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Date: 8/20/11 Book Title/Author: Dreams Thrown Away by Dilsa Bailey Reviewer Name: Adrienna Turner Reviewer Email Address: dream4morefirm@gmail.com Dream 4 More Reviews Book Rating: 4.75/5: Wooed Me Dream 1: Dream On (Disliked); 2: Okay Dream (Mediocre Book); 3: What a Dream! (We liked it); 4: Sweet Dreams (We loved it); 5: Wooed Me Dream (Amazing, Brilliant Book)

Title of book: Dreams Thrown Away Author’s name: Dilsa Saunders Bailey Publisher: Outskirts Press Release date (or anticipated release): 08-14-2009 ISBN: 978-1-4327-4222-5 ASIN (if applicable): None eBook ISBN: None Specs (optional, eg. 6x9 paperback, mass market, 240 pages): 6.14 x 9.21 Paperback, 404 pages, Ebook and Kindle Edition, Sensual Romantic Suspense Website (optional): www.dilsasaundersbailey.com Category: Romantic Suspense/Thriller Expectant Release Date: August 2009 Page count: 404 Size: 6x9 paperback, eBook available too on Nook and Kindle
Review Summary:

Kalina Denise Harris has dreams of meeting a wealthy man who will sweep her off her feet. This seems to be the fantasy-fairytale dream for most single young women. In the opening chapter, “word is our bond” was a valuable lesson taught between father and daughter’s morning talk. Sometimes, we are willing to throw our own dreams and happiness away to please someone else to make them happy. The once happy, perfect home clashes before Kalina’s eyes, and discovers her only friend, Mandy, married and pregnant. She was hoping her only friend would also go to college too. Later, she has nowhere but to her aunt’s house in Philadelphia. This situation didn’t last very long. No longer a country girl with a drawl, has to learn the streets and runs into people who knew her mother and aunt—small world. Her naïve upbringing surely changes after two years of being under the household of Jordan living with his six grandsons by his son, Billy. This debut novel is a splendid read, beautifully written and delicately told with such horrid incidents flash on the pages once an adulterous affair goes berserk leaving the seventeen-year-old Kalina in a hopeless state. Dreams shattered in a tickling of an eye. Moreover, this story had twists and turns and tragic events I was not looking to bump into. The author also wrote a story that wasn’t predictable and hoped for a meaningful ending. I hope this author writes more entertaining and edgy stories because she has a fan!

Lesson: Be careful what you do to others, for you will reap what you sow.

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