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Perfect Creation

by Dr. George R. Clements - 1964

"And all the days of Methuselah were 969 years, and he died." (Genisis 5:27) "That which hath been is that which shall be (again); and that which is done is that which shall be done (again)" (Eccl. 1:9) "Under the law of cause and effect, the results obtained are dependent upon the conditions supplied, as they bring into operation the power of production." (Dr. Robert Walter, Vital Science, p. 204). We now know Ancient Tradition consisted of fables designed by Ancient Magi to present facts of Creation. One of the oldest was substantially as follows: "Man was created perfect, and placed in a garden of fruits and streams. He was free of all bodily appetites and had no desire to taste the fruit or quaff the water. Moreover, he had been commanded by Divine Providence not to eat or drink as that would inject foreign substances into his perfect body causing it to deteriorate, decay, and die. Men were mere boys when a hundred years old, and had none of the infirmities of age. When ready to pass on to the region of the superior life, it was in a gentle slumber." (1) Man was created perfect. An eminent doctor wrote: "The human frame as a machine is perfect. It is self-renewing and self-repairing, and contains within itself no evidence by which we can possibly predict its decay. It is apparently intended to go on forever." The existence of Man is proof of his perfection. He could not have come into actual existence had anything been lacking. Nor could he live long if his body did not correspond with all the natural conditions of its environment, and if it were not endowed with great powers of adaption to meet the various changes in the environment and the conditions rising from man's evil conduct. Man was the supreme product of Creative Action, being the most perfect organiszation, Creation had produced in billions of years. Subsequent imprerfection rose from adverse conditions that impeded Creative Processes. (2) Man was placed in a garden. He naturally appeared in an environment perfect for his habitation, and equal in state to the perfection of the entity produced to inhabit it, thus perfect correspondence prevailed. But it required only eight generations, according to the Bible, for man to disrupt that harmonious perfection. Within eight subsequent generations, his decline in lifes span hit the low mark of 148 years in the case of Nahoor.

(3) Man was free of all bodily appetites and desires. Perfection lacks nothing and needs nothing. But civilization is opposed to perfection for it provides no place for trade or barter the basis of commercialism. This makes proper living for longer life an individual problem and brings strong opposition down on the head of all who favor it, and was the basic cause of the crucifixion of the gospel Jesus. (4) Man was commanded not to eat or drink. If he pursued that perfect path now, it would ruin the world of civilization and commercialism. The injection of any substance into the body, except pure air, is foreign to its constitution, and arouses its energy from a passive state to dispose of the foreign intruder, thus causing its eliminative agencies to perform emergency services for defensive purposes and to save the body from destruction. (5) Men were mere boys when 100 years old. That is confirmed by chapter five of the first book of the Bible showing men did not beget offspring until they were a century old. But a change in something occurred after the Flood, indicated in Chapter 11 of Genesis, when men became fathers before they were 30. (6) Man had none of the infirmities of age to trouble them. Age is the basic cause of man's infirmities. Decrepitude and death are not natural conditions in spite of the fact that they are so common and regular that they are now so regarded. They result from abuse of the body, not from the rotation of the earth on its axis! The endless struggle of the body to live under the abusive treatment of man form the stories that fill the books of medical art, in which the interminable phases of these incessant struggles are given names in Greek, with their remedies listed in Latin, but with not a word as to the actual causes of these life-and-death struggles. In fact, aside from "viruses" and "germs", medical art claims the basic causes are mysteries, and millions of dollars and centuries of time are expended in "research" to determine the "causes" of these diseases, and to discover their "cure", a base scheme that is unbelievable but true. Man the Unknown "With all that man has accomplished in works of art, science, and literature, he has never yet in modern times sounded in depth nor soared to the heights of human nature. He cannon tell what he may become (nor what he has been)." We know today so little about man that the late Dr. Alexis Carrel, recognized by many as the greatest Anthropologist and Biologist of this century, wrote a book, copyright 1935, which he titled "Man the Unknown" in an attempt to tell the world by the title that we know almost nothing about man. He said: "Those (scientists) who investigate the phenomena of life are as if lost in an inextricable jungle in the midst of a magic forest, whose countless trees unceasingly change their places and their shapes...Most of the questions put to themselves by those (scientists) who study human beings, remain without answer...Man is made up of a procession of phantoms, in the

