Iron Rich Foods - List of Foods High in Iron

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Iron Rich Foods - List of Foods High in Iron
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Iron is an important mineral of the body. It is responsible for transportation of oxygen throughout the body. Women are more prone to iron deficiency than men. Iron consumption may be enough, but iron absorption may not be. The iron rich food list below will provide what you need to include in your daily diet for a beautiful life!

Nutrients are chemicals, which help in formation and growth of every living organism. The most important function of nutrients is to enrich the body. They are responsible for healthy living. Human beings consume nutrients through food. Carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and amino acids are main nutrients that we consume. Amongst the inorganic compounds, water, oxygen and dietary minerals are what we include in our diet. Essential nutrients is a category of nutrients that bring about normalcy of functioning in the body. Vitamins, dietary minerals, essential fatty acids and essential amino acids are the essential nutrients. Iron, numbered 28 amongst chemical elements and represented as 'Fe' is another important nutrient in our daily diet. Iron rich foods are a vital ingredient of enzymes. In human bodies, iron is what helps transport of oxygen. High iron content in the body results in cell growth and differentiation. Hemoglobin stores maximum amount of iron in our body. Then comes the myglobin and lastly the enzymes. Myoglobin and hemoglobin are types of proteins. They are all the division of iron in our body, which use iron regularly for transporting oxygen to other parts of th body. Proteins, also store iron as a contingency reserve. All the iron content is determined by the 'intestinal iron absorption'. Iron deficiency is the mostly commonly found nutritional deficiency. It often leads to anemia, and is seen in pre-menopausal stage amongst women. The other causes of iron deficiency are excessive menstrual bleeding, non menstrual bleeding, gastrointestinal tract bleeding, respiratory tract bleeding, adequate intake and malabsorption. The first symptom of iron deficiency is tiredness. The rest are fatigue, pallor, hair loss, irritability, weakness and pica. Just as deficit of iron can lead to dysfunction of body, excess of iron can be toxic. It damages the DNA, proteins and lipids. Many a times, extra iron can prove to be fatal. Iron Rich Foods - Foods High in Iron Content Red Meat Read meat is a rich source of iron. Beef, sheep meat, duck, goose and horses are considered as sources of red meat, which are iron rich foods. To make your kids, try out some tasty and easy meatloaf recipes. Beet Root Beetroot has high level of iron content. This helps in reactivating and regenerating the red blood cells. Spinach

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Its not just meant for Popeye, but for all his fans. Spinach, the generously green plant is one of the A Wonderful Natural Herbal Blend Lots of Free information popular iron foods. In a serving of 180g of spinach, body gets 6.43mg of iron. about Gout

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Broccoli Broccoli, similar in structure to cauliflower is high in iron. The iron rich vegetable can be boiled and with a little sprinkle of salt,Broccoli will be ready for the table. Almonds Almonds, the exquisite nuts of Middle East are iron rich foods. An ounce of almonds in daily diet, will give you 6% of daily iron requirement. Dates Dates are dry fruits which foods with high iron content. They also provide the body with essential

