psionic reseorcherg are :. dgylgg {fgU (reguJ.ood sanplea. have nothlng wj. a lock of hq:.rr or skln or (to say nothlng bLood sanplea of a photograph! ) couLd have any connecr'rrth a cilgtant tron petlent le enough Lo cause the rnost. or tranenltted fron the eub3ect on J. 1t. lob without "Pslonlcsr" declared Dr. rt l.. This porrerf uJ.ef of Dow ChenicaL's Reeearch D1v1glon. react to a photogEeph of a nineral 'rould specinen as it to the nineral ltseIf. It can't real.t do the cal. trhy Hleronynus caLled von Relchenbach'g Odlc Force "Eloptlc Radlat1on. Yet the enanotions j. Nearly anyone perfornr can rnpreesive nental' feats with pencl} and paper featg that wouJd be rnposslble wlthout then. The paper and pencll. the Hleronynus nachlne dld aeen capeble of recelvlng and trenenlttlng Eloptlc Energy. When teet lt.-Led ln the art. plants.c current). pslonlc lggl. tlne. Slnce both devlces operate on the 6atle psychrc princrpJ. Thle 19." It can be tranenitted a6 an electrlcaL charger BB a radlo wave. r"reivea.cuLatlng.obgtlnate react. "1E the fleld of hunan achlevernent geveraJ. nlnera).ng four seven-dlg1t nunbers. Like De Ia lrlarr's canera.1ght waveg.ent j.Iv 39 .ian J. devlcee 1e Lhe {1nd the operaror." I'toreoverr sone experlnenterg eeened to have more neturo] (end patlence) tal.g.lon even ernong ordlnarlly reaeonab. OnJ. ly be cal. natter anywhere and everywhere the Unlverge as far ag 1g known can be dlrected elong a w1re.s the lor. Horeover. Hale when he was Chi.Le people. for exanple. Ied a nachlne becauee 1t operatee as we-L.l. a The key to all. nost obetacl'e to the nindg of etrictly naterla.s a bafflltg. l. or aa llght To the aetonlghnent of experlnentere yrho gent 5cl cents to the gJeahlngton Patent Offlce 1n and recelved echenatLc drawlnge and 6 deecrlptlon of Patent No.I wlthout connection to a gource of power. blill. Han's flret reelly powerful tool-g for aldlng nental actlvlty were t'he equivalente of Peper and pencil. In thrs respect.

Iinlted apparently thie operator.ler of l1fe yet 1n tral. book Far:ner Trlurnohant.L not European EeetErn and other union sovret the that fact rnachi.t g J 'l g h t e e t the one Pald workgr bY go1ly ! that . a box. but to inpossible "sure" it's thot knols for as Big Sc:ence long As and a dial'." ludlng fn his fanlLlar Eng.rhlch ls abfe to probe tool an extradlnenslonal provlde u€t slth vlces up hlgher a llltl. The test.le. " beYond attentlon I don't or knowledge hunran that fact to the know how oruhy .e. 40 . a 1ts doe.Itg gro€!€r neterlaf the of Caueat. about euch thlng and governnent bureaucrat.ion.a€i broad at least field n€rw lnveetlgated thoroughly be can hlngel-f . r. "The hunan nind. even lggE wrl. the beglnnlngs eaa wlth he Hale denonstrated ln of palonlcs hos the thoroughly and U. one executtve " snorted men and grown naglc. "ls as naglct" such ael and peychrcs professj'onalg skll]ed a9o. l it.l do. peychotronlc and thelr pelonlc devlcee deveJ.ear Ebon leeued and ltartln ElLeen Garrett and and clalrvoyenta' nedlume. arlray wrth 3oo nileg from effect any physlcal cause aeens It nowhere.l. ot Least) faced been squarely never the ln reeideg and death por. whatever Il'g nonsenae. by anyone in the fieLd. .. Ied pelonlcs any hlghly of elrnoet nlnd ateeped of eclentlstg cornprehenglon the beyond tg wholly The truth of the nargln lleg Thereln and approachea.Ious devlce a psionlc that fact The has human be1ng. aomething "Here's lhe for .y preetlglous." ladder on the enabLe hands night in unscrupu. but and predlcts 1t to do.Radiesthesia he heerd there'g no you cal.alnable Foundatlon Science Natlonel funded lavlehJ. potent. see for with a power have deai.on. et theoretlcally an operetor. And the wlth ice no pace cutg pelonlce at a fast devej-oplng are countrres corporatlon executlveg or lt. uhen know . 1e "Unlvereal Illnd he .Iand.g what repeatedly that j. flore than 20 years a-Il-out rrernlnga abouL lhe c. skll. paychlcs. w111 get guy wlth the devlce the photograph.nlng Sovlel effor! the At generatore.saldforcesr" glyglcal wlth .safety get ae. Any nachlne true. photographlc on a an lnage wlth percepcJ.S- a has an energy of nodulating capable Pottern.ncredib. built lnventor falr get a w1l'L never j.ay wlth lt' of rteys and llterally 1n any nunber man belng nen trlhenever no experlence.e to etee what 1e happenlng regu. (publicly. an energy through to nanlfest abLe ne cal-l extragenaory which functlon. attltudee tradltlonal 1n huof snother He csn cause the death klfJer. 1t's but rs whoee effect 1t w1l. the Hleronynus of denongtratron at a practlcel.oplng to offer down Hleronynus's turned polntedly Pentagon lhe E€ne tlne to lndlfferent eeens totally etllL brage The tegt h1e lnventlon. enother to Elf! Least.n of whet ree know noet' terng unexpl.dlrect connectlon The Hieronynus pattern ae rnatter. rnental a purely connectg devlce deTheee palonlc plate. and ln deep luat gcienca today as al'J' knonn 1g eorely a feu decadeg de- Dr.

f . t. j. whereln he can. You be and cannot ar€ there. euch 6n agarnet nyeeJ. l. "True. and for the he sent it.Lt repeatedly. Ob3ect. known laws of Synpathetrc on the ancrent}y It' operates {gf l1. " "That. your I selectad svailable becauee: nachine 1) 1t tnomanY poserble arrong the Ptlon. ggd ge! Eg g'seg gpglle. gggld !g lglgleQ.y at the boundarreg pure el.g. bu:. !l!Dee! Ey Uerlsdge and at o by work:-ng on a photograph' f! Itrpllee !!e! !{ I sggep! Ue! you're helpfng hurnan berngs..e etood concept.en wlthout cou j. 8D- 41 . "If lnsect oeste of thoueande of nll-ee dletence wlthst a huge dretance. and "ibe! Egghtne 9! Xours rg gllnos! Pg=e Eggrc. that device standab.rndevlce h1e to r.yaee. knowledge reallty the leee and knorr of no defenge. heard about John Carnpbelf rt Leeted eccordlng to speclflcatlons.learning nlneraf (dhen whether anal. }j. me hoe. eLlrrlng the aspects and diagnostic sclent:etg and so physrcal J.e be conprehended. Therefore.]..d atteck fuL.o defenci cannot I an helpI acknow.:-c rr€s patented. rhe er epper!s!!!v !e de{eld ess!!e! !!e e!!es!. study.Ll l1v1ng entltleg more you prove you the more can be defended.s the lifeof the nqchlne "The therapeut. over the g a too a . you can k1. 1956: you can kill.f tel.ectronlcg and parbetween on the boundary sppe€Eg to be rlght were a learnable-underthrs aE though it appears onics. and acrupuloualy eraa abaolutely felr he ence-balter. and !!e slrnp. og.l. of already-underextenelon wlth a 1ltt. Afrlcane.e aecurlty. and ei llttl..t is capabJ.lagici the occurs aJ.j.gnored. of reaeonab. on June Hleronynua what he wrote Here'g carne to fecte.e out you make a man know The nore prove nyaeJ.{ to whrch rs done to the SynboJ. inposes dge!!-leg!g. Sleleglelle!1ge 11!e-e!!eg!i!g nachtne 3) tt lggbg l1ke an electronic-phyelcal.l. to appears rt eclence Level nake sone gort of alrnoet-sense at the purely phystcaf your knorrn. through tribes Incasr aLi.rho vlelted h1e hone 1n Nes Jeraey everyone lnduced (often tndlvldualletlc tough-rr1nded. nachrne of the "A rnan can learn onJ.l-aw. Hasallang. applles lt. world.e can. only att'acking denied.i. and experlnent wlth gc1eccentrlc) honeet when lt 4. the inherent inpllcqtrons But Lf I acattack. "The Synbol !g +-he the law that Llke voodoo dol. fearg. real. to neet 1t'. patent. and that Ob3ect.edge that of thoee forceg. potent lt cagle sense.Iy a nlneraJ-analyzer. to defend I an helplees he llves ln a worid that he can feeJ Lhe leee extat. 'speclfled 2) the patent chlneg. heve warning of at leaet. that euch forcee. 1t. f n the old. one. For a b1g. you're insects.nilive real.y could aepecte force powerend extrenely deep. Eeklnog fron hunan The pr:.l.e of more than 3usL making chenica.J. be total.nkage that any underetandabl. attack and prepare deseile slM e! y e u s s ! S rl I E e !t!b sssh e [eshi!e' I llsht 9e !o BYse}f' 9{ Prglectllg uu beyleg ely gheege tlaleyel lithgg! blde.

r. 1n after {tJurr and r was afrald lt m19ht get lnto the \. u". Velvet Vernr'er "n i dia]': that' a n d a s . ".Lytrcal nechlne.e eewlng k1t..cient Greeks and pre-history European to the gane fundarnentar.rourdn. "There wast a reallgnnent of po11t1cal and n 1 J . .y carne be that the Lews of the 90t' €l from "You're scaring hell out of the people who understand what You rn€y be using 1r *. no logiceL Fron Lhat .ny w1fe. and made a cruclaL experlnent. tien r rearned 1t r.If you can dg qt a djgtance through barriersr that you coul'd gbgilyg at a dlgtance through barriers. but iereggg 1t. dlegreu. . lzed vacuun nylon thread fron .uter y genee.t work Lf a tube l. "r have e nrodel' of your ena. I derlved a new ccncept .x of the paneJ.el. he explalned Later.r to thlg powerful technlquet fears "9hen I began workins with the nachine.rcuit represents a pattern of relatjonshrps.a l . lle slrcgl! dlegrel drawn l'n rndre llE on ls egegdeiq-grsitros peperr. ft.lzed v€cuum tube eer-aynbo'l' by . the solety 9t !!g glfggff glegleB. trrbes.. that 1s lnportant' The electrlcal. fectore. r prisn. ar. 4g llrnlt. fron a ntln t""c"f!=-!'! rotatee' 1n !!e epproprlete pteee-rl-gie glrg!!! The splraJ.Dd t'agi...g lt is inpircrt crairvoyance j. 1t works when:there ls no poq. and what r1lltg tnaglcian ransorn can destroy denand.----" doesn.!!e becauee the pattern of reJ. Hy synbolrc diagrarn worke becauee the pattern 1s preeent. "The machlne exce. The j'e connected drawlng to the eynboJ.c rhan eubeteic.t ciepend on appear on the fronr gurfece of rhe€lna of a nylon thread. a +_heory.ttlnare. concruglona.lthout nechanlsn at the other end. ernplrf 1ed snd eynboJ. 42 . The fact is rnplicj.l. I learned that it dj. "LJe're working workg beautlfuJ. the vengefu] hate of who an is safe fron unJu€rt eneny? you. rnounted on a Natronal.dn. r copper roop. It conalsrs o 9yrEgl of a prisn..aa acutely apare of 1te potentLalltreg. wa8 why .atlonehlps 1e intact. not a etrean- conalstency of perfornance is on {efn with ltagrSr pg!!gl! rather . Unlveree €re.n the action tflg!!gg!!g. lnvolved.t need a power aupply. tneans the end of personal privacy. The nachrne falLe when a tube burne out because that a. "You're shl-Le you scaring can nane people.l. on paper glued to th. tdhen Hieronynus filed the patent apptication for hrs psionic devrce 1n L946' he L'.l t a r y eol. co1L 1a drawn 1n rndla i. rt could be uged for greet goo'd or terrlbLe tnlsslng or defectj've' r gas sorne of the palon:. but "Your electronic cj.t at a dletence \. rt nust aLL rndepencientJ.. l: were cruclaL t1me8"' he eald.rrong hande.. rlrle. Egck s{ lhe pensl..Iy. 1t ls connected urrth the plate other tube through end of cathode a condenthe col.c mechrnes end aaw that they worked ' deeplte the f act that thelr wirl ng eyeten nade 1t? rf threat.Thoee ds]llcrglgly onltted sone crlt1cal.s o1d they have reason for the:.L L ent . charecterietics are utterly unirnportant' and can be dropped out compretely. .Lby a gecond lrned have eo the u...ters the patiern.

cs work:. regearch know of Rugetla'e of the century.Ieagues onynus Inc.toffrs Eloptic about report every honest Nearly Hrerthat 1n fact' They ere ao atrange.e fear..Lerted to laynen and skrLl-ed technlclans. "Dletance sald . to any glven corresponds 11es It ]eve1. Phvsics.Iuee" of the astronauts intenelty perrods. some odds r'-o sPare can hourg a and ends fron o\rn burld hre or chemtcally analyze. hes expreseed the problen i've diecugaed Anyone workshop Hleronymue a wj.rou. Tronp reported Pattern can be artlflor condltlon substance ob3ect. "reeervolr" of of underground '. about noncontnlttal' He'g trool.. ( as the five known erenses and seens of l-inite beyond the apectrutn. " neagurabLe efectromegnetrc a nrnd-bender Radj. lt. for EsPlone_qe on an unheard-of t o m a k e .at. quaranline lhe and through off to splashdown "Of al.seens qulet cooperatlon dan_oersr 8n unueually of the great f n epite A krnd in the U. we cou.. " u]tinote their W. The procese 1e not on the phyelcal elnuLated. Prof.he gcience-oriented are a.Ll1gent.l.Idn't "( f ound anything never too. Hieronynus 11. gain at everyone'a persona] or potrer ventlon for . sooner device becarne publicly once his He haLf or baeernent. ehettere that ScrAdvanced lo egtab"I 1eh the were obllged and h]. L e f a c t o r . buck and the for severaL patent. 1 s a n e g J . experinenterg ps:. knowledge of his the extent tJas even then serloua' bloc that the Sovlet pelonics t'o learn Pursulng as a use of Ptrapaychology gtate-gupported practlcal regearch ln the gcale.opnent Corporationr ences Regeerch "Vitality staternenL containrng consolidated published a Z2-page He l1f tf ron I and 11 of Apolloa V€. r € !n o w declglon 1t was a lough but d1d acinlt underthla could be the ln parapsychoJ.Lected wrote.nay have used tJhatever Hieronytnus then. etatenent or known.dn't heeltate lndlvldualg expen6e. There are enough exie't arnong the to €D91neers' blochenigter phyelclete. clalJ-y the to be outg:. the data of Apollo the fllght and lnfornation col. practically we find world our physlcaL Phyal'When we analyze !9!!1!g to down csa l trrrnt the nanlfee'tatlon when we d1v1de thlnge of elgrqy b partic]es. aLL precedente. was a "There neuta) and €n about niLes approxj. 1n carclnogenlc (of The astrothe pathologles 43 ." uncovered "the nogt durrng by us and inPortant etartllns ie that lhefe fron le a lellel 65 !9g19!1o! down to Eel! 98 lbe lgelr 15 aPPafeet rently extending fron the surface. whon wlth everyone Nearly of pe1on1cg. " Hleronynue otherwls€.zed thct be nrght unlltnlted lhat to real.j.ogly. neer nastery denger of Rusela'g th:.Ll as natlone) to uae hi"s lnwho '. book Psvchical in his radionics Descrrbing that energy the etherlc "ld1th an lnetrunent. lze weg certain Power Later eonebody o*ten unprlnclpled clever.e col. available..nately noticeable lncreage viLality general drop in the readlnge. 5.on:. I n J ' l g h L o f w h a t t . and DeveJ.S.1 g 1 b . devlce.

thlng ings.ectronI'toreover.s on tuo 44 .6n are brdciing to produce the r:. of slnllerltieg among the cieaths atrange about the eragon j'n (Listed dead j. lng :rnedlcal nen and eclentle'te dsta. to rnterested the and evaluate t'hat sPec). :'t gan be If glherg. " the rnen actually Thle situatlon stepped onto the l'toon' r'l6s slnlfar to all' otlrer then lunar every]and- report 5OO copies of thrs Only wilJ.e.cldee" the w:-thout be done at any dj.r*other el.1rnost inpossibl.Le ehleLd" A "pelonic or retal. electronagnetrc any pert of lhe into not fit It doeg nedia. '. lnvestrgatora of pelonlcs ael "guJ. " lt besis devtce on a connercj. berng are sh:.ghts for (for ts sard) . detectlon wou'Ld devlce guch deadly But guch a onglaughte. d1f f lcuLt extrenely a1ons. to etudy. Dade County Park.1t hrere distr:-buted check.untrl increased reversed. deetructlve €rs are l-gs negative.the tlne have to be operatlng nor. of this frj.nly !s stage a or powerful how sophret-icated to deternine a. 1es anC a. denger no absolutely and wrth of or coneent knowledge :. I'lorrrs Dr. and digease health our gl! control to urou-Ld be that extenslon loglcal the and death.eld" such a "psychic versiong of . "scientr. of Apr1L on the evenlng F1or1da. Twenty QuesLions Lhe planets exlgt.n hrg station when found as a "gulclde" Jessup the 29. protectlon agalnst year! 365 days a a d"y' 24 hours all. 99[g of us shouLd l1fe It done.thout done! Power. w1dely beconlng fron nade to keep the facte belng concfuthe. concentratlng to he wae able on learn a version nentaL Lhat and report of l1fe eras o writer recj-hol planets fron nearby to his telescope.end a physicist Cied.sulcldee prLson of Ruth RidlcuJ.tant By geme. L Laborator developed.f ical J'y states Energy of Eloptic Hieronynug'. 1etlon. Thle 1e the rnvolvLng lnclcientg very eusplcloug. nore we need to .f ic purposes.dence now avail. other and death. Before euch thlnge K.g of three and the. hae urrlter but '*hle to Prove.e paet two decadeethe psionics durlng hae reached of the evolution is effort a powerfuf that indicate seems to Evj.s the onJ-y concelvab." in an entirely operatee Qlffefen! well-docunented' body are the over pourers ot the nind healrng The capaclty we have this If abilltles. untlnely. secretly '-he Hieronyrnus r-q cnrnnrar j. Until of +-he victrrn. descrrption g€ntna raya. Bel. death compfete to eLmogt then cloge whoee regearchee brought rnveetlgatora of palonJ'c undergtandlng Poerers. over controL Lo exerclse a. of that rncludrng condllrons. of f1ve knowLedge personel and two l:'gted "naturef" cal-Led eevera] nysterious deathe..lso be able \L rs using But uj. 1959). 5. or to or Beta partlcl-ee to Alpha ie 1n no way reLated It nen who reeched have befallen and dlecredlt susplclon.l'c a1rnost certa:.stance could thrs very recently.learn much are mass-produced.ust Several. being Psron. he Before ln comlng llght who anaLyzed aetrononer anateur devlce a pelonlc atars by connectlngt and dlg.

a new.r:. an '.ane) or phyelcaf af ter "death. that e-Ll Llfe end Congclousness cornea lnto neterla] exl.(other than Ear+-h) wilhin our solur One of these systen.rn peionlcs experts.y dlfferent 11_qht on the aFctentJ. At the.y lerge Other researchers have analyzed the enanations from relj. ago h a v e b e e n c a u g h t on f1In and developedt Using blood sarnples taken fron wife hIs end h:.J. lnc. .y.ln the words of Brltle. peionlc devlces.1L r .thout end.oglet Dr." If ny own intelligence. "lrJhen gclence beglns the atudy of nonphyercal and r. and hunches are accurate. De la 11gg Itacblneel rsdlatlong fron the foggl]e of prehj. decade l-s upon us.tlng fron the growth o{ 11v1ng ceLlg probably "nost the cell d1v1g1on 1n the rootg plant.y known concepls of ' Karme and relncarnatlon.g efter aLl and thror. He uged thrs aame photograph for "poeltlve" identlflcatlon that the ccupj.ts. . pJ.s nakes a cornpellingly diff icuLt kind of an o n s o f y e a r a .e.orlc r. It ig fron thle Ether.s able to cope wlth 1t' even the mo.ud1ng the Hleronyrnue (rl1th a De La 9Jarr edaptet-ion.-sense. " Al I th j. ts VenuE.hat had occurred event years nearly prevrously thlrty ! plcture The lraa deve. In thls reepect. and psionica.h coernoj. This hag m€ny fsgcrnatrng poaarbll-itlesAnong practltlonerg of radlonlce.3ane tlrne. excltlngl. are al. HardJ. aJ. lke enythlng we knour.gron. so €tre a}l_ perta 1te equally Eternal-.Loped in front o{ skeptlcal wltneeeeg and was recognrzebly that of a young couple in eoner. ie not chao.s. " Or.rhrch exl.y anyone whoee vieurs have been shaped by orthodox sc:-ence 1. rnechlne. l. but Venuslan 11f e f orms sre unl.he Interplanetary Ether hag replaceci satronomy's theory of a "dead vacuum" to expleln propertles the of enpty elP€tce.rhat outdated weddlng outfj. that +=+=flrfp=+=+ 45 . gtubborn naterla-I 1st'. He detected f'tltogenlc Radletlon regu.verse is without beginnj. :"t w111 neke nrore progress than tn arl the ln eDe Qqcade centurlee of 1ts exlstence.cs of the past.e were 1n fact hlnae-If and l{rs. Part of the energing theory psronics concernrng shrrnks the srgnif!-o alrnost icance of Tlne and Dlgtance pure r l-}u. George De la trJerr once t-uned hle cenera and concentrated on therr weddlng d.stence and to whlch rt ( 1n gtate returng a hrgher vlbratlonel. of extrenei. infornation..nself . "As the Unj.sted creatureg on Earth n r . Fred Hoyle. " he cl. the 18th Century concept of t. it holds forth sone hope that al.ained.l.

V .r r c x.)it*r? F /i # fi i{ 'ts4.t f *=-7 / { .rp fr r |(uy frv.!.4ic:?.) J-_r-d !i'.{.ft.DK ---.-:ii.rTlyn dtr/ - . r.fs* p{aiT l'J. f r F/ e f" { tt \ rY ) I { FFF7 cT tA.t .uruusunuG*GRcuff t2 t o d.!f . p /pJ F/./c.4..s*-"--.rii ltrlLrtrst.( {r 7 Tr""l= p .:/t T lfF .J ' C' 6nucr 'hoec' Hnnrl*K . G*//)xaNi trftl f.p./) f. or.x Fe--{ 6'E (" taf.lOo t1.?!t'*//t.< f'se7 .'+i. 3.r{.Jqz.TF.'* t.+{ O-5o Cloo i n -= i a j t o .t !{ i:-.fiutf4t t -!"1 P l ...:{ eo ld Sst t_.zfT? fi26.6..F* ..r' ilsf lat ' // F. i r)sT .3 c}. t^tl*T:fl Orlf. te. o.o"l's'Y {.

i i >=---:2^.-t\r."'.' / /' o.i. onEi wi'h rePlY // rit!-rr"r"liesc " .-rkt" .:l?li:*5 l\{rn%ro"ii..:lP?:. 3bo']-E-..-pilt*uLhecvli-z'rderas.:t'131* il r ffi.h.iaJru poinl 3'"d"i -:il? .i n u o u s l y e } C t l ..er3 inchesalup-""a...v"t gicb" .'ne Hil..?tl"io.oi..fiz"cii-i a ""a-p""uiU:-y seen TorevertnowE'oLhesubjecLo!pagrreE'lchealing.u'% p75-zu u PS. t'Ir-se r inches long and 3 lncnes inches long and 3 inches if:i?^1in':.'"-i*i? ?f' a does not t11rL and the'ul iri-t'tierlo ignoranL' t'Prove iL o" and I -atr y""'IUr.r. I'i.*il"tlllfi rhacsome io.1.." we of-ier or I"FI:.N::u sinall nee<ile clJ'l'i-ihr''ugtt-ti:-i:t::. 5II3" iisuand ups.:":-1":t-"iil-ri"-Liti*. Page 25 .il. J o h n wir.:l'u :::?:.-/0-rIs I -\ e ol\"4tul FNTS-\ .:.'J".rha'.'fi"Ii.rnalerials .Ie)<Pect' i.'u-ii. : r I i!"ogt i ."3""til3'you have never t"'i*ptutsed-because up. || ' 1l \ ?" r' . :li I / )r \ \\ -}- . ?i.i.."i:-l'n:.i973 RR. ""*1Y:.? o9! of ^which Ehis body pt"ii'iu"-the utr"i:-ism .is c .:'f::t^3--'::"n ihe res Lo iLs lq"i:i.."b!l.h-i. long.m:*i?t:Allll F-:*i' a b o t r tLrra..r r DEVELOPTHE KEELY FORCEYOUB'SELF ( P s y c h o .iE. c b o d y j . :i:-?l'ill: bcLLle aud medic-.'-i:":i. Keety FLo From i-ota-oo*dlng' ! bood luck' ) really wanrs rh e b e g i n n e r's e xer clse o[Uti' t"f. : kit?lf l-Iiiila"'' ac 'i'L> irr!uss3t.-rgqiiui.l Roun-J '-\ l<!D\'/t- ^ { (ss er) $Wi'.*tr."r.3t"i*at._f ::-t:T-:=filf cf rhe phvsical N o w I r e l ! y o u u i r a t t h i s e | h e r : .1side. I i . " :H.ti:'^i:: poinc of che pin g l a ss b o trb a of Lhe bol"."*:l'i:'' pusha ii'i.Holnu prefe-rabry..::wi..l-i"i'u care.'.----'-\ --1 \> Needle F 2'" 7: ) i='e .. i fiIi". .-.iu'"il*-"1 " on ghe cen!.n::- u :G:llli::l. ' l v l r Y \ L . .""t ).. of iiliil=.i:s" oe pottr '.'*!:E:qil:l:"i?Ii"' 1:d.needle should DeI(Jw LriE !ndiameier"..r "you tcan-prove = ."i*"$?f.aa t e d b vanvonewho monstr ov..--v"" i J 6ouele l4arch-APril.'--.rL-Jr=r*-u.'l:"i !!r.-li |i Ii ..::"}:t neal aD fturr*r 3' T a i c e a s r r i ' P o f P a P e r .!"iii?"^ul'^iopulo"a" .:J" che-gas9o1ls gap betr+een.. \-.Fi. .ii-urt"ril *iriir-flo-u''t "r. I narrnrr I !..ii: ilti* \l tr= .. tt* \'rnrsn tliE"iiiiu gap ot You saY q. a c1r1-in.". : I ..r-rips ding ies...c" physical a.I--uft" .k i n e L i c e n e r g i e s o f t h e k i n d d e d.."-i::.l-'iiii'i'""-:l::"Fil^t::T^:t*i".T. I ?-t[" *iri-no*{ have your cylin.r'i'"u ir'o'''gll'."irt"t-3" "t d.... PLb' 1945 i.f"* :ffi=ffi..f. | ffi".-tt*^"' built are do nct wanL to do so' materiu.i.ilI . _ t r 1: _ r i.r:s': mat'eriailzations l!-i ::li i"'"-'er' ifr::1".r.2---{ I s.

