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AUGUST Friday, 26th At 22'00 pm: Concert PERIKAS JAZZ REUNION TRIO. Victor Roig (drums), Mark Peach (bass and contrabass) Miquel A. Pericas (piano). Tribute to jazz in the 50s and 60s. Location: CAN TORR Library.

Free entry.

SEPTEMBER Saturday, 3 At 22'00 hours: Carme Canela and Jordi Matas present their new album, winning best innovative proposal comma Jazz 2010 "Canela canta a Matas." The singer Carme Canela is one of the most recognized voices in jazz in the country. In this work, "Canela canta a Matas " performs a repertory pieces created by guitarist Jordi Matas in his debut as a lyricist. The album was awarded the prize for best new proposal in the tenth Awards Enderrock .

Price. 15

Saturday, 10th At 22'00 hours: BERNAT FONT TRIO. Bernard Font (piano), Ivan Kovacevic (bass) and Mart Elias (drums). Bernat Font, Messi called jazz classic has become one of the latest revelations Catalan jazz with the release of their first album "The Shout". The ragtime, blues, boogie, boogie and jazz in true New Orleans style are a starting point in the musical personality of Bernard Font, classically trained pianist. Ja The magazine said that he is "promising young blues in Catalonia".

Price: 12

Saturday, 17th At 22'00 hours: ROBERTA GAMBARINI QUARTET. Roberta Gambarini (vocals), Eric Gunnison (piano), Neil Swainson (bass) and Willie Jones III (drums). Roberta Gambarini, internationally recognized within the atmosphere of jazz, has participated in major jazz festivals in North America. In 2006 he was elected as the lead singer for the world premiere of "Cannery Row Suite," a magnum opus written by the famous pianist and composer Dave Brubeck. Price: 15 Saturday, 24th At 22'00 hours: LAURA SIM QUARTET. Laura Simon (vocals), Francesc Capell (piano) Guillermo Prats (bass) and David Sim (drums) will perform his latest work My favorite Things dedicated to the music of American cinema 40'fins years covering topics from the 80s. Laura Sim is one of the leading voices of jazz, Spanish has an interesting career in jazz and has collaborated and shared stages with artists including Carlos Caldern, David Xirgu, Horacio Fumero, Carme Canela and Tete Montoliu among many others.

Price: 15

OCTOBER Friday, 28th At 22'00 hours: the Symphony Orchestra of the Balearic Islands WITH THE COLLABORATION OF JORGE PARDO AND TONI CUENCA. The Symphony Orchestra of the Balearic Islands for the first time participated in a jazz festival and not only that but they performed the first concert of classical music is not. More than 70 professional musicians to accompany two of the most important music of the moment. On one hand, Jorge Pardo, who can say which is the most important flamenco jazz musician in the world and Toni Cuenca musician, composer and producer with a brilliant career in which he stands as a bassist. Price: 20

festival ticket 50 euros.