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Hochschule fr Technik Stuttgart Masters Programme Software Technology

Schellingstrasse 24 70174 Stuttgart Germany

T+49 (0)711 8926 2526 F+49 (0)711 8926 2553

Hochschule fr Technik Stuttgart

University of Applied Sciences

Masters Programme Software Technology

Programme Start Yearly in March and October Application Deadline for EU December 15th June 15th Application Deadline for Non-EU October 15th March 15th Duration 3 or 5 Semesters (Full-/ Parttime) Medium of Instruction English Degree Master of Science

Programme Focus
This three semester, internationally-oriented course of study is designed to meet the demands from the industry for highly motivated, team-oriented software experts. Students learn and apply state-of-the-art technology and standards in the fields of software development, information management, computer networks, and electronic commerce. Most recent theories, techniques and standards in the fields of software development, data management and computer networking are to be imparted to students in scientific terms. The education leading to the Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Software Technology builds a bridge between indispensable education in a field of specialisation and the increasing demand of computersupported international business activities.

Career Perspectives
Relations between businesses are increasingly interconnecting on an international scale. This process has led to the intensive development of a computer-supported communications infrastructure for national and international business operations. For the development and execution of these operations professionals are required who are well trained in their own field of specialisation as well as in current developments in information technology. These professionals must also be qualified to participate in the selection, installation and operation of such technology and be able to work abroad and/or in international teams. Graduates with an international degree Software Technology will possess a distinct advantage on the job market. It is becoming increasingly important for internationally oriented businesses to employ university graduates who have studied abroad and can document their mobility and flexibility through the attainment of an international academic degree.

Welcome to Stuttgart

The Hochschule fr Technik Stuttgart, founded in 1832, is located in the center of Suttgart, capital of the federal state Baden-Wrttemberg in the south west of Germany. It is the economic, cultural, sporting and social hub of a region in the heart of Europe. The city is surrounded by a beautiful countryside including the valleys that grow the wine, the Black Forest mountains and the Lake of Constance. Stuttgart is in easy travelling distance of other European countries like France, Switzerland, and Italy. The Stuttgart area hosts important headquarters of renowned companies such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Bosch, Hewlett-Packard, Alcatel and IBM. The State Art Gallery, the Opera House and the world-known Ballet Company are symbols of the cultural attraction of Stuttgart. There are also lots of opportunities for sports and entertainment.

Programme Description
The first and second semesters covers advanced theories, methods and techniques in the field of software development, data management, project management and computer networking. Amongst others, these comprise the lectures in Advanced topics in Software Engineering System Design Advances topics in Databases Middleware Technology Advanced topics in Software Project Management An elective module in each semester allows deeper knowledge in formal methods e.g. Cryptographic Algorithms) and in newest technological issues (e.g. Business Process Technology). A large software-project spanning the whole second semester gives practical foundation to the theories and methods for the Master thesis in the third semester is usually done in industry and focuses on the application of scientific methods in real-life environment. Master Thesis The thesis is usually written in cooperation with local companies. The thesis comprises analysis, design, implementation and testing of certain software components, related to the modules taught in the course.

Further Information
The Master program in Software Technology is aimed for students with a fair knowledge in English, who have already earned an academic degree in computer science (for example a Bachelor of Science) or in other programmes, provided that their knowledge in computer science is equivalent. All applicants, except native speakers, must turn in results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) to demonstrate their ability to activley participate in English language classes and write a master thesis. Starting with summer semester 2007, based on state law HFT Stuttgart will have to introduce tuition fees, amounting to Euro 500 per semester, for all of its students, just like all the other universities in the state of Baden-Wrttemberg. .Visas will only be granted to applicants who can give proof of being able to finance their course of studies.The enrolment fee currently amounts to Euro 115,.85 for each semester. The cost of living in Stuttgart is estimated to be around Euro 600 per month including accommodation in a student hostel. HFT Stuttgart currently provides no financial aid to students. Teaching or research assistance-ship are very rare and do not provide enough to fund the cost of living and studying. Because of visa regulations, academic pressure, and a competitive employment market, international students should not plan to finance their education at HFT Stuttgart through part-time employment.

Address Hochschule fr Technik Stuttgart Software Technology Schellingstrae 24 70174 Stuttgart Germany Telephone/Telefax T+49 (0)711 8926 2526 F+49 (0)711 8926 2553 E-Mail/Internet Programme Start Yearly in March and October Application Deadline 15th December/15th June for EU-Citizens 15th October/15thApril for Non-EU-Citizens