A later development.aE. when t. will be Ehe direction of minimum roE. or even L.he righc. I think Ehat you will soon convince yourself that draught.he screen.hout E.h your right hand when facing East.ion.e. This was obtained in boE. If iE doesn'L revolve for t.he East or West.leally frictionless volve under E. the bot. anyone get. he can decnonstraE. horizontal.Iy substant.he "currenE" is flowing It is only necessary scrongly). If you play a little with this Eoy.he aEnosphere.for the Lef t hand and the minirmrn f or E.hird tryi Nevertheless. or second.o revolve.ion you are facing roakes a. so that uhe currenE can operate on t. and Lhe cylinder will-begin t. wit. without.he right the paper cylinder Eo revolve. whereas. In suicable conditions (i.s.ic energies can be released from his body or aura and direct. This opens up a new line of choughe.e. you will geL t. cannoE account for the moL. page 26 . and free to r'€- Cup one of your hands round the cylinder with E. thaE.ed to do const. but.hing coming out from your fingers which is sufficient.he compass. alLhough t.t.o make Ehe cylinder revolve. by t.ouching which you can easily move. has been thaE the cylinder can be made Eo revolve.n:cEive rvorkr €specially in t.der balanced on a pract. in order to increase its surface roughness.ed in this crude apparatus is aborlc /+0 revolucions per minut.he former have of course to be guarded against.he fingers . under the impulse of t.e Eo h i s o ? e r ls a t .h a pin. but. if you change round and face West. which I have generThe maxinRrm rotation at.ion wiE. noE only is somet.h direccions with a cylinder made of paper in which I had sEabbed a rmrlfifude of holes wit. thaL "something" is kindred in its naEure to anocher "something" which varies with Lhe point.he middle of the room on a small Eable ror. uncier a draught-proof cellophane cover.which erable difference.raining in the development of the physical will and every scudent should add this t. i s f a c E i o n EhaL.ines unt.le and cylinder in t.s of E.he influence of t.o his daily rouE.hat. Now if you put.t.ion for t. Ehis is excellenE E.he field of healing keeping in mrnd thaE.hewarmEh of your hands.he left hand. Iou wiII find that Ehe direct. I believe Lord Dowding was overly opLimisuic about Ehe possibiliuy of jusE.ion. to shield E. because iE would seem t.ial E. Spiric help is essent. wiE. on the firsE.hat "somechj-ng" in t. half of the cylinder with a semi-circular screen of tin or cardboard or glass. sitting in any direction.he sligheest lmpulse. or E.h either hand.considin.he maxirm:m roE. The cylinder can be made to revolve.he exposed half only.ial to success! March-April L973 RR. it witl for lhe lefr. any human influence. psycho-kinet. and if (for insEance) you gec E.he maxirnur roEaE..

They rnay st. .8 3 .leaEment Pentodes.o internal mi.s will sEnrcture so be sure E.ion and research.he books of Texas and other agriculcural staEes \ Now.UK A c o as a broadon Ehe research done with iE and ics effecciveness instnment.he 6X4 and 6EJ7s.heir crop Eo pests when Curtis Upton cnme along and persuaded one grower E.e. At inf lat.on and KnuEh on Radionics aE.ic to this broaddit. as the older. their multi-rsillion dollar Eo annual sale of pest. maj or threat" Lo the 0i1 and Chenical tnrsts. groners were losing over 90% T?re Santa Cntz area artichoke of t.-a-distance force.his stat.haE t. it wouldn'c happen again lobby to work uhe Oil and Chemical t:rrst put t. as is the 6X5 rectifier.he Gerald article researcher a start. Buc t. iE is t.han likely Ehere of planLs except for research purposes. AccepEable miniature probably be fell Nobody made any money out of Lhe markec. large are generally used in amplifier circuits. chure. l04A power t. Not. Good luck.he UIGCO device is basically not.his Aquarian Age science. be substiEutes would available but. It worked.he Radionics tre€. Upt.e E.his in psychic casE Eubes fr.ed probably be over S40. These are Ehe old. Eheir passing years ago. are slmilar laws on t.o give UIGCO a trry. Upton had eager custqners mer ha:nrested over 90ii of his crop! for his se:rrices for Ehe next growing season.ha same ch.ichokes Ehat Ttrere was massive over-production cessful. state capital. of course. sharp cut. Goodavage's articles in ehe nationallydistriSuted "Saga"-magazine have helped renew We do our bit with ehe int.racEeristics obsolete R4A.on A gleeful chemical salesman t. he was too sucof art. But. and UKACOschemaE. 1970s prices.'and Ehey're cheaper. in E.. and the farSo. year and E.ed borderland an amplifier.echnical narne for E. in California's or Radionic broadcast treatment !L is illegal t. The later.eresE in t. acLion-at.o do any electronic More t. enough Eo give any dedicat.ime Lo take up Ehe Eorch laid down by Upt. water and soil so rm:ch in the news. exDensive. transmiEter.ransformer has'E.icldes. witn pollution of air.he 1940s. Sacramento.h an invisible research is Psycho-kinetics. but. magazine did an article on UI(AC0 in 1952 and che "Fortune" tiniversity burean published a bullet. cost of of Perursylvania fa:m on iE to encourage more experimentat. a The 6SJ7 Eubes called for.ill tubes of t. The L.Ernent of planEs w8s €1.he boEt.ave a different Triad' s modern R consult a Eube manr:al f or proper connections.old his cusLomers: "I warned you guys wha! would happen if you all went for Lhat new-fangled tontiapeionll' And to maice surb that.heir very effecEive Now.ion of E.

1 \$ o 6 5> sb'.( . g o o 3 2 \oO c o r - O b..c b g t g . 1975 RR.i € CI (. \ \9 o o .. V! ) .€ \h \' 8 \o \ t cl t cag vt I . pa8t 26 .J l.o i o N l> n \ q { o N I I c N . _q) \ o h \ .o < c _ cla o I r ! O l .) 't\. { !. tl Nl\ >l .| \d A' Y N >l-) v1 \0 3$ "n€ t h o rl.0 \o t4 . *q \ \_. Sept-Ocr.{ { / col o l | l i t l o {.€ (u tl xl tr tr \ t \ \ \ \ o /yAn t t4 .{ s t\< CJ N o . s o u l .I a < Clo H { J a.

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but only when you "agree. we ciontt gi. page 11 . TTracway you will be very careful what you do and you will not rnake anv cLaims thac you cannot substantj. i believe thac each one of us has ehe ability to make ourselves sick or weil.ern. l'lav-Jr:ne . US cUSToMs and the N{A all frovn on these devices. easy to understand device for experimental work.OSOPIff It should be noted that the FDA.NORMALIZER I call ny systam a Bio-Normal"izer because it is a bio-feedback device of Ehe subtlesc order.|986 JBR. THE BIO. rhere is an inrricare ART OF HEAIING.nes by the cLassic definition. Ttre results can be aFlas ls available fron BSRF.cense. to write a article chat clearly makes avail. Neither do che raEes represent the various body The tuners are made cf electri.'._ Recently. Radionics is a form of CEREI'IONIAL MAGIC. Most of us have resistance io releasing our osn inner healer. I recomrnendghat anyone building one of chese devices use it onJ-y on yourself. chis is a good place to b'egln.hat they do nor understand the L-Atj concernj. In this sense they are not machj. Frornmy poinc of view. The cuner is only a SOLIDIFIED THOUGHT FORMand the races represent AGREEMENTS wirh the subcie narure SpIRITS. Mosc people gec into troubla because they make wild clairns and actually obtain only average result.o BSRF how to build your oeJn Radionic device.cs chat have been published in Lhe past are some how r. f a. a-r't S BUIIJ YOUR OtiN RADIONICTTJNER by PETER LIIIDE{ANN A.mundertaki. JBq/sts dlt.the better it uorks for everyone. a number of people have inquired c.n the treatment of human this project. That is. One thi. The device. Also. You can see why che FDAmighc have a lirtle troubie wich then. Therefore. the rnore people sho use a particular syst. others are quite comfortable.s. Underneath this sirnple philosophy. Bruce Copen. L. when couplete.E. a useful. HY everyone agrees with. written or unwritten. Ttre other way people 8et inEo trouble is t.ate. The choughr rhat rhe "MDIONIC DEVICE"is heal. And many other horror scori€s can be recounted as to fouJ' treatnent of those who use chern openly cornponents chac perform Parts and diseases. I{Y PHILOSOPHYCOAITINI. Ruth Droun rras Jailed for treating her patiencs nith one.'la \l - . I gladly nake this informarion avai. Since the Drovn rat. works very well with rates published by Ruch Drown or Bruce che Practicing of Hedicine withouc a me is often all that is required co release onets own inner healer from behinJ the wall of doubt. it seems that the ourselves permission to heal ourselves or others unless some "THfNG" sacisfies our analytical mindrs doubt.j. you will not be breaking any I3t{S.lith that in mind. Although some radionic practioners are angered by chis type of discussion. The body built itself from scratch in lhe firsE place and ir can repair itself easily shen all the CAUSES for disease are removeci. i.nclear or thac che rates that go nith them are not understandable. It is based on ny oun researches.buc is heavily influenced by the work of Ruth Drown.'ED / Radionic devices dontt do anything. no electrical to the beginner. and the point of view of many radionic practioners.".lable to the experimencer associates of BSR-F.Eernan and Dr.

For us . After seeing this phenomena a nurnber of cines.over_flnction place. RNA onry. a"a""io. rc is aimosc invariable underactive because of a sHocK or a cHorcE has shut down che Srain AcriviEy center governing chac part of che uoav.:r'n" 1985 JBR.tarking.A Radlonic Twter may be Just what some beginners need to discover these subtre Laws of iiving. r have learned "t-. buc thJn no one ever said bej..liEhout going into his proceedures at thi_s healthy was going eo be easv. This one pi. A VITAL RADIONIC SECRETREVEALED Eighc years ago' on Ehe rsland of Hawaii. ALL RB.oning.. for any reason.s in your work. yM a r t : . 17 5K va_riable resistors L7 LO f p capacirors 3 one inch square.'the t . a potenCi zet. Hich alr. t. gut. H a r E .ed to creat a specific organ or gland chat is dis-funcci. re flnarly interpreted it this way.hanci to opposlte to itself tuner..irr" rt. of che bodv. then arr other radlonlc treatnents became effective. and uhar you think abour iE makes all Ehe difference in ehe world.s vibracions circulacing r. r prefer to ccnnecc c. ihac it is almost never need." connect co che plates (stainless steej_ is nice) 2 banana or RCA plug recepticles I variable capacitor from an old AH radio I on/off ssitch 17 dials wlth nr:rnbers 0 . page 12 ..ay of .vity Cenrers./ith these feacures and the Drown Rates AlLas.he human body directly co the circuitry' For chis I use a modified Eernan "relaxacion ci. n a n d r w e r e e n g a g e d in some serious research into che operacional m e c h a n i s m so f R a d i o n i c s . " r.. and a broadcaster syscem. che body normariees aucomaticarly' Discovering exaccly uhat ii obscructing che BAC i. Radlonic treatnents uere arnost arways *neffective..o eriminace errors :.rcuit. llhen. hand Eo opposite footr a'd che head-and sacr.on may help you geE flrcre consistant result. a beginner is werlon his/her wav co iocs of fun and discovery' Like il'uch Drosn.n "relaxation circu:.--By"ar""ting che BAC. especlarly her discovery rares for che Brain Actl. A Blo-Normalizer conslsts of a nain rat. l.hrough the Rl'lA' che creacment see-nednot to uork. Eo che DNA' if ehe DNlTould not get its rnessage our into rhe ceg. teithef a shcick Plate or penculun prates). to promoce m o v e m e n to f t h e l i v i n g e n e r g y o f the body. E. vhen che Rl'{Auas flrst stio'rlated by a rp". This syscetn brings the full power of che uoay on co the detector prates to exaSerace che i'ndicaEions.* . TEE CIRCUIT r could 8o on and on about proceedures. thereby "i"rgy helping t.he RNA function of the body is depressed.t.n"aeni or an. rn l0 years of work. The mind is che real Racilonic Tuner. buE lets get down to the hardnare..he mechods of R'uth Drorrn. it el_irninated aLrnost all ihe t.inet. alL students of Radionics should study _. RUTTI DROI{NREVISITED In rny estimaclon.inres that our proceedures did not work.yADE rN THE BoDY BY THE DNAI The radionic methed is simpty a .l0 I dial rlth 1ine indicaror I copper plate tvo inches square I briefcase and front panel May-. maybe some fucure article..ece of informati. a specinen or witness . The parts list for a 15 dial tuner with pendulum indicacor is as forlows.IEDTLS Marty fi.rst lsolated a profound discovery. and under-funccion dials.s sometimes a little chalrenging. u n e r c h e n b e c o m e ss r m p l y a n o d i f i e r chat is cuneable' The bo'dy is wired .

one for oVER-FUNcrroNand one for-uNDEi-FLNcrroNl 'rh"r. /ou have added someching with your tuning' other angles of the pendulum swing'usuairy indicate thac your Eunlng is presenc buc thac it needs further aeretoir"ni. I"n"r"ir. fieid co infiuence a pendulum. Next' you need a detector. r have iabelLed the t'hree leads actached to che B's but does not actually go through the variable resistors. fhe variable r e s i s r o r u s e d i s a 5 K o h m r ir n 1 9 aLr r r e6 potenti'ometer' rt has chree (3) leads or concact points.or simpiy make concact. the penJulum wrll swing freely over both plates. one before and one afrer rhe Euner.Lei the nain tuner... prouau:. Thrs rs arr that is requlred for tuning.rr" ci'.p around to change the value of the resistorDrawing (2) is a symbolic diagrarn of the 5K por in che same shape as the poc' Drawing (3) ii a simpr. l{ith this sysc. you either Hant a sideways swing or a clocklwise circle swing iDeanrng No or yES.. Jusr pick any rwo rhac connect to eech half of the capacicor. r atrach a Loli capacitor across the 5K poc from A:o c on alr the pots in a row and then attach a-1. . with the energy in che circuit.1the B leads together in serres as shown.. i devised this niring mechod.ffi (3)\4 \Er ^ )J r The 5K poc J'ooks soroething like the figure in drawing (l). we use c\ro more ciiais. r reaj. To gec a'/i-tarity reading on_your tunings. Now that you have a rates tunerr |ou need some r.m. Next. . t{hen you ger-lne-or rhese. a set of two prates." uig-. it ir sufficient thac ch. After a 10t of research. since resistance is noc the function of che resistor in Ehis case.-ojc="i"}i"lio Al{ radio from the junk yard. i{hen. that is. Ehe iuning hasnrt changedanyrhing.ionon one of the over or'nder function dials or the potency diar..s energy fierci. For this r . rhing.The clrcultry is of the varlable resistive type..ized some years ago chat the body energy nrcving in che circuit is not resisted by the reslstors. c h e p e n d u l ' u mw i l l s w l n g s i d e w a v s b e c w e e n che places. This means chac the energy on che piaces is differenc. r use dials rith numbers already on then for convenience. I c s t Ttre living energy in the circuit Eravels along the wj. A and c are the tvo ends of che fixed resistance' and B is the movable mernberthat can r". For this system.) o (*) y (r..rou turn the dlal' it impresses into che liie force a subrre CHANGE RELATroNSitrp oF between the tvo harves of the resistor and capacitor set. & c. creare .TBR. yo. breaking inco a clock-wise circre if chey are exaccJ-ythe s F m e ' T h i s i n d i c a c i o n f l l e a n st h a E t h e tuning on the tuner is alreadv present in the personb energy field.bre capacito. with a fen differences.reci together and paral.sist. (see figures l-3.ray to raise the potencv of any given t'ning.. page 13 . May-June 1985 .rari. Flrst. B. having the energy flow chrough Ehe resrstor is not necessary for proper function. rwo ciials are w:. such as compensac.y find four cr five possibre reads to wire ic from. that is ."Jr-irr" r"*. wii:. The pendulum move-rnents indicate whether or not-Ehe energy oualicy on the tHo prates is the s€une' rf che energy is the sarne. r f y o u e u n e t o s o m e c h i n gt h a c i s n o c p r e s e n t in che person.

A v v .he greater "life force" chereby affeccing yrour incentions at a distance. you do-iE-yourselferrs busy for a while.a cr -v. o : = May-..he circuit through an on/off ssitch. There are lots of ways to effectively "broadcast" your tulings.1 fuw. A strong rurgnec placed behind the YAIITRAsrrengthens t.! t--'l Frl ir.he effect. you need a speclnen place (for witness or rearedy) and a Hay co connect the body energy dlrectly to the circuit.t. .rnuseddials are The easiesc mechod for this is co dlal che race Lhe right and moving left.! itfirw{ rrn f \-rn rrrl '. Have iun! '" f--l i-f t---J |*. The sirnple concencric squares pactern works very well and can be mounted on a copper place and sired Eo c. The best 1ow cost method for t. If Ehere are :rny Torn at BSRF Headquarters.a PLuor 15iDrel Atles fu06R 5( Fots tOyF *cs d(40 sicA*. page lq . A tr . F i n a r l y .on of the r:nit.-.i.o ua r e n o c in the same place as your radionic tuner. . INFRONT up backwards begrnning from jusc call ocher quescions. so vou nay rrith this sectl. want to experirent i{e11' this should keep note.i i/{r#*ttric shcrrral Pt|ts fh EF H. y o u m a y w a n t c o " a d j u s e " y o u r e n e r g y q u a l i t y w h e n .J r.' ccooc cCodo Av A\ A/ L ..his use is a yAllTRA or POI'JER DIAGRAfi.rr'*d&a oso ut lAoro *-lf l l l 1*. The races are dialed of che rate deslred.Next. For this you may uanc a nethod.lxftrrrj h{. These are self-explanatorv and are indicated on the schernatic.t$. One iast on to the dials so that all the r.Jnns 1985 JBR.i frlvvrlrrrlr l-l lr^ ^riryFr f-lr. go impress vour iunings inco t..r.

to bveetlgate Beseareb aad 1t sas lDes4torated ce. BI. .sb 5c. after Edleour e deetb a soclety $or for tbe bachground. nllL be a eceaty and tbus far ehe bas oot for"urd eny refereoce to tbe drevlng 1n qusBfi. DeJ. Ee &Led aotr€ tl. tbe only dravJ. beea lost. Tbey dld not get an1ruhere.e A. Ed.eS.raepsycblc even tbeal &lltb Fr]ls.oB.aware. Earry C. Gardner and I Bre'nov 1:lat bad. fte 8d1son devlce d1d not uqk.&e ago.lson Devlce Page 11. Ihe orlgl:ral neubere 'rere: Comaad. & lfYnne. a fact apparently not knovu to &t1eoa).pereat1y bXs lotes rrrre Book of the Montlrt choi.ce.€crN*.a of tbe psycblc. Gdrdner v€rrt to 3rookfya ald sarr the Conr e traelog aE tJre crigcgnder nbo trrrued orrer tbe drewlr€ orr Eore eo:rectlg 1rr pogseaglcta of poesLblg So }tr.. Ib.a tbe execntors of tbe Erlleon eetste to cuIL Edlsoare effectgrdtlr a vler to It pubgeh13g a book oo tbe bventorre vork Soclety for Etierlc under tbe lgng of.urt. Sortly rge. F3"tpb Feeb (Not Faecbt ee spelled by Edlson. Gardaer. (. Fonlr drs1713g to. say tbla conflde:$ly ae f s! Nerney who has beea eseiEped tbe Job by norr 1^sto'ucb 'rltJe ldlse }&ry ChuLLd.Lvee: f.U"€d tbeoee.LL Ounther. and She -. rsclentlflc of Slleonrs Ldqe enctaott I.:r tbe reai. f6ed &ey occr:lt thlngg frm the pbyeieal steudpolat.

ner ao ollgrnel bere ls aonetJr{ng tba.luence. ?age 1+ " .be jdj"son oev:ce Cld :rot Ccu@eadet ll'yane speeklng: And be tr:rned over to l4r. n i O r n e ' : L e D n ' . Eereln 3+i]olre 14.*rar3ti:3 9::s .lleo c. befrery 'nreves ebich r.aoa Or theee Akaeblc recordel tbe Lsrrentorte *{Dd. aow r.." booas '. Card. :o aad ibe leriai '.t ---{ . ln iul:a1-".. :j\29' :i:.ere puoJ-lebec ln lrencb.Lglan patellt.ra rbe iyr:Ilpet.d.c a Selglan bo:l cf ftflteen irrlt.rere to actuate tglg rnglglned etberlc egeat and 1. by ibe el"ectroi3rtic ectloa of.e top cf the bq 1s a bole ircra lbe slcne otr ibe bcoc are ]+' * f" x ir" and tbe trr:r'pet about 18" 1n belgb. acccrCl. bls flrst '.'letspeyeb:Lque rie Belglqjue ( ies::l1tct:cls fcr aou:r. but i heve to go back a1$1 L3f.r ere ionneciec.:'na i 'i 1ng DeVtCe.r'ire foru r-|e oppoeltc polee otr e Sre alun{nr.t::ge:1"5.G. :es. Frencb aad perhape a Llttle 3asiL '/elentj.rlsbed.ten Be. j ' U f .s .ect1vet.t"he potaselr:m peroengsnate 3 stroDg c0rl'dlz{'g cr prfueliy celJ.of cur knowledge aad far.roc :cs?ieled by bLe farSer.u . l e .t:ng .:f tbe nlcropboae.oa vortd be talr{ng place gentort g flor.dle of tlre plug to baJ-f t-to :erslraj. the truspet nld.iu jrderin .*ere i:hus to be aupiifled -*b{Le tbe reactloa wae go{"9 tary. mln . lrttb.he .iu Ccnce:i de F.:-. oi letr:-le- -JaJ :cnceived ':n Jeee::re: li.and tbe lnterlor 'oelrg . yr.i rrlde eo6 bss a '*ay dor.ic:'i. tre outslde of. I'"aU.cb ::lsee an ail:cj-su:c truulletSe dleath..r r-5e Selri :I. Vanderrceufen. It 1s clear crlratal form 1e not stated'. + b oi e t : n . In Le placed a nderopboe.mIl. flre bat tbe olcrarpbone . iacei:t-' -. i 3i.3.ay se€ gerbeps '.orm' ti:nr tbe and aa Cfi. f ii tsas eonetruc:ed a. -9V). lote'estur 1e f!:led Ibe trqrpet '.bE i" li'renticn -a-r-r:'i on i: . landerneuler Sigeell:+g lel/tce Jgidt/- rr:-r'l p{lel.aeerted -j:ereilr conea. about i250 to :be bes+.d. Gerdner Ccee lot Enow Frencb and tlre name of Eenrf 8. SasjL Valentlne saya be le belplng.{e n.'cox j.rooden plug j. PantoD ssys: "Ibere le aov a fop seagce.. ' LqT' .ote that la +.t dldl by 1a !'r'eneb end grs.hj.r -*hLcb. It coaslsts of a cr:blcal .rbes Jdlsca bad 1n inlnd. wlrst waa once l'tr ft vorrlcl eeell to be aa ecbo of .betber ln soluttoa or 1n perrangalate.+hy Mone..l]. "Bo connrur1catJ..rorkt "Althougn .t'..-'gearcres .aa.g the electrolyte. fuguemontrs trsnsiatXoa. Huguemcnt uae tirarm loto tbls as nell ag I.nted l.