midst of which there strides an unknowable reality...Our knowledge of the human body is most rudimentary. It is impossible for the present to grasp its constitution. In fact, our ignorance (of man) is profound." The hidden facts of the world's ignorance of man reveal a story far different from the unfounded fancies of doctors and the opinions of the brainwashed masses. And yet these fallacious fancies are accepted as facts and fill medical books that deal with the body's processes, disorders, sustentation and energizing powers. If primeval man did not eat or drink, science is hopelessly lost at sea as to the body's energizing and sustaining agencies. For there is not the shadow of a doubt in the medical mind that what man eats sustains the body and gives it that "mode of motion" called life. Man could not eat and drink if he were not alive! According to the Bible, it is not food but the Breath of Life, the Radiation of the Universe, that animates the body. The Bible says "The Life of the Flesh is in the Blood" (Gen. 2:7; Lev. 17:11) is this not proof enough! The facts show the Sanguinary Stream that turns the Wheel of Life was there, flowing through the Human Temple before man had eaten food or imbibed fluid. If Creation's inexorable laws change not, the Blood of the body was not, is not, and could not be composed of what man eats, despite the claim of science. If the Blood were composes of what man eats, its composition would vary with each meal of food eaten, and its volume would suffer serious fluxation. That Stream must be constant in quantity and uniform in quality to preserve life in the body. Science cannot even show that food sustains the body. A wise doctor of long experience and shrewd observation, wrote a book titled "Natural Diet of Man", copyright 1930, in which he declared. "The great mystery of nutrition is still unsolved. We can no more explain today how food material is changed in to living human flesh and blood that could the lowest savage of a thousand years ago." Fallacies have no logical explanation, and they fall in the same category whether invented by fools or scientists. And yet the books in schools and colleges are filled with these fallacies relative to the nature of life, the constitution of man, and the ailments of his body, and they must be accepted as facts. And so, it's not surprising that "the great mystery of nutrition" is just another scientific fallacy that folds up under sensible examination. Eating When man transgressed the Divine Commandment not to eat, he introduced into his body detrimental foreign substances that had no place there. The law of Creation had not changed. Then the body had to change or perish. And so it was forced into defensive action against this foreign intruder. On this point the great Carrel said.

"The body seems to mold itself of events. Instead of wearing out (dying), it changes (by making certain adjustments to meet new conditions that confront it). Our organs (when it becomes necessary) always improvise means of meeting every new situation; and these means (while being a condition of degeneration) are such that they tend to give us a maximum duration (under the circumstances). The physiological processes, which are the substratum of inner time (aging) always incline in the direction leading to the longest survival of the individual (under adverse conditions)" p.192 In the life-and-death struggle with a new situation, these changes in the body's organs and processes have a range far greater perhaps than Carrel ever suspected. While they are of a degenerative nature, yet they reach to such an extent that the man we know, with a life-span of 70-80 years and thinks he's lived rather long, is far inferior to that ancient man of tradition who lived to 300-1200 years. One of these "changes" to meet a "new situaion" was an insignificant expansion of the alimentary tract at a certain point, to form what is called now "stomach" to serve as a receptacle in which to store, until it could be disposed of, the damaging foreign substance man puts into his body by eating. This may have been the inception of one phase of man's evil work that led to some of the body's degeneration that decreased its duration; and could clear up some of the mystery as to why the life-span declined so fast after Noah, who lived 950 years. Only eight generations later, in the case of Nahor, the life-span had dropped to 148 years. We worked for years to solve that problem but found nothing helpful until we got a book titled "Life's Great Law", copyright 1903 by Dr. Robert Walter, another wise man of his day and time. To our knowledge, Walter was the first scientist in modern times to discover that food damages the body. And he was so shocked by what his findings caused him to say, that he recoiled in surprise and shouted: "Let no one conceive that we are arguing against food as a necessity of living existence, and no honest man will try to make it appear so." That's definitely what he was doing, being logically led in that direction by his own findings and opinions. Then he hedged when he saw what his investigation was disclosing, and tried to work his way out of the dilemma in which he had cornered himself. At one point he had said: "Every meal man eats has enough poison in its elements, if they were properly combined, to destroy an army." (p. 138) That was one of the amazing factors he uncovered which caused himself to reverse and declare that he was not "arguing against food as a necessity of living existence." It's a strange condition that the body has developed when its existence depends on food, one meal of which "has enough poison in its elements, if they were properly combined to destroy and army."

