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Thant Zin's Education/Academic Profile

The Subjects I've studied

Summary of education & study
*Total 18 years studied in primary level to engineering diploma and engineering degree level
include with 7 years studied in electrical engineering course.
*Initial 2years studied in Computer & IT and continuously studied upto now.

Basics Education Primary School Level : 5 years full time course

Subjects :
*General Science
*Basics History

Basics Education Middle School Level : 3 years full time study course
Subjects :
*Maths - Algebra
*Maths - Geometry
*English - Grammer
*English - Composition
*History of Myanmar
*History of Worldwide
*Burmese - Grammer
*Burmese - Composition
*Geography - Myanmar
*Geography - Worldwide
*General Science - Basics of Biology, Botany, Physics & Chemistry
*Physical Training - Atheletics
*Basics of Painting

Basics Education High School Level :

Studied Period: 11 years full time study course
Achievement : BEHS Exam Passed with All Maths Distinction & Allowed to
University/Technical Institute Entrance
Subjects :
*English - Grammer
*English - Composition
*History of Myanmar
*History of Worldwide
*Burmese - Grammer
*Burmese - Composition
*Geography of Myanmar
*Geography of Worldwide
*Science Laborartory
*Physical Training- Basket Ball, Scoccer, Freelance Excercise
*General Science

Government Technical Institute :

Government Technical Institues in Myanmar are based upon British Colombo plan and
field/practical oriented engineering institutes. It was needed to sit an entrance
examination,tested basic engineering knowledge, english and mathematics. In that time it
was some difficulty to pass an examination.
Studied Period : 3 years full time
Major : Electrical Power Engineering
Achievement : A.G.T.I.(E.P.) certificate with distinction in 3 engineering subjects
and allowed to sit entrance examination of engineering bachelor
degree course in higher engineering institute named Rangoon
Institute of Technology.
Milestone : * Passed with Second position among first year electrical power
course students and five distinctions.
* Passed with Thrid position among second year electrical power
course student and five distinctions.
Subjects :
*Maths - Calculus
*Maths - Mensuration
*Maths - Algebra
*Maths - Trigonometry
*Applied Mechanics
*Engineering Drawing
*Basics Electrical & Electronics
*Science I - Physics & Applied physics
*Science II - Chemistry & Oranganic Chemistry
*Science Laborartory
*Engineering Laborartory
*Electrical Engineering Laborartory
*Electrical Machines Laborartory
*Electrical Technology Laborartory
*Electrical Measurement & Measuring Instruments
*Electrical Machinces
*Strength of Material
*Heat Engines
*Electrical Power Wring
*Electrical Estimating
*Transmission & Distribution
*Field job training - 3months in power generation & transmission plant.

Yangon Institute of Technology

Yangon Institute of Technology was only one engineering university level in Myanmar
which was based upon Russia, US, Japan engineering technology and
analysis/design/management oriented engineering university level institutes. For GTI
passed engineers were needed to sit entrance examination. Only 5 to 10 persons among
more than thousands people, were selected in each engineering course entrance
examination and hard to pass.
Studied Period : normally 6 years study course but for GTI passed engineer needed
to study 4 years full time course.
Major : Electrical Power Engineering
Achievement : B.E.(E.P.) Bachelor of Electrical Power Engineering
Subjects :
*Electrical Circuits Lecturers : 96 hrs Field/Lab. : 64 hrs
*Electromagnetics Fields 64 hrs -
*Eletromechanical Energy Conversion 72 hrs 72 hrs
*Electromechaincs 96 hrs 64 hrs
*Electrical Machines 108hrs` 72 hrs
*Electrical Engineering Materials 96 hrs -
*Basic Thermodynamics & Strength of Materials 108hrs -
*Advanced Calculus 64 hrs -
*Differential Equations 108hrs -
*Discrete Mathematics 108hrs -
*Industrial Engineering 72 hrs -
*Control Systems 72 hrs -
*Linear Systems 108hrs -
*Basic Computer Science 72 hrs 72 hrs
*Electrical Measurements 64 hrs 64 hrs
*Power Transmission & Distribution Networks 108hrs -
*Power Systems 108hrs 72 hrs
*Power System Analysis 72 hrs -
*Power System Stability 72 hrs -
*Power System Optimization 72 hrs -
*Power System Protection 72 hrs 72 hrs
*Electronics 96 hrs 64 hrs
*Applied Electronics 108hrs 72 hrs
*Job training in township electricity distribution departments & distribution center with
hand-on practice.