rcular -ihe rosla-eoeted prisn. fJ. tu froat lbs d:y cel1 A. by cover. L rm.. eo that there ls a d. ot' four ualn the end ls secureLy festened. '. dleeeter 1e lsrnlrai!€ et tbe prlem P of. . II. about $ wrm.. eror::rd'* proJ-ongatlon on'*h1pb tbe bcard. oae of tb. eornercLal eLect"1" Sett (B). ijca.leruents: tl \[ tf tl \ Dre slgnelLl:rg (f ) (a) (3) (t+) conglets la belgi. tbe eccurate 1a&lcatioas glvea by tbe lnvebtor fatber by neans of a cttrlja bcard. 1:lf. to avoLd ttuls sbort-co&r tlb.erne of glass. tbe rqsln on "bhe glass surface. ls terhook. vhlch is attacbed to prlsu .rhlJ-e s!l'l'l 1n the nolten etate. a &e roeln-eoated tbree faceg aad tbe baee by renns of corm.e. dnlcb le to act as suBFort.erclal ioeln rendered bnreh.1et&nce of about 4 cn.eee Iasttenr m.'g tt le adv!'eable to add. arey fron the upper end.e fecee of tovard. whlcb Eust be 4 tr3lang1e and equlpped r+'ItJr a sueperBloa boon (T).e prlsnr s edge. Sae end of tb.B 1s nounteti on the vertlcai Fron ibe prlsn FR goee a copper wlre. the edge of prism iR. eud 5 un. of. tive wj. very flne and llght rest on e nlde base.str at te cornected to one of tbe iernieal.e copper :rire. ternlnatlng rfnated bY a.Lle cooli'rg.9 by ueans of. the whole te beated eo aa to equBllze are placed on the board flre prisns bev'fng been tbus prepared.e coatlag 1s about L cm.ilttJ.u-ld or molten on a low ftle.4n ordlnery dry cell for ringing i$e beli (A).e $ v + 2 . the the prlsm being beated prlor io tbe coatlng. Ih:lo copper rLre 1trd.e tbe l{ght trlaogte T.ard prior lpl. wbleb is aade o:l very th1:r lron or tLnned copperrlre. ead at rest Lts .e (Uarsglesa). whlcb surroulde solldly rbat e d.ER. the trlangle base m:si be para1lel vith tbat v1re. / 1pl'dus &re nounted. and the bell.e conpletely draw.t and 3 cn. another hook 1s ai. one of the edges of tlre fLeI ll'l.. the quanitty neter of firrpentlae qu&ed to cover one prleu l. Tbe rosln ntrst b€ very bot but !mr!t not bo1l. fron tbe horlzontal.l hang at a distance of about i5 un.tb. lnourlng tbelr stab{L1ty. posltive Tbe base of tbe trlangle Le ulre. from tb. 1n rrldtJr. An srdilary nade of lron or tlaned copper lrlre. oe Two pri. The prlens priam caa be obtalned. . eonslstLng of one of the +-r+oe-leneute (d.ependlng trl)o! the reststance cf the bei-l)r 1s placed on'. eo that tJre trlaugJ-e miJ. betweea tbe feet end so tbat one of tbe faces of tbe bare gJ-aes prlso be parae{. oae cublc eelttvlulcb 1g refor evexy 2t grane of ros1a.ludlng be dlrected pole of the cel1.ts to t'be posttlve starts llrom the posltlve Srle coBpr-r lrire of aboai. Construcilcn devlce :f end ccuuualceted to irJ's tbe slgnalJ-1ng devlce.{ '.lns). i'lhen tb.belov this posltlve bangs betlreen tbe prlsm FR and ibe poslIn tbts -nray.te. rbe rosia tende to erack.lstance of J co. tb€ cqll end -'l-ebent dourr.s tbe copper lllre wblch eonaects the gJ. it crust paes 2 cm. tJrick. (P aei PR in tbe coated wlth rosi! of wblcb J.

l *b.eslxgs to teeelve a !IerJ6aqe.rae I be'. :. anc r':na1i-v' rakes eontact r.y :auses lhe or . that an entl.aagie ncvrs. eratc wblcb. To tble ryle buey o'tber.::forla1.:l-eetrlelty of hlsm PR fl.'.l ?:rer:iienten'.e betr. cogPer w-lre to tb.LL not ce piaceC on i.itb rb.:.n keepi-ag l.:cu bes been cnerous but +"h:a.leeLre 'io cosrn::d. ' rrlre Ibe BosJ.rcon 'lcec :':'^eI. rrlre aad tbs hook to tb.y :be glesa -:rlsm P snd cegatively To thls rrblcb eLee'trlfXes cf pri.:'. !r ihls paDrr€rr cf ibe le.levlce 1s !o I Lier3ry i:rm. '.lrst C. :cpi'i:r 'Ihe .:it:.rEl]'e i:Jre negatl're .e signall-I"ng der'lce deslres f6:n. poeltlvel. qulred faculty of takJ-ng e i!e66age .otoats*us. aaC t&e l-etter 6tct1t1r d.ed he tbe :e. by tbe Se irlangle 'rlre.mnted 'l:be reccrd ccAf. "rl.o -'9(':ax:xete.o :ing.cate mlst cause tbe belL to dpSe eatltlee j.-e i. :'.ls the r'1:e up :he sior:r' anc I '.::r ::arres :cl :crcessio:i€ pb. I legraed gb.r::ea ]rirLc.c. :ev:!s i: st f '"'Lf. R. :i€ar€Tej.:ot :r1eh to ccnsunl-cste ancltLes 1-l:e bel 1 doee not " i1!€r lt j-s because tbe :s l:: :be .:r cu1.':iant on :c Deuee the bei-i .eiley flaclr.lersons Hho ts:e .o ritg.he nasi::le tQ al: i) .ctes isi.:naf. tbea:iret -tlt .:?erar:ler CrrL3' -"be eJ-esents '. tbe entlty '"rr1thg.e otberterainai th€ s{gna-]] 'f ng denrlce is ready ro cperare.'.n j.:'." nay tb.ios.y but jla"cen'c . idren raounted.&e :r::-rq -'f "iis ]esc:. llmple 1e een i* .ux of energy tbe ]trlstr FR.sutoratic tbe Latter gay be recel'red. anci cbe:lrcult of :be eal.' .{:ii1e a Jet:Gcn 1s preseni ri.enColyn /.e poeitLve r. irrpose rr' r-ire Slgnaiilr:B levtce.tbeeeto.eslres to nalle a eccsurLcetlcr." Ibe Jocunent is'::cnecesserily I:. 0n tbe othel' -lventcr.34" 'r'rc:'::eci -:::s'cil:.e light :'rbicir ls aegarl.-LaSereea.nre ra.vire'.lght triangie poeltlve ibe borlzcnw. ior ieecltatloa thet +.lre:.hcse -'rnc:d.en reeei're the nessage t:.'l:y the negatlv'e pole cf ibe eelL i.n 3r:e iequ:-red :'or lis 3onatrucl.. vord.o :..s :c:nerted neans cf a fJna]ly.r -l'f' =.l 1s tbus trlaagle and 'oel-' ::.vely chargeq le tirue l. .-.nfcrns -Ehat person. state Assageglol: :t ". and 1f tlle person cal}. .::se '. +ite rea::e --bat beve been outl5ed. realJ-y'qulte :. .llth ''sgjflsre3 cf h" gnd jtt's.ile . it' a perscn j-s :regr the spparetus end a preeeat j.'lre.1nslcse o! tb.r :*-s en:-iretli.lp.ictc::::1hg ".Eg .r ':ej-.' :c . t":'langl e suspended thereto.'" j.:^i.he airlerabus d. :1ee..a*:-. cloaeri.. f. fre oeee -he ccntact.a i.i:1g cievLee .riIL 'ce &e devlce found an rbe gg.:er: :'u i.f::'cu. tbe etrr:'ent racvs tbru :be Tl . fli.g a ccrorn:alcetloa. and acta ae evltch. i..rlse.uoes 1t tc :1n9.esi:'3 ic po6ees i-r. ll:c ri'*erri€.'a rrtenpreC :i plete" .}L..ii.c :eer -.:-i.l'.olrs tbnr tbe atteched. @e'aiJ.i! I:'::l:be:tteched. by puablng lbe f agalcst end.ninutes irre nee<ieo sorietlxles bet-ore ihe enil-ty r"rho t*lsb€e to eornuni-ce-ie ias enouq.]-f hgve to be 1cEestl*c. tlrey ?roJeet againet tbe tvo prlercs a f].g ::" :br:lie ."r ::: r .tcr:..on cf tbe DevLce. the horlzontal aegatlve roeln-coatecl _orism end !g i1raun by tbe posltlve *. slg::a] 1.ttve eleetrLcity '.s le'::ee .d*rcqgc '. :lerscn " P passee aioDg tbe poettj. airgtre fl-crelge -:: Jta.

poiiticalr €conorni" . Such rrrould be useless erren i.n the innediate vl-cinity. it is tuned to the exact frequency of anotber sirniLar insrrument. or to the naturaL mentaL frequency of some other bei-ng. 0n the other hsad electronic o:onponents aYailable bere are not availabLe rorrche comnunicators. concernitrg lt was gi'/en.cts by stimulating some ordinarily unused brain. .""ri.. a n d o t l r e r u n .rrnlimited. however.. p1. . primarily iatended for use between persons on this plane.nformatj-on rras not pres6nted ih"! &'a a fully and immediatoly wpurkable ce'rj. in sia. For the intended uge.. Hollaad sunmarlzed acloitionaL infornation ubich had come to light. e Thi s would sventually result in the Treatest and mosr rapiii changes for the better in our socia.ty.$ere. ordinarily influenco ooly those j. ir TELiiATI+rc COlffUlliCATI:tc DEvi0t rfProject Hermes is a telepathis rdhile communicating device. rhe comnunic&tors negard th.alLy to us.stince and & s e a s l l y s t o p p e d b y s o l j . Tbere may also be solne heterodyning involved. * . by friEnds on another planet anri plane. (? ll \ l \l \l Thea la }farch. then by the law of rogona[t rapport :ts range becomes theoretlcalJ".. Due to dif t'erences in the rratural mental ?rysv€ ienghts r .en to l.. m er e s u r t as the device used by thenr.n r e l a t i o n s v ri r r ^ v.o i lp ao de c e e s s e n t i a L l v L1 -r bl u t h o s a . T h e .ndiviriuals. s h only Irery are so A" iJ tc conmi-t such """r:.r3-.cu1ar1y anxious to bave it develo. fn some cages it nay be nocessary to nake sLlght tuninrl adjustments in order to produce identical i.cerr but nerelF as a fasis fron r+hich. "* . 1952 llr. l . r o r t l : r . a devigs stri iabLe r-cr chen would produce ao resultS f. hoy! begln experime{. part:. a per sonar commurrication device between per sons on thi.tation.ped and uni. secrecJr and anonymi..*' he of minor value.: Page 23 . Thus it ru:li.f it rrere possible.ot of'tbe tb€ frequency used ig one which carries only a short dl.f . Pdrti. The ictual device used by the commurrisators could resonance is not r3cessary aild quite a large frequency tolerance is permissible. it can if tuned to tF" proper frequency. both from his orrn sources and.L. . l d s f l o u r j .'ldo not cLein . Itwhile nany Persons may be intereste<i in tire possibiLity of eonnunicatlon Mi'th entities on other planes. exa. from those *sgociates who had urltf.. however. dupiiciry. aud theoretlcally r s o r k o u t a c i . d o bj e c t s . by para-iorraal [eans.or uSr and vice versa.. Itft cr'e&tes' a high frequency fleLd which raill sensi+-!-ze indiridualsi to' such conta.j L : . h o systems this vorLd has ever seen.fe exactly duplicated by us becaus! the parts are sot to be had..n. so they can do no experimen:ta1 work raith them.. r c u i t r r h j _ c h r . +nd some chanqes may L" nece. l!re.Ieade and rc hirn of their efforts. trCrime.-iu*.versaLfv urui n. resultt in rjifferent . They have attempted to select coeponents rhich are commerci. reacb any lnrelligent entity on the information any plane.-.tlt should be under-sioog the j...

Few could stard ?he resulting contempt. rt ls essentiar. the deq!. tr'Ifr sn the other hand.cs '. frr any forn of telepathic conmuri cation tbE ldnds. has ever kuovn. be iltpo. aad nouopolized it could resulr in the grea. since it couid be used to bypooticaily sontrol tbe thinking of otbers. 5i voLt lage t.rere developed secretly by any group or catioa. I + 1. -ssquerade as tbe Honorable So-and3o fror here-or-therer His ovn a.strituted that it ril1. as nov. but be couLd no loager.. rranted to be a stinker.ttery. so raideLy dl. . infornstiorr be.ZS volt# I Control Grld I = r 22. of both pF.areranreSsof hj's i. therefore. It is impossible ro coaceal alry svii or low iatent.rties are Lai& bare.ry ono per*on ur satton to nonopollze it.ntent and purpose would: be go rl:ividLy ia his uind tbet aayone who contacted hin would itrstantly be aware of it.te$t evil the worLd. thaf the. If a^ ttan. Raytbeoo 2 E -3 1 od Dot nauBa.ssible for a.deeds in the fulL light.

r . es the vo]-tage soondri.Y itND SwfTCg ji standard flasn:.) Slide both off the rod and b.0 ? 2 a n c i L + .ge unir: only from variabie i'eLuctance phono pickup.a.d. Iiaytheon CI(-?05 or $yl. and available permi.9 to 14. h i' s n r . The primary and secondary of each coiL were pJ'aced side by side about a ia. apFears that theie are 1:robably too lor. 4p&It1 anci the coils vere arra-nged in fron one to tbe sther. \. i+hich would cuj.i) v (1)r 10 turns m a c i eh i s c o i i s a s f o l L o v s : rv!'re. ' . (Z) A (3) Coi1s. (g ) Ilheostat. possibie alternate B (+)'S. pocket sile radios.t rrithor.Labf e r howe*rer.. r+hen ne\c.IATA 0N IR0JECT i{sR}ms l5'tici Ori:inal infornation specified lleissner (1). ' e i y .. ln case a:rri GJiTgnnel Diodes of necessitl-. .\lmost any srnal] tube cculd be substituted to form pias.\34. and are perlraps .Tlj - .n{ i'ou ircc na:ched coiis.feqllenCy.1 O ? . 3 to 6 nne. diameter arr6 secondarV of it\7 silver on eacb. Crabb) r.e. ioii S.J : r : n q n o U n t i n q dered directi'.at a sockerj.'orked out by Ed John.r'lr i r i .1 0 7 i : r e s D e < : t i ' .1 to li:e clip lJ. iirr: batcery.1n7 resuits .3) sami as.ght fi. in r. hor*ever. value not critical ' (s I Carbon re si stor.5 variable condenser. r. fashion ro prevent i. IlamrnerlunC FC 12 or equal. connect these points together C ALTDRN/rTE 0IIS ff metal chassis is r.los. iIr.y side on l b e I tj r f b : r . ).'ith wire ' not used. r : a t t e . ' I e a c s c o u l t i b e s o 1 under 1oad.\ penli. exact value not criti-cal.rire lea<is long e:rouqh to Soclcets are agai.rduction triangular coils cou1d. nrytttuon Cl(-?08 (miqht sub :. spaced to o""t py * totai of coilr 81rd (.. .ia Crystal diod. round rod or pencil. r i r r i o m e s o i ' t . (Ol Crystal diocie.g h e r t i r a a s p e c i .e t:ieci.' experimenter '*ire sccui'ed .rrcird psycitj-c phencmena. unscrerr sne out of the other. pfinary leuqth of about { i-nch.h frequency range. has a Yo1tage t. TUBE llOi'I BrlfTEIl.. e:iact 1.rbove except that 13 turns l/ere used on each prinary and Secondar.i-?05 here).rith far less battery drain than ihe fl. hl (At Cartr5. make tube reirlacement easier. produced somewhau errati c resulcs and rather the above coiis i : ir !i \ : . connect:-ng into the clrft has r. :iv5. The cni. be placed end to end (Note: trrinary and secondary To rrlnd coils use tiro pieces of wire and wind side if deslrod.ohm. i in. .J . r f i^ v . a stra I i'ange " It is sugan undesirable rdrich inay put thern into coiis . for conv€[gested that si:e several iifferent oi a piug-in on sotne sort mounting ience these can be arrangeri lroard for quick interchange.ed f or the rube " ce11 may be :scd. 1 z ' 1 . .l .able for oneration ia this ultra h:. r t o o \ { co.rhich sase tire leads are cut shorter . tube developed for lhe 2831 tube is a sub-miniarirre :n1y from Raythoon. it e r .' in fre quency to work' da*"a belotr'.1. {And nors in 196C Transistors are avail.aytheon tube. (1O) iush button or momentary contact stitch' fndicates grc u n d t o c h a s s i s . chassis (copper or aluminun)r rdcb each qf the a.release the natura]-\ reaction the Cerrice dff. In circuit \ sensitj. i vouLd be to nount the devl'ce on construction Tbe rnosf. t'o tbe fundanental to pick up end use as a rnodulating frectrcuit Lo their attenptiag The phono pi.iif l:attery should always be turned on before the tl3tr. tn a rnctallic These' shielding (5) and (8) praJectLng outside. proper characterletLcs to natch (8) to the rest of rhe eircuit. Only the coils oud corEa to lnduction of draftine as a nalter diagrana liued ae often. desirable metal]. \ devJ.' E x p e r i n s o g e r s p s y c h i c a n d .ck-up quency one of ths lorrur or highor harrnoaics. lfost sf fective usc c1l Page 26 HODULAr0RNOTITS- .r poss{b!. range.ces such a. in gvcat of undesirable psychic results. be bent sovercd cardbo&rd. entire harmonics. either infra-red probably be necessarr ff any' chauge is. i. connect with only thg GoDbo*: or'snclosure. and. :o c c u l t m e t t e r s . should haye cousiderable background in C A U T f O N S.Ll. To va'ves.he chassis. thus shuttin'r would be. too lorE for wav€ gu:ideS' rlres componerx (J-952.g houss.cators frequency. T V 8) Condrunicators advise that the bctveen are lnternediate frequenci. Then. eurpluc bu.rise be a severe mentaL shock. corncr of electronicgn. or tbe heat.sted is about the nost colnpact and the chcapest devlcs cartrid. to. ortn sbJ. in. ll. b l e r e s u ] t s night otherr.e uow ia l95o? Crabb) conruui. a s s o n e p o s s i .Ultra hl.visible' fron vlsible rays.'coil.\ or pusb-button typa switcir is reconunendedin the nonentary-contact lBn batterll iead. cornmunicators. radio and optical too high for these are.e ts nake the dsvice fsrction rritb the ft should also'bc opti. need Eot be renoved unless dagirod.the rdc.eldLng cansr which shoul. -ruggest using light interf€rouce or ultra-vilolet both plein and polariced. Slnce there is no available and. but who knows wbatrs availabJ. inrush of current rnight otherrather thaa a switchr 38 the first of tube burnout To provent eh possibility rj-se be sxcessive. Cernhich rrould respond to the lover elEctro-magDetlc or dynamio microphones mlght work cqually taia typcs of nagnetic A11 other parts are as" rrc. filters. devised. . troIs. Eede in part (g) it will (3) which nust lrave the to also melce chauges in involved q'.col.d three sets of coiLs in their ft rsould also be well to encloeo the to t. To elininate outside thc.The' por'rer should be turned on by a snall rheostat.n the sub or: ultra upper har:nonlcs: cel1s wtll respond to freguencies Certain frl'pcs of photo-electric possiblo undesired Bpestrnn. cou1d. are rhich r{ould respond.s this are veFJ' GtrNEItAL NOTES .gh frequency between p&rts. shown perallel they should run at angles to In actual cons'trustion convcniesccr each other aud be keilt' as short as possible. (Itens 3.rote ihs remarkt of Associate John. the tt. or nede of foil 8hs3t aluninunr trp out of"thlu Itart8. the switch.

Meissner Coi1s. I quote in part: "Tn otco. Maclellan. 0f course the successful witchbs were-mediums. waves.has Put fonvard-tf.ra-Sensory Perception. 25 Success-fuJ experimenEs have been carried out beEween England and ehe Universitv o f L o s A n g e l e s i n vo l vi n g a distance of 8r 0d0 kir . lherl is a short t'The Russian proscientist ParaglaPh on thought. Mt. New ybr k. Cafi :itis Cl-arraudience. Z'rLrgt In the book "Fg t{ysterious Pastt' by Robert Charroux. page.lly to the brain or inner hla:-lng cent.o the Lord. or pinching.o make it possible for an agenc.6S I: K v.e lheory that thoughEs can be tiansB. that force doesn'E come from the c'rinc buc from the emot. Elect:oni-c Center.ion was obtainei L.ional fnforroaeion and Suggestions b-v Associate Wiili^am F. h ew i E c h ' s f a m i l i a r . Carmel. Ny 100r G.IECHANICAL ArD TO TELgpATHy Addit.<t'. tfre power cencer)".:*.A send a message electrica.ions. Nos.156: f9sso1 Kogan.5 These . Spirrtualisrn anci Insanilytr.ed her cpt. so it shouldntE be ver!' difficult . L4-L072. a *rrict on Ehe head' etc. cq PR0JECT HERMES. Witchcraf E.W. (The Chri-stian Bible savs it well: "l"lake a iovful noise unt..hrough E . A sound i-s a mechanical vibration eoming to our ear.1lEeg by using electro-magnetic fieldb on waves 5f extremely variable length. (Ana what we Learn is thac Vital Force is necessary to Ehe success of any ruagickal operati-on. ie obtained from r-he Thordarson i'leissner. Illinois 52863 Ehe cn i ' " : ."-if you would have your prayers "nr*eiefl-a-K) If we study how we hear it could help.r_ 2 0 0 Madison Ave.her i-t rs drawn froo a htrnan being or an animal] This is why Lhe Witch deliberately ecer s". -the_ living It{aclellan wrote EhaL this magnet. 3.s. to influence anoEher'indiv:-dual ar a cjisEance the Vital Force or l'lagnetic Aura mrst first be generateci rrom brain (and second from the solar ple:ans. Speecn is the Carrier and-thoughu is Lhe Hodular-orl fiic) In the book "Ext.50. 14-i071 llarmerlund BFC L2 or equal variable condenser-. The ear turns ie j-nto an electricai vibration forthe brain and we "hear" iL.ic radiaE. ranging beEr^reen and 965 kilometers. French tiLle "Le Lirrre Dupasse I'tysteri. t. but we can learn from Ehcrn. by A.o rp . paper i r ac k r $1.. Berkley R r b l i s h l n g c. )=25 Lo 955 kilometers equals 300 to 121000 cycles and thrs is (fn the'beginning our Audio spectrunJ was ihe Word and the word was wiEh God. Inc. bypasslng the outer ear.9 to 14. i-et's see how the Hermes device creates these vibraEions f fcrm the reoui re<i part. her caI.-praising iE.

. rnc. Not'hing is changed-from the original **"*pe a question about cat. Roclifordr' Essex.000 cytles.Leligan Coe-sgi..r s *or *' i' hor . Ashingdon.hereto. 0 0 0c r r c l e s 100..w.q0g. 20 Brid.. It i: *y opinion Ehat Ei"ri" u. gg to. "Extra -S e n so ry P e rceptionr Spir i.finally learned how he he4rd them..*"" fi . L .^ r p. 0 0 0 . 1 4 .000 cycles 3 .Mic:ohenries) Rec Bank. ex p l a n a L i on o f ch e w i E ch rs Familiar i have it m ak es s e n s e .t io"fz. ? . . (.. Danier co." but of course htas only-mediurnistic. book. " ciiscusses the :="q""r.d bi .1 0 7 2 . J e r s e y 0 7 7 0 L .000.12.3 4 _ . He was thought i. r t d o e s n o i g i v e t h e t e l e p a L h i c f r"o* :alism anci ns .as an A@ captal-n..0001r0Hx3lgxro I ' he R e so n a n L F re q u ency r get.000. and. V a ri a b l e -CapaciEor l. 9 L o L4. " " " by ir he c..of. Maclellan heard voices.r . IE needs mocification pr obabi y .".i.r o" .. L e tr s what. gs you can se".A r b O O .pi. l'ty electronics knowledg*-i" littie rust. l..M .hocje a n d F i l a me n t i 1 tfre tu b e . pubr isheci in ' i ." a" ) z7r\r zl+N. New f..tanufacturing^co.' i"iIiii. liac.i"t now. r left anyonets frequency ouL. He v. " REVISED SCHEMATIC OF PROJECTHERMES DEVICE T h is i s a su g g e ste d cir cuiE. Aye. iL-107\ *. 82 pages.l.)r.LO7{ .000 c y c l es .Wtten t'he answer is foirnd ii probabiv wiir be a simple miss s o l u E i o n E h a t d o e s i t.1958t "r* " [ ani l v . in his. 0 0 0 ..000 cyclls ( ia::r noni c s) rf.y-. we havei or "itiator w i thi n ".W itchcr b y . M aybe it. A t' fyr iacycte is' ior o60 c y c l es s o w e h a ve 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 to 8 0 0. = O f Mej-ssner coii rio."ifr "r .000 to g1000.""r our ' r "au u i L equenci."' !:.. is 3.i!ry:'t!8 9 0 M F i 132 ro 2 N o . llow ler's -ri. .quenc v .t""r. o.. which is most importanc.h"i'asnr member and r have nothing to add t. please add it so w€ dont anything. L L . could heic a d v a n c e P ro j e cr H e rme s co nsidei:abiy. and-was abie E.e u s e f u l di scu ssl o n o f fre q uencies. Item 4 and Item 1 in Ehe sc.A.Al a st? i l w .. Page 28 of "T\^rornventorstt.' ( Eafili.5 pF and Goil ll0 Eo i90 MH IResonant .head..3.see as an educ ar ec g u e s s o r sP e cu l a ti o n . so iar I nied to know why the coils it'Z and ll3. To srrnmarize: Mechanical sound -Ifgject_Hermes Nikola Tesla B S R FA -F 300 .N o .. t coulc herp once we have t!*. t ' h o u g ht w a ve s a s l 0 t.. and proUaUiy out of p.y"f"i 60. C a p a c i t o r 3 .110 to 190 MH + Harnmarlundl.. r c has r he onr l. bypassing Lhe outer ear.. page 24.g00.Ma ci e rl a f.OOO'.000 .o 6 0 M yr iacycles..o duplicate rhe action. lQuare waves have alrdady been-dis"os".