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try it out for dinner tonight! Potatoes Everybody loves potatoes! Potatoes are iron absorption enhancers and baked potatoes with skin are foods with high iron content. Easy. The fruit is easy to digest and nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin C. Carrots The benefits of carrots are immeasurable. Whole wheat breads also provides the body with carbohydrates and fiber. They are freshwater and marine water seafood. The native of western Asia. The beautiful color of the carrot is tempting enough to include it in your diet. the vegetable is sure to give you your daily dose of iron.html 12/10/2009 . The high iron food tastes the best with chocolates. native of Indian land.buzzle. Tomato recipes also add to the nutritional value of the meal. Oysters Oysters are iron rich foods. Romaine Lettuce This high in iron food. Effective. They are extremely easy to cook and are found in the coastal Raisins Raisins are a good source of iron for those who are suffering from anemia. A 1/4th cup of sunflower seeds gives the body 1. Proven nutrients and thus are supposed to have multiple health benefits. Watermelon Watermelon is the 'iron fruit'. juices or even eat raw. For delicious preparations use it in salads and sandwiches. For healthy eating try incorporating asparagus soup or asparagus salad in your daily meal. which are important for protection of cells. Sunflower Seeds Sunflower seeds are iron rich foods. K and A to the body. Results. 8 ounces of tomato juice in food preparation provides the body with 1 mg of and is considered to be high iron food item. the iron content in the body will improve steadily. is used both as a herb and spice. Raisins also act as antioxidants. You can fry it or boil it. This type of shellfishes have contain. can be eaten raw. if that's an incentive! Fig Figs are foods high in iron. It also provides Vitamin C. fig can be cooked or eaten raw. Bread Whole wheat breads are iron rich foods and are thus recommended for improving iron intake. Clams Clams are shellfish and foods with high in iron content. The rich in iron food is easy to cook and healthy to eat.2 mg of iron. magnesium. You can make salads. Corn Corn helps in reducing iron deficiency. potatoes rule the roost! Experiment with the potato recipes for discovering interesting flavors. Kale cabbage is an ultimate source of iron. lunch or dinner. 100% Natural Fenugreek BeatingTiredness. Swiss Chard Swiss Chard is has innumerable health benefits. Apricots Dried apricots if given to anemic people. Swiss chard is recommended as improve the intake of iron for those suffering with iron deficiency and even to those who want to prevent one! Kale Cabbage Kale is an excellent source of iron.Iron Rich Foods . Its sweet taste is awaited by many in all round the year. The natural source of iron is good for building hemoglobin and for long term health benefits. How to Lose Belly Fat Use these 5 Simple Rules to Lose Your Belly Fat in 3 Weeks any1fat. The fruit can also be consumed as laxative and is an delicious substitute for sweets. This vegetable is one of the important iron rich foods. Spinach and corn combination is lovely and a hit among kids. 'Asparagus officinalis' is the edible asparagus. Tomato The rich red color of tomatoes in a good enough indicator that tomatoes are high in iron. http://www. Creative Resins Resin Products and Machinery Guaranteed Quality and Service www. So have them for breakfast. calcium and copper. Asparagus Asparagus belongs to the plant family and has over 300 Fenugreek. The fruit rehydrates the body and provides the essential richness of iron.List of Foods High in Iron Page 2 of 6 Regain Energy Now.

Right from kids to adults have bran flakes as the first meal of the day. They high in iron content and can be boiled too. Tofu Tofu.1mg of iron.1mg of iron. You can use tuna in salads. Having 6 ounces of soy yogurt gives the body 1.3mg of iron. Millet Millet is a cereal crop of Asia. Green Peas Green peas are also foods high in iron content.32 mg of iron. Tofu can be fried. kind of a flat bread. Alfalfa Alfalfa is a herb and has many nutrients. and thus prescribed by gym instructors. Having ¼ cup of nuts gives the body 2.5mg of iron dosage. a sweet ball like preparation. Having 1 cup of of herb can give you . Sesame Seeds Sesame seeds are edible seeds.Iron Rich Foods . Other than that they have essential amino acids.html 12/10/2009 . The herb has a high content of iron. 60 g of museli in breakfast gives the body 2. Having one cup of millet gives the body 1. http://www. added to salads and even to curries. The fish is simply a gourmet's delight and high iron food.76mg of iron. Its a must in the regular diet. and thus help in preventing anemia. Having 4 ounces of tofu will give you 6mg of Museli Museli is a nutritional supplement. 2 tsbp of sesame seeds give 1mg of iron.buzzle. Soy yogurt Soy yogurt has a trace of iron. Soy products are wonderful in taste and healthy as they are less calorific. They are toasted oats and can be eaten with milk. selenium and zinc. a cheese like food content is high in iron. magnesium. Popularly known as Bajri or Jowar in India. alfalfa. it adds to the flavor and improves the nutritional value of the food by increasing the iron content. Frozen green beans have a longer shelflife and can be used all round the year. Ragi or nachni is cooked as bhakri. Mostly consumed in western and southern parts of India. Having 200g of chickpeas will provide the body with 6. They help in blood cell formation and function. These seeds are juicy and add to the taste of salad or any curry preparation. Finger Millet or Ragi Finger Millet or Ragi is fantastic source of iron.List of Foods High in Iron Page 3 of 6 Lentils Lentils are native of India and are foods high in iron. as kheer. Barley Barley is a clear king of all nutrients. Fresh green bean recipes are mouthwatering treats for one and all. Cashews Cashews are edible nuts and a very good source of iron. The cereal not only has iron but is rich with copper. a sweet porridge and ladu.1mg of iron. Bran Flakes Bran Flakes is what we start our day with. often used as a spice in Indian food. Tuna Tuna sandwiches are yummiest snacks. They are a part of Indian square meal and are eaten to avert iron deficiency. Green beans Green beans are a rich source of iron and can be eaten fresh. However. Eating 45g of bran flakes give 5. Chickpeas Chickpeas are mandatory for healthy living as they are a good source of iron. Sprouts Sprouts are Kala Chana. the crop tops the list of iron rich foods. Soybeans Soybeans are a rich source of iron. grill it or roast it. moong and barley. its a good substitute for buffalo milk. The iron rich foods are easily available and in variety of flavors. Commonly known as til in Maharashtra.2mg of iron. Cashews are ground into pastes so that they can be used to make delectable curries. Having ¾ cup gives you 6.

