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FOOL Beginnings Spontaneity Faith Apparent Folly LOVERS Relationship Sexuality Values Personal Beliefs

MAGICIAN Action Conscious Awareness Concentration Power CHARIOT Victory Will Self-Assertion Hard Control

HIGH PRIESTESS Non-Action Unconscious Awareness Potential Mystery STRENGTH Strength Patience Compassion Soft Control

EMPRESS Motherhood Abundance Senses Nature HERMIT Introspection Solitude Searching Guidance

EMPEROR Fatherhood Authority Structure Regulation WHEEL OF FORTUNE Destiny Turning Point Movement Personal Vision

HIEROPHANT Education Beliefs System Conformity Group Identification JUSTICE Justice Decision Responsibility Cause & Effect

HANGED MAN Letting Go Reversal Suspension Sacrifice

DEATH Ending Elimination Transition Inexorable Forces

TEMPERANCE Temperance Balance Health Combination

DEVIL Bondage Materialism Ignorance Hopelessness

TOWER Sudden Change Realization Downfall Revelation

STAR Inspiration Generosity Hope Serenity

MOON Fear Illusion Imagination Bewilderment

SUN Enlightenment Greatness Vitality Assurance

JUDGEMENT Judgment Rebirth Inner Calling Absolution

WORLD Integration Accomplishment Involvement Fulfillment

ACE OF WANDS Creative Force Enthusiasm Confidence Courage ACE OF CUPS Emotional Force Intuition Intimacy Love ACE OF SWORDS Mental Force Truth Justice Fortitude ACE OF PENTACLES Material Force Practicality Prosperity Trust

PAGE OF WANDS Be Creative Be Enthusiastic Be Confident Be Courageous PAGE OF CUPS Be Emotional Be Intuitive Be Intimate Be Loving PAGE OF SWORDS Use Your Mind Be Trustful Be Just Have Fortitude PAGE OF PENTACLES Have An Effect Be Practical Be Prosperous Be Trusting/Trustworthy

KNIGHT OF WANDS Charming / Superficial Self-Confident / Cocky Daring / Foolhardy Adventurous / Reckless KNIGHT OF CUPS Romantic / Overemotional Imaginative / Fanciful Sensitive / Temperamental Introspective / Introverted KNIGHT OF SWORDS Direct / Blunt Authoritative / Overbearing Incisive / Cutting Logical / Unfeeling KNIGHT OF PENTACLES Unwavering / Stubborn Cautious / Unadventurous Constant / Obsessive Realistic / Pessimistic

QUEEN OF WANDS Attractive Energetic Wholehearted Self-Assured QUEEN OF CUPS Loving Tender Intuitive Psychic QUEEN OF SWORDS Honest Astute Witty Experienced QUEEN OF PENTACLES Nurturing Down-To-Earth Resourceful Trustworthy

KING OF WANDS Creative Inspiring Cheerful Bold KING OF CUPS Wise Calm Caring Tolerant KING OF SWORDS Intellectual Analytical Just Ethical KING OF PENTACLES Enterprising Skilled Reliable Supporting

TWO OF WANDS Personal Power Boldness Originality

THREE OF WANDS Exploration Foresight Leadership

FOUR OF WANDS Celebration Freedom Excitement

FIVE OF WANDS Disagreement Competition Hassles

SIX OF WANDS Triumph Acclaim Pride

SEVEN OF WANDS Aggression Defiance Conviction

EIGHT OF WANDS Quick Action Conclusion News

NINE OF WANDS Defensiveness Perseverance Stamina

TEN OF WANDS Overextending Burden Struggle

TWO OF CUPS Connection Truce Attraction

THREE OF CUPS Exuberance Friendship Community

FOUR OF CUPS Self-Absorption Apathy Going Within

FIVE OF CUPS Loss Mourning Regret

SIX OF CUPS Good Will Innocence Childhood

SEVEN OF CUPS Wishful Thinking Options Dissipation

EIGHT OF CUPS Deeper Meaning Moving On Weariness

NINE OF CUPS Wish Fulfillment Satisfaction Sensual Pleasure

TEN OF CUPS Joy Peace Family

TWO OF SWORDS Blocked Emotion Avoidance Stalemate

THREE OF SWORDS Heartbreak Loneliness Betrayal

FOUR OF SWORDS Rest Contemplation Quiet Preparation

FIVE OF SWORDS Self-Interest Discord Open Dishonor

SIX OF SWORDS The Blues Recovery Travel

SEVEN OF SWORDS Running Away Lone-Wolf Style Hidden Dishonor

EIGHT OF SWORDS Restriction Confusion Powerlessness

NINE OF SWORDS Worry Guilt Anguish

TEN OF SWORDS Bottoming Out Victim Mentality Martyrdom

TWO OF PENTACLES Juggling Flexibility Fun

THREE OF PENTACLES Teamwork Planning Competence

FOUR OF PENTACLES Possessiveness Control Blocked Change

FIVE TO PENTACLES Hard Times Illness Rejection

SIX OF PENTACLES Having / Not Having Resources Power

SEVEN OF PENTACLES Assessment Reward Direction Change

EIGHT OF PENTACLES Diligence Knowledge Detail

NINE OF PENTACLES Discipline Self-Reliance Refinement

TEN OF PENTACLES Affluence Permanence Convention