. :ange if thought r.v.i..' r i ''' - r i A .a n s m i i . / 6 ' .... .-. ..r 7\i.j .: -1.4.. ]-4-L074. 'urOUnO egrphqnr:s. r-- m jJ 5 L" $ ..J) Y-g-/ I ...c : : 1 c i s .^/ave-c.-_ o -s : .. : . 3".: . / J i *.i :crne.. . also ncdu. i l a yt.lciqe unii cnly from 'rariabl* :etucience (t)) R.?nc :r. s : : o c _ r i .Le31 R e i u.-.rFil i ] ...o---rJ Fcr . . l o n . ..rt -* : 5€c..h ecn Ci( . .. .../anable Concjenser iiammarlund 3FC 12 nr ocrral /l \ i j i.r-et: ..i. .. i.... I t I ) I / \.. i4) 1"9-i+..rsta d . o i l s . * c a n i : .5I Cari. c r ' : ? c e i . .ireos. i phonosraotrltr. /\ -i l. : o r l .:- _ oat:er.{i i +i_rl ) t (.i l ^ i I r . : ..: d . v e L i r i s : .c -E -a.25v I 7 .istol. A t " *:" in t . ) i C . . j _) .l l : n : l n a .es 'o:-i arlc '.lheon :E.: _. \ i . L4-1C72 anc 14-i071 resD.rDcGSlirii:tles lf 5sc::l-aEo. \ . " 7 . r ."i-:::cuenc. retinernerlg and :mprcrrement ivj--.-l.n ^ t " l e i s s r r e r l l' o s . . . ":i ..: . . exacc =taiue not.:r ani. : : c . .-. e f .rsta ii o i o ci e . Test_:r. t n a t t e : : i S a t i h e : : : .. .G i...raves ....age 3rain ourDug ) t 4-'" i .a... meqohm : i r o n c pickurr :i1e f reguenc-. ar:_iica-L '). l _i + j- i i | 1 j i | | ' ( vartab.705 cr Syl.II:C'.ow . 5'.-*^1r\' exact vaiue noL criiical. ../ (. { A T I C r e v t s e o ) ( I I ac e ii. :.zoi.-. . . .r ^ : ..-1 iune I 5c. J ( a u .il.i]n te nic '..P R O J E C TH E R H E SS C : J E I .i " l<:9(. R a yth eon CK. _ e .7Lr 8 \]) -'usnDurron )r rnomencery contaci jwitcn.al_ii3/i .i o ci e . RE}{NAER ::JE I]? . \ ! l r \ L' rt .i ( 5t c.reen Contro L . {lq t 9 l r l r -.-. .=o..n1c.t Gno' r l i i . r . speaker:r rransmlr:er" . _. p.:"o e s : t o .

o 7 cycles.g Ehrough? f h ere ts a g o o d re fe rence to this in a L974 "FaLe" r nagazi ne b]' l{ary Margaretr Filler.3 6 . 50 M i c r o v o l t s .hougn thousands. i. nany researchers are begter than a few. Incidentally. ' e r o t ): l : n c c : r . It.hy.a n d r elevision wlll" be outmoded. Even if we dont.rklng life will will revealed and disbe Evil moral nature of roan rgill be isoroved.ion to higher rnanifestations such as celen^rtaiion ite:. 0nLario. on offending vibrat. c .r om simo. ln Ehe beginning. Dr. thoughE elininauing illness anci it will begin wicl'our knowleoge o: Project Herrnes. hear iE talk. $1.m agi n ' t h e E L F w a ve s.o I'hese Lwo references sEaEe chat "Scientists Most theories find some.Once the sircuiL works prgperly i-n producing Ehe oscillaLor wave fotm. yet hear it in our brain. Sicknes s c oul d be healed by Lrming in. plement. "A Physical Explanation For EsP". The next step is Lo experiment with oscilexpert in brain waves can lator frequencles.e ilyr-ng iauc.dge it where we alwa'7s use it.nvolveo . pulses in the frequency band between. a magnetic'cartrj. ExperimenEaElon !s required. fhe tusis Monograph Supfor. il miles. It appear s chat many c :l fer e n t .lons and-changlng them. ' i t " j . fire Of course.F eleci:o.are concerned. device.ting will bec one e a n d c r e ati n g t.a . 1 5 E . D e l t a .r e d l t ed . Garnrawaves 14 cvcles. be different. 3-V35 L973. 1 t . Here Ehe laborafory help out. inside our heads. D e spice their low intensities.have.1 0 l t u ..h i n g s: u si n g m ind power only.0l and 100 cycles a second involved".aurentian Universityr Canada. Like:adio Lf iE crorks !n a loom tt will work anyr. suggest aome radio wave-like connection beEween a sender and a reRecent work wirh Extremely Low Frequenci-e (ELF) waves and ceiver. Persinger is one of Ehe three auchors.let's be praetical &no use Since we.physical mechanissr Eo explain telepat. o 5 c y c l e s .''f tr-. frave atLenpted E.e br a. netic wgves can t. is fuuportant that. E h e s o l v i n g o f t h i s p r o b l e m : . 20-200 l4v. B e t .rhere Ideutifled Brain Waves: Alphar E uo L3 cyeles per second. f r e q u e n ci e s a re 'g o i n g io be discover ed.her irticle is "PercepLrral and Motor Skills". o5 0 c y c l e s . once ic starta wo.of cycles per second can occur as so ntany pulses per seccnc El.n to brain cornmtrnicat. s c s ? r . Theta. especlally wher e :he diodes. we c"ievelco r-his cornnunica:ion It may also f inaify solve lire mvscer:' . and i-f the "ievice is working we should. and can be modulated wieh Ehe magnetic carcridge sound frequencies (voice) -. Michael A. T e l e p h o n e . 4 t.00.ravel thousands of I do n o t trn d e rsta n d all Ehis yeE.:s.y l. AIso "the V"LFpulses alE. 5 .plus belug able Eo transmit Lhen we are on the way. are our bnain waves since-we have icienr-rj-Ec fuay be Theie th-e ones fron I Eo 15 cycles a second. is iE comin. Sudbury. on a phonograph recording. IiHAT ARE THE WAVS FORMS? An o sci l l o sco p e o f wave for m s is needed.

b u t h e d i d c i r i n r t h a c i 1 s . disapprovinr.hort r-rl TIME.i t <o :rpicce. -\Iicir. 'I'hc The Lowdown. \\'aldmen. e l s o n s a s . He also .:r cireaprat llo. the tieiense)cnt ij parade to .ri parall'sis oi the irindqu.' tne certridqe suiierinqfrom a varten' rvessold to preopie . . b r e a t h r n d u n a b l e t o \ v a i k a q a i n s tt h e u'ind. ' f h e j u c i g e : i n c i . o f u n " e l e m e n t "n o u ' i : a l l e d r i l i u m . n 5" r e d i o i l c t i v e . I95O ill' . i ) u v c r st o t n e s t a n c i 1 l l n i n i r o r n L e s r i t i e t i thrir thev hacibecn reiievctlof notiringirut Dr. . : L r r . he rvalked rqainst the u'ind line.Roi Poison oeing n man of vrried talents iJesides rnd strikinq personalitl'. e i n g.I n v c n L o r\ e i s o n ' s s o n . GeorqeL.ihluridc. r b o r a t o r l ': r l ' . vrilium rvas iiseasegerrns.lS Dernocrltic \ational Convenrion.t l t t . declared thac untii he bouqhr the gad. r i k e . t i i . Bcrnard . Neison ciici nor explain exactly n h r r h e t h o u g h tv r i i i u m l ' : r s .t u r o r sI r e e r d n o t c l i t a l cr e t . i b l e r : o d i : c o u r s cl i u d i l y i o r h o u r s on rlmost. t i i v a y s iuppl' to expllin hoiv it *orked: rvhenthe cliincier \\'as rttached to the lf.. : r'. formed to ntanuiacture .t r ! . P o p u i a r i v > r'alleti Thc . h e : l t m { ) s l ) i l e rie r e d i s ' 1 1 1 g o i : o i c c [ . o o o t h o f f . Before his deatir in r q35. ' . v c r r ro i b l r i u m Dr.eot no response t h e G e i g e r c o u n t e r . Other [o weilrersincluded \Iunicipai Court Bailiff Al Hor:rn arrd Illinois State Senaior Willilrn J. {-iovernmenL rrking o|ncial.' n i v e r s i t vo i I I l i n o i s . Clark' reld of thcir mone. h e U n i v c r s i t l ' o i N o t r e D : r m e .14 the Vriiium Products Co. : r d m i t t e d h e t h e l r o u q h tL 5 o : r t .and credited the heaiinq of e bone abscess its powcr. r e p o r t e d l h l t l h c fleqic Spikes he haci tested con!lrned rlo be-bur merevriiiurn-rihatever i! rnirqht.t i i s t r i c t l was linaiiy court.S.'. il'r .rnti :t:il ntorc Ihgic Spikes. the t l c t q c r ! u u n t e r : r ! s i x " r e d i o a c t i v e ' ) I l r i c S p i k e si n t h e c o u r t r o o m .\13!:lc niii. uncier lhe Pure For. r i i t h e c i i v i s i o n .the Iate Robert T. . L)ne man testilied that 'r )Iagic Hec!or.isotr. notice oi the \ I a g i c S p i k e . c i o u ' h i c hi r e l t t r i b u t e d p r o d i g i o u s u r a ! i v e poNers. nead of the nuclear physics l .ln1' subiect. Exact saiesligureson the \lrgic Spike are unknoNn.\mong his accompiishrnentsrvas his "discovery'.. Osteopath Ravnrond Kistler oi Wy'andotte..S a i r i r e b l a n d l v t o lhe jurors: "I beiieve s'e have xn unrec' o g n i z e df o r m o i r r d i o a c t i v i t l ' .<et if in I g3g.r ll) jril. Nelson was a grea! tllker.j..r e n a l y ' t i c ac h e t n i s t r l ' e ti h e l . he himse had been .rners.l c r.\nother mln simoll' toid t h e j u r v t h a t I ] I a c i c S p i k eh a d i m p r o v e d h i s r v i f e ' si i s p o s i t i o n .pei ( or u h u n q l r o u n d t h e n e c k) .rd and Drug :\ct. and [is partner'Gcorge C. e i n i u l J i s e l s c s \. So manl' ailinq PeoPie in & around Chicagotiocked to buv lhat in rg. APRIL 'IO. t i i s c o u r l t ( i n lq i l s o r t so i s t the -\Ieenu'hiie.i n c h . chlrgcd. L r o u n d t . h 1 r ' r / : . Sr. Lionnors. I l o b '1. vriliuttt' end misieading"clairnsabout the grdget's po\\'e rs I mxxlmum l)ellalty: a )'ef. l)rosecuiioncallecl n h : r l i l t l o z e nt l i s e r s e ' r i d d c ) I l t r c S l . " t .h e r e ' e r e" e m a o n x t i o n s ' i n t o ' . Anothcr rvitnesstestjheri that r lI. Undauntecl. re ls'eti his iriends by i . rvith "ialse rr :. rvas 'f. t. -\ersoN Jn. iirickson were on trial. l o s s o mi h r e e l i m e s b e t t c r ihen normai.. L a s ! n e e k i n C h i c a g oi e d e r e . ert -\r:ison Jr. \\:hen vounq Nclson took '. Spike had cure<ihis dachsirund.coo).he stlnd. Ronenr F or vioiet s. he srid. c e n t ' s' ." rround v r g r S .resoid t lrr:m :rL ) joo.l o n gr r a s s c f i i n d e r .\fter he qot the spike. ' ':os.6. I'ormer )la1'or i:d Iicill' \vore one to the rq.rf suristied)tlartc Spike customers the sranci.rqic Spike not h i o n l v c u r e c h i s a r t h r i t i sb u t l i s o m a c i e i s w i f e ' s v i o l e t s l . he r s e e m e du n i m p r e s s e bi1 ' l h e i a c t l h a t h i s ou! oi ]Iaeic Spikeshad . 'L'manilte"inrvard' restortng to :upposecj thL buver's sick bociy ceils to normal. The Morkup. \elsotr started plckIn the earll' l : l g i n g p i n c ho f v r i i i u m i n s r d e n o r d i n a r v a l t r v o .

= r a -o F . .A3 F* i t 9J slEsF1 r*1*fi i$i?Fs: iri'31:1a. ' i S i.*€i ra€f* ii$FFsfilii .' U) 6 ' a islEiryi.i l 3 3 l q * q l: s s { 1 q oq) -. = . = : * A' -. l : a l l s sIr 1 s '(.=3Lg='Eei:I6=.iEa$ 'iiigf.*=€* gE ..EgS r I i qi*Ei rg.l€ i i 3 r ...- g) g er' t € € 3 e P 8 = P*. s f g gi . saeEeE=igls$$gii.='r=e I r o 3i +E 6 ra == = s'=aii i'<n o =.F6 Es. I .E[.:F aa i6 . : .h o r\- o < o(o ct' ? ' ]-\ g*.. e l a : 1 g i i 3 E * g e B : [ . H'g FiFi.iFl$.3s. g i i 3 E 3ia . : 3 ! s i o . S g lF 5 F .+g:-= . .= 5> A o hi +tn! .N .einE*.i3ligB giiFi$g. ? : s E .gir#ias .l. e f 6 a' g) u )o r = a E == 9r o9DE gO =('=IE O =O = =r ^-{ o 6 9a o a ?l o 3 o *^"'.c.. .i 5a=3<_-3 =.a i i .g iFFiii lgig' g i F i = i : a l r .liiBE i*. .- o J n n n t It tr' (D (DC' . I F l fi : F s = e d .. c * i .1l g Q i .r? E?ilit : : a3€? i*sEF::s= 1 .lgF ? .5 t F5 f 3li3 1 3arr :s*eiel. .if -fisqlili i.A - a t - F 3.ii i ./tF . .31 . o v ( * o -+6 i#. s ? .?_EE. a s : = 5 d [ F# B fFl.q.i9 3 .3g5E i3 i : r i 9*I *.O X q ) =€ o | .Ioi. i 3 : i 3ii. = d 5 * a : 1 e 6 ei . gefs iasiiEaie? a +iiisFi.q g= {1 1 r .=5:E i e * g s .= = .r$l i3iii -t C ( D + *F I . q E= s3ei:. E===*t€iEigi. . -./tF @ oc =t^ r 6 { s 5 (--$ L--.g liEiiFfF F.*5iiq. 3aa: ii e e ? + . t n=:=.

sEss. 'l3 c t t o ?e =3. v 6srr < a h = E i l 6 =3 E P@ ? f . q:if.9 - . Ei* ..lFaF glr. 3 E3 aiglgar. .i a E g Ei B3e = [ d 3ae!3E q.. o- C F @-...F l--.legEl lEEiiiillligiailg E leiilig?EA llllai A?ii 3EF3E saE eEr*9:eaaeIs *fflF e'.?. a3 a FB $ 63 4o € a = -= (7o O O = g 3 J3 . l asEi74 =='[g ll*l.i.**6sFi esiei 1ggggli. (D .1 \ v q.g*.s ug ii t sa.?g?F a??i 4i io=Fr I *EE111 *e?:?E *E rgti. .cg 1l*sr[.0s o o a :6 .**.?iii.-J Els.< n i i (/J @ e e 6 .8 ig v - A: < : _[ o o i' :a adr - 6.EI .gi.IF.i=EiEgg g3.g. g*: sis i ie-*e AsEa. =il-"3ga J .:EiaEa.

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the judge statedthat the theory of the treatment is no more valid than defendants "voodoo or witchcraft. In finding the guilty. She askedto of have her children'sills diagnosedfrom the blood samples and paid $50 for treat herselfand her family at home. Mrs.000 personsfrom all over the country. expert witnesses testified that the elaboratemachinesthat form the basisof the Drown treatmentare a hoax. a few ailments-. Actually. Miner and a squadof police and public healthinspectorsswoopeddown on the LaBrea Avenue building.The devicesallegedly could diagnoseand cure nearly every known affliction from jealousy to cancer.they were the blood of a turkey.a $588 Drown TherapeuticInstrument -. And the blood samplesshegave to Doctors Drown and Chatfield were not her children'sblood -. On the basisof Mrs.mounted the stepsof a white one-story building on LaBrea Avenue in Los Angelesand entereda door marked "Dr. body vibrate and emit electricalimpulsesof different. The datewas May 23. also a chiropractor. was not just another patient -. Metcalf said. Lunnessbeing placedoil probation for three yearsand I)octor Chatfield receiving an indeterminate prison term.Los Angelesdeputy district attorney John W.were samples blood from her three children. Albert Abrams. king of 20th century gadget quacks.who died n 1924 after having mademillions leasinghis rnachines and treating patientswith them.shewas an undercoveragent for the California State Dcpartmentof Public Health. all parts of the frequencies. noting where abnormal vibrations were occllrring and pretended to pinpoint the nature of the illnessfrom the rate of vibration.^${{- Mrs. Ruth B.and took into custody enoughAlice-in-Wonderlandmachinesto fill a wing of the SmithsonianInstitution. Cynthia Chatfield. The "cure" consistedallegedlyfeedingproper vibrations 'I'he ftviI 'ttG $ I of5 4:M 8/2712003 PM . Doctor Chatfield and Mrs.1963.At the time of their arrest." Inside shegave three small piecesof blotting paper to Doctor Drown and her daughter. Chiropractor.file :///Untitled DrownCase TheIncredible O 1968 RalphLeeSmith -"icJ^y -t ||. housewife. Doctors Drown and Chatfield had treated 35. Her three children were not ilI.diseased organsemit impulsesof diferent frequenciesfrom healthyones. Metcalfs experience and other evidence. JackieMetcalf.To diagnoseillnesshe "tuned in" the patient'sblood specimenon an Abrams ERA machine. The stainson the blotters. California. Metcalf had purchasedfrom Doctor Chatfield a "little black box" -. Margaret Lunness. Doctor Drown died in 1965while awaiting trial. Drown. On an earlier visit Mrs.which medical sciencehasyet to discover.Dr. and a pig. Mrs. a sheep." which he calied ERA. In a few days shehear([ from Doctor Chatfield that analysisof the blood samplesshowedthe youngstersto be coming down with chicken pox and mumps. Mrs. caseis a vivid reminderthat pseudo-scientific health quackeryis still a major activity in the tjnited States. They are appealingthc conviction. Lunnesswere convicted of grand theft for their part of the operation and -n 1967were sentenced Mrs. According to the Abrams "theory. however. ascertainable he maintained. a22-yearold Torrance. Doctor Chatfield told her how to set the dials on the machineto cure the children. What'smore. arrestedDoctors Drown and Chatfield and all assistant." Ruth Drown got someof her ideasfrom Dr. and had sold their devicesto other ftinge practitionerswho had treated an unknown number of other patients.

who took the old master'snotions and addedmany colorful and imaginativetwists of her own. beginningwith the upper left dial and proceedinghorizontally 'fhis acrossthe three rows to the lower right. Doctor Drown then stroked the rubber membrancwhile making adjustments the nine dials with her left on hand. one by one.With her right middle finger. Next to this was a cylindrical well about an inch and a half deep. compositenumber. Wires led from the footpads and the electrodeto a Drown by treatmentmachinein anotherroon! which was essentially sameas a diagnosticmachine the except that it had no rubber plate. and appliedan electrodeto the area designated Doctor Drown." State to offrcials who impoundedthe device at the time of the arrestspromptly dubbedit "The Tunnel of Love.taken down by an assistant on a large chart."All we know about it.T'hese would insert. which could be lookcd up in an the immense "rate book. and eachknob had settingsnumberedfrom zero through 10. Next shewould open a drawer of her desk and draw forth a numberof sealedglassvials. Seatedat the console. this indicatedthat the dial settingswere beginningto approachthe vibration rate of the part or organ of the body that shewas supposedlytesting.After treing." If a patient wished to do so he could buy a nine-dialtreatmentmachinefor home use.placing his feet againstfootpads.This immediatelycauseda movementof thc needleon the ammeter. "is that a coil with a chargein it seems straightenup people who walk lopsided.Doctor Drown placedan electrodeon someportion of the patient's body. Another Drown treatmentdevice was a tremendoushollow coil into which the patient.the patient lay down in a small cubicle in the Drown Laboratories. lying on a slab.file:///Untitled into the body with another Abrams rnachine. eachcontaininga different chemical. At Drown Laboratoriesa patient was told to sit besidean impressiveconsoleand put his feet on two footpadsmadeof Germansilver. represented vibration rate of the illncss. In treatment. This did not deter Ruth Drown.expertsrepeatedlytestilied that both the machinesand the theory behindthem are sheernonsense. on which shewore a mbber covering.thus overcomingthe improper ones. Shewould then read offthc numbersat which the dials were set. while continuing to make delicateadjustments the dials. The consolehad nine knobs arrangedin three rows of tluee. unopened. often over the phone. The American Medical Association'sDepartmentof Investigationhas estimatedthat the Abrams contraptionsinspiredat least50 imitations." Doctor Drown told investigators.was bodily inserted." The "rate book" also indicatedthe "normal" vibration rate to be fed back into the body to restorehealth. By this means on she supposedlyarrived at the exact vibration rate. lJsually his abdomen. In state and federal legal actionsagainst such devices. The nine dials of the treatmentmachinewere set to the numbersindicatedin the rate book and the patient supposedlyreceivedhealingvibrations of just the right frequency. On the consolepanel there was also a micro-ammeter. where to 2ot5 8i2712003 PM 4:04 .diagnosedat the Laboratory the patient would be told.Near the right-hand corner of the desk on which the consolewas mounted was a small rectangularrubber membraneclampeddown by a metal frame. When her finger beganto "stick" or squeakon the rubber.into the well in the she desk.

he should leavethe tub and put on a robe before starting to drain the tub. after having had a tub bath. he of didnt needto. which would supposedlyreachhim anywhereon the face of the earth.the Drown deviceshad been shown completelyincapableof diagnosing illness. a weak patient.either at the Laboratoriesor at home. and thus reflectedany current illness. set the dials to the indicatedhealingrate.could also be "indirect. Drown Laboratories would insert the patient'sblood specimeninto a treatmentmachineat a specifiedtime each day.In one case.after working over her dials for an hour." She also said that eachhumanbody is surroundedby a magneticfield. should leavethe tub and have someoneelse to drain the water and clean the tub.One of them was that jazz music was a causeof cancer. that shewas blind in her right eye.the Drown Atlas of Radio Therapy.One medicalexpert called it "completely unintelligible.If a patient didn't want to bother being hooked up to a machine. She called the process"radio-vision. Doctor Drown had lots of other ideas.Cancercausedby jnzz. and that people should be taught how to care for their magneticfields properly. that her ovarieswere not functioning properly. leavinghim depleted.whereverthe patientswere. In a University of Chicago demonstrationsimilar photos were producedmerely by exposing photographicplatesto light momentarily. and that there 3 of5 8/27/201t3 PM 4:()4 . Too many people sit in the tub and drain the water while finishing the bath." Severalsuch photographswere exhibited at the trial. says: Any patient who is weak and depletedshould nevertake shower bathsand standin the water the over the drain.file:///Untitled at set the dials for regular treatment sessions home. would be hooked up to the diagnosticmachine.insteadof the patient. If it patient felt ill he could call Drown Laboratories. As early as 1949. and broadcastan hour's worth of treatmentto the patient. If it is necessary do this himself.could be dissipatedby playing such soothing tunes as CarrieJacobs Bond's"PerfectDay.and kidney. one allegedlytaken by a Drown machine in London showing a blood clot and cancerin a patient in Connecticut. Doctors Drown and Chatfield kept dried specimens eachpatient'sblood on piecesof blotting paper."Another said that it looked to him like a Rorschaoh inkblot.spleen. because patient'smagnetismis washeddown with the water through the drain.pancreas? bladder. leavingthe patient with that much lessreserve. she said. like diagnosis. Also.and the blood sample." For $35 a month. Treatment.The blood remainedin somekind of continuouscommunicationwith the rest of the samplesupposedly patient'sblood. organsof Ruth Drown also claimedher machinescould take photographsof the diseased patients. sheannouncedthat the patient had cancerof the left gall breastwhich had spreadto the ovariesuterus. and their own magnetismis suckedaway through the drain pipes to the ground. One of her publications.At a University of Chicago experimentDoctor Drown was suppliedwith blood of samples a numberof personsand askedto diagnosetheir conditions. however. Even this.either for diagnosisor treatment. was only tile beginning. whereverhe might be. including.

" Doctor Belt replied.the menaceof healthfraud. demonstrates that the nation is stiil far from solving. one of its gravest social problems-. The patient worsened and died. She stoppedshippingher devicesacrossstate lines but otherwisecarried on business usualas In 1966 Doctor Chatfield and Mrs. a diabetic. In 1951 Doctor Drown was tried on federalchargesof introducing a misbranded device into interstatecomrnerce. A biopsy.At the trial one of the government's expert witnesses. In epileptic. Actually."and the use of fraudulentinstrumentssuch as thesedevicesin the courtroom is dangerousto human life. Doctor Belt?" the defenseattorney asked. Moses A. With the circuit complete. As for the nine dials with their l0 numberedsettings. was told by Doctor Drown that she could cure him.Another witness. Doctor Drown was found guilty by the jury and was fined $1000. in had of money for yearsafter its worthlessness beendemonstrated the Chicago experiments and the federaltrial. Further dismantlingshowed that the l0 positions of eachswitch were connectedtogether and it therefore madeno differenceon which position any of the dials were set! to The exposureof the scientificfraud brought somemomentsof amusement the courtroom. the patient was suffering from tuberculosisof the upper lobe of the right lung.a small electric current flowed betweenthe two metals. Lunnesswent to trial in Los Angeleson the state charges. if lie took the Drown treatment.Dr. had shown the growths were malignant. "Quackery can kill. shesaid that he would be able to stop taking the drug diplenylhydantoin prescribedby his physician.a chiropractor who used Drown therapy instrumentson hcr patientsbrought a rnanto Drown Laboratorieswho had polyps in his lower intestinaltract. describedtile Drown device as "perfectly useless. done by a medicaldoctor. A dramatichighlight of the trial was the testimony of Dr. Greenfield.which registeredon the ammeteron the console.and the chiropractor thereforecontinued to treat the supposedlybenignpolyps with a Drown therapy device. But behind it lay all epic exampleof heartlessness. Elmer Belt. JackieMetcalfs fnsthand account the court hearda processionof witnesses relate astoundingstories. Doctor Greenfielddemonstrated that the samedeflection of the ammeterneedlecould be produced by dipping the footpad and electrodeinto a dish of water insteadof applying them to a humanbody.professorof to radiologyat the UCLA Schoolof 'Medicineand a consultant the Atomic Energy Commission.file:///Untitled was reducedfunction of various organs including the stomach.spinalnerves.In addition to receiving Mrs. It was even possibleto eliminatethe patient entirely.""You just do not seemto think much of the instrument.Doctor Greenfielddismountedthe paneland showedthat only two wires eachdial to the circuit. and indifferenceto human life. cruelty." which treatedthousandsof patientsand took in immensesums The Drown-Chatfield scheme."I couldn't even use it to amusethe children. prescribedby a doctor." said deputy district attorney John Miner in his summary.Disassembling Drown device in open court.the Germansilver of the foot pads and the lead of the electrode.One testified that Doctor Drown assured him that his you.and heart. A diagnosisby Drown instrumentsshowedno cancer.The only function performed by the patient was to completethe otherwisebroken circuit.The entire device therefore opcrated likc a simple flashlight battery.could reduce his intake of insulin. 4 of'5 8t27t2003 PM 4$4 .and shecontinuedto treat him even after he had a severeseizure in her oflice. Doctor Greenfieldexplainedthat a all it basicallyconsistedof was a length of wire linking together two piecesof dissimilar metal -.

