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Build a manually (wired/wireless) controlled robot which has the flipping/kicking/maneuvering ability skills to set the goal posts on fire with maximum no of goals.

Arena: The arena shall be a custom made football field with a leveled base. All the markings shall be as per that of a regular football field. That includes the centre line, centre circle and the D area. The dimension of the soccer ball shall be updated. Arena will be 7ft*5ft in size. Size of the goal post will be 22inch*10inch. The exact image of the arena will be uploaded very soon. A sample arena

Robot specifications: Dimensions: 252525 (cms) Weight: 3kg (max) [tolerance of 5% is given in the above values]. Potential difference between any two points must not exceed 12V. External power supply is not allowed. Power supply must be on the board itself. Wired or wireless robot. If wireless, please handover the RC control before and after match completion to avoid any disturbances from/for other teams. Size of the bot should remain same through out the event.

Match duration: Each match will be of 6 min in two halfs of 3 min each. Half time will be of 2 min in which teams can repair their bots in case of any damage. Only two members per team are allowed to enter the arena in case of any repair. In case of a tie, extra time of 4 min will be given which will be in two halfs of 2 min each. The team, who scores the first goal in the extra time, will be the winner. If still a tie exists, then event organizers will judge the winner.

Keep in mind: No dragging and picking of the ball is allowed. If a bot throws the ball outside the arena, then points are deducted from the team and other bot will get an advantage of free kick. Pushing the other bot is not allowed. In the case of a foul team will be given a warning (a yellow mark) and if the mistake is repeated, it will be disqualified with a red mark shown.

Any physical damage to the opponent bot, then the team is immediately disqualified.

Event format : A knockout or league round (depending on the number of participating teams). Final four teams will compete in semi-finals and the grand final of last two teams is played with some stationary referees i.e., obstacles placed randomly in the arena. More penalties if bot touches the obstacles.

Event formula for winning criteria: To be updated very soon. A team can have maximum of 4 members. Members can be from same or different colleges. Every team member should bring their college id cards compulsory to prove their identity. All the required accessories are to be brought. No assistance is provided from the organizers. Prior to the start of the event, time to charge the batteries is provided. Further no extra time is provided once the event starts. Teams may repair their robots in between the matches. The robot must be ready by the time the team is called for the play. No extra time will be provided there after.


Change in any of the event rules, arena updates will be informed to the participating teams in advance. Please check the website for any changes and updates.

Decision regarding scoring and judgments is final by the event coordinators. No arguments are entertained and they are straightly disqualified from the event.


Participation certificates to all. Merit certificates to the first and second teams. Attractive cash prizes to be won.


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