Now consider the extent to which the body moulds itself as it made "changes" through the ages to reach the point where, to save itself for a short duration, it must tolerate poison that gradually destroys it by degrees. That is the result of some of man's evil work. We could cite many instance. Some are the effects of the decline towards the grave termed "disease" and "aging". These are unnatural conditions; and now we can understand why medical science is unable to determine the cause of "disease" and "aging" by searching within the body. For the cause is not there. We do not examine a rock to find the "cause" why it falls to the earth when case into the air. But we would if we had suffered that state of brainwashing called "medical education." Another startling discovery Walter made was that instead of food giving the body energy as science claims, it actually extracts energy from the body. He said: The very presence of food within the vital domain does not necessarily activate the Vital Force to come under control, Instead of food communicating power to the organism, it actually extracts the power or Vital Force in the act of doing the work (of disposing of the food). That energy comes from the body, not from the food. It's the body that acts, not the food. And that action is defensive, not constructive. The act results in damage to the body that decreases its duration. Why is food necessary? That question Walter considered and his findings agreed with those expressed in a book written in 1669 A.D., which he had never read. He said: "The use of food today is not to nourish the body, but is the means by which the organism is incited into continued activity and consequent expenditure of its vital force." The body's energy, in the passive state, requires some means to make it active, and that means now seems to be food. But this was not always the case. It's the result of the body's adjustment that caused the retirement of its explanation Radiosynthetic Organs, forced into dormancy by by man's bad habit of eating. Originally, this activity resulted from Electrical Stimulation, rising from the radiation inhaled by the Great Aeriferous Organs. But long ages of eating forced the Radiosynthetic Organs into dormancy as the body changed to defend itself against the ingested food. In our work of 1953, titled "Is Eating Natural," we said: "Cell and body nutrition is a myth. What a man consumes as food does not supply cell nutrition by assimilation as claimed by science. The ingested substance merely causes activity in cell function by Stimulation and not by nutrition." "Two types of stimulation seem essential now for the functions of the living cells: Electrical and Chemical. The electrical is atomical that rises from Cosmic Radiation. "The ingested substance (food) stimulates the cells into certain activity, and passes on out of the body through the eliminative channels, as a flowing water turns the wheel of a mill,