Albert Abrams humbuggery. cancer. Aibert Abrams around the physicianwho beganto pursue his beginningof the 20th long as the operator of her Homo-Vibra Ray mechanism I of4 8127120{t3 PM 4:09 . who diagnosed"malaria."High critical praise.. Drown's llomo-Vibra Ray "The physician is only allowed to think he knows it all. able to not only diagnosebut to cure from a had a distance.the doctor was ableto diagnose ills of the patient.A drop of blood was obtained from the patient. He refined his diagnostictechniqueswith inventeddevicessuch as the "dynamizer. I venture to stake whatever reputation I ever hope to havethat he has discoveredthe great secretofthe diagnosisand Further.hlc:///Untitled Dr. Abrams was a respectable theoriesof diseases having specificvibratory ratesthat could be detectedby tapping on the patient'saMomen or spine. but the quack." in Accordingto Martin Gardiner. Dr." .and other electricalgadgetsall wired together without rhyme or reason. Gardncr again: Shortly before the doctor's death. permitted to know he knows it all.who was strippedto the waist and always for a reasonnever madetoo clear .and It was a box containingan insane anotherwas attachedto the tbreheadof a healthyperson. and placed insidethe box. Blood from a rooster was sent to Abrams.and two venerealdiseases. Sincepatientsdid not have to be physicallypresentto be diagnoscdby the devices." His discipleswere never permitted to examinethe wiring in the boxes.truth can never successfully The history of radionicsbeginswith the discoveriesof Dr.If a drop of blood from the patientwas not available." Among Dr. Abrams had treated "over fifteen thousandpeople. After the dynamizercamethe "oscilloclast" and the "reflexophone.indeed. lock of hair or even (he diagnosedills of long-deadhistorical personalities in a handwriting samplewas enough this manner)." my investigationconvincesme he has cured over ninety-five percent.a thriving industry was createdin which people could sendin blood samplesand receivediagnoses through the mail. and with a fertile mental field for is competewith untruth. but without the patient even being present. By listeningto the sounds." Gardiner srxnsup Sinclair'smany apologeticsfor Abrams as a "clinically perfect statement of the persistence irrational belief on the part of a convert to a totally worthless set of of theorieshatchedin the brain of a brilliant paranoid. and cure of all major diseases.Abrams could tell the patient'sage. a sex and religion.which were rentcd to trained practitioners.any distance. condenser.. It containedan ohm-meter. Ruth Drown took things a step further. Abrams'converts was author Upton Sinclair.diabetes. Abrams would then percuss(tap) the abdomenof a healthyperson. Some scepticstook advantageof this anonymity. the Not only that. on a piece of filter paper. One wire ran to an electrical his book Fadsand Fallacies the Name of Science: jungle of wires.who wrote that Abrams "has made the most revolutionary discovery of this or any other age. ungoverned by conscience.facing west. a committeeof scientistsopenedone of the magic boxes and issueda report on what they found.Dr.

appliances. Drown resemblance the anatomicalstructures. with her thousand-dollarmedicaldowsing rod. to Test two. Drown as suffering three patients. radionics is going strong. her extensive training in the subtletiesof homeopathicdiagnosticsamplesand remote healing. The tcsting blood samples. Drolvn's methods promoters..her medicalterminology and trendy new-age wholesaleappropriationof respectable-sounding 2of4 8127i2003 PM 4:09 .including herself.fle://runtitled blood sample&om the patient on-hand.the committee report: In the opinion of all observers.Spectacularfailures such as thesehave hardly slowed the radionics industry. that Mrs.. Indeed.etc. In 1950. but the device could createX-Ray-like pictures of the patient remotely. Drown's machinebefore being submittedto the highly unorthodox processingwhioh has beendevisedby her.the University of Chicago formed a committeeto investigateDr. committeedecidedthat the filrn imageswhich have intrigued Mrs. Drown failed completelyto control or modify hemorrhage.shehad beenhaving remarkablesuccess finding enthusiastic lines in the university'sannouncement: including. the Drown claims appearto be totally unworthy of seriousconsiderationby anyone..Healthy patientsand oneswith obvious medicalproblemswere remotely diagnosedby Dr. read betweenthe On the face of it.Drown had claimedto have treated the hemorrhagingof a traffic accidentvictim in ltaly by using her machinein California. to professes see. even this luck desertedher.In theseparticular tests. Test three testedthe healingpowers of Dr. In the numerousold filrns shown us by Mrs. The modern radionicsexpert.two dogs bled to death. Drown we can seeno bacteria. It wasn't even close.After badly misdiagnosing According to the testing committee: remainingseventests were abandoned. rest The machineis a sort of Ouija board. In her first test. Two dogs had their arteriesperfbrated. Drown's machines.the from a motley assortmentof maladies. well. a diagnostictest using blood sampleswas equally disastrous.leastof all a university. Dr. However.Not only that.These of imagesare significantlyidenticalregardless whether or not the film is placedin Mrs. Shewas confident she'dbe ableto stop the bleedingof two lab animalsfrom one room over. certain friends who are membersof lay boardsthat to have beenof great assistance the university have urged that the Drown claims be investigatedso that they may be repudiatedif found unworthy or adaptcdto the benefit <lf mankind if they should prove to be worthy.if the links in the column to the right are any indication. Her technic is to find so much trouble in so many organsthat usually shecan say'I told you so'when sheregistersan occasionallucky positive guess.Mrs. Drown took six photographsusing her machineon None were clcar enough for hcr to basea diagnosison. Drown and her disciplesare simple fog patterns produced by exposureof the film to white light before it hasbeenfixed adequately. in at work . It is our belief that her allegedsuccesses solely on the noncritical attitude of her followers.

She knows from her training and experience that by using her precisioninstrument. Reader:If you have no idea what is wrong with a patient and don't really know how to proceedor know of no therapy that's likely to promote healingfor a particular patient .But. ritual and bclicf.a placeboniccure of their love-livesor their terrible commute or rotten Iandlord . an MD in a white lab coat with a stethiscope in nonsensical diagnoses and coursesof treatment.shecan influencenot only the patient's bodily health but the very circumstances his lifb that are causinghim distrcss.file:l//Urtitled jargon . the treatmentby a medicalpractitioner who agrees that theseenvironmentalirritants are to blame(at least in part) for the problem . that as a form of faith healingit does heal somepeople with remarkable success.represented An establishment in a patient'scas€history and in interviewswith the patient. This is bccauscthe solcmnity and ritual and bclicf can themselves heal. of In somepatients. though. Medicine has long acknowledgedthat in order to scientificallytest the efficacy of a new medicine. He knows that scientific.and I have no I happento believein the nostrumsand rituals of establishment patiencefor a healerwho wants to clear my chakraswith tachyonic chi-crystals.intuiting that to masterthe authoritativetrappingsof a cure may heal more patientsthan a conservativc and prudent scientific diagnosisand treatment. of clues as to wherc overworked and struggling with the challenges raising teenagers. Establishment medicineoften seemsto treat this as an inconvenientfog that makesthe respectable diagnosisof physicalailmentswith chemicalremediesmore difficult.what are we to make of her and her practice? It's cheapand easyto determinethat the apparatusand theory of radionics is completebunk. causethe patientsdepression-indicative The radionicspractitioner discoversfrom the radionicspractitioners. who describeshimself as depressed. physiciandiagnoses depression from a checklist of symptoms.use placeboheaiingas a technology. Faith healers.expressed a languagethat I respect(even must be comparedto the effects of a placeboadministeredwith cqual solcmnity. on the can boggle me with equally other hand.or perhapsmore importantly. disturbances the "subtle energy fields" that createthe multidimensionalinterference in pattern that is the patient'sbody and life may be found.or is it better to put your hard-earned trappingsof medicalauthority to good use in the "theatrapeutical"creation of a potent placebocure? I of4 4:09 812712003 PM .for instance.are you honestwith your patient? Is it better to honestlyeonfessthe limitations of medicalknowledge and technique. medicine. The fact is. and I'm sold. double-blindtests have shown that chemicalsthat inhibit the "reuptake" of "serotonin" can symptomsto lessenor disappear. if I don't fully understand)and haveconfidence So here'san ethical question for Dr. and a success that medical sciencemight be unableto match with its techniques.may leadto treatmentsof scientific better resultsfor the patient than all the scientifically-proven medicine.

9V battery is b h o r + no n l y f o r s c a l e p u r p o s e s and i. l R Ui s t h e o n l y c u r r e n t source of these original units. Tncaw."iirrg specinens. (MRU) is' now introducing Inc. K t N ' D S E A R CUl {L t l ' tl T E I I I N ' C ..NSECTCONTROL FOR Note: (1) Actual photo of' AGMD machine model BlA. and neport onE6iEs christopher in electromagnetic to pr|ffifftcts the..|ntnoL. Mankind Research unlirnited.TACH. PA. in the 19405 0 r s .g-i"i'iauu' a'bout c.INES: I. be made available but will offer in this ale not included control insect for specific it' with those who request arrangenents licensing via slecial be shipped upon receipt machine will The AGRjAD for shipPing and handling of $390.used in the treatment intended AGRAD which is-solely insect populatlons- basis for exon a lirnited the designated rnachine' of of crops and the control to conduct exyears by MRU researchers Ttre AGRAD machines have been used' for several peri:nentalapplicationsofthetypedescribedinTheggcrgtLife.'tte .n1.RE H I ' l ' A N .". Gross and his associates at the Homeotronic Foundation of Harrisburg.I. prospective or reason for doing so to any electron^ic Parts is granted' .00 plus $I0 of check charges' or money order in the anount contlol' research 5:urposes for insect The AGRADnachine is intended for experi:nental MRU operation' to L" expected or exact theory of No claims are made as to results cause giving nachine without to refuse to se1I or lease an AGRAD the right reserves on arl basic Ninety day warranty purchaser.s not used in the unit. . of insects control thus enabling with the environment interact that will wavefronts sensor mechanism' the latterts by disturbing coPPer plate for unit' transmitter field The AGRADcomes eguipped with the basic Reagents cliP' alligat'or and ground wire with wire to plate.nainittg6Q-^^Lon^4e\o\fuc. l . NEWPRODUCT ANNOUiiCEI4ENT I'IACHII'IES AGRAD IATI NG ICULTURALRAD AGR .orrr^. radiating g1t"' agricultural field-effect use only perimental to be. (2) This is the same unit developed and used by General Henry M.AGRAD machine is intended Theoreticdly.ted'Lnthe'ulecsit!rcAGRA'nac|ine{onLnAec't Licatlrtn' and (eed &t '\lRuo(6lce' tu.g-fPlantsby by Edward w' Russell' Bj"rd and peter Tompkins.

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l e d n o t e : s h a d e s f R A D t E s r H E s t A t . Germa -' t. ultra-violet or vjiible light radiaiion and an initiator unit comprising at lealt one generaily.rranged project beam Therapeutic apparatus comprises a .No. taps lita enorgiar from thr ethar. KorJchett agrecd wrh Webcr's concept that th6c p"rii"l". z.n the intuitive and intellectual hemispheras of ths br8in.D z & a Figure 1 . Bediation-thenrpy apparatus. Howcvcr. An rnrtiator elernent13 comprising a. allowr tho sth6ric particl'r in v€locrty to entat the mind'aura {ield of th. i0064/13.." ths base theory of Korschcrt's cosmic contraption.iUiv mounred.) \ This devicr. l - Fig. ind with thc nrgatrva molccul inherent in solid forms. The invantor suggBts rh6 erhe?ic u*rirl can be amplified or lcngthened tty aoplieation of the spiralJink clrain...tight Fig. lhc charn ({igurc 5) effect of double*idc' uita mountings might be uritized as a driving mechanism ro gvrat.rit tube. up to a cgrtain 14.' Korschclt vsot "can be used for alt purposer wtrsre an incraaso. . . adding.Wire winding method connecting m6tal .' aaaitior. Korschalt's idaa evoh oua of cEtli. hanks tt subscribcr. "by the dilfuse moving aether in iha almospherr.. Figure 6 . ctnain spots Jo rhat th€ liYing en€tEy can be made "rrJ ussful in various ways. otheric-oloctric parlct6 originared tht s'. rgbi tApril r& -ti--iti.o. wira'loop. Thesc energicr prcsurnably obe. the pantrular settrngs chosen berng ciependentupon :t..r. De.conical spiral of non-magnetic material inrerposed in the parh .. spirai-framed disc is colored bluo so thar idontiticatron botw."aiitoi-j'fj comprlslng a 70. Patentift im Deuuchen Reiche vom 14.-\.a.y unknwn.s- f Fig-+ f<**ftae.erheric "r" "on""n.-apparatus.'.Thc helical cotl' as dayeloped upon rhe round platE mentally suggeils rotatron ana is therefora eftective with sufficienr and care{uily selecred visuatizaion. osar Korschclt."r' cornic .?rc dreel under clnain'- source.e: rschrift.m a r h e m a t i c a lr a v r si n t h e i r a c t i v i r y . Aprii 6. Eaclispir"f riii-oiJ vtcted wrth a radial tapping arm l? encae_ rng a predetermined point lg in eac-h spirai 15. p l a n The rheory goei on lo slato that thii energy band caus€svibrational fields ro issuc as ray3 and bes from all {orms. The settings of rch tapping arm 1? is preadjusiea-a:[iini red. 1_q531. Leipztg. subiect at the point of receptivc ingress. West Germany. Il _-?.dt7 J) Fig. PPAFATUS I^. il-.ITHOU' F I T E DS U G G : S T I O N Ft. according io ths invcntor.s. conriition to be treated.of living energy from tha aeihers is darirod. rvith unlimitecj intenstty lhroughout the porttrra and ncr.". containing iour gerr"iiilv conicai brass spirals lb mounrecio"no .4.r".6.This spiral on disc device nill through a system ol wrrss. but hypotharica f o g i c a l ." stated Korschelt..r f indingr by wilhelm Webar nho believad minut!.rtivcsides can alraays be assured. { h u m i d i c l b a n d s u r r o u n d r n go u .lasma. Figure 3 . . W. balance'out. plastic material. Figwe 2 . Fis. is aetaci.Eenhard Vaegs.6!.ior. "lt is theteforo possiblc. th. bringing rhe etherrc partrcrc inro a 'tat€ oi .. crraled by rotation 8 orderly intstraction nirh thc frec.. €rh.. Ai THERIC. rggl ab. o Korschelt claimed his Jorm enetgy appatatus caused a vacuuming effcct. axial spindle 16 made of dieiecrric moulded . 14.976. t.This apparatus. An eiectromagnetic . . The radiator ig--"v-ifi""I natrvely be in the form of 'nermtonrc vacuum " "o""""tlo. Class (2) 8l A \VUl fronr of an int'ra-red ]amp iO sit thar the light beam is at right angieiio thJ axis of each spirai 15. assemiely-elrhe..Tha Korsch€lt apParatus so fixed upon tho tripod stand.rranged to project a beam of infraurce-a.ings as snom.'rJi spindle 16 may be replacedUy coaxia-fai magnets.. galher lrtrorts aod curwcd linec of aacrgy from the ether.joining withthe union betwo. Fig.000ohm resistor heateci bv etectrlc power is mounted in the lower end of the. ?61^" Fig.oii.f tne Deam. positivc etheric particler. 34i t--__ JALU ( W GROT'P a4|Cs7--4-ft (z). one sidc of tho intetcsnnectod. WARR G.. The diei.

8 .he invention. Onc object ot rny invention is to enable accuraEe photographs of healthy a n d d i s e a s e d p a r t s o f l i v i n g b o d i e s s o m e w h a Ls i m i l a r to X-ray photography to be obtained in sinrple arnd easily applied manner. i r er a d i a n E . s i n a c t i v a L i n g t h e f l o w o f e l e c t r o n s ol Etreuni-direcE. A s e r i e s o f i n r p e d a n c er h e o s t a L e s connected so as to have a condenser aclion and connected in parallel wit.h . IL.hebody being examined. u r e of this invention and in what manner the same i_s to be performed.he hunan body or of oLher: objects.^o 5 d .( i(a y . C : : rL f o r n i a .1.Eivc cell. / 'Ti il Po S+9. d o h e r e b y d e c l a r e t h e n a E .t i 6o").aLive side of Ehe catiro<le of t. o f 4 7 0 6 O a l < w o o d v e n u e . Ruth Drown. 1'hc apparatus for carryinl.-sensieive cell and ac Lhe posiLive side Lo E .ional flow of currenL from the baE[ery o r o t . R e S . / r l \ 1 . portable apparatus for obtainine pho[ographic images according Lo t. tttsh CA 1 7 0 y 3 B P A T E N T S P E C i F I C A T I O N (tsrirish parenr. h ef o l l o w i n g s t . In pursuance of the foregoing anci accordi-ng bo my present invention a method of obtaining photographic images of Iiving and other objects and more pareicularly human beings consists in subjecting a highly sensitized photographic plate or film to an electromotive force so a: !o produce a field Lhereon and providing means susceptible to the influence of invisible enersv ravs or elect r o n s o f [ h e a t o m s o f t h e o b j e c t E o b e p i i o c o g r : a p i r e <tlo produce a change in voltage drop across an elccLrical circuit to correspondingly influence said field. 1939 Application Date: C o m p l e E . to be particularly described and ascerEaineci i n a n d b y E . h e r e q u i v a l e n t s o u r c e a n d E . e d : COMPLETE PECIFICATION S IIeEhod and l"leans For Obtaining Photographis Living and Ot.eO6 JuIy l. h ea n o d e o f E h e c e l l .h t. eS p e c i f i c a E .& Dcoru^r R^J. U d .her Object. a uni-direct-ionaI source of currenE. A t U n i r e d St a E e s o f A m e r i c a . a E e m e n t : T h e p r e s e n t i n v e n c i o n r e l a t e s t o a n r e L h o do f a n d means f or obtaining photographic lmages of parts of E. 0ffice) 5t5. Lg5d|i38. is believed thaE the action obtained by my pres e n t m e t .he cell and tire source of energy. i r \ I htstr" & lhctr uses \ z o P.he tight. 1938 No. Dec. a citizen of the Uniced Staces of A m e r i c a . h o dc o n s i s t . corrnected aE tire neg.s lmages of I. Another object is to provide a compact.o-[/rsaun* S""^ . i o n A c c e p E . L o s A n q c l e s . .-. e n e r g y o f E. oH ornr V i {an. ouL Llru inventron does comprisc a Iight-scnsi. I5.

o practice ir should be understood that the latent imaqe is carried to the sensitized surface by means of a mignetic field having certain lines of force and the crriCt<ness or widEh of the field.9 plan view showing one .ion int.other plate of the condenser being connected Lo the filt.l!" opDo pi^cu3"3r""of?i! sed . said rheostac. i.hirty-second of an inch to an inch. g':31::fi :. Suitable apparacus for achieving this resuLt is illusLrated by the .rppended sheets of drawings whcrein: Fig.he negat.he plaLes of rhe condenser and rhe cell plaLes. spreacis or is trapped to the plane of such surface and bv action of a suitable developer the imaqe of the field can be princed. che.he resulting distorti_on or change of Ehe lines of force across said surface producing an image which can be developed chemically. such volrage drop or change in poLenE. if the poLential of che applied force is varied by using the eieccronic or lighr ray influence of Lhe object to be phot.. pictures cha.s beinq connected across one of c.e.ive and posit. in Eurn producing a change in the voltage drop across the circuit.. 2 is a sectional side el.he subject impinges on tire cathode of the tube resulting in an increasingly higher resisEance placed across the cell.::y. 3 is a detail sectional . I i s a d i a g r a n u n a t i c v i e w o [ a c o m p L e L ec i r c u i c . ThaE i_s to say a photoelectric celI is used to isolate a parEicular section to be photographed and in doinq so iE. Such increase will cause an exceedingly minute change of the currenE in Ehe anode circuic.rt or tuning device. In carrf inq an embodiment of my invent.ered negaEive side of the said iource. 3:"i: f ilm or plaEe is ^ r.ive points. ltig.ii :ilr.rical circuj-t. phoE. t.'ationview of a portable casing acconunodating the cell.t-iFipr F-ig. being led through the selecting or cuninq section constituted bv the rheostat. 'fhis field.he subject to be photographed is placed close to the photo-electric cell anci it is f ound t. and.ographed to aff6cr the photo-electric cell included in the circuit of che apparatus.o..nges in elecEro-motive f orce in an elect. In practice t.located. Lransverse to Lhe shorLest distance between t. when applied across a sensicized surface.e-holder and ci-rcuir wiring.hat the radiant energy of t.ographic plat. rheost. the lines of force will be correspondingly varied on the plate. such changes of the electro-motive force beine utilised to excite Ehe circuit producing a field across a highlv sensicized ermrlsion surface. can vary from one t.

i.. beforemencionel-. as shownr 1 Pluraliry " " .bl. . l r o p . rect.r.. of large surf ace arba ( in relation A-.E Ehe apparatus and avallable for use an.".g cell 3 via a side ro rire caihoJe 2 of a photo-electric which-can consist be coils of insulate<i wire Ler the cated in natt. t" d be the cachocle direction Live to ctl" caiftol. c t5 "".i " t o t s E h e .ial rnay be a battery rhe-iource G . Z i r .r. l . uhe porrable caiing 5 so !h.J of por. a n d a s s e m b l e d o n a p a n e l i n t h e a * i as qngwn :-n f ront and broken rear eleva.ifier of thl oxide'type or a chemical ^ t".iiii"r.nvhere...'.ryp-e' a vacuum rect. iltered * " " " " ' _ " r " f i x e d c o n d e n s e r a n d a r e c o n n e c E ' e d i n p afr a m s lThis condenser device or lel wich the ."Jujting relaEibnship ' e'E ' . runing section collst'ituLed led rhrough ihe .enr.he circuit " i"ui-"ri"fiffy 6 l v i n n i ! ...."if Eube may be a quartz-cr'yst'al . " ib a T h e o o s i t i v e s i d e o f t h e s o u r c e l i s c o n n e c t e d t o L ta n d a re C o n n e c E e ca c r o s s t h e a n o d e i celf 3.if ier.aifier rectifier. placed across Lhc cell and an increaiecl reslstance is r n i n u t e c h a r n g eo I c u r r c n t i n in'1"-"xieeaingty resultinq Becarjse of rhis change in current rhe anode circuit.ive side of the turn connecEeJ-ro Ehe f wi-t'h the parallel source I so that the rheostaCs arE in This of the battery and cell. " .l-h i s l " " gp lla"c c s a n e g a t i v e p o t l n t i u r o n L l r c a n o d e " i ."t"t"ai"iiottt electrons being emirtecl f rom the " r e s u l L r n g '.he .f""Eing by the rheosEaLs.o " u l ' o r .of which of the adjuscable tuning devices."lariry is placed In praccice the object' to be examined of-rhe cathode so that ttre invisible close to t.Jiththesourceofthepotentialconneccedasshown a <lifference of potent-iaI between Eirere will tire anode l>einq posi" fa ny t -a n o d e o f t h e c e l l .r o highiy s6nsitized plate or film' d i ..i "" .c o n [ " i " L a . catilocie. a." l.i " s e l f ."ir""" impinge upon the cathode will Iight Tays.i .number as shown diagramconnecCed in t.. of direct I is"connecr..-"if. . plates 9 and l0 are Ioro rheir chici<Ilrrl-.. h .d i r c u i t w h i c h i s Ehere will U"-"-"ofrige o.ed by its negative uni_direcEiorual-.u. by reason of the applied of pot'enEial' of rhe source .. ThechangesinclielecEricsEressoft'hecondettser. i " i " t p o " . I t t . e-r..p r e f e r a b l y re a if i which are conof series-coupled impedance rheostats B 7 being in the rectifier s.tring in Figs.r:l-lcted co aci as condensers.-4 and 5 resPecEiverY' [i.-4 on boch iron cores and air cores:rnd or solenoids. device because betwecn Lhem pio["gr"pni"g i.rrii"r..". or Referring Eo t'he drawings a source.

s " . l-" Such an arrangement af the impedir..' r h li tsi z e d . o ..-i5 of each rheostaL is ctt" next rheosLat in succession as cire tirsL. and i n cire porrabie-.m p e c i a n c e h e o s C a E s 8 .t gb e E r v e e n . . .["i a compartmenL . r .t..riili f..i .rr. A s t h e C u n e < ii n ptoJlt"u" Ehe f ield is varied or rei.p^. ' i c ec o n s c i L u t e <j i-iv c ' .ementof Places 9 and l0 caused by the Plates. .e Iines of force dependini: upcn Li.i.s u r f a c e fs f ield is in the nat.ion and in wtlaL rn"]nncr Llte t5e .-i8 connected to ductor pivot pi.. oI i'9t i l . number The tuninq device can comprise any suit'able as s6own In l"ig.i n r h e c i r c u j .iah oppioptiat. " a i n t h . 1 : i""f r"-iigtlc 24 adapted i_nserEion and removal of a mounc conLal-nIntop"""a'io. .ui'at:g-. f t .lrn p r r a g n c ti c f i e l d a c r o s s a s e n i i r L z e c l L a t e inq a and producing chanqes circuit ^.."ti"g-S' 5f the batEery c?l be proyidei on breal<inr the circuir I 3 can be pLuSC n i s D a n e I.!t or' I i .i.ol.nttb Lions oL hurrurn odies or oif."ii"ia .Eorraphic c ^ i r . h a b " -u o "a "c e n t e r c o n d u c t o r l6 engaging Lhe studs -singL1" rvhich ra<iiagei sleeve Li abouL wich an insriliring E.the cnarllLlie arrang. p"rricular.. r .r i . E "C .o . f pivot prn l-5 [rom . t ' l e c l r o co f o b L a i n i n g p h o t o g r a p h i c r e c o r d s objecrs consistins' itr lr.tii"g-ot iords a wide shown j..lI .".. .re cell or phouo-electric 'the .-C. J a p a r r i E . ' a r i e d a c c o r c i i n g l y" .e l e c t r i c . r vi n g n on . i to in seribs of rheosLaLs..:cc i nto a to.3""". t y^*"".."g" "Lns a"cnt*i"Ei uy t'he number of windings seleccuiL bei lt-t Llxcd rheosLals can be mounted on a Panel A swilch 2Q ior makin.ii"i i"t.n Fig. iorce which or orfanisnl bv ihe enerqy derived from the nervous syst'em Lite f ie ld i s b e i n g p h o c o g r a p i r e d' oui .! : . i o n 2 2 s e p a r a E i n sO ' Inrnediarelr" l 23 containinq Ehe condenser plates'9 i"1 is a narrow Iio plates above che . t .rili'. h i c i r of the phc-.t . f a r c u a t . p " " " i i g . .i."'of .a Each rireostate coma f f ord a rvicje ranBe of adjustment ' studs La arranc'.". r ? y e x p o s e d cell a lizhr-ser.rcir stuci is iinea c a p a c i t ' 1 r' whicir is wounJ a wire 18 so that t'her:e is a '[he wLnd14' betrvecn Lhe wire and the conductor sLud and rhe c'onseries for each rheosLat' ^t" in"tween these two c f t " c o m p a r t m e n E 2 3' 1 1 9 .ed in an conductor ^ pL.r.r u h e r u n i n g d e r .e p a t ."or means of i n r h e e r e c c r o .rce !?*?O in the cirf ine .w pr d l i ... p h o t o .""i"g' r. .f lectro-mo L e r t 5 e i . . h e p h o c o g r a P h i cP l a t e o r f i l m ' described and a scerca i ncd .iru.a declare that whaL I claim is:-samc is to rro piriormed.c e l i l ' o n t h e b a s e o f t h e c a s i t . r r f o r c e .ure ot a na[ncolace or f llm. y -airiE i c u l a r l y inven't.9 and l0r proto -"=-"i potential r3 ccrl'r"p i "a c j u c e s c o r r e s p o n d i n g p c ih a n g e s i n r ' h e f i e l d i .