Post Graduate Status Building Services Engineering Certificate ibc(UK)

* Awarded according to my successfully finished projects profile in mechanical &
electrical building of industrial, commercial and residential projects in Myanmar,
Singapore & Malaysia.
* The subjects competence are as follows :
* Air Conditioning and Building Heat Transfer
* Building Management & Control Systems
* Electrical Services and Lighting Designs
* Environmental Design and Utility Services
* Fluid Service and Heat Transfer Equipments
* Management
* Energy Conservation and Energy Management
* Design & Organisation

Computer & IT proficiency

* Part time & continuous studied to Computer and Information Technology since 1991 up to
* Following subjects were my backbone and initial courses in MCC & KMD local Myanmar
computer training schools.
* Word processing software application - WordStar, WordPerfect
* Spreadsheet software application - Lotus123, Supercalc 4, Symphony
* Database software applications - dBASE III plus, dBASE IV, Foxpro
* PC operation systems - MS DOS 3.1, MS DOS 6.0
* PC Hardware installation & maintenance - 8088, 80286, 80386, 80486
* High Level Programming Languages - BASIC, PASCAL, FORTRAN, Turbo C
* Low Level Programming Languages - Assembly by MASM
* Second stage study (most subjects were self studied) in following subjects:
* Engineering CAD - AutoCAD (version 11, 12, 13, 13 for Windows, 14, 2000, 2002,
2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008), Autodesk Building System 3.0,
Autodesk Electrical 2006, Autodesk Architectural desktop (version
3.0, 2004), CADDy Basics

Engineering CAM - PLCs (Trilog, OMRON, KOYO, SIEMENS, MODICOM)

PLC - Programmable Logic Controller
Operation & Programming Training Course - 2months, 3Days per
week, 2 hours per day : 48hrs

Electricity & Electronics Review & Computer Operation

* AC and DC power sources, R,C, L, Diodem Transistors, FET,
UJT, Diac, Triac, Timer, Transformer, Power Supplies(Linear/
Switching), AVR, Servo mechanism, Logic Levels, Gatesm Op-
Amp, Timerm DAC & ADC, contractors, Relays, Starter,
Solenoidm Handling Test Tools and Practical Training
Computer Basic Training (Windows)

* Thermostat, Pressure switch, Limit switch, LDR, Motion
Detectorm Pneumatic devices
Conventional/PLC controls
* Conventional Control system using Relays
Introduction to PLC, Advantages of PLC, Ladder Diagrams,
Elements of PLC [CPU, RAM, ROM, I/O ]
Stage Type PLC [Koyo SA-10R] Overview
Ladder Type PLC [Omron CPM-1] Overview
PLC Instructions, Programming Practice [Stage/Ladder]
Discussion on PLC Current & Future Applications.

Microcontrollers (MCS8051 family, PIC)

Microcontroller Development Course
3months, 3Days per week and 2Hours per day : 72hrs
1. Computer Hardware and DOS training
2. Microprocessor and Microcontroller
3. Architecture & function of individual unit
4. Instruction set
5. Microcontroller Assembler programming
6. Hand-on Assembly
7. Sample modules for interfacing with Key-Board, Optical
Sensors, LED, Stepper Motor, LCD diasplay

* Desktop Publishing - Adobe Pagemaker 7.0, Corel Draw 11.0, Adobe Acrobat
Professional 6.0
* Graphics Photo - Adobe Photoshop (version 7.0, CS), Corel Photo Paint 11.0
* Office software - MS Office 2003 (Word, MSACCESS, EXCEL, Power Point, MS
Project), Lotus office suite
* Programming Languages - Visual BASIC programming, MSAccess database visual
* International wide confirmation & additional studied in following IT subjects
* Graduate Diploma in IT Teaching certified by Century University
- Learning technologies
- Information Technology, Science & Society
- Technology in Classroom
- Computer Education
- Teaching Information Technology
- Evaluation and Assessment
* Graduate Diploma in IT certified by Century University
- Computer Architecture
- Computer Programming
- NT 4 MCSE Core Course
- Novell Netware 4.1 Administration Course
- Novell 5.2 Administration Standard Course
* Skilled Computer Technologist certified by Australian Computer Society.