activating the mill machinery that does the grinding, but passing on without becoming a part of the mill." Walter's finding confirmed this assertion. The found the only benefit the body derives from food, is the incitement it occasions to stimulate the cells to "continued activity." The expenditure of the body's energy in the process of disposing of the ingested food, deceives scientists as many other things do, and is regarded as "energy" rising from the action of the food; whereas the action is that of the body and not of "dead" lifeless, inactive substance called food. So often we are deceived by what we think we see. Usually the actual conditions are just the reverse of what they seem to be. And now the provide that stimulation, man eats "dead" food so injurious to the body, that one meal "has enough poison in its elements, (if they were properly combined,) to destroy an army." It's iunbelievable what the body can do in order to survive for a few years instead of perishing instantly. The unprejudiced findings of competent researchers indicate that "we eat to live and we eat to die." That is what a group of eminent doctors in Europe said in the 19th century (Densmore, p. 284). Walter's unbiased findings led him to the same conclusion, as we have said, that appeared in a book he had never read, written in 1669 A.D. in which it was said: "Food is the present medium through which (a definite) Force acts in the human body. During metabolism, that atomic energy is liberated, and stimulates (not nourishes) into action the cells (of the body) whose activity is essential to carry forward cell evolution (into being a state developed as the body adjusted its mechanism to dispose of foreign matter introduced into it in the form of food). "Therefore, food gives the body only stimulation to atomic action (as Walter said): During this process, the ingested food loses none of its properties., but is merely changed into other states (called stinking faeces that is discharged through the anus.) "In his present state of evolution man lives on food solely because he has not become conscious of the law governing the (Radiant) Force that gives atomic action to all powers of his organism... "When man in time becomes conscious, of this law (as he was in the Golden Age), he will then be able to assimilate this Force (as he once did), and no longer be dependent upon food matter for the support of his organism" (p.64). "Man, at a certain period in his evolution, will again exist without taking material nourishment, is foretold in an ancient prophecy of the Magi, that man shall again be blessed, no longer needing food "As in the Golden Age when he lived a thousand years. (Prophecy of the Most Ancient Sages, p. 66). Electrified Radiation As stated, we worked for years on this story, but always ended up in a blind alley until the splitting of the atom revealed surprising knowledge of the hidden nature of material

substance. The recent anihilation of matter, as such, annihilated also what , for lack of such knowledge has been until now a fallacious materialistic philosophy of Creation. We are now able to relate this strange story anent the sustentation and energization of the Human Body. This story is not found in books, nor taught in schools. It will be sneered by scientists, scorned by medics, and be a revelation to the brainwashed masses which the world will stubbornly reject for another century. According to the Bible, "the life of the Flesh is IN THE BLOOD," not in the food man eats. But science regarded that statement as the drivel of superstitious heathens. We now know that "superstitious drivel" was a scientific statement of Creative Facts; and we are now competent to consider the origin and constitution of the Life Stream, showing, from the facts presented, that the Bible was indeed right. Fundamental principles indicate that Created Bodies are never made of nor sustained by "used" material. Creation never employs in any of its constructive operations "second-hand" substances. But that would be the case if man's body were composed of the food he ate. Without an exception in the Universe, Creation constantly uses in its building-processes fresh material, direct from the cosmic reservoir. And that material is ELECTRIFIED RADIATION. This is a stunning shock to scientists who consider nothing beyond the scope of their visible world of materialism which dissolved into Radiation when the splitting of the atom occurred. The vast world of Radiation, well-known to the Ancient Magi, suddenly displaced the Shadow World of Materialism. In a flash the astounding achievement of splitting the atom changed the World of Physics to a World of Shadows, shattered the World of Physiology, exploded the World of Nutrition, and revealed the Eternal World of Radiation. Now the shocked scientist, being only human, are feverishly striving to invent a terminology in their efforts to "save face" and make the present agree with the past. And so, at long last some of the mystery of Life and Man were accidentally solved. His Blood and Energy are NOT the product of what he eats and drinks. They come from condensed Pantamorphic Radiation, the cosmic element that fills all space, and incessantly flows into man's Great Aeriferous Organs, and is liquefied, by their creative action. This is the Universal Essence that forms galaxies, worlds, clouds, oceans, continents, mountains, rivers, forests, and everything on earth. According to the Law of Analogy and the inexorable Laws of Creation, we realise this Essence also forms the Human Temple, its fluids, flesh and bone, and the energy that gives it the "Mode of Motion" termed Life. Now we understand why "the great mystery of nutrition is still unsolved." There is no such thing as "nutrition," as we stated in our work published in 1953, titled "Is Eating Natural." It's another fallacy of materialistic science. Food material never changes into living flesh and blood. The bald facts prove that Creation never employs "used" material in any of its building operations.