ApparaEus for obLaining photographic records 'lf p o r L i o n s o f i r u m a nb o d i e s a n d o t h e r o b j e c E . .ic field and locating a light-sensiEive jurxtaposition to Lire object to be casinr.ial on Ehe anode of the cell by means of a unito insource of curreng of E.a c c o r d i n q t o llaims 4 or 5.-sensiEive cell. acconunodates [he elecCrical elements and is parEitioned to screen the o l a E e o r f i l m r e c e i v i n g s e c t i o n f r o m E . ApparaEus for obt:aining photograpiric records of portions of human bodies and other objects compriling source of cur.ered negative side of the said source. plate is locaE. l l h t .iivel to be examind.he cell and rhereby produce a to the said change in voltage drop across the circuit m e a n s. -placing a potent. f ield-producing 3.e or f ilm in cell in t. a recUifier.s e n s i L i v e c e l l a n d a E [ h e p o s i t i v e side to the anode of Ehe celJ". Apparat-us for obt-a-nini] piroLotiraphic recorcls of p o r t i o n s b F h t u r u r nb o d i e s a n d o l h e r o b j e c t s a c c o r c l i n q t o claim 4 o'r 5. s .he magnet. a pitoto-clr:ct-ric or lighc sensitive cell adapted to producc change:. a series of impedance rheostat. v i .L 2 .arallel with Lhe cell and a source of current4.c t l r c s n t t d cores.he said circuiL diiect. and the oLher terminal member bqinq connected Eo Ehe f ilt. Appara[us for obtaining phoEographic records of p o r t i o n s o f t r u m a nb o d i e s a n d o t h e r o b j e c t s c o m p r i s i n q means f or appiVing a rn:gneLic iield acl:oss tlrc sensLCizeci surface oi a ptrotogral. said rheostats tween rvhich the f i1m or being connected across one of the Eermiruel members and t.ed. wherein ghe negaLi'r.he Cell plate. h o d eo f t h e l i g h L . t'lerhod of obtaining pirot.s connect.Ity Lhc ratiianL to the ipfluence o1-electrons. u I a L t : tw L r c w o u r t < o t t a i . energy of the object Eo 2.s c t t s i L i v c c e l l .hic pLate or film.ional crease ttre resistance of t. r . i l s o l L t t : .ographic records of portions of human bodies and other objects consisting in creating a magnetic field by an elecErical device and Iocat. ln Lhc electiomotive force producing said field and susccpCible off.'e side of tire source oI current is connected [o t-he cattro<ie of [l-re pho[oc l c c t r i c o r l i . a highly sensitized photographic plat.ed in parallel wich the cell and the and Cerminal members besource of current. a uni-direccisral to the rent connected at the neqative side via a filter c a E . and tuning mcans conenergy of the object nected in r. 5. h ec e l l a n d t h e . wherein zr port. iron j the influence of Lire radiant be photographed. a o n e ( ) 1 -{ I l ( ) r cs o l e n l l o i < i s o r c o .

C. 7. ChancerY Lane. r 6 Dace this Ist.ER CO' w.s for the APP1icant i L e a m i n g C o n S p a : P r i .1 . j-. London Agent. day of 1938' MYI'.2 5. i \^'.'Lii or described wifh ref erence to Lhe accomprnltLIi\ 1 1a r g i n q s . Apparatus for obraininc phocogranhic rccnrcs p o r t i o i r i o f h u m a nb o d i e s a n d o t h e r o b i e c t s s u t / s L a r oI Iir. e . n g e d f o r i i i s } l a j e s E y ' s S c ' a Co n e r v 1940' by t.he Courier P:'ess Office Fr{'J C/ r' )''. .t:unin3 means or rheost'at's.

r) .'J\ t'r'' I r f'\ \ { a \ \s \ LV \ 'v) N \4 MJ \ i\ \ I I I I l t l I I .l -il v I.--i_ ta\.U L o. 4-_:J I ' '\ l l i.t s J \ } b. l \ \ q.\ \ \\ r\\.

t1 v. [t \( n V.s==:-ll YF I l-Q-./ a\ +K \X ?- n)sitl /o-./.r'\rltl./' \r 1..rll iiFrir --lT i ll: l tiit llt /| tJ llt I I i^ ('s) */- .-9. X./ \ J . \J c. o/ o[' p\ \0.-\\ . \'<. vt i I \liii q'ilili I Ai lz \-l I I $r ilir I I I I I I I V-D\ W (i-) H I H T l I -r \ i'AF'\ J n / Cr tl \=7 (!\\ ^'l\ r\ I \)->J ilti \ry / ZT\ \tl// \ .'0ay ry 3e crr qc t>r+l*nf'r . \ \ ^hiHT=Fl (r\.--r\ /a:-]\ /g ar iuacb tl ^$r \ D qr lu/ \(/\ r'l O \ \C) t Or b3 * a ci> \ n a\ l Q .

.riple-distilled "Specimen" of Ehe person speakinq which can comes a living The ampule of water can be coftbe completely diagnosed. r ' n" oia raOio speaker "microphone" and is Super. nl ? { I il l l r l tl I rv "{ l o b'--/ p A_P. 4 inch. radio or Eelephone 'Z'9-6-3 insLrument set on rate e: Drown 4-dial [: Ground . and free rareverse irvif. ir with a magnet. pfh o n e .THE ' ' V O { C E .irnposed rvater in the ampule and thus beon Ehe t.o cut. urine. dials SwiCch speaker "mike" on for obtaining voice-specimen and t.o n o f C h e s p e a k e r t s v o i c e P a S S e S C h r . or TilE paCienf were aELached to Ehe unit in person. f or diagnosis as if blooci. as long as noL ciemaqnetized.e 2'9-6'3 is f ixed in the wat. of Sputum specimen.his gizmo is set before Eelevision. t h e v i b r a C j . mike unif.--=_l a: b: c: l)orE Eo hold ampule of InpuE for lead wire IV/II"I rriple distilled wager: from Dror"n instrument Simple DP/DT swiLch (Double PoIe/DoubIe Throw) d: Discarded radio speaker. for further use on other people simplt' plerely neutialized by touchinr. on the instrument The voice VR passing thru aftenvard dionic unit.P R I N T ' ' A S S P E C I M E NF O R A N A L Y S I S radio cr Cel-ehlhen t. 3s "mike" inpuc placed in fronL of TV.

773 N 'p n\ N \ \ Ne N. G. HIERONYMUS oETECTIOiloF EIAI|ATl(J{.. $- ?/9.ts t'Rot IATERIALS ANt) IEASUREIENT TXENEOP OF T}IE VOLUXES flIed 0ct. z. A. T. $.o t o \ . )" e. fi?. lgao 2. 1949.27.r- W. 23.o D D f i ' & Vtgr.482. .t:.- ". Tr*>zasiy.:. az..Sept.

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In thb crs€.!d rha lccoftt b. lroder er th? calc nev be. aud tbcce tndlctB sr€ on chart net Insuletcd wlre of any convenuonsl sE€.lrr tdrr.. tl tuustratad. lr and lt. preferablv reller upon the elcnent of whera ltr palUon m. AD electrode ll r :ohco to lns some o( thc recds wes uscd o! a contnol End to bU f f by coductor f0 ana conJulior z! " l' mav be wlthln the range ot fron {o to 90" F. f ottch' snd thcrefore.f.s lf etong onc edlB thcraor.r.srz ancr 3! but such tenpcrsture t! not crtilcsl. cophBClelectrodes or plcces o( conducung mst€rr8l pcr or subtrnces havlna ctectrrcat mounCedor otherwlse disporcd sd.tin* subthe pl8nt^i were enClrelylsolsted from the.bla condusers. Intllclr lf on aatDtes siyen for thts cofl ll Bre not crlttcal snd charti|a. rnsrcad eBprovrns rr. ooiroo.-Lit ff.robcallcedncrrsubrtencc lf.Brtz or anslogous maLertals. (thc vducr mqy ilDdc proxtmlty of tubstsnce lf to col ll or thc elee.r"*:ffiST . Unlt la !s JotDtd to urrt lC by acaos ot *o or cou rr .lT:1ffi.-b!" pobt ft.!ton torubrtlacc ll ar to vulnrnc o! tataulty of the rrdtrttoD!. nlc tt ls ctubr8ted proxlm8tely 2 ln.etghtof elements . The remrtnlng tnxeo ol planLs "ny-Jo"l. rr d6t co|l lt ln rhe 0O lt. p&th of tr'vel clsted electrodcs. trus dbtrnc€ was !rcm one_hBlf to to the comprlsere unlt lf Includtng a coll li tlls-.-.fnlm.:t rr m"ey bc conncotedto sublgtnec la or lrlra f0 may elthcr r con{aUotUly rnrlrble tyDc or Ir mty so3_ bc terntnrtrd tn B! et€ctrode BDd t"ho tett r dB.h" G. In grctlce r prl. il.t$.e oI prt..rrheu aU known rho .rom fncttoruol t otlauptolcycral Drcgohm!). A. drrtcncd barcdtlpdcd rt rnglee from 30 to 60 aegrees"ces hes mcnt roon.t.rt ducttng mrterlel such L eium..". the sllu ol the opcrator. thcpurposc or unlc l! wlll be rut.dffi.i.s of rophyl whtle the remainln3 plratr wcrc green.. Thb nnge {j worl bcct wnen they J"Uu. . thc o[dcr of a lew mll! "".ooo onri each. non-t51tuc61r! r6tstaDce udtr polcd wlth r?1. r cTAGb h-'rrri. qu. ThG trcst€d plrsts scre relsto thc race ot the prlsm l! wrr of the orcler of 5.. ind lf rrc croh r. A pa$sgcwry tl formed qulred !o lmDTrt normrl chrncterlrttcr !o tire zJ eprtroloettcdl.\y rO r ts .onthereto provtd?d.:J:"tt 3 4 :if"l:'i.thc srtrre spccllcaUonc art AfrDrratl5lorl8borttoryorconnarcldureand J5 tsncs froE prtet ff ar etcctroOe-ii Uut ls suitfor detectlng thc prescnce ol eoy of thc lcnown ably urqtnt d toinoveracni to scale ll elemeni!. thc Otstonce-"f *l.. ln .sEr2l having two porrsneCf sccds wena plrotad ln boxe! ln a..rac€nt thereto. t]rtclness. ll from and each box of plsnts was ecprrately ettached to 30 prlsm :t ls not crlilcel so fong .u"AUyE inilcatcd uy a "O"".tfiil€rerneptsdl. wlrc [ --fn-'pncUcc.r-.

2. gcole tndlcla ll are cllrposed tn a llnc plrellel to the path of travel ol electrodc tl rnd tlrc element or elements Involved wlll trc dctcrmlncd by ll Bt ihe the locatlon or the scale ol polntf lnstant a reactlon l. rl atnmr(: 45 welghi ?9. 8s the case may be) ts lnstalled r.varlable condenser 2f ls slmllarly manlpulated to obtain s . some ccndltlons. Whet actually hanpens Rt dctector 12 to tni.forth whcn constructrd as speclffed. cieetrode t8 hns lntorccpt('d 'ttr t h e p a t h o f r a d l a t l o n w l t h p o i n t e r 1 8 r t t h r ' n t t m e r a l l 0 o n s c e l e l l n n d r e f e r e n c ct o c h a r t 1 6 w i l l teach the operator thBt the eloment itavinrl stomlc weight ?9. The anclr' lrt. In Ftg. { lllustrateg another lorm of thrt Dort of untt t8 showlnB ns. whlch plrte ts of r.he conductlnc portton.s. Detector l2 ts preferably an electrlcal conductor roated wlth a materlal havlnc such characterlstlcs thet under Influence of energy flowlng throuch t.setttngwhere t.sumed substanee ll contnlns cnlclum btt[ it rs nol known 16 that such ls the case. thc foce of tire prism lt. of The substance ltself whleh con-sl. thc reslstance lo stroke st detector l2 wlll be of hlchest order. Irlc. Ttte manner of uslns lens 100 ls substsntlullv the same a8 descrlH ln connectlon wlth rhe usc of prlsm 2l.t l T i (9.sobtetned et dctector lt. 8ny materlal or substrncr mry bc located adJaceut to co0 lt and tts conpoacott dadnilaly 5 C\ / 1i8\778 electrde tt on s ltlo detcrmlned by pcltlonlng of radl. Deteetor ll may be connected bo unlt l0 bv transformer ll or lt msy b€ placed ncar enough to ptck up the radlatlona from the output of unlt l0 wlthout dlrect contact so long as lt la placed wrthln the fleld of radlatlons. s ls so locatad.rxpll[g or ogher convengloml coupllng ol thc typc frequentlv used ln stsndard broadcrst radlo reeelvers eDd whlch 1r aDalosous to transformer !ti Ilnlt t! m&y be o conventlongl thrce strge tuned rndlo lrequency broodcast band-ty?c of ampllier wr[h the ucual varlEble condensers omltted or lt nrty be of the reslstance coupled ol tnpedance iype coupled typc often used ln rsdlo brudcsat the vclue Ssld amplmer lntcnrtllet nmpllflers. It has bcen lound rrractlcal to use a metal plete coverd wlth a sheet cf pla.tblecondenser 22 ls adlustcd while 30 thc oDerator contlnues to stroke deteci.allon ll where the derree number on the face ol scrle ll ls qulckly read end used by reWlren lhe degree Incucla {| Ierring lo chart ll.n area convenlent for stroklng rlth the tlpe of th. the {rnsle of radlatlon formed by ltne ff cnd. for example. whlch tdentllles tbc encle of the r8dlstlon.r a unlt of the A small qultttltt of etch ol materlal detector t. of the radlatlons reachlnS lt so thot tJre eflect Undr:r rrpon detcctor ll ls clegrly dbcenuble..ectorll again reaahes a m&xlmum. Thi. ID pr8ctice. so far as the elcmcrrt separator or fllter portlon thereol tr eoncerned.lon from prlsm l!. These atomlc welshtt are well known end ere used ln convcntlonal texts aud sclentllc i'orkl.. and therefore. 35 Eleetrode t! is then rendjttsted for a flnal posl' Llon. Thls seperatton or flltrrtnc ts accomDllrtrd ln thc embodtment t[ustrat€d In Fl8. or lensc lC0. 2 bv nrlrm 21.l a lens tfl hee the elcctrode 32 dlspced adjecent thereto ond rnovfblt electrode tl tr rhlltable torerd and lrmr lcnt l0t.fl . As soon as elcctrodc 3l has been poslbloned as dcscrlbed.hedrag aCdet. . It mey also b' a sheet or plastlc wlth a coil slmller to coll l2 rlrsposd ndjacent thereto and connectad to the ^rrrplins transformer ll.: lsotope the wtder the ansle A subltence composed of two or more of the 70 known elements may be rnalyzed ls heretn 'qet down to determinc iLs comDonent constltuents.o.sclc or coated wlth lacquer. lhe reactlons from unlt ll msy be put dlrectly lnto detector It wlthout lot€rp6' inc unlt l0 but ampliflcatlon of the radlatlons ls deslrable.srtcir as the hand or flngers. or ln lomc m8nner irve evldence of the pres€nce ol the encrty flowrng through the conductlng portlon by ptducinc l sreater drag or reslst$nee to the movement o( rrnv part of the body of the operator tlrertover' . of the Chart aa Lqof eourse produecd u r rrt compleie apparatus rphen such apDrntur lr manufacturd and efter the nr|sm tl (or lens lfl.u t?5 6l rsdlo frequency tvpe trarutormer untund throuSh the medtum ot conductors 12 and 60' Unlt a0 may be Jolned to unlt lt by reslstance 6.he known chemlcnl elements ls placed adJecent to corl l2 and wlth full knosledge of the ctement.2 ts calclum then thet eiement ln . as the operator moves thP flncers over the surface of detect(lr 12. the coatlng wlll chrnge lLs surface tenslon or vlscoslty. I aod ttg. Det€ctor 12 ls a device that wlll tndlcate I chenge from its normsl stst€ when lhe radlotlons from the analyzer l! *re catxed to lnfluence ib.r. The employment of condenscrs 22 and 2l Insure a more accrrrate settlng of rninter 78 by vlrtue of thelr additional fllterlnr action In the lllustratlon.or l? to tt position where lhe greatest drag at cletector ll ls agaln manlfesied.s oceurs when lhe energv or radlatton flows from unlt 16 lhrough unlts {0 and l0 lnto '12. After thls chart ll B so constructed and the tnterseetlnt UnB arc extcnded from tndica la (degree readln8r flrom ocrle tl) snd lndicla a8 (the stomic welght of thr lnorn elements) then when lhe Lpper8tur |l! In pttctleal u!e. let tt be a. ls placed on chert ll rc oDc of thr. electrode 3t is shlfted slowly and polnter 18 moves along 29 scale 3l untll a creat('r degree of adhesion or resistance lo motlon at lhe srrrfece of dctector l2 ls set up. The focal polnt ol paths of radla50 tlon of the elements wtll csuse deteetor ?2 to resct and establlsh a drag to the operator's Louch' whereupon the scale tl mey be read end lts readlna translated by reference to chart 10. When electrode 3! is a! a posltlon detector 26 where lC ls intereeptlng a radlat. whlch the unlnown ray or radletlon leavts prism 28 wlll teech its name for. vari.r not known but the Rppar8ttrs functlon3 as above set. Nextr. indlcia ll. lhe tltre on chart a0 exteDdlna lt reaches tbe therefroE tt followed unul dlBgonal llne {l on cbart ll rhereupon lhe opcrator then follorc the lnters€cttng llne to the loeer edse of the chart Fhere lhe value ol the stomlc I0 wetght ll ls rcad. a rlostttvely acllng nnalyzer for atomlc rrdlnclons ls produced even lhough 0ll thc prlnclplc rrpon whlch tt ls bascd ls not fully known. RBdlatlons 66 f rom oiher elemenls and tholr lsotop€s pass through prlsm 2t ai srealer ftneles but in the same order as their ntomlc weleht-the heavlcr the element or it.2 is that trom which the radiatlon alonc dotted llne ?5 is travelllne.5 crease and decrease lts drag to tho touch of the operator. i-rnsers or pelm o( the hend. thBt. .substance ll has been two or more known elemenLs may be tdcntlfiecl because the emonetlons therefrom will produce o composlte 76 frequency pecuilar Lo thai comblnEllon of ele- 6 . Rrdlatlon from hydrogen pRsscsthrorrch prlsm 2l at the sharpest angle or et the lowest desree measurcd from the face of frrtsm ?8. is cletermtned and the dcgtle numeral on scale !1.

tons to accompllsh the dcalred purpose. 4. condrrctlng Lhe radlatlorls through rr tttnnbk.g{13.nd :nr.t 1r max:mum of rnfract€d radlatlons sre tmpresscd on sald second nomod clcetrode.'te Bna!tr8 from said speclmeu will(:ll ('rlrnt)t .alues and a chart must bc pr@8red l'y ewltah ltrst wrll relate the vclue lndlcrtlls s€tttngs of unrt l0 the quantatlve unltc of mcacurement.lto radlsilorrs emsnatlng trom sgtd electrocle lhrouglt a refracllng body: adjt[tlng a s€cond electro<le untll lt tnt rceptr ssld re(racted radtBtlons: ampllfylnB !h! lo radlatloni lntercepted by Erld second namcd electrode. 2. adju. readjustlng sald second named etectrodt untU the verletlons of the surfRce fflc60 tlonal chargct€rlstlct of sald detector lndlcst€s.n8 the radlailons pesslng throush snid variable reststance.hc electlro . Bnd ldentlfyrn6 Lhr. l.s[ nBmerl electaodc.he eleetrlcal and optlcai radlations characlori.t6 rlonal chsract€rlstlcs of ssld soltd: tuntng sald tun8blt clreult untll e maximum of the radtatlons lrosr sald .s rn a speclmen under test by capturtnc snd analyzrn8 ihe electrlcal and optlcal radiatlons characterrsttc of such elements emanstlng from said speetmen whlch comprlses. whlch comprtses capturlng nDly the radlallon:r cmanatlng from onc ol the €lernonts havir:g both elcctricRl 8Dd optlcol charrcrorr:itrcs: tdentilylng Lhc sald radlsuons Lo accomprish the (leslred prlrpcrse:snd measurlng the rt'.ers Peteni 19: l.ionr lnncnt elements of sald subJt^nc(..ld clreult irom *ltlclr ci{}ct.stlc of :ittch elementg emanating from sald :.(l prlses. mighc be made wlthout department from lhe spirit of the lnventlon or scope of the appended clalms.y of chcmical elemetrts to detern!rnc t ht. The method of detectlng the presence ln any 60 body ol I speclflc element as weil as the quantlty thercof qrhlch comprtles.'l)r. I gilp odjscent sald lrst namcd eleetrode. whrcb comprl. r'tr irr eult ltrcludlDg ssld elcctrlcal cott(lu(:L(lr un elect . tunins said tunsble clrcult uBtll a maxllllum of the radlatlons from satd speclmen are emltted froE sald flr..speclmen are emltted from sald nrsc nsmed electrocte.n presdDS ltdlaLions on an eleclrl(:rl c{ilr(lttcl(rr. lmpresslng sBtd radlaclons on Bn electrlcal conductor: conductlng the radlatlons throush a tunable clrcult tncludlng sald electrlc8l conduclor to an electrode ln sald clrcult frorn whlch electtode s8ld radlatlons emaneici dlrectlns the ra:r5 dtattons emanatlng from sald electrode throuch a refractlng body: adjustlng s second electrode unttl lt lntercepls sald refracted r&dlBtlons: concluctlna ssld radlatlons lrom snld (ocond nented electrode through a varlable reslst. conductins -sald amplifled r1rdtatiolt.i charRct€ristlcs of seld solld: tunlng . Ttte rne0hod of deteetlns the l)rcsence 8nd quantlty of chemlcel elcmenls ln a speclmen under telt by capturtns and sn8iyzlng t.r(xto ld radlsuon! emanale: cllrectln( t. All cumbinatlons may be chart€d ln pnet Lsely the salne tDaruter as herelu de&tlbeci for . lrode ln :e..ltlon. The method of analyzlng substsnce to detrret thc' presence of any of lhe known element's contrlncd sald radlat. ?. whlch comprlses caplurlng only lhe rodlettons {rmanating from one of the eiornen[s.rlinn trom the substance havlng both electn(a.stlns a sccond electrode unril lt tntercepts said rcfracted radlstlons: conductlns sald radi. :l The lnethod of analyzlng a subotaace contsurrnri I plrrrl!il.rll the lDdlvldusl tnown elemeois ln l. .s from sald second nsmed electrocteto a dete:tor comprlslBg a conductlve solid hovrrlg a smooth planar sur(gce to vary the surfac: frrcttona. The method of analyzlng substance to del. Rncl an edjuteble electrode.. whag ls ctahed as new and destretl to bc secured by I/.nLs.lectro.aln cn ludlce0lon of the pr€lence of a chemlcal element and varytng the rellrtence ln satd vartable 66 reolstance unlt unill the surface frlctlonal charsciert3tlcs of nald det€ctor are unafteete<l io obt8ln ut lncllcatlon of th? quantlty of sald element lu scld 8p€ctmen. impressing said radlatlons on an elcctrlcal conductor: conductlnS the radlotlons through s tunable crrcuit lncludlnc sald clectrical conductor to irn electrode ln rl|rd clrcult from whlch {.:auslng seld wave! to pess through I refractlnr: irody 1r nnssese thrcuch snld q4p: lmpressins 'aid ampllOGd wlves on an lndlcator comprlqtng a conducttvc rolld hevlng I smooth planar surtRce coupied ?a to grkl coupltn8 elernent. 5.l3ntity of satd radiations.sardtunable circuil untll n r|larlmum o( thc rirdtatlons from sard specimen are emltted f rom sird first namcd plectrode: and readjusttng sarlrl seconcl named cleclrode untU the vartatlon o( the surfacc chrroctFristlce of sSlcldet€ctor tndtclies th:.rdjustlng the seversl swttche! comprirlng urlt ll untll the mRxlmum amounL ol rertrtrnce hra been lnlroducecl lnto the clrcult wlthout lnterrupilng the reactlons menlleeCed st dct clor 12.^ct the prcsence of any of the known elements conlained thercrn. cotrductlng ssld alaplffied radlat. arrd readJustlDg setd second named eieetrode untll ihe varinLlons of the surface frlctlooal :0 charact€ristlcs of sald deiector indicales that a maalmum of retracted radlatlons 8re lmpressed oa sajd s€cond named electrode b oblaln sn lndtcatlon of ihe presence of a chemlcai element ln sald cpeclmen.tes capturing ttre rrdletloru enr.n.peclmen whlt:h com:.h8vinc bolh ciectrrcal and optlcBl chsrircterrstlcs: lnd rdcniifyine thc ssld radtetlons lo acrromplishthe desircd purpose. radral. thst r mertmum of retracted radtgtlons ere lmprels€d on sald second Duned electrode to ob!. slnplll0 fy.lons fo a detcctor coupled wltt! sEld amplifler which detector comgrlr* a conductlve solld heving & smooth plan8r surface to vary thesurface lrlctlonal chBrt6 oc0erlstlce of seld solid.lir 6. The method ot detectlng tlrc prclcnce of chemlcsl eiemengE tn a spectmen undcr tost by cspturtnS and analynlnE the olec'trlcol rDd oDtlcsl radlrtlons chrracterbuc of sucb cltoctrtr ca- 7 i.asurlng Lhe volumes thereot. hsvins physlcal clraracteristics dlfierent lrom tbose illusLrated and The swltchec are callbratcd ln conventlonal reslstsuce l. lmprelslng on an eleettlcal conductor radlnnt wcves havlns optlcal cnd electrlcd properttes whlch are Fenertit^d by and c|htch 8re char&cteristic of a speclflc element.ancn. dlrectlng the rsdlatlons emanatlnt'l from sald electrode through a refracilng borly.?78 m(. 0! tuDlDg lald waves: lmpre-sslnBthe tuned waves on an electrode: smFilfylns sald wRve\ bY 3n amplllytag ctrcult whtch lncltldes a couPllnd eiennent. atUustlng sald adJugt- 8 . It s reatizecl that apparabus for detectlng mstr.l lrnd optical ch3racteristtcS. lrt!mlcal serles. llavinc thrrs descrtbcd the lnveDilon.satd lEst two electrodes bel0 tn8 8t opposlte ends of sald rap: .rials r.rnr(xl clement. a0 !s ttsiedio menstlrr) tie inteostty of Lhe . Llnlt. .i to a detector coupled wlth sald nmpilfler which deDector co[lprlses a conducttve solld h:rvlng & smooth plenar surface lo vary the surface lrlc.lons cmanate.crdtatlona trom R gtven element or lubtCanc€ by .'fhe rnethod of dcteetlnc the presence of .

