Internship Report Proposal

Internship Report Proposal

For MBA Program Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management

Submitted to:
Professor Dr. Syed Rashadul Hassan Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka

Submitted by:
Moin-ul-Islam Khan ID: 09 MBA (3rd batch) Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka

Date of submission:

25th June, 2011

But with technological changes this process of booking and reservation also changed with the more effective and efficient process which called e-ticketing system. . In the influence of modern technology e-ticketing system replace the traditional old paper system of booking and reservation. Some other secondary objectives are:.To identify the basic requirements for establishing an e-ticketing system. Introduction: Booking and reservation process is one of the most important functions of Travel and Tourism related business organization.”. .(selected organization).To discuss it’s features and banalities. . Previously booking and reservation process is done through paper work. .To identify problems and limitations of e-ticketing system..To describe different types of e-ticketing software.Internship Report Proposal Topic: Booking & Reservation Process that practices by the Tourism and Travel Business organization (e-Ticketing System)... Objectives: The main objective is to discuss the basic process of e-ticketing system and it’s application in the practical practices in the “.To discuss a comparison between traditional paper system and e-ticketing system.. A Case Study in a Particular Organization. . Scope of the Report: The scope or area of this study will be the organization where I am going to do my internship.... especially for travel agencies and Airlines companies.

.Methodology: Study Type: Descriptive Study Analysis: Qualitative analysis based on observation.Company’s own publications . Source of Data Collection: Secondary data are the main source for data collection like – . Duration: Approximate 45 days.Different articles and journals on the subject of e-ticketing in the internet.

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