We inhabit a Radiant Universe. Everything from galaxies to men is constituted of condenses Radiation. Our planet floats in a Sea of Radiation. Water and ice, sand and stone, trees and weeds, are condensed Radiation. The lowly spider spins its web of condensed Radiations. The Human Temple in which dwells the Divine Spirit, the most complete and perfect "house not made with hands" (2 Cor. 5:1), the climax of Creation after billions of years of building, elaborates its vital fluids of Radiation, employing for that purpose the world's Great Condensers, perfected by Creation for that work, and composed of the vast lung-area of the human thorax, consisting of approximately 750,000,000 tiny air-cells which, if spread out on a flat surface, would cover a space 50 feet long by 40 feet wide. Man's body is not nourished but is sustained by the function of the Great Aeriferous Organs, which Condense into Blood the Radiation of Empyrean as it flows into them at each inhalation. That scarlet fluid congeals into living flesh and bone, forming and sustaining the Human Temple. This secret doctrine of Creations Methods of building and sustaining man's body comes from the Ancient Magi, and exposes the fallacy of so-called Nutrition, revealing the reason why man can live for weeks without eating, but stops living when he stops breathing. The facts show that man is merely a Breathing Mechanism, existing in a Sea of Radiation. Lavoisier realized this, and called man an Animate Engine, consuming Oxygen Gas as fuel, and emitting carbonic acid gas as exhast. But learned men of science scorned his revelation and refused to let it guide their reasoning to the true facts of Creation. Breathing is the body's primary and principal function. All other functions are secondary and incidental, designed to keep the body fit to perform its function of Respiration. Breathing is spontaneous, automatic, involuntary, and so far beyond conscious control that when asleep or unconscious from injury or other causes, man breathes better, deeper, and more rhythmically than when conscious and awake. Eating and drinking are voluntary, controlled functions, and are strong factors in the cause of degeneration. Man has lived for weeks without eating and for days without drinking, and no measures known will so surely, safely and speedily normalize a deranged body as will fasting. And compared to the lungs, the stomach is an insignificant expansion of the alimentary canal that extends through the body from the mouth to the anus. And for aeons this now filthy, stinking tube, the present sewer of the system existed in a clean, wholesome, dormant state, yet ever ready for service to save the body from sudden death when necessary, due to man's evil habits. The interminable process of condensation and liguefaction, in the body's Aeriferous organs, of Radiation as it flows into them at each inhalation, maintains perfectly the proper quantity and uniform quality of the Life Fluid that constantly courses through the body. Should this Creative Process of Life ever fail, in less than three short minutes the entire economy of the body would collapse like a house of cards.

The Empyreal Sea of Electrified Radiation in which the Earth floats, contains everything the body needs, and originally sustained it before man found the degenerative habit of eating food for pleasure. It would sustain the body now as in the Golden Age had the body's Radiosynthetic organs not been dogmatized by the practice of eating and drinking...a habit that fills the body with rotting filth, tormenting pains, while sending it to an early grave. This datum, not found in books, solves the secret of life, the constitution of man, the mystery of nutrition, and the reason why a hundred organs in the body are atrophied and dormant. That is what crippled the Radiosynthetic Organs which formerly handled Cosmic Radiation so efficiently, that is sustained the Human Temple for centuries in vigourous health. In those glorious days of no eating, sickness, and no doctors, the life-span of man was a thousand years. "From the cuneiform records of Babylon 2170 B.C. we learn that post-diluvian man lived 1200 years, but prior th that he lived for unbelievable ages. " (Kyrpton, in Quartum Organum, p. 458). Trubshaw said, "Man's body is electrical, and contains dormant glands and cellular areas which if stimulated by magnetic force, would come into action and express powers of superhuman nature. The injurious, life-shortening practice of eating food for pleasure, forced these radiosynthectic organs into retirement, as the body slowly adjusted its mechanism to meet the new condition - or perish. And so, instead of dropping dead in his tracks, man dies by degrees, and the dying process science calls disease and aging, while searching within the body for the cause. In his book of Respiration, Prof. J.S. Haldane wrote: "Living is a struggle of the body for air. Keep the last lung-surface supplied with fresh air, (observe all other health rules) and there's no reason known to science why man should ever die."