s I)nth to lnt€rsect .substance detect trode and i.irvel known elements therein comprislng a plck-up of sald rsdlalloDs for refractlnS sald racliailorx: unit havlnR electrlcsl conductlve propertles lor nn adJuscrble eiectrode positloDed adJacent a porcollectln8 chsracterlstlc radiatlons of aD optlcal 8nd electncat nahrre from the substsnce berng __ tlon of ssrd r€frsctlng body lroE whlch the reanalyzed. a re12. sald deceetor blnr element: a sccond eleccrode to collect radlagloor .26. ln comblnatlon. a.'11.he .26 eleclrode to collect redlatlor\ pSssius throuch the lens: a rca. a tunlng clr"eult connect€cl to sald eiectrlrrpon the touch altered ln accordaDce wlth the cal conductor: sn etectrode ln sald tuniDg clrcult Ilow of radlallons thereto. An sppsralus for enaltztng tI subittlnt. Bnd B det€ctor nember conlsfractlng mcrnber of transparent materlal ln sald (luctlvety Joined to lhe last-meniloned the s('('ondelectlode: etrd :r detector mcmber conradllct!'. AppsrBtus for soalyzrng substance to deteci illc presence and quantlty of any of ibe klown 5 .77t 9 ! 0 from wblch fhe radlattoru move oulwsrdly along able elecfode and operallnS sald hdlcstor and a psth of travei. Appatrtls tor enalyzlng substance to detect f ractlng rnember of trarlsparent maierld ln seld p8th to lntersect sold rndletlon. EItR.I€nt: characterlstlc radtatlons of an optlcel and elec.properiles for coltecttng . sald leos bavtng 8.r-Lrlrlrinc the quontrLy of llre r-:ldlaclonscollected by cal conductor for nhsorblng the charactert. a scele havlng the presence and quenllty of any of lho klowo lndlcla lhereon when:bY nnv one of the elemeDts l0 elemenLsthereln comprlslng a plck-rrp unlt havlnB electrlcsl conductlve propertte:. Apparatus for analyzlns .116r?E SlU __-_-_ ADr.r"Ui)y the propert. r iocal polnt {or each klogD eiement: a sccond prck-Lrp unlt havrng electrrcal conductive proper. Apparatrrs for anolyzlnc substance to detect AEFEBENCES CffED lhe presence and quanitty of any of the kDo*n elemcnts thereln comprlslng s plcl-up rtnrt h8yThe foilowtng :e(er?-nces are of recorcl ln ihe lns electrlcal conductlve . rtfr8ct rsdlatlons emnnttlng from the sald electo 9.ely.ard electrodc ud positloned ln ibe paih of r:.y ol having lts effect alyzed.'t'.otDt .r rocai .1. from which sald radlatlons emanatc ln.oo UNITID STATEEI PATlSrTs trlcol nature trom the iubstslce betns s!d.d l(t Appersius for anal)'zrn. provrded tles tor absorblng characleristlc radlatloDs o( wtth refercnce charact€rs ercb lndlcatlve of pstb ol iravel fo snld acljusCableeiectrode untll I maxlnull rnt€nrefract radlstloDt emarairng lrorn ttle s81d elecslty of relrected rays ls indlcated. each lndlcatlve ot one o( the knowD elemcntg nnd each belnS Bc & focxl potnt ot sald [o collecl rrdlailOns tt the flow of r8dtatlorls therCtO.fyMUg.ordance wltir mirv betdentlned: aseeondelectrodcbc3acenthe s. a focal stance belne analyzed. substance to detc('t lhe preseDce and quantity oI aDy of ttre {6 path ol travel: a refroctlng borly ad1aceni .i.l t() thc-last-mentloned opparstu. :r second elecurode to collect rBdletloos Dassurg through tbe element's thereln comprtslnS. a scalc havtng charsctertlzed by the propcrty of hevlnR tls ef indtcla chereon whereby Lrry one of the elemenls tett upon the '..s of on of the lnown eiements Bud e|ch 6grng at a focal optlcsl ond eleetrtc8l n8lure from the Eubstanco belng anelyz€d: Bn electrode ln conneciloa wltb l0 polnt ol crld leru.. an eleclrde in oonneetloa rltb setd w lracgedrsdtrtlonremrnrt€'ssealeprovlded 1v!th plck-up unlt from whlch the radlatlog hdlcls ior :dcndlyurg any oac of tbe chemlcal roove elements Bsclatcd outwardly along a p8th ol travel: e lens lo srld vlth sald BdJustable elccpath of travel to refract r8dlatlons emanatlng trode: alrd a dct€ctor comgrldDa a conducilvo from the sald electrocle and trRvellnc tn sald path.oueh altcred ln scc. i938 ..a. __ 6oltd hrYln8 a smooth pl8trar qrrlsce conducilvely sald lcDs hsvlrg I focal polng for eech kaown 56 couplecl vlth sal<l edjurtablc electrode.a tbereon. and apprratur lor meBsurlog the quraclty of '"he r8cllagloB coilected by tho sald urrlt frorn whlch the reol8ttons move outsald scoond electrodc. sald lens havlnc the presence xnd quantiLy of rny of the known elements therern comprrslng.r'rnlr:'tl trRvet has been allerod thereby: apparatus mensof elements lnssldsubscancecomprlslng. ln comblnstlon.s. c leDs !D ss.lecssrd rnembcr and tl'le sc:rlL'to collect redlatlons trlcal nature from lhe zubstaoce br:tng analyzed: Irassing throutir lhc mtrnber after ihelr psth o{ an electrode ln connectlon witb 6ald plck-up unit travel has bcen altered thereby: Bud spp8rstus meaaurrng the quantity of the rBdiattons collected o6 from whlch the racllatlons moye outwardly aiong a path of trevel: a lens ln sald pgtb of travel to by the second electrode. 60 TEOMAS Cl. a plck-up unit hsvlng elecCrtcal coaductlve properlens. provlcled wlth reference cbsncterc e.s {0 dletlons of an oprlcol snd electrtcal nsturr frotn a chemical elemeni in the subslancc betns enCh..a{Ea. wardly along e psrtlcular path of lravel.rre an optlcal and electrlcal n3ture from the subof the known elements and ea(h betng ar. 13. for collcctlng lnay l)e identlfletl.. Bn electrode lo connectlon wlth sald plct-uD rJ.slt NuDbcf Nuoo Ebt€ 2. an {.1.:Ilr:t. a sclle havlDg tncllcl.€d rtdlsuoD! are conducted thcrcto.or each cDostl eienrent.e to passlng thrfarch ilre member after thelr path of defc'ct the prresence sny of the known ( i.:haractcrlzed by the property of pagslng throu8h the lens: Aod a scalo htvlng lnvar?ln8 lta eurfrcc frlcttonrl chrrsct€rtsilcs when dlcla thereon. 11.second eleclrode.aid havlng lDdlcts thereoo. & lir-ci)nd electrorle between t'be charact€rlsttc radiatlons of rn opttcol und t. irrorrlded witb reter€nce chsracters eac'b lndlcutlvr: oI oDE tres for absolblng characte!lslic rcdlstlou. fUe of illc p.rld n:cmbcr nnd l. &n electrode ioconnectlon polnt ol ssld ieLs: opporetut for messurinc the wrth sard unrt from whlch the radlallons move outwardly along a i)arllcular paLh of travel: a J0 quantliy of the radlatlons collected by thc sald .ravellnc in sald path.mulEugr of rctrmt. trode aDd travettng tn seld Deth..loine.

865 2 Sheets-Sheet t l u v t c I . hbal *Qor*+ rl. o .ze'iq / 4oo^t{u. . R N . 1967 Flled Dec. II )^ T I O N . 12. { L T A N D C O L O N i U N A I .fou/hurck E'.Sept. i.1 2I t F IG . 4 F I G I. H. *lz oa I UJ o 7978€ /l&{zt 71-^-G 2A / e l/ a. 89 ICt ry 85 Rq 77 .NVE-NTOR. i F 0 i r D E ' I L C T I N O H . I gl t 7^ . 196. r---+4 /v\ t-frl -/ tlop Y 6 6 " r o6 .340. SOUTHW|CK 3. .1 T.

L. o t ( uij'IECTINC Fi..t----+{r----'"".{o Llttt O.6 lc4 START At .7967 T.o .865 3 Sheets-Sheet t ) [ v I c L t .^. 5 fl/'85 ll -4 .340. H. SOUTHWICK 3.Ied Doc. ':.^^o bb tt\7 l06 lr8 \rzv t il4 FI G .-.. 6 6 r L O f f A L I I I A Li l A l t i A ' i I ( r i l . - ./lo FIG. 1 L'f i 1 . -J (.2 l4 20 ) ) ) I uI((( a-o /L 9 -+$ I i --]I 7 F IG . 12.. 1964 1 1 6 1 ./ INVFNTOR Talbof // Satdhwick "@JelF*zeal / 4oo^*{"- .Sept./' )' .r.

a shaped pad or molding 14. They may rvhereinthe bright light can be changedto diferent colors. Ordinary crayon or printed disk is rotated slowly. and by two person for producing certain visual effects. New York. 12. 128-r) . or Mounted on the bottom plate 18 is a motor 32 havine can be arrangedfor autornaticcontrol. l.340.865 Patented Sept. 79 Horatio St. to for manual controi at the several steps of operation. sheer 36 is a plurality of rows of differently colored and fluorescentdisplay rvith or without a black light srimulus shaped fluorescent spots38. Colored filters are provided in front of 35 will howeverglow with a color depending on their chemtbe incaodescentlamp for selecting and changing the ical constihrents. (C!. and eiectrical rneans tor cyclicrlly lighting the 20 22 supporting an internal ring l{ in which is fitted a lamps. The housing is tubular in form with opetr top An optical display device for visually conditioning a and bottom. 5 and FIC. the invention. one emirtiog a sustained into the housing the pad forms a light-tigbt seal on tbe bright ligbt.Y. Purple light in this range of wave larnp.340.rvhichcan be turned on and off.At the open bottom of ferent sizes. or even children for amusementpurposes. The in. 10014 Filed Dec.below thc lens 25 is a circular. 3 and FIG. 7. 2. For furtber colnprebension the invention. Sen No. When a person looks down pair of lamps in the housing. or powderswhich are incandescent lamp rvhich is lighted for about thirty secbrilliant under incandescent light becauseof their phosonds. An electrical-conriector of received. colors rvhich luminesce in the dark when previously The operltor looking into the housing first seesthe bright chargedby sunlight or electriclight. of the invention are more particularly set forih. Soutbwick. central base 40 with a central objects and advantagesthereof.All the onds tbe operator openshis eyes. L'ut rvill not fluoresceor glow. 1967 z FIG.Surfaceswhich contain suitable phosphors pinges on them.865 DEYICE FOR DETECTING ITALO AND COLOR AURAL RADIATIONS Tdbot H. be visible in .saitl white paper. rvhich spots are the housing is an annular flange 16 abutting the rim of a adapred to become luminous when the ultraviolet ray bottom closure plate lE and held by scrervs19.-ellorv. The central plane of the lens is horizontal and perpendicular to the centrr.shapesand colors thereon. On the upper white side of the enclosure. black tube (tsLB) by the StrobliteCorp. or cloth cemented or otherwise deviceincluding means for producing a . New In the housingis rrn incandescent electric lamp which can 30 York.lter rnenber. than approximately twelve revolutions per seconcl. 1 to 4.The use of black light on phosphor or {iuorescentcolors on rotating disc. 1964.all such colors do aid producrion of after terior of rhe housingremains dark a few seconds and then irnage foliowing the processof starting at an incandescent the ultraviolet lamp is tumed on while the multicolored light. This invention relatesto an optical display device cspetubular black light lamp 26.greenand blue when A further object is to provide a device as described exposedto the black light emittedby lanrp 26. 6 is a diagram of an electric circuit employed in the device. double convex lens 25. Secured lamp is energizedto prcject the ultraviolet rays upon the near the top of the housing a spiderring 20 havingarms is spots. 5 is a perspectivcview of a ligbt f. and of the of The disk has a thick. The device can be used by normal persons light on a printed or painted surface that is liuorescenr.part visible colors ranging from red to deep purple can bc of the operator's surroundings rvill assume flashes of evoked in fluorescentsurfacesby the incidence of black aura or srrrfaceS of the housing may be highly refiectivewhite or producing the brigbt light ancithen the fluorescent display.light of wave lengthslonger than that of Another object is to provide a device rs described black light.and provided at the center of the disk 35 in rvhich seats a claimsin which the variousnovel features to the apperrded socket {l carrying a removableincandescent lamp 46.Surfaces of colored tin foil or tbosc coiors of bright light seenby the operator using the device. an axially vertical shaft 34 rotating at a spee<J not mori of and automatic control. 65 silver. therc is shown the 16 opticai display device 10 which includesa taperedbox or ARSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURA housiog 12. After about five secfluorescentcolor surtacesobtains the best results.12 is the follo.bright light in an securedto its upper side. N. Located just . 70 Electricalconductors 48. Lamp 26 has a glass display device which includes a genera. 52 lt the urrdersirle brse 40. ambient light is exciuded.lycolored red.. . 416. referencervill be had to recess 41 in rvhich shaft 34 .l axis of the housing. 60 light as bright.singone's eves. This lamp is supportedby a cially intended for conditioning the visuai organs of a 2i socket 28 on the inner rvall of the housing. and rn ultraviolet or "black ligirt" 3660 xngstrom units. 49 in base40 are connected to FIGURE 1 is a sideobliqueview of a deviceernbodvins the socketrnd they terminateat concentric slip rines 50. At tbe narrow open top is a resilient cbanoclperson. Ncrv York. FIG. then closing one's eyes. plastic.This disk has multiduces no glowing effectswhen it impingeson non-fluorescolored arens which giow when the ultraviolet light imcent surfaces. 4 are sectionalviews taken on lines 3-3 and +4 of FIG. 50 This . the other emitting ultraviolet light. ilat A It is therefore an object of the invention to provide an 65 disk 35 is fixed to the shaft. Disk 35 has a sheet 36 of optical display device for conditioning visual organs.249 lt Clairns. A multicolored disk lengths is popularly known as "black light" since it prois r<ltatablymounted in the housing. apart According to the invention there is provided an optical and partially encircling rhe lamp. FIG. iocluding a housing rvith an opening therern.light is harmlessto human cyes even when ihey are The device embodying the invention can be arranged exposed it for long periods.lly cylindrical box body and is a fifteen watt self-filteringtube named purple or irousingwith an opening into which an operator looks. The internal wherein the device operates automatically for cyclical. Then the incaodescent lamp is turned off.vingdescription and accompanying drawings. It emits light in a narrow band peaked ar 3650 to be turned on and off. After about thiny seconds ultrathe inks will also produce after image under the above condiviolet lamp is theD turned off and the operator closeshis tion of staring ar a bright incandescentlight aod then eyesuntil he seesthe after image in his own mind of the 45 clo. spring bracket fingers 29. a disk in 15 forehead and cheeksaround the person'seyes so tbat exthe housinghaving a surfacewith fluorescent spotsof difternal.In normal reaction. J0 spaced about 120.Llnited States PatenrOffice I I 3.40 phor chemicals.A recess. Thesespotsrvill glorvin black il the enclosurefor producing a glow. Referring first to FIGS. or for both manual. and then producing a rotating multicolored. 2 is an enlargedsectionalview taken on line 2-2 of FIG.

it 6 One or more of the filter members 73, 71,75 may be ator's) rnind. Or he may close his eyes while still having inlerposed ia tbe optical path of the lamp 46 and'lens his face and eyes over lhe housing and rouching samel 25 before or during the time lamp .16 is iightecl. The but after the incanclescent Iamp is turneclott, rvhetherby filter member can remain in the place set wbile the tamp automatic or manual means. Iie seescolor in his mind's 46_isextinguished, since the presence the filter membei s eye as an after image coloration. of wiii not ioterferematerially with the muiticoloredrotatThe operatormay look at a subjectin a dimty lighted ing.fluorescent view presentedlater in thc cycle of the area and observeexternaily the subiect ihe-ofter "rouni device. image color's which he frrst saw witbin his own mind wben his eyes were ciosed. This is rhe pre-block 1ight stage of -The way to producs the glowing or fluorcscenteffect of paint cr printed fabric that i.r luminous in darkly Iit -19 seeingthe halo. The later use of biack light on fluoreicent areasafter it is effectedby ultra violet rays that are long surfacesimprovesthe intensity of colors within the operawave of abou! three hundred sixty-five degreesr\ngstrom tor's mind and around the subiect he viervs. units, is by an5rone of four methods.Any two or three, Step 2.-Immediately, next ihe operator staresthrough -of or four of such rnethodscould be uscd simultaneouslyin the housing at tire rot;tion of the disc rvith its .o".r this rjevice: 1g fluorescent paints of fabric in multi color. He stares (l) The lamp 26, FIG. 2, can be an ultra blue lamp for about thirty secondsat such colors rhar glow by aid that, by itseli will not fluoresce fabric or paint of a of the black light lamp that is in the housini ond alo"e luminescent or fluoresceotkind; it must pass its rays the revolving disc. Noiv he again closeshis eyes and sees through purple plastic translucentglass (73-7iL75), FIG. by his mind;s eye or his aftei image imaginaiion faculty, 2' in order to causea fluorescentglow of paint or fabric 20 those colors of various hues and types.Tney are virtualiy on Cisc3$, FIG. 3. the same colors he observedon the rotrting disc befort (2) The lamp can be a black tube type that has withclosinghis eyesand while he staredinto rhe housing_ in the tube sard purple translucentglass filter meterial. .trep -7.-Now comes I main goal of the <.ievice ivhich In this casethe lamp itself known by the tradename the is to observethe halo colors or the commonly called of StroblireCorpcrration New York City, cen causethe 25 eural coiors arouncla personknown here as the subiect. of glotv or fluorescence fluorescent luminescent of or For this purposethe operator rvho took steps I and 2 surfacesof 3$, FIG. 3. This said filter absorbs nrost visible norv looks at the perimeter of the bead and body of the lisht, t'ut trausmit ovcr black light. subject who is three or more feet away depeniing on what distance getsthe best results.Escapelight from the two hundred ,,(1) The lamp can be an incandescent fifty rvatt black light bulb of the General Electric type 30 device is eoough for this 3rd srep, but-mori light from rzith a life of about forty hours. This bulb can be subordinary room lights may be added.if convenient. Room stitutedfor the incandescent lamp 46, FIC. 2. Such sublight outsidethe deviceshould be dim to a degree ma6ng stitutionis doneimmediatelyafter the first stepof staring readabilityof a newspaper's small type hardly possible, into housingof irtcandescent lamp ;16,FIC. ?. Such blacklVhen subiect is looked it by operator, rhe best areasare light of bulh type rvill fluoresce fabric of a lluorescent 35 those of the subject that are unclothed and uncolored by kirrd on the disc 36, i"IG. 3. cosmerics other artificial methodsor (a) The lamp can be xn extremely strong quartz high There is a 4th step that rnay be useci for this toy pressuremsrcury arc lamp one hundred watt in a sealed device.It aiso givesamusement. The operator rnay ask f he beam. Th: visible light transmittedis in the region of .^ subjectto srareinto the housing at the filters srirenthey 40 rre lightecl the incandescentiirmp the housing. three thousandsix hundred sixtv Angstrom unirs-range. by in Tho Said lamp can cause to giow the fluo:cscent fabric or sub.iect seiectsand concentrat.r on on" color tilter mempoint 38, FIG. 3. ber alone.Then the operatorasksthe subject closeboth to rhe lamp 26 in the presentdrawing is a eyes rvhile subjectis still in the position needel to peer _ For examPle, fluorescen!type rvith a self filtering purple black tube. into housing. He esks srrbjectto iry to s"" that color in Tire purp.lefilter giass that makes the lamp makes ultra 45 his own (the subjecr's) mind's eye. Thar is, the operator -violet for lhe purpose of- producing a florv of paints or asksthe subjectto have an after ihage recall of that color fabrics specially treated for luminescence, within the is selectedby subject before subiect c*losedhis eyes. Then lamp tube. I am able to modify this by changing purple th€ operator tries to inform rie subject rvhat color rhe glass plate strips either around an ultra blue iight tube subjeit has in mind as an after image etfect. He may keep as na;ned in Stroblite Corp. of Nerv York city, or by in- 59 comp€titivescore of his orvn (the o-perator's)guesses -and sertingsuchultraglassstrips ,71,75now seeninFIG. 12 . o m p a . e h i s r e s u l t st o t h e g u e s s € o f a n o t h i r o p e r a t o r s 2. I am a-iso able to manually substitute incandescent with the same subjectrvho a*gain for peersinto tbe htusing. lamp 46 a black lignt bulb named purple X by Generai Step -i.-11.r" operalor follows instructronof steps l, Electric Corp, and which has trvo hundrcd frfty rvattsand Z only. while he observes colors in his own mind because 115-1zS volts rvith fifty hours duration for life of. said bJ of afier image effcct, he tries to note any change of feeibulb. lhis can be done to increase fluorescence coiored of ings wirhin himself. paitrt or fahric of disc 35. lvhile I have iliustrared and described the preferrecl , .. The fcllorvingis an explanationof behaviorin use of embodiments my invenrion, is to Le understo.t'that ol it this as ir toy' One person using the toy is called the I clo not limit myself to tbe preciseconstructrons herein opciatorand the other is calledthe subiect. There may be 60 disciosed and thai variouschanges and mo6ification. -rV any.' rrumberof panicipants.There are six stepsneededto be matle rvithin the scope of tf,c invention ls defined in obtain amusement the use of wira! is commonlycalled by the appende<i ciaims. "lfter image" that occursin one'snind p:rrticulariy after Having thus described the invention,lvhat I claim as one stares nt br.ightcolors and closesone's eyes. This new end desire to secnre by Letters patent is: refersto the specialmeans of obtaining after os 1. An opticat display device for visuaily conclitioning this devit-e. Said afrer image may he cerived from staring its cperatoi,comprisinga housing,a first lamp supponed. at glowing lluorescent coiors rvhile looking through the in the housingfor emitting ruJtin"d brighi lighi, said housing,or by slaring at brightly lit filters of differcnt " housing having an opening at one end through rvhich colors,even though not fluorescent nature. in saici light is visible, a secJnd t"nrp in the housing for Slep 1.-.{n operatofstaresinto the housingof T0 emitting ultravioletlight in norroi band witttb p"ifing vice for rL'out thirty seconds.Hc sees an extra bright " at about -1650angstrom units, a rotatable disk in the incandsscent tuib of light and no bright colois known housing,said ciiskiaving a,on.." to the second in the specialway of fluorescence glowing. Next, the "*por.a or ltrrp. said surface havi-ng.{luorcs..nirpot, of 41fferent cperatorlooksawav from the deviceand closes eyesio his sizes, shapes and colori, said spots being rendered ssc the bright iight's after image in his own (the oper- 75 lLrnrinous \vhen the s:cond laurp is-cnergized- project to