Even the tannin in tea and fiber reduces iron absorption.buzzle. fish recipes or eggs for proteins. Egg Egg yolks are important sources of iron and are very important part of the diet. This list of iron rich foods will give the required iron to the body. Thus following a diet plan gives you a fair idea of the nutrient intake. WHO believes that about 30% of the world's population may have iron deficiency anemia and 80% may be iron deficient. red meat. Having 3 ounces of it gives the body 2. vitamins. but the body should be able to absorb iron too. proteins. Phytates. which makes the body vulnerable to diseases. the loss iron is seen at around 2mg during menstruation. rajmah's red color is enough to talk about its high iron levels. during pregnancy nutrient intake should be increased to meet the fetus' needs. cereals and grains results in iron deficiency. An adult body stores about 1 to 3 grams of iron. The above listed food items are iron rich foods.html 12/10/2009 . Their hate it justified as their taste buds are still in the nascent stage to adapt to the bitterness of high iron foods. because then you'd be missing out on the iron. As a result the immune system does not develop. oxalates and phosphates are a deterrent to iron absorption. Lima beans are also excellent for person dealing with Paucity of green vegetables. which are iron rich foods. Especially amongst women. rice or potato for fats and cereals for fiber. fats. mineral salts and fiber. bringing back the energy levels. An icon of Punjabi dhabas. The foods items in the above mentioned iron rich foods list are good enough for provide the body with sufficient quantity of dietary iron. The recommended level of iron can be met through dietary intake. Importance of Iron Iron is an integral mineral of our body. A balanced diet should contain carbohydrates. The iron absorption is physiological manipulation of iron stores in the body.7mg of iron. Foods High in Iron . However. Breakfast • Have a bowl of sprouts with lettuce Lunch • • • • One serving of spinach A curry like preparation of kidney beans or green beans Flat bread made from finger millet An apple after lunch Between the Meals • Asparagus soup • Cashews • Almonds Dinner • • • • One serving of fenugreek A curry like preparation of sprouts Flat bread made out of millet If watermelon or apple. whichever is available Kids hate eating green leafy vegetables. The beans are make extremely tempting curries. Right Diet Plan Though iron deficiency is the biggest nutritional deficiency all over the world. if they are http://www. They must be included in diet for their high iron content. Pork Roast Pork Roast is generous source of iron should be included as a part of diet to prevent anemia. Have whole wheat bread for carbohydrates. Iron deficiency begins gradually and has its root in poor dietary intake. If you are fitness conscious don't completely avoid yolks.Iron Rich Foods .List of Iron Rich Foods To maintain daily iron intake make sure the meal consists of iron rich foods. however. It replenishes the iron content in the body with iron. Iron deficiency leads to low oxygen supply to tissues.List of Foods High in Iron Page 4 of 6 Lima Beans Lima beans is ideal for anemia sufferers. Everyday body loses 1mg of iron through shedding of cells. it is important that the body gets all full nutrition through a square meal. Kidney Beans Kidney beans or rajmah is a vegetarian's delight.

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