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SOA Concepts Different ways of designing an end to end application: 1. ASF 2. Java + JDBC 3.

J2EE : Servlets + JSP + EJB Is it possible I can Use EJB using ADF? Order Bookin Scenario: -Create an applocation to allow user (customer) to place an online order -If the order is high value (orderTotalAmount is greater than 50000 INR) then ap roval is required from supervisors -Finally order amount should be deducted from Customer's Credit Card ========================= Business IT ----------Why SOA? --------Reusability (Business services) Interoperability (Loosely coupled services) Scalability and flexibility (Coarse-grained, Document oriented, asynchtonous ser vices) Cost efficient (Standards-based approach) ============================================================= Moving towards Service-Centric Integration -------------------------------------------Our business process would have the following steps: 1. Receive Order 2. Get More details about customet from CRM 3. Retrieve the business rules and check whther order is high value order or not 4. Initiate the approval process 5. Verify the credit card and deduct the amount 6. Inform the customer with email 1. Identify the business components required. 2.

------------------------------------------------------Distributed component architecture ---------------------------------Fuction oriented Designed to last Long development cycle Cost-centered Aplocation block Tightlu coupled Homogenous Service oriented architecture ----------------------------Process oriented Design to change Interactive and iterative development Business centered Services orchestration Agile and adaptive Heterogeneous

Object oriented Message oriented Known implementation Abstraction -----------------------------------------------------------Create a Process to Insert employee record in Payroll, HR Systems: Lets cionsider Payroll and HR are two different databases. 1. We need two application modules a. Payroll, b. HR One operation for each application modules (InsertRecord) 2. Expose the two application Modules as Business Services Eg Using a WSDL describing the application module. 3. Create a business process using these two application modules Eg. using BPEL 4. Create the User Interface for step 3 Business Process Eg. Using ADF Faces UI -------------------------------------------------------------Lets consider payroll database got chanded typical oracle Database to an ERP eg. E-Business Suit. Possible resolution from IT 1. Ask ERP authorities to give Insert Record service 2. Modify the business jprocess to use InsertRecord services WSDL -----------------------------------------------------------------================================================================== Eight Domain model approach for SOA ----------------------------------1. Business and strategy: Highleve details allowing soa intiative to proceed 2. Architecture(IT): :Overall architecture and guidlines prationers are supposed to flollow 3. Infrastructure(IT): Provides technical foundation to soa initiative 4. Information(IT): Datamodel, Schemas, MesageFormats etc 5. Project, portfolios, and services (IT) 6. Operations administration and management 7. Organizational 8. Governance ----------------------------------------------------------------

Steps top down approach 1. Identify the different message formats required 2. Create XML schema based in these messages 3. Create WSDL file (messages, port types, bindings, services) 4. Create a webservice from WSDL file. 5. Create BPEL service to do this the external; services u have created must be running Create a new SAO application. Drag drop BEPL to composite.xml file. Drag drop We bservices. Spevify number of parameters in XSD file =========================================== Day2 ============================================ SCA- Service Composite Architecture- Bringing multiple services and put to work. An assembly model which is used to assemble related busines process in a si

ngle archieve. composite.xml- Assembly model - package of service BPEL works on the concept of variables. Its same as that programmin languages /////pick activity-works with asynchronous activity /////Scope- like { Expression Process Flow: 1. Use two invoke activities to invoke Addition and Multiplication services 2.Four variables for two drag and drop invoke in to components.. change the name.. then drag the arrow from each to corespondsing partner link.. A dialog box will com.. then set the input variable and output variable by clicking the +(green) button!! clicking on (x), we can see how many variables are used! Then drag and drop the assign from pallete before the "invokeAddition"... then a ssociate the variables from left to right.... (just by draging from the left variable to right variable)... DO this assgin whenever variables are used 1.before invole addition to assign input variables(A abd B) to the additon varia bles 2.before invoke multiplication to assign variables(C and output variable from ab ove) to the multiplication variables 3. before invoke output to assgin output variable from above to entire outputvar iable. ========================= Extract to C:\Temp -> Extract and to C:\Temp\SOA -> Follow the steps of Installation.pdf file ======================== BPEL Process- Business Process Business Rule- To create expressions which are not fixed and controlled by busin ess users Human Task - When some manual intervention is required in BPEL process. Mediator (Previously known as oracle ESB- In connecting JSP pages to Webservices it acts as a mediator (mediator can Route, Trasnformation, Route) Service adapters - Maked connectivity like file addaptor, ftp adaptor, dabase ad aptor etc. BAM tool - Business activity monitoring tool EM (Oracle Enterprose Manager) ======================================================

Admin Server -> Responsible to host and apply common configurations. Managed server -> There can be more than one managed servers in a single domain Managing and Monitoring Composites ---------------------------------======================================================= Day 3 ======================================================= Todays topics + Mediator + +

Mediator -----------Mediator is used for: 1. Service virtualization 2. Routing Request 3. Routing of request based on some filter condition 4. Support Event handling also ============================================================= Human task - Used when user intervention is required in Business Process ===================================================================== Sercurity --------------------OWSM (Oracle Web services manager) Do it in EM ============================================================================ BI Publisher =====================