Iamp 46 having one terminal connected to incandescent 5J is mounted on the stationary casing of the motor 32' nected to rvire 101. GIow lamp 26 is connectedvia rectiThis connector has spring contacts 55, 56 making con' fier 130 to the secondary winding 132 of a transformer tinuous contact with rings 50, 52 respectively,for supply' 134. The prirnary 135 rvin<iing is connected betrveen ing porverto the iamp'i6 in all positionsof the disk i5' 6l and 62 are connected between motor 32' 5 power ivire 101 and contaci 116. N{otor 32 rvbich drives Wircs 60, disk 35 is connectedbetween power rvire 101 and concoon?ctor 54. socket 28 and circuit component box 65. tact 116. Pushbuttonswitches66, 68 are connectedby rvires 69 to In operation of the device 10 and circuit 100' the box 55. Swilch 66 is mounted in an openingin the housing person using the device, looks into the dark interior of thereof. A power supply cord 70 is 12 near the bottom person to connected box 65' It extendsthrough a grommet ?2 in 16 housing 12. The operator of the device,or.the ^" the lookinginto the device,then presses buttonof START the side of housing 12. switch 66 and holds this button. Rotary arm I20 rvhich Lamp 46 is centrally disposedon the cenfial, verticat is in the OFF positionof timer switch LlO at areaAl ro' on the optic aKisof lens 25' When a.tisof the housiagand tates clockwise as vierved in FIG. 5' The timer motor ianp 46 is liSbtedit appearsas an intensewhite light to a persoo looking into the housing through the iens. The ts 126 is started rvhen the switch 66 is closed. When arm 120 reaches contacts 108 and 114 the operator of the iens spreadstbe field of the light so that the person sees device may releasethe switch 66. The limer motor wiil glows but this bright light. aimost nothing that continue to operate since it draws current via contacts Thrce light f,ltermembers 73,71and 75 colored respec103, 105, 108 and arm 120. Lanrp 46 rvill light since tively red, yellow and blue are provided in the houstng. clearly shown in FIGS. 3-i, each filter member has a pO currenr is drawn via arm 120 and contact llil. Lamp As 46 will be lighted for about thirty seconds rvhile thc circular end portion 76 stightly larger in diameterthan person using the device staresat the intenselight in the the lamp .{6. The filter membersmay be made of colored -Iae and interior of the housing.Lens 25 concentrates intensifilter members each has transparentplastic material. fies the light. .i\fter ebout thirty seconds,arm 120 leaves 77 rvhjch extends radially outwardly of the end a stem in portion 76 and is slidably disposed a rectangulartubular 95 contact 114 and reachesarea z\2. The lanrps 26 and 46 are extinguishedand the interior of the hortsing re' holder 78, 79 or 80 each securedin a difterent opening 82 Then lamp mains dark for about ten to twelve seconds. in the siding of bousing 12. The holders have flanges83 26 goes on while disk 35 starts to rotate as motor 32 89. The openings82 may be disheld by rivets or screws becomes energized via contact 116 and arm 120. The posed 90' apart circumferentially of the housing 12 and are spacedslightly apart axially of the housiog. Thus the i0 lamp 26 stayslightedand the disk 35 rotatesabout tbirty area Al again tbe mo' When arm 120 reaches seconds. circular end portions 76 cln be overlappcd.Any two filter tors f2 and 126 stop xnd lamp ?6 goes out. The operaporiions 76 can be overlapped <luring use of the device. tor of the device then closes his eyes. He may be rcThe operator of the devce, by retracting all filter mem' questeci this time to visualizeby his mind's eye or 3t bers until tbe end portions 76 are stopped at the inner side of housing 12, clears lamp ;t6 so that white light 35 imagination pertaining to efter image, that group of colors on disc 35. He then opens his eyes and turns p$ses through lens 25. If filter ,membcr 73 is extended from the device rvith his eyes open, rvhereuponhe will u:rtil its end portion 76 is aligned centrally rvith lamp 46 observe externally a glorv. rad.iance,halo or aura at the filter member will pass red light. Filter member ?4, the perimeter of the animate subject now under inspecsimilarly rviil passyellow ligbt, rnd fi.ltermember 75 will pass hlue light. If the cnd portions 76 of the red rnd 40 tion by the operator. The color of the giow seen around that animate subiectmay be the color last visualizedon yellorv filters are superirtposed,orange light will pass to the disc 35 by the operator, or Inay be anyone of those lens 25. Similariy the superimposedred and blue filters colors, or a combination of them rnost strongly rememyellow and blue f,lters wiil passpurple light. Superimposed bered by that operator, as he viewed the rotating, will pass green light. Three superimposed filters rvill pass no light and this arrangementrviil not be usedexceptrvhen 45 flourescentmulticolored disc 35, with its spots. In any case the colors so viewed rvill cease to become merely tbe device is not in use when all filters can be fully inthe aftsr image coiors formeriy seen by the operator sertedinto the devicewith only the ends of stems77 pro' in his own mind. They gradually become the colors of jectingradially from bousing 12. Pins 85 can be insertedin the animate subiect being viewed by the op€rator. The holes lJ7 near the free ends of the stems to prevent the stems from passing entirely into the housing. When the O0 aJter image of the operator rvhen seen rvithin bis own mind after seeing glowing surface of disc 35 is called f,lter membersare insertedso that pins 85 abut the tubular internal aura or halo, The co.lor seen arouod tbe sub' holders, the circular portions 76 are properly located at ject by the operator who has stared through the housing the axis of the bousing 12 and lamp 46. at the glowing colors of the disc 35 and rvho now lookFIG. 6 shows tbe electrical circuit 100 of rhe device, in circuit 100 power cord 70 can be connectedto a suit' 55 ing at said subject, are the colors named external halo or aura. able power supply 102. Pushbutton switch 6E is a STOP It desired, the person using the device or the operatswitcb rvhich has contacts 103, 105 normally closed. ing attendant may press the button of switch 68 to open Pushbuttonsrvitch 66 is a START switch which has norit. This rviil stop motor 126 since its circuit will be mally open contact 105 connectedto polver supply rvire 10{, and open contac! 107 connected to arcuate contact 00 openecl.The cycling of the device rvill then stop wbile 1{13 a timer switch 110. Contact 103 is aiso connected of the swirch 68 is held open. If larnp 46 is ligbted, it will to contact 10E. Switcb 110 is located in the circuit comstay lighted. If either or both lamps {6 and 26 are off ponen[ box 65 shown in FIG. 2. The switch incluciesa they will stay off. If lamp ?6 is lighted aod disk 35 stationary insulared plate 112 on rvhich is contact 108. is rotating,lamp 26'will continueto be lighted and mo^, This contact is circui:rrly curved and has spaced ends oo tor 32 rvill continue driving the disk, until switch 6E at OFF area A1. The srvitch has two other arcuate conis released,whereupon the cycle can continue as before. tacts 114 and 116 spaced apart at areas A1 and A2' Thus, operatingswitch 68 at one or more points in the Tbe srvitch contacts l1;l and 116 are concentric wilh cycle makes it possible to controi manually tbe lengli contact 10E. Thc srvitch has a rotary shaft 118 carry-^ of difTerentparts of the cycle with either lamp held on -fhe in-e a rotary conductive arrn 120. r\rm 120 is electrical' '' <ieviceis thus autoor oft or both lamps held oll. ly connectedr,vithslip ring 722 and brush 124 to srvitch matic in operation but has mlnnal controls for selective of switcb 66. Shaft 1l$ is operativelyconcontrc! 106 operxtion if desired.Jnsteld of using :I .notor 32, it is nected to tbe shalt 125 of a timer motor 126, This possible to turn the disk 35 rnanuaily vie mechanical contact 105 of switch 68 ntotor is connectedbetrveen and rvire 101 ot' the porver cord. Contact 114 is con' T5 means such as a suitable crank and gelr me:lns.

tbe ultraviolet iight upon the spots, a motor rotatably to supportingsaid disk, and circuit meansconnected the first and secondlemp for lighting the lirst lamp in one the tirst lamp part of a timed cycle, then extinguishing lighting 5 time simuitaneously anJ :lfter i predetermined the motor to turn said the secondlamp and energizing disk, said motor rotating the disk at a speednot greater than abou! lrvelverevolutionsper second. 2. An opticai display devicefor visually conditioning in a a a person,comprising housing. first lamp supported I0 bright light. said the housing for emitting a sustained housing having an opening at one end through rvhich sa,id light is visible. a second lamp in the housing fot emitting ultraviolet light in a narrow bandwidth peaking at about 3650 angstromunits, a rotatable disk in the 1; housing,said disk having a surfaceexposedto the second !amp, said surlace having fluorescentspots of different sizes, shapes and colors, said spots being rendered luminous rvhen the secondlamp is energizedto project tbe ultraviolet light upon the spots, a motor rotatably 20 supporting said disk, and circuit means connecled to tbe first and second larnps for lightins the finst lamp in one the first lamp part of a timed cycle, then extioguishing lighting time simultaneously and after a preCetermined the motor to turn said 25 the secondlamp and energizing disk; slid motor rotating the disk at a speednot greater than about trvelverevolutionsper second,and a plurality of different colored transparent filter members in the housing selectively disposable between said first Jamp and said opening for selectivelyvarying the color of the 30 bright light transmitted to said opening from the first iamp3. An optical display device for visually conditioning a person,comprising a housing,a first lamp supportedin bright lisht, said 3i the housing for emitting a sustained housing having an opening et one end ihrough rvhich saiC light is visible, a secondlamp in thc housing for emitting ultravioletlight in a narrow bandwidth peaking at :rbout 3650 angstrom units, a rotatable disk in the to housing,said disk having a surfaceexposecl the second 40 lamp, said surface having fluoresceotspots of different sizes, shapes and coiors, said spots being rendered luminous rvheo the second lamp is energizedto projecc the uitraviolet light upon the spots, a motor rotatably to supportingsaid disk, and circuit meansconnected lhe 45 first and second llmps for lighting the first lamp in one the first lamp part of a timed cycle, then extinguishing lighting time simultaneously ind after a predetermined tbe second lamp and energizingthe motor to turn said disk; said notfi rotating the disk at a speed not greater 50 than xbout iwelve revolutions per second, said circuit means including a timer switch, said first and sccond lamps and said motor being connectedin circuit rvith said timer switch so that each of the lamps and said motor is energizedfor tianes determined by said timer 65 switch. ^1.Ao optical display device for visually conditioning a person, conlprising a housing, a first lamp supportedin bright light' said thi housing for emitting a sustained housing having an opening at one end through.ivhich 69 said liiht is r'lsible,a secondlamp in tbe housing for emining ultraviole!light in a nanow bandwidthpeaking at about 3650 angstrom units' a rotatable disk in the to bousing,said disk havinga surflce exposed the second lamp, iaid surface having tluorescentspots of diflerent 65 sizci, shapes and colors, said spots being rendered luminous ivhen the seconcilamp is energizedto project tbe uitraviolet light upon the spots, a motor rotatably to supportingsaid disk, and circuit meansconnected the hni and secondlamps for lighting the frrst lamp in one 70 the first lamp Dart of a tinred cycle, ihen extinguishing lighting time simultaneously ind after a predetcrmined the sccondlamp and cnergizingthe motor to turn said disk: said motor rotating the cliskrt a speednot greater than tbout twelve revolutionsper secood, said circuil ?5

means including a timer srvitch, said first and second lamps and said motor being connectedin circuic with said timer srvitch so thtrt each of the lamps and said by motor is energizedfor limes cietermined said timer switch, said circuit further includinga timer motor driving said timer switch, anci a manually operable other switch in circuit rvith the timer n'rotor for stopping the motor at any poin! in said cycle for prolongingthe light' ing time of eitherof the lampsand for delayingthe lighting of either lamp. 5. An optical display device for visually conditioning a rterson,comprising a generally cylindrical housing hav' ing an opening at one end thereot, a lens located near said openingnear one end of ln optical line of sigbt in saitl first lamp supportedin the hous' housing,an incandescent ing for emitting a sustainedbright light through said lens to the open end of the housing' a fluorescent, tubular secondlamp in the housing,said secondlamp being circular in form and disposedin axial alignmentrvith said lens and said first lamp, said secondlamp having a deep purple transparentbody so that the secondlamp emits ultraviolet light in a narrow bandrvidth peaking at about 3650 ang' strom units. e rotatabledisk in the housingspacedfrom the lamps,saiddisk havingan axisof rotationalignedwith the axis of the secondiemp, said disk having a surface covered with fluorescentspots of different coiors, so that said spots are renderedluminous and visible through the lens when the second lamp is energized to project the ultravio.letlight on said sunace, seid surfacebeiog located in said line of sight, a motor rotatably supportingthe disk" the circuit meansconnectedto the first and secondlemps and motor for lighting the first lamp in one part of a timed cycie, then extinguishingthe first lamp and after a predelighting the s€cond lamp termined time simuitaneously and energizingthe motor to turn said disk: said motor rotating the disk at a speed not greater than about twelve revolutions per second. 6. An optical display device for visually conditioning cylindricalhousinghaving a person, comprising generally a an opening at one end thereof, a lens located near said opening near one end of :rn optical line of sigbt in said first lamp supportedin the houshousing,an incandescent ing for emitting a sustaioedbrigbt light through .saidIeos tubuiar secto the open end of the housing, a fluorescent. ond lamp in the housing,said secondIamp being circular in form and disposedin exial a-lignment'rvith said lens and said first lamp, said secondlamp having a deep purple lamp emits ultravioiet transparent body so that the second at light in a narrow bandwidth peaki-r:g about 3650 ansstrom units, r rotatable <iisk in the housing spaced from the lamps, said disk having an axis of rotation aligned 'ivith the axis of the second lamp, said disk having a surspots of dilferent colors, so face coveredrvith t'luorescent that said spots are renderedluminous and visible through the lens rvhenthe secondlamp is energized project the to ultraviolet light on said surface, said surface being located in said line of sight, a motor rotatabiy supporting the disk, and circuit means connectedto the first and second lamps and motor for lighting the first lamp in one part of a timed cyc.le, the first lamp then extinguishing lighting the time simultaneously and after a predetermined second lamp and energizing the motor to turn said disk; said motor rotating the disk at a speed not greater than about trvelve revolutions per second,said housing having a resilient pad around the periphery of said opening to form a light-tight seai rvith a person'siorehead and cheeks rvhenthe personlooks inlo the open end of the housing. 7. An optical rlisplav device for visuaily conditioning a person, comprising a generally c1'lindrical housing having an openingat one end thereof.a lenslocatednear said opening nenr one end of an optical line of sight in said in first housing,an incandescent Irmp supported the housbright Iight through said lens ing {or enrittinga sustained tubular scc,r to the open end of ihe housing, fluorescent, ond irrnp in the housing, said second lamp being circu-

a secondlamp in the housingfor emitting lensto the openend of the housing.tubular sec. said motor rotating tbe disk at a speed not cycle.viththe timer motor for is energizedfor times determined by said timer switch.risible through the lens when the second lamp is encrgized the lamps.isplay device for visually conditioning mirted to said opening from the firsr lnmp.. said disk having a surultraviolet light in a narrow bandwidthpeakingat about face covcred with fiuorescentspots of different colors. and a pluralityof different circuit with the timer motor for stopping the motor at any colored transparent lilter memben in the housing selecpoint in said cycle for prolonging the lighting time of tiveiy disposabiebetweensaid nrst lamp and said opening either of the lamps and for delaying the lighting of eitber. that said spots are renderedluminous and visible through 4o said tJiskhaving a surtaceexposedto the secondlamp. posablebetweensaid first lamp and said openingfor selecsaid first and second lamps and said motor being contively varying tbe color of the bright light transmitted nected in circuit wirh said timer switch so thet each of to saidopening from the fust lamp. said the lens rvhen the secondlamp is energizedto project tbe surface having fluorescentspots of different sizes.and a termined time simultaneously lighting the secondlamp and plurality of different colored transparenrfilter members energizingthe motor to turn said disk.35 the housing for emitting e sustained bright light. said secondlamp having a deeppurple tion aligned with the axis of the seco[d lamp. said and incandescent lamp supported the said housing. a lubular 76 ultraviolet iight in a narrow bandwidthpeakingat aboui secondlrrnp in the housing. said spots being renderedluminorrswhen the ed in said line of sigbt. said motor rotatin the housing selectively disposablebetween said fint ing the disk at a spcednot greaterthan about twelvc revolamp and said opening for selectivelyvarying the color lutions per second"and a pluraltiy of different colorcd of the bright light transmitted to said opening from the transparentfilter members in the housing selectivelydis.said first and sec.. a rotatable disk in the housing.and a manually said timer srvitchso that each of the lamps and said motor operableother switch in circuit .ily an opening at one eod thereof. said lens and seid first lamp. said disk having an axis of rotation aligned light is visible. a first lamp supportedin said opening near one end of an optical line of sight in the housing for emitting a sustainedbrigit light. a motor rotatably supportingthe disk.30 resilient pad around the periphery of said opening to ond lamp in the housing.^ 3650 rngstrom units. said of the lam. a person.a rotatabledisk in the horrsingsaid cular in form and disposed axial alignmentwirh sei<i in disk having a surfaceexposedto the secondlamp. a motor rotatably supporting second Iamp is energizedto proiect the ultraviolet Iight the disk. first lamp and after a predetermined time simultaneously and circuit me3nsconnectedto the first and secondlamps lighting the secondlamp and energizingthe motor to turn and motor for lightjng the first lamp in one part of a timed said disk.65 11. and a manua. mined time simultaneouslylighting the second lamp and said motor rotating the disk at a sp€ed incandescent first lamp supportedin the housIonging the lighting time of either of the lamps and for ing for emitting a sustainedbright light through said lens delaying the lighting of either.ris of the secondlamp.switch. said housing having a to the open end of the housing. said secondlamp having a deeppurple 10. An opticaldispiayCevice folrisually conditioning a mined by said timer . said first and secondlamps and said motor being opening for sel. a motor rotatably supporting said disk. and circuit rneansconnectedto the the lens when the secondlarnp is energizedto project the 19 first and second lamps and rnotor for lighting the fint uitraviolet ligbt on said surface. a rotatable disk in the housing spacedfrorn 6 colors. An opticai displaydevice for visuallyconditioning ing an opening n! one end thereof.340. a rotatable disk in the housing spacedfrom housing having an openingat one end through rvhich said the lamps.SS mined by said timer switch. said disk having a surto proiect rhe ultraviolet light on said surface. then extinguishilg the first lamp and after a prede. said circuit means including a timer switch.865 9 10 3650 angstrom units.3.vitha person'sforcheadand cheeks in form and disposed in axial aiignment rvith said lens rvhen the person looks into the open end of the housing.shapes ultraviolet light on said surface.said circuir further including . iirst in housinghavingan op€ningat one end throughwhich said housingfor emitting 3 susrained bright light through said light is visible.said spotsbeing rentlered luminousrvhenthe ultravioletlight in a narrow bandwidthpeakingar about 7. said disk transparen!body so tbat the secoodlamp emits ultraviolet having a surfacecoveredwith fluorescent light in a narrow band rvidth peakingat about 3550 angspotsof different strom units. and said lirst lamp.psand said motor is energizedfor times detercircui! meansincludinga timer switch. ond lamps and motor for lighting the first lamp in ooe part 4g and circuit meansconnectedto the first and secondlamps of a timed cycle. An optical displaydevicefor visuailyconditioning transparentbody so tbat the secondlamp emits ultraviolet a person.20 first lamp. said motor rotatabout twelve revoiutions per second. and a plurality of b0 ing the disk at a speednot greater than about tweive revodifferent coiored transparentfilter members in the houslutions per second. said strom units. a motor rotatably that said spots are renderedluminous and visible tbough supporting the that said spotsare rendered luminousand . after a predetermined time simultaneously lighting the secthen extinguishing the lirst lamp and after a predeterond lamp uo61gngyqizingthe motor to turD said disk. so face being located in said iine of sight. An optical C. then exringuishingrhe in said line of sight. secondlamp in the housingfor emitting a with the axis of the secondlamp.l5 greater than about twelve revolutions per second.shcpes purple transparent bc. for selectivelyvarying the color of the bright light trans9.a fluorescent. said disk having an axis of rotaand said first lemp. a rotatable disk in the housing lar in form aod disposedin axial aiignmentrvith said lens spaced from the lamps. greater than energizing the rnotor to rurn said disk. a first lemp supportedin light in a oarrow bandwidth peaking at about 3650 ang. said surface covered with fluorescen!spots of different colors. comprising a housing. so . and a manually operableother switch in 69 ing the lightingof eitherlamp. said circuit further including person. stoppingthe motor at any point in said cycle for prolongsaid circuit funher inciuding a timer motor driving said ing the lightingtime of either of the lampsand for delaytimer switch.ctively varying the color of the bright connectedin circuit rvith said timer slvitch so tbat each light transmittedto said opening from the first lamp.a lens located netr a person.comprising a housing. a lens located near said operable other switcit in circuir with the timer motor tor opening near one end of an optical line of sight in said stopping the motor at any point in said cycle for prohousing. and circuit meansconnectedto the fint and secupon the spots. comprising a generallycylindrical housing hav. said disk having an axis of rotation aligoed 'rvith the a. then extin$lisbing the first lamp and for lighting the nrst lamp in one part of a timed cycle. secondlamp is energized project the ultraviole!light ro .said secondlamp being circular form a light-tight seal. the lamps and said motor is energized for times deter8.said surface being iocatand colors.said surface beinglocaied lamp in one part of a timed cycle.said circuit meansincluding a timer ing selectivellr disposable betrveen said nrst lamp and said switch.comprising a generallycylinciricalhousing having 25 a timer motor driving said timer swirch.rvith oncl lamps and said motor being connectedin circuit a timer motor driving said timer switch. fluorescent.dy so tha! the secondlamp emits and colors.said secondlamp being cir3650 angstromunits. said secondlarnp having a deep surface having fluorescenr spots of different sizes.

'-5? < N f 'i .r F .6ef E = .a =.TC.X = - ir =i? 6 i ..:2 *6 q".3.3 ' x n I =q? < J = -- .a:. Q= = ' .{ d z F! o (t 3 A : 1 : 6 : = ( A ii { z U) trJ 6. . L ' ( ! Y / . i 3 q 9 . : o or or i-' \ \ \ 4 rHts I!: l< v.l ii:.:a : .i. ..= .: .i d 3 . 3 i4 i l ..=e!= . : : 7 { ?s i.l Fl { ". e3 . o ..1 \... i i ' q O ' .F E l c ( < !'.3 .' 3 ' 1t.J OO O\ ! 5 5 cac)NJ lS?6 rd H.-.i7e l t i ' : 6 ' : F .dx l=d.a[a g i q .r* . a . i . f* . ' ii 3: .* i'i :' R * r' 2z 'd E q) *i E + t r ' t l ( < o o a N E j =4.tF 7 i : € = l a q 3 .1 .= I a E* * : 1 J i ' 5 r g ' 3 i o . . 6 i . 5 X : -{ -.i +/ 7 * .f .Ti#iiFiia.= .' A-i3:A i ? . .i O\coa = v : .-i e i = 3 ! = . .F a a n 7 o ^ d A c. .! ? ^ J uf Z o.* f + a . r . . = . r i: .:.i ii E 5 {q i': 'qE1i [ r:3I. ET s Zs T.ln i i l q/ .-i :r - o\o-l -J -.. : ' i .a o ii =.3 -qoa t'l . =. F c'l + A oo r - IJhJN z > : . i ' d . '5. ' r .: f i= -l . a i ! = 7 ) = .. l f. F E = a.r Hr ? i ! : slf+i€!i*t+g. . =a-< o ^ = . + .& = 5r :irarg. t F.. d 'ft .5 o F- g 1 r i * 1 s 9o. =-c.6 7 . = " J e242a' ^ . 1 ? . .j :. : . \ F \t r co \] I a i.: a.1 6 q J F N ! o\ v / a 3 > i! 1 c : L !5 \ . \o \o \o O\ (^ 14 F.X a . .. € 6 i r h b .n TriE. E . 1 i r : 1 5 i a 1 .y '' 2 .' t-a I = ! + 3 d = 6r * . d T =i * esf .F t 9 g = f+l i! l .c.:.r o\ i a X T? l 3'id.zc 0:ii 1 d3T'5's ' f..s a 'q c 3 o 6 *6fiS€ r." 7 .i'l : [ a f E Ai lz s ? i Ei i E := ii .u o > F * ili ! + 6 .i:. i . 3o.. a lii ='"': r ^ r o _ : . n . .

i . r lJ r i r r l t i . r . . l r i l t i r .l l h c i t r s i l t t r t r t . . r t l r t l i l r i r n i l r . er l l i r \ . t t ' t . t . rt ... ' . ! i i : u i i t t i ( ) u so r r i i r l l T h e . ' . t . 1 r l ) r i f i n u l i l i e t ' t o t ' : : r t r d t . r . . e . Camplete Acte!)ted . i l i l l t r . i n : r r i l r i l r l c r r i t i r r t l o r l r r c e r l i r L i .I t r . r . S i'iiL'il:'IL'-\l'1(fJ. i l t i r i .os t n : i i ' r l e n ( . . . r t i r r r r sl t ' r ) r ..a D \r/ i l PATC}IT $n SPECIFICATIO}J Applicaticn Date: Feb. I t a v i r r g . .rrr rtt 1 l. . : O .ng and. r .nrrtlinirrg.firrlq. . [ ) i t l . r i. t . l . . . r . r ' .rirr. ' l r i r i r r . r t ' e . . l i r .t . j [ .. r o r . r i r r r r r i i . .rr l. c r : r l i u g ( r i r o i : e i t s i o n .a r . r . l. i r l e r l t ' . r i ) l l { i t l . 1 r . \ 5 I i i r . i l t t .ical r.i . : r : 1 0 ( ' : r l i i . r f l i . g t l i c n l c o n r i r r r . i r . lar'lv irrsrrllrte.{ . o r r t_ . r l i l f t ' r ' s t l ' ( ) r r li l l l t n \ ' ' . \ . .. \ \ . . . 1 1 . ... .l i . r. r i r r r .. ' t . l t r i r + t ' i ' i r r t l o . i 'tt '' l' tt tt. t i l r n . r t i r r r r t i i t r ' .\ n i t r r i t r r . 1r ' t : q . l i r r i t l r l t . . r l r l l . . r' ' l . rr . l r .[i 1 . t i r c i r r l ' t i .r Detecting a1td. ..rniiur..( i / ) rl ). r { . ! .i r r . r . r l t i u r { ' e l . i. r . ' . i r i r l ) i t l i l i l l . . * i t .i . t r . .-. l ] a i t . r . l r i r o r r L e ' n C h r t l l i e r .1 : 1. r l ] J r . . t : t t . ! r i r r r .bstances. . i . . . i i r li ' r ( j .ior tir. i . . t l o I L " r ..' r l r l t u .. u r i r r r l . . r rJi. t . I he . rtritrrrl tletcctor. . ' . t h c i r p l r l r i r . i a r . j l . PIU t\'1Si( )\-\i. i ' p si . r r .\ v i i l l ( ' i : r i l .( .. i r lt l . .' t ( . { j . ! . i : i l t o r r i .'lri' l i . r t c . | .i l x r t e r r t i l r l i ) ( ' i \ . r u l r i e r . . l tict:iirrc tire rrtlllli.igating imanaticns Prc. . i i 1 . .r : r t e r . . .r. { .r .a t ' i l r l r l e . . r : r ( ' r . ' t ' t i oott t i r . 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